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Canonization of Gruvia. (A massive collection of notable moments)

Normally I talk about chapters, but this time since my OTP is now canon, I’m going to talk about them more exclusively.

Note, this post isn’t necessarily about their own development (many other gruvia fans have already taken care of that portion), but rather this is just an examples of some key moments of this beautiful ship before they entered into canonization) 

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Gray has feelings for Juvia at this point of the stage.



Let’s backtrack shall we?

Obviously Juvia has feelings for them ever since they met here. People say, that Juvia fell in love with Gray because of his looks, but I’d say she fell in love with not only his looks but also his courage to stand up for his comrades, more.

Juvia went from being angry to Gray’s words about saving Lucy, to falling in love with him ever again here, when he saved her from the rain, and showed her shine.

While Juvia wasn’t very close to Gray at this stage,  Gray was pissed at the notion of her being attacked by Simon.

When Juvia requested Makarov for joining, this is Gray’s face.

See how happy he is?

Behind that cool attitude armor of his, shows his true self.

First chapter cover of them featured:

Gray, Juvia’s going on a mission:

Gruvia parade

Here in other portion of the events, we see an edolas version of gruvia

to a beautiful unison raid, one of the sweetest moments of display in combining magic of compatibility in a anime only arc

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Juvia was the only to believe Gray is innocent and trapping Natsu for a reason, not even Cana (Gray’s own best friend) believed him. Juvia did.

Gray worried about Juvia’s own progress and status

See Loke’s face? He’s basically blushing at seeing Gray worry about Juvia when he should be worried about himself.

Meredy’s magic showing how powerful emotions are between two characters. Considering how Juvia and Gray have strong feelings for each other, Meredy’s magic worked. Otherwise it wouldn’t have if their feelings toward each other weren’t strong.

Juvia being enraged at the thought of her lover being in danger

The moments they shared depict Gray teaching Juvia how to eat here. (Let’s not forget the fact that a married couple (bisca x alzack) were blushing at the sight of seeing this)

and range from Juvia saving Gray from the enemy

to Gray saving Juvia from the enemy

Deep powerful moments. Juvia showing how intellectual and a quick thinker, to Gray showing how he can outwit his enemy and save his loved one. Even instinctly going as far as giving up his own body to save his lover from harm.

Carrying Juvia when she’s hurt.

to shouldering each other’s injuries

Some Jelly Juvia, since Gray was in line to get treated for his wounds by nurse Erza  :>

Now GMG Arc is where we get sufficient amount of moments between Gray and Juvia.

First we got a sign of jelly Gray :>

This shows that Gray first the time is annoyed at a female guild member being taken away from him. 

To putting matters into his own hands

Spawning a cover where they are going to get more canonical moments.

From Gray’s own sister figure talking about his feelings

Telling him to be more open. and ofc a sign of blushy gray and his tsunderism.

His brother telling him to marry Juvia already, telling him to give him the date for marriage.

To some Gruvia teamwork,and Gray trusting Juvia in her powers

While Juvia nods in approval, they show a canonical unison raid this time.

and succeed, holding each other’s hands with a smile.

See how comfortable Gray looks in the spur of this moment?

casual gruvia

In the aftermath, we see Gray saving Juvia from her death,  a very powerful moment from dragon kids.

After Gray was thankfully saved by Ultear, we see Gray bluntly speaking to Juvia about his wants. Ofc, I’d say it’s more and less comedic relief, and I have no problem, because negative moments eventually turn into positive.

Juvia reprimands Gray for showing a sulky mood, and requests him to please smile for his family.

Gray eating Juvia’s cookies. Gray’s annoyed at the thought of any one else eating her baked delicious food, and offers to eat.

With a hilarious conclusion ofc.

Onto Tartaros arc

Gray, Juvia are on a side mission to collect information about missing people’s whereabouts.

Now here’s another powerful moment of Gray holding a scared Juvia’s hands, and telling him to not worry as he’s by her side.

Cute Juvia, not letting her love get any harm.

Now, we see an enraged Juvia once again at the thought of hearing that Gray’s life is in danger

Let us appreciate that one of the largest panel was given to Juvia in regards to Gray remembering his loved ones when commiting IS. Yes, Juvia’s panel was even bigger than Ur.

Gray’s own father, calling Juvia his woman and entrusting her in the power of killing Keith the necromancer so he can RIP peacefully.

Juvia calling Silver her father :D

The power of Juvia’s feelings and strength and someone who will not let her father law’s request go in vain.

Silver giving his blessings to Juvia, and telling her to take care of his son.

Juvia wants to see her Gray-sama.

So here we see Juvia confronting Gray about his [s]their[/s] father


After a brief tug, Gray thanks Juvia, and doesn’t let her go. Juvia was about to move on, when apologizing but it was GRAY HIMSELF that grabbed her and needed to be comforted. Silver had to go, because he would’ve been tortured by Keith, and his spirit would have not RIP if Juvia didn’t kill Keith. 

