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A/N: Hey guys so the time is finally here to unveil my newest and favorite fic I’ve ever written!!!  This fic is my baby and I’ve been working on it and on off for the past 6 months and last month I finally found a good, comfortable pace and rhythm that helps to make this fic be so unique and stand out compared to others.  Obviously I’ve written smutty and emotional fics before but this 1 really takes the cake for me.  It’s way more descriptive than past writing and I know I’ve poured a lot myself and my own personal experiences into this and feel like it really helps shape the story and these characters.  I was also torn about splitting it up into 2 parts but I don’t leaving myself or others hanging and knew that if I did that, it never would’ve been completed so forewarning now it’s pretty long (oh darn woah is you having more material to read); in fact, it’s the longest fic I’ve written so I’d hope it turn out well.  Anywho enough rambling for me, I’m so excited to share this with you guys and hope you enjoy it!!!  Also please feel free to give me feedback and send me requests and prompts!!!   Love you all and get ready for this!!! :D

Here’s the prompt:

Sam convinces all of you to go out drinking despite always butting heads with Dean and the next morning you wake up in his bed, much to the dismay of both of you…

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You slammed the car door shut as you begrudgingly grabbed your duffel bag from the backseat after finishing up a hunt in Boise.  What was supposed to be a simple salt and burn turned into a giant brawl between you and the eldest Winchester, Dean.  You both have been known to butt heads constantly so hunting together was always lively to say the least, according to Sam and Cas anyway.  These past 3 years with the Winchesters have been some of the best and worst of your life.  While working a case in your hometown, you had discovered they were also trying to work the same exact case.  Despite your many attempts at telling them to back the hell off as this was your town and your turf and that you preferred working alone, their stubbornness knew no bounds and you decided instead of banishing them, you could put their assistance to good use, having no choice but to let them tag along.  They had found you grieving on top of your dead husband’s vessel in a pool of his blood after discovering he was possessed by a demon for some time and during the exorcism, he forced your husband to kill himself before escaping his vessel and at that point you knew that it was too late and he was a lost cause.  The loss was too much to bear and while Dean was skeptical of the idea of adding another member to Team Free Will, he couldn’t help but empathize with your situation and was tired of Sam gripping at him about it so they offered you a spot on their hunting team and a room in the Bunker which was a pretty sweet gig, for the most part.  Ever since that day, you vowed to extract your revenge on anything that went bump in the night so no 1 else would suffer like you have and you made a promise to yourself that you would never fall in love again, which lead you here.

“Could you be anymore bitchy,” Dean strongly emphasized as he sighed in annoyance.  You blantly stared at him.  If that’s how he wanted to play today, 2 can play it that game.  

You forced a fake smile on your face as you waltzed over to him, “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I had to take your feelings into account,” you stressed, “And could you be anymore of a douche,” you poked his chest roughly with your finger.  

He grabbed you by your wrist, “Y/N I’m not in the fucking mood for this shit right now,” he sighed as he retrieved his bag from the trunk flinging it over his shoulder lazily while Sam was retrieving his stuff from the front seat, already preparing to tune you both out as he could see  where this was going.

“Yea well you think I was in the god damn mood while we were taking out that ghost,” you spat back at him.

“Hey now!  If I hadn’t gotten there and pushed you aside when I did you would’ve been good as dead,” he countered back.

 “I was doing just fine until you fucking showed up and started this god damn shit show,” you rebuttled snarkly as you grabbed your jacket sitting in the back seat.

“Well excuse me for trying to do my god damn job right,” he growled back at her as he slammed the trunk shut.

“Your job,” you enunciated harshly while walking towards the bunker, “Was supposed to be helping Sam take care of those bones but somebody was pissed they didn’t get to be a part of the action so instead they decided to break the fucking rules and jeopardize this case!”

“Jeopardize this case,” Dean laughed mockingly while following after you, “Oh sweetheart if you consider me saving your life jeopardizing a case then you clearly have another thing coming and Sam and I warned you about needing back up from the get go but you wanted to charge in alone all blades and glory.”

“Sounds like someone else I know,” you glared back at him as you stood outside the front door knowing that this argument had taken off.  You never meant to put yourself in the middle of these situations but god Dean just needs a good punch in the face, especially for shit like this, “Look Dean I had it under control!”

“Letting a ghost almost possess and kill you is what you call under control,” Dean barked in disbelief, “If you really had it under control you would’ve seen the damn thing creeping up a mile away!” 

You exhaled angrily as you turned back to face him with your hands on your hips, “Listen here Winchester I was born and raised into this profession just like you and have all the training and experience in the world to back me up so dealing with a salt and burn is a fucking cake walk for me.”

“If it was such a cake walk then how did you make such a rookie mistake,” Dean hollered at you honestly not believing how ridiculous you sounded but you shrugged it off because you felt the same about him right now.

“Okay Dean; please, enlighten me on what my so called mistake was this time,” you growled at him having just about enough as you pointed at Sam, “Sam trusts my judgement and hasn’t said a damn thing about this or any hunting matter so go on tell me what this and all these other so called past mistakes are that are affecting me hunting with you!”

“Yea Sammy hasn’t said anything because he knows I’m god damn right!  Not everything is about you Y/N,” Dean roared back at her, “And as much as we fight we should be working as a god damn team so whenever I come in and fucking help save your sorry ass a fucking thank you would be nice!”

“Oh I’ll give you a fucking thanks,” you hissed as you grabbed Dean by his shirt collar getting ready to strike.

 “Enough!” You and Dean both look over to see an absolutely infuriated Sam, which was a very rare occurrence, as he stomped over towards the both of you, “I’m so sick and tired of you guys fighting; I mean seriously, can we go 1 hunt without this?!  Just 1 is all I’m asking!  You guys have been arguing over literally nothing for 3 years straight!  3 of the longest years of my life and that says a lot because I’ve been trapped in the cage with Lucifer and Michael and lost my soul,” you let go of Dean quickly as you both instantly felt the guilt creep in.

“Sam,” you sighed feeling extremely horrible for putting him through this time and time again.  Him and Dean, even though you didn’t want to admit it, have done more for you these past few years then anyone ever has in your entire life and had it not been for both of them you wouldn’t even be here.  Dean didn’t look any better.  He always hated seeing his little brother upset, especially if he was the cause.  His whole life he’s looked out for and protected Sam and still does so to this day which is something you kind of admire about him.  Despite your problems with each other, you never meant to take your aggressions out on Sam, at any point.

“I love you both so damn much but I’m not going to choose between you and am done being in the middle of whatever this is,” Sam confessed as he unlocked the door to the bunker stomping inside.

You and Dean sluggishly trailed behind him watching him storm down the hall, “I’m going to be in my room unpacking and binge watching the rest of Stranger Things.  If you need me for anything besides being a mediator let me know,” he walked into his room slamming the door shut slightly.  You and Dean had stood in the hallway awkwardly for a few minutes still reveling in how pissed off Sam is at you guys.  You both decided that it was best to go to your own quarters for a bit for some much needed destress and relaxation time hoping it would break some of the tension.  

Hours have passed and you had managed to unpack your stuff, shower, and now were catching up on your reading until your stomach spoke for you.  You realized you hadn’t eaten much today and decided to get a quick snack as you walked out of your room and into the kitchen with your book in hand, only to discover Sam on his laptop.  

He looked up to see you and smiled, “Hey.” “Hey,” you greeted awkwardly as you rubbed the back of your neck nervously awaiting what was to come. “Look I’m really sorry about snapping on you and Dean earlier,” he apologized, “I lost my cool and made the situation way worse than it should’ve been.”

“What the hell are you talking about,” you asked in him complete and utter disbelief, “We’re the ones who should be apologizing to you.”

“Y/N,” he started before you sat down next to him at the table making sure your page was marked as you quickly closed your book.

“Don’t Y/N me right now, you’re right,” you confessed whole heartedly, “We’ve put you in the middle of every disagreement we’ve ever had and it’s not fair to anyone, especially you.  You’re Dean’s not so little brother and my best friend and making you feel like you have to choose between us is totally selfish, inconsiderate, and unrealistic.  I don’t know why Dean and I fight as much as we do; I mean, they’re all are so petty, immature, and moronic,” you commented as Sam chuckled lightly, “But I promise we won’t do it anymore, at least around you anyway.  Do you forgive me Bullwinkle,” you smiled calling him his nickname.  When you had 1st heard Crowley call them Moose and Squirrel, you howled in laughter because it was so befitting and decided after that to give them your own original nicknames along those lines, hence Sam was Bullwinkle and Dean was Rocky. 

 Sam sighed over dramatically as he pulled you in for a hug, “I guess.  Even though you tie me up far too much to my liking Natasha.”  

“Yea those poor train tracks,” you giggled against him swatting lightly at him as Dean walked into the kitchen sluggishly letting out a big yawn.   You both looked at him, “Good evening Sleeping Beauty,” Sam joked as you chuckled lightly.

“Yea yea,” Dean sighed as he immediately went to the fridge grabbing himself a beer and joined them at the table, “Look Sammy I…about earlier…” “No worries man,” Sam accepted already knowing what his brother was going to say as you leaned back in your chair letting them have their moment before Sam cleared his throat, “So I don’t know about you guys but that last hunt really took a hit on me and I know we’ve been gone all week but I was thinking…” 

 “You thinking?  What else is new,” you replied sarcastically as Dean chuckled softly.

Sam shot her a quick look before continuing, “I was thinking that it’s been awhile since all 3 of us have hung out together, outside of hunts, and thought bar hopping would be a nice change of scenery.”

Dean raised his eyebrows at him, “Woah, woah, woah are you actually implying that we go out for a night of drinking?”

Sam sighed as he ran his hands through his hair, “Look if you guys don’t wanna go we don’t have to,” he closed his laptop shut abruptly, “Forget I said anything.”

“Are you kidding,” you asked honestly kind of surprised that Sam is the one suggesting this kind of thing.  Normally Dean is the one who organizes events like this but with how rough everything has been lately from dealing with Lucifer’s return and hunting down his nephilim offspring to searching for Cas, a break from it all definitely sounds nice, at least for tonight anyway, “I’m living for this!  Sam Winchester organizing a bar outing and not a research session?”

Dean couldn’t help but agree with you and laughed whole heartedly, “Yea who are you and what have you done with my nerdy, little brother?”

“Just a guy wanting a night out for a change.  Like the good old days before heaven and hell,” Sam sassed back at them as you and Dean looked at him suspiciously.

“Sure it’s not because someone hasn’t gotten a good lay in awhile,” Dean teased patting the back of his shoulder lightly as you busted up laughing while Sam flipped him off.

“Well regardless of whatever the reason is,” you interrupted them between giggles, “You know I’m always down to drink so count me in,” Sam grinned as you both eyed Dean awaiting his answer.

