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Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3

Cas in this picture...

So… my dear friend @sassy-pistachy was looking at this picture and…

She told me “isn’t Cas like… really REALLY tall in there?

And well, she’s right… if we take their heights…. something is off

So… I guess this is canon

Ney: “I love Leo”

Pau: “no i love leo more”

Ney: “bish shut the fuck up and watch this” *scores spectacular goal from a leo assist and then is all extra with celebration in pau’s face*


Barca v Juve game predicted by @thinkingoverloves and me


HU + Text Posts Part 1/?

I was inspired by @dillywhatsgood (also congrats on 300 bby)

When Someone Thinks Their Child Isn’t Theirs Because Their S/O Is a Foreigner (Big Bang)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: I feel like he’d think it was kinda funny. The humor would dissapear though when he saw how upset it made his son and check that person real quick and make sure to learn em

DAESUNG: He’d be annoyed by the bitch ass persons comments but he wouldn’t let it show, opting to be more polite about it. He’d tell them that yes that is his real daughter and he’d thank them not to say otherwise

TAEYANG: He’d fix with stone cold stare and he’d pick his daughter up in his arms and simply walk away from that person. He had quite a bit he wanted to say to them, but not in front of his baby ok

G.D.: He’d be pissed. Like, his daughter gonna learn some new words today damn. He wouldn’t be able to let the persons rude comments slide and he’d let loose all the profanities, then go about his day with his daughter as if it didn’t happen. But when his little girl asked her mother what a certain word mean’t at the dinner table that night, he’d know his soul has been condemned (’Jiyong, can I speak with you in private?’ - ‘But dinner’ - ‘Now’)

SEUNGRI: At first he’d just stare at them with a hard expression then he’d pick his son up and hand him to his mother, telling her to go wait in the car. A soon as his family was out of ear shot, he’d walk straight up to the person and let them know what he thought of them, unhindered

  • Doof Warrior: There they are!
  • War Parties: *look excitedly into the distance to see nothing, turning back perplexed*
  • Doof Warrior: That's what it'll sound like when you find them :3 *waves hand in front of face*
  • War Parties: <_<;

I love this boy

Chris Evans is so woke/intelligent and i don’t think we really ever mention how intelligent he is. He’s shown an interest in politics, both attending rallies for his Uncle’s campaigns, as well as saying he could see himself getting into it in some way in the future. When, during an interview, the interviewer tried to coax the guests into saying something negative about the gender gap in hollywood, he instead took the opportunity to address not only the wage gap, but also the base issue that women are simply not afforded the same amount of opportunities as men. He’s vocal about his struggles with anxiety and speaks a lot about ways that people can help themselves deal with/overcome it. He’s also constantly showing us that he’s really interested in science, specifically astronomy, as he shares a lot of science and space based articles on twitter. He’s made it known that he’s very much for gun control, and how important a change in the gun control laws in the States is. Like there’s more but you get the point, Chris Evans is a smart guy, but i don’t think it gets acknowledged enough

Holiday Hoopla

- Holiday Prompt Day Seventeen - December 17th -

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879 words

@publicpoolsarefree nymph wished – I love your drabbles. They are written so well. Can I request 11 and 24 with all the members being there? I want to see what you come up with because I feel like it could be kinda funny. Thank you so much. 🙏

Hi love! Thank you so much for liking my writing! ^^ It means a lot to me!! ^^ I do hope you like your gift! This was so long at first, but I cut it short because I didn’t want it to be boring as hell -.- Let me know if you like it okay? ^^ 


#11 We’re in the hospital on Christmas Eve because you guys decided to play Extreme Musical Chairs!

#24 I hate Christmas…

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so OMG I had thought about something similar when you sent me this! I had even started a mini!fic so I finished it (finally) and here it is! Hopefully you guys won’t hate it omg. I’m not the best writer.:’) But I LOVE this kind of scenario.

Title: Truce
Category: Batman » Rogue Gallery, Batman, Robin, Justice League
Pairings: Spring Madness (brief), Mad Love
Rating: Rated: K+
Genre: ??(I don’t even know pfft) End of the World (?) Humor
Words: 3049 

Don’t TOUCH ANYTHING. Got me?”

The stern, slightly gruff voice echoed throughout the walls of the famed, the glorious, the dark—and rather damp—Batcave. The strictness of the voice belonged to a personage who was really putting a dull vibe on the whole field trip. Well, to them it was a field trip. To Batman…it was a nightmare. An invasion of privacy.

It made his stomach twist painfully.

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Dating Profile: Joshua Hong

Ahh Joshua…

He’d be a great bf tbh

  • Lots and lots of dates
  • He’d love taking you out just to go on adventures n stuff
  • He’d love finding things in common and if you guys both really like something that’d be like your thing
  • He’d write songs about you on the fly (cause you know he’s good at free-styling)
  • Playing songs for you on his guitar
  • I mean he would literally serenade you
  • Eating ice cream at midnight (or pizza)
  • Watching moves and listening to music together
  • Him making lame puns
  • You laughing cause they’re actually kinda funny
  • I feel like he would want to cuddle you a lot
  • Playing with your hair while cuddling
  • Him loving when you fall asleep on him
  • If he had to get up to go to the bathroom or something he would try to gently move you off of him but fails anyway
  • “I’m so sorry y/n! I didn’t mean to wake you.”
  • “It’s okay Josh..”
  • I don’t think he’d be into PDA like, hand holding is cool but kissing in public isn’t
  • If you kissed him in public or in front of his friends he would turn red and be embarrassed but it’d be really cute
  • Behind closed doors tho, he’d give you a million kisses
  • I think he’d be very affectionate
  • kisses on your forehead and pecks on your cheek

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