One of the more powerful moments for Gruvia IMO

Moving on

Some key moments in an omake

Chapter cover

Natsu ships them.

Juvia made a scarf for her Gray-sama on the celebration of their 413th anniversary (the combined days of when they first met :D)

Gray and Juvia meet. Keep in mind, Gray is mourning for Ul’s death anniversary and Juvia is unaware of it.

While an intoxicated Gray (he was drinking) threw her gift say, stating ice mages don’t grow cold, he apologizes.

Gray remembers the first time UL knitted him her scarf as a kid.

Gray realizes what he’s done, and desperately tries to find the Juvia made scarf he threw away

and proceeds to wear it, in a cute tsunderish expression, stating he feels warm now.

Gray once again apologizes, and Juvia is excited to see he has her scarf around his neck, ending in a hilarious sequence of a body  :D

On a sidenote, my favourite cover. My babies sleeping side by side.

Onto Avatar arc

We know from this fact that Gray and Juvia lived together (JUST THE TWO OF THEM) in one small distant house.

Imagine that! They lived together as husband and wife practically under in one roof, eating together, training together, and sleeping under one roof. Imagine that. 

See in my view, this is where Gray started to get closer to Juvia and now knows her more. When you’re living together for over half a year, you get to know the strength, weakness and knowledge of the person. You become closer emotionally to that person. Keep in mind, there was no one else around Gray and Juvia, so it was strictly them. So basically they were part of conversation they had around that timespan, period.

You see Juvia became sick through the rain with fever even though water magic. This shows strongly devoted to Gray to a point that her advantage over rain was useless when she found out he was away for a long time.

Juvia sensed that Gray was fighting enemies, and got there in time. Here he apologizes for his departure, and they battle together.

and look at that, Juvia even got his stripping habit! I think this is a great tribute to Ul, and a nice idea Mashima implemented. They are known as the stripping couple thanks to Ul. :)

and ofc Gray apologizes once aain for his actions, assuring Juvia who’s happy as long as he’s safe.

and ofc jelly Juvia :>

Another powerful moment incoming.

Gray offers to treat Juvia

Gray thanks Juvia for always being by his side.

States that after war is over, He’ll give her an answer

The 6 months of living together has brought them more closer than ever, and now Gray is more open about his feelings.

cuties posing

G x J on Gray’s boxers, huehuehuehue

cuties x2

Unfortunately, Gray and Juvia are now tied via ice chains, and about to fight to the death. Notice Juvia’s words in the last panel.

Such tragic case of events, they are forced to fight to the death. Juvia refusely is trying to resist, while Gray is doing the same.

Juvia stating, she can not harm Gray anymore, and is willing to give up her own life. Stating how happy she is to ever meet  Gray. *cries*

and here comes a twist, Gray does the same thing! He also commits suicide at the same moment and time Juvia does, stabbing himself with a ice sword. So basically both would rather die than harm each other. Such a powerful profound message and feelings of intense mutual love of this couple shown for one another

Gray was willing to give up his own mission of destroying END for Juvia’s sake. Both of them were willing to give up many years of their lives for each other. If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. srsly.

Gray states he wants to protect Juvia at any cost.. Notice how Gray was about to say  comrade, then crossed that out, and said “you”. Meaning Juvia is more than just a comrade for Gray. 

This is beautiful. Romeo and Juliet esque.

Juvia saves Gray’s life by giving him, her blood.

Juvia saying she’s now part of him with her blood. This is beautiful. Juvia thought this much about Gray’s life that she taught herself this magic just in case Gray’s life was in danger. Look how much she cares for Grays’ well being. She’s the perfect woman for Gray. and as a huge fan of Gray from the start, I’m proud of the fact that he’s developing feelings for the right girl.

Gray’s so distraught. Look how emotionally effected Gray is. He’s crying his heart out. Poor guy : ( He lost to so many of his family members, and now he’s lost his most closest loved one. Begging Juvia to open her eyes, bawling his eyes filled with tears, screaming her name :(

enraged Gray, about to unleash the demon in him.

We get a cute panel of the couple.

Gray’s so pissed about Juvia’s demise, that he’s only hurling grunting sounds.

Gray doesn’t care about Invel, he cares about how Invel stole away his future.

Look how vulnerable, heart broken and pain Gray’s eyes are :( He’s shattered in mind and physically. He’s no longer the same here. This is what lead to him getting out of control against END, because the trauma of seeing another close loved one of his dying infront of him, was too much for his mind to bear. He was no longer the same person.

