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Here I was, thinking to myself “yeah Sangwoo loves Bum, but its the sort of love where Bum could be pool noodle with a picture of his mom’s face stapled on it for all Sangwoo actually cares about Bum as a person with feelings.” Then like ten minutes later I see the new chapter and he proves me fucking wrong.

This sad bastard, I can’t even bring myself to hate him. He’s trying. He’s horrible and to say he’s “ill-equipped” to love someone is the understatement of the century, but he’s still trying, god bless him, and he’s breaking my heart. 

Fuck this comic; this always happens to me.

Fact before you read: I actually love Rachel. I’m just making her a psycho bitch for now, but it gets better. I promise.

Seeing your best friend happy is amazing. Seeing two of your best friends happy is even better. Seeing your best friends happy together is the best feeling Annabeth could ever have. But, Annabeth can say that since Courtney Elizabeth Jackson was born, her two friends have not been happy together.

Annabeth sees her two friends often. They even made her the godmother of Courtney! But the thing is… Rachel won’t let Annabeth babysit. She’s asked on many occasions if she could watch Courtney so Rachel and Percy could go on a date, and each time was told no. Rachel won’t even let Sally, Courtney’s grandmother, watch her. Since having the baby, Percy and Annabeth have started to realize just how crazy Rachel is.

Percy works all these ridiculous hours at a warehouse. Annabeth knows he’s miserable. He wanted to go to school for marine biology. He had his whole future planned out, and it’s currently on hold because of Rachel. Annabeth will admit, it’s kind of her fault. Rachel Elizabeth Dare was Annabeth’s roommate in college freshman year. She introduced the two, and now… well, they’re here.

Rachel stays at home. She quit her job, dropped out of school, and then goes on to complain about being stuck at home with Courtney. Annabeth hates seeing it. She knows when Rachel posts about it that Percy gets upset. He’s doing all he can to support Rachel and Courtney. He doesn’t work at a job he hates for nothing. And, Annabeth has taken notice, that Rachel doesn’t seem to appreciate what he does for them.

Rachel’s parents have been letting them live at their house. Sally had been more than happy to let them live with her and Paul, but Rachel decided for them. She claimed it was because she couldn’t raise the baby without her parents. It’s so obvious how much Percy misses Sally. He’s only nineteen, he wasn’t exactly ready to move out. Especially to live with a girl he’s only been with one year. Annabeth was just as confused as Sally.

They decided it was how loyal he is.

Now, Annabeth is sitting at Starbucks, Percy sitting across from her. He looks tired. Stressed. Mad. It’s rare now that Annabeth gets to see just Percy. Rachel is usually glued to his side with Courtney. Annabeth sighs, reaching across the table and resting a hand on his arm. “What happened now?”

Percy groaned, pulling his arm away and running his hands down his face, “I had to lie to Rachel just to come meet you. She thinks I’m at work.” Annabeth frowned at that, “I’m going insane, ‘Beth. I told her that Grover is coming to town and wants to meet up. She flipped.”

Grover Underwood has been Percy’s best friend since he was five. Grover had welcomed Annabeth with open arms when they were twelve. The three had been inseparable up until college. He texted the both of them saying he wanted to meet up with them when he comes to town. They’re excited to be together again!

Annabeth rolled her eyes, “Why? She knows Grover is one of your closest friends.”

“Because, I told her I don’t want her there. I just want to take Courtney.”

Annabeth hummed, shaking her head. Not only will Rachel not let Sally or anyone watch Courtney, she won’t even let Percy. She won’t let the father of her baby take her. She says it’s because she breastfeeds, but Courtney is nine months old now and eating solid foods. She’s out of excuses but still refuses to let Percy take her.

Annabeth tapped her fingers against the table. “She can’t tell you no to taking your daughter. It’s not like you’re just going to take her and never come back.”

“I… would it make me a horrible person if I said I’ve thought about it?”

“Oh.. oh my Gods, no, Percy.” Annabeth moved her chair so she was mow sitting next to him. She reached over, pulling him in for a hug, “She’s horrible, Percy. Being with her is stressing you out. I don’t like it. Sally doesn’t like it.”

