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Shakespearean Drama: A True Story of Toxic Fans

OK, so those of you who know me will know what this means:

I am being serious.

I am not making this up for a good yarn, I am not building up to a silly punchline.  The situation IS hilarious, but I don’t need to embellish or embroider anything to make it so.  So many egos were involved that embellishment would be gilding the lily.  (Yes, my ego is among that number, I admit.)

I was briefly part of the Honors Program at my university.  (I later gave the whole in cursu honorum thing the finger, and this incident was just one of the reasons.)  I had to take a certain number of Honors classes to get that Latin tacked onto my degree.  Since I was a Secondary Education–English major, Honors Continental Lit was an obvious choice.  It was taught by the Director of the Honors Program.  

“Continental Literature”.  Meaning anything from Europe that is not Irish or English or any flavor of British. 

Don’t ask me how we got on the topic of “What are the Job Qualifications to be a Shakespearean Scholar?” in that class!

The class was mostly straight-up English majors, a few SEED(SEEN) (yes, that is how future English teachers were coded in the system at that time) majors like myself, and a couple oddball Engineers who were taking what they saw as an “easy A” for their Honors sheepskin.    The math-geeks were just laughing quietly to each other, the other English Education folks were trying to participate enough to avoid being called on in particular, and I was sitting in a corner by the window (third floor!) quietly plotting mayhem.  

The “pure” English majors (who looked down on we mere peasants who sought to teach) were waxing eloquent on what it is to be a Shakespearean Scholar, and their future careers as Distinguished Examples of Same.  (I had no idea there were that many job openings every year.)  

The professor (who normally spoiled and pampered those English majors rotten, she did not approve of my Education aspirations as being beneath me) called me by name and said, 

“You’re being awfully quiet. What do you think?”  The room went silent, and everybody turned to look at me.

I stretched out my legs and drawled, “Well, I hate to break it to you all, but I don’t think Ol’ Bill wrote all those plays so you could argue over what he meant three hundred years later: I think he did it to put clothes on the kids and keep The Globe open!”

The room went mad.

The professor literally, and yes I do mean literally, fell out of her chair laughing!  She was curled up into a ball on the floor laughing her ass off!  

The Engineers were giggling.

The other Education majors were sliding their chairs away from me as best they could (we were in a circle). “He’s not with us.  Really.”

The English Majors were about to riot.  I had insulted their God!  I had imputed base human motives to their idol!  Yelling, cursing, a couple out of their seats, it got pretty intense. 

I was debating whether I had a better chance of survival trying to break for the door, or if the third floor window open behind me offered a better chance at continuing to live.  

Finally the teacher got her laughter under control, got off the floor and back into her seat, and brought the class back under (nominal) control.

This was around 1994, when the World Wide Web was in its infancy and only total nerds (or anyone in the Honors program, same thing) had a university email address.  I got hate emails for a month about that class!  Some of them just never ever spoke to me again.  

The moral of this story:

No fandom is inherently toxic, but every fandom–every fandom!–has some toxic people in it.    The fandom doesn’t make them toxic: some people are drawn to fandoms because they want to feel special, or powerful, or like they have lots of status, and when you are discussing the merits of something creative, the crown often goes to the person who can fight better rather than the person who can write better.  They bring their own toxicity with them.  (It’s also much easier if the creator is conveniently dead and can’t argue with them–that always gets so awkward.)

The greatest and most unforgivable sin in their eyes is to call them out on their own bullshit and feelings of privilege.  To remind them that the source material is in absolutely no way about them!  That no matter how much they talk about it, they will never own it.  

It can be a lot of fun, but learn from my mistakes: have an escape route planned ahead of time, and don’t give them a way to contact you that you aren’t willing to burn behind you.  

anonymous asked:

Hello ! I'm new to heathenry, and I have felt very drawn to Loki in particular. I've had some doubts, since he seems to be a controversial figure, but have decided that the feeling is too strong not to act on it. Right now, I have one altar for all of the gods. Is it okay to honor Loki along with them on that altar? Or should I have a separate space for him?


There are a lot of Heathens who honor Loki at the same altar as the rest of the gods and get by just fine. There are even some who take a certain stanza in Lokasenna to mean that Loki and Odin should always receive offerings simultaneously, though not everyone buys into that.

