i feel happy with this one

Happy Birthday Rihanna!!

Some of you already know, but Rih was actually the first celebrity to show my work love! She saw my sketches on Twitter back in 2010 & i’ll always remember the feeling when she followed me & dm’d me… “Yo dude! I’ve been seeing some of ur designs! Ur sick wit it!” ❤ Many ongoing & surreal convos later…next thing, she had my work as her Twitter profile picture, and in 2011, she invited me to one of her LDN Loud tour dates where we finally got to meet each other. She even told me to bring my work. Her loving embrace was like we had known each other for years! She is truly a beautiful, humble & genuine soul! This is a long ass caption, but I wanted to share what a cool person she is. I’ll always be grateful for her support & can’t wait for us to collaborate one day! Keep continuing to kill it & enjoy your Birthday Rihanna, you deserve all the blessings ❤❤❤

Part 3: I’ve had this blog for a little over a year, and it truly is one of my biggest sources of happiness. I’ve gotten the chance to make wonderful friends, and join fandoms I never thought I would. Even though this blog had many many rough patches throughout, all the good times by far takes the win. Not only was I able to show my support to all the groups I love, I was also able to spread my support to many other fans as well, and I feel like thats a great accomplishment. Not only that, this blog has support from over 10 thousand of you!! Something I definitely don’t deserve. Anyways, this follow forever is me saying thank you to all the people who have blessed my dash with beautiful posts, talked to me when I needed them the most, and just supported me despite all the things that happened. Thank you, and I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. <3

and thank you @changkyuh for the beautiful graphic. I love you!!! <33333

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 special mentions: 

@sefuns: Your blog is literally ultimate goals. I mean, HOW DO YOU CREATE SUCH HIGH QUALITY GIFS?? I’m not gonna lie, I actually screamed out loud when you followed me haha, but your honestly so sweet and modest.  I feel so honoured to be mutuals with such a high quality blogger!! I hope we can talk, and get to know each other even more in the future <3 I love you lots! 

@seobabe: I’ve had a lot of fun talking to you over the year. Your super super sweet, and all your edits are so pretty! I hope we can continue on our friendship for a very long time <33

@slayeol: OMFG I dont know how I would survive tumblr without you. I LIVE FOR ALL YOUR POSTS. Your literally the most dedicated exo l Ive ever met and I respect you so much for that, and your my fellow shade sister. You actually inspire me and give me guts to say a lot of things haha. I love you more than anything, and I’m so lucky to be mutuals with such an amazing individual <333333

@smhsehun: My sweet sweet little angel. Your actually too sweet and precious for this world. We haven’t even talked much at all, yet I feel the urge to protect you haha. I love you and your blog so sooooooooooooo much, and I’m so glad that we could be mutuals  <333

@squynhty: first of all I just wanna start of by saying YOUR SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS <33333 I love love LOVE seeing you in my notifications (I smile every time) and your so damn sweet! LIKE WHY ARE YOU SO SWEET? Anyways, your one of my most precious mutuals and I love you a lot!! <333

@stanukiss2k17: there are so many things I want to thank you for, but mostly, I want to thank you for always sticking up for me when I needed someone the most. I’ll never forget that. And I also apologize for the time when you got unfairly caught in uneccesary drama because you stood up for me. Your such a strong person, and your love for U-kiss is the cutest thing ever. I love you <3333

@suhokai: another one of my favourite mutuals. <333 Thank you for being there when I needed someone the most. Your such a sweet person, and all your edits are so pretty!! I also enjoyed the times when we fangirled over monsta x haha. I hope we can talk more some time.  I love you!! 

@vefh: I’ve had a lot of fun talking to you for the past few weeks AND IM SO GLAD I GOT YOU INTO MONTSTA X!!! I can tell you got in pretty deep lol which means I’ve done a pretty good job haha. I hope we can continue to scream over monsta x for a very very long time. I LOVE YOU. 