Percy closed his eyes at the sound of his moms name. He’s had this conversation with them both plenty of times to know how they feel. Sally had told him how toxic his relationship has become. How the way Rachel acts, or the things she says isn’t healthy. Courtney hasn’t gotten to see her other grandparents in weeks, and Percy hates it. He wants Sally and Paul to be in his daughters life. He knows they’re right, but…

“I love her, Annabeth.”

Annabeth took a deep breath. You see, Annabeth has had a crush on Percy since she was sixteen. She thought the feelings would go away once Courtney was born, but she was so wrong. If anything, she’s positive they’ve gotten stronger. She hates it.

“…I can’t just pack all mine and Court’s stuff up and leave. I’m not that kind of person, but..”

Annabeth raised an eyebrow, “But?”

Percy stared down at the table, “We were talking about moving out. We found a house together that we had both liked, and now she’s telling me she hates it. She said that I can go, but her and Court would stay at her parents house.”


Percy shrugged. He looked so defeated. Percy Jackson is never supposed to look like that. What kind of person tells the person they “love” that they can move out? He’s doing everything to support them, and this is how she repays him?

Needless to say, Annabeth is mad.

“That’s not right. That’s not fair to you!”

“You think I don’t know that?” he let his hands fall to the table, “Do you think I don’t know that I could be - should be - with someone better? I love her. But, I love Courtney more. She doesn’t deserve a mother like that.”

Annabeth reached over, setting a hand on his shoulder. “Everything will turn out okay. Sit Rachel down and talk to her. Tell her everything you’re feeling. Tell her you want to spend time with Courtney. Without her. If she doesn’t understand that then… Screw her.”

Percy nodded, taking a deep breath. “You’re the best, you know?”

“I know. Now go have a talk with Rachel.”

Later that night there was a knock on Annabeth’s door. She pushed all her books to the side, and walked over to answer it.


There stood Percy Jackson with his daughter in his arms. His eyes were red like he had recently been crying.

“Is everything okay?”

“I left her.”

Me: *is suddenly thrown into a situation where i’ll be forced to interact with and need to be liked by a wide variety of people simultaneously despite having no social skills, anxiety, and a horrible attitude*

My fabricated personalities:

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Rein’s flattered by how much you like him and he’ll take you out on a date lol

  • *talking about EverymanHYBRID*
  • Victoria: *has not finished the series* i feel so bad for Evan oh my god
  • Me: *sudden crippling feels* oh my god he's lost so many fucking people and been forced to do so many horrible things. He's lost like all his friends, Vinnie is the only person he has left!!
  • Victoria: ....
  • Victoria: What about....?
  • Me: *glass breaking sound effect*

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Okay I feel like a horrible person but I have that Pokemon shuffle mobile game, and I had recently caught a pretty good Pokemon, and I got a five combo, and it did a lot of damage, so I though "it may be small but it has a lot of power" and all my mind went to was "he may be small but his dick sure isn't" so long story short I call my Togipi "Terry"

Oh my god

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hello admins from my favorite exo blog! may I request a reaction when they propose to the girl and she says... no! if possible, could you do a double one when she say that was a joke? ty~

I will do the joke part for some members

Xiumin: Don’t do this to me.

Luhan: Oh I see

You: *back hugs him* And by that I mean I will totally marry you Lulu

Luhan: Than let’s make this marriage happen

Kris: You are joking right? Haha very funny

You: I wasn’t joking

Kris: Well things just got awkward

Suho: What did I do wrong? Did I not love you enough? I promise I will love you ten times more.

You: *laughs at how cute he is* Aww Suho I was just joking. Of course I will marry you.

Suho: Oh that’s good. I will still love you ten times more though.

Lay: But..but I thought we were in love *starts to get sad*

You: *feels really bad* I AM JUST JOKING LAY! I AM SO SORRY!

Lay: Thank god! I didn’t want to lose the love of my life.

Baekhyun: Well than this marriage proposal was a joke too. I mean we aren’t read to get married Silly me hahaha

You: Oh really Baekhyun? I was going to say I was joking and all and that I actually want us to get married.

Baekhyun: Oh…well than you just agreed to spending the rest of your life with me. I hope you think it is a good decisions because you are going to get constant playful Baekhyun hehe.

Chen: Now let me just tell you what you just did. I proposed and you were like supposed to say yes to me you know because well I used all my love to get this ring for you so yeah.

