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Confidential Couple

Request from anon for an Opie x Reader, where the two keep their relationship a secret due to the reader being Jax’s little sister.

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You jump as you feel a pair of hands on your waist, ripping your earphones out and looking behind you. “You almost gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry.” Opie grins, pulling you back into his chest and wrapping his arms around your tummy. “I’ve hardly seen you today.”

“I know, babe, but my mom is already suspicious. We’ve gotta be careful.” you reason, relaxing back into Opie’s chest and breathing in his calming scent.

He hums in response, his head nuzzling into your neck before his lips start pressing kisses to your skin, your eyes closing as you place your hands over his. “Ope…”

“Jax is fixing up some car, the others are out.“ he mumurs between kisses, your body slowly but surely melting under his desires. “We’ve got time.”

A bang in the distance makes you jump, Opie pulling away from you as you go back to sorting through the box of family photos, your heart beating a thousand times a minute.

When you’re both convinced the coast is clear, you huff, turning around to face your secret lover. “I’m sick of sneaking around, Ope. I don’t wanna be like this anymore.”

“What, you think I do?” he asks defensively, before letting out a heavy sigh. “You’re the one who wanted to keep us a secret.”

“Yes, because I don’t fancy seeing my boyfriend and my brother at each others throats.” you snap, regretting it instantly, though you do nothing to apologise. Closing your eyes, you run your fingers through your hair, frustrated at the whole situation.

“I gotta go.” Opie says, turning away from you and heading out the room. You shake your head at his retreating figure, grabbing your stack of photos before exiting the room, heading towards the main area of the clubhouse.

Pausing your music, you grab a couple ice cold beers from behind the bar, heading out to TM. Just as you reach the garage, bikes fill your ears, the missing members flooding into the lot.

“Need any help?” you ask once you reach Jax, him straightening up from under the cars bonnet, smiling at you in thanks as you hand him a beer.

“Nah thanks, sis, I’m almost done.” he replies, cracking open the top of the bottle and taking a long gulp. “Is Ope alright? He just took off, seems kinda pissed.”

“I’m not sure.” you lie, taking a drink of your beer. Jax nods in acceptance, Chibs, Clay and Bobby saving you from the conversation.

“Doesn’t look too good with the Irish, we need to be on high alert.“ Clay warns, Jax throwing the rag he was holding on the floor. “Get everyone here, lock down.”

Your mind goes straight to Opie, and even though you know he can take care of himself, you know you won’t stop worrying until he’s back. “I’ll go get supplies. Food, drinks, extra pillows. Any requests?”

“Can you get us some cigs please, lass? You know the ones.” You nod in response, checking your pockets for your car keys and cash before practically speeding off.

“Take one of the prospects with you!” your stepdad shouts, you waving him off in response, insisting you’ll be fine.

As you’re moving around the store, throwing pretty much everything in your cart, you ring Opie for what feels like the fiftieth time, breathing a sigh of relief when he finally answers. “Do you ever stop calling?”

“Do you ever stop ignoring my calls?” you sass back, grabbing a huge pack of toilet paper and placing it in your cart. “Irish aren’t happy, we’re on lock down.”

“Shit.” he says, realisation in his voice. “No wonder Jax has been calling me.”

“Yep.” you deadpan, walking down the aisle full of candy, knowing your nephew is going to be bouncing off the walls from all the sugar. “That’s what happens when you act all grouchy, you miss information.”

“I’m not grouchy.” he defends, though you can tell he’s smiling through the phone. That’s one of the things you love about the two of you, how easy it is to forgive and forget. “Where are you?”

“I’m just at the store near Floyd’s, needed an excuse to get away so I could dial you a million times without being questioned.” you reply, already feeling a lecture coming on from your protective ass boyfriend.

“Please don’t tell me you’re alone.” he says, you staying silent. He curses under his breath, keys jangling in the background. “Stay there, I’ll be there in five.”

“Yes sir.” you tease, seduction in your tone, before ending the call. You smile to yourself as you move from aisle to aisle, content with the knowledge that you and Opie are on good terms again, no matter the circumstances.

As you reach the back of the store, the varieties of ice cream making your mouth water, a chill creeps up your spine. You look over your shoulder, the feeling that someone is watching you too strong for you to be mistaken.

You grab your cart, deciding to get the fuck out of there. Of course, your instinct is right, a hand covering your mouth and yanking you backwards so hard you almost lose your stepping.

Your heart feels like it’s going to explode out of your chest as you struggle, your screams silenced against the man’s hand. He pinches your nose, cutting off your only air supply as you frantically scan the store, praying that someone, anyone, will walk up the aisle and save you.

You look down, seeking an opportunity as you stamp on the persons foot as hard as you can, glad you’re wearing boots as the man temporarily moves back from you. You have no time to recover as you abandon your items, sprinting towards the exit.

Just as you reach the outside you feel a hand latch onto your hair, a sound of agony leaving your lips as tears fill your eyes, panic and pain flooding through you. He yanks your head back, delivering a harsh blow to your face, your cheek throbbing.

“Fucking bitch.“ the man spits, his Irish accent helping you understand his motive. You try to free yourself, but his grip is too tight, your limbs too weak to fight back.

”(Y/N)!“ You almost cry in relief at the sound of Jax, you twisting to see your brother and Opie running towards you. You’re shoved to the ground, your knees scraping the concrete, a hiss leaving your lips.

Jax rushes to your side as Opie moves to the man, and you’re thankful the lot is empty as the two men start fighting, Jax raising you gently to your feet. “Are you okay?”

You nod, tears slipping down your cheeks as your body shakes with adrenaline. Looking behind Jax, you notice the Irish man is behind held up against the wall, Opie delivering blow after blow.

“Opie! Ope!” Jax shouts, finally forcing his way between the two men. The Irish man slumps to the floor, unconscious, as Jax pushes against Opie’s chest, the taller man deliberating on what to do before he steps back. “I’ll go see if any of this shit has been caught on tape. Take my sister to TM.”

Jax jogs away, Opie’s gaze finally settling on you as he takes you in. “Jesus Christ.”

He’s next to you in a flash, slipping off his kutte and helping you put your arms through the sleeves, warmth and his scent covering you. Your body feels exhausted, drained even, but you resist Opie’s requests to pick you up, knowing you need to keep your strength up.

He’s as delicate as anything as he places his helmet over your head, snapping it shut and making sure not to trap any of your hair as he does so. Once he’s mounted his bike, you settle behind him, you wrap your arms around his waist, resting your head on his back.

Your body is heavy with fatigue as you struggle to stay awake, Opie’s natural warmth making you feel all the more relaxed.

You’re free for no more than ten seconds before you’re bombarded with questions, Opie’s bust lip being ignored once your dark purple cheekbone comes into view, Clay practically frothing with anger as your mom soothes you.

“I fucking told you to get one of the prospects!” Clay shouts, your eyes filling up again as Gemma tries to calm him down. “Why don’t you ever listen to me?!”

“Back off!” Opie booms as he stands in front of you, your fingers gripping the back of his tshirt, wanting nothing more than to go to sleep in his arms.

“Or what?” Clay responds, his voice eerily calm. “She’s my daughter, I’ll talk to her however the fuck I want!”

“Yeah? Well she’s my girl, so treat her with some fucking respect!” Opie roars, your grip tightening on his shirt as everyone falls silent. You step from behind your boyfriend just in time to see Clay lunge for Opie, Bobby and Chibs somehow keeping the two apart as they try to reach one another.

“Stop it!” you scream, everybody pausing to look at you. “Don’t you think I’ve been through enough tonight?!”

You angrily wipe your eyes as the group watches you silently, pity on all their faces. “Sweetheart-”

“No.” you cut your mom’s sentence short, your voice shaky yet strong. You shake your head in disgust, hating that they’re all acting like this when you could’ve been kidnapped tonight. “I’m going to bed, and I swear if any of you disturb me-”

You swallow the lump in your throat, refusing to break down as you turn on your heel, heading straight to the only place you know you’ll feel safe. Opie’s room.

About ten minutes later, you’re wrapped up in his duvet, wearing one of his giant tshirts and a pair of his boxer shorts. His scent is everywhere, and as much as you love it, it’s making it all the more harder to resist him.

Your phone vibrates, you fishing for it under the covers until you find it, a new message notification on the screen.

You alright? X

You smile despite yourself, messaging Opie back and telling him it’s safe to come in. He does so promptly, an apologetic look on his face as he sees your tear stained cheeks. “Hey.”

“Hey.” you whisper, your voice hoarse from shouting. Once he’s shut the door, he makes his way over to you, crouching beside the bed as he moves your hair around your ear, your eyes fluttering shut at the contact.

“I’m sorry.” he says, pressing his lips lovingly to your forehead. His tone is nothing but genuine, the look in his eyes the same.

“Me too. I didn’t mean to shout.” He shushes you quietly, a smile slipping onto his lips. “Can you come lie with me, please?”

He doesn’t even need to think about it, kicking off his boots and taking off his jeans before he’s crawling in beside you, wrapping his arms around you protectively as you nuzzle into his chest, feeling as if weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

“Jax knows, by the way.” he mumbles casually, his hand stroking your hair soothingly. You sit up slightly, eyes wide as you wait for him to continue. “He took it surprisingly well.”

“Really?” Hope floods your body. Maybe now you and Opie will be able to act like an actual couple. Well, once people have gotten used to the idea.

“I mean, yeah, he was pissed at first, but once he realised how much I love you, he understood.” Your heart flutters, a warm flush spreading across your face. Neither of you had even thought of the word love, let alone said it aloud, and Opie’s now nervous expression proved that.

Without hesitation, you lean forward, pressing your lips against his own, your hand going to the back of his head as he kisses you back, your skin tingling as if it’s the first time.

“I love you, too.” you say once you pull away, the words easily rolling off your tongue. “Thank you for protecting me today.”

“I’ll always protect you.” You kiss him once more, before relaxing back into his hold and allowing yourself to drift to sleep, safe in the arms of your lover.

A/N - Really didn’t plan on this being so long, but I hope you like it anyway!!! Been going through a bit of writers block so you’ll have to excuse me for the lack of updates, but I’ll keep trying to produce for you guys! See you next time ❤

EXO Reaction when their GF wearing heels and looking taller

Okay here’s the original request! finally XD Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Wait, wait, what? How… how did reach the land of the giants..”


“Did you start eating that stuff that made Chanyeol so tall? How is this happening!” *Hasn’t seen the heels*


“There’s… there’s something different about you… but I can’t quite get what…” *Has been on it for hours*


“Now I feel like the smol and squishy… teehee~” *Cute mode on*


*You make him weak. Well.. he’s just weak for you in general*


*You make him nervous, in a good way* “This feels strange… but I adore you with heels! Please don’t stop wearing them because of me!”


*Joking* “How dare you to abandon us the hobbits!”


“I think I need to start playing more basketball.. or just wear heels too xD” *He just want to be taller with you*


“But jagi… how am I going to reach your lips nowww?”


*Know the boys won’t stop bullying him xD* “Oh no.. here he comes.. Baekhyun won’t stop calling me squishy now…”


“Wait… there’s a way to grow taller? How do you do it baobei? What’s the secret?” *really interested*


*Trying to flirt with you* “You look so fine I think I just have to win you over all over again.. my tall girl”

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Order from Your Commander (part 3)

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Request: Order from Your Commander part 3! (part 1 / part 2

Word Count: 1,857

Bjorn held his arms open as Y/n made her way up the dirt path to the gate. Members of the Free People stood around in awe as their commander returned home, followed by five strangers. Bjorn pulled her into a hug and sighed, “We almost sent out a search party.”

 Y/n pulled out of the hug and looked up at Bjorn, smiling. She knew she was away for less than two days, but Bjorn was like a brother and being away from him for any length of time felt like too long. Especially when he was unknowing of her location. “You can thank these people for that. They weren’t exactly friendly when we first started talking.”

 Bjorn’s face turned from friendly to protective. “Why were you with them for some long then?” His grip on his sword tightened as he moved toward the Sky People. Y/n placed a hand on his shoulder to hold him back.

 “It’s fine, Bjorn. They’re here solely on business. Let’s all move inside so we can talk and I’ll try to fill you in.”

 Y/n could sense the Sky People’s anxiety, she had similar fears early. She attempted to give Bellamy a soft smile, but she could still feel the tension. The eyes of the Free People followed the Sky People every step they went. They did not speak as they moved through the hallowed halls that lead to the commander’s quarters. Bellamy noted the amazing architecture, which was simple compared to the Sky People’s, but had intricate designs that only time and skill could produce.

 Y/n noticed him staring. “These halls have been standing for hundreds of years. When we first started our war with the Ice Nation, we found this place and used it as our headquarters. The marks on the wall detail our journey through battle.” They stopped walking when they came upon a picture of a star falling and crashing to earth.

 “Is that the Ark?” Octavia asked. Y/n nodded and smiled.