Once Gray found out Juvia’s alive while she utters his name, he utters back her name and  falls down with immense gravitated pressure. While down, he’s fiinally he’s in peace, resting, in full relief that he doesn’t need to over exert himself now that Juvia’s alive His mind is in peace, he’s smiling. Juvia is also in full relief that her Gray-sama is fine, and falls right at him lol.

Gray reassuring to himself, that he needs to apologize about Juvia. See how open he is, he doesn’t even care if his comrades are there lol.

Before the canonization scene, I would like to remind everyone once again, of how Gray reacts to Juvia from earlier moments, to recently when she tries to get closer to him.

It started from this:

to this

God bless character development. God bless this pairing. God bless character change. Gray is openly smiling while being close to Juvia while she embraces him. This is the happiest Gray has ever been in these two panels, than he’s ever been before. He’s loving life.

Here comes the canonization last scenes of this pairing. First we see Gray being jealous at a drunk craved Juvia, and quickly drags her away. Would Gray reacted if that was Erza, Lucy, or any of his other comrades? HELL NO. At tleast not to that extent, of personally dragging a woman from that mess.

Gray is talking about scars, Juvia has one, and Gray wants to get rid of it, but Juvia doesn’t mind. Not only does Juvia have Gray’s stripping habits, but now she has his scars as well lol.

Now here comes the CONFESSION! Juvia says what about her body?? GRAY CONFESSES THAT IT”S HIS. THERE”S NO MAYBE, HE CLEARLY BLURTS OUT IT”S HIS IN THE OPEN!!! Gray wants Juvia and her body. Infact he wants to sleep with her with this implication. 

Look at Wendy, she knows what’s going on. This is the best we’ll see out of Gray, a blushy tsundere Gray’s own confession. He’s not the type of guy who’ll straight up say I love you or hug a woman like that, this is just Gray in character! :D.

This essentially makes GRUvIA CANON!!!!  

Sure, it could’ve been better with all of that teasing and buildup  but we still got an amazing moment! and for that we should cherish it for our OTP!

Small rant:

For those antis, do you read while having your eyes closed? How do you ignore the developments, panels, and strong feelings they have for each other? you are in denial. You are in denial of Gray’s character. It’s truly idiotic that you believe he’s acting out of character, it just means you don’t know a single thing about him. You just want to  ship him with another girl because you don’t like Juvia.  You don’t know Gray’s character at all all if you think he’s acting OOC. This is Gray Fullbuster at his characterization.  This is Gray in love with his woman, so who gives you the right to bash Mashima about his own creations? Kindly close the door and get out :)

Gray’s happiness IS and will always be JUVIA. A true Gray fan knows that.




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Note: I may have missed some key moments, so write them down in the notes, and I’ll edit and them in later.

I have not added the Gruvia moments in the second movie, because I haven’t watched it yet. 

Likes, and reblogs are appreciated! If you ship Gruvia, you will love this!

One Last Dance

Nalu commission for @roxychild94! Thank you so much, Jess! <3

rating: t for implications, swearing, and drinking (let me know if you need me to tag anything)

pairing: nalu with mention of gruvia

characters: natsu, lucy, gray, gajeel, loke. mention of juvia.

word count: 1823

inspired by ‘shape of you’ by ed sheeran

“I’d like to make a toast,” Gray said as he lifted his bottle, grinning from ear to ear. “To the bastard who I thought would never get married. To Natsu!”

“To Natsu!” everyone echoed, downing a swig of their beer or throwing back their shot. Laughter ricocheted off the walls of the bar, and Natsu grinned and raised his bottle up in thanks.

“I never woulda thought you’d find someone either.” Natsu clinked his bottle against Gray’s, silently thanking him. He would thank his best friend later when he was good and drunk and his inhibitions were gone.

“Until I met Juvia, I didn’t even think about getting hitched. The right girl can change your life,” Gray said, and Natsu grimaced. Ever since Ice Princess and Juvia had gotten married and had their son, they had been more lovey dovey than even Natsu and his fiancee. It was a little weird seeing him be so sappy, but Natsu smiled at the thought. Years ago Gray wouldn’t have said anything like that about someone, no matter what their relationship was.

“She’s certainly changed Natsu’s life, that’s fer sure!” Gajeel let out a laugh as he drank the rest of his beer and called to the bartender for another one.

Natsu grinned as he thought of his fiance. She was as gorgeous and she was smart, and he was lucky as hell to have her. They had met in college and he became smitten sooner than he ever had in a relationship, causing him to fall head over heels for her within weeks. He knew he wanted to marry her, so he popped the question after a year of dating. To his excitement, she had said yes.

“Yeah, she’s one of a kind,” Natsu said as he tipped his beer back to finish it. His eyes looked around the bar lazily for a moment, counting all the couples that were spending time together that night. It was only a Saturday, but there were people out on the small dance floor swaying to the beat of a popular song. Natsu didn’t pay much attention to any of the people until his eyes locked on a gorgeous blonde in the shortest shorts he’d ever seen and a babydoll top.