You: I know what I did. And guess what…I am joking hehe

Chen: Now let me explain how you were not supposed to joke when someone is proposing to you

Chanyeol: WHAT?

You: OMG YOUR FACE I CAN’T! *laughs*

Chanyeol: Well how else was I supposed to react?

D.O.: Rejecting me will not get you anywhere in life

Tao: How dare you hurt my feelings like this? I even used my money this time to get you this ring.

You: Oh wow you finally used your own money. Now you know how it is like. Btw I was just joking. Yes, I will marry you


Kai: But I love you! *sheds a tear*

You: Wow, now I feel like a horrible person. And of course I will say yes to the most amazing guy in the entire world.

Kai: Oh thank god you were joking. I don’t know how my life will be like without you. *hugs you*

Sehun: You know you just rejected the majestic Sehun

You: Yeah, I know

Sehun: But I am the majestic Sehun

- Admin J (I hope you like this)

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Blind!laura prompt: bringing carmilla home to meet papa hollis

“Carmilla, don’t be so nervous.” 

“How can you tell I’m nervous?” You ask. “I’m fine.” 

“I can hear you tapping the driver’s wheel. You only tap your fingers when you’re nervous.” 

It amazes you, how Laura can know you better than you know yourself without seeing you. 

“…Fine, I’m a little nervous. Can you blame me?” 

“It’ll be fine, Carm. Just be yourself.” 

“My broody, misanthropic self?” 

“Well, you can tone it down a little.” 

The GPS says to turn right to your destination. You park in front of a small house with a white picket fence. 

“Okay, moment of truth time.” 

“Pass me my cane?” 

You reach into the back seat and hand it to her. “You really need it, babe? I’m fine letting you hold my arm.” 

“It’s fine. I’ve never been to Dad’s new house, so I’ll need it to move around anyway. Besides, if he sees me relying on you to get around it’ll make it that much harder for him to accept I can take care of myself.” 

You nod, putting your hands in your pockets. You eye her as walks, sweeping the cane back and forth. Even though she can’t see you, you remind yourself not to stare. You always found watching her using a cane really interesting.

She comes to the front porch steps. “You can help me up these if you want,” Laura says, and you hold out a hand, which she grabs lightly to steady herself. “One or two?” 

“Just the one.” 

“Thanks, Carm.” She gives you a quick kiss.  You take a breath and ring the doorbell. The door opens. 

Laura’s father literally towers over you. Your first though is Laura’s dad is Ron Swanson? He has the mustache. Except, Ron Swanson wasn’t quite as big. He looks down at you, glaring. 

“Um…hi, Mr. Hollis…I’m Carmilla. I’m sure Laura has told you about me.” 

Mr. Hollis looks at Laura. He breaks into a huge grin. Laura jokingly taps his foot with her cane. 

“Wow, what is this really big wall in front of me?….Daddy, hey!” 

“Oh, come here! Give your papa a hug, my little Laurasaurus!” 

He grabs your girlfriend in a bear hug and you quickly snatch the cane from her hand so he doesn’t break it. You smirk. Laurasaurus? 

Stop with that look, Carm,” Laura says. 

“What look? Who said I had a look?” 

“I know you, and I know you were just giving me a look.” 

You shake your head. Mr. Hollis lets Laura down and looks at you. 

“Hello, Carmilla,” Mr. Hollis says gruffly, holding out his hand. You shake it. “Laura has told me so much about you.” 

“Uh…Laura has told me a lot about you too, sir.” 

“Then I’m sure you know how much I care about my little girl–” 


Now, Laura, I will not apologize for being concerned about who is dating my daughter.” 

“Can we at least walk into the house before you start the interview?” 

You have a feeling it’ll be more like an interrogation. Mr. Hollis walks into the house; you hand the cane to Laura and follow. 

“I have a feeling this interview will be more like an interrogation.” You whisper. 

“Don’t worry,” Laura answers, “Nothing he says is going to make me break up with you, so just try not to make him think you’re a horrible person.”

“So, Carmilla, how did you and Laura meet?”

“A blind date. Both literally and figuratively, ha ha…” 

Oh God, kill me now you think. Laura looks like she’s thinking the same thing, and Mr. Hollis…well, he looks like he’d be the one to do it. 

