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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #46
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Dan:</b> *names the video 'two lads with sandy balls'*<p/></p><p/></p>

But what if we got this nice, calm, drama free, mutual and respectful love story that just happens exactly the way it’s supposed to be in the background of everything else blowing up left and right. Of course there would be some small hitches because of all the other drama happening around them, but at the end of the day nothing much would change regarding their feelings for each other. 

Wouldn’t that be beautiful and refreshing?

Just them falling slowly in love, respecting each others boundaries every step of the way. Building up this really, really strong emotional bond that nothing could break, ever. It’s not a very physical relationship, it doesn’t have to be, all it takes is a glance and they know it won’t matter that the world is falling to pieces around them.

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Why have been posting a lot of Overwatch recently?

Cuz I like overwatch 

like don’t get me wrong undertale is great but whats wrong with some expansion yknow? Like I try to cater to what yall ask for but it’s been really hard to get excited for undertale stuff just cuz its been done so much, there are only so many variations on the universe one can do before they all start to feel samey and it’s just been difficult to feel any motivation for undertale

I really wanna push more overwatch stuff in the future and I know a bunch of you are gonna bitch at me because I’m not doing AU compilation 17 but its like I have interests and things I wanna do that aren’t undertale yknow? I made a kobayashi comic dub in japanese about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t posted it because I know in my heart its gonna tank and people are gonna scream at me that ‘this is weird this isn’t undertale WHERE IS DRUNK CHARA EHHH” and I dont even read the comments anymore cuz with everything happening to Camila and Ania and everyone else I’ve come to the resounding conclusion that yall just care about our work and not our interests and lives and maybe thats why I’ve been so depressed lately

idk, sorry for the rant yall I haven’t been in a good place recently )_) I’ll try to keep it positive here after this lel

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I know you have a thick skin, and I know you get hundreds of asks each day, but sometimes I worry that we hurt your feelings by being harsh. You know that people are on this blog asking you questions because we love Magic and want to connect to you as the head designer, right? And sometimes we can be passionate and say hurtful things, but that doesn't reflect on you, ok?

I’ve been doing this long enough that I recognize passion. People caring so much that they fight about every aspect of your product is something most game makers would die for.

So fear not, I’m okay.

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Hi Dr. W, I don't know if you'd like to publish this for anyone who's starting out in medicine, from a professional patient who has met dozens of drs. The absolute best question I'm ever asked at first visit is, "What are your expectations of me as your physician? What goals do you have in mind?" It’s a lot better than the ususal "What brings you in," because it makes me feel this dr is genuinely invested in helping me. Whenever things start out like that it makes the rest easier.

This is an excellent question. So much confusion and irritation is caused by unclear expectations. Getting it straight from the beginning is very helpful for both sides.

I’m having bypass surgery tomorrow. So I won’t be posting much over the next week or so. If you’re a mutual and feel like PMing me goofy pics and the like, please do.. i won’t be able to see them until i get back home, but I’ll still need cheering up then too. Love to all, Dave
Hello, babies!

So, this is kinda of not-positive-at-all post, but I think it’s necessary!

I saw that some people think I’m manipulative, probably because: I have a huge problem with not being able to control everything and when things go out of control I lash out at myself a lot.

I didn’t notice it was the problem until… Minutes ago? Jesus!!

I will really try to stop doing that, it’s hard for me, since it’s a huge problem I need to fix with professional help (already work on it btw!!). But I will do my best to do this! I’m so sorry if anyone felt bad because of it! I love you all so much so I’m very sorry if it made any of you feel unsafe! I promise I will work hard on stop doing this!

If you have any tips for me, I would appreciate so much! I know I’m the mommy but mommy needs help sometimes too! I’m very sorry again and I hope you babies will forgive me!

I’m always here to listen what you all have to say! Your voice is the most important here!

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I usually come to these types of AUs for the story rather than the art. Your story is amazing and for me personally, the art is an EPIC bonus. I'm glad I got to see more of the story and your art, even if it's not quite finished.

I’m guessing I accidentally said something wrong jrgnjerg–cause I got these three beauties in my inbox and I was just so tired from 3D modeling in class that I was like “Wait–what’d I do again? Oh, I posted a thing–duh.”