@y-u-t-o: You are such an angel. I wanna thank you for following me despite everything that happened in this blog ( I mean I would’ve unfollowed a long time ago haha)  Seeing you in my notifications always puts a smile on my face, and I’m so lucky to have a mutual as sweet as you <3333

Someone bury those jeans.

The little hug and peck are adorable. I really wanted a peck/forehead kiss. 

The scene with Rick gifting the Queen with a cat has me in the feels. He makes a reference to her cat from season 3. He is hurt. His hands are bloody. He is hopping on one leg, but he still has Michonne on his mind and wants to make her happy. It’s like he doesn’t feel pain when he gets Michonne to smile. She’s his medicine.

Although I love this scene, I’m mostly grateful for this. 

No more jeans. Someone hide the needles. 

I’ve decided to take a step back from Tumblr, at least for a while. I don’t feel comfortable here anymore. I don’t have fun anymore. It doesn’t make me happy anymore. I’m constantly worried that something I say might trigger someone or offend someone, and I don’t mean this as a jab to anyone, I am genuinely worried about this and it’s too stressful, especially with everything else going on in my life.

I’m not deleting or anything, it’s more like a break. I’ll probably be back before long, but atm it feels like the best decision for me.

I doubt that anyone will miss me, I honestly do, I’m not important or anything, but I thought I’d make a post about this anyway.

So yeah. Take care of each other and be kind to each other. Lots of love ❤




(plus 1 ace from outer space)

The shorty squad are here to let you know that you’re valid, your feelings are real, and you’re perfect just the way you are! 💚💜

(You can find out more about Arospec Awareness Week, and about aromanticism in general, by clicking here!)

In A New Hope, I still feel sad for Aunt Beru most of all.

-The subtle implication in ROTS is that she was happy to adopt Luke, under, eh, rather odd circumstances because she couldn’t have a baby of her own and desperately wanted one. (No, seriously: Why else agree to such a strange and dangerous arrangement?)

-The way she seems to truly love Luke and encourages his dreams. Owen took care of Luke out of a sense of duty but never truly stopped thinking: “But he’s Vader’s kid!” He was suspicious. She wasn’t. She mothered him like Padme would have.

-This was why Obi Wan knew he could leave Luke with her. 

-Then she gets horribly murdered. But, later on in the movie, Luke seems to be more upset over the death of that 80 year old man he just met, well, yesterday.

Simply a very tragic character in the Star Wars series, IMO.  

anonymous asked:

i feel like dan would be bashful meeting you bc hes been stalking your blog for months bc of the tea and gifs and to see you in person! his dream come true!

no fan meeting will ever be as iconic as anahita meeting dan and phil in 2015. but maybe dan would be happy because the only time i would ever see him would be to kill him

anonymous asked:

Happy story: I came out to some of my friends from high school as ace and not only were they cool about it, one pulled me aside and was like "can you explain more about that that sounds so much like me." I was so happy to be accepted, but even more to be able to give one of my best friends information she hadn't been able to find on her own. (And it's funny how often we seem to find each other even before we have words for who we are or how we feel.)

fancy-fancy-moon  asked:

I draw you too much is that bad?? And when i tag you in it do you get annoyed bcause i always feel like it does for some reason k ily bye

oh gosh no no no sweetie i see them all and i love them!! it doesn’t annoy me at all they’re so cute!! i can’t reblog all of them but i promise i do see them and i love every one of them!! so please don’t feel bad about it!! you keep drawing whatever makes you happy!!!!

anonymous asked:

Im 15 and just started dating this guy in my youth group and idk if what I feel for him is real or if im faking just bc and although i really hope its the former, i dont have any past dating/crush experience to really tell but how do i know for real if i like him?

Hi friend,

Keep in mind that y’all are young, and that romantic like/love is something that’s so hard to explain. For me, I knew that I loved my husband when I couldn’t picture my future without him. I knew that I loved him when I realized that I cared more about his happiness than my own one day. 

