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Saw another post on the DS9 tag praising the scene in By Inferno’s Light where Martok and Worf totally respect Garak for going into the crawlspace despite his claustrophobia, and say how brave it is of him.

And it got me thinking about that douche who thought Data wouldn’t make a good captain in Unification because ‘You wouldn’t see a Klingon as a counsellor’ (or a … whatever his other example was) - and I’m convinced he’s 100% wrong, and that a Klingon is as likely as any other race to be a counsellor.

Really, it’s all tied back to the ridiculous assumption (which TNG unfortunately seemed to perpetuate at times) that every single Klingon in the entire Empire is a warrior (never mind that we’ve seen Klingon scientists and judges and more) and therefore lol don’t be silly they don’t have any mental health professionals of any kind. Yeah, cause that makes sense.

As if a Klingon counsellor wouldn’t see helping their patients overcome their mental illnesses as a worthy battle. 

If Martok and Worf can recognise the bravery in fighting internal fears, then there’s no reason to think that other Klingons wouldn’t feel the same.

So in conclusion, I now really want to see/read about a Klingon counsellor.

There are several things that bother me in this “let’s validate our ship in our rival ship’s tag cos we’re fuckiing douches” thing

-Ron/Hermione were a healthy relationship.

You sure? Ron was a whiny baby through a huge part of the whole series and made her cry and got his panties in a bunch over every little thing and stuff and tried to make her jealous on purpose.

Now now, they probably do have a healthy relationship. Or maybe they don’t.  Who fucking knows? It wasn’t written in the book. Having children does noot mean they’re having a healthy relationship. Staying together does nooot mean they’re having a healthy relationship. 

And apparently JK thinks they weren’t as happy.

And while consueling itself isn’t a bad thing, it means something’s not going the way it should- but they’re trying to fix it. I think she worded it wrong and it came out a lil offensive but I digress.

- Opposites attract

Oh hon. Opposites do atract. And then they marry and go through hell struggling for proper convivence.

Physics =/= romance

While sometimes IT DOES WORK- but only to an extent, do not generalize. Opposites personalities are more likely to end in emotionaly problematic relationships especially when it comes to living together so don’t use this to defend your ship ever. 

Use other things to give light and love to your ship I’m sure you can. Be creative. Use the canon you have.

- But why care who she marries? Isn’t she as a character enough? Why if she could just not marry anyone and be herself??! A woman isn’t who she marries you guys!!1ª!

YEs you’re right. You’re totally right. She’s far more than who she marries with.

What’s hypocritical is that THIS thing came out RIGHT AFTER JK’s anouncement. 

Feminism is great. We need more independent brilliant kickass ladies in our media. We need more Hermiones.

Heeelll, if Hermione had her own book series OH I’d read the FUCK outta it.

But you don’t use feminism rn just to invalidate a ship you don’t like you shit stop tainting feminism.

- A tangent of the above: “No one cares about Hermione!!!!11 All the H/Hr fans are freaking out like "LOL H/HR 5EVER” and completely degrade Hermione as a character.

Uh… where though?

Ron played with her feelings and messes with her through the entire series. 

Harry found her a bit too much sometimes but he always recognized how brilliant she was and commented it to the new teachers even. Always admiring and praising her.

Do you think he would degrade her?? You sure??

If Ron, who was a total jerk for whatever long the series was, could support and applaud her as she became and independent kickass lady once grown up. Then Harry could too. Maybe even better. 

Also if I’m not wrong weren’t some reporters refferring to Hermione as “Ron’s Wife” instead of her name?

You suuure it’s UUSS degrading her as a character?

- I don’t care what JK Rowling says I hate her she ruined my childhood etc.


Lots of Harmony shippers didn’t get their pàiring to be endgame and still loved and respected the series afterwards.

I’m sure you martyrs can too. 

-I wish she ended with Kurm, he truly respected her and only wanted her happiness, wether it was with him or not.

… Actually you’re right. Can’t argue that.

Fucking Krum man, woah dude four for you.

But try not to crosstag please.


And I know this is gonna get found and get hate with douches reblogging and commenting

but I’d prefer if you didn’t. I mean it doesn’t affect me.

It just proves my point: R/Hr shippers get a whole cake for themselves and the moment we receive a lil cookie they whine and try to dirt our cookie so we can’t eat it.

Don’t be that douche. Don’t embarrass yourself. 

Also stoppp crosstagging. I won’t. This will only be tagged as HP, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Harmony. No crosstagging other ship tags cos you know, I’m not a cunt.

Good luck!