i feel like a ross

‘Everything’ includes you, Nadine.

This is legit dialogue lol (minus the sexual undertones, unfortunately)

for real tho i cant be the only one who chuckled when when she said this … k i probably am but MEH

Relax, You’ll Live Longer (spotify)

A play list for our favourite ass kicking, treasure hunting, gal pals

| i. bad girls M.I.A | ii. feeling good Avicii | iii. lean on (feat. MØ & DJ Snake) Major Lazer | iv. i’m in control AlunaGeorage feat. Popcaan | v. only getting yonger Elliphant feat. Skrillex | vi. paper planes M.I.A | vii. bitch better have my money Rihanna | viii. light it up (feat. Nyla & Fuse ODG) Major Lazer | ix. kamikaze MØ | x. borders M.I.A |

Don’t think I need to explain why I love this Marvey scene.

Do people still do these? ok yes

My first time making one of these and I always hear this song when I’m at work and think it’s kinda catchy 


august 26 2006
[ft. joe trohman wearing flip flops]