This is just something you’re going to have to really meditate and pray over. Do you like him, or the idea of him? Are you enjoying the attention you’re getting, or the status this gives you, or do you like him as a person? Do you like talking with him, being with him, etc.? Talk to God about this and ask Him to help you figure out what you’re thinking and feeling and ask for His Will to be done. 

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. - 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

(I realize that you stated that you and this boy just started dating and my answer was more about love, but that’s what your feelings will evolve into eventually if you really do like him, so I hope that’s okay and I pray this response helps you.) 

All my love,


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how would UT/UF/US Alphys and Undyne react to a s/o who is an anime singer? (like someone who sings opening songs and stuff)

Listen, my YT history is 90% jubyphonic covers, I Feel You - M.M.


Badass!! She insists on performing with you every now & then, even if the end result isn’t the one that gets published. Hey, she has that piano for a reason–just being able to hear you sing it live is enough to make her happy.


Ohmygod, ohmygod! She doesn’t care what you sing in particular, it’s just so cool that you do it! She downloads all of your covers, & listens to them on a constant loop. In other words, she’s your Biggest Fan.


She picks fun at you for it. It might seem that she really isn’t all that into it, but her lowkey bullying is mostly to cover up the fact that she is Way More into it than she’d like to admit. If you ever checked the music list on her phone, it’d be 90% of your song covers.


She’s very critical of your work. Alphys is the type of Monster who likes to act that her taste in anime is the Best, & that everyone else’s is just garbage in comparison. So if you haven’t at least covered “Kusou Mesorogiwi” or "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni,” don’t even talk to her.


W-Wow, that’s really–really freaking cool! The moment she finds out she’s downloading every available cover she can get her hands on. Let’s just say in the weeks following, the walls of her lab are constantly shaking with the sheer volume that she’s blasting your songs at.


Ohmygod?? Holy crap, that’s cool as heck! She’s got a special-made playlist on her phone (mostly your softer/bubblier covers) that she keeps on repeat during her training time. Your voice gives her the energy & inspiration she needs to get through the day.

anonymous asked:

i'm kinda nervous to say but i'm in a relationship and poly and my boyfriend and i both very much care for this one girl and we talk about her and dream about her in our lives and we've told her but at the same time i don't think she takes it too seriously but she's a massive crush of mine and i??? i think i kind of love her too?? i want her to be safe and happy and cared for i want to help do that for her and i want to brush her hair and hold her but i still feel wrong bc of the neg poly stigma

aww no, don’t feel bad! nothing wrong with how you feel! good luck 💕


Finally!! My January/February shipment from AmiAmi took FOREVER O.O;

I’ve never had an SAL package take this long, but it’s here and I’m happy to have it! I’m still not sure on how I feel about Universal Unit but I am excited to have an EW Wing Gundam at this scale! The Splatoon Buki Collection fits in really well with 1/12 scale figures. I’m really hoping they do at least one more set from the first game before they start releasing merch for Splatoon 2 Q.Q..I want an entire arsenal of these if possible x.x. Even if you don’t get these for play-ability, they look great on display!

anonymous asked:

3, 7, 11, 19, 38, 44

I assume these are for me so here we go~!

  • 3. Crush?

Don’t have one. I think I’ve only had two crushes in my life to be honest… And they were a long time ago. Not even sure how crushes work heh.

  • 7. Best Friends?

There’s a heck of a lot, too many to tag yo

  • 11. Last time you cried?

mmmm last week

  • 19. If you had one wish, what would it be?

ohhhhh boy I don’t even know uh… To find happiness? Or at least to have the ability to make anyone happy

  • 38. Someone I can tell anything to?

I have a hard time expressing my feelings to other people so I just kinda…. Don’t? I don’t really like to bring others down with me when i’m sad

  • 44. Selfie?

