i feel kinda bad about this one bbs

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Can you give tips to people who just want to start out with makeup? I'm 18 and I'm 100% clueless and fail at putting anything and everything on lmao. I can't even get lipstick to look right, and I can't even put foundation on correctly :(

here are some of my tips for beginners!!

adding on to that:

  • foundations can be a bit thick, so i would suggest using a bb or cc cream to start with so you can improve your technique, or if you do want a foundation then use moisturiser etc. to sheer it out. 
  • also with applying foundations, the techniques are kinda up to personal preference too. i used my fingers for years to apply bb cream, but i’ve also used sponges, puffs, brushes. you’ll just have to experiment.
  • i would also suggest buying cheaper / drugstore versions of products you want to try such as lipstick. there are some many kinds of lip products and you might not find one that works for you. also since you’re new, you’ll probably make some mistakes and you won’t feel as bad about wiping off a $2 lipstick compared to a $30 lipstick.
    wet n wild, nyx, colourpop all have really affordable products!
  • also watching youtube videos can really help!! i learnt a lot of my ‘skills’ from youtube lol. there are ofc heaps of beauty tutorials on youtube, but one of my fave channels for application tips is jung saem mool.