“Alright you got me,” Dean caved, “Since we’re heading out I might as well finish this off,” he smirked as he nursed the rest of his beer.

“Yea just let me get a quick shower in and then I’ll be ready to go,” Sam stated as he made his way to his bathroom.

“I think I’ll freshen up a bit too before we leave,” you smiled getting excited at the fact that you guys were actually going out and doing something other than ganking monsters and demons for a change.

“Huh that’s new,” Dean muttered quietly thinking you didn’t hear him.  Seriously?  After everything that’s happened today, he’s wanting to set you off?  Again?

 “What’s that supposed to mean,” your voice hinted with annoyance as you eyed him suspiciously.

“You never freshen up to go the bar,” Dean stated very matter of factly, “You’ve never exactly been one in touch with your feminine side Y/N…” You stared at him completely appalled.  Oh it’s fucking on.  It’s one thing to insult your hunting skills but now your physical appearance?  Normally you wouldn’t let something so ridiculous like this bother you but you wanted to give Dean a taste of his own medicine and since you’re having a night out on the town with them it’s the perfect excuse; plus, let’s face it, it’s been far too long since you’ve gotten a good lay yourself.  

“Oh I’ll show you feminine,” you angrily marched back into your room grabbing all the supplies you needed.  You knew you didn’t have a lot of time to spare so you decided to curl your hair and for your makeup since you knew your skin was always so clear you opted out of foundation and powder and decided to highlight your eyes by doing a quick smokey eye look and put on a little lipstick and gloss on your lips.  You walked over to your closet and spotted your little black dress.  It’s been years since you’ve worn it; in fact, the last guy who saw you in it was… well, besides the point.  If you weren’t running short on time you would’ve hesitated more but you knew Sam and Dean were waiting on you.  You quickly put it on and a pair of black pump heels which you knew would cause issues later on but fuck it you’re doing anyway to prove a point to Dean.  You grabbed your leather jacket and eyed yourself in the mirror.  You looked hot as hell.  You smirked as you heard Dean call out your name telling you to hurry up so they could leave already.

“Coming,” you yelled back as you left your room.  You made it to the kitchen and as Sam and Dean saw you their jaws dropped.  They’d never really seen you dressed up before up until now.  Even on cases where you were supposed to, you always avoided it all at costs.

“Damn Y/N,” Sam smiled, “You look amazing.”  Oh Sam, always the sweet one.

“Thanks,” you giggled as you did a little spun, “I decided to dress up a bit.  Kind of hoping to get a good lay myself.”  You looked over at Dean and he honestly looked like he could barely keep it together.  His hands fisted at his sides, his eyes were all over you roaming up and down your physique and if he hadn’t made the circumstances so insulting beforehand maybe you’d be flattered but you had to prove your point.

“Well let’s go while the night is still young,” Sam declared as Dean hesitated grabbing his keys out of his pocket.  

You smirked strutting over to him and whispered in his ear quiet enough so Sam couldn’t hear, “How’s this for feminine?”  You heard him groan quietly as you giggled getting into the impala and heading off for a night of crazy shenanigans.  

You arrived at the bar, Sam and Dean immediately finding a booth and settling in it while you grabbed drinks for everyone.  You rushed back over with beers in tow with a big grin on your face as you sat down with them.   You raised your bottle up in the air, “To saving people and hunting things!”   The boys grinned as they raised their bottles up to yours, “To saving people and hunting things,” they repeated after you as you all toasted clinking beer bottles…

You heard a ringing noise echo the room as you groaned softly.  What the fuck was that god damn noise destroying your ear drums?  You sighed in relief as it stopped and you buried your face into the soft, fluffy like cloud that you were resting your head on.  Everything was dark and you wanted it to stay that way.  Then that damn noise was back and you moved your arm around blindly and recklessly trying to stop whatever was making that god awful noise.  You heard something fall and decided to let the light in.  You opened your eyes slowly but surely and groaned at the brightness and the fact that everything was spinning.  You covered your eyes with your hand, only for a second, before removing it later and blinking a few times before sitting yourself up against the headboard coming to your surroundings.  You were in a room, that much you could gather; shockingly enough, but it definitely wasn’t yours.  You looked around: vinyl album covers and different weapons decorated the dark walls, a bookshelf with a few books and pictures, and whatever bed you were laying on right now felt like a dream and you didn’t want to get up.  You saw your discarded phone on the ground, not broken; thank god, as well as what looked like yours and someone else’s clothes scattered on a rug.  You looked on the nightstand next to you and picked up the picture sitting on top of it.  A woman and a little boy.  Both looked so happy and carefree you couldn’t help but smile before staring at it more closely.  Why did they look so familiar to you?  You heard something rustling behind you as you looked down and almost screamed at the sight before you. A guy but not just any guy.  It was the guy.  The last guy that you would ever expect to wake up to like this; yet alone, want to want to wake up to like this.

“Well good morning to you too sweetheart…”

No.  God no.  Hell no.  Fuck no.  This had to be a dream.  A really awful dream.  You needed to wake up.  You pinched yourself and winced only to discover that this, is in fact, real.  You and Dean fucking Winchester both naked as jaybirds waking up in the same god damn bed after a night at a bar drinking.  How you never noticed him nestled up against you so intimately until now was beyond you.  It isn’t hard to put two and two together as you covered your face in your hands seriously not believing your luck.  Out of all the guys in the world, it just had to be him.  It’s like karma bitch slapped you across the face and the universe was laughing at you.  You were dreading this so much already and knew that it was only a matter of time before you had to face reality so that’s exactly what you did. “Dean,” you slowly let his name roll off your tongue as you turned to face him.  

You suddenly recognized now that this was his room which meant you were at home in the Bunker, thank god, because you could’ve ended up in worse places with even worse people.  He honestly looked pretty rough for wear just as you were sure you did as well and while you were noticing all the bad ways, you couldn’t help but notice the pleasantly good ways as well.  Even though you’ve seen him shirtless on countless occasion’s, whether it be patching him up or bumping into him after he gets out of the shower, this was an entirely different circumstance.  You noticed his chest was pressed against your back and how it was chiseled enough so he looked built but also had some flab that showed he wasn’t a perfect, greek Adonis either.  His arms were burly and strong and you couldn’t help but notice how ripped they looked when wrapped around your waist.  Those hazel green eyes always so bright and inviting, anyone could get lost in them and his gaze, especially now.  His light brown hair was slightly disheveled from bed head or maybe sex hair you were kind of dying to know or at least run your fingers through it to see how soft it is.  Those scars.  You could see countless permanently residing on his body.  Just one of the many prices you and others in your field of work have to pay and while others would be appalled by them, you knew that each of them told a story.  Stories you wanted to hear, know, and learn more about.  Your eyes trailed down further seeing his happy trail leading to whatever was underneath those thin, grey sheets leaving little to the imagination as you felt something long and hard poking against your upper thigh.  You couldn’t stop these thoughts that were entering your head.  Why him?  Why like this?  Why now?  Of all the times…

“Dean what the hell,” you hissed trying everything in your power to ignore his ‘not so little’ problem even though it was prodding near your most sensitive area while Dean moved away from you slightly giving you some space.

 “It’s morning,” his voice replied still thick with sleep as you groaned rubbing your thighs together to try and stop whatever witchcraft he’s putting on you.  

Dean noticed you struggling to keep your eyes on anything that wasn’t him, “You like what you see,” he smirked back at her waggling his eyebrows. And there’s that damn smirk again.  Always so condescendingly arrogant and smug.  Whenever he did it to you before, it made you just to punch him in the fucking face but seeing it at this given time was different because now all you wanted to do was fucking punch him in his beautiful face.  Lets be serious, there’s a lot things you want to do to that beautiful face and there’s a lot things you want that beautiful face to do to you.  Everything about him at this very moment was infuriating and honestly you found it kind of hot.  A guy like him?  You would fuck him into-god what was wrong with you?!  All these thoughts and feelings suddenly surfacing in your mind?  You’ve got to snap out of it!

“What happened last night,” you asked quickly trying to change the subject which was proving to be very difficult since said subject and you are sharing the same bed, “All I remember was toasting at the bar and then bam I’m here.”

 Dean sighed flipping over so he was laying on his back while running a hand through his messy hair, “Your guess is honestly as good as mine.”

You watched his chest rise and fall in synchronized time and exhaled expecting as much, “Great,” you gathered the bed sheets holding them up around your slightly bare chest, “Like this could get any worse.”

“Hey Dean have you seen Y/N anywhere?  She said she made it home last night with some guy who looked extremely dilfy but she wasn’t in her room when I…”  

You stand corrected.  It just got fucking worse.  

Sam walked in his big bro’s room without a care in the god damn world until discovering the both of you, in bed, unclothed, together.  His jaw hit the floor before he quickly composed himself and busted up laughing hysterically on sight, “Oh my Chuck!”

You couldn’t help the blush that raised to your cheeks as Dean seemed to be sporting the same look while Sam couldn’t stop his giggle fit, “You and you,” he pointed to you and his brother over dramatically.

“Yea yea Sammy laugh it up,” Dean sighed annoyingly at him while he continued cackling at the both of you.  You crossed your arms over your slightly exposed chest.  This was it.  This topped up to the most utterly humiliating moment of your entire life and all you could do was sit there and take it while the youngest Winchester soaked up this glorious opportunity.

“Guess I have to take back what I said about you being the mature one,” you pouted at him while Sam snickered, “I’m sorry; really, but when you both told me you were bringing someone home last night, the last thing I expected was!”  

“We know,” you and Dean cut him off abruptly at the same time sounding unamused.  

You both looked back at each other before feeling your face heat up more and quickly turned away from each other while Sam was grinning ear to ear as he started to leave the room, “Well I guess I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone to your lovemaking, I’ve had my fill!”

“Seriously,” Dean called out to him exasperatingly before Sam quickly turned back around grabbing his phone and snapping a quick picture of the two of you. 

“Oh my god get out,” you yelled out in frustration as you grabbed one of Dean’s pillows and chucked it at him hard hearing a soft “fuck” from him as he slammed the bedroom door shut knowing you’ve won the battle…for now.  

Once you both knew he was gone for good you groaned hiding your face in Dean’s pillow, “Chuck this is so fucking embarrassing,” you muffled out.

“Yea don’t remind me,” Dean sighed as he grabbed some tylenol and his water bottle from his nightstand.  He tapped your bare shoulder with his finger, offering you some first.  This was new.  You sat up and quickly took the medicine from him, putting them in your mouth, and took a swig of water to wash them down while muttering a quiet thank you as Dean nodded doing the same for himself.   You couldn’t stop yourself from watching him chug the water seeing his adam’s apple move in his throat.  His lips enclosed around the mouth of the water bottle wishing those lips were somewhere else right now.  You immediately felt a familiar warmth in your core and you bit your bottom lip trying to hold back the moan in the back of your throat.   

