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I finally got around to reading Survivor's Guilt, and it honestly changed me. I was up until 4am reading it, I was so emotional by the time I finished that I was on the verge of tears the whole day. It was one of the most beautifully written fics, no, stories in general, that I have ever read. I just wanted to thank you personally for the work you put into it. As a fic writer too, I can only imagine how much of your heart and soul you put into that story. Thank you XOXO

omg…… thank you so much ?? that is so flattering! I put so much of myself into that story and it is so gratifying to hear that I was able to communicate the emotions I was feeling into it, enough that the reader could feel it too. That’s like, the ultimate compliment.

tbh my entire life in May especially (when I was working on chapter 3 + 4) was centered around writing that fic, I was constantly thinking about it, I fell asleep obsessing it and the moment I opened my eyes I was on it again. I lived and breathed Survivor’s Guilt for a while there lmao. so I appreciate your thoughtfulness in recognizing how much effort went into that. thank you so so much again, I can’t say it enough but stuff like this means the world to me :’)


a simple Ladynoir drawing for @raysdrawlings thank-you so much for reaching out to chat hehe Chat lol with me recently and for always having such supportive things to say and for making me feel welcome. I’m not good at talking to people first so it makes my day whenever people message me. 

Chris Pratt’s reactions are the realest tho


“Omg. She just said that. She just-”

“Did you hear that? Wtf? What’s wrong with her?”

“Oh dear god. He’s laughing too. I’m alone.”

“I can do this. Smile. Conceal don’t feel.”

“Why do you feel the need to put us through this? Why are you such a horrible person?”

“No shit, Sherlock!”

“Do you realize you just dug your own grave?”

“Never doing this again.”


Preview of my sub to @bnha-fashion-zine​!! :-D

The last chapter gave me too many feels and now I don’t know what to do w myself and all my feelings for BAKA-gou lets face it he can be such a baka sometimes  :-(

If you haven’t given Boku no Hero Academia a read just yet, you should bec omg it’s sooo goooooooood!!! 10/10 recommend!!! :-)))

Omg going to be a year I do this gif and I finally can put it. YYYAAAAAA!!!

pic source (and last) LLfan



I wish even what going to happen, you going to continue to support me in anything.

I really want to thanks my friends for to be always with me and to not feel to be alone. I really have awesome friends who not give up when I feel UP and DOWN … more down moment. Wish you going to continue to be me friends in this years too. Many thank you for you

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Do I fogot someone … I wish not ^^ Thank you all of you and again

Happy New Year 2017

The 16 types as things people have told me.

ENTJ : I ate the largest slice of pizza to establish dominance.

INTP : [in a chemistry class] Is electroplating a sport ?

ENTP : if you think I talk too much, just tell me, we can talk about it sometime.

INTJ : I think emotions are mental garbage, *looks at a picture of a cat*, awwwww.

ENFP : I shit rainbows for fun.

INFP : I think you hurt that tree’s feelings.

INFJ : [someone drops a bowl, far away from INFJ] Omg!!!! that was my fault, I’m sooo sorry.

ENFJ : I know you better than you know yourself.

ESFJ : I bought you an iPhone cuz I heard you weren’t feeling well.

ESFP : What do you mean it’s disrespectful ? Its hilarious.

ESTP : [being asked if they’re a drug addict] Shit fam, that depends, is adrenaline a drug ?

ESTJ : Talk is cheap, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!

ISTJ : This is a clear violation of…(mentions the rule down to the page number).

ISTP : I don’t need a parachute, safety is for wimps. 

ISFP : My spirit animal is a guava.

ISFJ : I baked you some cookies for the journey (I was just going to get groceries)


Reason to love VIXX #69

hongbin + guitar

Hello guys, I have handsomely re-tagged all my posts and organized it into a its own pages. So if you guys want to check my old, art, MM or other things. Just check my blog. I have deleted some asks btw, but some still there- so feel free to browse it lol.

Oh and since I don’t won’t to spam too much ask so I will only reply 10 posts (maximum 15 or important ask) a day. I will queue/schedule the other ask for the next day.

Side note, to @kinlkeyl. Since Chi is more of the bright side of me, she will give you the positive love- Omg I’m a tsun so don’t ask. I need her side of me to push me sometime (even though you obviously see me creeping in fb all day lol). Anyway, pats pats. You said you’re feeling better but honestly I’m worried too lolol.

*chanyeol sits next to kyungsoo*
Chan: baek you okay?
Baek: yeah I’m fine, I mean not feeling betrayed or anything. Never felt better, I feel refreshed. Never buying you ramen again. I can shave my hair for you too. Don’t come home tonight.

Things I've noticed about different spn fandom members

(Not trying to generalise, I know you’re not all like this)

- destiel shipper= most likely joined the show later on in the seasons. Didn’t know much about the actors until they joined tumblr.

- wincest shipper= early fan. Doesn’t like change, often feels like they need to defend their ship (which is fine, btw), sassy

- wincestiel shipper= “can’t you two stop fighting I have a solution”

- sabriel shipper= loves parallels, probably a destiel shipper

- megstiel shipper= lives by the laws of canon and by the laws on canon only. Doesn’t often feel the need to read context into stuff (they don’t really need to), still sobbing over meg

- multi shipper= “iiiiiiiieeiiii don’t give two shits”

- rare pair shipper= “omg you ship it too can we be soulmates please please we are a rare breed of fan we need to love each other”

- *insert ship here* hater= maybe an asshole

- *insert type of shipper here* hater= definitely an asshole

- non shipper= they just came out to have a good time and they feel so attacked right now

- actor shipper= you thought it couldn’t get gayer? Ha. Haha. Just wait.

