i feel it you can feel it too omg


He might press her close now till the muscles knotted on his arms […] There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.”


Michael Shannon: Have you ever asked JJ or Disney for permission to do Kylo Ren on Girls?


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There you have it, anon! And since I ended up finishing it anyway, you can also find it on my redbubble as a sticker/shirt/mug/a lot of other stuff!!!

Come Clean - Part 3 (Final)

Summary: The reader catches Jensen snooping through her phone. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 3,262

Part 1 Part 2

“What the hell was that, Jensen? Tell me now.” Danneel demands angrily narrowing her eyes.

“Um…she…well…I’ll be right back, ok?”


“Just give me a minute! I have to talk to Jared.” Jensen bolts to his costar’s trailer without waiting for a reply.

“What’s up?” Jared asks when Jensen bursts through his door like a mad man.

“What did Y/N say?”

“About what?”

“Don’t fuck with me right now, Padalecki.” Jensen growls surprising them both.

“I really don’t wanna be in the middle of this, man.” Jared sighs running a hand through his long chestnut hair.

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Preview of my sub to @bnha-fashion-zine​!! :-D

The last chapter gave me too many feels and now I don’t know what to do w myself and all my feelings for BAKA-gou lets face it he can be such a baka sometimes  :-(

If you haven’t given Boku no Hero Academia a read just yet, you should bec omg it’s sooo goooooooood!!! 10/10 recommend!!! :-)))

  • England: Scotland, Ire's being a dick again!
  • Ireland: watch yo mouth, shithead! You started it first!
  • England: did not!
  • Ireland: did too!
  • England: did NOT!
  • Ireland: did TOO!
  • England: now, can you lot see and understand how annoying this can get?
  • America: wow... we must've been so annoying omg.
  • Canada: I can feel the pain...
  • Ireland: see how we feel?? And it goes on, and on!
  • Australia: I got a headache on the first two seconds!
  • New Zealand: were we always like this? Wow...
  • Scotland: oh shut up! As the oldest I have to listen all three versions!! *silent sobbing*

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Can you give more taekook fic recommendations??

Yee I’m just gonna copy paste an answer from askfm and add a few more

SOME KILLER KING YOU ARE by lethallergic - X games AU and ohh my god I’m so emotional abt this fic, lethallergic captures taekook’s essence so. well. The rest of bangtan are very IC too (ot7!!!) and omg you can just feel how much taekook love being with each other and all the UST too sorry I just rly love this fic ok TT_TT DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY

Cut Out All The Ropes (Let Me Fall) by aeterisks - model & photographer AU. heheh I rly like how taekook are written in this one and all that tension!!! I am here for this. And at this point their r/s is very casual - casually just insanely attracted to each other - but I feel the ~feelings~ building up like a tidal wave it’s gonna fuck everyone up, taekook and the readers also [update: I predicted right]

Keep The Water Warm by sassyneki - stepbrothers AU (they’re not related dw), at first I was confused as to why Jeongguk was acting that way but in the latest chapters you can see another side of him and it starts making more sense? And the UST is very palpable :^) I can’t wait to see more sides to jungkook!

The Young Woundhealer by fitzgarbage - medieval AU ;o;;;; fuck my entire life I love this fic so much?!? they’re really smol right now,, in their early/midteens, and YOUNG LOVE GODDAMN IT you can honestly feel how pure and young they are in the way they talk and act and how they’re described it’s rly realistic somehow? so far their feelings are just budding but it’s enough to make me wanna rip my shirt off

Shark In the Water by mindheist - mermaid AU~~~ you can really tell that the author put a lot of thought behind the whole mermaid thing so the world building is super interesting?! Also it really reads like an NC-17 Disney movie it’s super cute and fluffy and melodramatic in all the best ways :”D

The Moon Half by sacramento - part 2 of Game of Thrones AU, aka WHERE EVERYTHING GOES TO SHIT but the slow burn is so real, I mentioned this in my last rec but the characters are awesome and have their own agendas,, you’ll like this if you like watching ppl suffer

Reaction #12: His foreign s/o knows how to speak Korean

SeokJin (Genie):

Jin would be shocked but happy shocked. He would love that you knew Korean because now you both can have conversations with one another without a language barrier. He would adore that you took the time to learn his native language.

“Jagiya you know Korean? Now we can easily have conversations together!” He would say excitedly and start acting like a little kid on Christmas when he gets a new toy. (lol the only way I could explain his reaction)

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

Yoongi would love to find out that you know Korean because he would be more comfortable in having conversations with you. Since he doesn’t know other languages very well, knowing this would make him more confident in conversing with you.

