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beginner’s guide to horror movies

Okay, so you’ve seen a few scary movies and enjoyed them, and now you’re looking to expand your horror prowess. Maybe you’ve been reading/listening to a lot of creepypasta, and you feel like you’re ready to take the plunge. Or maybe you just have a feeling that you’d like horror, but have no idea where to start. 

I’ve been a huge fan of all things creepy and scary for years. I was just reading an article called, “Horror Gems You Haven’t Seen Yet” and realized that I actually had seen almost every film on the list, so I guess that makes me an expert. So, my new baby horror fans, allow me to introduce you to the genre.

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Could i get some history and general knowledge on Dark?? Characteristics and such?? Please I must know

Okay, here goes, and this is probably gonna be long, because there’s a lot to know.

Dark started out when Mark would act weird on camera, when he’d give this creepy fucking smile and sometimes tell us that there was something behind us. Basically, he just wanted to freak us out. The fans gave those weird moods a name- Darkiplier. And over time, Dark became more real. He would take over videos and hurt Mark. The one that comes to mind is Raspy Hill. “I don’t quite feel like myself. I’ve been having strange dreams lately. But now you’re here, and I’ll make you feel right at home. Enjoy your stay.” That, in my opinion, is the first really creepy moment with Dark, because he wasn’t a shadow in the background or a creepy smile. He was Mark, and you could see Mark in there, scared and alone. Other than those, there was Don’t Blink and Don’t Move, where Dark was a shadow or a creepy face behind Mark, and Mark just sat there, unmoving and silent.

Over time, Dark kind of disappeared. Mark said in his February charity livestream that he shied away from Dark because he was at a rough patch, and he didn’t have much motivation to do anything. He brushed Dark off as his “emo roommate,” and Dark even showed up as some weird, emo, youtube-challenge-obsessed guy with a necktie and a black shirt. That was back in August, I think.

So when Antisepticeye took over Jack on Halloween, everyone was freaking out because where’s Dark what’s he going to do about this oh my god we need Dark.”

And then Valentine’s. Oh, Valentines.

No one expected the Dark that showed up. We finally had a canonical, real Darkiplier that we could connect to and that we didn’t have to make up in our heads. We had something real, something that managed to satisfy the entire fanbase in one way or another. And if you haven’t seen all of Dark’s moments in A Date with Markiplier, for the love of God, do so. I kind of died a little.

Dark was finally real. He finally had his solo moment to shine. No Mark to get in his way. It was him, talking to us, making us feel safe and comfortable when we should have been running for the hills. And the fact that we pay so much attention to him, and that we actually like him to some extent, plays into exactly what he has planned.

So, on to some canonical characteristics that Mark himself told us:

1. Dark is a social manipulator. He wants to control us. That is all he aspires to do.

2. He is a calm shell over an incredibly angry interior. He doesn’t want to show his true emotions, which is why he fixes his suit after every outburst.

3. He admires what Mark has done and accomplished. (theory is that he uses us to get to Mark, and he uses Mark to get to us. Mark has a large following, so he can control more people.)

4. He doesn’t obey the laws of physics. He exists in another world and can bleed into this one. (this leads to theories that he’s able to take Mark and us between dimentions.)

5. He wants us to like him and guides us into this false sense of security, for the specific purpose to use us.

If you want the full transcript of Mark and friends talking about Dark, it’s here. I have a theory linked on my blog.

Also, if you google “Darkiplier wiki” it will lead you to a page that talks about Dark’s character up until Relax. It also tells you all possible appearances until Relax, and after that is just A Date with Markiplier, and Mark mentions Dark a couple times in FILE.exe. He’s also going to show up again in the future (as confirmed by Mark). We just don’t know when, and that will make it all the more sweet.

And I’m sure there’s more I could say, but this is basically the most important bits of info. 

Hope this helps!

Stray Chat - Chapter 2

This is whole chapter/day is just straight Adrienette. But the night is still young, literally. ;)

But for now, these two get to have a very fun day. And Adrien is in denial of having a crush which slowly turns to acceptance by the end of the night. Because honestly? It’s Marinette, how could he not?

Previous Chapter - Next Chapter

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Lets get something straight...

Okay first off, sorry for the long post, it’s kinda important so…Yeah.


Why is it every time I take a one / two month hiatus from tumblr to take care of Vox it appears I always seem to come back to one shit storm or another.

No joke, I look at my dash and I’m sitting here like:

Like…seriously. What. the. hell.

I’ve addressed this issue numerous times in the past, and this will be the final time I address it again. The apparent ‘ problem’ seems to be that- due to a recent post made by Mark himself, yes Jess and him were once a thing. You might be now saying ‘ But Slendy, didn’t you say they weren’t?! ‘ Yes. It’s true I said they weren’t. I dismissed it. Why? Because it was a rumor then. Not now.
Something that was used as ammunition to try and start drama. Mark never came out and said they were together because that was his choice.


