i feel like a young kid again

I have this feeling that it’s not over. It’s not that I think he’s gonna come running back, and we will live happily ever after. I’m not deluding myself like that, but I know somewhere deep down that we haven’t seen the last of each other. Maybe in a week or ten years down the road, I know we will find each other and smile. We were two scared, young kids in love, and I know that our flame burned one another to the point of indifference, but when we see each other again, I know we will smile at one another. We may never be the same, but I think that’s what made it so special. He was my first love, and that will never change.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Age Difference Starter Sentences
  • "Are you even old enough to be here?"
  • "What did I tell you about coming here? You're too young."
  • "Age is but a number."
  • "Will you just drop my age and go on one measly date?"
  • "If I was just a few years older, I'd marry you."
  • "You can't tell anyone about this."
  • "You're too young for me."
  • "You're too old for me."
  • "Hey, I'm over 18. It's perfectly legal."
  • "My feelings for you mean more to me than your age."
  • "Ask me again when you're done with high school/college."
  • "I'm old enough to be your mother/father--okay, maybe not THAT old, but still!"
  • "This isn't a lifetime movie, I could get into some serious trouble."
  • "I didn't know you were that young!"
  • "So I may have lied a bit about my age.."
  • "This never happened."
  • "You're not being professional."
  • "I'm not a kid, you know. Stop treating me like one."
  • "So you like older men/women, huh?"
  • "Go home, your parents are probably wondering where you are."
  • "I'm a lot more mature than you think."
  • "I don't know if I can handle this."
  • "But think about it, in ten years it won't even look like that big of an age difference!"
xmen headcanon

an alternative ending for xma where 

  • instead of going away again, erik stays after saying “you can convince me to do anything” and charles answers him “what if i can do that without my powers? stay for a week or so and in the end of that you decide whether to go or not”
  • erik is all like “oh u little shit u think you have this much influence over me you’ll see i’ll stay here and yet i’ll leave” 
  • spoiler: charles has this much influence over erik. yes, even without his powers
  • on the first day they just talk a lot and charles leaves the training and administrating to hank and raven all day long, focusing on making erik feels welcome and comfortable in the mansion
  • they talk a lot about random things and things go out of track and the subject of the conversation changes and as expected, they fight, because erik thinks charles is uncapable of understanding him and everytime they fight erik starts thinking he’s not worthy or like he belongs in charles bubble of safety and happiness
  • raven “stop bitching around erik for fucks sake charles is just trying to help for once in your life let the man in (pun indeed) and open up to him (pun indeed /2)
  • erik stays 
  • on the second day erik wakes up really early and starts walking around the property of the mansion and runs into peter and even if peter is all awkward and blushing a little he manages to have a real conversation with his dad and when erik says “what would you do if you told someone horrible things that you didn’t mean but yet you feel you are kinda right?” and peter says “if this person really matters to you, i think you should put it all aside and apologise”
  • erik keeps walking alone after peter “i’m sorry i’m really sorry i want i really do to spend more time with you but my class will start maybe we could talk more later? you are an awesome person and i still don’t have many friends in here” maximoff is gone and after a few hours erik just starts running as fast as he can and asks every person in the mansion where charles is until he finds him giving classes and stops in the entrance of the room and goes “i’m sorry charles, i didn’t mean any of that” and charles has his chest warm for the rest of the day
  • erik just disappears after that but in the beginning of the night charles finds him and is all like “i know you didn’t, my friend” and their day two is just watching the trees and feeling the wind together remembering each other that they are still alive after all that insanity 
  • on day three erik wakes up around noon. this is the first night in a very long time he’s slept more than eight hours straight without a nightmare, and he is really grateful to charles for that, even if he didn’t use his powers to help erik. so the day starts really nice and he takes his time taking a long shower, relaxing his muscles and puting on his sweatpants and sweatshirt and goes running around the property while watching a few students playing different sports
  • erik being all like “you are not in the right position, kid. you have to put your feet like this and your torso like this so you have more support to throw the ball” and he goes like that for the rest of the day
  • charles watching and having an ideia
  • day four charles “hey erik i saw you helping the kids out there yesterday and i was wondering if you’d like to give some classes here in the instutute”
  • erik really freaked out 
  • “hey r u that kid with white hair from that day omg please help me charles wants me to give classes what should i do”
  • peter “you were supposed to give me advices and not the other way around” maximoff keeps quiet and just says “you go man!!!!”
  • at first charles only introduces erik to the kids and says “he’s gonna be your physical education teacher, i hope you all be nice to him” and all the kids are like “omg erik is gonna stay here????” and after some awkward moments erik says “well maybe i stick around for a while but only if you can throw a ball right” and everybdy feels challanged and too anxious for erik’s class
  • the class is a success and everybody wants erik to stay 
  • erik and charles laughing together at the dinner table and staying wake until late in the night
  • during day five erik wakes up early again, but not so early, and runs into peter again. this time, though, erik talks excitedly about how good he felt by teaching those kids and that he could do that everyday of his life. it was just nice and fun and made him feel good about himself
  • peter still feels a little awkward, but listens with lots of attention and is basically shining of happiness because “omg dad is talking to me help”. he decides to watch the older kids training when peter again has to go with a lot of apologies and erik goes like “u know what? i think i’m gonna see this famous training of yours”
  • charles is secretly watching from far with a bright smile on his face and his day has never been better than after watching erik giving tips and advice to the young mutants in training
  • after a long day of teaching for both of them have a lovely dinner night in private, after everybody is asleep and just the two of them are in the kitchen and the lights are out and the only thing illuminating the place is the light of some candles 
  • “how it feels like to be teaching the new generation?” “quite tiring, charles”
  • day six they all take a day off and charles takes erik to his favorite part of the mansion: the library. he just knows the kids would be out there with their parents or friends so they’d be alone in that place of the mansion. charles told erik that he loved that place because it was always so quiet and clean and when people weren’t around he could relax his shields and just think
  • and charles babbles for several minutes and all erik can think is how cute charles is and for a moment he forgets charles can read minds so when he blushed erik didn’t understand why so charles projected in his mind “i think you are cute too” and then erik smiles and holds charles hand and suddenly they were back in time when they were all young and innocent because charles countinued to be that dreamy little puppy he’s always been ever since they’d met
  • and that night charles asks erik to sleep in the room with him because “i feel like i can finally relax when you are around”
  • but day seven goes to shit because while erik is on his way to the fields to wait for the kids, he can’t see peter anywhere around so he uses the time he has left to go after the kid and when he finally finds him he sees him in charles office and he has a sad look in his face. at first erik thinks about going in but he sees charles with that serious but gentle look on his eyes and then he says “i know it hurts to watch him be gentle and nice and fun with the other children, but he’s not a psychic, peter. he can’t guess he’s your father”
  • erik storms out so furiously that he doesn’t even risk be near anyone, he just isolates himself and when hank goes look for him, he asks him to tell charles that he’s “leaving right after de sunset” and when hank delivers the message charles doesn’t get what happened until he understands that the enraged thought waves he listened were erik’s and fuck now he could be angry at peter too and dear god now erik is gonna leave and it’s all my fault for not convincing peter to tell him the truth”
  • charles goes after erik and finds him under a tree watching the kids from far and for the look on his face, decides to leave him alone, knowing he lost the bet right in day seven, when he was so so close of getting erik home finally after so many years
  • and the rest of the day is just really gray and peter comes after him again asking what happened and why erik was so weird and when charles tells him peter is fucking pissed like he’s seeing red and he asks professor to take a day off and charles is so sad and not caring at all he agrees and lets peter do whatever he wants
  • so peter passes the day walking around the mansion and calming himself down and suddenly it’s after the sunset and he knows erik’s leaving and he speeds up to stop erik from doing the wrong thing again “i can’t believe you are leaving because of that, you are such a baby”
  • “how could you tell him and not me? and how could he keep that secret from me?”
  • and peter is so fucking done with erik because he’s helped saving the guy two fucking times already and the fucker is still bitching out and “i know i shouldn’t have kept this secret from you and i am sorry but you can’t just be extra and run away you should be thankful because you still have family”
  • erik then goes “come with me”
  • “i can’t leave with you because they need me, and they need you; and more than that, professor needs you because he fucking loves you can’t you fucking see it? you two have been making me sick all week”
  • and then realisation hits him and he puts his baggage down and starts running and only stops to hug peter and “i’m sorry. we’ll talk about it later”  
  • erik runs straight ahead charles’ office and pulls him closer and then he kneels and looking into charles’ eyes “i’m sorry for everything i souldn’t have done that, will you forgive me?” and charles can’t say a word he just starts crying and he hugs erik and “i’m not done yet; i think we should compensate the lost time, right?” and charles’ is still crying and laughing and he just kisses erik and everything ends fine
  • next fathers’ day both charles and erik gets best dads cards 
Age gap