“Ah babe that’s cool, now you can tell me how good I look in Korean and i’ll understand.” *smiles with his gummy smile teasing you*

(lol I didn’t even know what to put)

Hoseok (J-Dope):

Hoseok would be shocked but impressed and he would have the biggest smile on his face. He would have this smile of admiration as he looks at you speaking Korean, just staring at you lovingly (just like in this gif).

“My Jagi knows how to speak Korean! Wow so proud!”

(His heart is omg)

Namjoon (Monie):

Namjoon would have the biggest smile on his face when he heard you speak Korean. Since he loved learning about different languages, he adored how you took the time to learn another different from your native language. He would be impressed and would love you 10x more. I also feel like he would try to learn yours too so you can feel comfortable with having conversations with him in your language as well. (that is if you’re native language isn’t English or any of the other languages he knows lol)

“Woah what? Babe that’s so dope.”

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

Jimin would be shocked but would love that you knew how to speak Korean. Like Yoongi, he would be more comfortable having conversations with you because he doesn’t know other languages very well. This would also make him more confident in initiating conversations with you.

“Wha-what? Jagi you know Korean?” *makes the same face as in the gif*

Taehyung (Jack):

Taehyung would adore that you knew how to speak Korean and like Namjoon, would adore you even more. His face would light up so much as he would put his hands to his cheeks because he finds it adorable. He would also want to learn your native language as well so he can also have conversations with you in your native language.

"Why are you so adorable??” *Pinches your cheeks*

Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

(This gif explains it all pretty much lol)

He’d be shocked mostly but happy. He would find you even more adorable to know that you knew Korean and can’t help but smile every time you talk to him or say something in Korean.

“What? You knew Korean this whole time?” *shook face appears*

A/N: Yeah I know I used the word “Jagi” and “Korean” so many times in this post but oh well. Hope you enjoyed! BTW I do not own any of these gifs and credit to those who do!

Yukio Okumura’s Ideal S/O! 

(Requested by @valora1900 (and an anon) I hope you enjoy! ^^’ ) 

  • prefers dark hair
  • like a dark brown or a black or a really deep burgundy?
  • has a soft spot for bright eyes 
  • like if your eyes are really striking and stand out - you have his attention 
  • he doesn’t have a preference for body type - so long as your healthy 
  • he is a doctor afterall
  • would prefer for his S/O to be more serious and more on the quiet side 
  • someone he could just relax with in comfortable silence
  • but also someone who could handle him finally freaking out and just yelling about everything that’s been stressing him 
  • (no, he’s not yelling at you - never at you - he’s just yelling to get his emotions out cause he kept them bottled up for too long) 
  • he needs someone who will just be able to know what he’s feeling
  • someone who can just look at him and know he’s a second away from a major breakdown 
  • someone who’s strong
  • stronger than him 
  • (not in the physical way, but emotional - mental - he needs someone who’s there for him - who can be his rock) 

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Oh, well. First, I love you and your blog. Secondly, can you do a reaction were the BTS members see your for the first time and fall in love instantly? Thank you~ 💜

Jimin: *immediately takes action and talks to you after realizing what he’s feeling towards you*

“hey I’m Jimin” “I saw you over there and I couldn’t help but talk to you” “You are really beautiful and I was wondering if we could go on a date some time?”

Hoseok: *bravely asks you out right on the spot*

“hey, you’re the most gorgeous thing i’ve ever seen” “you and me” “dinner” “sounds good?”

Jungkook: *is too shy to talk to you and instead just steals glances of you*

“should I go up to her?” “what if she doesn’t like me?” “omg we just made eye contact” “shit how can a person be so beautiful”

Namjoon: *feels embarrassed after realizing that he has completely fallen in love with you*

“ahhh what am I going to do” “i’m going insane” “I can’t believe I fell in love with her at first sight”

Taehyung: *can’t help but smile at you and directly tells you his feelings*

“hi what’s your name?” “i’m Taehyung” “do you believe in love at first sight? cuz I do” “I think I’ve fallen for you”

Seokjin: *falls head over heels for you as you walk in the room*

Jungkook: “hyung you’re so red”

Seokjin: “I think i’m in love”

Yoongi: *overwhelmed by the sudden feelings that’s taking over him*

“what is this feeling?” “I don’t understand” “why am I smiling so much” “this is the first time i’m feeling like this” “what do I do?~”

Omg going to be a year I do this gif and I finally can put it. YYYAAAAAA!!!

pic source (and last) LLfan



I wish even what going to happen, you going to continue to support me in anything.