Her hair whipped around her as her hips snapped with every movement, and Natsu dragged his gaze up and down her body. Everything about her was toned, even her ass which tempted him with every shimmy. How she could even dance in those heels was beyond him, and he raised his eyebrows when she turned toward him and gazed into his eyes.

He pointed at himself, and she nodded. She wiggled her upper body at him then, and Natsu felt quite faint at just the sight of her cleavage. Tugging at his collar, Natsu turned toward his friends, who were all staring at him.

“I wasn’t gonna go over there!” he protested, and everyone chuckled.

“C’mon, you gotta go over there now! You’ve only got one more night to do whatever you want before you get hitched. One dance isn’t gonna hurt anything, Natsu,” Loke told him, eyes wandering over the blonde as well.

“But I’m…!”

“If you don’t go over there,” Loke said with a catlike grin, “I will.”

Natsu growled at the man, cursing his protective instincts. He knew that Loke would be bad for the girl. The man had a player streak of being a woman eater where he would chew one up and then spit her out, leaving her in the dust. He didn’t want that to happen to her.

“Alright, fine. But don’t tell my fiancee about this, okay?” Natsu turned to leave, raising his hand in the Fairy Tail sign they used when they were kids.

“Sure thing, boss,” Gajeel yelled back with a smirk, but Natsu didn’t mind.

The woman was now holding onto his tie, pulling him onto the dance floor. She looked even more gorgeous close up.

“What’s your name?” she asked with a toothy grin, wrapping her arms around his neck. With her heels, Natsu was only just a bit taller than her, which was perfect for the close dancing they were doing.

“Natsu Dragneel. Yours?” he replied with a grin of his own. The woman’s cheeks dusted with a pink, and he knew he charmed her instantly.

“Lucy Heartfilia. Pleasure to meet you,” she said, pulling herself slightly closer to him.

“No, the pleasure’s all mine, Luce,” Natsu responded before making a confused face. “Do you mind if I call you Luce? Cause if you do–”

“Not at all,” Lucy said, pressing her hand in a swooping motion across his chest, further and further down until she reached his abs. All the blood in his body rushed south, and Natsu fought not to think of her pushing her hand further down. He was engaged. What the hell was he doing thinking of another woman?

“Alright then. You want me to pick the next song?” Natsu asked, desperately wanting to move away from the situation. Lucy was so beautiful that he knew he wouldn’t be able to help himself if she did want to sleep with him.

“Sure!” Lucy grinned again. Her smile was so gorgeous that he wanted to see it forever.

The sad part was that he couldn’t.

“I’ll be right back,” he told her before moving toward the DJ and requesting a special song.

When he came back, Lucy pressed herself firmly against Natsu’s body with movements that he knew was to be his demise. Letting out a breath, he secured his fate when he began to sing to her.

“I’m in love with the shape of you, you push and pull like a magnet too. Although my heart is fallin’ too, I’m in love with your body,” his rough voice growled as she thrust her hips against his, shimmying down slowly and back up. Natsu huffed as he felt her against himself, and he liked the fact that she was so trusting of him.

“I think I’m falling in love with you too, Natsu,” Lucy said, turning around and grinding her behind against him, and Natsu had to bite his tongue to not let out a large moan. How could she be so damn tempting? He could even see her thong now!

Natsu bent over her as he wrapped his arms around her waist, dipping down to whisper in ear. “Let’s get outta here, Luce.”

Lucy cupped his face and kissed him fiercely before whispering in his ear. “I think you’ll like what you see once you take these clothes off me,” she sing songed, and Natsu whimpered softly.

Both of them stood up and danced for a few more seconds toward the exit, and Natsu looked over her shoulder to secure the fact that his friends were now gone. It had been about an hour since they started dancing, and it had gone by so quickly that he hadn’t realized time had gone by.

Once in the car, Natsu started it and asked what hotel Lucy would want to go to. He wanted to be polite, but he could practically smell her wetness underneath her shorts and it was killing him.

“Magnolia Hotel, please,” she said with a smile, and Natsu started the car and backed out faster than he ever had in his life. He was about to do something really stupid, but he didn’t regret it one bit.

Natsu woke up around 6 AM with no alarm as the light shone in from the window in the hotel. Lucy was still asleep, which gave him tons of time to get to the wedding. As he made coffee, he sighed as he sat down on the couch next to the bed and stared out the window.

Today was the day he was to get married.

“Good morning, Mr. Sunshine,” Lucy teased with a grin, stretching herself awake. Natsu smiled, jumping on her with a huge smile of his own.

“Good morning. How are you?” he asked, cupping her face in his hand. Her hair was like a halo around her head, and even though she had makeup under her eyes she looked like an angel. She was so damn beautiful.

