i feel like a fool but i really want to make this post

How to start conversations & make friends on tumblr

I have no idea why, but I feel compelled to make this post. Probably because I need to remind myself once in a while, and I always see posts about ‘oh, I wish people would talk to me!’. And surely I’m not the only one who has had the should I/should I not debate with myself?

When I first got on tumblr I was really nervous about messaging people and literally didn’t know what to do with myself, but I really wanted to talk to them anyway. Because you know, you guys are really awesome. So if like me you sometimes feel like a llama in a flock of sheep,  here’s how to just go for it.

  1. Remember 99% of tumblr loves getting messages. Unless they’re a super popular blog and have 46 new messages every time they check, most people are damn well pleased to receive a message. And if you look, plenty of people have “come and talk to me!” written in some form or another on their blog pages or about me sections, so if you want to talk to someone, do so because high chances are they’ll be beyond delighted.
  2. Give them something to work with. Starting conversations can be awkward, so when you do send a message, make sure there’s plenty they can reply with. If they made a post about loving AUs of a certain ship and you read a great fic you think they’d love - rec it to them. Tell them why you liked it so much. Ask them for their favourite story. If they reblogged a post on society and put something in the tags that you agreed with, tell them so and bring up another relevant issue. If they’re an artist and you love their work, send them an ask saying you admire their stuff but also drop a question about how they got into art or how they perfected a certain technique. If they draw, make videos or write things, anything like that, this is a perfect starting place. People put hours, days, even months (!) of effort into these things, so if you tell them you loved their stuff, expect to be cried/screamed in happiness at. Appreciation will put an ear to ear smile on their face and maybe even make their week, even if they seem to get compliments all the time. If they made a personal post about struggling with something you have trouble with too, relate to them. They’ll probably love you forever. Just pick a starting point that can create a conversation (if that’s what you want, of course) and press send.
  3. If you had an awesome talk that ended, but you want to speak to them again, then just message them again. Imagine they feel the same as you do, and how happy you’d be if they struck up a conversation. Send them a hello and ask them how their day was, or if they’ve seen that video of bloopers that’s been circulating.
  4. Oh, and don’t be disappointed if it goes badly or the conversation fizzles out. It happens.

Okay, well, that’s all I got right now. Apologies to my followers if this is a really stupid post, I am the human version of a turtle on its back so please forgive me for my awkwardness ;)

okay but. sungjongs instagram post is really cute and we all love to see his hyungs poke fun at him, but honestly those posts made me happy for another reasons entirely: the captions. we’ve seen sungjong struggle a lot recently; he started putting a lot of pressure on himself to be and look more “manly”, he kept talking about how much he regretted his past image, and then his drastic weight loss- i feel like some part of him retreated. and now, slowly, we’ve been seeing little bits of progress like speaking up more on broadcasts, cross dressing again, not caring if he makes a fool of himself, and with these instagram posts i feel like he’s finally accepted himself again. not only openly complimenting himself, but complimenting himself for being cute, something usually seen as feminine and something he wanted to get away from. he’s taking pride in it. i’m so happy he’s regained the confidence to post that.

Hwarang: Hansung.

The only reason I started watching this drama was Kim Taehyung, but I admit that after the first two episodes it got me hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I forgot about Hansung because everytime he appeared on screen I started smiling like a fool and feeling so proud.

Before the drama started and the character pictures were posted, everybody was sure that Hansung looked like that character that will die. I just laughed it off, “they wouldn’t kill him on his first drama”, but now…

Now it became true and I can’t really blame anyone, yes they did me so dirty, making me cry till I’ll drown in my own tears and it was the first time I sincerely cared about a character, and seeing him go… I just, it felt so real, and he only wanted happines and peace, Hansung.

I’m happy that there are only two episodes left, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve watched it till the end, without my heart breaking while waiting for Hansung to appear.