I really want to thanks my friends for to be always with me and to not feel to be alone. I really have awesome friends who not give up when I feel UP and DOWN … more down moment. Wish you going to continue to be me friends in this years too. Many thank you for you

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Do I fogot someone … I wish not ^^ Thank you all of you and again

Happy New Year 2017



I’ve finished my master’s thesis

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Nct 127's reaction to their s/o procrastinating over their work

Request: oooookay so how would nct 127 react to their s/o constantly procrastinating on homework or projects (bc that’s literally me 24/7)

A/N: can’t relate because im a highkey nerd who always does her homework immediately… HAHA kidding, this was so fun to write thanks for requesting omg



You’re together with a smartass who did so well in his academics why are you doing this to yourself, kidding taeil i love you. He’d probably drag you to the table and start nagging at you to do your work, while he stares at you and makes sure you complete the page in front of him. But most of time it seems as if he’s the one doing the homework, because he helps you with almost every question. and he gets it right for almost every question so, you don’t complain at all.

“I’m so tired-”

“so you find x first and then ….”


*still doing math equation*

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


Some days he loves it, because he gets to spend time with you instead, away from all the school work and projects. But he still knows that it’s important for you to do your work, so he always tries to convince you to do your work, which always seems to succeed.

“Babe go do your work”

“I can do it tomorrow in the morning?? and it’s math, im lazy”

“You do it now you get a free night cuddling session later on, deal?”

“Omg you ass- alright”

Originally posted by suhyoungho


Instantly becomes a mother and would start nagging non stop. As soon as he saw you using your phone and laptop instead of doing your work that you had claimed to start doing 2 hours ago, he’d go all strict with you and probably keep your phone and laptop away from you. Doesn’t give in even if you whine and pout, because he wants the best for you and wants you to do your work on time.

“Babeeee when will you be returning my phone”

“Not until you’re done with this worksheet”

“This page please?”

“No shush i love you, do you work hm”

taeyong, why’re you so mean :-(

Originally posted by taeyongsolo


I feel like he wouldn’t even care that much and he’s even more happy that you’re actually spending more time with him rather than doing your work. But when he starts to realise that it may affect your grades and academics, he starts becoming more alert and whines at you to complete them. Like Johnny, he’d try to make small little deals with you, which always work too.

“I’m so lazy today, this work’s due two days later anyways, i can complete them later”

“You always say that but end up not doing any”

“I’m trying my best, but i’m really lazy today”

“Okay at least do a few pages, and i’ll give you a surprise”

“i guess i have no choice”

Originally posted by sour-satang


A louder and even stricter version of Taeyong. Can nag at you for hours and go on about “how important doing work on time is” to “time management in life”, and it’s always the same few words that’d he’d say. He nags so much and takes up so much time you end up always eventually giving in to doing your work because it’s the only way he’ll stop. But after you’re done though, he becomes all sweet and polite again, even cooking you a meal.

“But i’m tired and lazy-”

“No excuses, do your work please”

“Babe you’re so mean to me”

“Only at times like this, now stop talking and do it”

Originally posted by doyo-ng


Like Johnny, he sometimes doesn’t mind and let you do things on your own, not interfering at all. But when he needs to, he becomes a less serious and nicer version of Taeyong, constantly reminding you to do your work and also offering you help if needed. Lowkey smiles to himself proudly everytime because he managed to convince you to do your work.

“Jae, can i not do it today?”

“I wish i could say yes but no, you need to complete it”


“I love you but you really have to hm?”

Originally posted by jyofanclub


At first when you lied to him and said that your work wasn’t important, he believed it at first and didn’t mind at all. But he’d notice how you’d always drag your work till the last minute, causing you to not get enough sleep the night before. From then on he started reminding you to do your work, probably acting cute so you’d agree to completing it on the day itself, which was a success.

“It’s due on Friday!!”

“it’s only two days away, do it now baby”

“Don’t give me that pout- and those eyes- okay fine i will”

Originally posted by nct-trash


Gets worried and anxious rather than as compared to the other members, and he seems as though he’s the one that’s doing the homework. Would try his best to convince you to do your work and also at the same time, help you out. Probably even offered to help you finish your homework because he’s so nice? And because of that your heart softens and end up doing it because you feel bad towards Mark if you don’t.

“I can do it later though?”

“It’s better to do it now babe, you can rest later”

“Why not you help me complete it?”

“I mean… i wouldn’t mind”

“Omg babe, i’m only kidding, i love you. for you, i’ll do it alrights”

Originally posted by neotechs


Probably joins you in procrastinating too that’s why both of your assignments are always not passed up on time. But on days where he’s feeling good and actually completed his homework while you haven’t, he’d started annoying you and asking you to complete your work, while he’s there laughing at you while you suffer.