 “As I said before, your ship crashed on the anniversary of our people gaining their freedom. While it may not seem like it, your people left a mark on our history.” She glanced over at Bellamy to see what his reaction was. Y/n didn’t know why she felt like his opinion on the portrait was important, but she did. He could feel Y/n’s eyes watching him, but decided to stay looking at the portrait. His cheeks, however, did feel quite a bit warmer.

 Y/n turned on her heel and continued to walk down the corridor. Bjorn threw his arm over her shoulders and she wrapped her arm around his waist. “What’s with these people? Why’d you bring ‘em back here?”

 “They’re not as bad as they seem. I know what I’m doing, Bjorn. Just you wait.”

 They approached two giant wooden doors that were guarded by two watchmen. They nodded, bowed their heads, muttered a simple ‘commander’, and opened the doors. The inside wasn’t as awe-inspiring as the hallway but was massive in size, with floor length windows that streamed in loads of natural light and a large wooden table with enough chairs to fit a small army. Y/n picked the chair closest to the windows, Bjorn on her right and some guard they hadn’t met yet on the left.

 Y/n motioned to the empty chairs, “Please, sit.” Bellamy sat directly across from Y/n, and the rest filled in around him. Bjorn spread his hands over the table, ready to talk business.

 “So, explain to me why you’ve brought these people here, commander.” Bjorn eyed the Sky People suspiciously, but lingered on Murphy. “Did she do that to you?” He laughed, motioning to his black eye.

 Murphy nodded. “She’s got one hell of a right hook.” Bjorn laughed again and beamed at Y/n.

 “You should see what she can do when she really wants to cause damage.”

 Y/n rolled her eyes and gave a light laugh. “Don’t scare them too much, Bjorn. We’ve got a possible new ally.” Bjorn raised his eyebrow. Y/n traded a glance with Bellamy, who had not made a sound since arriving. “They were on a hunting trip while I was in the woods. We had a little scuffle that was quickly resolved, then they invited me back for food and shelter as it was getting dark. We got to talking. Apparently, the Sky People need our help with TriKru. The Grounders are giving the newcomers a hard time and want us to help them.”

 “And why would we do that? We just got on good terms with Heda.” Bjorn replied.

 “Yes, I’m aware Bjorn. I was thinking we can try talking to Heda first. See if we can’t convince her to play nice-”

 “We’re talking about the same Heda right?” Bjorn interrupted. Y/n was starting to lose patience with him.

 Y/n’s face fell to a frown, and her voice deepened. “She will do whatever is best for her people. Heda is smart enough to know that war is not a good option for Trikru right now. Plus, look on the bright side; with Skaikru as an ally, they can help us…with weapons, medicine, warriors, and so much more. We need someone on our side in case the Ice Nation ever attempts to attack.” She paused and looked at the Sky People’s faces. “And of course, we will help them later if they need it, which I’m sure they will.”

 “What’s that supposed to mean?” Murphy interjected. Y/n could feel his anger rising throughout this whole ordeal, but didn’t expect him to speak out like that. Bellamy raised a hand to his chest.

 “Murphy, don’t. We need all the help we can get.” Bellamy said.

 Y/n pushed her chair back and stood up, “I meant no disrespect to you or your people, Murphy. We’re on the same side here. I know what TriKru can do, especially to those who are trying to find their footing, much like your people. I’m being incredibly gracious by offering my people’s help, and I expect you to treat me and my people as such. Don’t interrupt again.”

 The tension in the room was thick and no one else dared to speak. Murphy nodded and muttered a terrible attempt at an apology. Y/n sat back down in her seat. “It’s getting late. We will continue our conversation in the morning. Bjorn, will you show them to their rooms?”

 “Of course,” Bjorn stood up and motioned for the Sky People to follow them.

 “Bellamy,” Y/n added as she nodded to Bjorn to continue on. Bellamy stayed in his seat and eyed Y/n questioningly.

 “Now we can actually talk. Sorry for losing it on your friend. I don’t have a lot of patience for ungratefulness.” Y/n sighed.

 “I wouldn’t call him a friend. He just happens to live with us. He’s more of a nuisance.” Bellamy smiled, which made Y/n smile.

He was silent for a while. Y/n cleared her throat to speak again when Bellamy said, “Commander, huh?” His face twisted in confusion. “When were you going to add that part?”

Y/n chuckled. “You didn’t ask. Plus, would it really have changed the way you handled things? You still would have kidnapped me, you still would have tied me up, you still would have questioned me, but maybe you just wouldn’t have asked for my help the way you did.”

“I guess you’re right, but still, would have been nice to know.” Bellamy stared at his hands.

Y/n stared at the man sitting in front of her. She studied the way his hair haphazardly fell in his brown eyes and the way he methodically fidgeted with the buttons on his jacket. His lips were pressed in a tight line and his eyes looked tired, like he hadn’t seen sleep in weeks. She felt sad for him, empathetic almost. This was a man who felt he had the whole world on his shoulders, but failed to see how well he was handling things. She felt protective in a way, like it was her responsibility to decrease some of his pressures and anxieties. She couldn’t explain why she felt this way or even the way they seemed to connect. Bellamy could sense it too.

 “Also, thanks for not mentioning the kidnapping part. I expect that wouldn’t have gone well with your boyfriend if you had told him.” Bellamy added. Y/n was surprised by Bellamy’s words at first, but couldn’t help but let out an audible laugh when he called Bjorn her ‘boyfriend’. “What’s so funny?” Bellamy asked.

“Bjorn is my second in command. The Ice Nation believed that the commander and their second have this invisible connection that only they can sense, and when one is in trouble, the other can feel it. Bjorn and I have had that connection for many years, and it only grew stronger during the war. He could tell something was wrong when you attacked me, but since it went away so quickly, he thought nothing of it. It’s best he not know of your attempt at kidnapping because no he’s not my boyfriend, but yes, it wouldn’t have gone well with him at all.”

Bellamy could feel his face getting warmer and prayed that his cheeks weren’t reflecting it. Y/n’s cheeks visibly reddened a bit too, and Bellamy tried not to read too much into it.

He cleared his throat to speak again and the mood in the room changed instantly. He leaned forward in his seat and crossed his arms on the table. He spoke in a low, husky voice that made the hairs on Y/n’s arms stand up, “so you will help us?”

“Yes Bellamy, I will. I do not know in what capacity yet, but my people will follow me. We will come up with a plan to speak to Trikru and Heda tomorrow, and we will go from there. Until then, rest and we will talk again in the morning.” She paused and pointed at a guard at the door, “Nile will show you to your room.”

Bellamy rose from his chair and turned toward the guard. He gave a slight nod of the head as he walked out the grand hall. Bjorn returned moments later and took the chair Bellamy had sat in.

Bjorn began, “Explain to me why you want to help these people so much, Y/n. I mean no disrespect-”

“Don’t they remind you of us in some ways? Fighting for our chance at a better life? Yes, their circumstances are quite different from ours, but they want what we want- to live, not just survive. Bjorn, we have made our mark on the clans as the ones who fought for their own freedom. If we do not fight for other’s freedom as well, we cannot hold that title.” Y/n explained, feeling more empowered as she continued. Fighting to live, not just survive was what kept Y/n going.

“See, this is why you’re commander and I’m not,” Bjorn smiled, “How are you going to convince TriKru?”

“We’ll find a way. I mean, we escaped Ice Nation rule. How hard can convincing Heda to leave SkaiKru alone be?”

part 4

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Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie on Broadway, British Accents and Wearing Those 'Kinky Boots'

To some theatergoers, Brendon Urie might appear to be just another actor starring in Kinky Boots, the Tony-winning Broadway musical by Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein that centers on a reluctant shoemaker and his unlikely inspiration.

But at Sunday’s performance, the audience’s Panic! at the Disco fans let out a collective gasp at the frontman’s surprise entrance, and loudly screamed as if at a rock concert when he showcased his bright, four-octave vocal range on solo numbers.

“Oh, my god, it feels phenomenal - I’m just kind of getting sandbagged with love,” Urie tells The Hollywood Reporter of making his Broadway debut in the musical through Aug. 6. “I don’t know what first attracted me to this world, but the whole universe that is musical theater just blows me away. I love it.”

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Urie, 30, goes Off Script with The Hollywood Reporter to talk dancing in heels, wandering around the West Village and writing music for a Broadway project in the future.

When did you first consider joining this show?

The first time I saw it, two years ago. I went with a friend, and, I mean, immediately just upon seeing the first couple of scenes, I had this immense appreciation for the show’s message and I just wanted to be a part of it in any capacity. By the end, I was cheering and crying and laughing and having the best time.

It took me a couple of tours, but I’m glad it worked out. We were trying to book other [tours] and I said, “No, I want to take a break. I want to see what Broadway’s like.” [Cyndi Lauper and I] have hung out a handful of times and already she’s one of my favorite people in the world.

What’s your theater background? Did you do a bunch of acting in high school?

Not at all. I was a part of the theater craft class, so I used to build the sets and be behind-the-scenes, working tech. And my siblings and I would dress up and make little home movies with lots of singing.

I grew up loving musicals: West Side Story, Oklahoma!, Guys and Dolls. The Sound of Music is my favorite musical of all time. I’ve got such a crush on Julie Andrews.

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What has surprised you most about starring in a musical?

It’s so wildly different, but so much fun. I guess I expected, to a certain degree, the nakedness you feel up onstage, but it’s honestly unlike any other feeling. When I’m playing with my band in a concert, the fans are all singing the lyrics together and screaming back at you like a giant campfire. But Broadway, you’re there to perform - it’s just you and the spotlight, and you have to just run into it at 100 percent. I’ve been trying to live in the moment, forget who I am and be that character, and just feel that emotion. Luckily, the music is so powerful that when you’re singing the lyrics, you already feel the emotion. I hope people get hit with the same fire and message of love that I got when I first saw this.

Getty Images

What has been the toughest part about playing Charlie Price?

Dancing in heels is actually pretty comfortable for me, and it’s harder to act like I’m not comfortable in the heels! (Laughs.) But the most challenging was the British accent. My dialect coach Amy Jo [Jackson] ran through the script with me over Skype. The hardest part was getting criticism like, “You sound Australian right now - let’s fix that.”

What new habit have you taken on?

I’m drinking more Throat Coat tea. On tour, we’ll do four shows and then a day off. Doing eight shows a week is crazy, in the best way possible. 

What have you given up?

Doing shows with my band, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

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What do you do when you first wake up on a show day?

I make coffee and breakfast for my wife and I, and I walk around for at least 45 minutes. This is the most extended stay I’ve had [in New York] and the West Village is very neighborhood-y with a bunch of dogs, so it’s a nice walk.

It’s a totally different vibe from L.A., where if you walk into a restaurant, everybody turns. In New York, I don’t think anybody cares, and that’s a good thing. You can have Tom Hanks walk into a restaurant and they’d be like, “Oh, yeah, that’s Tom Hanks,” and continue to have their conversation.

What’s your preshow ritual?

I do the warm-up thing. And I actually spoiled myself and put an Xbox in my dressing room, so I could play a little.

Getty Images

Most memorable moment at the stage door?

The first night was unreal - hundreds of kids, people climbing on trees and standing on cars. I thought they were going to get arrested, honestly! And fans bring gifts -  they’ve drawn stuff for me, given me flowers and written amazing letters. That kind of love just does not cease, and each night I feel it.

Are you interested in originating a part on Broadway?

Oh, my goodness, yes, I would love that. I’ve been thinking about that more and more. I’d love to do something that I’ve written music for, stuff I haven’t written yet. That would be so fun. I’d love to get an idea down and work with some amazing creative minds on that.

If you could be in any other Broadway show, what would it be?

To be Jean Valjean in a revival of Les Miserables would be amazing. And, having grown up Mormon, I think The Book of Mormon would be a good fit. (Laughs.) That’d be pretty fun.

((OOC: so I have my senior theatre Gala tonight, and at last year’s I was reminded multiple times that I didn’t need to wear my 3" heels because I was already tall enough. It made me feel like shit. So this year I’m wearing my 4" heels.))

BTS Reaction: You’re Insecure Because You’re Tall

Anonymous said:

“Hi love your writing😘😘, could I request bts react to their s/o being insecure because she is taller than them like being 5'10, thank you😁 😁”

Sooo, I wrote this as their s/o being 5'10 (177 cm). I got more inspiration from that. I hope that’s alright, love. And, thank you! 💕


You’re only 2 cm shorter than Jin, and you hate it. You feel like a giant; lanky and awkward.

“Why don’t you wear those new heels?” He asks as he shrugs on his suit jacket.

You two are getting ready for an award show, and you’ve been debating for hours on what to wear. You finally chose a very beautiful dress, only to realize there’s only one pair of shoes that will match; those damned heels. “Because they make me taller than you. And you know how awkward that makes me feel.”

He sighs, sad that you’re so self-conscious because of something he loves about you. “If it makes you feel better, I’ll wear those dress shoes that make me taller. But you shouldn’t feel that way. You’re beautiful.”

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He doesn’t care that you’re an inch taller than him. You’re personality is what attracted him to you, but, of course, he finds you gorgeous. But you’re always slouching, or leaning on one leg to appear shorter than you are.