“I already made your favorite, Laura.” Mr. Hollis says. 

“You made blondie brownies?” Laura asks, grinning. Mr. Hollis laughs. 

“No, that’s for later. I meant your favorite non baked item.” 

“…Oh. Cool! I love pork chops.” 

“The table is five more steps, and the chair is a step to your right.” 

“Thanks, Dad.” 

Laura sits down. 

“Mr. Hollis, please, uh…let me set the table and bring out the food for both of you.” 

“Carmilla, don’t. You’re my guest.” 

“Mr. Hollis, we both know that you’re not treating me as just any guest. Let me.” 

Mr. Hollis nods and sits down. Okay, maybe you can do this. He seems to like that.

You head to the oven and take out the food. You find the plates in the cupboards, and then spoon the mashed potatoes, green beans, and porkchop on the plate. 

“Okay, here you both go,” you say, placing the food on the table. You’ve been a waitress before, so you can hold three plates and utensils with ease. Mr. Hollis looks at Laura’s plate and frowns. 

“You didn’t cut it?” 

You sit next to Laura. “I’m sorry, what?” 

“You didn’t cut her meat. Here,” he reaches over, cutting Laura’s porkchop. “Laura, your porkchop is at twelve o’clock, your potatoes are at three, and your greenbeans are at nine.” 

“Thanks, Dad,” Laura mumbles, resigned. You eye her. “Uh…what are you doing?” 

“It’s the clock system,” Mr. Hollis explains, “So she knows where her food is on the plate. And Laura, the salt is on the left side of your plate, and the pepper is on the right. Here, let me pour your water so you don’t spill it.” 

Laura smiles. “Thanks, Daddy.” She starts eating. You make stilted small talk with Mr. Hollis. It’s clear he doesn’t like you all that much. 

“What do you do for a living, Carmilla?” 

“I’m a musician, sir. And I wait tables.” 

“Carmilla is fantastic,” Laura adds, putting a hand over yours. 

“Well, are you prepared to make all the modifications to your home if you and Laura get serious enough?” 


I’m sorry, modifications? Like what?” 

“Railings? A braille clock? Making sure that you don’t have any furniture on wheels that could move around–” 

“Dad, I have to use the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” Laura gets up abruptly; her foot catches on the bottom of the chair and she trips. There’s a crack as her cane, which she had leaning next to her, snaps. 

“Laura!” You kneel down. “Are you alright?” 

“Ow…yeah…I’m fine. There’s probably going to be a bruise, though.” 

Mr. Hollis keels and feels Laura’s head; she winces. “Yeah, that’ll bruise. Laura, did you bring your folding cane?” 

“I forgot it.” 

He looks at you. “Did you remember to bring her spare?” 

You were supposed to remember? “…No.” 

“Take her to the bathroom, they’ll be an ice pack in the medicine cabinet.” He looks at Laura’s glass, which had tipped. “I’ll clean this mess.” 

“Thank you, sir.” 

Laura takes your arm and you help her into the bathroom. She closes the lid of the toilet and sits, and you search for the ice pack. 



You find the ice pack. “…Am I doing enough for you?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I know it’s stupid, but your dad keeps talking about hand rails and cutting your food and making sure you don’t spill your drink and the ‘clock system’ and–” 

Laura actually starts laughing. “Carmilla, I would break up with you in two seconds if you’d tried to start doing all that for me.”

You place the ice pack to her head. “You would?” 

“Salt shakers have bigger holes in them than pepper shakers. I can feel the temperature change on the outside of the glass as it fills with water, so I can tell when it’s full. Cutting meat isn’t that hard–you start at the edge and sort of just cut in a semi circle. Did you see any handrails in my apartment?” 

You smile. “I think I get it, Hollis.” 

“You see? I don’t want you to do all of that stuff for me. If I had wanted you to, I would have asked you. I’ve been told I look like a sixteen year old, and I’m blind. For the first time in my life I’m with someone who looks at me and sees me as an adult. Who can take care of herself.” 

“That’s because you are.” 

Laura smiles. She reaches out, finds your cheek, and leans in. You both kiss. 

“See? I mean, I won’t lie and say you’re perfect all the time, but you’re trying. And you’re so much better than when we first met. Feel better?” 

