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Hey! Thanks for writing and sharing taegi love :) I have a question!!! Have you written anything on on like a breakup?? I need some taegi angst in my life lmao thanks!!

here’s something small, hopefully it satisfies you lmao thank you!!
breakup au
* yoongi lays in bed restless every night
* he hasn’t wrote music in two months aka since the breakup
* taehyung had cheated on yoongi during the entire relationship
* and he doesn’t feel sorry about it either
* yoongi replays the scene over and over, taehyung fucking into the small man on YOONGI’S couch that isn’t yoongi
* yoongi also remembers the hot tears that followed when taehyung told him how worthless and pathetic he had been to think he actually loved yoongi
* they had been dating for 5 months but it meant nothing because of the lies and dishonesty
* yoongi still has the deepest admiration and love for taehyung, the boy with tan skin, deep eyes and a raspy voice that makes your knees shake
* taehyung has no remorse for what he did, yoongi was just another body count that he had always relied on. to dig into his milky white complexion and hear his whines when he was pinned down
* taehyung only wanted the security for sex with yoongi
* and yoongi was so desperate to have taehyung back he was willing to have only that with him
* but taehyung wants absolutely nothing to do with yoongi anymore
* and yoongi can’t accept that

im never going to get with a man remotely like my father, selfish rude, narcissistic, loud, sexist, lazy, thinks he does NOTHING wrong, a cheater, dependent on everyone else for EVERYTHING, asshole to my parents, asshole to his exwife, calls people names constantly, yells at people for crying, calling constantly when told to leave someone alone, a freeloader, doesnt care about his daughters feelings, likes to ruins family holidays by arguing and making his daughters cry, making my mother depressed and want to die, yelling at the school staff for no reason i can go on and on 

When we loved - Cheater!Ashton

Summary: Ashton cheats on you with Bryana but you’re a good friend of the band’s. (sorry I love bryana so much lmao)

Warning: Nudity, foul language, and a little violence

Requested: nah not rlly


The overwhelming feeling of sleepiness made me weak at my knees, like they would give away at any moment; I continued on. My professors were hard on me this week, much more rough than usual. Being the good student I am, I still do my best… until I come home and pass out for a few hours, which are my plans for when I reach home.

I fight the tiredness in my eyes as I drive down the street to the condo my boyfriend Ashton and I share. Luckily he talked me into getting the king sized bed while we were out furniture shopping together; I could use that right about now.

I grabbed my bags and exit my car once I parked in my driveway. I glance to the side, noticing Ashton’s car. Is he home so early?

Alright so I lied – I don’t pass out first thing when I get home. Sitting my stuff on the counter, I walk into the kitchen to do the dishes.

“Honey, you home so early?” I shout, “I was thinking of ordering pizza but since you’re already home maybe we can go out to dinner instead? I mean it’s Friday.”

I get no reply. Maybe he just dropped off his car, then drove with someone else somewhere? No, he wouldn’t do that.
I walk upstairs, excited to get out of my jeans and into bed. I heard footsteps in our bedroom, so maybe he’s pooped for today anyways, too.

I see Ashton buried under the covers of our bed fast asleep. I smile, walking into our bathroom. Reaching for the door knob, the door flies open and hits me in the head.

Catching me completely off guard and off balance, I stumble backward and eventually fall on my butt. My forehead is throbbing and my vision is blurry.

“Oh my god, Ash!” A rather female voice shouts.
“What… the… fuck…” I barely get the words out as I stumble to my feet.

Ashton jumps up. “Babe, what’s wrong?” His eyes come across me, then over to the girl hiding behind the door. “Fuck.”

“What’s, what’s going on?” I ask, going into the bathroom to see the girl; naked.

“Oh my god. Oh… my god.”

“It’s not what it looks like.” Ashton tries, but I walk up to him and yank the blanket away from his body; he was naked too.

“You… you cheated on me? After everything we’ve been through?” I ask.