Just–thank you so much? It makes me so happy to hear this–from all three of you–and just… I don’t really have much words to express my gratitude, but thank you. 
It’s always nice to hear how people feel about things (even if I can’t make myself respond to everything in a timely fashion), and this helped me with trying to crawl through the week.

As for the suggestion though with the comic, I sadly just can’t do it. I’ve set a personal bar for myself with painting this comic and, because of it, I’ve improved so much over the months and learned so many techniques to make my life easier when drawing.
It’s not really the time it takes to do a page that makes me slow–because I can actually do those supersonicly fast in about 2-3 hours–it’s moreso how I feel after I post them.

(And honestly, I don’t have confidence in my lining and cell-shading to want to do pages like that anyways–I always have to wrestle with myself in my head when doing mini things because I have to convince myself it doesn’t look like trash when posting it. Any comic that isn’t painted has had that personal fight happen, and that’s the main reason why THOSE don’t happen too often either nfjengerg–)

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Do you have recs for long andreil fics? All ratings are fine!

Hey! I actually just saw @badacts answer this question really succinctly right here (and she linked a few gems) and I feel exactly the same way like.. 

I love reading fic so much but I just absolutely write more than I read rn

I’ll add the fear no fall series which is a merman/pirate au

and of course the classic lessons series

and you can hunt in my fic recs right here, but it’s mostly oneshots bc that’s what I have time for I’m afraid

I wish I could be more helpful!

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Jenn, help me: all this talk about Trump's 100 days had me missing Hillary so much. I just can't take other three years+ of this, I feel physically sick thinking about it and about how great Hillary would have been. I just want her to hug me forever - I want a warm cuddly mama hug, my zaddy Obama won't do, he's too tall and thin and he's fucking left us alone. And Bernie can choke. I want Hillary. And I want hugs.

look, we all miss her. all 65.8 million of us. every day i wake up imagining what a hillary presidency and universe would look like. instead of waking up to an non-congressionally approved missile strike we’d be debating a $12 v $15 minimum wage, or the implementation of paid maternity leave. honestly every day i feel like hiking my ass up to chappaqua just so i can walk up to her security cleared NY home and give her a four year long hug.

when i woke up and saw #1000dayswithredvelvet trending on twitter, i thought to myself, is this actually real lmao? has it really been a 1000 days since the girls debuted? time has gone by so fast, it almost feels like no time has gone by to be honest (they do say time flies when you’re having fun), but during these 1000 days, red velvet has accomplished so much. they’ve grown as a group and they’ve grown as individuals and i’m so honored i got to witness a lot of their growth. everyday, i am amazed by how talented, kind, and hard-working they are and i couldn’t be prouder of them as a fan. to red velvet, this is just the beginning, here’s to thousands of more days together.

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Hi. How's it going 😊 I have a question. I've been a Christian for over a year now and I love it. It feels good to have faith again and believe in God. It literally makes me happy. I have a boyfriend and we're both Christians but we're still doing it... if you know what I mean. I'm asking if we're sinning becuase we arnt married and could be why God presence isn't felt so much :/. Sorry for the crazy question. God bless you x

Hi friend,

I’m so glad to hear that you now know Jesus. :)

As for your question, it isn’t crazy at all! Here is an article on what the Bible says about sex before marriage. 

I will tell you that (and I’ve mentioned this once or twice before on this blog) my husband and I also had premarital sex. 

However, (and this is something I have not mentioned on this blog before) please know that just because you are already having sex does not mean that you cannot stop, repent, and then wait until marriage.

This is what my husband and I did. 

We were already engaged, and we had started reading the Bible together. Sex was a conversation that came up often, and we poured over what God said about it. Eventually, after lots of prayer and studying His Word and talking to one another, we decided to ask God for forgiveness and then make a promise to Him (and to each other) that we would wait until marriage to have sex again. 

So. Read His Word and study up on what He says about the subject, pray both together and individually, and then talk to each other about what you want to do. 

Sending prayers up. 

All my love,


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HIiiiiii! A friend of mine asked me to put in a shieth chat thingy request, so this is me doing it.

Originally posted by awkwardpicturesofperidot

hello anon, i’m so sorry but sh//eith is something i definitely don’t ship…. it’s much more of a brotp for me…. so if you have any platonic or ‘brogane’ type of requests, feel free to lay them on me! (but if we’re talking about romantic stuff, i’m gonna pass)

i’m really sorry, dude! i don’t mean any disrespect whatsoever toward anyone who does ship it, though. whatever floats ur boat (or pilots ur ship?? lmao)

I feel bad for a lot of people that have to deal directly with me almost daily..I know I am beyond exhausting just being around..