 Dean wasn’t fairing any better himself.  He’s had far too many naked women in his bed over the years but you’re on an entirely different rating scale.  Everything about you screamed sexy: from your tousled hair he wanted to run his fingers through and tug extra hard, to your plump, supple lips that were begging to be kissed with each sound that escaped your mouth, your eyes that always seemed to spark passion to his eternal flame every time he gazed into them, your soft, enlarged breasts that he wanted to kneed and squeeze in his large hands, your hips that never seem to lie every time they swayed back and forth and thunder thighs he wanted to tease mercilessly, that ass that was just begging to be smacked every time it jiggled and those legs that seemed miles long, especially in that dress last night.  

God that dress, where could he begin?  Ever since seeing you in it, he couldn’t shake the images inside his head or stop his mind from wandering.  He honestly never expected you to go through with it but he also knew you were never one to turn down a challenge.  He’s fully aware that you find dressing up in such a fashion to not only be highly impractical but also uncomfortable as you preferred sporting comfy, casual clothing which he didn’t mind either; in fact, that’s when he found you the most attractive, beautiful even.  While yes you constantly fight and belittle each other, Dean realized that through it all there’s no one else he’d rather end up like this with or just end up with period than you.  

He noticed you biting your bottom lip and he couldn’t stop himself from scooting closer towards you, “Y/N…” The way he was slowly gravitating himself towards you and how his eyes remained locked with yours.  You honestly couldn’t help but follow his lead as you scooted closer to him until you both were laying next to each other in the middle of his bed.  You could practically feel the sexual tension in the air and it was only a matter of time before one of you broke it.  You couldn’t advert your eyes from trailing down to seeing him gently nibbling on his bottom lip.

 “Fuck it,” you muttered under your breath as your lips hungrily attacked his.  Dean groaned against your lips as he kissed you back with as much desperation and fever.  Before you knew it, all the long, forgotten memories from last night flooded your mind: plenty of shared beers, tequila shots (surprise surprise), you and Dean out on the dance floor bumping and grinding against each other, making out in the bar’s unisex bathroom, Dean suggesting to get out of here, leaving the bar with Sam rideless, Dean pressing you up against Baby and making out again in the abandoned bar parking lot, what felt like the longest drive back home as you teased him relentlessly to the point where his knuckles were turning white from gripping the steering wheel so hard in hopes of controlling himself till you were back at the bunker, and Dean parking Baby into the garage and immediately taking you right there on the spot.  In and outside of Baby, on the kitchen counter, in the interrogation room, the library, you lost track of how many times this man fucked you and from what you can remember he was damn good at it too; yet, here you both are, ready to go at it again like a bunch of horny teenagers who can’t keep their hands off each other. 

 Dean nibbled on your bottom lip and as you moaned softly opening your mouth slightly which he took advantage of as he slide his tongue inside your mouth.  Your tongues battling for dominance as he moved himself on top of you so he was hovering over you and you could feel his very obvious erection pressed up against your stomach.  You moaned while tugging at his hair and he growled rather loudly immediately digging his nails into your shoulders.  

“Oh my god,” you broke your kiss looking at him mischievously as you tested your theory tugging at his locks again, “Do you have a kink,” you couldn’t stop the shit eater’s grin that spread across your face as Dean’s cheeks flushed a light shade of pink.

“Shut up,” Dean muttered awkwardly while you smiled gently running your fingers through his tresses as he relaxed into your touch.

“Wow who would’ve guessed the almighty man whore Dean Winchester has a hair pulling kink,” you giggled as he sighed nervously running his hand through his hair, “Don’t worry I don’t kiss and tell.”

“Good,” he nodded as he let his eyes wander down to your exposed chest and experimentally squeezed one of your breasts.  Before you could let out another moan, his mouth was already tugging at your nipple as he squeezed your other breast roughly in his hand.  You groaned as he continued his ministrations rotating between the pair: nipping, sucking, and squeezing your breasts making you writhe and squirm underneath his touch.  He released your nipple with a pop as you pressed soft kisses along his pulse point and gently nipped at his collarbone.  He released a sigh resting his hands on your hips as you let your hands slide up and down his chest and you gazed up at him, his eyes hooded with lust just like yours.

“Are we really doing this,” you asked curiously as your hands snaked around his neck.

“Only if you want to,” he looked to her for confirmation and you couldn’t help but nod dumbly at him as he grinned, “Then get ready because we’re about to get down and dirty.”  

You snort laughed at his lame attempt at a pick up line, “Oh you know I’m always down and dirty,” you smirked as you rolled your hips against his and he groaned, “Especially for you Deano.”  He pulled you in for another lip lock as you melted into the kiss.  There were many things that you were learning about Dean during this little hook up.  The man was way too good with his lips and hands.  Every kiss and touch worshipped your body and left you begging for more.  The way his lips molded perfectly against yours.  He tasted like whiskey with a hint of tobacco which you never pegged him for smoking but it honestly didn’t shock you.  His hands felt so rough against your skin and were slightly cold sending shivers up your spine every time he placed them on you.  He was releasing this inner desire in you that you never even knew you had or could ever feel again but it was Dean.  He’s always had this kind of effect on women but here he was with you instead of some of other hussy making you feel kind of special.  Despite how much you guys fought, you knew deep down that it was to alleviate the brewing sexual tension and possible feelings you harbored for one another.  His hands snaked down your waist until he reached your heated core.  You shuddered as his fingers barely grazed you.

“God damn Y/N you’re soaking wet,” his voice was hush as his fingers were coated in your juices and you chewed on your bottom lip watching him in complete and utter fascination awaiting what he would do next, “If I knew that you were this wet for me I would’ve done something way sooner.  Like this,” he smirked as he brought his fingers up to his lips as he licked his fingers clean and all you could do was gawk.  This was down right the most erotic thing you’ve ever witnessed in your entire life.  You didn’t even have any time to react as he snuck underneath the covers grabbing a hold of your upper thighs pulling you closer towards his face.  You gasped as you felt his tongue trace along your inner folds.  He pulled the sheet up so you could see his face and gazed up you.

“Don’t forget to tell and show me what you like darlin.”  There he was sporting that damn grin again and god if there’s anything you could appreciate about Dean at this moment, was that he always wanted to make every experience the best possible.  He striked you as the kind of guy that got off at others satisfaction and needed constant reassurance and praise and fuck were you not going to be the one to give it to him, especially based off his handiwork so far.  He pulled the covers back over him continued teasing you with his mouth and fingers as your moans began echoing the room getting louder and higher pitched with each movement.  He shoved his tongue deeper inside eating you out while his thumb gently rubbed your clit and you instantly began seeing stars.  You arched your back and shoved your hips closer against his face while roughly tugging at his hair urging him to keep going and he did such that.  You were panting heavily while fisting the bed sheets tightly.  You pouted as you felt him pulling away before he inserted his fingers deep inside you.  You mewled at him as your hands gripped onto his shoulders as he slide his fingers and out of you at a relatively quick pace and then he found your g spot and fuck you lost it.  You were so fucking close and you could feel it boiling deep inside you.

“Y/N,” Dean murmured against you huskily as you quickly aimed your gaze down towards him.  Seeing his face against your heat so intimately was turning you on so god damn much.  Your cheeks were flushed bright red and were breathing erratically awaiting your orgasm and he could tell just how close you really were and it gave him immediate satisfaction, “Let go darlin. For me,” he pleaded and that was all it fucking took as you cried out to him to a final time as you rode through your release while Dean made sure to get every last drop.  

He grinned pulling the covers up again as he slid back up towards you, “Are you an angel because I must have taken your breath away,” he chuckled while you exhaled, “No but Cas is,” you smirked as he frowned instantly and you couldn’t stop the light laughter that escaped your throat.   Dean smiled at you as you were trying to catch your breath before bringing him in for another heated kiss.  Tasting yourself against his lips was definitely weird to say the least but also surprisingly arousing.  He grinned against your lips while pulling the both of you up so he was sitting on the edge of his bed and you were straddled in his lap.  You rolled your hips against him yet again reveling in the feeling of his hard erection rubbing against your clit and you both let a low moan.  You grinned kissing and nipping all the way down his body sinking lower and lower until you were planted on the floor down on your knees looking like a woman praying at church.   

 “Well isn’t this a pretty picture,” Dean smirked down at you as you scoffed softly before taking hold of his member in your hand and experimentally stroked it.  Dean groaned loudly throwing his head back slightly as you purred at his delicious reaction to your touch.

“You’re not the only one who’s good at going down on someone ya know,” you purred as you pumped his dick a few times before taking him in your mouth and Dean nearly lost it then and there.  He growled deeply while harshly tugging at your hair and you bite back a gasp.  Your head bobbed up and down while sliding his girth in and out of your mouth.  Dean could only marvel at you as your lips wrapped around the head of his dick.  He threw his head back and let out the most erotic sigh you’ve ever heard in your entire life and you could already feel the heat pool between your legs again.  You continued your ministrations as he let out low groans grasping the bed sheets.  His breathing became ragid and you smiled knowing he was close and as much as you wanted to show off your deep throating talents that was just going to have to wait because you wanted the main show to start already.  You released his dick with a pop and you heard his annoyed exasperation.  

You stood up with a smirk on your face, “Don’t think we’re done yet Winchester,” you purred as you pushed him on the bed to where he was laying down and you crawled on top of him.  All he could do was gawk and marvel and stare up at you.  Dean figured you would always be a pretty good lay and he can’t say he hasn’t thought about it before but so far it’s exceeded his expectations and he hasn’t gotten to the best part yet.  He’s slept with countless woman over the course of his life and while he knew some where equally, if not better skilled than you, there was something he was feeling with you that he hasn’t really felt for any other woman he’s conquered: love.  Only one other woman earned that spot before you but he had to experience it and her in order to truly experience you which he definitely planned on doing after this was all through but until then…

“Dean,” your sultry voice as well as you slowly rubbing the tip of his cock around your already wet entrance awoke him from his day dreaming.  He choked back a moan as he gazed up at you.  You were biting your lower lip and your eyes were practically screaming seduction as he let his hands rest on your hips.  

“I want you to fuck me,” your normally soft spoken voice was now laced with desire and full of demand, “Fuck me Dean Winchester.  Fuck me into the mattress.  Fuck me until I can’t walk or talk straight.  Fuck me,” you tried finishing your train of thought before Dean had decided he had enough and flipped you over on your back roughly as he decided to give you what you wanted by thrusting his dick inside you.  You nearly lost it right there on the spot as he quickly grabbed your legs placing them over his shoulders.