“Babe, stop slouching. You’re going to hurt your back.”

You were insultingly called an ‘amazon’ most of your life and being taller than Yoongi makes you feel even more of one. You tell him as much and he just stares at you for a second, contemplating what you just said.

“I don’t see it. You’re gorgeous.”

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You’re preparing for a date with him, rushing around your room, trying to find your other flat boot, but it’s nowhere in sight. He’ll be there anytime. You groan as you throw on your heeled ankle boots, knowing they’ll bring you to Joon’s height.

You hear a knock at your door and pause for a second, taking a deep breath, before opening the door. His eyes go wide. “Wow.”

“I know,” you sigh. “I’ll change my shoes.”

“Why?” He asks while grabbing your wrist before you can head back to your room. He knows you’re insecure about your height, but he loves it. “You look beautiful. Those heels and jeans really show off your long legs.”

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You’re exactly the same height as him, and you’ve always found it disconcerting. Today, though, you’re feeling especially down.

“What’s wrong, Angle?” He asks as he wraps his arms around your waist. When you tell him, he seems legitimately shocked. “Seriously? But you’re so pretty!”

You shake your head at that and let out a pained sigh. “Everyone always jokes about my height.”

“But you’re the perfect height. It makes it easy to do this-” he leans in and gives you several soft kisses on your lips.

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He’s taken to wearing incerts, because he’s insecure about being shorter than you. That, however, makes you more insecure.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?” He asks, noticing your sad face and slouching shoulders; you’re trying to make yourself a little shorter.

You stare down at your hands as you explain, playing with your fingers. He feels guilty. Did he make you feel this way?

“But you’re beautiful! I was just afraid…that you wouldn’t like being with a shorter guy.”

You two make a pact that he’ll stop wearing incerts and you’ll no longer slouch when you’re with him.

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You’re sitting cross-legged in the middle of your bed, crying as you tell Taehyung what how insecure you are. He had noticed that you’re not all that confident, and decided to talk to you about it.

“You’re a tall guy, Tae. And I’m only 2 centimeters shorter than you.”

“I think that’s awesome!” He exclaims as he jumps onto the bed to sit next to you. “You’re so pretty, princess. Why can’t you see that?”

He leans in to kiss a tear away, and continues giving you soft kisses all over your face until you let out a watery laugh.

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You walk through your apartment door, Jungkook right behind you, and immediately yank your heels off, tossing them to the floor. Your friends had joked, yet again, about your height, and you vow to never wear heels again.

“What’s your problem?” He asks. He’s not angry, just curious at your sudden change in mood. It actually isn’t sudden, he just didn’t notice until now.

“Didn’t you hear what my friends said?”

“Yeah, so?”

“So? I’m a freaking amazon!”

He sighs and wraps his arms around you, not budging when you try to squirm away. “I like that you’re tall. Besides, I’m still a centimeter taller than you.”

*he gives you this look.

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Spasibo - Evgeni Malkin (PT Diaries, Episode 7)

Requested by anon: Could you do another part of PT diaries with Geno (bc he’s injured again which I absolutely love🙃)? Thank you so much; this is such a great series!

A/N: Hey, I’m sorry it took so long (I know that I’ve been saying I was going to post this for a week) but I’ve been crazy busy. I hope you like it.

Word count: 1090

Warnings: Mentions of blood. Fluff. 

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6

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I read the report once more, digesting the words. I have found it on my desk this morning and I feel like I have read it a thousand times. There are always a good and bad side on every story, so I guess that I should be happy that the injury isn’t as bad as it was last time but still, Geno is not going to be happy and I don’t think that I’m ready for it.

I look at the clock on my wall, eleven fifty-nine; Geno is going to walk in any second now. He always is spot on with the time, neither a second early or late. I stare at the clock’s hands, watching them move at their own path; the moment that the clock strikes noon there is a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I say loud enough for him to hear me.

Geno walks in, hobbling. He doesn’t say anything; he just walks towards my desk and sits on one of the chairs in front of it, staring at the bouquet of peonies sitting on the corner of my desk.

“Thank you for those, they are very beautiful.” I whisper, feeling unable to raise my voice. Geno shrugs, but gives me a small smile.

“Happy birthday.” He sounds tired but really serious about it, like it is a promise.

“Spasibo.*” I answer him and his smile grows a little bigger. “How do you feel?”

“It hurt.” He responds and I nod, writing a couple notes on the paper folder where the medical report is.

“Do you know how bad it is?” I know that the doctors have told him how bad his tendons are injured and that he will need surgery right after the end of the season. He is going to be playing through it the rest of the season and that makes me cringe.

“Yes. I can do it.” He says and I roll my eyes, making him frown. “I can.”

“I know you can. You would probably want to play even if you had every single bone of your body shattered.” I respond, leaning on my chair.

“I would push me with my tongue.” He says and I can’t help it but to laugh a little bit.

“Of course you would.” I get on my feet, my brand new Louboutins clicking on the tiled floor.

I have never been a girl who likes to wear heels and nice outfit to work, but my parents told me to show appreciation for every gift I am given, so I decided to wear a pair of pegged pants, a nice blouse and a cardigan with the gorgeous pair of cream heels.

“Let’s go.” I say, walking to the door and opening it. “The sooner we start the sooner you will be on the ice.”

It has been settled that Geno will play through the injury until he can get surgery, but he is missing a couple games until his knee isn’t swollen and he doesn’t hiss every time he applies the smallest amount of pressure on it.

I wait patiently for him on the door, wanting to see how he walks from a better perspective than what I had before. The hobbling is worst than I thought.

“Can I…?” Geno asks shyly and I know that he wants to know if I can help him walk, letting him lean on me.

“Of course.” I answer, wrapping my arm around his waist and letting him get his arms around my shoulders, leaning on me.

I know that man sizes are very relative on hockey, where a six feet tall man is considered small, but compared with my height and weight Geno looks like a giant and walking on heels while helping him turns out to be rather hard.

“Hold on.” I sigh, kicking my shoes off and stepping on the cold concrete floor barefoot.

I collect my shoes from the floor and we resume our route towards my ‘yellow room of pain’, as Conor Sheary named it after a particularly rough session where I worked on all the knots he had on his back and almost got him crying. We are about to get there when I feel it, a sharp pain on the sole of my right foot, making me stop on the spot. I look back and see the large piece of glass that has cut me when I stepped on it.

“Well, that’s just great.” I mutter, feeling the blood running down my feet. “Let’s go.”

“You well?” Geno asks, concern clear on his face as I pull the keys from the pocket of my pants and open the door, trying to not set my foot on the floor too much to avoid getting the hard wood floors stained.

“Yeah, don’t worry. Let me just take care of it for a second and we will be on your knee soon.” I say, helping him walk towards the stretcher.

I’m about to turn around to go get some stuff from the first aid kit when I feel Geno’s arms hook behind my knees and back and lifting me easily, setting me down on the stretcher. I’m about to complain but the look on Evgeni’s eyes cuts me off before I can even start.

“Stay.” He instructs me, walking by himself towards the cover where the first aid kit is and grabbing a few things from inside and hobbling back to where I am sitting. The cut hurts and it is bloody, but I’m sure that it isn’t as gruesome as it seems. Geno starts working on it as soon as he leaves everything on the padded surface where I’m sitting; he is delicate, cleaning all the blood and pouring some hydrogen peroxide on it to clean up the cut. I watch him work, hypnotized by the way his calloused hands are so careful and skilled over the skin of my foot and ankle. It takes him five minutes to clear, disinfect and cover the cut, putting a band-aid over it. I’m about to hop off the stretcher, but he stops me once again, gathering a pair of my working shoes from my small closet and bringing them to me.

“Thank you.” I say, taking the hands he offers me, using his help to get down and get my feet in the shoes.

“Budet delat’ eto v tysjachu raz.**” He mutters.

“What was that?” I ask, pushing him by the chest for him to sit on the spot I’ve just left.

“You are welcome.” He just says.

*.- Thank you.

**.- I’d do it a thousand times.

Auston Matthews #3 - Tall

Anon asked: since youre also a certified tall person, can you write one abt being tall (like around 6 ft)? matthews preferably. Thank you so much and i love your stuff!!!!

So I guess just a disclaimer of sorts - I do not know the heights of any of the Maple Leafs SOs, for the purpose of this story I am just imagining they are all around 5′7″ or below so there is an apparent height difference. The general plot of this imagine was taken from an personal event in which I was the only girl in a photo in the line of boys. I have gotten much more chill about my height as I have gotten older. Anon I hope you enjoy this! 

Growing up you had always been the tallest in your class, that included out of the boys. It wasn’t so much of an issue when you were in elementary school, it was actually beneficial in some aspects. You were picked first often when everyone was playing sports because your longer legs made you faster than the others. Middle school was a rough patch because that was the time when boys and girls were starting to like each other and no boy liked being the short one in the relationship. High school is when it started to even out again; boys hit their growth spurts and you were no longer the tallest. You learned to use your height to your advantage and when playing sports, it made you almost unbeatable.  

Your boyfriend Auston had three inches on you, so on a normal day all was right in the world. It wasn’t until after he was drafted and invited to yet another fancy charity gala that your insecurities made a reappearance. He needed a new suit and you needed a new dress so to make the whole shopping process more bearable you decided to go together. You tried on dress after dress and none of them sat right on your frame. Either the waist rode too high or the skirt wasn’t long enough and soon you grew frustrated.

The one you were wearing was shorter than you would have even thought to try on but Auston had picked it out so you tried it on anyway. It was supposed to hit just above your knee but instead stopped mid-thigh. There was no way you could sit in this dress without it riding all the way up your leg. You emerged from the dressing room to be met with wolf whistles from your boyfriend.

“Auston I can’t so much as turn without feeling like everything is going to be on display.”

“Well I like it,” he said a little too quickly.

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BTS Reaction To You Being Insecure

A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! The gifs aren’t mine and all credit goes to the original owners. :3 Admin Germane


Jin: “Jagiya? Why aren’t you eating? Do you not like the food?” Jin would ask as he noticed you weren’t eating the dinner he made. You would shake your head no, smiling a fake smile.

“It’s good Jin, I’m just not that hungry is all.” you lied. Jin would purse his lips at you as he stared at you.

“You said that yesterday and the day before too. Are you feeling okay?” he asked. The confusion that lined his face made you feel guilty, so you sighed guiltily.

“Jin, do you think I’m fat?” you’d ask him quietly. Jin started at you in shock as he took one of your hands in his

“No of course not jagi! Is that why you aren’t eating? You’re body is beautiful just the way it is, I promise. Now please eat for me?” he asked, gently kissing your knuckles.

Suga: “Y/N why are you wearing pants? It’s over 100 degrees outside.” Suga asked as you stepped out if the bathroom. You’d pout as you looked down at your pants.

“So? They’re cute.” you pouted, but really you were just insecure about your stretch marks on your thighs. Suga would sigh and pull you into his lap, rubbing his hands over your thighs lovingly.

“Are you wearing pants just to cover your stretch marks  Y/N?” he asked, his sad gaze breaking your heart as you nodded.

“Y/N, do you know how much I love you? I love you with every cell in my body. I love all of you, even your stretch marks that make your thighs even more beautiful and luscious to me. I love leaving hickies on those marks when you’re shaking with pleasure under me. So please don’t hide those thighs from me, because I love them just as much as I love the rest of your body.”

J-Hope: “Hey Hobi, do you think I should start wearing contacts?” you asked him one day. He’d look at you in confusion as he playfully pushed your glasses back up your nose.

“Why would you ask that Y/N? You look beautiful with glasses.” he’d ask you.

“Don’t you think they make my face look fat and squishier that it really is? Or that it makes me look dorky?” you asked, frowning slightly as you looked down to your hands.

“What? Jagi you’re glasses make you unique, not dorky. I love how they bring out your amazingly bright eyes and how they make your cheeks look super kissable.” he’d smile, making you giggle as he kissed your cheeks playfully.

“I love you just the way you are jagi, you don’t have to change one bit.”

Rap Monster: “Y/N, you’ve been staring at your hands for over 20 minutes. If you’re waiting for something to happen to them, I don’t think it’ll happen for a while.” Rap Mon would tease as he sat next you at the kitchen table.

“Can I ask you something Namjoon?”

“Ask me anything, love.”

“Do you think I have man hands?” you’d ask sadly. Namjoon would look at you in shock for a moment before smiling softly at you.

“Love, your hands are amazing. They fit perfectly into mine, see?” he pointed out as he held your hands in his own.

“Not to mention how great they feel tugging on my hair or how they leave the most beautiful marks on my back after we have sex. Your hands are the most petite and feminine hands I’ve ever held. So don’t think they aren’t perfect, okay my love?”

Jimin: “Baby! I’m home!” he’d call out to you. You wouldn’t answer, which was really odd because you’d usually run to him once he got home. He began to search the house for you and he sighed in relief when he found you in the bathroom, running your hands over your face. He’d hug you from behind as he watched you observe your face, not acknowledging his presence.