Prompt: What about a headcanon of Chris dating a younger person? oh! or going to Disney World with him.

A/N: THANK YOU, for challenging me like this. I needed that. There you go, I hope you like it. Keep sending requests :)

Warnings: fluff, a little angs, age gap, bad words.


Chris and I had been dating for over seven months. And our fights didn’t include his job or mine. Just the fucking age gap. Today was one of those days were that little and stupid thing made us go nuts and not in the nice, corny and sweet way. He was mad.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked him putting my hand in my hips.

“No, y/n, you’re young I get that, you like to go out and have fun with your friends. Your friends that have your same age.” I sighed.

“You know that you can come with me, I love when you come and join me, baby” I made my way towards him and I hugged him, I tried to kiss him but he was so tense.

“I… we, can find something else to do together. I don’t want to be the old man that just goes there and stands there and doesn’t get any of your young jokes…Maybe I’m getting old” he hugged me for a few seconds to add “I love you, have fun” he kissed my forehead and left my apartment.

“What? Wait, Chris…” I tried to reach him. But he turned around and sighed.

“Baby, please. Just text me when you come back home, please?” I nodded and saw the white door closing.

As a girlfriend, I was supposed to know him, right? Well, I did. And I knew that the age gap was always going to be an issue for us, but lately felt worst. His thirties versus my twenties.

I loved him more than anything in the world and I wanted him being part of my world. But he was right, there was a different atmosphere, with his friends, our friends and my friends.

It was killing me that he had that absurd idea of him being old, but for now, I needed to give him his space.

But also, I think there’s something else I could do.


“Chris” I murmured. He was sleeping. He was so fucking handsome, how could even consider he was old?! I mean, he’s like… breathtaking, amazing, funny… perfect. I laid next to him and started to wave his messy hair.

“Mhm?” he opened his eyes and half smiled. “Baby?” I kissed his nose, he incorporated and sat I leaned and kissed him.

“Good morning”

“Well, it’s not morning yet” he spoke looking at the clock “what are you doing here? I don’t mind, but’s everything ok?” he was that man, caring and sweet.

“Yes, we’re going on a trip, I just needed to wake you up. And it’s not an option, love. We are going.”

“Can I, at least, ask where?” I denied with my head and kissed him.

“No, it’s a surprise. You have ten minutes to shower, I’ll help you packing. Go, now” I ordered. He sprawled in the bed and I rolled my eyes.

“We can stay here, in bed. And I could kiss you and you could kiss me back” he added. His propose was very convincing, but not right now.

“No, move your young and awesome ass from bed” his head showed from the covers with that funny look “Please?”

“Just because you said please, boss” I smiled and kissed him.

“Come on, hurry, love!”


“Let me see if I understand? You didn’t let me watch since we got to the airport, neither when we got to the plane and you’re not going to let me sneak when we land?” I kissed him.


“You’re so mean! I don’t wike it.”

“How can you say that you’re old when you act like your four-year-old nephew?”


We got to the place. The air was warm. I spent the night making calls, asking for favors in my job and exchanging as well. But it was worth it, here we were. I used my tiptoes. I kissed him and removed the blindfold.

“Where do you think we are?” I asked him before removing it completely, if he didn’t guess I’d probably punch him. There was all that noise that I couldn’t control, even the photoflashes and the smell of THIS place.

“I think we’re on set?” I laughed.

“Surprise! We’re on Disneyland” I yelled.

“What the fuck! Y/N, this is great, what…? Why…?” he stopped talking and rose me from the ground, making me spin in the air. When he put me down, he kissed me.

“Well, I thought that I needed to bring you to the place where you can feel young and maybe younger. In Disney, doesn’t matter your age, if you or me, are older, we can feel like kids again”

“But we can do things of grown ups too” he said while he put his arms around my waist.


“Like kissing you and saying that I love you” he leaned and placed his lips against mine.

“I love you, Chris, I love you, not your age, not…” he put his index finger in my lips.

“Shhh! Let’s enjoy today” I nodded and started to walk. Suddenly he grabbed my arm and turned me back.

“I love you, thank you, baby. I… love you”. And that’s how you melt a heart in one second. He held my hand and made our way to the entrance.