“…Your Dad was just psyching me out, I guess. I don’t even know what I was thinking. Come on, he’s probably going to break down the door any second.” 

Laura takes your arm gingerly, and you both walk back into the kitchen. 

“Is she alright?” Mr. Hollis asks. 

You look at Laura. “You can ask her. Because she’s an adult.” 


“Mr. Hollis, I love your daughter, and she’s an adult. I want you to know that I will do anything Laura asks me to do, but this is her life, and it’s not my job to assume she can’t do things on her own. I trust her to know when to ask me for help.” 

Mr. Hollis raises an eyebrow. 

“…I mean, you know, just a thought,” you finish quickly. 

“A really, really good thought.” Laura points out. 

Mr. Hollis crosses his arms. “…Well, Laura, my own feelings aside…I have to admit, she is exactly the kind of girl you told me you want.” 

You grin. Nothing like barely gaining approval from the in-laws. 

literally every post i've ever seen about kavinsky
  • kavinsky fan: listen we're not saying he's perfect we're saying there are reasons we relate to him and can we not just all like what we like and let others do the same
  • kavinsky hater: oh my god you're horrible he's an actual rapist and why don't you like ronan obviously you can only like one or the other and it should be ronan that you like NOT kavinsky stop ignoring all the other characters because obviously that's what you're doing
  • kavinsky fan: so ...about that 'geting along' thing ...doesn't really work that well when you're yelling at me and twisting my argument around

There’s so much doubt and guilt and confusion that comes with having a mental illness. You have a few good hours or a few good days and you think oh no, oh my God, I’m not actually sick, I’ve been imagining this the whole time, I’m a horrible person. 

And then the rushing wave of shame crashes over you - shame that you’ve been inconveniencing everyone in your life for something that, in this moment, doesn’t even feel real - and knocks you back into a cycle of pain and confusion.

I have to remind myself that this is an illness. Just because your nose spray kicked in and you can breathe for a while doesn’t mean you don’t have a cold. And in weeks like this, when I can’t stop sleeping and my entire body feels like I’ve run a hundred marathons, I’m reminded that it’s because I’m sick and my whole body and mind are fighting it, every minute. It’s exhausting because it’s real. 

Wow i cannot believe some people. I’m unfollowing anyone on my dash who posts another shitty thing about kahel tbh, like that is literally a horrible thing to do. they just lost years of their blog and you’re laughing about it? Literally fuck off i cant even understand how kahel is feeling, I’m so sorry this happened.

“Look at this Sammykins, 7 layer s'mores” Gabriel presented the dish with a grin.

Sam’s eyes widened with fear and fascination “Why?”

‘Because it’s delicious as sin.“

“Gabe, I don’t think, I’m not sure that’s healthy.”

“Of course it’s not healthy. That’s the whole point! You want some?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Yes, you do, I can see it in your eyes.”

Sam licked his lips “Gabriel, I…”

“Come on, honeybuns, one bite isn’t gonna ruin your Greek god figure” he stuck a fork in the gooey confection and pulled out a substantial chunk. He held it up near Sam’s mouth.

Sam’s mouth watered and his stomach rumbled at the sight. He shouldn’t, he was all about eating healthy and staying fit. But…he always did like s'mores. He licked his lips again, maybe one bite wouldn’t hurt. Besides Gabriel wouldn’t leave him alone till he tried it, right? Well, he probably would if Sam asked him but…“Damn, okay” he closed his lips around the sugary treat. Good God, this was sin personified. Soft chocolate chip cookie topped with graham crackers, melty marshmallows, chocolate bars, crunchy cookies and toasted marshmallows on top. He groaned. “Oh my God.”

Gabriel smiled “Right? So good it’s horrible–the best kind of treat.”

“Too much of that will give a person diabetes.”

‘Yeah, like the way our brothers stare at each other.“

Sam chuckled and put a hand on Gabriel’s cheek "I don’t know, I think we give them a run for their money” he leaned down and pressed his still-marshmallow covered lips against Gabriel’s.

The angel set the dish down on the counter “I have some leftover marshmallow cream, if you’re interested.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Hope you feel better Mama Grey!


ADORABLE.  Thank you so much, darling!