“Oh I’ll fuck you alright.  I’ll fuck you until we can’t hunt anymore,” he whispered huskily into your ear before he slammed his cock deeper inside you.  You moaned louder while gripping the headboard for support as he continued to fuck you hard and fast.  With each thrust your moans got louder and higher pitched until Dean had you screaming.

“Oh Dean,” you cried out to him and there was his smug little smirk repaying a visit onto his face.   He continued his movements while he grunted out to you, 

“That’s right Y/N.  Scream my name baby, for all of heaven and hell to hear.”  Something inside you snapped as you flipped him over so he was on his back this time.  

“Now it’s my turn,” you lowered yourself back onto him and he groaned at the contact while watching you ride him.  He made a quick grab for your tits groping them in his hands. “Fuck,” you hissed while continuing your pace and soon enough you were back to the state you were in a few seconds ago.  Dean smirked up at you as he rubbed your clit with his thumb and you mewled lightly clawing at his chest.  He growled almost anomalistically as he flipped you onto your back again.  You weren’t finding this to your liking however and decided to flip him back over.  Dean obviously not a fan of this either fought back and soon it became a battle of dominance.  Who would reign victorious for control?

“Y/N I swear to chuck,” he barked at her before pinning her down by securing her wrists above her head and trapping her by grounding his hips against her own, “Do you want to come or not?”

“Maybe,” you teased and he let out a low, almost primal growl which made you freeze in place.  If there was anything sexy about Dean you had to say it was when he lost his temper.  He always so domineering and rough but not in an abusive or aggressive way.  It was in a way that you knew he wouldn’t take shit from anyone and that he meant business.

“Get on all fours.  Now,” he ordered as you quickly obeyed his command positioning yourself on all fours so you were facing the headboard.   He got behind you instantly, “Dean what are you going to,” you stopped mid sentence feeling his hand slap hard against your ass cheek.  You couldn’t stop the deep groan that escaped your throat.  Before you could even prepare yourself, he spanked you again and again until you couldn’t take it anymore.

“Daddy,” you let the word slip off your tongue.  Dean stopped mid spank as his eyes widened in shock.  He honestly never pegged you to be into the kink but seeing you bent over for him on his bed and his hand print etched on your ass cheek it definitely did something to him.  

“Say it again,” his eyes twinkled as he flipped you onto your back roughly and you squeaked in surprise.

“Dean,” you breathed his name while your face flushed slightly at his reaction to discovering your secret kink. “That’s not it,” he smirked as he hovered you.

“Daddy,” you whispered as he growled and slid his cock deep inside you and you choked back a loud moan.  You were both back where you started as he slammed in and out of you at a rough and vigorous pace.  You were clawing at his back with each thrust while he was leaving love marks all over you.  Soon you felt yourself slipping and Dean wasn’t fairing any better himself.  Your bodies were flush pressed against each other and the air around you was primal with need.

“Who’s your daddy Y/N,” Dean grunted at you as his cock was hitting your g spot over and over and at that moment all your self control was lost.  

“Oh chuck you, you are,” you moaned loudly as you aggressively tugged at his hair and he groaned before gripping your forearms tightly and continued his ministrations.  You could feel yourself on the edge as you began chanting his name like it was a fucking prayer.  

Dean was mesmerized, seeing you like this all because of him and he could feel himself push past the breaking point, “Scream for me Y/N.  Scream for so Sam, Cas, hell even Crowley to hear,” he muttered huskily in your ear as he lifted your leg up propping it on his shoulder as he thrusted harder, “Let them all hear that you’re mine.”  The sounds of his gravely voice commanding you, skin slapping together, and the bed rocking back and forth was all out took as you cried out his name one final time before feeling your release and seeing stars.  Dean grunted as he did a few more lazy thrusts and dug his nails into your hips before releasing his seed deep inside you.  

Both of you panting heavily riding out your highs as your bodies were glistening in a thin layer of sweat.  Dean sighed deeply as he removed your leg from resting on his shoulder and quickly pulled out while collapsing next to you.

“Holy shit,” Dean exhaled breathily as you giggled lightly snuggling into his chest.  Dean gasped at your nice gesture before wrapping his arm around your waist pulling your closer to his chest.  You smiled relaxing into his embrace.  You could definitely get used to this.  

You both sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes before Dean decided to speak up, “Y/N…”   

 “Yea,” you looked up at him before he sighed slowly running his hand through his hair, “What’s up,” you asked curiously as he eyed you anxiously.  You’ve never seen him look so nervous like this and it was making you feel weary too.

“I want to give this a shot,” he spoke hesitantly while you eyed him in confusion.

“Give what a shot,” you asked while Dean sighed turning towards you. “Us.”   You stared at him skeptically, “What about us?”

“Y/N,” he started, “You can’t seriously deny this unspoken thing between us.” You looked at him questioningly, “Unspoken thing?”

“Yea,” he interrupted quickly, “I’ve felt it since we first met.  Seeing you mourn over your husband after the exorcism,  You were so vulnerable and defeated.  I’ve never felt more compelled to someone in my entire life and wanted nothing more than to be there and help you through it because losing loved one’s in our line of business never gets easier.”

 All you could do was listen.  You felt obliged to hear him and the rest of his crazy but relatable theory out, “Dean…”

“Ya know I actually felt like we got along in the beginning.  I don’t know what happened along the way but we just started arguing which was all fine and dandy, until it became more frequent and self destructive.  It kind of hurt, not knowing why this was happening so suddenly but despite it all, I still wanted you here and to be around you, which was and still is confusing to me,” he knew he was starting to ramble but he had to get this out.  He had to tell you.

You gulped nervously, already seeing the direction this conversation’s has taken as Dean continued, “Maybe it’s just me; I don’t know, but I think we act like we hate each other and fight so much because deep down we know we have feelings for one another…I know I do.”

You were definitely shocked to say the least and honestly couldn’t believe what you just heard yet alone witnessed.  While it was very a subtle attempt at a love confession, it was still a love confession nonetheless that was very much Dean: honest, meaningful, and real.  It’s the most open you’ve ever seen him.  Like he said about you previously, he looked so vulnerable and  you could practically see his heart on his sleeve because he had feelings for you and you alone.  He knew the risks and complications with romance in the hunting profession yet here he was putting himself on the line all for you.  It made you feel very special in a way that no other man has made you feel before, including your deceased husband.  Despite all the conflict and turmoil that crossed your path, everything always felt easier with Dean, better even.  You had honestly never thought about this before, yet alone the idea of you and Dean up until this point but now that’s out and in the open…

“I mean I feel like we have something great here and there’s nothing I want more than to go through life with you,” he blatantly confessed his eyes glistened slightly.  

“Dean I,” you started as you felt tears welling up.  No man has ever gone this above and beyond for you and made you feel the way Dean’s made you feel.  He was right, you fell for him.  You fell for him and wanted to grow with him and love him with every fiber of your being.

“Y/N it’s okay,” he quickly cut you off looking completely and utterly defeated while his gaze shifted downwards away from you, “Don’t worry I’m used to this.  If you want we can just act like this never happened and go back to hating each other agai-,” you stopped his train of thought by pressing your lips against his in a short but sweet lip lock.  

Dean’s eyes widened as you pulled away slowly, “You’re right,” you hesitated softly, “About the unspoken thing and as for us, I’d like to give us a shot too,  If you still want me,” you professed tears falling down your face as Dean pulled you to him and kissed you passionately.  You smiled into the kiss as he pulled away wiping away the tears that stained your face.

“I’m sorry for making you cry,” he apologized as you scoffed in disbelief.  Only Dean would apologize for something so mediocre. “It’s okay,” you giggled as you leaned into his touch, “They’re happy tears and I’ve needed a good cry like this for years now so thank you.  Also I wasn’t expecting you to be such a diehard romantic.”

“You caught me,” he chuckled sticking his tongue out at you while wrapping his arms around your waist, “Let anyone in on my Humphrey Boggart, casanova exterior and you’re dead to me.” You laughed whole heartedly while snuggling into his embrace, 

“Don’t worry you secret life and our chick flick moment is safe with me.”  You both remained in bed making up for what felt like lost time and for the first time in your life, you truly felt…             

Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge

I just reached 16,000 followers! Yay! 

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I have decided to host another writing challenge to celebrate.

I love me a good romantic comedy (aka the romcom). Love them. I also love some good fluff fics, the fluffier the better. I decided to combine the two and the end result is Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge!

Below, you will find a list of some of my favorite romantic comedies, along with quotes from those movies. Your challenge, should you accept it, is to write a fluffy fic including the quote from the movie.

The Rules and Regulations:

Female reader inserts with Sam, Dean, or John Winchester only. No ships (no hate meant, it’s just easier this way).

Your fic can be as many words as you want; I do ask that you please try to make it at least 500 words. Please add a “keep reading” for fics over 500 words. If it doesn’t have a “keep reading” I will not reblog it.

Please make it a one shot or the first part of a series. AU’s are also okay.

Please tag me, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and use the hashtag #mimi’s romcom fluff challenge. Make sure the hashtag is in the first 5 tags. If I don’t like it within in 48 hours, I didn’t see it. If that happens, please send me a message.

Please mention somewhere in your author’s notes that it is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog RomCom Fluff Challenge and which prompt you had.

The most important rule, it MUST contain fluff. No angst (side-eyes a couple of my writer friends - you know who you are). I want the fluff. It can have smut, but it doesn’t have to. But, there must be fluff.

How to sign up:

Send me an ASK. Not a reply, reblog or IM, it needs to be an ask. Also, don’t send it on anon, I need to know who is participating. If it’s from your side blog, please mention the name of your side blog.

In the ask please tell me:

  • The number you want and whether you will be writing Sam, Dean or John Winchester. Please send at least one alternative in case your first choice is taken.
  • If you are writing from your sideblog, please give me the name of the blog.
  • One prompt per writer (for now).

Fics are due by Saturday, September 2nd. That is about two and a half months. If you can’t make the due date, send me a message to ask for an extension. I won’t be mad or upset. Life happens, I get it. I do ask that if you sign up and can’t finish the fic for whatever reason, please let me know. I may be able to find someone who would like to take your place.

Movies and quotes are below the cut:

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Children, ew.

[Imagine the Squad finding you]

You’re a fighter. Your school suspensions and broken wrist could testify. It wasn’t that you liked getting in fights–that was a lie. You loved it. The feeling of empowerment whenever your fist connected with some douche with a stick up his rear-end. The moment you saw one of those things, you knew there was no way you were going to walk right of the city without getting your hand at least a little bloody.

Well, that was your original idea, anyway.

You glared at the three mutated things with mild disgust. Your hands tightened around the metal pipe you managed to find as your feet took a slow step back. They bobbed their head to the side, blinking. Their face covered in eyes was seriously grossing you out.