Loki is, after all, one of the Aesir. Even Snorri Sturluson grants him that much, and Snorri’s treatment of Loki generally wasn’t very positive compared to other sources. Loki was adopted as a blood brother by Odin, which was a legally binding thing in medieval Iceland, and it’s possible that he was already considered a member of the tribe through his mother. (The lore is ambiguous regarding his heritage.)

And he’s not just part of the Aesir; he actually helps them. He’s responsible for a lot of Asgard’s treasures and defenses: Mjolnir, Freyr’s boar Gullinbursti, Asgard’s walls, etc. Yeah, he ends up fighting the Aesir at one point, but then, so does Skadi. And all of the Vanir. And we still worship those deities.

You can find more stuff in defense of Loki in this post, if you’re interested. But in terms of your altar situation, you should be fine. (Unless the gods themselves indicate otherwise. Sometimes it’s more a matter of wanting additional attention than not liking the other deities they’re sharing with.)

- Mod E


Deana Lawson

Q: What is your inspiration?

A: Vintage nudes, Sun Ra, Nostrand Ave., sexy mothers, juke joints, cousins, leather bound family albums, gnarled wigs, Dana Lawson, purple, The Grizzly Man, M.J., oval portraits, Arthur Jaffa, thrift shops, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, acrylic nails, weaves on pavement, Aaron Gilbert, the A train, Tell My Horse, typewriters, Notorious B.I.G., fried fish, and lace curtains.

Q: What is the unifying thread in your work?

A: I see photographs as visual testimonies. Familial relationships, sexuality, and life cycles are repeated motifs. I’m also interested in black aesthetics and how that is described in a picture. Some people are good storytellers because they have a knack for describing details in words and the narrator adds his or her own unique performance to the telling. I try to do that in pictures. Formally the images are unified by a clear directorial voice. The subject’s pose, lighting, and environment are all carefully considered.

Q: Many of your photographs feel very intimate. What is your connection to your subjects and how do you get them to let you in?

A: Most of the subjects were initially strangers. I’m drawn to seemingly “ordinary” individuals who I might pass while shopping in downtown Brooklyn, or whom I observe on the subway train. This is the person, the woman, who I want to use as my muse. Many subjects have expressed that because I am a woman they have felt comfortable posing for my camera. I am always honored and appreciative to be let in. I understand it is a privilege.

900 Follower Contest Announcement

Hello! Mod Manwe (people who can do the fancy e what is your magic??) and I have decided that in honor of 900 followers we are going to host a contest! Any of you lovelies can submit to us an incorrect quote of your own! We will then go through them and pick the funniest one and that person will win something drawn by Mod Manwe and something written by me. The winner will be announced next Monday. If you have any questions feel free to send us an ask! Have fun and good luck!