“Stop laughing and at least help me out or something”

“No way, find the answers yourself”

“You’re so mean, ”

“Well maybe if you actually did it earlier than i would have helped but you dragged it on for one hour so, sorry”

“I hate you”

“i love you too”

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[Men’s Rush] MR-KR606

gif credit: homo-homo

This was a request from anon (Thank you! Please guys, feel free to send them!) Most of you are probably familiar with this scene already and although there are some gifs floating around with translations, it’s nice to have a complete one, right? This is one of my all-time favorites, so I had lots of fun translating 😊 Enjoy!

Translation: Takumi (Top) and Irojiro (Bottom)

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Sonic Unleashed- Part 27

Yeah so that was something

Dan saying that he would in fact not like for Arin to give him “secret HJ’s” in the middle of the night, but then betting that Barry would, seeing as “he likes a mans touch”.

Like oh okay thanks Dan considering you were his roommate for quite some time ((are they still roommates? Idk let me know))

Bonus: that Arin actually believed Dan when he was talking about Barry

Then Arin expressing that he loves Dan and will care for him?? AHH??

Word for word, Arin: “I want you to know, Dan- and it’s not just because I’m on drugs right now- I want you to know that whenever I tease you, I’m never actually making fun of you … I care greatly about you and your feelings, so if there’s anything that bothers you … (?) if I go too far, can you just let me know? Cause it’s all just fun and games until somebody gets hurt, right? And I don’t want to hurt anybody, especially not you.”
Dan: “Geez, Arin. Where’s this coming from?”
Arin: “It’s just how I feel.”
Dan: “Well, it’s very nice. Thank you.”

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ok but like, Sam and Dean fucking for the first time after so long in faith. just, Sam seeing Dean dying he just, holds his big brother and tops Dean for the first time ever, and it's sweet and it's soft and it's so loving. just. ugh


Like, they’ve both been pining for each other ever since they reunited again. Dean has been the bolder one, a few times, letting Sam know what he wants but Sam’s been too worried about screwing anything up between them, so scared of ruining what they have. Now though, with Dean all weak and sickly looking, eyes determined but with a hint of fear, Sam just can’t deny him anything.

Dean rests his head against Sam’s chest, fingertips gently running beneath Sam’s sweater and he just asks: “Sam, please. Don’t say no.”

And Sam just kisses him, softly, picks him up – he’s so light, he must’ve lost so much weight – and lowers him to the bed. “You sure?” he mumbles, his thumb tracing Dean’s bottom lip. “We can wait. Until you’re better.”

The way Dean looks at him breaks Sam’s heart. He looks confused, almost angry. “I’m not gonna get better,” he tells him quietly. “Don’t let me die without having this, please. You do want me, right?”

And Sam aches because Dean looks momentarily uncertain, like he doubts that Sam wants him more than he wants air. “Yeah,” he whispers against Dean’s lips. “You don’t know how much.”

Dean’s mouth opens beneath his, and they kiss slowly and messily, Dean moaning weakly, fingernails digging into Sam’s shoulder. Sam undresses himself and Dean deliberately, fingertips mapping out his body. He lets his hands caress along the line of Dean’s torso, dipping into the hollow of his collarbone before he reaches down and grasps Dean’s cock; hard and straining against his stomach.

Sam marvels at how perfect it feels, how right, as he begins to stroke it.

Dean’s eyes draw open, impossibly dark eyelashes casting small shadows over his beautiful face which is so pale that the freckles dusting his nose stands out even more than usual. “Sam,” he gasps, pushing Sam’s hair out of his face.

Sam watches under silence how Dean spread his legs, his determined eyes never leaving Sam’s, and it’s the most erotic fucking moment of Sam’s life.

He releases Dean’s cock and finds his hole, gently running his index finger over it, breath hitching as he feels it twitch under his touch.

“In my duffle,” Dean says, blushing, and Sam kisses him again before getting the lube from Dean’s pocket.

Sam slathers his fingers with it, circling Dean’s entrance, his eyes firmly fixed on Dean’s face.

“Have you ever done this before?” Sam asks, pushing the tip of his index finger into Dean’s tight body.

Dean’s eyes are closed, eyebrows knotted in concentration. “Yeah,” he mumbles. “Not recently though.”

Sam feels a stab of something. It’s not jealousy; because he knows that what they share is something far too profound and he doesn’t need to be jealous, not really. It feels a bit more like disappointment, that someone else got so see Dean like this, all spread out and beautiful, before he did.

