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JayTim and 84? If you're still doing them. I feel like it could be silly or angsty xD

84. “I’m dying.” 

Anything for you Glac ;) And I thought about making it silly, but I’m a sucker for angst.

Jason’s ragged breathing echoed over the comm link. It rattled through the static, sounding unnatural. He coughed, wetness rattling in his lungs.

“Hold on, Jay, I’m going,” Tim said, voice tense as he grappled from one building to the next. As soon as he’d gotten the ping that Jason needed help he was on the move.

“Tim,” he said weakly, coughing again. “I don’t think I’m going to make it out of this.”

“You will,” he said, harshly. “You have to. I’m not going to let you die.”

Only a few more streets. Only a few more streets and he would be with Jason and he’d save him. He wouldn’t let him go.

“Tim, I’m dying. I don’t think there’s any way I’m getting out of this one.”

“You’re not going to die,” Tim said, hysteria creeping into his voice. He cleared his throat. He had to remain calm. He had to.

“It’s for the best, Tim,” he said, trying to laugh and groaning instead as he delved into a coughing fit. “You have your whole life ahead of you. I’m not going to hold you back anymore. You can live your life.”

“No,” Tim said, to both the comm and Jason as he landed in the warehouse where Jason’s limp body was.

“Hey, Babybird,” he said, trying to smile weakly.

“Shut up.” Tim hurried over to him. He was bleeding generously from a gunshot wound to the chest. Tim pressed his hand over it, hoping to slow it down if not stop it. Jason hissed at the pressure. “We have to get you to a hospital.”

Jason let himself be pulled into a sitting position. “Just leave me, Tim.”

He grit his teeth and forced Jason to his feet. Outside. They just had to get outside.

“I’m not leaving you to die. I’d never.”

The walk across the warehouse floor was more like a trek. Tim did everything he could to keep him moving. He grit his teeth as blood coated his glove and flowed past it. He shouldered his way through the door and was met with the most relieving sight of his life: the Batmobile waiting in the street.

The side door opened and Tim maneuvered Jason into the cramped space.

“He’s going to need more help than what Alfred can provide,” Tim explained as the door shut behind him. “Gunshot to the chest. Lots of blood.”

Bruce said nothing, shoving the car into drive. They skidded around a corner, but they didn’t even shift thanks to the balance compensation of the Batmobile. Tim kept his eyes on Jason. He pulled off his helmet, glad that Jason had thought to put on a domino that night. It would make things easier at the hospital.

He shoved his jacket down off his shoulders, gently extracting Jason’s arms from the sleeves. After relieving him of his weapons, the Batmobile screeched to a stop in front of the emergency entrance. Both doors sprung open as a team with a gurney rushed out. Tim climbed off of Jason and pulled him from the car. His legs gave out and Tim struggled to keep him on his feet.

The medics took over and loaded Jason on to the gurney. Tim tried to follow after them, but Bruce placed a hand on his shoulder.

“They’ll take it from here. We can’t do anything for him now.”

Tim’s breath came out in a ragged sigh. All of his hysteria and desperation that he’d tamped down rose up. His chest felt like it was constricting and his heart was breaking into thousands of pieces. He’d given so much to Jason. He couldn’t die. He couldn’t.

Bruce pulled him into his arms as his lungs constricted. He couldn’t breath. He couldn’t do anything.

“Let’s go. Let’s go,” Bruce said, getting him back into the Batmobile. 

The hospital faded into the background as they drove away, but Tim’s heart was still inside.

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Sometimes I worry I won’t find someone that makes me as happy as supernatural does, but that seems silly

Sometimes I feel like Supernatural makes me too happy and that I’m taking this all a bit too far and that maybe I should quit the show/the blog/fanfic/everything because this level of love(*obsession?) towards anything cannot be good, right? Like…clearly I’m insane… Right?

Honestly, the fact that most of the main ASOIAF characters that people are fighting about (Dany, Sansa, Jon, Arya etc) are all younger than 16 in book canon, makes the whole ship war and character cult war thing even more silly. Like, I hope it made you feel good about yourself calling out a fourteen-year-old fictional character for not being perfect enough for you, and calling all his/her fans names. I hope you enjoyed calling this one eleven year old little girl a worthless bitch. You called out a fifteen year old boy for fucking up? Good for you, you fucking hero, you. 

Grow up y’all will you.


Them boys and their girl~ *:・゚✧

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Hey again (same person from before heh) your explanation was way longer and in such greater detail than I expected, and I deeply thank you for that! Now I am a true believer of JasPearl-also whenever I type JasPearl it autocorrects it to JASPEARL but I've never typed JasPearl in all caps and ye end of story

aaaahh gosh of course!!! sdfkljdslf im really happy you (and others too!) appreciate it ;;; i have a million other little theories too but it was so long already i had to cut it somewhere LOL

also totally the reason your phone is using caps is because JASPEARL NEEDS TO BE LOUD!!! BC JASPER IS ALWAYS LOUD WHEN ITS ABOUT PEARL! 


The two 1A vs 1B matches!! Incidently they included two of my favorite characters in the series, and for that I’ll always be grateful~

I just got this great comment by aronin3151984 on AO3 and now I can’t help imagine this:

[Villains and Heroes are in the middle of a dramatic standoff]

Doom (sneers): You and your precious band of misfits don’t have a chance, Captain America!

Crossbones: Yeah! Because we will have Iron Man!

Tony (raises eyebrow in surprise)

Rhodey (sarcastic): Oh really?

Crossbones (smirks): Yes. Now come, join us on the Dark Side, Stark, because we have COOKIES!

Henchman #367 (pulls out basket of freshly baked, still warm cookies with melted chocolate chips)

Rhodey (horrified): Oh shit.

Captain America (laughing): Tony would never betray us for cookies of all things

Tony (stares intently at cookies with wide, glazed eyes)

Captain America (laugh falters): Tony? …uh oh…

Rhodey (desperate): Tony, NO! REMEMBER YOUR OATH!!!

Tony (shakes head): Right. Right. LOKI! GET OVER HERE!!

Everyone (blinks in surprised confusion)

Loki (doesn’t move, challenging): And why should I do that, Man of Iron?

Tony (blissed out smile): Because the Dark Side may have cookies but the Light Side has COFFEE

Villains (staring at Loki in alarm): !!!!

Loki (looks torn)

Tony: And take the cookies with you!


Villains (sadly skulking off to their secret emergency hide-outs, muttering): coffee…coffee…WE SHOULD HAVE REMEMBERED THE COFFEE!!!


*fart noise*