But I am struggling..to just “be”..If I could keep it all to myself, I would. If I could pretend to be someone I am not, I would. I have seen relationships break..stretch and get weighed down because of what I am going through. If I am too much to handle, then go on your way. Don’t stick around for guilt or that you feel bad for me..I don’t want people looking at me like I am some victim..

This is who I am right now..this is the me that you get, if I can’t even change for ME..you better believe I have no wiggle room or energy for you..

If you are willing to take on that challenge..I applaud you..If you have stuck around and continue to do so then you deserve a hug and a loli..

• sing into my heart

nonnie requested: Could you do a riverdale/flash imagine where the reader is a part of Josie and the pussycats as the guitarist and Barry (he goes to a different high school) and his school go to riverdale (maybe for a football game or something) and he sees the reader perform and kind of falls in love with her performance outfit might have something to do with that (the ones that were used in the I feel love performance) and he asks her out afterwards sorry if this is way too much detail

A/N: Nah, I need as much detail as I could get so I know to get a crossover right so thanks for the fill in. Please pretend that Riverdale and Central City are in the same state for the sake of this imagine. This is interesting as I never thought of putting Riverdale and The Flash together and this also an au kind of as Barry will be of high school age ( I will never, ever write something similar to Miss Grundy & Archie because that’s just wrong and gross. ) so no super powered Barry or anyone from S.T.A.R labs in this but you do get a shot of Iris and Joe in this. Here’s the link to the song that is playing as it’s from the 2001 movie Josie & The Pussycats that I never seen but hope you enjoy! Please give me feedback if you’d like to see crossovers! Ships and requests are closed for the time being until I get caught up.

Originally posted by kingcamification

           » Relationship(s): Barry Allen & Reader (crushing) «

[Link to Song ]

You had a smile plastered on your face as Valerie helped you with your costume after you helped with her’s before putting on the signature cat eared headband. You were a member of Josie & The Pussycats as the guitarist and backup singer as today you were performing an away game in Central City, way different than your small town of Riverdale. Even luckier to being able to perform at the game so you were a bundle of nerves while stepping on stage, nodding off to Josie that you were ready as you began to play a few chords on your F/C electric guitar.

I’m a punk rock prom queen
Brown paper magazine
Hotter than you’ve ever seen
Everywhere and between
I’m a ten ticket thrill ride
Don’t you wanna come inside?
Five star triple threat
Hardest of the hard to get
No one’s little red corvette
Ain’t seen nothing like me

You sang into the microphone as back up for Josie, you didn’t notice a boy watching you in awe that boy being Barry Allen. Barry didn’t really want come to a football game since it wasn’t really his thing but Iris and Joe insisted that he come and do this thing called being out there. He didn’t want to be out there and wanted to stay home to watch his scfi movies until he noticed you and your group going on stage to sing. Iris nudged him a little as he looked down at his foster sister, “That’s Josie and the Pussycats. I’ve heard they do this quite a bit of their games back in Riverdale.” She says in a hush whisper as he nods slowly, watching you still while you strummed on your guitar to the song. Admiring your S/C flesh in the leopard print outfit with a black choker around your neck as your hair was done in your signature style with cat ears on top, bobbing your head slightly while you sang along with Josie.

I’m your late night head rush
Ace high royal flush
Red velvet orange crush
You just don’t impress me much
A glossy, double cover spread
Opened up inside your head
A black cherry paradise
Half the sugar, twice the spice
I don’t wanna treat you nice
Come on baby roll the dice!

You had your eyes open for most of the time as you looked up to see Barry was looking at you from the crowd like most of everyone, knowing he was probably from Central City since everyone knew everyone in Riverdale. Swaying your hips to the song and flashing a smile at the brown haired male before winking slightly to be subtle. You were about to reach the end of the song soon so maybe you could talk to him, hopefully if Josie was alright with it. Music was your life at a young age from your aunt raising you who loved singing even though she wasn’t the best, she saw your gift and told you about to Mayor McCoy as your aunt worked under her. Mayor McCoy soon introduce you to her daughter as you became friends with her as well as Val and Melody through singing at sleepovers before making it turn into a band. Mayor McCoy always thought you girls had talent and was always excited to introduce you guys on stage or to simply watch you from the talent show.