“Well, I didn’t sleep much last night. I had to go find my future husband and see what he was up to at his bachelor party. Thankfully I found him and he was doing more than alright. How about you?” she asked, a smirk rising on her face.

“I slept like crap. I was at my bachelor party and this gorgeous woman pulled me onto the dance floor and practically fucked me with my clothes on. My fiancee is going to be so pissed,” Natsu replied, and Lucy chuckled.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure she’s real angry right now that you had sex with another woman,” Lucy said, barely containing her giggles.

“Especially in the room that we reserved for our wedding night! She’s gonna rip my head off, Luce!” Natsu lamented, beginning to cry fake tears into his hands. After a few moments of faux crying, he looked into his fiancee’s eyes with a goofy smile. The two burst into peals of laughter, falling onto the bed.

After the laughter died down, Natsu put his arm around Lucy’s shoulders and looked at her intensely. Lucy’s eyes widened as he gazed into her eyes, coming closer and closer and finally knocking foreheads with her.

“Luce,” Natsu said, his voice a low whisper, “I would never cheat on you. Not in a million years. And today, you’re gonna be my wife. So I want you to know that.”

“I know, Natsu.” Lucy closed her eyes with a soft smile, reveling in the moment she had with her future husband. There weren’t going to be many moments like this that they were unmarried, so she knew that she better take it for what it was worth right now.

Sighing softly and stared into his eyes gently, she told him the same. “I will never cheat on you, Natsu Dragneel. You are my love, my life, and everything that I have ever wanted in a life partner. I would never abandon you like that for anything.”

Natsu kissed Lucy then; their last kiss before the wedding. Their teeth clacked against each other’s as Lucy deepened the kiss, rolling her tongue across Natsu’s. He wove his hand through her hair as she reached up and rubbed her thumb across his jaw in desire.

When the kiss was broken, Lucy and Natsu smiled at each other for a few moments before falling back asleep together for a few more hours before their wedding. Lucy laid her head on Natsu’s chest and fell asleep with Natsu following soon afterwards with the trust in both of their hearts and minds that they would never cheat on one another.

After all, it was always more fun when they were together.

hehehe, Natsu would never cheat on his fiancee! Sorry if anyone thought that lol. I don’t write “cheating” in stories very often, so please let me know if I need to tag anything. Thank you! 

Commissions are open, btw ;) Message me for details!


Levy: I know Juvia has only eyes for Gray! I get a little jealous that they spend time together a lot but not that much. 

Gray: Hey why am I always leaving Juvia in her fantasies?!

Gajeel: Because you didn’t give her proof that you would stay, idiot!

Levy: Gray didn’t answer the question, have you gotten jealous?

Gray: I don’t need you two riding me! 

On Gray Taking Juvia More “Seriously”

Okay, so I know that this post is long overdue and that this matter has already been addressed thoroughly, especially in this awesome post by @rieriebee, whom I’d also like to thank for all her feedback and insight (Love ya, girlie! <3), but, in my defense, I was on hiatus when chapter 499 of FT had come out and never had the chance to share my thoughts until now. Besides, considering that we’re mere weeks away from the ending of the series and from seeing Gruvia and the other ships become canon, I suppose that now can also pass off as a slightly appropriate time for publishing this post. (Let’s just call this a bit of a reflection on Gruvia’s development and use it as an excuse to drown in our feels. Okay? Okay. >_> <_<)

As usual, I’ve placed the contents of this post under the cut, in order to avoid taking up too much room and so that people who’re uninterested can skip it. The usual disclaimer/warning that the contents of this post merely reflect my opinion and that, considering I expect to be treated with the same respect that I extend to others (in the event anyone disagrees), I won’t tolerate any hate applies here as well. 

Thank you for reading! ^_^

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Ch. 416 & 523

For some reason, Gray’s words about not having a place in the guild reminded me of how Juvia once felt she did something so terrible she too no longer had the right to … well… “be happy”? 



They are so different, and yet so similar it’s amazing. Not one of their friends ever blamed them for their actions, and yet they both feel a crushing sense of responsibility for the choices they’ve made, they’re ready to sacrifice their own happiness just because it feels like “the right thing to do”.

This parallel (is a bit of a stretch, but) makes me think that Gray and Juvia can understand each other on an even deeper level than they did before this war, and that fills me with a new wave of joy I feel for Gruvia. ^_^ 

What if it kinda went to something like this?
“Juvia, I’m sorry. I’m sorry it took me so long to realize my feelings after all that suffering we went through together. I want to tell you, I love you and thank you for always being there”
“Juvia loves you too Gray-sama”

anonymous asked:

Hello,what at do you think about Gray willing to use lost iced shell? Did he know he was going to use it when he promised Juvia an answer?

No, I truly don’t think he had planned to use it at all at that time. 