Uh….No? He didn’t…?

Mark never lied to anybody. He didn’t come out right and tell the fandom because he didn’t want to. If he didn’t want to tell us, he doesn’t have to. Period. Nobody is entitled to the reason as to why he kept it private until now. Nobody is entitled to know about his personal life other then those he wants knowing about it.


Well…He could havebut he didn’t want to…?

Why is that like… so hard? (that’s what she said?)

Mark is a very private person, the majority of us should have known that by now. He’s said it numerous times that he likes to keep his personal life private.
Take into consideration how everyone’s reacting to fans finding his house.

I see comments like this:

Omg that’s horrible! Why would someone do that??
 Home is where he feels safe, that’s his privacy stay out of it!!
Who would follow him to his house that’s so creepy!?

I support these comments. I do. Following him to his house is not ok…But.

Think about this. What if fans had followed him to where he was meeting Jess? Or to where he lived before and she answered? Like the recent incident with his house, if one person finds out then another will, then more and more. This could have not only put Marks life in possible danger, but hers as well.

I say danger because I was around when this drama first started. I watched Jess, a good friend of mine receive death threats and a slew of other horrible things. Hell I received a few myself for defending her. Saw posts bashing her on tumblr and crude comments on twitter. Things were said to her that nobody, should ever had said to them.

The same exact thing happened to Cheyenne when her and Cryaotic came forward about their relationship. She received death threats, hate mail, people threatening her in more ways then one. Nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves to have their life threatened, to feel unsafe in their home, on the streets, and most importantly around their friends.

Would you want that?

No? I know I wouldn’t either.

Humans want what they can’t have, and in this situation it’s Mark.

But the reality of the situation is, Mark is human, just like you and I.

He’s flesh, blood, bone and a gaggle of laughs that leave us all in good spirits. But we, as a fandom, as a community can only take so much that he gives to us, and we should be happy with that even if it’s just youtube content, silly collabs and dick jokes. This man pours his heart out into his content, into helping the world and doing something amazing. He offers what he’s comfortable in offering. Anything other then that? It’s his choice.

If you’ve respected Mark thus far for all he’s done…

Respect his choice to keep his private life private until he wants to tell us.



My inbox will be open and Anons accepted.
So if y’all wanna come say something feel free. :)

Thank you all for reading,

Stay beeutiful. <3


you know, this is really really fucking sad

ive been a fan of avenged sevenfold since i was 12. im 23 now and i STILL dont know alot of personal information about the band (yes that includes friends and family members)

why dont i know this when i had years to gather that information? because im not an inconsiderate disrespectful piece of shit.

there i said it. take it as you want to but knowing anything about the guys thats outside of the band or zacks clothing line to me personally is crossing a line. yes i can admit i do share pics of the guys with their wives but thats only when the guys are in the picture. as long as the guys are part of it i’ll share it otherwise i dont bother knowing anything about them or their friends or their family. and i definitely dont share pictures of matts kids because yes he actually has stated in interviews that he doesnt want his son to be put in the spotlight and has asked fans personally not to share pics of his sons

and when it comes down to his family and friends having “public” accounts (which btw still doesnt justify being a creep and finding out who associates with the band for the sole purpose of seeing pics of them with the guys) that still does not give ANY OF YOU permission to share pics of his kids. his friends and family have permission. not the fans. and personally who gives a shit what his kids names are or what they look like. kids in general arent fucking cute so why glorify them?

for the most part ive stayed away from making comments about this recent situation because im honestly tired of trying to reason with some people who dont get that they’re being creepy or understand what respecting someones privacy is.

like honestly just imagine yourselves in the guys shoes. honestly sit down and think about how you would feel if you were in a band and your fans wanted to practically know when the next time you were gonna take a shit. just think about it. sounds creepy af right? so why would some of you waste your fucking time doing that. why? why stoop to such a fucking level that honestly makes this fanbase the laughing stock of the rock community? 

because guess what? we are the laughing stock of the rock community. we actually fucking are. all because a majority of this fanbase are a bunch of gossip mongering brats who think theyre entitled to know everything just because they want to? 

fuck i can no longer talk to people about my music interests irl without them making fun of me for liking avenged sevenfold. almost every single person ive encountered has had the nerve to tell me “so since you like a7x you’re like super creepy obsessed right?”

do some of you not understand how shitty that makes me feel? do some of you not understand that i now cannot have decent conversations with people because im afraid they’ll make fun of me? do you not understand that i am now generalized into something i literally have no part of all because some of you dont know how to respect someones privacy? no less someone you dont even fucking know? because literally every single fan on this godforsaken website does not know the guys on a personal level whether youve met them or not.