“Whatcha looking for?” he asked you.

“Nothing…just noticing all the ugly pimples I have.” you’d admit to Jimin. He’d tsk at you playfully and start peppering your face with kisses.

“What do you mean Y/N I only see beauty looking back at me, no blemishes in sight because even those are beautiful to me.”

V: “Y/N! Whatcha doing?” V asked, hopping into the bedroom with a happy smile in his face. He noticed that you were rubbing your upper lip with a certain discomfort in the mirror of your phone. V would cock his head to the side in curiosity and watch you until you spoke up.

“Taehyung, why must the gods curse me with such manliness?” you asked dramaticly, falling back against the bed. V would laugh and sit down next to you.

“What do you mean? You’re not manly at all.” he’d tease, poking your arm.

“Tell that to the moustache I’m growing.” you’d say, pouting slightly. V would laugh even harder, making you glare at him.

“Jagi, I have no earthly idea what you’re talking about. Your lips are beautiful, and trust me, there’s no moustache in sight.” V would say, pecking your lips softly. “I promise you.”

Jungkook: “Ooh! Jagi, those heels would look so good on you!” Jungkook would exclaim, handing you a pair of black Stiletto heels as the two of you were out shopping together.

“But Kookie, then I’ll be taller than you if I wear those around.” you’d say, pushing the shoes back into his arms.

“So? Who cares? I think they’d make your legs look amazing.” he’d smile, handing you back the heels. “Please try them on? Please?” he’d beg, giving you the puppy dog eyes that made you melt.

“Fine.” you’d sigh, slipping off your usual flats and trading them out for the Stilettos

“Jungkookie, you only reach my nose now. I feel like a giant.” you’d say as Jungkook beamed up at you.

“You look beautiful.” he’d say, leaning up a bit the place a kiss on your lips.

“Yeah but I’m so tall now, maybe I should just put them back…”

“No! Jagi, I don’t care if you’re taller than me. None of that matters. I love you and you love me, and that’s all I care about. Height isn’t a big deal. So what if in heels you’re taller than me? Heels show off those sexy legs of yours that I love so much. So c'mon, let’s go and buy you these shoes, okay? And I want you to wear them when we go out tonight.”

All My Idols Ch 13:Exception To The Rule

A few Months Later

“I said it before and I will say it again: No!”

“Charlie, why are you being so difficult?” GD sighs.

“Because this is a ridiculous conversation, you guys are not getting me an apartment, I am not moving, end of discussion.”

“Chaerin, please talk some sense into her!” Top pipes in this time, looking just as unnerved by this conversation as GD. I look to my favorite unni, looking confident and beautiful in only a pair of ripped jeans in a t-shirt, hoping for her to be on my side like normal. But from the apologetic look she is giving me I know I’m not that lucky today.

“Charlie-ah please listen to them, they are doing this because they want to keep you safe.”

I stand up and start pacing, completely annoyed with this whole situation. After they found out that my apartment had been broken into last week they have been on edge, worried it might be a fan that found out about me. I ignore that idea considering they took my TV and a few other nice appliances that I had left out but nothing with any information about me or even a picture. They have been insisting since last week for me to move into the same apartment building that they all moved into months ago after their break in. The building is owned by YG Ahjusshi so the security is amazing and is never a problem, something they want for me. I wouldn’t mind living there if it wasn’t so far from my work and the rent wasn’t so high.

“Unni, you can’t be serious!” I stomp my foot like a child throwing a tantrum.

“Look here little princess,” Unni snaps but her tone softens as she continues, “I understand you are a string independent girl, I love and admire you for it. But your safety is at risk and that isn’t something I’m okay with. You have every right to say no to this, but please for your own well being please move in. We will all sleep better knowing your home is a safe place for you to go.”

I let out a sigh before finally sitting down in my original spot in between Youngbae and GD on the couch. Youngbae rubs my back soothingly, knowing how much pride I have and my unwillingness to break down. I hate it when they buy things for me, food is one thing but expensive presents are something I never accept so they know not to even try. So for them offer something this big, they must really feel worried and suddenly I feel guilty for making them worry.

“Does it have to be here? This place has to be expensive.” I say giving up.

“Don’t worry about the price, YG will give you a great discount.” Seungri says beaming at me for finally caving.

“What about work? It’s so far away!”

They look at each other awkwardly as Unni just glares at them, “You haven’t asked her that either? Is that why you invited me over? I’m not going to be the one to convince her to do everything.”

“What now?”

Still glaring at them Unni says, “These idiots want you to become a stage hand, the person who wanders around and makes sure all the idols are in place to perform.”

“No, I can’t keep letting you guys do things like this for me! I don’t want to be a bother to any of you.”

“We would never consider you a bother, never.” Youngbae says seriously. “You are one of our closest friends, you do so much for us. You are one of the few people that actually gets less sleep then us and it’s because of us. We have you running all over Korea the least we could do is give you some place to rest that will be your own private place. And if that makes it harder for you to get too work we are just trying to think of a way to solve that problem.”

I sigh but lean over and give him a tight hug, “Thank you for caring so much. I’ll take the apartment, as long as it’s the smallest one they’ve got. And I may take the job after I talk to my boss.”

“Really?” Seungri hops out of his chair.

I nod and suddenly he is on me and without hesitation Youngbae tries his best to pry him off me.

“We already see her everyday, I don’t know why you are freaking out,” GD grumbles while he successfully helps Youngbae throw the youngest away.

Still smiling he says, “It will just be comforting knowing our little Charlie is only a few floors away at most.”

The others consider his words but don’t admit they feel the same. I look to my unni who is staring at the boys with a smile. “You boys are such good princes, just having our little princess near by can make everything better.”

Top scoffs, “Are you saying you feel different?”

“Nope,” She pops her lips on the p, “I’m much happier knowing she is going to be protected by her handsome princes in your guys’ giant castle. I will be with the rest of her knights guarding the outside.” She stands up, still giving me a teasing smile before kissing my head like a mother would. She waves as her heels click their way out the door, leaving me with my princes.

“So when am I going to be moving in?” I say with a yawn as I shift so my head is in GD’s lap and my legs resting on top of Youngbae’s. GD just smiles down at me affectionately and strokes my cheek, letting one of the others answer.

“As soon as possible, I’ll have Noona call a moving company,” Top responds as he pulls out his phone to text Unni.

“What is the schedule for today?” I ask, ever since my run in with Leo all those months ago my schedule was immediately changed so I would regrettably work less and only day shifts with a whiny Bailey but it is much better than seeing that ass again. At least it gives me more time to spend with my oppas now that I only work a few days a week compared to almost every night like before.

“There is another countdown,” Youngbae sighs.

“Oh my god,” I copy his sigh, “Now I see why Unni started using me as bait to make you go, those things are almost every weekend.”

“Tell us about it, we’ve been doing this for years!” Riri groans.

“We should get going though,” GD sighs but doesn’t motion to get up, he seems to focused on playing with my curls. I blink up at him, waiting for him to tell me to move but nothing comes from his mouth. It’s Youngbae who drags me down the couch off of GD’s lap on to his.

“Lead the way,” Youngbae gestures to the door. GD groans as he gets off the couch, Dae, Riri and Top all mumbling as they follow behind him. Youngbae and I are the last up and to the door. Pulling on my tan timberlands I follow the boys down the hall to the elevator.

After being to so many countdowns I have no problem as we sneak through the back door and are lead threw the now very familiar halls to their usual dressing room. Manager unni is already there waiting for us, she gives me a bright smile and a hug.

“You look really cute today!” She steps back and gives my outfit a once over, appreciating my new black ripped jeans. “I already called and made all of the arrangements, you won’t be needing to go back to your old apartment. Give me a day or two to have everything organized in your new one.” Without another word she moves on to the boys, who are giving me an apologetic look. I shrug it away, feeling a bit sad that I can’t say goodbye to my apartment but happy my new one is so close to theirs. “Lottie, I saw Ikon down the hall, they were looking for you.”

I look to my oppas to see if they are okay with it; they smile and nod, knowing they are going to be busy getting ready anyway. With their blessing I wander out of the room in search of my dongseangs. I don’t have to travel far but I don’t find Ikon, instead I smack into Hansol oppa. He realizes it’s me and scoops me up into a hug without another thought.

“Our princess!” He coos as he spins me around. I laugh, drawing in the attention of the rest of the group.

“Aigoo, what are you doing out here?” P-Goon asks with a smile as he pats my head, making me feel like a child.

“No one has snatched you up yet?” B-Joo teases.

“Nope,” I grin at them, “You are the first to find me today.”

Jenissi smirks, “Well aren’t we lucky.”

“When are you guys performing?”

“After three more groups, we would invite you to watch but…” Atom starts as he looks around for any of his members to finish for him.

Brave little Yano steps up, “But we go on after EXO.”

I nod.

My ‘fear’ of EXO has become common knowledge to every idol. Though only a few, Big bang, Ikon, and Lay, thankfully know the real reason. The only people who don’t know about my avoiding them is EXO themselves; that or they just choose to ignore it when I duck into other rooms or behind groups to hide. It has strangely become a thing for everyone to help me avoid them, making walls or distracting them for me to get away.

“We can hang out back stage for a little bit, I can sneak out before they come in,” I suggest, pulling Nakta and Hojoon down the hall with me. The boys don’t argue as we make our way through the building to the side of the stage. We talk for a little while the stage is quietly transitions for another group that is already waiting on the side lines. When the music starts up again the boys lead me forward so we can watch the performance. Seventeen is on and I begin the fan chants with the crowd. Topp Dogg just watches me laughing; Hansol even holds my hand and joins in the chant with me. When their performance is done they come off to the side of the stage. They smile big when they see me, each fighting for a hug.

“Noona,” Channie grins big at me, “Your chant was so loud you made me loss focus.”

“That’s what I’m here for. I noticed you missing a few steps,” I tease.

“You need to stop watching us so much, I don’t like that you can correct me!” He pouts cutely.

Mingyu pops up looking down at me from his massive height but still some how manages to look like a puppy, “Noona, how did I do?”

“You did great but you and Wonwoo need to calm down with the fan service, you’re children, remember that!” I glance over at the older boy who is just grinning like an idiot. “Where is my angel?” I look around the massive crowd of boys, trying to find a child of God himself.

“I’m here Noona,” His perfect voice rings out from behind me. Joshua is smiling down at me, a picture so pretty I’m surprised I don’t cry.

“Omo, you were so cute out there!” He just blushes.

“I thought I was your angel,” Junghan teases with a devilish smirk.

“You are just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

He fakes hurt giving me perfect puppy dog eyes that I’ve learned to become resistant to, making him actually frown. I’m distracted by a cute girl pulling on my arm away from the group of boys. Yeri of Red Velvet grins at me, making me giggle and hug her tightly.

“My cute little Yeri!” I coo as I hug her.

“Unni! I feel like I haven’t seen you in for ever!” She steps back still holding my hands.

Joy joins our group, giving me a big smile, “We saw Unni like a week or two ago!”

“Aigoo, does that mean you didn’t miss me?” I tease the girl.

“Of course I missed you Unni!” She gets in between the younger and I to hug me.

“Ya!” Irene calls as her and the last two complete our group. “Are you guys causing trouble for our Princess?” The oldest jokingly scolds.

“No!” The two youngest snap to attention, their eyes wide with innocence.

“Good,” She gives them a once over before looking to me with a big motherly smile, her arms open wide to hug me. “How have you been?”

“Unni, it hasn’t even been two weeks.”

“That’s not what I asked you.”

I laugh, “I’ve been good, how about you lovely ladies?”

“We’ve been pretty busy, but that’s what happens when you’re a newer group,” She sighs with a shrug.

“Sorry to ruin this fun moment but we are going to have company in a few minutes,” Seungcheol whispers in my ear. I nod in understanding and it only takes a few seconds for Red Velvet to understand as well, all of the sudden becoming look out as they scan back stage for their sunbaes. Seventeen forms a shield around me, as I wave goodbye to the other groups, escorting me back to the halls. After a few turns I giggle like a school girl at the sight of Himchan walking down the hall mindlessly. I bid a farewell to my amazing escorts to run up and jump on the older man.

Even his yelp is still a deep sound and he reflexively wraps his arms behind himself to catch me, suddenly giving me a piggyback ride. He glares at me over his shoulder for a second before realization sinks in and he grins big.

“My little princess what are you doing giving your oppa a heart attack?” He teases as he continues down the hall with me on his back.

“Sorry Oppa,” I apologize as I wrap my arms around his neck, “I saw the perfect opportunity and I had to take it.”

He chuckles as he turns into their dressing room where he is greeted by a pillow in the face. I’m not surprised to find out it was thrown by an over excited Youngjae. The younger automatically bows to apologize, but Himchan already look ready to kill him. My attention is taken by the giant that approaches me from the side; I drop to the ground to hug the massive boy.