- Mod Gimli

I spun around, excitement sparking every nerve in me. (TC/N) stood in the door way to his classroom, a smirk wiped across his face. In his hand was a black leather jacket. My black leather jacket. 
“Oh my God, that’s where it was,” I said. I’d been looking for my jacket since 2nd period, probably making the fact that it was in 1st period rather obvious. I walked up to (TC/N) to get it from him, but before I could he ran into the classroom, slamming the door in my face. Suddenly his unfairly attractive face popped in the window of the door. 
“If you want this back, you’re gonna have to chase me!”
He turned around and disappeared towards the other side of his classroom. There was an emergency exit door on that side of the room, making that an obvious escape route. 
I sighed, “He’s really making me do this. Ok, he wants a chase,” I tossed my backpack on the ground, “he’s gonna get a chase.”
I figured the most likely place for him to run was towards the teachers parking lot at the other end of the building. I sprinted down the hall, dodging lagging students and late working teachers who stayed after school for one reason or another. Thankfully, only two other teachers in this building actually know me. 
“Woah, where are you off to in such a hurry?” Mrs. Beth called to me, Mrs. Hatch standing next to her. 
“(TC/N) stole my jacket,” I responded as I ran by. 
“Ok, good luck with that,” Mrs. Hatch laughed. 
I cut through the drama room, getting a straight shot from (TC/N)’s room to the parking lot. As I busted through the doors, a frigid winter air slammed against my chest, and I began shivering violently. (TC/N) stood by his car, casually flipping through my contacts book. 
“(TC/N),” I shouted.
He looked up, “Oh, hi! You know this is really interesting…who’s Trinity?”
“(TC/N), it’s freezing-”
“Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious,” he sarcastically scoffed. 
I rolled my eyes, “Can I please have my jacket back?”
“Nah, tell me who Trinity is.”
I sighed, “Ok, Trinity is a close friend of mine. We’ve been friends since 4th grade…um, we’re in Criminal Justice and on Honor Guard together. She’s one of my closest friends. Now, can I get my-”
“How about Yoda?”
(TC/N) pointed at the contacts book, “Yoda. Who is that?”
“(TC/N), you said you’d give me my jacket back-”
“Oh, c'mon. Just amuse me, let me learn about the people important enough to put in your contacts book! Then I’ll let you have your jacket.”
“…Ok, um, Yoda is my best friend’s name in my contacts book. Her real name is Molly, she’s my best friend. We’ve been through a lot together…she’s incredibly special to me.”
“Hmm,” (TC/N) nodded. Suddenly his eyes widened, “Oooh, who’s Zach?”
I could feel my face turn red, “He's…he’s just another friend! Everyone in there is a friend.”
“Then why do you have a heart drawn next to his name?” he asked, smirking devilishly. 
Son of a bitch. 
“Ok fine…he’s this guy I met during my freshman training for Honor Guard. I was struggling with some important decisions, and he asked my Criminal Justice teacher about them. So he pulled me aside during training, helped me out…flirted with me a lot-”
“Oh snap,” (TC/N) grinned. 
I nodded, “Yeah…I knew him for a week and fell completely head over heels…I haven’t seen him since then, but I have his number, so…”
(TC/N) nodded, “Very interesting.”
“Yeah,” I nodded, “now are you done badgering me with these questions, because I am freezing my butt off and would like to put on my jacket.”
“Oh, we wouldn’t want you to loose your butt, now would we? Here,” he handed it to me. 
“Thanks,” I said, donning my jacket. It was warm from being held against (TC/N)’s stomach. 
“Oh, I took the liberty of adding my contact information in there as well.”
My stomach flipped, “Do what now?”
I opened my contacts book, and on the first open space it had all of his information. 
“And I put TWO hearts by my name, just so you know who’s more special,” (TC/N) smiled goofily as he got into his car. 

It’s okay to choose your deities.

Some people get their signs and portents, other people choose.

If there’s a particular deity that seems really popular, don’t feel like you should be worshiping them either.

Back when I was a baby Pagan it seemed like everyone was into Cerridwen, Cernunnos, and Isis (not at the same time but Cernunnos and Cerridwen were often honored together in a Wiccan context) and I thought I had to be into them too, but I wasn’t, and I was sad because it seemed like everyone loved them.

Also it is normal to be drawn to multiple deities from different pantheons, it happens to lots of people. It is also normal to start working with one deity and then having their family stopping by to check you out, after all, they are very close to your deity and like any family and/or friends they probably want to know what’s going on.

And don’t feel like you need to share anything in common with your deities. I am a virgin who is allergic to cats and I will fight you if you say I can’t honor Freyja.

Patrons are overrated. If you have a patron, that is okay. If you do not, that is also okay, but you do not need one.

anna-of-the-southern-isles  asked:

Your art is so cute and makes me smile!! You have drawn some of my favorite Hux/Kylux pictures to date!! I literally screamed at Kylo shaking tiny Hux's hand and the chibi Hux is my phone background nwn

Thank you! That’s so nice you have my art as your phone background, oh my god it feels like an honor!! Man I was sure my stuff was too fluffy for Kylux, so I’m happy people find them cute!


Transforming For The Emmys with @uzoaduba

For more real moments from Uzo’s life on and off camera, follow @uzoaduba on Instagram. For more faces from the 2015 Emmys, follow @televisionacad and explore the #emmys hashtag.

For award shows like the Emmys, actress Uzo Aduba (@uzoaduba) dresses up as the most glamorous version of herself. She may look different from the character she is known for playing, Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on the Netflix show “Orange is the New Black,” but Uzo holds onto the character’s passionate spirit. “What I love about Suzanne is her honesty,” Uzo says. “She’s entirely herself, for better or worse, and stands inside her authenticity.” And that attitude is something the actress is also known for; Uzo’s intimate honesty on Instagram about her life has grown her a deeply engaged and dedicated fan base.