I want to applaud Kim Taehyung for his acting and for being such a wonderful person, and… I can’t wait for his next drama. * but i swear to god if he dies in that too i’ll cut somebody*

breadedsinner replied to your post “cindymeltzer replied to your post “… Did a porn blog just reblogged…”

Oh yeah that was fun. Me: Here’s a few screens of my Inquisitor! I love him! Reblog: Want to fool around? Me: …You are making him uncomfortable


blackjackkent replied to your post “cindymeltzer replied to your post “… Did a porn blog just reblogged…”

Evidently they’re also reblogging people’s selfies. >.<

Okay. That’s just REALLY not cool and it’s super gross. I feel like tumblr should be doing something about it, BUT I AM NOT REALLY SURPRISED THAT THEY AREN’T.

 I don’t really post my pictures here (so at least there’s that), but I hope blocking them wards them off.

anonymous asked:

omg lily! I cry bc of that GOT2DAY 2016 message bc jaebum is being this obvious lovesick fool self as usual and youngjae is just yeah you're nice, i guess?? LIKE PLS YJ! I bet he says thanks and only that every time jb declares his love. poor leader :(

Hello, my lovely!

I absolutely understand what you mean! But I also just help being amused because I keep thinking of these posts from the wonderful Danielle about Jaebum getting repeatedly lowkey rejected by Youngjae…

2jae Facetime

1:31am - Bro Song

and my favorite: the real reason Youngjae left the room

Honestly, as much as it hurts my heart to think about Youngjae pushing Jaebum away in reality, I still can’t help but laugh a little to myself through my tears about this ask because sometimes there is really such a level of:

Jaebum: “I would die for you. I would kill for you. You’re all I need in this world. I would walk through fire for you. I would stab my eye out before making you cry. You’re the light of my life and the sun of my heart. I love you.”

Youngjae: “Haha! Thanks, bro! You’re one of my best friends, too!” *goes back to playing with Coco*

Originally posted by defsouljb

And, like, I really don’t think it’s actually like that at all in reality, but it just makes me cringe for poor Jaebum sometimes when he’s out there wearing his heart on his sleeve like that, and Youngjae is so shy and awkward about his feelings that he keeps them locked up and buried! 

I actually talked before about my take on Youngjae’s side of things with 2jae and the way he might come across as less invested in their relationship, and I still feel the same as I did then, perhaps even more strongly! Even though Youngjae doesn’t verbalize or openly express his real feelings very often, I think there are a lot of ways that he does show how much he cares about Jaebum! Even if he doesn’t return Jaebum’s cheesy affection (and song lyrics… Something Good and Prove It are totally about Youngjae) as openly, he still does show his love in other ways! And he’s also totally the type to tease as a way of affection, so I always look to the way he messes with Jaebum and harasses him as a sign of how much he cares as well, haha!

Which… once again, is a bit of a “poor Jaebum” situation because that leaves Jaebum showing his love with heart eyes and sappy song lyrics and heartfelt confession letters shared with the world…

And Youngjae’s over here like: 

Youngjae: “Hahaha, hyung! You suck at playing video games! You’re such a loser! I’m never playing with you again! *whisper* You’re the best, and I like you a lot, and we should stay together forever, okay??” 

Jaebum: “What?”

Youngjae: “I G2G BYE BROOOO–!!!”

Post Your Drafts: Love Like Religion

So after encouraging @cinnamonirony to post a draft, I remembered that vine has a #postyourdrafts and I really want to do in our fandom. So I’m gonna post a draft from a few months back when I first heard Badlands and lost my shit in a storm of fic ideas. 

I’m also going to tag a few people, challenging them to post their drafts. @lenfaz , @tnlph, @terreisa , @xerxesrises and @optomisticgirl

I’m such a fool for sacrifice

They’ve been doing this dance for months.

Sometimes it’s hot and heavy and it makes his toes fucking curl the same way her golden tendrils do when she’s sweaty after climaxing.