“Oh my goodness my baby is getting so tall!” I coo as I give the tall boy a once over. He smiles down cutely at me, his adorable face giving away his age. “You look thin, have you been eating properly? Youngguk oppa! Why is my baby Zelo so thin?” I snap as I scan the room for the oldest member, who is already approaching us.

“I don’t even get a greeting first?” His deep voice rumbles with a very cute gummy smile. I sigh before giving him a tight hug and a swat on the arm once we separate.

“Why is my baby so skinny? Have you not been feeding him?” I turn to Zelo before the older can answer, “Is he not feeding you enough? I told you to call Noona if you are having any problems, are you hungry now?”

The young boy grabs my cheeks and leans down with a smile on his cute face, “Noona I am fine, thank you.” He pecks the top of my head before letting me go.

“Aigoo,” I swat at him, “I’m not a child.”

They all laugh but Daehyun speaks first, “Aw but your height begs to differ.” He pats my head.

“If you guys are going to be rude I’m going,” I puff as I turn on my heel to head toward the door. Just as I’m about to step out all of BTS comes busting in slamming the door close behind them. “What the hell?”

Jin raises his brow at me, “First off, watch the pretty little mouth of yours.” I snap my mouth close and give a small apologetic bow. “Secondly there was a change in the schedule since one of the EXO members was late. He is heading this way and we were one our way to come find you.”

“Who is it?” I ask undeniably curious, though the anxiety in my chest tells me not even to think about it.

“I think it’s Lay,” Suga answers.

As fast as the anxiety appeared it is gone replaced with butterflies, “Lay oppa?” I say happily.

“Ugh why did you tell her it was him?” Jimin whines as I push passed them to the door.

Suga shrugs, “I forget he’s the exception to her fear.” I don’t hear the rest of the conversation as I speed walk down the hall to find Lay before he finds the rest of his group. As Suga said, Lay is the exception to my ‘fear’, in fact he has kicked almost all of my other favorites in the ass to get closer to the top of my list. I love all of my oppas, unnis, and dongseangs but it would be a lie to say I don’t have favorites. Big bang are on top no without question, followed by Ikon, BTS and Seventeen, after that everyone else is pretty equal.

At the end of the hall I see Lay turning the corner to start walking towards me. His eyes lock with mine and he automatically smiles, his dimples showing strong, making me smile in return. But his smile doesn’t last long, he looks over his shoulder as Suho turns the corner. I stop in my tracks at the sight of the older man, my heart debating on whether is should stop or pound out of my chest. He looks absolutely amazing in neatly ironed slacks and a matching black button up, I mean god damn. Even though I’m comfortable with Lay, him standing there next to Suho looking just as good in about the same outfit I want jump them, there I said it.

“Charlie-ah,” Lay says as he reaches me, I am far to lost in my own slightly dirty thoughts to realize both he and Suho are now in front of me. He puts a hand on my shoulder, rubbing it soothingly.

“Charlie?” Suho repeats cutely. I’m too dumbstruck to say anything right away.

Lay looks from me to Suho debating on whether he should explain both my identity and my sudden statue like behavior, “Charlie, the princess.”

Suho’s eyes go wide and suddenly he takes a step back and bows deeply, “It’s an honor to meet you.”

“Oh no,” I say finally snapping out of my daze, “No need to be so polite, you’re older I should be the one bowing.” I match his bow.

“Both of you stop,” Lay says as he makes both of us stand up strait. Neither of us could look at each other head on, only able to do small glances, each noticing the others blush. Lay has never looked so amused in his life. “Will you both stop being so awkward?”

“Lay oppa,” I swat at him, “No need to be rude.”

“I’m not being rude little one, we are just kind of rushing so I would like to get all of the awkwardness out of the way so if you ever run into the rest of EXO while I’m not there, there will be someone else to help you out. So,” He pulls Suho and I even closer together, “be friendly.”

If only it was that easy.

“Lay, the princess obviously is uncomfortable with the idea so lets not force her,” Suho sounds upset as he tries to pull away from Lay. I feel guilty at the thought of Suho thinking I don’t like him or something, when it’s the exact opposite.

“I’m not uncomfortable with it Suho oppa,” I say shyly as I grab his arm keeping him from pulling away. He stares at me with wide eyes, an expression that makes me giggle.

“If you are sure, we can become closer,” His awkwardness is so adorable I forget I’m talking to EXO’s leader.

“I would like nothing more,” I can’t help but smile at him. Lay leans down and whispers in my ear.

“If only you could be like this with the rest of EXO, especially a certain hyung,” He leans away with a innocent smirk on his lips.

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Okay, that’s legit. I also understand not shipping something that ended badly, since clearly they’re better off without each other.


Bonquisha carrying David. Him sitting on her lap when they kiss. She calls him “string bean” and he calls her Bonbon or Bonnie. He likes winding his fingers with hers because her hands are so dark and strong compared to his. Her eyes are yellow and have long narrow pupils that make her look like a cat and when she looks at him a particular way he feels like the fluffiest most vulnerable bunny and it kinda thrills him. Him playing with her hair and her combing through his floof. Him wearing her inappropriately-phrased tank tops as giant pajama shirts (stolen from @ciphernetics​). Her teasing him about not being a “conquistador” and he tries to be all macho and it’s both hilarious and adorable. Him being just head-over-heels in love with her dog. Also I just cannot get over the fact that she can carry him like he’s a sack of flour and this is very very good.


Outburn Magazine: November-December 2017 Issue: Interview With Maria Brink

By Nick DeMarino | Photos by Jeremy Saffer

In This Moment has been on a hot streak. Garnering more and more attention for the band’s infectious blend of alternative rock, metal and industrial, and with increasingly provocative, ostentatious live performances, frontwoman Maria Brink can apparently do no wrong. 2014’s Black Widow featured two of In This Moment’s biggest hits so far, “Sex Metal Barbie” and “Big Bad Wolf,” both of which helped to propel the band to a new echelon. Then, in July of 2017, In This Moment unveiled its sixth full-length, Ritual. The suddenly serious tone of the album was a gambit, but one that is paying off in spades. Without relying on campy characters or amusing gimmicks, Brink’s indomitable, sultry voice leads the listener across a broad variety of emotional and empowering vistas. The instrumental side of In This Moment has always been noteworthy, but now it is more pertinent than ever. And, rising to the occasion, Brink delivers her most earnest and nuanced performance to date. Founding vocalist and high priestess Maria Brink discusses the context, content and concept of Ritual.

What do you think of the reception of Ritual thus far?

It’s fantastic. I’m really happy with some of the feedback. I think people are getting it and really understanding it. We intended this album to be different. What most people are saying is good. If they weren’t grasping it, I imagine there would be a lot of horrible reviews. I wanted this album to be a bit more raw and stripped down. There’s an honesty to it. I’m known for doing campy, funny things like “Sex Metal Barbie” and “Big Bad Wolf,” with these characters and a fun theatrical show that’s got a lot in common with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie. But on this album, I wanted to strip away the fun stuff and have it be more serious. That’s who I am and kind of album I want to do.

Why the shift in direction, considering how successful the band has become since 2012’s Blood, when the theatrics really came to the forefront?

Oh, the theatrics are still in there and a big part of our live show. The changes are more in the tone on Ritual. I think you change, and you need to reflect that change in your art. I felt what I was feeling, and I wanted to express that. I didn’t want to create campy characters. I wanted a more organic me. I wanted to sing about what I was feeling. It makes for a more honest album, and I really just went with it. For each album, I make a storyboard. It helps me and everyone else visualize what’s going on. It’s almost like a project when you’re in school or something, with photos and visuals for different songs and where I wanted it to go. There were pictures of woods and swamps. So, I showed that to my lead guitar player, Chris [Howorth], and producer, Kevin [Churko], and then went from there.

Ritual is darker and more serious for In This Moment. There’s also a lot less sexuality. Do you agree with that assessment, and was it intentional?

It was a conscious choice. I have so much in my heart and in my chest, this fire inside of me that I don’t want to contain. I think you can hear that on Ritual. It’s more organic and stripped down. There aren’t as many electronics. I mean, we did use them, but not as much as before and not so much with those character songs. More and more, I wanted to sing as myself, I wanted to show my powerful side, that fire in my chest. I’ve always wanted to show that without having to use my sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very connected with with my sexuality, but I didn’t think I should use that this time. I have a lot of fans that are young girls, who come to our shows, and some of them dress like me. We encourage outfits. It’s our whole fans becoming the show thing. Anyway, I noticed all these young teens wearing my crazy, very adult outfits that a 12 or 13-year-old should not be wearing, and that bothered me. There’s a girl wearing my Whore hat, and she’s smiling at me and she wants me to feel proud of her. She’s trying to be herself, and, well, I wanted to show these young girls that there’s a powerful side in me and in them, that they don’t have to be half-naked to see that in each other and in themselves or to express themselves. It was also an organic choice for me. I’m barefoot on stage a lot now. I still put on high heels for the older songs, because I like to bring the music videos to life. But, for a lot of the newer songs, I’m wearing giant, long, flowing kimonos. That powerful side, it’s more about the inside, and I wanted to express that externally.

It’s interesting that change was catalyzed by the fans, especially because of how much flak you’ve gotten for your look in the past.

What people have said? I don’t care about that, not at all. The more people that are talking, the more successful the art is getting. Everyone has their own point of view, and not everyone is going to understand what we do. And, hey, some people are going to hate it. You can’t have everyone in the whole world loving what you do. We push a little, do controversial things, and some of our stuff is R-rated. But that’s being an artist and being true to your art. That’s true whether you’re a painter, movie maker, writer or dancer. You have to do what’s real to you. No great art comes from sitting and saying we have to do this or that because of these people. You have to be free.

How has your approach to vocals changed across the last few In This Moment albums? How do you feel when you listen back to your earliest work?

Nothing was particularly difficult this time around for Ritual. We wanted to try a few different things, and I wanted to show a few different sides to my voice. I think if you back across our body of work, you can see a girl who’s just angry and screaming and doesn’t know what she’s doing, and she grows and matures into a woman. Of course, when I look back at things, I would do them differently now, but I wouldn’t change anything that I’ve done. In another five years, I’ll probably think the same thing about my performance on Ritual. You just have to push yourself every time.

Let’s go through Ritual track by track. What’s the idea behind the opener “Salvation”?

It’s the introduction track, and it’s really about setting a tone and all of us creating this vibe for the album. It’s also important, for me, because I love and get very excited about these atmospheric things. It’s not even necessarily a song. It’s just this body of music, this intro to create emotions in people through sound. It’s setting up the album to start.

The first actual song and single is next, “Oh Lord”. How did you come up with it?

I started hearing a little bit of a melody and the stomps in a very delirious state. I’d just gotten back flying from Japan. I was in a layover at a hotel, and I still had one more flight to even get home. So, I was definitely delirious, and this kept popping into my head - these melodies over this stomping noise. The meaning behind that is kind of a surrendering. In one sense, it was this balance for me between Christianity and… I don’t think I’m a very religious person in the sense that I don’t follow any one specific religion. I believe in a higher light, I believe in God, I believe in science, I believe in Jesus, I believe in Mother Earth and quantum physics, so I have a very overall wide spectrum. I think it’s all connected and it’s all one. I used to always think that with this Lord that I couldn’t believe in these other sides of myself because I was sinning or I was wrong or I was going to burn in hell. I had a mother who believed in Christ, and I felt that magic in me, but she also believed in other things. She would lay me in the woods on the ground and tell me I needed to ground myself when I feel stressed. She would do these little magical rituals, and she told me we were manifesting things. We’ve come to learn there’s love and there’s light in all kinds of different places that I didn’t always know. We just believe that things, as long as they represent love, good energy and empowerment, that there are all kinds of ways to feel love and connected to the universe and to yourself. I don’t think I’m going to burn for that, but that was my struggle. This song is going back and forth questioning myself, when I started to feel these different avenues of empowerment, love and strength within myself, and realizing that I was all different types of different magical parts that make myself up. It didn’t have to just be this one avenue. For me, it was about letting go of fears of what I’m supposed to be or who I’m supposed to be in the eyes of a spiritual world, just surrendering to being who I am. That it’s perfect on this path I take and in what I believe in, and that I don’t have to be afraid.

What about the song “Black Wedding”?

I love “Black Wedding”. It’s one of the more fun, lighthearted, crazy songs on the album. The concept was me in a place of confliction, turning to this oracle to guide me, and where do I turn, what do I do from here? And that this higher power is putting me into a ceremony with myself to empower myself. “Black Wedding” is about taking these dark things I’d experienced and turning that experience into this empowering ceremony where the black wedding is this empowerment of this strong strength in me, this independence in myself. It’s this beautiful black wedding. It’s that strength in the face of loss or heartbreak, or thinking something isn’t going to unfold the way you think. It’s not this happy white wedding. There’s a strength in not getting that happy ending, that fairy tale ending. Instead of letting it break me or me lose myself, to take that experience and grow from it and empower myself from it. We have Rob Halford in this song, which was an honor. We shot a music video for it, and it was really paying a lot of tribute to him. He’s such an amazing guy. When he came to the shoot, he was just humble and sweet. We were so grateful to have him there with us. He had come to a show of ours, we met him, and we became acquaintances, we became friends and have grown a little relationship. So, when we’re doing this album and this song, the lyrics weren’t originally, “Priest, are you there?” but I kept being drawn to this “Priest, are you there?” and kept envisioning this visual. I wasn’t going to have a guest singer on this album, but every time I kept thinking of “Priest” and kept thinking of Rob, it all matched up. I mentioned it to him, and he immediately responded with interest and seemed passionate about being a part of it.

