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BTS when you get a new haircut but you don’t like it that much

Tag yourselves: By whom would you want to be comforted?^^ I’m really curious what method to comfort an unhappy person is preferred most~

I have a wonderful and kind hairdresser whom I really really admire but every time I get my hair cut, I feel like I look weird for two weeks because she cuts my fringe really really short^^ 

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Rap Monster

You: “[pouty] Oppa! The hairdresser cut my hair really badly! Can you see this spot here? There’s like a hole in it now, you can almost see my scalp!”

Namjoon: “[grabs a headband from your bedside table] There you go, baby~ I can’t see anything weird at all~ Cute~~”

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You: [whine about how the hairdresser cut your fringe weirdly]

Jungkook: “[insert gif] You are looking so funny and cute! It will always cheer me up to look at you”

You: “[have to smile but want to whine some more] Stop it, you’re such a brat~”

Jungkook: “I know my nuna loves me~ And I love her, whether she has a long fringe or a short one, or a weird one”

You: “Shut up~”

[You both laugh about it]

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You: “Oppa, I asked the hairdresser whether this hairstyle would look good on me and he said yes, but now it looks so weird :’(”

Hoseok: “[it really looks a bit weird but Hobi would do everything to make you feel pretty] You have to style it a bit! Do this once, like, ruffling your hair [insert gif]~ It looks weird to you now because you’re not used to it yet and it doesn’t look natural they way the hairdresser put it into place~ When you wake up tomorrow, it’ll be alright, trust me~”

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You: “[on the phone] Oppa, I’m so sad! I just came home from the hairdresser’s and I look horrible! My hair is way too short!”

Yoongi: “I’m sure it isn’t that bad~~ Send me a picture, I’ll look at it~”

[You send him a picture]

[Insert gif: Yoongi looks at it and turns into heart-eyes Yoongi] 

Yoongi: “[calling you back] Baby, you look gorgeous~ I can’t wait to see you again. Send oppa another picture, okay? It’s so pretty, I want to look at it more~”

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You: [complain the whole day that the colour you got at the hairdresser’s looks weird and ugly]

Taehyung: “[at night, after listening to your whining the whole day] You know what? [insert gif] Tomorrow, I’ll talk to Bighit and then I’ll go and get a really REALLY ugly colour, too. Then we can have an ugly couple look~”

You: “You are kidding, right? You won’t really go and ruin your hairstyle like that, will you?”

Taehyung: “If it would make you feel better, I’d do it~”

You: “[have to laugh for the first time this day] No, that’d actually make me feel worse~ Just take me to your hairdresser the next time, okay?~”

Taehyung: “Promised~ [gives you a peck on the cheek]”

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You: “My hair is so ugly now :’( Pleople will definitely look at me weirdly. I shouldn’t have gone to that hairdresser, ahh, why am I so unlucky?”

Jimin: “[A smol pure angel who will comfort you in all possible ways] Don’t be sad, come here [holds you in his arms]~ You are so beautiful~”

You: “[snuggled up in his arms] I need you to come with me wherever I go so I don’t forget that it’s okay to look weird”

Jimin: “[kisses the top of your head] Don’t worry too much, okay? You are so so pretty~”

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You: “[whining] Oppa, I’m so ugly now! I will cry, seriously! Why is my life like that? How can a new hairstyle ruin my whole face?”

Seokjin: “[Insert gif 1] Do you want to make oppa angry?”

You: “What?”

Seokjin: “Do you want to make me angry by being so hard on yourself? You’re beautiful, no hairstyle can change that~”

You: “Awww, don’t be so cheesy~ [you love it though~ I love it at least~ You know, this eonni is such a sucker for cheesy kdramas someone save her]”

Seokjin: “I should’ve become an actor all along keke”

You: “[Hug him] You can still become one~”

Seokjin: “And you’ll feel pretty again in no time, believe me~~ [insert gif 2^^]”

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