Dean seems to sense Sam’s reaction, because he looks at him, bites his lip, and says: “It wasn’t like this. It could never have been like this. Sam, this is with you.”

Sam nods, rests his forehead against Dean’s and works another finger into Dean’s hole. It’s so tight, and hot, and perfect, and Sam’s cock twitches.

Dean let’s out a sudden hiss, and Sam freezes. “Did I hurt you?”

Dean shakes his head, his hips rising to meet Sam’s fingers. “More,” he breathes, and Sam can’t look away from Dean because he’s too fucking beautiful like this; flushed and just a little out of breath, eyes closed, his puffy lips parted.

Sam crooks his fingers again, and Dean makes a noise that makes Sam’s heart skip a beat.

“You like that?” Sam asks quietly, adding a third finger. His cock is weeping, begging for attention, but this is about Dean.

“Uh huh,” Dean manages, his hips fully moving against Sam’s hand now, shamelessly riding his fingers. “Sam, fuck, I’m – I want you to.”

Sam’s trembling, because he’s never been this turned on in his life, and he can’t stop himself from whispering into Dean’s ear: “You ready for my cock, Dean?”

Dean’s eyes are half-lidded, the look in them entirely certain. “Fuck me. I’m ready. Do it.”

Sam gets on his knees between Dean’s spread legs, feeling Dean’s eyes on him as he pours lube all over his dick, giving it a few strokes.

“You’re gorgeous, Sammy,” Dean rasps, his cheeks pink. “Wish we’d done this sooner.”

Sam lines his dick against Dean’s loosened opening, threading his fingers through Dean’s, anchoring him. “We’ll have time,” Sam promises against Dean’s lips, as he begins to push inside of him. “I swear, Dean.”

Dean’s fingers dig into Sam’s bicep, hissing as Sam works his way into him.

Sam lets out a shaky breath, overwhelmed by the feeling of Dean clenching around him. It’s so hot and perfect; better than he ever have imagined it, and he knows that he’s ruined for anyone else, he’s Dean’s, wholly and fully and forever, regardless of what happens.

Sam pauses to give Dean a moment to adjust. He looks closely at Dean’s face, looking for any signs of pain. “You OK?”

Dean grins at him; flashes him that smug, cocky grin that Sam has fallen so hopelessly in love with. “Never better. Now fuck me, I won’t break. And if I do, I’ll go happily.”

Sam lets out a shuddering sort of laughter before he begins to move, pulling out almost all the way before pushing back inside. He’s already so fucking close to coming, and he must briefly close his eyes because the sight of Dean beneath him is just too much.

“Yess,” Dean keens, wrapping his legs around Sam’s waist.

Sam thrusts grows steadier, deeper, as he wraps one arm around Dean, lifting him up so they’re flush against each other. He can feel Dean’s hot gasps against the shell of his ear, and everything is perfect.

“Ah, ah, ah - yes, there,” Dean moans suddenly, fingernails digging into Sam’s back.

Sam finds the spot again; hits it with every other thrust, and Dean mewls in his arms, begs for him to go faster, harder, but Sam maintains the pace he’s set. He won’t hurt Dean, and he would hate himself if he lost control.

“You think you can come like this?” Sam asks, still not able to tear his eyes from Dean’s face. “From just my cock?”

Dean moans then, his eyes meeting Sam’s and he comes messily all over their stomachs, and it’s the hottest thing Sam’s ever seen, Dean coming just from Sam’s cock, and he can’t stop himself. He comes inside of Dean, crying out his brother’s name as he fills him up. His orgasm seems to go on forever, and when he finally collapses next to Dean on the bed, he’s still seeing stars.

Dean smiles at him, lazily, his eyes tired and soft.

Sam threads his fingers gently through Dean’s hair, eyeing him worriedly. “You OK?”

Dean curls into him, and Sam can feel his heart beating beneath his far too prominent ribcage. It beats irregularly, and Sam wants to kill something. “Yeah, I’m more than OK. Considering that I’m dying.”

Sam hugs Dean as hard as he dares to him, buries his face in Dean’s neck. “I won’t let that happen. You hear me Dean? I won’t let it.”

Sam feels Dean tense up in his arms for a moment, then he relaxes again; allows himself to melt into Sam’s embrace. “Okay, Sammy. I believe you.”

When Sam finally falls asleep, he sleeps well, knowing that Dean finally has faith in him.