And the Billy Idol reference?

We knew that was going to be in there pretty much off the bat. It’s giving him a little tribute, as well - “It’s a nice day for a white wedding.” He gets publishing from it because it is referencing it and obviously there. We wanted it to be obvious and have that cool spin off of “White Wedding” and do the contrary of that. So, it’s paying tribute to Billy Idol. When I was young, that song was the rebellion song, the rebellion attitude, and I think there’s a little bit of a spin off in this song, as well, that makes you feel some of those feelings.

Next on Ritual is the Phil Collins song “In The Air Tonight”. Why that cover?

It’s one of my all-time favorite songs. It’s so special. It has this haunting feeling and undeniable, timeless beauty to it. It’s a beautiful song, and I’ve always wanted to cover it. It’s always intimidating to cover a song, and with the best songs in the world - and, to me, it’s one of the best songs in the world - it’s perfect, so you can’t make it better. You have to try to do your own version, your own spin, your own take, and that’s how we approached this. Like the drum fill, you can’t make it better, so you do your own expression of it. When we looked at it with that type of attitude, it wasn’t quite as intimidating, and we said, “Let’s do this.” There’s something about that song that has this slither to it. I wanted this slithering energy to be across the entire album. If you actually listen closely, you’ll hear slithering snakes and rattlesnakes throughout the album in different parts that bring it together. But this song had this slither to it that I just loved. We did our own approach, and it fit the energy of the album.

“Joan of Arc” draws on the story of the historical figure, correct?

She has always fascinated me, the story of this young girl who leads this army and was touched spiritually, and how everyone envied her, followed her, and then wound up turning on her and murdering her. The story really caught me and stuck with me. I just wanted to do a metaphorical spin off of her and what she means to me. She’s strong and was a leader. Sometimes when you want to channel strong parts in yourself, there are certain things you can think of and certain people, and she’s someone I would think of. We’re all drawn to different stories for whatever reasons, but that’s what that metaphor is and that’s what that song comes from.

After that is “River of Fire”. What’s the story there?

We love this song. We’re playing it live, and it’s actually one of my favorite songs to play. It’s about, you’re walking outside into the woods by yourself and there’s a storm coming in. It was just me going through this transition in my life where I was really learning how to face things for the first time and to be really happy and comfortable alone. I used to need people around me a lot more, and I always had to be with someone to feel a sense of safety or a sense of wholeness. This song was about facing the fears of why I had to feel that and learning the beauty of being alone, facing things, and going through that storm. It’s liberating. So, that’s where I’m referencing that I’m in the woods, the storm is coming, I walk outside, and I want the storm to strike me with its lightning, I want the hurricane to rush over me, and I want to become the storm and experience it and grow. It’s about this journey that I went on and that baptized me in a river of fire. I’m a fiery woman. I always have been, and I think I will always be. I’m Cuban and Italian, and I’m from New York. I’m always about calming my fire.

The next song on Ritual is “Witching Hour”.

I’ve always had a fascination since I was a little girl with witches, the Salem trials, and even cartoons with them. When I was a little girl, I had little witch dolls. I was obsessed. Then there was a fascinating thing in my life. I’ll go to psychics - not a lot, I’ve only done it like five times in my whole life. I don’t actually go to an oracle or psychic very often, but I had two different ones tell me that I was burned in a past life for witchcraft, and it was mind-boggling to me. It was on different sides of the country, it was before my career, so it wasn’t like these people had anything to reference. It was bizarre. They said that’s why I’m a fire sign and have fire in my eyes. That’s my obsession with fire, so it was very peculiar. This song is talking about that experience and what I’ve come to learn, what I thought a witch was as a little girl and what I think now. I believe we do have this higher, more powerful thing in us that we really can manifest things with, and I believe we’re powerful beings. Some people really choose to tap into it and some people don’t. I think it’s a beautiful thing, actually.

The eighth song has a fire reference, “Twin Flames”.

“Twin Flames” is about losing a love. I’m definitely this woman who is always talking about empowerment and being strong, and I hold my head high and I turn all the pain into strength. That’s how I choose to live my life, but I do feel pain and I do hurt. I’ve experienced heartbreak, and I think we all know what that is and what that feels like. Real heartbreak, it’s close to mourning a death. It’s very painful. That song I wrote when experiencing some heartbreak, and it’s talking about how that relationship with these two flames, these twin flames. That’s how I metaphorically reference it.

After that is “Half God Half Devil”.

That’s the balance we all have. I think we all have this light and this dark. We all have our beautiful sides, our compassionate sides, and our loving sides. And we all have that other darker side, that fighter, that thing when you have to protect your children and do what you have to do. People have to do all kinds of unspeakable things in life they don’t want to do. I think we all have those two sides of us, and it’s a matter of what side we feed and what side we choose to live our lives by. Also recognizing that sometimes the darkness can be quite beautiful. It’s in the darkness that the beautiful moon glows, and it has to be dark in order for us to see the shine of the moon and the illumination. It’s also where you can go into the shadows and reflect to find yourself in the silence. It’s learning the beautiful that you are half, that you have different sides, and that’s okay, that’s beautiful. I’m strong, and I’m also angelic, kind and soft, but I also have fire and wrath.

What is “No Me Importa” about?

It’s about how it doesn’t matter who is judging you, who is observing you, who is diagnosing you. It’s just letting go of the strength that we give other people over us, and we chose to give that strength to other people, because other people can’t control the way that we feel. It’s up to us to either let other people’s actions control us or not control us. This is just me surrendering to that. I’m letting go of the power I let other people have over me.I have to free myself from this. I think we make ourselves sick when we try to fulfill everyone’s expectations. Because every different person has a different expectation, and everybody has an idea of who we should be and what’s right and wrong in life and what’s good and bad. We just have to live by our own experience.

Next is the heavy hitter “Roots”.

It’s the “Maria, thank you for your hate” that I’ve done in different forms in the past. I think that we all have to experience life in different ways. I’m just somebody who is bad things happen in my life or painful things or traumatic things that have hurt really deeply, I used to suffer from it and I used to just sit with it. I’ve learned how to take that and turn it into this way to liberate myself and to be really grateful for experiences even when they hurt, because I understand that I’m becoming a more experienced human being. I can empathize with different things because I’ve experienced them. I can relate to people who are going through stuff that I’ve had to experience, that I hurt, that I healed, and now I can share that with them, and they’re hurting, then they heal, and then they share that. I get strength from other people. It’s the things that have me, like my father leaving or abandonment issues that I had, or when people are trying to flush their hate toward me, learning to take that and say, “Thank you for this, thank you for making me a more rounded human being, a stronger person.” It makes me have a stronger foundation for who I am and what I am. The people that I know are my real tight people, we’re stuck together by our roots. We are unbreakable into the ground. The roots grow together. They’re ever-changing and growing into each other, and you can’t break that. That’s what I’m referring to when I say, “My roots run deep into the hollow.”

The final song on Ritual is Lay Your Gun Down. How literal is that?

It has multiple meanings to me. That happens, you write things and they invoke different things and emotions. The real message to it is trying to find a sense of peace between turmoil, finding love in the hate, finding peace in the anarchy, surrendering and choosing to say, “Let’s stop killing each other. Let’s stop killing ourselves. Let’s stop, and let’s try to find a loving, peaceful resolution.” Love, to me, is the answer. I’m one of those hippies. There’s a lot of hate, and there’s a lot of war. There’s a lot of fighting going on, and there’s people who are killing themselves. Couples that are killing each other, and countries that are killing each other. It’s me just wanting to look at each other as human beings and trying to find some sort of peace between each other, to find some sort of love. And not I blame you for what you did, and I blame myself because of what I did. That’s what I’m referencing when I say, “I pulled the trigger,” and what did I do to crate this situation and what did they do to create this situation, whether or not it’s love. At the end of the day, stop with the fighting, the turmoil, the back and forth, and the fears, and find some sort of peace amongst the madness.

What does the album title Ritual refer to? Were there any ideas discussed?

We did have multiple names going back and forth. I don’t want to give them away because I might use another name that almost was the name of the album in the future, but Ritual stuck for where we are right ow. I’m really going through this independence in my life and going alone, by myself, into this unknown place. I’m a very ritualistic person. I’m a very ceremonial person. I guess, you could say to a fault. It’s very hard for me to do just normal everyday things that people do. I do things in a very ceremonial way because it keeps me centered, it keeps me focused, and it keeps me in control of my own life. I have a lot of madness and a lot of anxieties. If I don’t live my life a certain way, I can get filled with anxieties, fears, and these emotions, and all these things take my life over. When I live my life in this peaceful ritualistic way, I have these little things that I burn, and I use crystals. I have these little ceremonies that I do. They keep me connected and they keep me peaceful. I can let my fire out in a controlled way when I choose, instead of it just come out whenever it feels like and I have no control. The whole way the album was feeling, it was just perfect.

How did you choose the artwork for Ritual?

I kept seeing these different visuals. I lay things out just like I do for the album, and I creatively come up with concepts for the covers and the videos. Chris, Kevin, and the boys in the band, they trust me to do the vision. They still give me insight and they have great ideas, but if I get these things in my head, they want me to show them so they can see what page I’m on. So, I lay it all out, and we all work together to come up with the best way. I just saw it in my head, and we planned it all out where I would be floating in the in-between. I wanted it to feel like I’m being lifted up into this light in the artwork, that I was floating in this beautiful place. It’s crazy, because some people think it’s scary, but to me it looks euphoric and beautiful. It’s just a matter of perception and how you choose to view it.

The focus of In This Moment is always on you, and female fronted metal usually comes to mind. Does that term have a place in music in 2017?

I don’t even look at the female fronted thing as meaning anything. I think being a female singer in a rock/metal band is empowering and strong, and I don’t think it ever holds me back. I don’t worry how other people perceive me or how I’m supposed to be. You just have to let go of all of that. To me, it’s just fake. Just be you, whether you’re a man or a woman, and express yourself in your art and how you choose to. I think there have been powerful women in rock bands all the way back to Janis Joplin and Tina Turner. It’s been going on for a long time.

How has your relationship with the rest of the guys in the band changed over the years, especially with Chris Howorth, as he’s been there since the beginning?

They’re my brothers. We travel the world together, and we live our dreams together. I love them all. Obviously, I’ve been with Chris the longest. He’s like my brother, literally, and he’s one of my best friends in the whole world. He’s been with me through thick and thin, but I’ve always been with my other guys, Randy [Weitzel, rhythm guitar] and Travis [Johnson, bass] for a while. Kent [Diimmel, drums] is on the newer side, but so professional, so great. Not only are they innovative guys, they’re all the most amazing musicians. I’m lucky to have my crew, too, I’ve gotta say. We have this crew that works so hard, cares so much about our vision, and pays such attention to little details, because I’m very passionate about the live show.

What are your goals right now for In This Moment and yourself?

Just to keep evolving, to keep growing as an artist. I love doing the music, and eventually I’ll do a side project to get out a lot more of the artistic, trippy side of myself that doesn’t always fully fit into In This Moment. That’s something I’ll definitely be pursuing between In This Moment albums. Also, I’m thinking about acting, and maybe getting into film in some way, getting on the other side of the camera. I am passionate about certain directing things, and I’m also passionate about acting, too, so I just have to pick what my next goal in entertainment is if I want to add anything to the music. Personally,I just want to keep growing spiritually, love my family, and try live life happy and have new experiences as much as I can. And just grow and evolve as a being.

Loki x Tall! Reader

(I am a girl that stands at 5'9, 5'10 that also enjoys wearing heels but people tell me I shouldn’t wear them because I’m already tall enough and I feel tall girls need more love.)

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Y/n L/n looked in the mirror at her outfit, sighing in discontent. Y/n was contemplating telling Tony she couldn’t go to the party perhaps by faking ill when a knock sounded at her bedroom door. “Who is it?” A voice as slick as silk answered: “It is Loki.” Y/ns heart gave a involuntary jump at the thought of him. Loki and Y/n have became close while sharing a floor together though she supposes that any two people living together for a period of time would become close. She opened the door, letting Loki come in. He was dressed in a casual yet breathtaking black suit with a emerald undershirt and a gold tie. In terms of Loki this was understated but it still made Y/ns heart race. His eyes coolly scanned the room before landing on Y/n. His eyes widened at the goregous y/f/c dress that made Y/ns natural beauty shine like an angels, but she wasn’t wearing any shoes. He quickly found the heels tossed haphazardly beside the mirror. “Why aren’t you wearing your heels darling?” Y/n looked down ashamed. “I feel like a giant and people will judge my height.” Loki felt an enraged flush come onto his face at how ashamed this beautiful woman seems to be of herself. Quickly he summoned the heels toward him and began putting them on Y/ns feet. A crimson streak appeared on her face. “What are you doing?” Loki having finished putting her heels on rose up and held her face in his hands, firmly yet gentle. “My dear you are the most radiant and strong person I have ever met on Midguard and your height lets the entire world marvel in your greatness.” With that he kissed her, a kiss filled with passion and pure love. Y/n returned the kiss. They soon broke apart, panting lightly. Loki bowed and offered his new beloved his arm. Y/n giggled and curtsied, taking his arm then the two lovebirds headed confidently to Tonys party.

