i feel like a ross


she had the world || panic! at the disco


The Harvey Specter way. (Mike’s way)

Do people still do these? ok yes

My first time making one of these and I always hear this song when I’m at work and think it’s kinda catchy 

Don’t think I need to explain why I love this Marvey scene.



The stream Hat Films did today is really worth watching! I feel like I’ve traveled back in time! Ross building a big marble structure, Smith burning and blowing stuff up and Trott trying to get things done. Oh and not to mention them reading the script of the first four episodes of Hatventures Origins????

anonymous asked:

DUde,,, Ross is so fucking cute. Like honestly I just cant not imagine him being like all extra cute with everyone. Like kissing Arin on the cheek or playing in Danny's hair and being super duper sweet to Brian, listening to him go on about science

That’s really cute! I feel like often Ross is underappreciated. I feel like people one-note him a lot as an annoying little shit when he’s not really like that. He’s really endearing and cute and he tries to share a lot of himself and his time with his fans tbh. 

in the sense too of shipping I like that Ross would act differently but still lovingly to all his partners. He and Arin I could see bickering like a married couple just from the length of time knowing each other but I can also see Ross snuggling into Arin’s side and watching him play games or they curl up together to discuss things they are working on together. 

With Dan Ross likes to give him a hard time but also likes Dan’s attention in the sense he’ll slide his feet into Dan’s lap and Dan is like “Ross go put some socks on,” but he’ll still rub at Ross’s bare ankle. 

With Brian Ross thinks he’s so smart and interesting and he’d listen to Brian all day if he could but also he likes to be sassy at Brian and give him some shit because they have a good back and forth. Brian letting Ross give him backtalk and giving it back just as much. The two of them laughing at each other. 

Also bonus Barry!: Ross is comfortable and quiet with Barry. He’ll be lowkey affectionate. if things are kinda rough he goes to Barry because Barry has a way of settling things into this calm state. Barry is always good for showing some cute or funny stuff to Ross to cheer him up.