i feel i have objectified jonas somewhat in this post

My *thoughts* on Don Carlo so far

 - The conducting and orchestra are lovely, and Asher Fisch clearly understands the piece.

 - Jonas is singing and looking sehr gut as usual, and making a nice contrast between non-crazy Carlo in the first act and super-fragile Carlo later on. The amount of chest showing is also pleasing.

 - Anja Harteros has a beautiful voice and is really warming up as she goes along, so I can’t wait to hear her Tu che la vanita.

 - Rene Pape as Filippo, who really comes into his own in the fourth act, is now coming across as a huge douchebag, hopefully with the result that his Ella giammai m'amo will be all the more heartbreaking. LET ME LOVE YOU FILIPPO MY MISUNDERSTOOD BABY

 - Boaz Daniel is also singing well, though his costume looks oddly Dickensian and out of place. I’ll be interested to see his death scene, because I like his relationship with Jonas’ Carlo but he comes across as bookish rather than revolutionary.

 - The costumes in general are serviceable, and it’s to see a lot of colours (the green dresses of the French women in the first act and Eboli’s multicoloured entourage) instead of just black and red or black and white, although there was still a hell of a lot of black in this production.

 - The Carlo/Elisabetta duet (Io vengo a domandar) was so good. Harteros brought out all the sexual tension and maternal affection that should be going on simultaneously in this scene. Jonas was also absolutely bang on, although he might have sounded better with his shirt off just saying.

 - The auto-da-fe scene was gloriously gaudy and grand lol alliteration, exactly how it should be.

tl;dr Jonas is sexy I love Don Carlo