You watched as the middle one blinked again before coming at you. Your lips curled in an unconscious smirk as you easily dodged his body. You swung the pipe, watching as it went through the back of his skull, shattering the stone face, and came out the front. The two other ones didn’t waste a moment before coming at you. You watched their movements and brought up your pipe and quickly moved in between them. You brought up your leg, tripping one as your hands swung again causing the pipe to go through the other one’s face. 

Swiping the sweat from your brow, you easily turned on your heel to face the one on the ground. While it was still trying to regenerate, you brought the pipe back down. One. Two. Three. Four. You lost count after awhile, watching as it’s body crumbled into pieces.

A hand wrapped around your arm, stopping you from going any further. “Kid, it’s dead-” The person turned you around, arm loosening slightly- “You can stop hitting it.”

You pushed him away, eyes barely taking in the group of people in front of you, “I’m not a kid.”

“Where’s your parents?” The man asked, his hands tightening around the gun he held.

“What’s it to you?” You crossed your arms over your chest, glaring.

“I think they’re homeless…” Harley whispered, leaning towards Floyd.

“Did you see them?” George pushed his head between the two of them, “They beat the shit out of those things!”

“Shouldn’t we take them somewhere safe?” Chato countered, eyes narrowing in on you with concern.

“We could always keep ‘em?” Harley suggested.

Floyd rolled his eyes, “We can’t keep a child, Dollface, but we can help them.”

Rick sighed, “Listen, kid, it’s unsaf-”

“What’s unsafe is having a team filled with villains. Considering the uniform you’re wearing and the weapons you’re holding, you’re military. Which means either the government is housing criminals and using them for their own gain or you’re rogue and the ones who did all this.” Your eyes narrowed in on the group behind him, sighing. “If you let me tag along, I won’t tell anyone what I saw. All I need is a safe way out.”

“Fine.” Rick turned towards the group and used his gun to point at them, “If they die, so do you.”

He walked past them in irritation. A smirk grew on your lips as the team, all holding some form of shock on their face, watched as you followed after the guy, stopping before you could completely pass them.

“So…” You trailed off, grinning. “How many people have you guys killed?”

DATE: SEPT. 7 2016

What Are You Waiting For?

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Summary: There are a million reasons why getting together with Gabriel would be a terrible idea but when he crashes yet another hunt can you counter all his arguments or should you just give in?

Word Count:  1667 words

Prompt: “I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing, whadda ya mean bad?”

A/N: This one is my entry for the lovely @jalove-wecallhimdean and the superbusters challenge which was inspired!

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” You hummed as you made your way down the dark hallway of the abandoned school behind Dean with Sam bringing up the rear.

“Really?  You’re quoting Star Wars right now?” Dean rolled his eyes and huffed out a sigh. He couldn’t deny his spidey senses were tingling too but he’d wanted to use that line.

“I can’t think of a better time.” You shrug as you peer into the blackness of yet another empty classroom.

“I have no idea what you two are bickering about now but can you just not for, say, the next five minutes?” Sam sighed.  You and Dean had been niggling at each other for the past few days and Sam had no idea why, wasn’t sure he wanted to know, but it was getting on his last nerve.

“I’m just saying, it’s quiet…” you began innocently only to have the elder Winchester stop dead in his tracks and glare at you.

“If you finish that sentence with ‘a little too quiet’ I swear to god…”

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Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

Characters: Y/n, OC Ellie, Lisa, Ben, Dean

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Not much. Just angst at the end.

Word Count: 691

Summary: Y/n runs into the last person she ever wants to see in her new home. 

A/N: Ok, random fic here. Just got this idea and wrote it. Probably not gonna be a part 2 or anything, cos I don’t really like the whole Lisa thing and I couldn’t write her constantly in a fic that’s not AU. So probs no part 2, but I hope u like this. 

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“Ellie! Sweetheart, can you please not play with the bubble wrap?”

Y/n heard the little girl giggle and sighed, knowing she wasn’t going to listen at all.

She continued unpacking the boxes, glad the movers had done almost everything beforehand, and even put stuff up for a little bit more money.

Placing the last plate in the cupboard, y/n looked around and smiled.

Her new house was complete.

“Mommy! Mommy! The door!”

Y/n turned around, too taken in observing her kitchen, that she hadn’t heard the doorbell.

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Of Owfucks and Accents

For @eloquentdreams, who likes owfucks and Jason Todd’s mouth. Well, why not both?

“I’ma lay it aaalllll out for you, Replacement.”

Normally, keeping company with the Red Hood is just another, subtle way of saying please, stab me somewhere vulnerable; especially for certain former Robins.

Red, however, hasn’t been that Robin for a while now—not that he’d expect Hood to know or really give a shit. It’s fine, he’s got promises to keep regardless of Hood’s hate for all things Tim Drake.

His gloves are getting the right kind of tacky, the one where you know you might have a good bleeder from just the right hit; Hood’s is close to his femoral (and makes this little sitch just that much more awkward considering the two of them still jump for weapons at the sight of one another, but hey, at least they’re making progress); regardless, it’s a nice owfuck for him to be worried about.

“Maybe you should focus on staying conscious,” Red drawls out, listening to the soft, modified sounds of the helmet. “I mean, do you really want to go over the old monologue? ‘You replaced me, I’ll never forgive you, here take this knife to the face. We’ve been there, done that, kind of thing? Why not change it up a little?”

The elements are not kind for his bare hands, but the cold works at slowing down Hood’s blood pressure, making the wound bleed out slower—well, sort of winning. If Red could feel the tips of his fingers, he’s probably be getting on with the whole sew his shit together a little faster.

“Gotta be a little motherfucker about alla it didn’ ya?” And yup, welcome to the slur train.

Regardless, Red isn’t stupid and he sure as hell isn’t going to take his eyes off Hood’s lax hands until he is far, far the fuck away; he’s learned his lesson in regards to one Jason Peter Todd—and that is to never take an eye off. Next thing you know, you’re bleeding out from a slit throat. A Joker’s smile to remember him by.

Yeah, Red made promises about Jason Todd and Damian Wayne—that doesn’t mean he’s going to forget what they are.

“I was already in that particular section of Gotham Harbor. I figured I could just bypass the fine for littering if I pulled your ass out, Hood. Being a good citizen and all that.”

There. Lidocaine, slap a nice piece of gauze over it. The second he’s done, Red back off, both hands raised up in that ‘I’m unarmed, don’t stab/shoot/maim my ass.’

The altered laugh coming out of the helmet sounds off and not just because of the synths. “Aw, m’ almost hurt, y’ little shit. Don’t wanna hang around wit’ yer big brother. Think I’ma try slitting your fucking throat from down here or some shit?”

Red doesn’t let it get to him, not really. In some very fucked-up ways, he gets where Jason Todd is at. Really.

“The last time we ‘met,’ you did try.”

“Mmh. Also asked you t’ be my Robin, yeah? What with the Bat gone and the cowl up for the next up-and-coming. I coulda had it if you’da gone along for the ride. Fuck, you’d still have your R at least, not that little Demon. Who’s the dumbfuck now?”

Red picks himself up, takes another step back, “me,” he answers without hesitation, “I’m good with it at this stage. Bye, Hood. Better luck next time.”

The huff from the helmet as he fires his grapple could be a laugh, but really, Red doesn’t count on it.


This time is purely by accident. Really, who gets tangled in a tuna net? Isn’t that the kind of shit they do in cartoons or something?

Apparently, the Red Hood got somewhat caught up in the latest shipment of guns/drugs/fluffy animals since Red is literally pulling the net up the old-fashioned way. Luckily, the baddies Hood didn’t get are laying around the deck in a whole lot of unconscious while the Gotham Dock Patrol is probably running elbows over assholes to get out in open water.

“We shouldn’t be meeting like this,” Red calls out absently, “I mean, what would the rag mags have to say about vigilante canoodling?”

“What the hell,” Hood manages, while he’s pulled up in degrees, “you fucking following me or some shit, Replacement?”

“My systems pinged the serial numbers from the nine crates on this ship,” Red deadpans, gripping the next hold of the ancient rope that is ridiculously strong and hauling up another few feet.

“—Fucking wid’ me ain’t chu?”

“Not even a little. Drugs and chemical weapons in one go? That’s seriously a vigilante’s wet dream.”

Another few yanks and he can use a whirlybird to cut the ropes—

Hood’s hand comes up, grips his wrist, and he almost, almost jerks back just because, you know, multiple scars from this guy trying to kill him and all. Red makes a split-second choice, grips Hood’s forearm with his other hand, and pulls the guy up over the side of the boat.  He braces a boot against the railing to get more purchase, keeping an eye out on the crew laying haphazardly around as well as the lights starting up by the docks to signal a whole lot of police infiltration that’s going to be on their asses soon (as many, many of the city’s law enforcement seriously dislike the cape and cowl crew). So of course, he totally should have expected the .45 to the face the second Hood has a grip of the railing, but, well, other things happening at that moment.

Red breathes, backs up a step as the Hood vaults over, still holding the gun (the whirlybirds in his hand hidden just behind his leg; he’d be damned if he’s going down now) on him in a slightly less steady hand.

“Want to tell me why you give a fuck about chemicals to poison Gotham’s water supply? Maybe you’re just after the Coors Light on board?”

Keep up the talk, keep him occupied in case shit has to go down.

Hood keeps the gun trained, but the other hand comes up, finger pointed almost in Red’s face, “ya gotta be shittin’ me right now, asshole. Coors is fucking piss in a bottle, you feel me?

“I don’t drink.” And Red waits for it—the sound of the click, the safety coming off, the first move, of the Hood giving him another fight of his life (and maybe this time finishing it).

And a tremble goes through that hand as it slowly, slowly lowers just enough, “well…maybe that’s something worth changing, Replacement. When ya decide t’ get that stick outta yer ass, gimmie a call.”

Hood salutes him with two fingers and dives off the side of the boat just as the flashing lights signal the get the hell out alarm. Red huffs and takes off, trying not to focus on the stunning lack of blood and bullet holes.


It’s…not a good one. Seriously, terrorist douche bags are right up there on his list with asshole aliens and Lex Luthor.

He’s taking a long minute to sit on the roof to, you know, rest, bleed out a little more, just generally hang while the Titans might just pick him up sometime after they’re done with that epic lazer tag battle (or, well, maybe not…he might have set off the sensors in the suit if he hadn’t deactivated them an hour ago, oops).

But, at least, another crime solved, another set of evil doers down for the count. Innocent people saved. And his vision is starting to waver, the pain ebbing and flowing in waves—

“Well, well. Lookit what Santa left me for bein’ a good lil’ boy this year.”

What the fuck?

