i feel high on happiness

#when will the Original Iwatobi Relay Team come back from the war

I was feeling nostalgic earlier and i skimmed through the high speed manga and i remembered again how much i love my tiny rarepairs, like makorin who are adorable and smiling up there because they were friends and also had fondness for each other.

and also i saw this tiny panel

it’s smol and like… at the back of a Very Important Haruka panel but this made me smile so much because this was the scene before Nagisa went to say “I’m really nervous!” all smiley at Haruka??? this implies that he was more nervous and worried but rin talked to him so he’s kinda more smiley after?? that’s such a cute small detail!!! also rin and nagisa are so touchy, i appreciate my cuddle buddies being on #brand.

i love nagirin so much ok


Russia 2016                                                                                   Cyprus 2017

You ever been in that weird situation where it’s been a while since youve done any typology related introspection that you have no clue why you said you are the type you are anymore?

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25 things I’ve learned

1. It’s ok to cry. Letting it out sometimes can make you feel ten times better.

2. Write. Write often. Write your thoughts or ideas or song lyrics you like, anything. Just write.

3. If someone makes you upset, tell them. By playing games, you accomplish nothing and sometimes they’re so oblivious they don’t even notice you’re mad. Tell them and try to solve the issue.

4. If someone makes you happy, tell them. We don’t have as much time as we think. Say it while you can.

5. If you love someone, tell them. It takes a weight off your shoulders you never even knew was there. And maybe they might even love you back.

6. Watch as much TV as you want. Read as much as you want. Do anything you love as much as you want. You may not be able to do it much longer.

7. Go to concerts, lose yourself in the music. Let loose. It’s good for you. And music is better live.

8. Crank your music up loud and have a dance party by yourself. Make a fool out of yourself. It’ll make you smile.

9. Text someone first. Who knows, they might be waiting for you to talk to them.

10. Go to parties. Let your hair down. Dance. You’re only young for so long, enjoy it while you can.

11. Stay home. Sometimes you need to be alone, embrace it. Connect with yourself.

12. Talk to your mom. She’s there to help you and guide you. Sometimes she may even give good advice.

13. Spend time with friends who aren’t so popular. Chances are they’re hilarious and much more fun. They’ll probably end up showing you more than the cool kids ever could.

14. Dress in sweats every once in a while. Stop trying to impress everyone. It helps to go to school feeling cozy and lazy.

15. Go for long walks. Look around you, the world is always changing. Learn from nature.

16. Eat as much as you want. Who cares about calories and whether or not you look fat. If you want some of that cake, eat it. You’ll enjoy it and it won’t kill you, trust me.

17. It’s ok to be a nerd. Study. Ask questions. If something interests you, learn more about it. You’re helping yourself more.

18. Take lots of pictures. Post them too. Who cares what everyone thinks, if you look cute or are having an awesome time, post it. You can look back and laugh over it in a few years then.

19. Go on adventures. Drive somewhere random late at night with friends. Explore the world. There’s a lot out there.

20. Don’t shut people out. They care. They can help. Someone out there wants to hear your story.

21. Play with your dog. Get on the floor and roll around with them. Pets don’t live forever and they would do the same for you in an instant.

22. Try new things. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. The unknown is usually better than what you do know and you might like what you try.

23. Go stargazing a lot. It will remind you of how big the world is. There’s more out there. Never forget.

24. Sing at the top of your lungs whenever your favorite song comes on. You’re not embarrassing yourself. You’re having fun. Be yourself.

25. Take a deep breath and let it all go. You only are young once and have one chance to make it count. Get out there and live. Do what makes you happy. Be yourself. Stop worrying over that boy or those fake friends. They won’t matter in ten years. For now, let loose and try to make the most out of what you have.

—  I wish someone had told me this years ago.

when your both crushing on each other and your eyes meet

for nicola | ilu ♡

next level meme-ing

Help my qpp (squish,,) is so cute and i have tons of selfies they sent me on fb and i cant stop beaming about their eyes and their face structure in general and also their lips i want to kiss them so bad and also i feel so blessed we had a heart emoji war and i got so many that it crashed and all i can think about is giving them huge hugs and being protected and super duper happy they make me feel glittery and happy idk i feel so high and kind of floaty right now my brain is so dudfejfbdodhxjbd dude udek they’re such an adorable cutie ah