My forehead is still throbbing and a migraine is slowly building up.


“Fuck you.” I shout. I turn to the girl in the bathroom. “And I’d watch your back, Missy. Some people won’t be happy about this; I’m not talking about me.”

Not wanting to hear anything else from anyone, I run down stairs to grab my stuff, then out the door. Without trying to give the time to think things through, I drive to my best friend’s house.


“Kaylee, get over here!” Luke shouts to his girlfriend once he opens the door. I probably have black marks down my face from all the crying I did in the car.

“Luke, Ashton, he–” I tried to speak but I found myself crying even more.

“Who’s at the door – what the fucking hell.” My bestfriend, Kaylee, appears beside Luke and yanks me inside.

“Something about Ashton.” Luke says to his girlfriend as we sit on the couch.

“Be a sweetheart and fetch us some beer and chocolate?” Kaylee asks, and Luke nods as he jogs to the kitchen.

“Baby what happened?” Kaylee asks me as she kneels on the floor in front of me. Her voice is soft.

“This fucking bitch came out of the bathroom and hit me in the head with the door! And she was naked, they both were!” I finally get to shout and get it out of my system; but then I end up sobbing again.

“What?” Kaylee shouts just as Luke comes in. “He fucking – he cheated on you?”

“Oh no.” Luke says, placing the stuff on the coffee table. “God damn it, Ash.”

“You knew about this?” Kaylee turns to Luke.

“Not exactly… I just know that Ashton flirted a lot with a certain someone when we went out. I never thought it was anything more, though.” Luke says, taking this all into thought. “None of the other boys said anything so I thought it was just me.”

“Oh my god I’m going to kill him.” Kaylee runs to grab her keys.

“I’m coming, can we wait until I recover?” I ask. “My eyes feel puffy and I’m not sad anymore, just mildly pissed.”

“Sure, Y/N. It gives me time to plan my evil scheme with that jungle headed boy.” She smirks creepily before walking away.

Luke sighs and rolls his eyes. “I have no idea what goes on in her head sometimes.”

Luke laughs softly and approaches me, taking my hand and leading me to the bathroom. He lifts me up onto the counter, grabbing Kaylee’s make up bag. From there he pulls out makeup remover along with some cotton balls. Luke continues by gently scrubbing the black marks away.

“You’re good at this.” I try to lighten the mood.

“Remember in high school, when Kaylee was always crying about a boy breaking her heart? I was always the one to take care of her.” He explains.

“Even when you had a girlfriend, right?” I ask, he nods. “You know who she was crying over?”

“No… she’d never tell me. She’d just cry harder and I’d suffocate her with hugs.” He smiles at the memory.

“It was always you. She was always crying over you.” I smile.

“Y/N, honestly, I could tell that you and Ashton were always happy and you both had no issues.” Luke takes a large breath and changes topic.

No tears come at the sound of his name. “Exactly. That’s why I’m so confused… why would he do this?”

“I don’t know. Do you want me to talk to him for you?” Luke offers as he brushes out my hair with a brush.

“Well it wouldn’t hurt if you casually got some information out of him.” I say.

“Alright. Meanwhile, you’re staying here.” He smiles.

Theres silence after that while he puts some eye drops into my eyes. Then he pulls me into a long comforting hug as he rubs my back. Then he pulls away and looks me dead in the eye.

“No matter what is wrong with Ashton or you, remember that we’ve all been friends for years. Y/N, you’re an amazing person. Don’t forget that.” Luke kisses my forehead and lifts me down.

We walkout to find the door wide open. Luke looks to find out if Kaylee took her keys and bag – which she did. I checked to see if her car was gone – which it is.

“Shit, she left already. We gotta go like now.” Luke yanks me outside where we climb into his car and speed off towards the house Ashton and I shared.


this is really bad but it’s cool? idk it’s my first imagine and part 2 should be out sooooonnnn

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