But it’s dark, so dark, and he can’t

The swaying is strangely soothing when he comes to. The pain in his abdomen is a sharp and searing owfuck because he’s pressing against something hard, unforgiving and it’s…

Red briefly considers he may have had a stroke, or maybe just completely bled out and is probably dead as shit right now because—

He’s being carried through some back alleyway in Seoul over the shoulder of the fucking Red Hood (and sometimes he understands why Cassie gets so irritated with him—almost dying usually gets their dander up); his world is abruptly tossed about as Hood pretty much drops him on some surgeon’s table where Red spits out a mouthful of blood. He manages a breath before the sight of Hood’s fist takes up his vision and he’s—


Who knows how long later, he wakes up alone on the floor of the BI a safe house with the hole in his abdomen stitched. He feels like ass and the floor is not a happy place for the bruises and contusions, but when he manages to sit up enough to look around, there’s a six pack up on the counter.

Red flops back down and grins a little. It might just get easier to keep that promise.

heplacedthestars  asked:

Why are you anti hook?? 😐🙀

[adele voice] hello

(the following mess is just my opinion. if you like hook, that’s great! i just…don’t.)

why don’t i like hook? because i’m petty -no, actually that’s not it. 

well it kind of is but let’s start from the beginning.

now i started watching ouat from season 4 [cough cough] not because of frozen, what? [cough] and i had heard about captain swan and it seemed to me one of those solid ships and i never felt any reason to argue against it.

hook seemed…stale. i’d seen his type before in YA novels. that kind of white guy ‘swagger’, the british accent, the dark hair, the intense eyes, the arrogance that somehow looks “charming”.

i mean, let’s be real, colin o’donoghue is pretty. and i completely endorse and appreciate that.

but hook as a character…eh. i could basically tell what he was about to do before he did it. he was like a male manic pixie dream girl? like more of a concept and eye candy than an actual character.

i didn’t dislike him, but i was too busy crying over elizabeth lail and georgina haig to bother with him too much.

and then i found ouat on my netflix and decided to cycle through the first three seasons on my end of the school year binge last year.

and that’s where it crumbled.

it’s my firm belief, and i don’t know if this was confirmed or not, but i feel like hook was originally supposed to be like august or zelena or aurora, like maybe a two to five episode character? maybe a season-long character, at best. 

because he felt like a passerby. he didn’t feel too important. and i did actually like him. he was dastardly, yet funny. 

but he also did really bad things. and my memory is fuzzy at best, but i do remember he did some pretty bad things.

he was compelling to me, but he didn’t have regina’s allure. i didn’t really…want to care about him.

and then he just…didn’t leave.

they were pretty good about tying up his backstory in seasons 2 and 3 and i actually really liked his tale. season 3a probably did the best by him. he had a brother, he was a real captain who went through real tragedy.

and then [sighs] then came the love triangle.

now let’s rewind a little bit, back to neal cassidy my angel, my precious one, my love

the second i met neal/baelfire for the first time, i was glued. his childhood was tragic, horribly, horribly so. abandoned by his own mother, and then he was forced to watch his father gradually turn into such a despicable monster that he chose his own power over him.

and he was still kind. he was still sweet, gentle. not a saint, no, not by any means, but still.

and he and emma shared that. a lost girl, a lost boy, both stupidly in love and both trying to survive.

was neal tortured? probably. but he didn’t use that as a crutch? he had every chance to be evil and he never did.

not only that, but he and emma had a child together. and no, i’m not saying he should have ditched her and let her go to prison, of course not. but you can’t deny that emma still loved him so much, more than she could even bear and he felt the same.

so when emma and hook kissed for the first time, i was like

because emma and hook’s relationship was more of a slap-slap-kiss routine. for me, at least, it didn’t have the same appeal. sexy, maybe, but it lacked substance. they as a unit lacked substance. like i just felt that putting the relationship there was…bad storytelling? sure, they were two pretty people who could exchange sassy lines, but that wasn’t enough for me.

also, they way hook talked about wooing emma seemed really creepy? like that whole “i won’t stop until you say yes” mantra is really…gross to me. “when you say yes”; it’s not romantic in my eyes. maybe it was supposed to come out different, but compelling romances aren’t just driven completely by one side, and usually when the other side isn’t as forward i feel like the other should, you know, take a hint

but i think people really liked it? and hook still wasn’t leaving. so episodes go by, i keep watching.

and then neal died. 

and i was like

i was livid. and it seemed awfully convenient, at least to me. neal and emma had confessed their love to each other, and then he died. and hook still wasn’t leaving.

and that’s where the pettiness lies. to be completely honest, one reason i don’t like hook is because i like neal better

so then, i get to season 4 again. my perspective is tainted, and i’m bitter and salty but nothing really happens so i go on to season 5.

season 5 season 5 seASON FIVE.

the real mess.

and i can complain about season 5 in another post, but watching emma and hook, they seemed so forced. i heard a good rule of thumb once: if a couple has to kiss for people to see they’re in love, you’re writing it wrong.

not only that, but hook suddenly became so important that emma appeared to be prioritizing him over other people, and i nitpick because this is a show about family, so i felt like we’d see more of emma and her parents and regina and…i don’t know, her son than her and hook.

and then we learn the real reason emma went dark. 

because she didn’t want to move in with her boyfriend

ok, i shouldn’t put it like that. but at this point, i felt like the writers were beating a dead horse with emma’s emotions. emma has commitment issues, emma has commitment issues, emma has commitment issues, yes. and they are valid. but proper character development dictates that emma should overcome that. and i know she’s scared, especially because people she loved have been ripped away from her, but at the same time, i didn’t like how it was written. i didn’t believe the darkness had to be about…him.

and now most of my bitterness stems from what i believe to be bad writing. i don’t agree with emma’s decision to turn hook dark to save him. but at the same time, he took that opportunity to instantly become such a douche. emma and rumple didn’t necessarily go around terrorizing everyone the second they became dark but hook just went right for it.

and then they’re spending season 5b trying to do what looks like to me damage control. hook suddenly has a really sad childhood and his brother and all this stuff and this is why you should feel sorry for him and it’s like um…great. not working for me.

tl;dr: i don’t hate hook, but i don’t like the way he’s written. i don’t feel like colin is getting the room to act at his full potential.

he isn’t a compelling character for me.

i don’t like the way captain swan was introduced into the show, nor how they interact. i feel like neal and emma, and in turn, michael and jennifer are more natural and have better chemistry on screen. this is biased thinking, but there it is.

and finally, i don’t like the way they’re trying to quickly whitewash him. i feel like that he’s done some really horrible things in his life and he needs to spend time answering for them, and i don’t think he can achieve that by putting the burden on emma and using her as a sort of morality pet, using just her as a motivation to be good or noble.

he needs more time.

[so thanks for reading my graduate thesis on why hook is not my favorite. again, these are personal opinions and i’m not trying to attack anyone who feels differently, but this is what i feel. also, i just tag ‘anti hook’ because it isn’t fair to post my negative opinions and shove them in the faces of people who do like him.]

fried-ferret  asked:

Saw one of your posts, who's this Ken guy and what did he do?

Bit of a tale there, so I’ll try to keep it brief. 

Ken Penders is the former head writer for the Archie Sonic comic, coming in 1993 and then leaving in 2006 (he quit). He is generally credited with taking what was formerly a slapstick, gag-a-day comic and taking it in a more story driven direction. 

He is also infamous for being a massive prick.

Even in his heyday he made many, many questionable creative choices when on the book, and in general was just a really lousy writer who owed much of his success to the strength of the Sonic brand than to his own talents, and in particular was kept on board due to neither SEGA or Archie paying much attention to him and what he did, giving him virtually free reign over the books, which he treated much like his own personal setting rather than something he was working on the behalf of another company. 

His actions include trying to repeatedly permanently kill off a lead female character, and then later derailing that character into an unlikable shrew who was all but under her father’s thumb, trying to permanently kill off the main villain of the franchise in the hopes of replacing him with his own villains, whoring out his own creations and contributions at the expense of characters from the games and shows, and generally ignoring works by other writers in favor of his own- while at the same time feeling free to take credit for things that they started. In particular he is infamous for being deeply obsessed with the stories and characters he created for the Knuckles the Echidna series, to a deeply unhealthy degree, not helped by him simply picking pieces of his own life and inserting them into the book (even going so far as to have Knuckles eventually wind up in an untraditional marriage similar to Penders own for a future timeline set of stories). And in general, his work is infamous for it’s poor pacing, heavy reliance on exposition, poor dialogue and inability to give characters their own voices, while also being rife with problematic attitudes with regards to gender, sexuality and race- all the while declaring himself to be an intense liberal, and yet utterly failing to let it shine through in his writing despite him claiming otherwise. The man once lifted a holocaust poem in order to give substance to a story that had none- deadly serious. 

As a person, Penders is infamous for his arrogance and general poor behavior. He absolutely refuses to hear any kind of criticism of his work, whether said criticism is delivered in a polite manner or in a rough manner, he routinely dismisses the problems others have with his work, and when confronted tends to simply ignore anything that contradicts him or would prove troublesome againt his own arguments. He hypes up his importance in the Sonic Franchise on the whole, even going so far as to suggest that he ‘gave Knuckles value’ and generally claiming to be far more influential than he actually is/was- the Archie Sonic series is not available outside North America beyond speciality stores, and even then, SEGA has never included any of his works or characters within their games. In particular he is also known for a deeply passive aggressive attitude towards his successor on the comic (a former fan of his), whose work he has jabbed and at one point even accused of thieving off his own ideas, while having never actually read any of Flynn’s work and making his accusations under very flimsy pretenses. 

There is also the matter of him being a limosuine liberal- Penders likes to fancy himself as being an incredibly radical progressive, while at the same time making works that run completely counter to those ideals. His female leads in the Sonic comic are destined, literally destined to become housewives who play second fiddle to their husbands, he claimed to be anti-monarchy while promoting a secret society of blood relatives (Knuckles family) that has the right to spy on people, and in one of his few Non-Sonic works, he boasted about creating an All-Asian superheo team called The Lost Ones… which still spent much of its focus on a white FBI Agent, and included black people only as the cyborg minions of a white supervillain. 

Deadly serious. 

The real clincher though was his lawsuit against SEGA, which spiralled into one of the most bizzare legal cases in comic history. 

There’s a really great recap of that here.

But to make ANOTHER super long story short- SEGA with Bioware made a game called Sonic Chronicles, which used ideas and concepts similar to those Penders had made for the Knuckles Archie comic. Penders then proceeded to claim copyright on everything he had made for Archie, and sued SEGA for damages, which in turn led to Archie suing him. What should have a slam dunk case turned into a clusterfuck when it was revealed that Archie had lost the work for hire contracts, which Penders claimed never existed (even though past statements of his cast doubt on this). There was a settlement, and everything Penders made for the comic was discarded, along with everything every other writer had made due to Archie not desiring a repeat thanks to the legal weakness exposed by the case, resulting in a continuity reboot for the comic… meanwhile, Penders case against Bioware and SEGA was dismissed, but he never discusses that part. 

