i feel like I'm an English teacher

1) So the teacher who was kicked yesterday actually got floored, aka hit the floor…flying kick, I guess it was (plus she’s of a pretty light frame). The student was forced to not attend today - oh hey, I guess the “right to education” can be revoked - but 95% chance he’ll come storming back sometime anyway, trying to make a fuss.

2) Apparently all of the 2nd year boys now think it’s open season on us teachers re: “oh yeah, we can take ‘em down now! fuck ‘em! kill ‘em!” So…I suspect that walking down the hallways is going to be an adventure. We’re allowed to defend ourselves, but anything we do would count as ‘corporal punishment’ so we have to be really careful. I mean, they’re only small boys - what harm could they do, right.

What, you thought being a teacher was easy? <:

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I feel this. But like, as someone who loves the beat writers but knows they’re shitty.

knowing me, i’ll probably read something by them anyway LOL

bc almost every english teacher i’ve had has suggested something by jack kerouac or allen ginsberg + i don’t want to speak negatively about things i actually haven’t read yet

So in English I needed to write my answer to a question on a piece of transparency (I was one of four people to do that) and I didn’t look after the right formal words which you can use instead of ‘and’ or something like that. So while our teacher corrected this with the class the girl behind me was laughing her ass off with her bff because of my mistakes. You could feel the anger rushing through my veins like SORRY THAT I’M NO NATIVE SPEAKER LIKE YOU AND KNOW ALL THE RIGHT WORDS FOR EVERYTHING

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( english is my best subject tbh but i feel – my teacher has v high expectations of my class because its top set y'know ??? my teacher is the chillest fucker most of the time though omf. )

see, like, we don’t even have sets except in maths bc we’re all supposed
to be top set ??? or some shit idk they explained it  once.  but   i  am  like
900%, all the way, science nerd. i knew 90% of the core science syllabus
before we were taught it, and  abt  50%  of  the +tional  science   syllabus.
just. ultimate sunglasses emoji rIGHT HERE.