✰ * º ❛ lovely little lonely ask meme ❜

‘  here’s to now and nothing else.  ’
‘  in this moment, i could die with you.  ’
‘  never felt like this before.  ’
‘  dizzy, drunk, and beautiful.  ’
‘  here’s to all this culture’s rules and your pretty things.  ’
‘  how dirty, wild, and juvenile.  ’
‘  we ain’t got no time for what tomorrow brings.  ’
‘  i never wanna be a distraction.  ’
‘  i feel okay all over, void of all composure.  ’
‘  i like the lips you kiss with.  ’
‘  your lips are bad behavior and i’m in danger.  ’
‘  i don’t have time for your feelings.  ’
‘  you’re insecure, but don’t be.  ’
‘  say soft, but don’t be gentle.  ’
‘  it’s altogether mental.  ’
‘  let’s go to a place where we can forget.  ’
‘  leaving’s overrated.  ’
‘  i wanna inhale you in small doses.  ’
‘  i wanna inhale you in small doses, but adore you like the roses.  ’
‘  you’re bad for me.  ’
‘  i’m a lush, i know you notice  ’
‘  what would you say if you could say everything you needed to, to the one you needed to?  ’
‘  you flash like a setting sun.  ’
‘  you come around, i come undone.  ’
‘  can’t find the sound under my tongue when i look at you.  ’
‘  i lose my voice when i look at you,  ’
‘  just another lovesick afternoon.  ’
‘  just yesterday, i couldn’t help but think of you.  ’
‘  you come around, i lose my brain.  ’
‘  i’ve been searching for the right words, but i can’t even find an echo.  ’
‘  don’t you let go.  ’
‘  there are only twenty-six letters i can use just to tell you i won’t let go.  ’
‘  you told me we were only two punch drunk souls tangled in the wind.  ’
‘  is the sadness everlasting?  ’
‘  it creeps on in to the calmness of yourself.  ’
‘  it creeps on in until it hurts like hell.  ’
‘  you know i never knew how much i was getting into.  ’
‘  i can’t say that i can make you feel complete or free from your worry.  ’
‘  babe, you’ll never be lonely.  ’
‘  don’t you understand? you’ll never be alone again.  ’
‘  do you remember the days we were golden?  ’
‘  for worse or for better.  ’
‘  we said forever, forever ago.  ’
‘  do you remember?  ’
‘  lets leave the lonesome heat behind for better weather.  ’
‘  always just where you are, not where you’ll always be.  ’
‘  so, wherever you are in the world, i want you to be there and only there.  ’
‘  please know that life would be shit without you.   ’
‘  i feel all sorts of good just thinking about you.  ’
‘  i genuinely hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for, even if you have to find it alone.  ’
‘  let’s take our time while it’s still ours to take ‘cause some things hardly change, but nothing ever stays the same.  ’
‘  let’s fall back in love.  ’
‘  let’s fall back in love with the world and who we are.  ’
‘  let’s do the things we never talked about, but never did before.  ’
‘  darling, don’t blink because you will.  ’
‘  and when you open up your eyes again, you may not recognize a friend.  ’
‘  it may be bittersweet ‘cause we’re no longer seventeen, but we’re still young.  ’
‘  dance with me in naivety and follow endlessly the sound of reverie.  ’
‘  the past is in the rear view and the future holds no weight.  ’
‘  we’ve got a lot, but what do we got to lose?  ’
‘  i’m losing track of time.  ’
‘  forget the hearts and all the flowers.  ’
‘  it’s tough to be anything these days, but i think i love time the most when i’m with you.  ’
‘  the truth doesn’t mean a thing.  ’
‘  don’t you get lost in the nostalgia.  ’
‘  it’s not too late.  ’
‘  the only thing i’m really sure of, i’m unsure of almost everything.  ’
‘  i’m looking up and looking forward.  ’
‘  there’s nothing back there for you or me.  ’
‘  so you say you are broken, beaten, used and mistreated. tired, shattered, bruised and battered.  ’
‘  i only wanna talk to you.  ’
‘  you see, yesterday i said tomorrow. i learned today tomorrow can’t be saved.  ’
‘  the less you know, the more.  ’
‘  i will speak in cursive about the way it was when days were young.  ’
‘  now the clock talks so loud, articulate and perfect, about the way it is.  ’
‘  we ain’t kids.  ’
‘  and did you know, i only wanna talk to you?  ’
‘  i remember feeling weightless in the deeper end and drowning in the fear again.  ’
‘  and the lovely little loneliness would hold me down under the sound of being found.  ’
‘  but then it all turned around.  ’
‘  dearly depressed and broken hearted…  ’
‘  i’d like to let you know that boys cry too.  ’
‘  don’t let them tell you how you’re feeling.  ’
‘  i wonder why nobody is asking you.  ’
‘  are you free or are you in sorrow?  ’
‘  are you free or are you being borrowed?  ’
‘  how do you feel?  ’
‘  what’s your condition?  ’
‘  you are alive, but are you living?  ’
‘  give me your voice and i’ll give it a listen.  ’
‘  are you complete or is something missing?  ’
‘  so tell me, do your hands shake? does your heart break?  ’
‘  whatever it is – whatever it isn’t – make sure that it’s real.  ’
‘  you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.  ’
‘  make sure it’s real, real, real.  ’

this is kinda…bonus content for my dadvid fic loco parentis. it didn’t fit in the main story but i just couldn’t delete it lol


Max huffed and crossed his arms, sleeves coming slightly undone when he did so. “It’s, uh, dumb. Kinda. Just….” He frowned and looked David up and down. “You look weird in normal clothes. I’m used to your stupid camp getup.”

David looked down at himself. “Is there something wrong with my outfit?”

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Pregnancy - Carl Gallagher

Request: Can you do a Carl imagine where the reader Is pregnant and when the reader tells him and he runs away and the reader goes to Fiona crying and Fiona yells at Carl and fluffy ending please😀😀😀

Warnings: fluffy lil Carl, angry Carl, Carl being a dick

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader

Word Count: 1231


“Carl, I have something to tell you, but you have to promise me that you won’t freak out” I say to Carl as I put my hands on his shoulders to try and get him to sit down on the couch. He nods at me when we are both sitting down so I put his hands in mine and begin to speak. “Carl, I went to the free clinic today” He nods at me listening to my every word.

“I’m pregnant, Carl” I whisper out, hoping he can hear me.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He stands up and is now yelling at me “How could you let this happen? This is so fucking irresponsible of you” 

“Are you fucking serious?” I don’t know what the hell he thought was going to happen when he started yelling at me. 

“Are you seriously blaming this on me?” I am so mad at him I can’t help but stand and begin to walk away, I turn around to say one last thing “Maybe if you ever went to school you would know that it’s the sperm, which in fact comes from the penis that will get someone pregnant” and with that, I walk out the back door to go to the backyard.

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That one time I spent over $5k on nothing

Back in my naive days, I thought I was too good for community college and college in general. I moved into my first apartment, feeling like a badass young kid and dropped out of community college just to apply back into what I believed was a “better” college. I was so blinded about what “good” this school could do for me. I didn’t realize that this school has almost no credibility. 

I attended this school for 1.5 years just to, yes, drop out again. When I decided to go back to my first community college the next year, NONE of my credits transferred. Nothing. Zero. Zip. Ziltch. It was like I never went to this stupid school at all. Now, 1.5 years doesn’t seem long. Until you have felt what it’s like to wake up early every day for 1.5 years and work hard, for absolutely nothing. “Frustrating” is an understatement. I felt so broken, where I almost felt like I didn’t even want to finish school. 

