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Do you think that what magnus was talking (about his hook-up, with jonas and mahdi's comments) at the pre drinks in episode five had a deeper meaning to isak, like the same way when the boys were talking about the girl with moustache earlier?

hi there my amazing anon! i see you want to talk about satan’s scene! let’s do this!

you’re right, when the boys are talking about the girl with a stubble at school Isak can’t laugh with them because it almost feels like they’re laughing at him. like they’re laughing at his weekend of soft boys and nuzzles like it was some kinda stupid joke. and it hurts him even more because this is the day Even didn’t come to school. Isak feels like his friends are laughing at him and he fears that maybe it was just a joke to Even too, i mean Even’s completely ghosted him so maybe he doesn’t even care. it hurts because to Isak it was never a joke. 

so in the following friday clip Isak’s reaching a breaking point. he’s always felt like a bit of an outsider when the boys talk about hooking up, he’s never really been able to relate, i mean can you blame him. you can see how he’s definitely not into the conversation in the bathtub or in the cafeteria, but the difference is that in those clips he doesn’t really have a story of his own to tell so he can just let the boys talk and think about whatever, let it slide. meanwhile in this clip there is so much going on in his life. Even broke his heart via text the previous day, yet he can’t tell anyone. the desperation in his eyes when he realises Even is at the party is just so real, like he just needs to see him, needs to touch him or hear his voice or else he will burst. you know when you miss someone so bad your skin will start to burn and your stomach will start to coil and you can’t sit and you can’t stand and you keep fiddling with your phone because that’s your only connection to them? that’s Isak in this clip. confused and heartbroken and missing Even. 

so everything Magnus says must sound completely ridiculous to him. oh so you allegedly fooled around in a toilet. well guess what, i broke into a HOUSE with a 19-year-old boy and there was a fucking pool and we kissed in that pool, we kissed under water, and there was somebody there and we had to run for our lives, we climbed through the window and we rode a bike across the city our clothes dripping wet and we laughed and we laughed and then we made out for 24 hours and now he says we’re moving too fast, how’s that for a story. Isak is put through just another lame hook-up story that may or may not be true, and while Magnus recites his lame story and Jonas and Mahdi play along, Isak hides a story that is bigger and better than anything the bros could come up with. Isak hides a story that could be a movie, except that it’s not a movie, it’s his actual life that is actually happening to him. and he locks it up, takes a sip of his beer and swallows the key.

dumb sonic forces rant, feel free to ignore if you dont care

people are free to shit on sonic forces if they actually didnt enjoy playing it but the discussion over the game length makes no sense to me

unleashed and generations got flack for forcing you to do side content in order to unlock new levels so forces is like hey all these side paths and optional content are optional and you can go to the next level immediately

but now people are complaining about how the game can be beaten in under 4 hours and the game lets you boost through the levels and ignore anything

so i guess the moral here is sega was kinda right to force you to do side content in earlier games? which is a stupid moral because forcing you to grind out day emblems was actually bad game design so

yeah >mfw


Or the actual take-away is there’s a third option, where Sega has the ability to make a decent length game without side content to pad it out?

The game is decently long, it’s just that the length comes from replay value and looking for alternate paths. If your only measure of campaign length is how long it takes to see the credits then I feel like a lot of games would be really short by that definition.

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TBH some of the fandom's attitudes toward Misa honestly toe the line of abuse apologism

Yeaaah, sadly I think I’d have to agree. But I really don’t think it’s done intentionally. I think there are a lot of people out there who’ve been in one sided relationships or have been taken advantage of by people who were close to them that see themselves in Misa and feel a lot of pain for her, but forget about the earlier parts of canon. 

There’s also a lot of push back from years of fandom misogyny where Misa kinda got demonized for being stupid/getting in the way which may have pushed people a little too far in the opposite direction where Misa went from a character who did everything wrong to a character who did nothing wrong. 

It’s unfort because Misa isn’t a character that lends herself to facile black and white interpretations. There are parts of her story that are genuinely sympathetic, but that doesn’t really mean Misa herself is justified in her actions. It’d be easier if everyone just kinda understood that being a fan doesn’t have to mean sterilizing characters of their flaws, but blurgh.