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beginning of season 6 drabble thing


Mulder lodged yet another no. 2 pencil into the ceiling with a swift flick of the wrist. He eyed it with a focused squint. The circle he’d been trying to shape in the ceiling with pencils was now broken by just by an inch. A frustrated groan bubbled in his throat.

Scully’s gaze slowly teetered up from the stack of papers balanced on her lap, to partner who lounged leisurely in the corner of the room. His chair tipped upwards and glaring at the ceiling, he looked as if he might tip completely backward. She raised an eyebrow at his questionable posture.

“Working hard, huh?”

He fell forward in his chair at the sudden ring of her voice, and his eyes landed on her. A faint blush tinted his cheeks. She couldn’t tell if the fall was intentional or not, and stifled her laugh.

“Yes, actually,” He replied, indicating the pencils above his head with an upward jab from his left index finger. He sighed again and regained his composure. “If Kersh wants us doing paperwork, fine. But I get to decide when I actually do it. And now I’m ready. I’ve already screwed up my pencil circle, just like I knew I would.”

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I Know the Feeling

This is the first one and it may not be great, but remember I tried. This is going to be about two siblings who are demigods like Loki and Thor. The two sibling are like Thor and Loki like how Odin didn’t treat Loki like a son. I don’t own any of this except the idea of the story

        (Br/N)=Brother’s Name, (F/D)=Favorite Dress, (Y/N)=Your Name, and (L/N)=Last Name

        Your POV

I stand by the wall at Tony Stark’s or Iron man Party in (F/D), watching my brother get along with everyone and laughing with The Mighty Thor, a friend of his. I didn’t feel like I should have been there due to the fact that my mother sent us here to “socialize” with the people on earth, but really to try to impress Odin through his sons. I sighed and wanted to leave this party to go back to my books, but I couldn’t leave my brother here. I walked pass all the people and went out to the balcony to look over the night view of New York.

        Loki’s POV

        I stand against the wall with women coming up to me , asking me if we could blow this joint and go off somewhere more private as I just rejected them. I then heard my brother call me over and I rolled my eyes while walking over to him along with a familiar face.

        “Loki, you remember (Br/N),” Thor said with a smile “ He is here to spend some time here on Midgard.”

        “Loki, you have grown and I see you have been happy here.” (Br/N) smiled

        “Down here is better than being stuck in a cell,” I said as looking down at my glass of wine. “How have things been up at your home planet?”

        “Well…..,”(Br/N) face dropped to a depressed face and sighed “It has been complicated for my family.”

        “How commplicated?” Thor asked with him and I showing a concerned look mixed with confusion

        “ My father has been dealing with many problems of the kingdom and lost his brother in battle recently while I am learning how to rule the kingdom and keep order like a strong leader. My mother is well, she has been hosting many parties, and helping my father deal with kingdom. My sister has been doing dealing with a lot of stuff, but she is one of my father’s top warriors and a very skilled woman. She has been dealing with my mother….”

        Your POV

          I’ve been standing there outside for a while, but hey no one noticed so it gave me sometime to think. Too many thoughts and the words of my mother yelling in my head

        Why can’t you be like your brother!  You must act like a lady wherever you go! How can I call you my daughter when you don’t even act or look like me! You can not fight, you are to weak leave it to the men! No man will ever love a woman who doesn’t have any social skills or one who acts like you!

        With all of those repeating in my mind, but one stood out like a light in the dark

          You are nothing, but a monster with no heart!

        A few tears fell as I whipped them away, Human think demigods, goddesses, or gods have no feeling of how it is to be human or that they have a wonderful life. they were very wrong…..We feel like they do,but we deal with the guilt on our shoulder longer than them. My thoughts were interrupted by a voice.

        “You haven’t changed, you’re still that beautiful girl I know.” the voice said to me smooth as silk and in such a familiar voice.

        “You are still the same person I cared about, Loki.” I replied smile with blushing cheeks and turned around to see that the shy boy I knew grew up to be a tall, intelligent, and caring man.

We talked for a while laughing like the old days and I remember how I felt about him all those years ago we ran and read together.

        “I see you are having trouble with your mother,"He brought up with a serious tone "Mind telling me?" 

        My smile dropped as I stared out to the city, but Loki’s gaze burned into the back of my head.

        "I know (Br/N) told you what he knew, but you must be curious to find out more.” I said

        “More of concerned."he answered

        "My mother wanted another son so then he could be like my brother, but she got me and her plans changed. She wanted me to be like my brother, but ladylike and to be her clone. I don’t even look like her or act like her, whatever I did she never liked or approved it. She never wanted me, I know that and have cried over it, but I am still a nobody,” I answered him with tears in my eyes

        “You’re not a nobody,” Loki said “you are a strong, caring, intelligent, and very beautiful woman.”

            I turned and looked to see to in his eyes that he wasn’t telling lies.

        “You are a woman that any man would be lucky to have, you make people proud, and you know how keep fighting even through the pain. Your mother is wrong that no man would love you and it is impossible to be someone else when they know the real you is trapped or hurt by their hatred. You must stand to be the true you even when others disapprove. Someone told me that even if I didn’t get the life I wanted that it doesn’t mean I can’t create a life for myself and be who I am to find happiness.”

        Surprised? I was by this outbreak from Loki, with tears in his eyes and did he mean what he said?

        I walked over to him and wiped the tears with a small smile as he turned into a frost giant.

        “If your mother said that you have no heart, how do you make a monster fall head over heels for you.”

          I blushed as he took my chin between this thumb and index finger, then brushed his lips on to mine. We stayed like that for a while and pulled away with blushing faces.

        “I know that feeling like a monster or nobody, but know that people love us for who we are.”

The thing I love most about nessie is that there are like… so many fun and beautiful dynamics to work with for writers.

There’s sweet, innocent, mentoring nessie, where teenage Niall is all by himself in the big bad city and just feels a little safer going out for a pint with his gentle giant of a friend by his side. Knows he can call Bressie when he needs advice about music, dealing with media, life in general.

There’s head-over-heels for each other, sexually frustrated nessie, where 21-year-old pop star Niall is bouncing around in skin-tight jeans and shirts that show off soft wisps of chest hair, his maturing jawline and hint of stubble driving Bressie absolutely mad. Alone times few and far between, but when it’s just the two of them they savor every flavor of it, loving how big and strong and dominant Bressie looks with Niall’s lean, lithe body straddling his hips, drinking each other in with every desperate kiss.

Then there’s full-on grown-up nessie. Where Bressie can hardly believe that the brown-haired, broad-shouldered, scruff-covered man on that stage is the same little kid who would ring him up with questions about barre chords and automatic payments and how to calm yourself down after a panic attack. He’s grown, takes care of himself and never ceases to amaze with his talent and kindness and maturity, and while Bressie’s fingers sometimes ache for the touch of the soft, youthful skin of 21-year-old Niall, he’s falling in love all over again when 23-year-old Niall wraps his hands around Bressie’s cheeks, pulls him in for a kiss with a humorous kind of authority. A private joke between the two of them, because they know how far they’ve both come, and how deeply they love each other in every way, in every form, timeless and limitless.

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How did Kook and Tae meet?

Jungkook: I was that cliché popular guy every boy hates but secretly wanted to be, and every girl loved. Hence why I only dated females. Because my male friends did that. And I never questioned my sexuality. 

Life was boring. The only thing that made me happy was dancing. My best friend Yugyeom and I spent hours in this gym hall dancing our souls out. One day, Hoseok heard about us and asked us to join his dance team. I was a bit uncomfortable after he told us that they perfom at bars and clubs to cheer on the crowd but I could do what I loved: Dancing. 

But I continued because I loved the attention and the feeling we created. Everyone was watching us from night to night and I swear to god I never got so many love letters in my life as when I started to perfom live. I also find a lot of underwear on the stage now and then… But then everything changed. 

Taehyung is a bad guy. That´s what I heard. I´ve never seen him in real life and until this day I also never wanted to. He was in a drug selling group, hyper addicted to everything they sell which made me confused and he appeared to be the king of assholes. But when I saw him… everything stood still. It was like everything slowed down, everything dissapeared except me and this gorgeous looking man with those giant eyes, this beautifull tan skin, this winner smile and this gorgeous appearance. I was instantly head over heels couldn´t get my eyes off of him, amazed by his excistence. The more I stared at him, the more I was confused by all the feelings that flooded my body. My mind was clouded. My body craving for the man standing there, gaving me a boner just from breathing. 

I was addicted the second I saw him. And I fell into an obsession that apparently seems to be super unhealthy. And the more I wanted him, the more I was confused. At one point I started to stop caring. I stopped caring about my alarm bells inside my mind, telling me that I´m stupid. Because all I could think about was Taehyung. Every thought that had nothing to do with this man was thrown out.  

I´m living for the attention I get from him. He is the one that feels the emptiness inside my heart. He makes me feel alive. 

I know it sounds unhealthy. But I can´t help it. I love him…

Left Behind// Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Part 3)

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Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Bambam finds someone who he likes , but to be with her he has to leave you behind.

Author’s Note: This is based off of a dream that I had recently. This is the third and final part of the mini series, the other two parts can be found below! Enjoy ~

xoxo Sara

Part 1|| Part 2 || Part 3

“What do you mean, ‘You can’t find Bambam’? He’s tall and with the heeled boots he wears he’s a giant, how can you not find him?” You looked at Yugyeom, feeling a pit of worry form in your stomach as you thought of Bambam actually being missing, and not just hiding waiting to scare you like he would usually do when someone would say something like this. Of course, you aren’t really friends anymore, but you still care deeply for Bambam.

“He’s gone. After your fight a couple of weeks ago, he never really slept at the dorm anymore. He’d come to practices, but leave right after to go hang out with Sungje. Yesterday, he finally came home and he was really clingy with all of us, and we were all very confused. And then today, we saw him walk out the door, assuming he was going to meet us at practice, but practice has been over for three hours and he still hasn’t shown. He isn’t answering my texts and i’m worried, (Y/N).” Yugyeom looked at you desperately, going over to you and taking your hand in his. Though he was initially mad at Bambam for being so horrible to you, Bambam is Yugyeom’s best friend, and the bond that they share made Yugyeom feel safe and comfortable. For him to just disappear like this really hurt Yugyeom, and you could tell that it was hurting him by the way he spoke. “I almost lost you. I can’t lose him too.”

“Yugyeom-oppa,” you said softly, reaching up and grabbing him by his neck to pull him down for a hug, his arms wrapping around your waist as you stood on your tippy toes, “You didn’t lose me.”

“Then, why have you been ignoring me and Mark-Hyung? He’s been super upset about it,” Yugyeom asked you as he pulled away slightly, steading you on your feet so you wouldn’t fall.

“I just needed time,” You explained, “Now, take me to the boys.”

Though practice had been over for three hours, the boys still huddled in their practice room, thinking that maybe Bambam had gotten the times mixed and hoped he’d show. Yugyeom entered slowly, pulling you behind him by your hand, “I have (Y/N),”

“(Y/N),” Mark sighed in rellief, running over to you and hugging you as tightly as he possibly could, “I have missed you so much.”

“So have we,” Youngjae whined, walking over to you with the rest of the boys as they each took turns hugging you. “Why have you been ignoring us?”

“It’s not like I wanted to,” you sighed as you hugged Jackson, his hold on you very tight and protective. Jackson had always thought of you as his little sister, and when you stopped showing up and hanging out with them around the dorm, like Mark and Yugyeom, he began to worry. Now that you’re in his arms, he feels that you’re safe and he doesn’t want to let you go.

“I just needed time, that’s all.”

“Why did you need time?” Jackson asked, slowly letting go of your waist as Jinyoung wrapped his arms around you, “It’s not like we were the one’s that made you upset.”

“I know, I know,” You sighed softly, “And I’m sorry for that. It’s just that you all remind me of him. And I just couldn’t deal with it, I guess. It was like going through a bad break-up,” You said softly. Just as you said that, a switch in everyone’s minds clicked almost simultaneously.

“Did she break up with him?” Jaebum asked, everyone’s head turning to Yugyeom as he would be the only one to know the answer.

“I have no idea!” Yugyeom said, holding his hands up in defense, “Maybe that’s why he was so clingy last night?”

“Do you know where she lives?” you asked the boys, all of them shrugging as you felt fear pain your stomach yet again. 