To me, this does not look like the face of a man who is thinking, “yeah, I’m going to kill myself, and erase myself from Juvia and everyone’s memories forever. Can’t wait!” 

No, to me, he looks happy and confident. He had something else planned to defeat both END and Zeref (and I hope we see Gray properly fight in the next few chapters to finally show off more of his devil slaying magic). Plus, if he had intended all along to use lost iced shell, there would be no reason at all for him to bring up Juvia’s feelings, and tell her to expect an answer after the war. If he was planning on sacrificing himself, he would never have broached the subject in the first place, because there would have been no “after the war” for him. 

So, I think he learned Lost Iced Shell during Avatar as a last resort move. Should everything go to shit, well then, at least he could always fall back on this. And the fact that he upgraded it, so that his memory would be forgotten, was out of consideration for his friends, and certainly for Juvia. He knew it would hurt them, and that was always his biggest reason to not use it previously.

That’s why I firmly believe this doesn’t have any connection/affect chapter 453 at all, or the promise to give Juvia an answer. I feel like Mashima wasn’t thinking that deeply about any of this beyond: 499 (and the aftermath, with Gray going on a rampage) was meant to show how much Gray cares about Juvia, and strongly hint at his reciprocal love for her; while 522 and 523 were meant to patch up the rift created by Gray and Natsu attacking each other/redeem Gray for targeting Natsu for being END, and show how much Gray loves Natsu/show that these guys truly are best friends. 

So, Gray’s attempted sacrifices in chapters 499 and 523 were meant to highlight Gray’s most important relationships: The one with the girl he loves, and the one with his best friend. That’s it. 

In any case, I’m just glad Natsu is always there (whether physically, or as a reminder in Gray’s head) to stop Gray from performing iced shell, because really, Gray? Really? (and really, Mashima? Iced shell? AGAIN?) I get the rationale behind it, but if he thinks magically removing himself from people’s memories would seriously ever really fully work (especially on someone like Juvia), then he is sadly mistaken lol.

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Let us fill the gruvia tag with some positivity. What are your top 5 gruvia moments?

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Here we go, this is gonna be LONG (sorry!).

NUMBER 5: The first time they holded hands is absolutely a fav from my part, Gray comforts Juvia and gives her (cough cough as always) an increase in her morale while fighting Lyon and Chelia, as a consequence, a lovely unison trust which defeated their opponents WITH THEIR LOVE POWER

NUMBER 4: SECOND TIME HOLDING HANDS I’M SCREAMING GRAY. The reason why this moment is a step higher than the unison raid is because this memorable phrase of Gray: “I’m here with you” (Not “Fairy Tail”, not “our friends”, not “Don’t worry”, I, GRAY FULLBUSTER -your future husband btw- AM WITH YOU) This moment is absolutely warmer and more private with a lot of physical contact than the last one, even the atmosphere screams “this is love” and is beautiful. Please appreciate it for a minute more before passing to the next one

NUMBER 3: THANK YOU. Here, kinda similar to the “I’m here with you” moment, exists a lot of physical contact and is very private, which I like a lot because everything screams romance with this pairing. I liked (and screamed and jumped btw) where I read this was the mutual understanding and this mixture of feelings: Guilt and pain turned into warm and grateful feels that made me cry because the impact. What I love about Juvia is her honesty and her loyal love to Gray (damn you lucky man). Juvia, our cutie encarnation of love giving up on Gray because the guilt of killing (indirectly) Gray’s FATHER? Not running away pretending nothing did happen, but to face her guilt to GRAY? My heart was in pieces indeed. I won’t deny I was SCARED of Gray’s reaction, because If I try to empathize with him, he has all the right to be angry or even be violent, and that scared me, but it didn’t happen, he was GRATEFUL that Juvia gave Silver the rest in peace he needed, not before feeling sorry for her to coming  trough all this, because he knows it was a hard choice for him, and for Juvia. THANKS MASHIMA.

NUMBER 2: If the last one was a truly precious moment for me, this is better since this is practically a summary of what I talked before. Is the first time I can see Gray so clearly and direct towards Juvia’s presence and is a page that has all my appreciation. I can’t stop reading it! If there is a reason why I prefer this moment than the Tartaros one even if this one doesn’t have physical contact (but does have the privacy) is Gray’s position: He is (finally cough cough) facing Juvia’s feelings and giving both a reason to keep living after the war. This is so beautiful Mashima, thanks so much for this, is precious.


Until the date, this is my favourite Gruvia moment ever! What I love about Gruvia is how often Mashima shows us a lot of their development, synchronization and true feelings they have for each other (Even if Gray’s are kinda indirect since he is a man of action) And this moment is the cherry of the top (Thanks Invel, without your chains we wouldn’t have this awesomeness).