Live Blog for Game Of Thrones 7x06 "Beyond The Wall"

# Tormund freaking Gendry out making him think that he wants to have sex with him

# “smart people don’t come here looking for the dead” lol Tormund has a point, this is a terrible plan

# Tormund admitting Mance was wrong not to kneel repeating very similar words Dany spoke a couple of episodes ago to Jon

# He was a good man, he deserved a better son :( poor Jorah, you made mistakes but you are now someone he would be proud of

# poor Gendry, stands no chance arguing with the hound

# Jon being a sweetheart and offering his sword to Jorah

# I love Dany’s northern boys bonding :)

# I broke my fathers heart, your killing me Jorah :( 

# “It will serve you well and your children after you” wink wink

# Arya speaking about how unfair it was to be a girl in a man’s world but her father was still proud of her being different, I love that

# God I understand both girls, I know how much they both loved Ned and Arya would have rather died than write that letter but at the same time Sansa was manipulated into believing it was the only way to save her father from being killed so of course she wrote it

# Come now Sansa I know your angry and yes the vale helped win the battle but they would of never won the battle on their own without Jon, Wun Wun, House Mormont and the Wildlings

# “you never would have survived what I survived” neither girls could have survived each others situations and both suffered differently but greatly

# Arya cutting to the root of Sansa’s fear knowing she doesn’t want the northern lords to read her letter

#damn Iceland is beautiful

# Gingers I hate, lol Sandor I wonder if he still thinks of Sansa

# Dick I like it lol

# I want to make babies with her lol

# “does she want to carve you up and eat your liver” “you do know her” lol

# Beric trying to convert Jon to the Lord Of Light and Jon not being interested

# Excuse me Beric, are you saying Jon will never be happy because his being brought back. I hope your bloody wrong

# Tyrion not happy at not being called a hero

# Dany telling Tyrion she’s happy his not a hero because she doesn’t want him to die. Aww :)

# “they all try to outdo each other, who can do the stupidest bravest thing” Dany you too are in that list lol

# Haha Tyrion telling Dany all the heroes fall in love with her and Dany vemently denying it

# “I suppose he stares at you longingly because his hoping for a successful military alliance” omg I love Tyrion

# “his too little for me” lol Dany coming up with lame excuses to deny her feelings

# “I know your brave” aww massive feels

# lol Tyrion and Jamie promising to keep their girls well behaved, like they could

# I’m not sure I’d call Dany impulsive, passionate maybe due to her keeping her emotions bottled up but executing the Tarly’s to me was not impulsive, she didn’t see another option though they could of taken the black but denied it

# Tyrion trying to instruct Dany on the importance of understanding her enemies to better predict them, good advice

# Yep Dany and Tyrion are most definitely going forward with breaking the wheel, I wish we knew the details

# Dany lashing out after Tyrion brings up the very sensitive subject of a heir, Tyrion not realizing how much Dany yearns for a human child in her arms

# god damn those polar bears are terrifying

# someone bloody save Thoros! Go Jorah, poetic The bear kills the wight bear

# Littlefinger you liar

# Sansa stating how shit the northern lords are

# “I don’t know her anymore” that’s sad

# Jorah and Thoros talking about the siege of Pyke and Thoros doesn’t even remember he was so drunk lol

# hey get your hands off Jorah’s throat!

# Damn Jon kicking ass, killing a white walker. Your doing amazing sweetie!

# wow the wildlings are like vampires, kill the sire and the underlings die

# omg shut it up, it’ll get others

# ouch poor Sandor, at least it isn’t a normal zombie otherwise he’d be doomed

# Jon knowing bad shit is about to go down so he orders his new bro Gendry to write his future wife a letter to save them

# Jorah being the first to realize they are on a frozen lake

# Yes fall into the lake you bloody zombies

# Run bloody faster Gendry

# Concerned daddy Davos :)

# Poor Thoros :( 

# Jon taking The Hound’s drink to burn Thoros body lol I see you show putting Jon on a elevated spot to make him look as tall as The Hound ;)

# Jorah being the one to point out the sire white walker dies, the wights he makes die. Damn my brave bear is so smart

# “Daenerys is our only chance” aww

# Beric pointing out if they kill the night king the war will be over

# Sansa gets invited to Kings Landing and is all “hell no, never going back to that dump full of horror again”

# Damn right Sansa, you need to stay and help prepare for the north. I don’t really think Arya or Bran have any desire to manage the north if she left.