Since that time Penders has talked of turning his contributions into their own comic and continuing the stories he had started within Sonic, in a book series that will be dubbed The Lara-Su Chronicles… despite having no real legal right to the Sonic universe or the characters. His attempts to make it more original have failed miserably, with Penders ultimately still trying to ride the coattails of his time in the Sonic franchise and doing as little as possible to sever the connection, all the while plaguing the internet with his increasingly horrible artwork. He has been at this since 2012, and has released nothing despite talking endlessly about it and finding time to argue constantly with people on his twitter, all the while generally making an ass of himself. 

Many of his stances since the trial have betrayed an enormous amount of hypocrisy on his part- he wants to be seen as a champion of creators rights and promotes himself as such, while at the same time feeling free to plagiarize SEGA and use images and materials that do not belong to him for his Lara-Su work, and many of his ‘original’ ideas are a hodgepodge of glued together concepts from other science fiction franchises that he has done little to make his own. One particular low was the fact that he actually stole the name for his series from a fanwork made by a longtime defender of his, whom he has not yet contacted despite having so much time to do everything else. 

It’d take me far, far far too long to list all the reasons the fandom hates him- just look up the ‘Ken Penders is a Douche’ tag here on tumblr and you’ll be treated to the various things he said and did, which should hopefully paint you a fuller picture of the precise reasons why this fandom loathes him so. Even all the stuff I have said thus far? Doesn’t cover every last thing. This really IS the ‘long story short’ version, and it almost tempts me to make a masterpost chronicling all of his various misdeeds and statements. 

It’d be really easy to dismiss all of this as a the result of butthurt fans, but the simple truth of the matter is that Penders really is kind of a horrid person in general, and that the reasons people in this fandom hate him go even beyond the lawsuit and it’s results. 

So to sum it up? He’s hated for being a shitty writer and artist who refuses to improve, for being an arrogant douchebag who trash talks people who can’t talk back or offer a counterpoint, for being a hypocrite who has no ability to be consistent, for being a theif and a liar, and for being a control freak who viewed the Sonic franchise as his own private dominion as well as innapropriately inserting his own family issues into the book. 

The fandom is happy to be rid of him, even if many regret the loss of his contributions… if only because others were able to do much better things with his characters and ideas than he himself could ever manage. 

Fandoms are not Toxic

Now before you reblog this please actually hear me out because I think a lot of people have become blinded by tumblr on this ‘X fandom is toxic’ Mindset. It’s slowly just gotten to the point I feel I need to post something about this and maybe, just maybe, we can actually start treating fandoms fairly.

Now do not misunderstand me, I’m not saying fandoms are groups of pure and righteous individuals, because they are definitely not that. What they are, are groups of people who share similar interests. You know what that’s true of? Alot of things, religion, politics, fandoms, social groups, all of them are people who share a singular similar interest. That doesn’t mean however that any 1 of these groups are toxic, because being united by 1 thing does not make them all the same. That’s a ridiculous notion, we see that isn’t true for any other kind of group. We know that not all Catholics are child molesters and not all Muslims, those who do and do not practice the faith of Islam, are terrorists. So why are we so quick to say that a Fandom is all bad? Well part of it is that we are also the same website that has a lot of people who refers to Tumblr itself as a singular thing even though it’s just as much of a mix of good and bad.

To say any 1 fandom is toxic or cancer is to say all of humanity is cancer, because there’s really no difference, a Fandom is just a large group of various humans with various personalities, ideas on what is and isn’t acceptable, all just agreeing to like 1 thing. There are toxic and cancerous people in these groups sure, but we as a species, specially in this day and age, should be fully aware that these loud mouth wastes of resources are usually a minority and will make themselves seem bigger by being as loud and obnoxious as they can. We have effected more positive change using the same methods they use to be loud and obnoxious, but we still have those who decide to demonize entire fandoms for a small group, or in some stories, 1 fucker, 1 fucker is apparently all it takes for some people to completely discredit all of the good a fandom has done.

The only fandom’s I’ve ever seen that where legitimately viable to be 100% toxic was the twilight fandom and the 50 shades fandom, but that’s because there where endless amounts of stories of badshit insane fans threatening people or doing crazy things. I saw one person discredit all of the brony community because of 1 pedophile at a con. Not caring how many charities the community had worked on, how many people had been helped out of abusive households, or bad financial situations. Or even considering that condemning all bronies as Pedos was massively unfair to the number of them that where younger males, any woman or girl, or just the ones who actually would gut the fucker they had seen for their behavior just as much as they might of. Hell the Homestuck fandom seemed to preempt that nonsense by basically making a running joke that they already where trash and every homestuck knew it.

Look if you have had negative if not outright toxic interactions with a fandom, that happens, it’s unfair, and it’s totally in your right to abandoned the thing you where a fan of cause of that. Or for you to not want to get into that thing. However, Do not act like these toxic and cancerous people speak for the entire fucking fandom. I’ve run into toxic bronies, and very nice enjoyable people who are Bronies, (I’d like to think I am one given my icons) I’ve run into toxic sonic fans, and sonic fans who where the most agreeable people. I’ve run into homestucks. I’ve seen the racist SU tumblr making 'better white versions’ of all the characters, And i’ve ran into SU fans who where transphobic homophobic, and other horrible things, I’ve also ran into SU fans who where asexual or Lesbian, some good some bad. The point is all fandoms are made of People, and there are good people, and bad people, to say a Fandom itself is Toxic is to discredit so many good people who are just enjoying something and sharing their enjoyment of the thing and not being assholes.

Maybe we can stop saying Fandoms are toxic and start saying things like “i ran into toxic people in X fandom” or giving them sub groups like calling a toxic fan of something his own douche title.

Edit: if you do reblog this, maybe tag fandoms you’re in or you know of that might need to hear this. I’ll add any new fandoms i see in reblog tags to my list.

Malec Drabble Alphabet - J

J - Jealous

It was not often that Magnus Bane got jealous. Being centuries old, he’d had decades to mostly master that particular, ugly feeling. Besides, what should he be jealous of? He was rich, powerful, good-looking and practically oozed confidence; so, really, all the usual things were out. Unfortunately, he was still susceptible to the feeling; even he couldn’t stop jealousy from taking over sometimes. He supposed that was the nature of being a person, being human, even if it was just partially. 

He’d noticed over the years that there was a pattern to his envy; certain things he was jealous of in various different contexts, but that were essentially the same in the end. Family, for instance, was one of them, or rather families that were actually functional. Magnus’ parents, though they had shaped him into the man he was today, were not exactly a prime example of familial love or loyalty, and he didn’t have any siblings to speak of. Sometimes it ached when he saw how beautiful family could be, when he knew he would never truly have that. Though he had loved ones and friends, he’d never experienced having a sibling; there was no one that had known him since birth, since childhood, and still loved him despite all they’d experienced together, all the ways he’d changed. He still felt the envy curl in his stomach when he watched Alexander with Isabelle and Jace. They were all so unequivocally themselves with each other, always trusting one another implicitly when it was really needed. Still, he was happy to admit, that feeling mostly went away when they included him in their circle of trust, Alexander and Izzy happily, Jace somewhat begrudgingly.

Other times, it was hard to admit, he was jealous of mortals, and their fleeting but passionate lives. They knew nothing of the troubles of immortality, the heaviness of knowing that everyone and everything he would ever love would eventually fade away, torn from him by the reality of time, while he still stood, young as ever. How fast, how beautifully they all aged. The modern world was obsessed with looking young and yet sometimes, just sometimes, Magnus wished he knew what it was like to slowly have his hair grow gray, to have wrinkles and age marks. Mortals lived their lives with such vibrancy. He’d seen it over and over again. He tried not to dwell on it too much; it couldn’t be changed after all. Eternity was his destiny. Still, when he had watched Clary grow up, from a tiny, precocious child to a strong woman, he couldn’t help his jealousy. She was fiery and passionate and lived unapologetically, unburdened by the longevity he suffered from. She would make the most of the time she had, his biscuit. Her life might be a short one, but he knew without a doubt that it would have meaning. So yes, he was jealous of that. But, at the same time, he was grateful for his immortality, because without it he wouldn’t have walked the Earth at the same time as Alexander Lightwood and that would have been a far greater shame.

It was true; Magnus Bane was familiar with jealousy, in all its forms. That included in his romantic relationships, though this was far less often than one would think. There were very few people who he’d cared enough for, loved enough, to get him riled up like that. In fact, there were only two.

Number one was Camille. God, she had driven him crazy and had absolutely delighted in doing so. He should’ve seen how toxic she was much earlier on, but he supposed they really were all fools in love.

Number two, apparently, was Alec. In his case, unlike Camille, he seemed completely, frustratingly unaware of what he was doing to Magnus. Then again, that was probably to do with the fact that the shadowhunter didn’t seem to understand when someone was flirting with him, or if he did then why they would flirt with him. This shouldn’t surprise the warlock, considering even some of his more outrageous lines had either gone over the other man’s head or went ignored. Well, until Alec had finally understood that yes Magnus was flirting with him, then his responses had become rather more enjoyable. In fact, now he’d either become all adorably flustered or dryly sassy when he was hit with one of his boyfriend’s apparently ‘ridiculous’ pick-up-lines.

But really, you’d think that having Magnus as a boyfriend would at least make him recognize when someone that was not him was interested.

I guess not, the warlock thought sulkily, as he watched whatever-his-name-was look his Alexander up and down again, subjecting the poor, clueless shadowhunter to yet another terrible flirtatious comment. Magnus really hated this guy; really, really hated this guy. Who just walked up to a stranger at a bar and started flirting with them like there was no tomorrow? Especially when that someone was clearly getting drinks for two?

Well, actually, that sounded like something lot of people would and was in fact also a very Magnus-like thing but that was not the point.

This was supposed to be his and Alexander’s night out together, one of the rare ones that he actually managed to convince the younger man to try a new place, and now there was this wannabe trying to pick his boyfriend up. Magnus was not having it, and certainly not from someone who looked like a prep-school dropout. (Yes, part of the warlock realized he was channeling his inner mean girl but in this case he was also right.)

He glowered at the wannabe from his position, reclining in one of the many luxurious sofas that dotted the jazz lounge. Jealousy clenched at his gut. He tried to fight the impulse to intervene, knowing Alec more than likely would be annoyed at him for it. The shadowhunter didn’t like being treated like he was incapable (and Magnus didn’t think he was but this was bordering on torture).