The silver-lining in all of this was that I had enough scholarships and grants to pay for most of this stupid school. But I still had to take out a loan for over $5,000. I understand that there is most of America who have over $100k in school loans. But I literally just spent $5,000+ on nothing. Believe it or not, it actually feels worse than if I were to give $5k away to some random person. 

I sucked it up and took my fate as it was. Yeah, I was upset and disappointed. But I knew that dwelling on feeling bad for myself wouldn’t do me any good. So I paid off $20 here and there when I could until I was able to afford to pay a couple hundred dollars at a time. The great thing about this loan was that I didn’t have to officially start making re-payments on it until I was done with school in general. I paid off the unsubsidized loan first because it accrues interest from the minute you take the loan out. The subsidized loan accrues interest once I’m out of school and repayment beings. There was no way in hell I was giving another cent more to this loan. 

After this naive mistake, today is officially the day I have repaid the entire loan completely. I didn’t have to make payments on this loan until 2019, which would’ve estimated my repayment date to end in 2025. And every single penny is paid off before any payments were due. It’s done and over with. It’s officially in the past, in the books, and never to be worried about again. 

Disciplining yourself to do something you just do not want to do, is all mental. Because you’re not doing it for anyone else except yourself. I could’ve waited until 2019 but I was looking out for my future self. You wouldn’t want to put any burden on your family/friends, so don’t do it yourself. You owe it to yourself to pay yourself first!! 

birthday ficlet, for @reserve

@reserve is my dearest buddy, my singularly amazing partner in crime, my most talented collaborator extraordinare, and today is her birthday!!!!!!!! i love her very much, so i wrote her this dumb benarmie/young kylux ficlet that I hope you also will all enjoy. featuring: classic confused sullen teen ben solo, gratuitous hux descriptions, rae sloane cameo (!!!!!), and the city of coruscant. 

it’s pretty long so i’ve put it under a clickthru!


up on top (benarmie, 2k, rated teen i guess idk)

Ben sees him first when he is fourteen, while taking two weeks of the Yanvin summer with his mother on Coruscant. It is the third morning: Leia treats him to a breakfast in their rooms (he ruins it by being purposefully sullen and grunting at her questions, squashing delicate star-shaped cuts of fruit into pulp with the tines of his fork and refusing to look her in the eyes), and then sighs and sets off to her meetings, leaving Ben to his own devices.

In the empty suite, he flips through the holonews channels, picks at the mess of fruit drying on his breakfast plate, suns himself on the balcony, jerks off half-guiltily in the sonic, takes a dozy and indulgent nap in the crisp sheets of his bed that leaves his mind pleasantly fuzzy on the edges and seems to momentarily quiet the humming grey flurry of ash in the back of his skull.

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Why I dislike The Fault in Our Stars

So, I’ve been getting a lot of asks over the last few months asking why I strongly dislike TFIOS by John Green as much as I do. And for the most part, all the recent askers have been surprisingly polite, considering the more aggressive ones I’ve received in the past on the subject. Anyway, I’ve answered a bunch of them separately, but I’ve decided to condense all of my theories, opinions and arguments into one succinct post.

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YURIO - YURI ON ICE META - Yuri Plisetsky and His Crush on the Other Yuri?

Recently, I saw an interview from Kubo-sensei which suggests Yurio might have a crush on Yuri. I had been thinking the same thing for a while, but it wasn’t until I saw this and yuuriyurio-plisetsky’s meta that I decided to get these thoughts out on paper. So here is my contribution to the Yuri Plisetsky meta!

I’m going to dare to say that Yurio noticed Yuuri before Viktor did.

We’re taking this from the top. Back into history when Yurio was a wee lad. Now, Yuuri is 8 years older than Yurio, so that means he’s probably been in the senior division of competitive skating for most of Yurio’s skating career. I believe that Yurio has admired Yuuri for a long time, the same way Yuuri admired Viktor when he was young.

Why would little Russian Yurio even notice a Japanese figure skater, who didn’t even make GPF until 23? Well, because they have the same name. That alone would have drawn Yurio’s attention. He even makes a point to emphasize that when they first meet and to make sure Yuuri knows who he is.

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Side to Side {Yoongi One Shot}

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A/N: I have returned! And y’all thought I wasn’t gonna write anymore. Well, school is almost done, and I have many ideas reeling in my head. Also…istg this started out as fluff, but I figured I’d take a crack at smut, so I’m really nervous how this turned out. I’d like to add that also kinda has a soundtrack (I was inspired by many songs, so if you want to know them, let me know)

Genre: smut? (idek if it’s that good though) 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2294

Bzzzt. I turned my head towards my bedside table, where the origin of the buzz came from, confused as to who would text me at this time. Granted it is 11 am, but it’s a Wednesday. Most of my friends should be working at this time..or sleeping, considering it was summer break. I reached for my phone, picked it up, and saw that it was Yoongi.

“Well well well…what a surprise” I noted sarcastically. I unlocked my phone to read his message.

Yoongi: Bring your earphones and iPod.

You: What?

Yoongi: I’m outside, hurry up.

What the hell? Surely he isn’t outside.

I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, so I decided to get up out of my bed and walk towards my bedroom window. The moment I moved my curtain to the side and peeked out, there he was. Standing on my front lawn, his back to my window.

“Are you serious?” I scoffed. I stood in disbelief not knowing what to do, until he turned around, looked up, and gave me a smug smile. He raised his wrist and tapped it, signaling for me to get a move on. “Shit…I gotta get ready.” I rushed all around my room in my pajama shorts and tank top, figuring out what to wear. I ran to my drawer to grab a random pair of underwear and bra, not caring if they matched, and hurriedly changed into them.

Bzzt. My bedside table vibrated again. I ran over to check my phone.

Yoongi: Love the pair..

You: huh?

Yoongi: Purple and white lace for the top, pink polka dots for the bottom. ;)

I looked down and realized he perfectly described my bra and underwear, and typed angrily into my phone


Yoongi: Hey…you left your curtain wide open for your neighborhood to see. I’m just enjoying the show. Besides, it’s not like that’s the first time I’ve seen that bra and underwear.

I shot my head up and saw that I did leave the curtain open, all because Yoongi decided to show up without a notice. I ran to the window, and yanked the curtains closed.

Curious as to see how hot it was outside, I checked the weather on my phone.

“Great, 100 degrees. Shorts it is then.” I murmured.

I grabbed my favorite pair of shorts, and ran around my room looking for a shirt when I spotted a white oversized tee. “I shouldn’t be too hot wearing this” I said holding the shirt up in the air. I ran to my closet and grabbed the first pair of shoes I saw, scrambled for socks, grabbed my phone and rushed to the restroom to put on my make up.

Bzzt bzzt. I felt the phone vibrate in my hand.  

