i feel i look worst than a baby


“Come to me my sweetest friend, can you feel my heart again?”
“I’ll take you back where you belong and this will be our favorite song.”
“Come to me with secrets bare, I’ll love you more so don’t be scared.”
“When we’re old and near the end will go home and start again.

Burn (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Length: 5052+ words

TW: Mentions of Cheating

A/N: Just a compilation of their relationship. Establishing that they are in fact in a relationship. 

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“I slept with someone else.” 

Five words that stole all the air in my lungs, making me feel like I’ve just been kicked by a demon. No, this was worst than a demon. You would expect this type of betrayal in a demon, but from the person you love? This was worst than any physical pain you’ve encountered.   

“Baby, I’m sorry-“ Dean started. I looked into those green eyes that I fell in love with, seeing pain and fear in them. Pain and fear. Those were suppose to be my emotions, but I felt nothing. The searing pain that was there a few seconds ago was quickly replaced with numbness. I had no doubt that the pain will come back eventually, but this was my body’s way of coping. It shut down any emotions before I internally process it. “I was drunk-“ There it was, the inevitable excuse that was suppose to make this all better. “I regret it so much, and-“ 

“I-I need to go,” I whispered, pooling all the energy I had in making my voice even. I passed by him to walk into our room, pulling out my duffle bag, and mindlessly putting in any necessities I remembered to bring.   

“Please don’t leave. Baby, c’mon, we can work this out. I’m sorry- I really am, and-“ He huffed in frustration, and I glanced at his defeated shoulders. When he opened his eyes, I could see his eyes were glassy with tears.   

“I’m going to Angelica’s,” I told him, partially giving him a sense of peace that he would know where I would be going. It was something I had always done with Angelica and Dean- I was used to their protectiveness.   

“Baby, I love you.”   

I cringed. This was the first time he had said those words, and of course, it would have to be after he cheats.   

“Please, don’t leave me. I love you. I can’t do this without you.” He was shaking his head, tears finally staining his cheeks. “Please, say something. Yell at me, hit me, hurt me all you want- but please don’t leave." 

I shook my head, willing myself not to cry. Not yet. “Goodbye, Dean Winchester." 

He followed me to the stairs. “So this it? Two years, and this is how it ends?”   

“You made the decision to cheat on me,” I said. I knew the calmness in my voice was scaring him.   

“Why aren’t you angry? Don’t you love me? Why aren’t you fighting for me?” His voice cracked, and I knew he meant his apologies.   

I couldn’t be with him. Not now, not yet. “I love you with all the fibre in my beings, but it wasn’t enough.” Before he could say anything else, I made way outside, closing the door behind me. 

I pulled out the thing I had been hiding from him from my sweater. A positive pregnancy test.   

Perhaps at the very back corner of my mind I knew this would happen eventually. Dean Winchester was never to settle down. But for a brief moment, I thought we would settle down together. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he had loved me, and there was perhaps a part of me that still think the still does.   


He had called me that when we first met. A characteristic I vehemently denied, and shrugged off, was something she I agree with. I was really naive for believing I could make the Dean Winchester settle down.   

“Just be careful with that one, love. He’ll do whatever it takes to survive.”

Now, I know what Angelica had meant when she said those words to me. Perhaps my sister was better at reading people than me. It was painful as fuck. The tears wouldn’t stop coming, and I bit my lip so hard it was bleeding. I knew it would be a long walk into town, let alone the nearest motel, but I wanted to walk off the emotions, knowing it would help. Memories of the blissful two years had entered my mind. 

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