Mashima shows a very human Juvia, vulnerable but brave. Scared to die, like every human, but a very strong woman who can win a battle of feels (And I loved that perspective, I could feel how precious is live) And Gray? Well, the same with him obviously. After all they did the same sacrifice.

But Giu, how about that moment were Gray died for Juvia in Eclipse? Yeah! I loved that moment too but THIS one is perfection, if I have to compare, the double sacrifice is 10000000 better. Both doing the same thing, at the same time, because they are too precious (LOVED) to give damage to the other one. Giving up their LIFES and EVERYTHING they had to live for not hurting the other IS A PRECIOUS PROOF OF BRAVE AND LOVE. THANKS FOR GIVING US SO MANY GRUVIA FEELS MASHIMA.

Juvia woke up but didn’t open her eyes, just petted the spot next to her and she frowned when she found it empty. Finally opening her eyes, she looked around the bedroom and couldn’t find her boyfriend and her frown deepened when she glanced at the clock next to the bed, it was too early, but she heard noise coming from the kitchen so she assumed he was up for the day.

Weird, she thought, her Gray-sama was usually very lazy during mornings.

She quickly found her underwear, one of his shirts and put them on and went to the bathroom before she left the bedroom.

The scene she saw when she arrived at the kitchen was unusual to say the least.

Gray stood by the stove wearing only his underwear and an old green apron while he stirred something and after a sniff, Juvia realized he was making pancakes and he still hadn’t realized she was awake.

With a smile, Juvia walked in his direction and managed to wrap his arms around his middle, surprising him slightly.

“Good morning.” She told him and kissed his cheek when he looked over his shoulder to stare at her.

“Good morning. I didn’t hear you get up.” He said and his attention returned to the stove.

“Juvia was very quiet.” The Water Mage said and kissed his shoulder before releasing him. “You are up early.”

Gray shrugged. “I woke up and couldn’t sleep again so I thought I could make myself useful and make breakfast.” He flipped a pancake while she opened the refrigerator to get some juice. “Gotta be honest, I thought you would sleep more, you were exhausted last night.”

The blunette felt her cheeks get warmer and she put the juice on the counter. “That usually happens when you have just arrived from a mission and your boyfriend decides he has missed you so much he joins you in the shower and before we sleep.”

“Maybe.” He said and when Juvia looked his way, Gray seemed incredibly smug. Juvia wanted to roll her eyes at how much of a normal guy he was at that moment with his male pride. “In my defense, you’ve been away for three weeks.” He turned off the stove and turned around to look at her.

Juvia stepped closer to him and put her arms around his middle and Gray put his own arms around her and she basked on how wonderfully warm he was. “It was a long time, wasn’t it? It seems you missed Juvia.”

He shrugged, trying to be nonchalant about it but Juvia saw right through it and she kissed his lips slowly and Gray was quick to reciprocate and before she could register, he had lifted her and put her on the counter, her legs wrapped around his hips and his hand on her bare thigh while he moved his lips from hers and down her jaw and the side of her neck.

She giggled when she moved her hands from his shoulder to his lower back and Gray stopped to kiss her to ask: “What?”

“It just still amazes Juvia the fact she can touch you like this.” Juvia smiled and she trailed one finger up his spine and then down again.

Gray rolled his eyes. “It’s been a year.”

“I know.” She told him. “Even so, Juvia feels like she’s dreaming. She wanted to be like this with you for so long that now she is… she wonders if she’s dreaming.”

His expression softened for a moment before he raised an eyebrow in question. “What kind of dreams were you having?” Juvia frowned in confusion. “Look what we are doing. You said you dreamt about this, so-”

Her face became red and Gray fought a smile, but couldn’t hold it when she slapped his shoulder slightly, red as a tomato and clearly embarrassed. “Gray-sama!” She shrieked. “Juvia didn’t- It wasn’t- Nothing like this-”

“Oh, so there is something. Tell me.”

No!” She shook her head.

“Come on, tell me.”

“No, it’s embarrassing!” Juvia put her hands over her face and heard Gray laugh so she took a peek between her fingers and her heart leaped in happiness when she saw his expression so carefree, smiling, clearly happy.

Before, there was a tension in him all the time; sure, when they were together he was much at ease, but since Zeref was defeated and Fairy Tail was at peace again, Gray opened up to her like she only ever dreamed of. He was still his grumpy self sometimes, sure, but it was more because he was used to it other than how he felt before.

“I’ll figure it out, you know.” He told her and put her on the floor. “Your face gets all red when you think of it.”

“No it doesn’t!” She gasped. “And- and- if Juvia’s like that, you are too!”

“What? No, I’m not.” Gray grabbed the plate with the pancakes and Juvia grabbed the butter and jam.

Gray argued a little more on how he was much better at hiding his embarrassment and Juvia mostly argued back to humor him, just happy to see him so relaxed.