Others, she shares his passion and consideration. It’s then he thinks she might feel more than the thrust of him, the touch of him. It’s then he thinks she might actually love him. She moves slowly above, or beneath. She locks eyes with him and it’s like heaven is relocating to his bedroom.

Sometimes Heaven does a bit of remodeling. There are halos hung up for the moment, and the goddess he’s been worshipping turns into the fiercest sinner he’s ever met. It’s not the type of thing that sings ‘love’ or praise. It’s the sort of sex that makes him think he’s going to hell when it’s happening, and knows he’s in it when it’s over, because she’s not staying after a night like that.

It’s one of those nights tonight.

Normally, he lets it go, let’s her go.

But he spent the better half of this week building up the courage to change their dance.

She’s moving away from him begrudgingly, and he thinks maybe she doesn’t want to leave anymore than he wants her to.

“Stay.” He mumbles into her wrist after grabbing her hand and tugging her back toward the bed.

“You always say stay,” she chuckles. “I can’t always stay.”

“Why not?”

“Jones.” The laughter is gone from her and he wants it back so badly.

He never said he only wanted sex. He never asked for just a lover. He’s a hopeless romantic. He wants it all.

“Emma, stay.”

“If I stay, you’ll think it’s more than sex.”

And there it is. All the courage he had been harboring flies out of him, not in a loud heroic plea, but a whimpering exhale. “Right then.”

“This is just sex.”

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A Big Thank You

Okay so, I can’t do fancy edits or nothing like that, but I’d still like to make this. It’s not a follow forever, just a post where I want to say THANK YOU to a lot of people, since I hit +1k followers! I love every one of you <3

Thank you to:

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(this is a long personal post you can ignore if you want)

(i can’t put this under a cut i’m on mobile but)

i know i’m sad a lot and some days it seems like all i post on here is shitty moodboards and rants in my tags, but i gotta say, i am so incredibly grateful for all of the friends i’ve made on here.

a year ago i was so completely lost. i had no idea who i was. i’d lost my best friend and my entire sense of self. i was just trying to stay afloat. i made so many changes while i was trying to figure out who i was, never knowing if i was doing the right thing or if i was just fooling myself again.

it’s gonna sound so lame but i had the chance to go see 5sos. at the time i didn’t even like them, but i went and ended up having the time of my life. i hadn’t felt so good while sober for a really long time.

after the show i came home and i ended up redoing one of my old tumblr accounts. i didn’t plan on being so active on here. it was just going to be a side thing while i figured out what to do with my life. it was summer vacation after my last year of school, and it was just something to do.

it’s cheesy and i’m highkey embarassed and i don’t even know why i’m posting this but…i felt like i found a purpose here. i was going through a turning point in my life. i’ve always wanted to be able to do things worth appreciating and i like making people happy but i suck at actually being around people. between anxiety and other things, i just have a really hard time with other human beings, but i love talking to people and it was always so hard to maintain friendships without leaving my house.

i started making stuff and writing shit and talking to people and finding myself. i started to like music again, and even posted covers which was a huge step for me. i was able to find a way to feel better even when i wasn’t feeling that great.

the past few months have been extremely rough on me mentally and emotionally. i’m working on things to fix that, but i can tell i’m going to have a lot of bad days. i’m in such an odd place in my life, and sometimes it feels like i’m never going to get unstuck. but despite all of that, i like having a place where i can just get lost in something else.

i like coming on here and feeling like a part of something. i like coming here when i need to just let off steam and escape for a little while. i like feeling like a little community and being able to make amazing friends.

so i’m kind of really lost in my thoughts rn and this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but the point of this was just to thank all of you for allowing place to exist, and for making it what it is. there’s a lot of bs and drama going on in the background but overall this is always a place i can come and find a place where i fit in. i gueSS i’m tryna just say thankyou to everybody and to say that i appreciate you all for makin this something that’s important to me and special and good and ashfjdks thIS maKeS nO sENse but i hope you get the point!!!!

i just have a lot of love and appreciation in my lil heart for you guys, so thank you ♡