# Brienne worrying over Sansa :)

# Sansa being a Braime shipper, I love it

# wouldn’t call Winterfell the safest place Sansa as when the white walkers breach the wall Winterfell will be one of the first places they go

# Sansa being cold to Brienne :( Brienne only wants you to be safe Sansa

# “the most important person in the world can’t fly off to the most dangerous place in the world” so here for protective Tyrion

# omg that dress is so beautiful, best dress I’ve ever seen in game if thrones. The pureness of the white, the almost dragon scales, the vibrant gold down the back and yet still being practical enough to have room to wear riding pants

# Tyrion willing the risk the deaths of Jon/Jorah and co if Dany stays safe

# “If you die, we’re all lost…everyone, everything” :(

# Dany being the impulsive hero she said Jorah and Jon are

# Tyrion on the verge of tears :(

# Sandor you bloody idiot, you just gave your only defense away out of anger

# oh no the lake has completely frozen over :(

# yes Jorah, keep kicking ass

# Jorah saving Jon! :)

# Jon very protective of their captured wight lol

# where the hell are you gonna fall back to Jon your surrounded in the middle of a lake

# come on guys bloody save Tormund

# Yes Sandor the hero, that’s what I’m talking about

# loved Jon’s little spin of his sword

# poor nameless wildling being torn apart by a wight horde while Jon watches

# Jon looks so defeated like his accepted his gonna die :(

# here comes Jon’s wifey with her dragons and epic music

# Wow the graphics of Ice and Fire look so epic, burn them all!

# Dany looking like a beautiful warrior queen atop Drogon

# Jon staring up at Dany in awe

# Jon pushing past all the taller guys like Tormund to get closer to Dany :)

# Jon and Dany reaching for each others hands desperate to touch each other ;)

# All the guys climbing up on Drogon while Jon stays fighting and Jorah calls for him

# omg Sandor impaling the wight on one of Drogon’s spikes lol

# Tormund looks shook staring at Dany

# Dany looking back at Jon, going hurry up bae

# omg No, Viserion screaming in pain as the Night Kings magical staff destroys his insides 😧😧😭😭

# Dany watching her baby fall from the sky and die, not believing what she’s seeing😭😭

# omg Drogon crying and Rhaegal trying to follow Viserion😭😭😭

# Viserion’s beautiful golden eyes closing😭😭😫

# I can’t believe Viserion is dead, he was by far the sweetest. He was the smallest, most gentle dragon who was the most affectionate and in the books didn’t have a desire to hunt like his brothers instead wanted to curl up to his mother and have his belly rubbed😭😭😭😭

# Everyone looking in horror at what happened and Jorah looking at Dany knowing this is destroying her😭😭😭

# Jon turning and fighting in so much anger knowing one Dany’s children are dead and giving the Night King the evil eyes

# Jon knowing they plan on killing more of Dany’s children and willing to sacrifice himself so they can all get away😱😱😭

# Dany watching Jon, someone else she loves going down in the lake😭😭😭

# Dany giving the Night King evil eyes before she gets the hell out of there

# Drogon being smart and learning from field of fire 2.0 to swerve to avoid being hit

# Jorah falling off Drogon before Tormund saves him

# Dany looking down holding back her tears for Jon and Viserion knowing she has too much responsibility to break down😭😭😭

# omg Jon is alive! Go baby, saying that though multiple people have almost drown in this show but none have died

# Benjen saving Jon from certain death with his incredible fire swinging cannon ball

# Jon being so shocked to see his uncle and wanting him to come with him :(

# Jon seemingly watching as Benjen is overrun but with this show who knows😭😭

# Dany looking so crushed but wanting to wait a little longer holding on to a slither of hope that she hasn’t lost two special someone’s she cares for😭😭😭😭😭😭

 #Dany about to leave before the horn blows once and sees Jon on a horse

# Dany looking in horror as Davos and the others strip Jon of his wet clothes showing his black and blue bruised body and all his unhealed scars knowing Davos was right and he really took a knife in a knife in the heart😱😱

# yuck Arya, having a bag full of faces is really unhygienic that’s not what the house of black and white taught you😷😷

# damn Arya, you sure know how to creep the hell out of your sister

# poor Sansa, she doesn’t understand her younger siblings. Bran being the three eyed raven, Arya being a faceless assassin

# Sansa not wanting to play Arya’s game of faces just wanting to know what the hell is going on

# “the world doesn’t let girls decide what they’re going to be” damn that is so true in Westeros😒😒

# Jesus Arya, are you screwing with your sister and playing the game of faces for yourself. I seriously doubt Arya would have any desire to be like Sansa or kill her sister for that matter.