“I knew she’d hurt him, I knew it,” you groaned, storming out of the practice room as the boys followed, “But no one ever listens to (Y/N). Especially not his dumb, love-sick, ass,” you vented, making Jinyoung and Youngjae chuckle at your sudden out-burst.

“Is there anywhere that he goes when he needs space?” Jaebum asked as you all piled down the stairs, heading for the entrance of the building to try and back-track any steps he could have taken that day.

“I don’t think so,” Yugyeom began, “and he would tell me, wouldn’t he? I’m his best friend.”

“No,” you sighed, rubbing your eyes with your palms, “but he would tell me.”

“You know where he is?” Mark tugged on your shoulder softly, turning you as he placed both hands on your shoulders. “Think, (Y/N). Think.”

“I’m trying!” you groaned, pushing Marks hands off of your shoulders as you traced through your mind, trying to pull up all of the memories you attempted to forget of Bambam.

“He likes parks,” Jinyoung said, “Maybe he’s at a park?”

“No, no,” You said softly, running your hands through your hair, “when he’s sad, he tries everything to not be sad. Being at a park alone would make him feel really sad.”

“What about an amusement park?” Jackson chimed in, “there’s one down the road from our studio. Maybe he’s there?”

“No, that’s too much for him to handle,” you stated. You looked up at the sky, as if asking anyone up there for some sort of sign. Looking down again, you saw a little girl walking with her mom, holding what seemed to be a teddy bear that was twice her size.

And then, it clicked.

“I know where he is,” you stated, turning to the boys, “And I know you won’t want me to, but I have to go alone, okay? This place is really sacred to him. Though it’s really childish, it’s precious to him. Just trust me this time okay?”

No,” Mark said sternly, “there’s no way i’m letting you go alone. Haven’t you lea-“

“Mark-oppa,” you said softly, placing your hands on his chest, “right now, he’s really vulnerable. If Sungje broke his heart, he won’t be able to control his tears, and I know he wouldn’t want you to see him cry.”

“(Y/N)’s right, hyung,”  Yugyeom sighed, “if there was any face he would want to see now, it would be hers. Maybe he’ll even apologize for being such a jerk.”

“I doubt it,” you chuckled, “but I’ll get him to talk to me at least. That’s a start, isn’t it?”

You traveled alone down the streets of Seoul, until you came up to a section that had seemed completely abandoned. You knew it wasn’t, though, because there was still one thing here, and you knew that’s where Bambam would be. And as you came close to the doors of the seemingly empty arcade, you knew. You could feel him there, as if he was secretly hoping you would come and you would comfort him. 

Entering the arcade slowly, you approached the man behind the desk, “Hi, I’m here for my friend. He’s really tall, but he has a baby face. Have you seen him?”

“I think he went into the kids play-maze. I don’t understand how he’d fit, though, but that’s where I saw him last.” The man said softly, putting his magazine down as he stared at you.

“Thank you,” you smiled at the man as he waved you into the direction of the large play-ground set the small arcade had built into it.

Of course he went in this stupid maze, you thought to yourself as you stepped up the winding rickety play-steps of the maze, why wouldn’t he be in this stupid maze?

You found yourself at the entrance, faced with two options of pathways that were suspended in the air; one with race cars, and one with flowers. Assuming he’d go to the one with race cars, you crawled through the narrow space, until you found yourself in a small bubble that was seemingly see-through plastic. You looked around, being able to view the whole arcade from where you sat. You looked over to the left, and there you saw him, in a bubble perpendicular to yours. Just as you saw him, his head turned slightly, his eyes landing on you. You could tell he had been crying; his eyes puffy and red and his nose a bit runny. From this point-of-view, he looked like a child, who didn’t want to leave and was throwing a tantrum, refusing to come down from the playground unless someone came and got him. Waving at him with a small smile on your face, you began your crawl over to him.

Within minutes, you were faced to face with the boy who had broken your heart only a couple of weeks ago. If you were in the state of mind you were back then, you would be hitting him. Softly, but you would be hitting him. But seeing his face as he cried, his eyes so bloodshot and his lip quivering, you couldn’t find it in your heart to be angry at him. You looked at him through the small entrance-way, unsure of what to say to him, but not wanting to sit in silence any longer.

“The flower-path, huh?” is all you were able to mutter, mentally face-palming yourself as he looked up at you. A slight smile danced on his face, but quickly vanished as he turned his head to look through the plastic, “I always take the race-car path. I wanted to try something new.”

You let a giggle escape your lips, your soft giggle making a smile appear on his face without wanting to. “Is there enough room for me to fit in with you?”

“There’s barely enough room for me to fit, (Y/N),” He said jokingly, making you burst out into fits of laughter as you looked at him again, noticing how his knees were literally pushed into his chest due to the lack of space his bubble contained.

“Then, why don’t you come on out? I’ll buy you pizza~” you hummed, making another smile appear on his face as he uncrunched himself from his uncomfortable position.

You two had found a table right outside of the play-pen, ordering one medium plain pizza for the both of you to share. Nibbling into your slice, you sat across from Bambam in the small booth, the silence between you two both comfortable, yet sad at the same time. You desperately wanted to talk to him, but for the first time in your friendship, you really had nothing to say.

“How’d you find me?” He asked, truly shocked. He thought of this whole thing as a big game of hide n’ seek, absolutely not wanting to be found but secretly needing to be, and he thought that this place was the best hiding spot ever created, where absolutely no one would find him unless they were able to look inside of his brain.

“I listen to you when you talk,” you stated simply, wiping your face with your napkin as he looked up at you with wide eyes, “You told the boys and I about this place one night when you were feeling really sad. It took me a while to find it, but I eventually did.”

Looking down at the pie in front of him, he sighed. “I told Sungje too,” he said sadly, tears starting to form in his eyes as he forced them shut, “Why doesn’t she care?”

Feeling your heart break in your chest, you got up slowly, murmuring a ‘move over’ to him before squeezing into the small booth next to him. You very gently took his head and leaned it on your shoulder, his body feeling too weak to even try to object. He let out a soft sigh as you rubbed his shoulder, lifting your legs up so they were resting against your chest, “she doesn’t care because she was using you, Bambam. She’s very…manipulative,” you sighed, running your hands through his hair as you felt him turn and press his face into your shirt. You felt wet stains where his eyes were, but you didn’t make a comment, knowing Bambam hated when people saw him cry.

“Why didn’t I listen to all of you,” he sighed softly, slowly going to wrap his arms around you, but quickly pulling them back as he sniffled. You noticed his actions and took his arms slowly, wrapping them around you as you pressed your nose into his hair, “Because you’re dumb.”

“You’re not supposed to call sad people ‘dumb’, (Y/N). It’s rude,” he murmured to you. You felt a slight smirk form on his face against your shirt, making you smirk as well. “If the insanely large and heeled shoe fits, Bammie, then it fits.”

He sighed softly, picking up his head as he looked at you, “I really missed you calling me ‘Bammie’.”

“When I said it a couple of weeks ago, you acted like I was a snake who just bit and shot venom into your veins,” you said, tapping his nose softly as you always did.

“I know,” he murmured, looking at the pizza yet again, “I’m really sorry for being such a jerk, I wa-“

“You were blinded by love, Bambam,” you finished his statement for him, making him groan softly.

“I was supposed to give a heart-warming apology, and now you’ve ruined it,” he murmured, pushing your shoulder slightly as you giggled.

“I know. And I know you’re sorry. But I let you realize that you were being dumb by yourself, because that’s what you wanted.”

“But aren’t best friends not supposed to let each other do dumb things?” Bambam asked, giving your waist a squeeze to make you look at him.

“Oh, so we’re ‘best friends’ again?” you asked, smirking at him as he began to get frustrated.

“We’ve always been. I was just being really stupid. But I really missed you, (Y/N). It was dumb of me to leave you behind.”

You felt him coming closer to you, his nose pressing against your cheek as you nodded.

“Super dumb, actually.”

“So now i’ve gone from ‘dumb’, to ‘super dumb’? When did that happen?”

You laughed loudly as he gripped your waist, shaking your head sightly as you stood, “I said if the shoe fits, didn’t I?”

“I guess,” he sighed, following you as you two slowly walked out of the arcade.

You two walked down the seemingly abandoned road slowly, the night air drying Bambam’s tears as he continued to kick up rocks. “I should explain why everything happened,” he mumbled, looking at you as you looked straight forward.

“The floor is yours, Bambam.”

“Well,” he murmured, shoving his hands in his pockets as he bit his lip, “I believe in love at first sight. And I… I really thought I felt it for someone, and it scared me. I’ve never… Been in love before. And it just made me afraid. Especially when this person started to become someone very important in my life. So I did my best to hold back my feelings. And then Sungje came along. I felt something for her, so instead of trying to go after….. let’s call them, ‘Biscuit,’ okay?”

Giggling softly as you felt your cheeks heat up, you nodded. Though you knew he was talking about you, you couldn’t help but feel very flushed.

“So.. Instead of trying to go after ‘Biscuit’ and potentially ruining an amazing friendship, I pushed them away and went to Sungje. And I thought I found the one that I needed… But I was really wrong.”

“And ‘Biscuit’ was right, wasn’t she?” You hummed, looking at him slightly.

“Yes, ‘Biscuit’ was right, she was really right and I wa—“ Bambam began, but stopped as he looked at you, making you smirk as you turned your head away. “You know who ‘Biscuit’ is?”

“I do in fact,” you giggled, feeling his hand hit your shoulder as you shook your head.


“Yugyeom told me,” you mumured, holding where he’d hit as you pouted, “Ouch. Jerk.”

“I’m going to kill him,” Bambam grunted, “I told him not to tell!”

“He only told…’Biscuit’, because she was crying and upset because she thought she lost you. You see, ‘Biscuit’ also kind of liked you, so it broke her heart when you were a complete dick to her.”

“Oh..” Bambam mumbled, blushing softly as a smirk rose on his cheeks, “So ‘Biscuit’ likes me?”

“ ‘Liked’, as in past tense,” you hummed, looking at him as his face dropped slightly. Truth was, you were trying to bust his chops, but you really did adore him.

He let another ‘oh’ escape his mouth as the air grew silent, his gaze looking everywhere but you.

“But ‘Biscuit’ may be able to reconsider her past feelings,” you murmured, making his head snap up, “If you properly apologize to her.”

“I was going to at the arcade!” Bambam shouted, groaning as he ran his hands through his hair. Stopping, he took your hand slowly, pulling you into his chest. Bambam knew you adored the way he hugged you; the way he’d keep his hand on the back of your neck as he pressed your face into his neck, the other arm wrapped securily around your waist as he nuzzles his nose into your hair. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“I know you are, Bammie,” you mumbled, wrapping your arms tightly around him as you closed your eyes, “It’s okay.”

Smiling softly, he pressed his lips to your forehead, “Now, are you ready to go back to the boys?”

“i’m not sure if you’re ready to die,” you giggled, unwrapping yourself from his grasp, “But Mark is going to kill you.”

Dating/Liking a girl as tall/taller than 5′9  (EXO)

Xiumin: I don’t think he would mind dating someone who would end up being taller than him. He would care more for personality than appearance.

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Suho: He would be nervous just because he would find them pretty. He would be happy to have her near him. 

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Lay: He reminds me of someone who would be happy to have his arms around a taller girl he would very much show her off claiming she’s model-like.

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Baekhyun: Once more I don’t feel like he would mind a taller girl in his arms. Someone who stood out among the other girls just in height alone.

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Chen: He reminds me of someone who might be a little intimidated if his girl would wear heels because it would make him look incredibly tiny but other than that he wouldn’t care much about how tall she is.

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Chanyeol: This tall man would probably like someone a bit more who would fit right in like a puzzle piece. He would be very happy with a girl who he wouldn’t have to constantly get called a giant compared to.

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D.O: I feel he would be intimidated in the first encounter but he would find her amazing the more they talk and would be happy to have someone cutely taller than him.

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Kai: He’s pretty tall and would probably not mind someone on the taller end. He would like her probably more for her personality more than anything else.

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Sehun: Another decently tall guy who probably wouldn’t mind to have a taller girl in his arms. He would just be happy with the relationship more than her appearance.

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Kris: Another tall one who would love to have a cute girl taller girl. I can see him resting his head onto her should when he has a good laugh or waiting in line something dorky like that/

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Luhan: He reminds me of someone who would find it cute to have to look up at a girl. He would ask her to bend down a little (because he’s not too tall but not too short) and kiss him.

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Tao: He’s another decently tall guy who might love the idea of a tall girl. But he’s another one who just seems like he would love his girl for who she is instead of what she looks like.

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High Heels

((Oh, would you look at that! Second Seventeen scenario up and it only took me too damn long! It’s significantly shorter and something I came up with on the spot, so do forgive me if it’s not fantastic. With that said, enjoy!))

Pairings: Woozi/JihoonxReader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,754

Summary: You love to wear heels and Jihoon loves to see you in heels. So…why did you suddenly stop wearing your heels? 

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