{Imagine} First date with Tao

Hi!~ I would like to ask if you can do a scenario of Tao having his first date with a girl, and maybe that the girl hasn’t had her first kiss… OMG I don’t know haha I leave it in your hands >\\< I love your blog And I’m sorry if my english is bad

When you shiver, he places his coat over your shoulders in the sweet, gentlemanly way that he is. With a mixture of shy smiles and conversations about everything and nothing all at the same time, you can feel yourself falling more and more in love every second. His eyes glisten under the light, representing the feelings that he shares for you too - so real, so loving. He takes you back to feeling like a high schooler with a crush as your cheeks become full of rosy redness that he can’t help but notice and smile at. Sweet chuckles escapes his lips at her lack of kissing experience before he brings his own down to hers and gives her the first of many to some. 

“Did it hurt?”

“When I fell from heaven?”

“No, when you fell for me?” 


inspired by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye​‘s wonderful Hellbound AU

Alright - so I started this song a while back, and left it due to lack of whatever. So recently I went and reread some of the newer chapters and bam, I finally finished it.

Shay - you’ve created quite the world. Thanks for being such an incredible person and huge inspiration for so many people.

lyrics under the cut

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Christmas cards!

🎅 I really didnt think I would get notes in such a short time omg ;;;  🎅

If you want a christmas card from me (that will include some cute sample stickers made by me) then send me a message! IM is best because your message wont be eaten. If you feel safer sending it through Kakao/Line, then let me know!
You have to message me before November 30th so i can send out all the letters on the first of decemeber! (this includes international followers too!) If you dont feel safe sending me your address, then I can probably send you a cute E-Christmas card that you can print out or do whatever!
This is also for followers only ;vv; because i love my followers…meep! so lets have a v happy holiday together! 🎄

vixx : milky way
  • aries : You come into my heart again // And increase my temperature // My heart keeps beating hard // It can’t calm down
  • taurus : I’ll pay back your love by making you feel even more // Moved and touched than how you made me feel
  • gemini: Your beauty hits me endlessly, // A lovely hurricane
  • I can’t get over you easily // I keep falling deeper
  • cancer : Whenever, I’ll watch you // As I shine, so bright // Wherever, all we need is // To be together, so bright
  • leo : All the stars in the black night sky // Gather it all, it all // I’ll shine brighter for you
  • virgo : I’ll make you shine forever, girl // No more question, answer // We’re the answer for each other
  • libra : Since the day I started walking with you step by step, everyday // I feel proud for no reason
  • scorpio : You smile at me like a little child // My heart that holds you inside // Feels like it will melt
  • sagittarius : Yeah, don’t doubt our relationship // I won’t ever turn back if it’s you in front of me
  • capricorn : More than anything in the world that shines // For me, it’s you, just you
  • aquarius : Ah, I like you so so so much // Break all the apartments // I like you so so much, break the Earth
  • pisces : I already told you, I’ll turn the whole world into our galaxy // I don’t want anyone else

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Omg!!! I just saw the somewhat update from old xian. And all I can think is how bad zhan zheng xi must feel about jian yi's kidnapping;_; it makes me tear up just thinking about the amount of guilt poor xixi will feel once he realises that he could of somewhat stopped it from happening. The tension is real man (sorry for bothering but I really like the way you analyse this sort of things and kinda wanna hear you opinion) keep being great ;_;


I’m terrified too. Part of me wonders if Zhengxi will ever even know?

Like I think a) Jian Yi will escape or b) He Di* will talk to him/Jian Yi’s father will talk to him then let him go. Until I see a translation, I’m going off the assumption that Jian Yi’s father has ordered Jian Yi to be taken in, and He Di has ordered the weird guy in the park to “collect” him. At least, I fucking hope that’s what’s happened and this guy isn’t a totally isolated/independent actor and is kidnapping Jian Yi (because the implications of that freak me the hell out if Old Xian goes there). 

We know that Jian Yi gets back to Zhengxi, because he goes to high school for those two days, and because it’s 19 Days so of course he’ll get back. I don’t think He Tian will come and save him. I can’t see Guan Shan having anything to do with this (unless it’s another entwined plot with all 4 characters like with She Li). Zhengxi could save him. 

But to be honest, I’d like to see Jian Yi getting out of this situation on his own, not being a damsel in distress 24/7 (though I think Zhengxi will end up saving him probs). And then I’d like for him to go back to Zhengxi the next day and act like nothing happened, out of concern for Zhengxi. Like, that would be a unique act of strength from Jian Yi, and it would be so typical of his fake-it-til-you-make-it facade that he wears (ie. where he pretends everything is ok by acting out his comedy persona when everything is actually Not Okay).

I wonder if he’ll talk with He Di and have a kind of ‘your father wants you to go work for/be with him’ conversation, Jian Yi says he won’t, He Di threatens Zhengxi, Jian Yi gives in and asks to give him a few days/weeks, and he then goes willingly when he’s kidnapped for those three~ years. So the last days we have with Jian Yi and Zhengxi are such a waiting game, Jian Yi knowing he’s going to leave, and not having fulfilled everything he wanted to Zhengxi or been given the affection he wanted to from him. 

(The story of Jian Yi’s kidnapping is only ever really told from the perspective of Zhengxi, and when Jian Yi tells it I think he’s lying out of his ass about what really happened, hence I think he goes willingly.)

*calling He Tian’s brother this until we know otherwise