# wow Sansa seriously thought Arya was gonna hurt her

# I wonder how long Dany has been there, with her change of hair and clothes I’m guessing it’s been a few days. Has she been taking shifts or been there the entire time I wonder

# “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” Dany trying to hold back her tears😭😭😭

# oh wow Jon taking her hand wanting to comfort her even though his suffering too😭😍😭😍

# Even though Dany lost her child, she doesn’t regret it knowing she had to see the white walkers for herself😞😖

# “the dragons are my children… They’re the only children I’ll ever have” Dany you are breaking my heart and I hope your wrong😭😭

# “we are going to destroy the night king and his army and we’ll do it together. You have my word” oh Dany your killing me😭😭😭

# “Thank you Dany” damn Jon already starting with the nicknames😏😏

# “how about my queen” omg Jon’s voice is pure sex when he says that. The way his looking at her, that voice no way he means that as just his fealty😍😍😏😏

# “They’ll all come to see you for what you are” omg Jon your killing me😍😭😍😭

# the way slowly puts her hand in his and Jon looks down at their joined hands😍😍😍

# “I hope I deserve it” book/S1 Dany finally coming out and it’s breaking my heart😍😍😭😭😭

# The way Jon is looking at her omg 😍😍

# the way the feelings overwhelm Dany and she tries to pull away but Jon holds on to her tighter omg and just stares into her eyes with so much love 😍😍😍

# Dany knowing right then how they both feel about each other and pulling away and Jon’s look and breath of utter disappointment

# Jon’s heavy breath as he pretends to sleep as Dany composes herself and leaves then his heavy breath as he opens his eyes once she’s gone😍😍😍

# what the hell are they doing to Viserion, let his soul rest in peace😠😠😠

# don’t touch him asshole😠😠

# oh no poor Viserion, his one of them now and the only way I can see this ending is Dany being forced to kill him to let his soul rest like she did with Drogo😭😭😭😵😵

#Viserion deserved better! 😭😭

Fic Recs Day 1 (of 3)

Today’s theme- My Personal  Favorites (All of these can be found on AO3 or via the tumblrs of the assorted authors) 

Lucky Us by @geek-fashionista (Princesskitty1 on AO3) 

A no magic AU- this is just a wonderfully compelling story of two people looking for love in this crazy mixed up world. The dialogue is charming and the slow burn romance will have you twitching for the next chapter. Of all of this author’s works (which are consistently amazing btw), this one is my favorite- and an update, even the chapters that rip my heart out and stomp on it, has never failed to make my day

A Witch’s Familiar by @metawohoo

Holy World building batman… I seriously can’t talk enough about how much I love this fic. This is a total AU world written back when there was very little information about the show, but the characterization of the characters is stunning. Strap in for some major Agreste Family Feels in this one. This is also one of the most complex and well analyzed versions of Gabriel and his many many problems that I have found. 

Sealed Away by @ashesandhoney

Set years in the future in a timeline where a massive tragedy has separated Ladybug and Chat Noir, this fic managed to find the perfect balance for me of angst ridden plot and backstory without pushing the characters too far away from their canon depictions which can be very tricky in a lot of these darker AUs. 

Tangled Ribbons @demistories

Ballet AU- OMG the fluffy love and friendship feels. This is just an genuine honest to god feel good fic. I loved reading it and you don’t have to be a big Ballet person to understand or enjoy (Though if you ARE a ballet fan like me you will love it even more due to the consideration and research/thought that went into this one!) 

To you I thee Wed @megamegaturtle

Years after they have defeated Hawkmoth- Adrien and Marinette have given up on finding the traditional happy ever after and have decided to give an arranged marriage a try. They never expected that they would end up running into a very familiar face once they got to the alter. This is a beautiful story about romance and relationships and the struggles to find that perfect person for you in an imperfect world. 

My Last Thoughts are of You @skaylanphear

There are so many works of Skaylanphear that I could sing praises to but this one holds a special place in my heart. This story is the best kind of angst, that really dwells into the inner thoughts and turmoil of people who are in a position where they are helpless to do anything. As usual for this author the writing is stunningly brilliant, and the multiple POV narrative in this short story will have you completely immersed in their world. 

 Puppeteer by @clairelutra

You want sexy? You want well paced, steamy, wait that’s the end of the chapter how could you do this to me, writing? Well this is where you want to be. While everything by Hallie is fantastic but this one is the one I keep coming back to over and over again. 

Obsession by @kryallaorchid

The first part of the tendencies series and an absolute joy to read. This fic (and the subsequent series) really takes the troupe of the miraculous holders getting traits of their various animals and takes it to a really fun and carefully thought out new level. Another story that started before the first season was ended so there is a lot of fun world building in this. 

This would take some getting used to by @codango

Straightforward Marichat fluff! This was the fic that made me love this side of the love square. A really fun read and a wonderful feel good fic ^_^ 

That covers my Day 1 fics! More tomorrow 

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