Yoongi: Aww..what a shame, I was really enjoying the show.

Yoongi: Also, time is money.

“Oh shut the fuck up” I hissed.

I put on my makeup, and bolted down my stairs. I ran around the living room, looking for my iPod, earphones, and charger. Once I spotted them on the coffee table, I grabbed them and made my way to the front door. A blast of hot air welcomed me to the outside world.

“What the hell Yoong!” I walked towards him. “It’s Wednesday morning! Why?”

He looked at me unbothered, “What were you doing?”

What was I doing? Why does that matter? Why did he have to drag me out of bed? “Nothing, bu-” 

“Exactly.” he interrupted. “You were free, so why not?”

“You could have texted.” I eyed him down, hoping he would see my point.

“I did.”


And like the savage he was, Yoongi started roasting me on how I waste my time in bed, have no life, don’t go out.. “Either way, you still would’ve been doing nothing”

I rolled my eyes. “ANYWAYS…why do I need all this?” I gestured to my iPod and earphones. Yoongi shooked his head. “Rule #1: No talking. Not even a sound, a peep..nothing.” I looked at him mysteriously. No talking? What does he have in mind? What are we going to do? Yoongi took my iPod out of my hands, pulled out an earphone splitter from his pocket and plugged the splitter into my iPod, and his and my earphones into the splitter.

“Rule #2: No choosing songs from the playlist. Let them all shuffle.” he added.

“Rule #3: Just go with it. And rule #4: If any of these are violated, unless needed, there will be consequences. Think of this as a friendly competition. A tally will be kept as to who broke the most rules.”

I looked at Yoongi questioningly  “What kind of consequences?”

“The usual.” He smirked and began walking.

The usual typically meant that one person has to do what the other wants for the rest of the day. While some days we don’t go too far, there are days where one is just screaming for the other to stop…or actually, to keep going.

I’ve had this iPod since I was 12. This means Yoongi is going to hear just about everything from then until now. And what can I say, there have been many phases: My kiddy pop phase, my indie phase, oh god…my emo phase. At least the majority of the music is danceable. The moment Yoongi taps the shuffle button, my heart drops.

Wait a minute! Oh shit! I haven’t heard this song in forever. The upbeat electronic feel, this totally came out when I was 13. My heartbeat begins to pick up with the energy and we start walking towards an unknown destination. As the song is playing, I’m really enjoying myself. Popping my shoulders, making flowing movements as we walk. I notice that even Yoongi is hooked on the beat a little. I wouldn’t blame him, this song is just so good.

I continue dancing down the streets and not caring about the looks I’m receiving from other pedestrians. Yoongi however, doesn’t seem to be bothered about my head rolls, arm movements, or even small body rolls.

As we continue walking, one of my favorite uplifting, optimistic song comes on. While it’s not an energetic pop song as the last one, nor does it have heavy electronic uses in it, this song is more acoustic and authentic in sound. No matter what mood I’m in, whenever I listen to this song I’m instantly happy.  

“OH, ANNA SUN, O ANNA SUN” I yelled. The immense happiness I feel hearing this song makes me feel like a young kid again. And while Yoongi isn’t really feeling the song, I think he’s too busy watching me enjoy the song. Trying to hide a smile, but ultimately breaks when I get close in his face and “WE GOT NO MONEY BUT WE GOT HEA AH AH ART!” I sang out of tune and moved my head left to right to left in sync.

“You’ve just broken a rule” Yoongi cocked his eyebrow, and smirked.

“WAIT! You said talking! NOT SINGING!” I refuse to be ordered around by Yoongi. The last time it happened…well, let’s just say I was left unsatisfied 3 times. There is no way in hell that that’s happening again.

Yoongi kept quiet at my protests, and raised his index finger to indicate the first rule, then puts it to his lips. Essentially telling me, to shut up.

By the time the song ends, we reach a bus stop. Why the bus stop, I thought. I mean…he knows how to drive. Until it occurred to me that every Wednesdays, the bus fare is reduced to ten cents. These are days that people typically ditch their cars and take public transportation. We waited no longer than 5 minutes for the bus to arrive. And boy was it packed. When we walked in, Yoongi and I squeezed between the crowd in the bus and settled between two parallel stainless steel bars that were there for support.

Yoongi decided to stand behind me. His arms coming around me to hold onto the bars in front of him, while I held onto the same ones as him. Our hands inches away from each other. It wasn’t until then that I realized the feel of the song that was playing. It was slow, sensual, and heavy. While it did have a feel of weightlessness to it.

I couldn’t breathe. The number of people in the bus…well, it was shocking how we could all fit. One small hand movement and you’d basically be groping someone. Perhaps that’s why Yoongi stood behind me. But still…my back to his front. The proximity between us: tight. The atmosphere: electric. I don’t know if it’s because Yoongi is standing so close to me, or that the two of us are hidden in plain sight that I start to feel daring. I smiled a wicked smile when an idea came to mind; Time to have some fun.

By the next song, just like its predecessor, it was slow, sensual, and heavy. But, instead of weightlessness, this song had a bounce to it. A bounce that I know I could dance to just by moving my lower body, and hips. I took this opportunity to finally tease Yoongi. I slowly backed into him and stuck my ass out for him to feel.

I started slow. Moving my hips from left to right to left, then a smooth and quick roll upwards. I followed the beat, having it instruct me on what to do. Hips swaying, sharply moving back and forth. Out of nowhere, I began moving my hips in a circular motion, making sure that every time I moved, my ass would grind on him. Side to side, left to right, back and forth, up and down. Slow, but steady.

I can feel his breathing hitch a little, especially when I would work my way up. As I backed my ass up into him, I could feel him getting hard. It didn’t help him that I was wearing my shortest shorts either because every time I stuck my ass out even more it felt like he was fucking me in the ass.

By the end of the song, he was more than turned on. I knew that if I continued, there would be no chance in hell that he would last. While other passengers were completely oblivious to what I was doing, Yoongi obviously wasn’t. I could feel him breathing behind me, on me. The soft hot air coming out of his plump lips. The very lips he uses to kiss me. Kiss my neck, my nipples…

His breathing was short and ragged. Yoongi was desperately trying to hide the fact that he was so turned on.

If we weren’t in public, at this time, Yoongi would have already gotten all my clothes off and have me then. Fucking me, hard and fast. He would nip at my neck as he was doing so. Kissing that sweet spot, undoing the tight knot that was starting to build within me. The feel of him kissing me is so realistic. His tongue putting light pressure, while also swirling around. Sucking at my skin that was starting to become sensitive.  Lost in the music and my own thoughts,  I didn’t realize that Yoongi nipping at my neck until I shot my eyes open and remembered where we were.  