She promised herself to do her best to make him happy for as long as they lived.


AN: I just like to write Happy!Gray, without the weight of the world on his shoulders. :) Hope you liked it!

anonymous asked:

can u perhaps give me ur thoughts on fans' theory about juvia being gray's second choice. i've seen loads of posts saying that gray had feelings for lucy but stepped down bc he saw her chemistry with natsu. but i don't think that's the case, gray was attracted to lucy bc of her looks. juvia on the other hand, i am confindently positive that he is attracted to her as a whole; her personalities, her looks, her everything and her in general. juvia was never his second choice, juvia IS his choice.

Well, I have to applaud you, anon. You pretty much nailed it, and I agree with you. I’ve said this before, but Gray has always been portrayed as a normal guy who finds attractive girls attractive. If Lucy was his first choice, then what is Erza, or Virgo, or the cute waitresses at the guild? Because he clearly had an attraction to all of them and has shown at least as much “interest” in them, as he has canonically shown in Lucy. 

Gray seemed to have a crush on Erza when she entered the guild, he called Virgo cute, and he was blushing over the waitresses new uniforms when they came back from the Tower of Heaven. Lucy is a beautiful girl, so I’m sure Gray thought so, too.  

Mashima basically showed us Gray is just a character who finds attractive girls attractive. Nothing more, nothing less. 

I also feel like this headcanon is simply built off of fans love for Lucy. So, if Lucy is your favorite girl, the more guys who like her, the merrier. She still gets her choice of guy, but doesn’t it feel good to have lots of characters interested in Lucy? Doesn’t that show how awesome she is? And I get that feeling. As a Juvia fan, I loved that Lyon loved her. It was nice and fun when that actual love triangle was in play. But, the difference is, that love triangle was supported by the manga. While the Natsu, Lucy, and Gray one doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

To say Gray decided he couldn’t go for Lucy, because of Natsu’s feelings? Shounen is not that subtle. Mashima would have shown us Gray having such a revelation. Even a slight one would have sufficed. But we have NEVER seen Gray take notice of Natsu’s relationship with Lucy. Not once. Likewise, and even more importantly, we have never seen Gray fall in love with Lucy. So, you can have the headcanon, but it’s not supported by one piece of manga evidence, and that’s a fact. 

Mashima has only ever shown Gray to have romantic development with one girl. That girl was Juvia. That IS supported with manga evidence. A LOT of it. And the above headcanon is trying to undermine the importance of that fact. 

Imagine if people started saying Lucy was a second choice for Natsu because Lisanna died? If she hadn’t, he’d have probably ended up with her, because their relationship seemed very similar to his and Lucy’s before she got swept off to Edolas. And even Gildarts seemed to think she was a big deal to him. 

But, as a Nalu shipper, I don’t think that’s true, because Lisanna came back, and that didn’t alter or harm Natsu’s relationship with Lucy, and if anything, Lisanna encouraged Lucy to stick close to Natsu. 

But, saying that Lucy was Natsu’s second choice is just as undermining as saying Juvia was Gray’s. And there’s no doubt, it would piss people off royally. Especially if such a theory was tagged as nalu. 

IMO, Gray is a very strong-willed character. If he had wanted to pursue Lucy, I honestly see nothing to stop him from doing so. Many of us are still not even sure of Natsu’s feelings, but Gray knew? All that time ago? Without Mashima showing us he knew, and showing us him making that conscious decision to back off of Lucy? Please.

IMO Gray never pursued Lucy for the same reasons he never seemed to have any previous romantic relationships. Because his feelings never progressed to that point until Juvia, thanks to the development he had with her, and because of the type of person she is. She was overt in her feelings. She showed him care, and understanding, and patience, and most importantly, she helped heal him through the pain and guilt and fear that has been holding him back from embracing anyone the way he’s prepared to embrace Juvia. 

And we know the above is a fact, because we’ve been taken through that development step-by-step. Mashima took the time to show it to us, because it was important. He showed us Gray growing past things, and opening up because of Juvia. 

So, how could he have liked Lucy to the extent of needing to “back off for Natsu’s sake” when he was too closed off at that point to have those kinds of serious feelings for anyone? And not one shred of manga evidence proves otherwise. 

He LOVES Juvia. And the manga has shown us he’s never been in love before, until Juvia., because she is the only one Mashima has shown us Gray falling in love with. She was the one who made the ice mage feel WARM. She’s the one who’s NOT a friend. She was the one he died for on more than one occasion. She’s the first person he thought of when speaking of what he wanted to do when the war was over. And she’s the one he promised an answer to. 

So, it would be nice if people stopped trying desperately to undermine Gray’s feelings and development with Juvia. The manga doesn’t support those Natsu x Lucy x Gray headcanons. It’s as simple as that.