He didn’t mind other people admiring Alec; there really was a lot to admire, after all. It was just that admiration and trying to get some were two entirely different things.

Magnus glowered a while longer, body rigid with tension. And then the wannabe went so far as to squeeze Alec’s bicep, winking up at him suggestively and the shadowhunter, bless his shy soul, blushed a becoming cherry red.

That’s it. The warlock officially had enough of watching the man’s sordid little show. No one made Alexander blush like that but Magnus. With a quiet growl, he stood and stalked to the other two.

“Um, you know, I really have to get these drinks back to–” he soon heard Alec say, as he clearly tried to escape what’s-his-face.

“I bet that chest is even better than these arms. What do you say you prove me right, stud?” prep-idiot replied, leaning into the shadwowhunter’s space, who in turn shuffled back.

Stud? Is he serious? Even Magnus would never dream of using that particular nickname.

Thankfully, he reached them before either could do anything more, conveniently coming to stand in between them. The warlock kept his back to whoever-he-was, instead facing Alexander. The younger man’s face slackened in relief at seeing him, but tensed again when he realized the idiot still hadn’t gone.

Well then, time for my own show.

“Darling! There you are, I was wondering where you went off to.” Magnus didn’t take a moment’s pause and simply put his arms around a slightly confused Alexander’s neck, kissing him deeply. The mean girl in him cheered when he heard a huff of annoyance behind him.

Still, he soon pulled away from the shadowhunter, knowing that he wasn’t much one for prolonged public displays of affection. He let his arms fall from his neck, instead trailing his hands down Alec’s firm chest (the douche was right about one thing, his chest was rather magnificent). The younger man gazed at him for a long moment, his expressive eyes deliciously dark, and his tongue unconsciously coming out to swipe a tantalizing lick at his lips. Magnus nearly groaned aloud at the sight, the jealousy that had been clenching his stomach turning into something else entirely. He watched as Alec finally glanced away, looking over the warlock’s shoulder, a miniscule frown appearing. Is that idiot still not gone?

Magnus was about to turn and kindly tell mister-can’t-take-a-fucking-hint to kindly get the hell away from his boyfriend, when he was surprised by Alec, who suddenly decided to grab his face and yank him into another, longer kiss. All thoughts of revenge turned to dust as Alexander worked his magic, his long fingers cupping the back of Magnus’ head as he changed the angle into one that more suited them both, tongue warring with his. The warlock could only clutch at Alec’s shirt and hang on for dear life, getting light-headed by the onslaught. Then, just as abruptly, he pulled back smirking and Magnus actually whined at the loss of contact, chasing after him. But he needn’t have worried, because then Alec was there again, his mouth on his and Magnus was utterly lost in the feel of him.

After what seemed like an eternity (but was not nearly long enough in Magnus’ humble opinion) they parted, both panting slightly.

Alec glanced around them and sighed in relief. “Thank the Angel he’s finally gone. I couldn’t get him to shut up.”

The warlock grinned, adoring the cute, frustrated look that now adorned his boyfriend’s face. “Hm… who?” he asked, playfully before deciding to try his luck for one last kiss. The shadowhunter was kind enough to let him… and to let him drag him out of the lounge and back home in a heated rush.

Perhaps being jealous was not always such a terrible thing. Still, he would try to avoid it. After all, the feeling of being completely secure in his relationship with Alexander was much more satisfying. Well, amongst other things.

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Special side note: this particular drabble was requested by the wonderful @crlpblz. Hope you enjoy, lovely!

*facepalm* There are so many bad arguments against why Harry and Hermione wouldn’t work and why Ron and Hermione is better on our tag. Like guys, seriously, why are they still in our tag? 

They’ve been canon for so long, shoving that fact down our throats, they have called us several names, they have mocked us because we aren’t canon and say that JKR wrote it that way, but when JKR validates our ship, they completely freak. They throw arguments like how it is a readers decision on how to interpret the book. I mean, can you hear a voice screaming “DOUBLE STANDARD!” in your ear? 

And don’t get me started on how people are telling us to shut up about our “victory” and stop being “douches”. -__-* I wonder how they would feel if they were in our shoes for the past years with all the hate we have received and lack of respect for shipping what we want. Honestly, they’ve been the real douches. 

The Senior - Harry Styles Imagine

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*(Y/N)’s P.O.V.*

Tonight, I was going to my boyfriend’s, Tyler, best friend’s birthday party. I didn’t know much about his best friend, Harry, but Tyler has told me great things about him. I only have heard of him because he was one grade ahead of me in school. Tyler told me a lot of things about him, but there was one thing that stood out to me about Harry; he’s into music. I’ve always had a soft side for guys who liked music, especially when they can play an instrument.

Tyler and I have only been together for three months, and we’ve been taking things slow, at least I have. We still haven’t had our first kiss yet or said ‘I love you’ to each other. But he still thinks it’s okay to touch me in the wrong ways when the timing just wasn’t right. I would have to push him off me after protesting against him every time he wanted to go further with me. Sometimes I wonder if this relationship is even right for me.

Right now we’re both in the car and on our way to Harry’s house for his birthday party.

“Be careful tonight, okay?” I asked Tyler. He slowly nodded his head in response. Tyler had always had a drug and alcohol problem, and I knew tonight was going to be a bad night with those kinds of things. He pulled into Harry’s drive way and grabbed the gift from the back seat. There were already so many cars around his house and it had only been ten minutes into the party.

We walked up to the front door of Harry’s house, hearing the loud and muffled music coming from inside. Tyler rand the doorbell and shortly a tall boy with curly brown hair and piercing green eyes answered the door.

He is gorgeous.

“Tyler!” The boy said with a low, raspy voice.

“Hey Harry!” Tyler replied giving him a small “man” hug. My eyes widened suddenly. This is Harry? The boy Tyler is best friends with? “This is my girlfriend, (Y/N).” Tyler introduced me to Harry. I gave him a small smile along with a hug.

He smells great too.

God this boy is too perfect.

“Hey (Y/N). Glad you could make it.” He said slowly “I’m Harry.”

“Hey. Thanks for letting me come.” I said, feeling heat rise up into my cheeks. Harry lead us in his house and downstairs to where his party was taking place. I saw many bodies grinding against each other to the beat of the blasting music that was playing.

“Let’s go dance!” Tyler said, dragging me into the crowd of people.

*Harry’s P.O.V.*

It was currently one in the morning. And surprisingly, I hadn’t had anything to drink unlike the other guys around here. Tyler was pretty tipsy after all the alcohol he had consumed. Right now, he was currently outside smoking whatever it is he found. (Y/N) stayed inside, glancing over to look at him through the window the check up on him.

She was dancing with some of her friends that tagged along from school, her back facing me. My eyes slowly trailed down from her head down to right above the place I wanted to look so badly.

You’re better than that Harry.

I always wondered if (Y/N) every knew why Tyler really wanted her in the first place. Not for love or passion of a real relationship. Just the fact that he could have her when no one else could. I don’t even know what she sees in him. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good guy and all, but he can act like such a douche around girls. He doesn’t treat them with respect, and that just makes me wonder how he treats (Y/N) when they’re alone.

I’ve always had a thing for (Y/N). Yet, she never knew who I really was until tonight. I’ve only seen her around school in the halls, and she wasn’t in any of my classes since we were in different grades. But I knew there was something more that I felt for her.

I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting here watching her dance with her friends, but I was completely lost in thought about what it would be like to go over there and make a move. Everything she would do would draw me in more and more. I didn’t know if it was love, it just felt like something real. And that’s exactly how I felt about (Y/N).

I needed to do something. Make my move.

But you don’t want to move things too fast. That would come off as too pushy.

I don’t know what I was going to do.

*(Y/N)’s P.O.V.*

“Hey don’t look now, but I think someone over there likes you.” My friend slurred. I slowly glanced over my shoulder to see Harry standing along and staring at me. I quickly shot my head back to my group of friends.

“Go over and talk to him!” One of my other friends suggested. I wasn’t much of a sociable person. Becoming closer with people I just met had always been difficult for me. I never knew what to say or do. Everything I did around them would seem so awkward to me.

“No. I think I’m good.” I nervously replied.

“C'mon! He’s cute! And he’s a senior.” My friend nudged my shoulder as she raised her eyebrows at me.

“I just don’t think-”

“Heeeyyyyyy (Y/N).” Tyler stumbled over to me as he struggled to keep his balance. “Do you want something to drink?” He slurred his words as it was almost impossible to understand what he was saying.

“Tyler I told you to be careful tonight.” I mumbled.

“Shhhh. You just gotta learn to relaaaax.”

“No Tyler.” I said taking his drink out of his hand and throwing it in the trash. “Stop drinking so much.” I sternly said.

“What the hell (Y/N)! What’d you do that for?” He asked me, clearly overreacting to the situation.

“Tyler I want to go home.” I said, ignoring his question. He pulled me close into him as he whispered in my ear.

“You’re not going anywhere princess.”

“Get away from me.” His grip got tighter around my body as I struggled to get out of his grasp.

“You’re such a bitch.” He simply said.

“I’m a bitch? Well this bitch is leaving. Never talk to me again.” I managed to get out of his grasp with difficulty, not giving him another glance as I headed for the front door. I couldn’t take Tyler’s car, so I would just have to walk home from here.

“Hey!” I heard a voice shout behind me along with some heavy footsteps. I turned around to see the familiar curly haired boy running up to me. “Are you okay?”

“No. Tyler’s acting up again.” I said shaking my head in frustration. “He always does this. He always promises me that he won’t go too far, and then things just tumble over the edge.” I said running my fingers through my hair. “And he always decides to come crawling back, expecting me to accept his constant apologies.” I said as I was practically ranting to a boy I had just met tonight. I took a long sigh and looked up at Harry. “I’m sorry.” I apologized from the constant ranting.

“Hey, it’s fine. You needed to get that off your chest..” He said with kind eyes. “If you don’t mind that I ask this, but.. Why do you even stay with him?” He asked.

“I honestly have no idea.” I scoffed shaking my head.

“You shouldn’t have to put up with someone who’s constantly dragging you down like this.” Harry said as he inched closer to me. “And by the way I saw Tyler treating you, there’s no way in hell that he deserves someone like you.” I looked up to him with a soft smile.

“Thank you.” I said blushing. Harry slowly inched his hand closer to mine, grasping it in his own as his other arm snaked around my waist. He leaned in closer to me, but I was hesitant with his actions. His lips were centimeters away from mine, and eventually I gave in.

“Kiss me.” I whispered. Harry smirked slightly and crashed his lips onto mine. He was gentle and rough at the same time, making sure he wasn’t pushing things too far. Instinctively, my hands wrapped around his neck as my eyes fluttered shut. His actions became more passionate, and then he suddenly pulled away.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”


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