Yoongi knew that if he were to continue, I would moan at any moment. “Rule #1: No talking, not even a sound.” Nope. Not again. I will not break this rule. I will not. Two can play this game. Time to up the ante. I decided to slow down even more that what I was originally moving to. Making sure that he felt every single movement.  When I grinded up against him, I made sure that he was able to feel his dick straining against my ass. And rather than hearing a sound from me, it came from Yoongi. YES! I BROKE HIM.

“If you don’t stop this, you’ll regret it.” He muttered in my ear. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder and turned to his ear, “Don’t forget rules #1 and 3” I whispered and continued grinding into him. While it did start off as teasing Yoongi, I couldn’t help but think of all the things Yoongi would do to me.

Fuck me until I was just a mess. Slap my ass and ram into it like there was no tomorrow. Eating me out, or just simply make me cum by sucking my oversensitive nipples. At this point, I could feel my underwear getting soaked. Yoongi pulled me out of my thoughts the moment he let go of one of the steel bars and grabbed me by the waist. He closed any space that there was between us, and pushed himself more into me, and that’s when I let out a small moan.

“Shhh…people will hear” Yoongi responded. Probably happy that he was able to get a sound out of me. At this point, it was the two of us moving along to the music. Both going at it. Slow, gradual, and heavy. My mind was reeling at his intoxicating motions. The moment I was going to push myself into him, Yoongi opened up the space between us and turned to push the button to signal the bus driver to stop.  

We both made our way to the rear exit, got off the bus and continued with the day, praying that no one noticed what happened between us two.

I’ve seen Legend of Korra many times by now, and yet I keep coming back to it, because it’s some of the best bi representation I’ve ever seen, and it resonates so much with me.

Like, I had no idea I was bi until I was 18 (and now identify as pan), and seeing Korra go through her own life-changing journey is so impactful and I just know how it’s going to help young kids who are exploring their sexuality to see this young, confident woman as bisexual. 

Like, can you imagine being 12 years old and watching the finale for the first time and realizing Korra and Asami are in love and it’s valid? Can you imagine the wonder, the excitement that child would feel. What a powerful feeling.

And so I love LoK, and I will continue to watch it over and over again.  And I really hope this show inspires more creators to create queer content in different mediums, because it’s so needed right now, and everyone deserves to see themselves represented.

Alex Nylander #1

Request: Can I request an Alex Nylander one shot. Where he and the readers are young parents and their Kid meets his parents first time in Sweden.

A/N: So I really had no idea what to do with this one. I apologize. I feel like I didn’t even come close to what you were asking for. Let me know if you like it. Because if you don’t, I will definitely try writing it again. 

Warnings: None?

Word Count: 984

How did you get here?

That was the dominant thought running through your head. You were holding your son, Leon, while Alex found your luggage. It was the first time back in Sweden since he was born, making it the first time Alex’s parents would be meeting their grandson.

You were nervous, to say the least. You’d visited Michael and Camilla twice in Sweden. And they seemed to really like you. You couldn’t help but wonder if they would blame you. You and Alex were only 19, still children in some peoples eyes, and you now had a child of your own.

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anonymous asked:

Saeran tending an injury Mc got (this Mc is a big cry baby when it comes to pain) also may I just say your writing is amazing and I just haven't read a one shots like your in along time and just reading them wow, keep up the great work! I'm so glad I found your blog!

A/N: Aww, you’re so sweet anon! :) Thank you!! Hope you like this one!

Tears prick your eyes, threatening to slip out from the corners to mix with the perspiration trickling down the sides of your face. You bite down on your lip and hold your breath as you try to ignore the sweltering heat and the painful sting of the angry red abrasion stamped on your knee.

It’s hard to ignore, however. You’ve never had a decent tolerance for pain. Injuries and scrapes like these have been one of your greatest fears growing up till now, and you shudder at the thought of having to bathe later. You absolutely abhor the idea of having anything come into contact with your raw, bleeding wound. Just the thought alone is enough to make you wince, and maybe it’s purely psychological, but you swear the sting on your knee worsens a little.

“It’s just a small scrape,” you hear Saeran comment. He’s squatting next to you, head hovering above your knee as he examines your fresh injury with a blank face. It’s nothing to him, and you’re not that surprised. Considering the ordeals he had been through in the past, this is far too trivial, and your state of panic laughable and pathetic, at best.

Still, you can’t help the quickening of your pulse when you feel tiny droplets of his perspiration drip onto your leg, perilously close to your wound. You want to tell him to move away, or to wipe his sweat off first, but you daren’t release your teeth from your lower lip for fear of losing control over your tear ducts at this point.

He clicks his tongue, and then removes his bag pack, opening it and sieving through its contents. “We’ll need to wash this before it gets infected,” he remarks.

The sight of him pulling his large water bottle out of his bag is enough to make your blood run cold.

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Drunk Shopping || Jack

Jack masterpost found here

Word count - 875

Summary - The one where Jack made such a stupid purchase.


You woke up with a searing headache. You tried your hardest to remember what had happened the night before, but it was all a blur. Curse those stupid boys for always dragging you to the clubs with them. They knew you were a lightweight. You rolled over in bed and cuddled into your boyfriend, Jack’s chest. He groaned and wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly to his body. You laughed, “Morning to you too.”

“Where are we?” he mumbled. “What year is it? What planet am I on? What did I drink last night? How am I still alive?”

“Me too,” you said back, nuzzling your face in the crook of his neck. “We’re getting too old for this.”

“Never,” Jack laughed. “I’m gonna be young and carefree forever!”

Before you could respond, you heard your doorbell ring. You looked at Jack who looked equally as confused as you did. “Should we leave it?” you asked. The doorbell rang again, cutting off any response he would’ve given. You sighed and got out of bed, throwing on some pajama shorts and one of Jack’s shirts. Jack followed you to the front door, curious himself as to who was on the other side.

You opened the door to see a delivery man. “Can we help you?” you asked, your eyebrows furrowed.

“Yeah,” he said gruffly, “I have a delivery for Jack Maynard?”

“That’s me,” Jack said, sounding thoroughly confused. “I didn’t order anything.”

“Yeah well we’ve got a package in the truck with your name on it,” the man said. “I just send what they give me. Don’t shoot the messenger.” He handed Jack a clipboard with some papers on it and told him where to sign, then mumbled something about getting the package from the truck.

“What the hell have you ordered?” you asked, standing on your tip toes to see if you could see what the men were carrying.

“I have no idea,” Jack said.

“Should we just bring it around to the back?” the man called to you and Jack. He and another man were carrying a large box out of the truck.

“Uh, yeah sure!” you said. “Thanks!”

Once they dropped off the package and took the clipboard from Jack, they were on there way. You and Jack stood in the doorway for a second looking at each other. Finally, you just shrugged and walked to the backyard where they dropped off the package. Jack came back a few seconds later with a knife. He stabbed the box and pried it open to see what was inside.

You held your breath in suspense.

Then, you laughed.

“Really Jack?” you said. “A trampoline? When and why did you buy a trampoline?”