It took 6 whole hours
And 5 long days
4 all your lies to come undone
And those 3 small words
Were way 2 late
‘Cause you can’t see that I’m the 1!

Josie finished as everyone roared and applauded your performance as you went off stage before getting congratulated by Betty, Ronnie, and who knew, Cheryl too. You pulled off your guitar from the strap as someone tapped your shoulder as you turn to see the boy who stared at you from the crowd. “Um, hello. Do I know you?”

“Afraid not but my name is Bartholo–I mean Barry! Barry Allen. And you are? By the way um great performance out there it was amazing.” He seemed to fumbled his words around as you smiled at him, he was really cute.

“Y/N L/N, or YN/N. Nice to meet you, Barry. And thanks I guess.” You say as you were about to go meet up with the other girls of your band before he caught your arm as you turned to him again, “Yes?”

“Would you go on a date with me Y/N?”  

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I saw some people being super upset about that house guest joke, and that it means his team is still pushing the same image for Harry, and I'm like... WFT?! Do people realise he's still in the closet???? I feel like when it comes to Harry, everyone has such high expectations and forget HE IS STILL IN THE CLOSET! His team has allowed him to be much more himself, so what if there is some het comments? It keeps his closet, and it's not much work!!! It's much better than to have him stunt!! Goddd


I mean, if it makes anyone who’s stressing feel any better, James well and truly knows about and supports Harry and Louis’ relationship, and was likely thinking “you two better not fuck on the soundstage after we wrap for the night” at that joke. 

And as you said, better jokes like that, than him actually having to stunt again.

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Hmm, I've sent asks in the past, but they've never been answered and I know it's not that you're choosing to ignore them (I hope so, at least) but rather maybe you get a lot and don't see mine? I also think that maybe I close my app too quickly before it can send. But anyway, if that's true and you do finally see this, I just wanted to say that I really love your blog and that you seem like a great person. I'm doing this on anon as a precaution but maybe I'll come out and say hi another time?

Don’t worry, I see you. <3

I answer as many asks as I can, but sometimes I’m either not feeling very well mentally or I never receive them. I don’t choose to ignore anyone. I’m terribly sorry if it comes off like that.

Thank you so much. I truly do appreciate that. Sometimes I have…doubts about what I’m doing here and stuff like that, so..This means a lot to me. :)
Please!! Feel free to pop in whenever! I’m trying to be better with replying but I don’t want to flood dashes so I space asks out <3

Update: I’ve Gotten Help


I know I’ve been a hella inactive recently, and for that, I apologize. I’ve gone through an extremely rough patch of depression, however, like the title said, I’ve gotten help. I’ve met someone—possibly one of my favorite humans in the world. He cares about me and my health, makes me feel better about myself, compliments me, and loves me, and I do the same back. I cannot explain to you all how grateful I am for this human being. I really hope all of you will meet someone or have someone who can give you a feeling of bliss just by being in your life. Anyways, this person has helped me a lot. I’m no longer contemplating suicide. I’m happier, and I’ve learned to look forward to things, but also remember the past and to keep my head up. Knowing I have him in my life has made me feel so much better. Knowing someone is always on my side and always there for me is what I’ve needed. I’ve figured out what I’ve needed. Everything is falling into place.

That being said, I definitely wish to get back here. However, I don’t think I can do it alone. Therefore, I was wondering if any of you all would like to apply to be a second admin for this blog. If you would be willing to, please tell me, and I’ll get an admin application up.

Once again, I’m all better now. I hope you all are doing better.

xoxo, Celestia (my real name. it’s time to use the true one). 

What made tonight’s dream worse was following spending time with a ton of old friends, I dreamed I had a bunch of rats that all just mysteriously died so I pretty much woke up when I was wailing in agony in the dream

All I can interpret from that as is how much doubt I have in myself, like I can’t take care of anything, and this general feeling of all my bonds and connections dying off

and there’s nothing I can do to control it, I can’t decide who drifts and who decides to move on to something else in their lives

and I can’t control this depression that’s making me feel like I’m not even a person worth talking to any more