and when it comes to the wives, you can hate them for all i care. but i see people on here spreading rumors about the wives and literally the rest of you actually believing these rumors and some of you use that as an excuse to hate them and call them bitches or gold diggers and what not. really? really? you literally do not even know them and you want to be negative and all for what? a few notes on a post or a few followers gained? you know how pathetic that makes you?

im not saying you cant hate the wives. by all means more power to you. but keep your negativity out of the fanbase. keep your obsession about matts kids off the internet. keep that shit to yourself. just stop. stop giving this fanbase a bad name. its literally no wonder why so many people in the rock community make fun of a7x fans. its because of all this bullshit. 

honestly im getting tired of it. this whole rant i have going here isnt going to change anything. i already know that, but wishful thinking is a weakness i have and i would hope it would get some of you to change your views and make you better and respectful fans but who knows maybe maybe not.

im not saying im gonna leave the fan base. there are very few of you who ive come to see as actual family in the fan base and so im only going to stay for them. anyone else who’s creeped on the guys and got information on them and has stolen pics of them or matts kids or hell even people who follow their friends cause they know the guys, i want nothing to do with you. i dont want to see that bullshit on my dash anymore and if you condone this idiocy you can unfollow me it wont hurt my feelings. im seriously tired of seeing this fan base fighting over such issues that honestly there are far more important issues in the world and some of you want to pick and choose and argue over the pettiest of shit.

any other fan base i have been in inside the rock and metal community do not act like this. they dont. period. they literally do not act like the way this fan base acts like and in the end.. thats whats really fucking sad. whats even more sad is that i understand now why some of my favorite blogs recently left the fanbase. they dont want to deal with all this bullshit anymore. hell i dont want to either but this band, Avenged Sevenfold is the only band thats keeping my stupid ass alive. they have been for years.

and i know some of you wont stop. i know some of you will still creep the guys family and friends accounts. i know some of you will still want to see pics of matts kids. i cant stop that from happening. but please PLEASE keep that shit off the internet from now on. keep it to yourself. keep it out of the fanbase so maybe someday the rock community can stop looking down on us as if we we’re lower than dirt. i get enough of that with everything else going on in my life, i dont want that in my safe haven.

sorry for the long post. this is all i have to say on the matter.

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Ugh I'm so sick from that ep. Got any positive vibes to through my way? *Also at least we got to see Regina reach for Emma's chest, that's canon now lol*

Fuck yeah! Look at all the bright things!

-No C$ rain kisses. No grand romantic kiss reunion (like thank fuck)

- Mayor Cruella? Like fuck yeah!

- Regina is so precious I can’t even

- Regina saw Daniel was in a better place and talked to him and shit my feels. Robin Hoo?

- More Snow Queen brotp.

- It was so fucking creepy this episode!? 

- Emma and Hook’s house literally have hell in their basement? I love me some good metaphors.

- Regina touched Emma’s boob. It’s canon now.

- No heart split. Which was awesome. They gotta keep hookers hooked for longer, so they’re dragging out NOT confirming them TL.

- Damn Rumple.

- Belle Jr <3

- Milah’s unfinished business was Bae and not Hook. Small miracles.

- I’m a fan of Hades, I really am. He’s so evil and he has so much fun.

- Next episode Hook will be an ass to Emma. Again. 

Really. This episode gave me everything I expected and nothing of what I feared

Reasons Why I Love The Band New Years Day.

I love this band more than I ever thought possible. At first I was like “Ok. Some goth girl singing about death and shit.” No. It’s soo much more than that. I began to actually take in the lyrics of their songs, and they are so meaningful and powerful and REAL. Ash Costello sings about things that she herself has likely gone through. They are things that are relevant to A LOT of people. And she doesn’t sugar coat it with that “It gets better. Keep holding on” shit. She just sings about feelings and emotions and how she feels. Their music is written in a very melodic kinda creepy way that draws attention of many fans. I have found a connection to nearly each and every NYD song. And I don’t regret it. 

Now…Let’s get dead.

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What I feel like the spn writers are saying right now: ohhhhh sureee incest is fine I mean Wincest is an ongoing jokee and some fans seem to like that so idk let's make cas's sister want to fuck him. We're down with that. Game of Thrones got away with it and idk ppl seemed ok with it. But nonononononononononono we cannot have a homoseXUAL relatioNSHIP!! Big no nO. We would lose viewers. Most definitely.

We can have ghosts, demons, vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, all manner of weird creepy shit, dancing aliens, the fucking Hulk, Alternate Universes, and now a possible incestuous relationship, but women with actual character, POC with actual character, and anyone from the LGBTQA+ community with actual character is too weird.

And don’t anyone bring up Charlie because one person in about 4/200 episodes is not equal representation so just don’t even go there.