“I don’t know!” he said. “I must’ve done it last night when I was drunk.”

“A fucking trampoline,” you said again, laughing still. “You’ve gone and bought a trampoline! How do we even put it together?”

“You want to keep it?” he laughed, picking up the instructions page and staring at it with furrowed eyebrows.

“We might as well,” you said. “It’s already here.”

So, you and Jack spent the first two hours of that morning assembling the trampoline. Once it was all put together, naturally, you jumped on. Jack joined you immediately, trying and failing to do some flips. “If I was on it by myself I could do it!” he protested. “But your bouncing throws off my balance!” You laughed and stuck your tongue out at him. Jack smiled and bounced over to you, grabbing you and pulling you down with him. You squealed as you fell beside him, the trampoline still bouncing lightly. “Imagine the sex we could have on this,” Jack said with a cheeky grin. You just laughed and shoved him lightly so you were both laying on your backs staring up at the sky.

It was a nice spring day. The sky was blue and the birds you hadn’t managed to scare away were chirping happily in the trees. You looked at Jack who was still looking at the sky. As if sensing your stare, he turned his head to you. “What?” he asked, a small smile growing on his face.

You giggled, “You bought a trampoline.”

“That I did,” he laughed, looking back up at the sky. “I guess drunk me wanted to feel like a kid again.”

“Young and carefree forever, right?” you said. “That’s what you told me this morning.” Jack smiled.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’m like Peter Pan. Never going to grow up.”

“Great,” you sighed sarcastically. “I’m gonna marry a man child.”

“Who says we’re getting married?” he said, turning his head to look at you. You laughed and dramatically laid your left hand on your forehead.

“I don’t know,” you said, “Some idiot who bought this ring and shoved it on my finger. He didn’t really give me a say in the matter.” Jack laughed and pulled you closer to him.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” you smiled. “And all your stupid drunk decisions.”

Jack smiled and kissed your cheek. You laid your head on his chest. “Jack?” you said quietly.


“How much did this cost?”

He sighed, “I don’t even want to know.”

Acaronar | I.

(v.) to tenderly pull or draw someone closer - to hold, as for affection, comfort, or warmth; to fondle, to caress; to embrace, to protect

01. | 02.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Best friend!AU, angst, fluff and light smut (no actual smut).

Warning(s): rated +17 for containing light mature content

Word count: 3560

Description: Letting go of someone was hard. Especially when this person was your best friend from childhood, but it was your fault for this. No one was to blame but you. You just had to build up feelings towards him in a different way, a way no relationship between friends should be.

A/N: Story based off the wonderful world that is my mind and some inspiration is taken from a book I’m currently reading.

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Shuu Shiotsuki as Sailor Uranus
Sayaka Fujioka as Sailor Neptune

Both of you loved “Sailor Moon” in your childhood, have your views of the series change now that you are older?

Shuu: When I was young, I could only see the superficial stuff when I watched the anime. When I was a kid, I had a complex regarding my tall height, so as a result, I didn’t like Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Uranus (laughs). However, this was caused by my problems as a kid, now I think they are wonderful characters. Regarding the main character (Tsukino) Usagi-chan, initially I thought that she is a stupid child, but when I read it again, I think that she is a child who is bright and has strong faith. I felt the difference between my original impression and my reformed views of her.

Sayaka: Me too, when I was young, I thought that the manga is about a bunch of cute and strong girls fighting and it was very cool! I feel deeply about the story revolving around the theme of “love” like between Usagi-chan and Tuxedo Kamen, with Mamo-chan (Chiba Mamoru), the love in a family and friendship… I am saying “You will feel differently now viewing it as an adult, go see it again!” to encourage the friends around me. (laughs)

Tell me about the charm of your character.

Shuu: I am playing Sailor Uranus. Tenoh Haruka has a “neither male nor female” characteristic and different people have different interpretations of the character. Although she looks suave and strong, but in reality she can be selfish and sarcastic as well. She is cool but sometimes she can be playful and that is an attractive part of her.

Sayaka: Sailor Neptune, Kaioh Michiru is a person who is very strong on the inside, I believe this is her charm. In her heart, she knows very well what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Shuu: Michiru has a lot of pride.

Sayaka: Yes (laughs) however including that, I think she is a very interesting person. Even though she has high expectations of herself, but she can be fun too.

- from Otomedia+ Summer 2017
scans from @themarinecathedral <3

Title: it’s always been you”

written by: sleepywinchester { prev; deanwinchester-af }
summary: you and dean have somethings to catch up about. 
note: this is part 2 of 3 day part mini series based of 12x06 and this imagine (<- prev part). this was supposed to be a less than 600 words drabble but… i got carried away lol hope everyone enjoy this and if you do, please, leave feedback? i’ll appreciate it.  ♥
words: 901

“You shouldn’t be surprised that I’d enjoy the company of a ruggedly hot man.” Jody Mills replied to Dean’s surprise after acknowledging her casual relationship with Axa. 

You chuckled and lifted the home brewed beer onto the air, “Amen to that.” 

As the bottle reached your lips, your gaze found Dean’s, he pursued his lips together and their formed a smirk. You subtly winked at him, flirting in silence as you took a sip of the beer. 

“Y/N,” Jody turned to you, “I didn’t know you knew the Winchesters. How did you guys met?” 

You glanced at Sam and Dean for a second before turning to Jody. “We met when were 20,” you began to speak, “ironically in a Wendigo hunt,” you chuckled when everyone took a sip from their beers as you had spoken the magic word. Once again your eyes meet with Dean gaze.

“Yeah,” Dean cleared his throat, “we were young-”

“-and incredibly stupid,” you grinned finishing his sentence. “We thought we could kill the damn thing with silver… Left  town with this,” you exposed your arm, showing off the three slash scar the Wendigo gifted you. “to remind me, you kill that monster with fire. Good times.”

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Your Love Over Death

Author’s Note:

Okay, I love this quotes that I got for this Headcanon set, so I when a little overboard on some of the stories.

Sorry, not sorry.

P.S. If you want be do do more stuff like this DON”T FORGET TO COMMENT!!

Please, and Thank YOU

Warning: Near Death stuff, and talking about self harm in one of the stroy (but it was in the pass)

Quote from Anon

“I’ve never minded the thought of death, I wished for it sometimes. I still have those thoughts now but I can’t bear to leave you alone, I love you too much for that" 

Art by:

@staticcolour​ and @buninak, both of which are awesome artist by the why.


You were being yelled at by Shiro when it slipped out of your mouth. You had done a risky move in the middle of battle and was nearly killed you but it save thousand of lives.  Now back in the Castle you where dealing with the aftermath of your save.

“You could have been kill!” Shiro snapped.

"I’ve never minded the thought of death, I wished for it sometimes. I still have those thoughts now but I can’t bear to leave you alone, I love you too much for that" 

It took a moment for him to understand what you just say.