Ericca Fernandez (@ricofierce), an Australian artist and big-time fan, appreciates how close Uzo’s fans feel to her, and drew a “dedication piece” in Uzo’s honor. “I am mostly a portrait artist, so I am always drawn to people’s faces and their characters. I like to find something unique that stands out about them,” Ericca says. “Not only does Uzo have a gorgeous face, she seems to have a beautiful and down to earth personality, as well.”

12-02-2016 interview pour vogue.com

Florence Welch on Being Gucci’s New Muse

When I first met him, we both just started talking about the Renaissance, and about memento mori jewelry—he is a total kindred spirit!Florence Welch declares, describing her initial encounter with Alessandro Michele, the creative director for Gucci.

Welch has just been named Gucci’s ambassador for watches and jewelry, and the pairing couldn’t be more felicitous. “Alessandro told me he made a lot of his collection listening to ‘What Kind of Man,’ ” the Grammy-nominated artist relates by phone from L.A., where she is getting ready for Grammy night.

The two almost didn’t meet at all. There was some confusion about the address of their rendezvous, and they actually passed each other on the street before it was straightened out. “We were admiring each other’s outfits from afar,” Welch chuckles. “He looks like a Shakespearean prince, and I was wearing a waistcoat with pompoms and big red flares.

But the magpies finally found themselves in the same nest, where they discussed each other’s jewelry—both are serious ring wearers and collectors—and have what Welch describes as a shared “baroque psychedelic sensibility.

So when Gucci asked her if she wanted to be the face, so to speak, of Michele’s latest creations, she didn’t have to think twice. “I was quite honored. I love the pieces he’s making—the bees, the flora, the Marché des Merveilles collection—it has a vintage feel. I’m obsessed with the gold snake ring with the star in its head and the tiger with emerald eyes. My godmother had a vintage ring with a tiger, and I was also drawn to that one.

Kindred spirits, indeed: Welch confesses that Michele’s fondness for stars, hearts, crosses, and snakes “looks just like what I doodle in my notebooks. I love the way he uses them in his work—not overly sweet but slightly dark. For something to really draw me, it needs to have that slight element of darkness.

(source : http://www.vogue.com/13398314/florence-welch-gucci-muse-alessandro-michele/)

There’s an ethical problem surrounding ancestor worship I’ve been puzzling over for 3-4 years now and haven’t really been able to resolve at all.

I’m a big history nerd, and for a long time, since I was a kid, I would read about some historical figure and feel a really strong bond with them.  Not a, “I think so-and-so was super heroic and admirable” bond or a “I wish I could be like that person” bond, but more like … I’m powerfully struck by the existence of the person as a real person who really lived and really died, and I wish I could have had the opportunity to know them and be friends with them.

Eventually I end up getting depressed because there’s someone I really wish I could talk to, and they’re dead.

A big part of what drew me to Kemeticism is the focus on the afterlife and the akhu.  Now, there seems to be some uncertainty among Kemetics over who should/shouldn’t be honored among your akhu.  I know HON’s policy is that it’s best not to add people who aren’t related to you and who you didn’t know, although they don’t seem to explain the reasoning in much detail.

I do think there’s a temptation to pick out “cool” people from history and ignore your own actual ancestors, so that’s probably a big part of the reason behind the policy. But I am very much interested in my real ancestors, so that’s not an issue here.

The issue is like this:

Feel drawn to person –> Want to honor –> Realize there’s no real link between them and me –> Feel like a stalker

I worry that if I honor someone I have no real connection to, it’ll end up being intrusive and self-serving instead.  I definitely think there are people who end up being “honored” (admittedly usually in a secular way) in ways that they probably wouldn’t appreciate: like Joan of Arc being held up as a feminist icon or whatever. 


Really there are two questions:

1. When is/isn’t it appropriate to honor a stranger?

2. How do you know?

I’m not in any way a “sensitive” person, so I don’t really have to ability to simply ask.  Even if the person replied, I wouldn’t hear it.