“You heard me Shiro.” you said as you walked up and kiss him on the cheek “I sometimes wish for death but I love you to much to hurt you like that.”

“I . . I love you too, Y/N.” Shiro said pulling you in a hug “and I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

“I know Shiro.” you whispered “I know.”


Keith was being his normal reckless self in the heat of battle. You where fuming and pulled him a side when the battle ended.

“Keith Kogane!” you yelled “You could have been kill!”

“Yes, I could have been but I go the job done.” he snapped “I don’t see why you care so much. It not like you have to think about death when you are safe in a castle away from everyone and everything that wants to kill us.”

"I’ve never minded the thought of death, I wished for it sometimes. I still have those thoughts now but I can’t bear to leave you alone, I love you too much for that” You snapped at him and turned away with tears in your face “But I guess you don’t love me enough to think about that.”

“Y/N!” Keith said “I …I …don’t know about that …I sorry. I should never said that or thought that about you. You are the smartest, kinds person I know, and I shouldn’t have reckless endanger myself when there was a-”

You turned around and kissed him on the lips to stop him from bladding anymore. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled up close, and kissed up with passion and care. Soon you broke to kiss and pushed your forehead to his.

“I love you, Kieth.” you whispered “Even if you are an idiot.”


You had been stabbed in the stomach in the middle of battle and didn’t tell Lance knowing that he want to see the cut and that would show all you old self harm scars. You where now in the Blue Lion on the way back to the Castle with Lance Keith and Pidge. Kieth and Lance where arguing like normal and Pidge was going annoyed with it.

“Will you two stop it!”

“Kieth is backseat Lion driving!” Lance said “Isn’t he, Y/N?”

“Hmm.” you said trying not to say anything know it would give away that you where in pain.

“Y/N?” Keith said “You don’t look good.”

“You where about to argue with him when you lost consciousness.

When you woke up you where in a Healing Pod and standing there was a very worried looking Lance.


He said nothing.

“Lance?” you said stepping out of the Pod “What is it?”

“When where you going to tell me that you had done self harm?”


“Or maybe that you where dying in the back of my lion? My Lion, Y/N! With my driving it!” Lance said his tone changing from worried to mad.After a moment of silent Lance said,

“You could have died!”

His had so much pain in his face you felt so guilty for not telling him sooner.

“I’ve never minded the thought of death, I wished for it sometimes. I still have those thoughts now but I can’t bear to leave you alone, I love you too much for that”  You said talking a step to towards him “I didn’t tell you I used to self harm because I move on since we started to date. Heck! I think I stopped when we first met. You showed me that I am more important and that I shouldn’t have do that.”

You touched his face and brushed away a tear.“

You showed me what it is like to be loved.”

He lend down and kissed you. He kissed with a passion and love he had always showed you and with the worry he had felt over the last few hours with you in the Healing Pod.

“I care so much about you, Y/N.” he said after he pulled away “Please don’t do anything like that again.”



On a rescue mission with Pidge you had gotten shot to protect a group of young alien kids. You didn’t tell you best friend because you knew that there was work to be done and you injury could wait.

It couldn’t.

You start to feel sick on the away back to the Castle, and once you got to the Castle you vision started to blur and you can’t walk. The last thing you saw before backing out was Hunk’s worried face.

You woke hours later to find yourself alone in the medical bay. You felt sad, no one was wait for you but then you saw the time and understood. It was 2:35 a.m. in earth time, everyone was asleep. You where super hungry and wander to the kitchen. Where you found you boyfriend wide wake making cookie.

Your favorite cookies.

“Hunk, shouldn’t you be in bed?” You asked

“Well yes but I couldn’t sleep because you where in the healing pod and I wanted to be there when you woke up  to give you your favorite cookies and–” he said and then he stopped and looked at you “OH MY GOODNESS YOUR  AWAKE!”

He drop the pan of cookies and ran to you and wrapped you in a bear hug.

“OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!” he said over and over again, which made you laugh.

“What why am I hugging you! I should be mad at you you can have die! Do you know that? YOU COULD HAVE DIE!  Then you would have left me here alone with Lance and Kieth.” Hunk said in a really fast breath “But that doesn’t matter now, you are okay and not dead. By the way, why did you do that? You could have die!”

  “I’ve never minded the thought of death, I wished for it sometimes. I still have those thoughts now but I can’t bear to leave you alone, I love you too much for that” you said shrugging your shoulders.

Hunk then pulled you into a kiss, with was surprising and it caught you off guard, but that didn’t stop you from melting into it.

“I love you too.” he said pulling away from the kiss.

“Do you love me enough to let me like the blow?”

“As long as you share.”


You and Pidge where in her Lab when something when very wrong.

“Umm …Pidge?”


“That shouldn’t be smoking.”

“What are yo-”

You pulled her close and covered her body as the piece of tech she was working one blow up. Now you where in the Medical Bay with a silent Pidge as Hunk was stitch up your back.

“Hunk can I have a minute with Pidge” you said as you pulled your shirt back on. The big Teddy Bear nodded and left you with your girlfriend.

“Pidge,” you said taking her hand “Say something.”

“You could have die and it would have been my fault.”

“I’ve never minded the thought of death, I wished for it sometimes. I still have those thoughts now but I can’t bear to leave you alone, I love you too much for that" you said brushing the tear off her face “But that doesn’t mean I will let you die when I can save you.”

She looked at you and she had tears running down her face. You kissed her forehead and pulled her into a hug.“I love you Pidge.”

“I love you, too, Y/N” Pidge said into you chest “But please don’t do that again.

You had me so scared.”



You were the princess’s guard before you where your her specific other. You offend said or did things that annoyed her because of that. She was currently mad at you about the whole invaders thing. 

A group of highly skill marks men go into the Castle and nearly took out her and the paladins, if it wasn’t for your quick thinking and Coran’s tech skills there wouldn’t be any paladins of Voltron.

But at a price.

Your Princess wasn’t talking to you, and it seem as if she was actively ignoring you. It was a few days after the Invaders and you found her in the Control Room by herself.

“Your Highness-” you started apologize but she bear hugged you and which made you stop talking. You then returned the hug as the two of you stood in silent.

“You could have die.” she whispered into your chest “And I couldn’t handle it.”

She was shaking and you pulled away from the hug to see that she was crying.

“I have lost to much of my family to lost you, too.” Allura said “Why do you keep throwing your life in danger!”

“I’ve never minded the thought of death, I wished for it sometimes. I still have those thoughts now but I can’t bear to leave you alone, I love you too much for that"  you said brushing the tears out of her face “but it my job to keep you save, Love. Even if that means putting my life in danger.”

“Well I’m the princess.” She said in a commanding tone “I say you can’t do that anymore.”

You laughed and kissed her forehead.

“Nice try, Love.” you said with a smile “But this one time I can’t listen to you.”