Does it have to be recent? I don’t really have anything uhhhhh-

Here’s an embarrassing pic of me from last year licking a sans balloon at a party okay- you’re welcome

anonymous asked:

hello! i was just wondering if you'd read any yoonkook fics recently that you could rec? i've run out of reading material :(

i have a couple new ones that i’ve read recently!

birthday gift | breathless | cake stopper | the castle on the hill | the collection (ch 29-33) | this feels like the first time | you stir up a mcflurry in my heart | your smile is my happiness

some of these might not be necessary new, but like posted last month or so. but i technically count it as new still

lurkingcrow  asked:

Re: evil author day; they all sound amazing, but I'd love to see something from the Hello Again verse if only because I crave the moment Padawan Obi is bowled over by a certain crecheling declaring how happy he is to have found him and he is never ever letting him go because he needs all the hugs ever... he'd feel a lot better if he didn't know Anakin was dead serious and he's about to be stuck with a tiny, vicious shadow hell-bent on defending his honour :)

So here’s part II of Anakin and Obi-Wan’s reunion. I don’t have much of other people’s reactions, but you get Anakin and Obi-Wan, and they’re the ones who really matter, aren’t they?

Keep reading

Late Night Drives - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

A/N – This is my 3rd imagine and I am so happy that you guys are liking them. Please feel free to request any ones in particular that you want, my inbox is always open :)

Plot – You can’t sleep at night, so you rely on your trusty boyfriend to help distract you.

Word count: 1243

Originally posted by lovablecouples

Tossing and turning in the dark, you caught a glimpse at the clock on your bedside table. 1:47am. Once again, you couldn’t sleep. You had tried everything the doctor had aid to do: counting sheep, having a hot drink and deep breathing, but nothing was working. Nothing at all. All you wanted to do was have 10 minutes of peace and quiet, but no, someone out there had it in for you and made you the person with insomnia in your family. You turned over again, being to get angry with your own mind that wouldn’t shut off. It was racing with all the thoughts and worries that were going through your brain, and you couldn’t turn it off.

Giving up, you finally turned on the bedroom light and fumbled around for your phone. The brightness nearly blinded you and you felt yourself blinking until your eyes adjusted. Scrolling through your contacts, you found the one you were looking for under ‘S’. Dialling the number, you tried to be as quiet as you possibly could. You had no doubt that he would pick up. For anyone else, he would probably ignore it, but for you, he would answer the phone immediately.

It took 3 rings.

“Stiles?” You whispered down the line.

“Whatimeisit?” He mumbled back, his words becoming jumbled.

“Nearly two, are you awake?” You replied.

“No, I’m just an automated message that is talking to you,” he replied sarcastically.

“Yep, you’re awake. Can we go somewhere?”

“Y/N it’s two in the morning and we have a biology test tomorrow, can it wait?”

You felt deflated, it’s not like you expect him to get up in the middle of the night for you and take you somewhere, but right now he didn’t even want to be awake.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll talk to you tomorrow Stiles,” you gave up, sighing.

You heard a groan on the end of the phone and a long groan of frustration.

“Fine,” he dragged out, “I’ll be at yours in five minutes.”

You smiled to yourself, “Thank you Stiles.”

And with that, you hung up. Deep down, you knew Stiles would come to your aid. He always did, and you loved him more and more each time for it. Stiles would act annoyed and pissed off, but truly, he couldn’t be happier that it was him you decided to call on help for. It made him feel special.

Climbing out of the warm, comfy duvet, you pushed your hair back out of your eyes. Brushing it out quickly with your fingers and pulling on the nearest jumper by your bed, you started to move towards the window. If you had gone downstairs, your parents would hear immediately and banish you from ever sneaking out again. They would keep you locked away in your room, and then there would never be any possibility of having fun again. So, the window it is.

Prying it open silently, you felt the gush of the cool night air on your face. It was refreshing enough to make you open your eyes wider and hear a low rumble of an engine nearby. It grew closer, and soon enough, the blue jeep was in its usual parking spot opposite your house. You gave yourself a very small smile and your heart leapt wildly. The porch was in front of you, and with ease, you took a large step and landed silently. Next, was to hang your feet, and jump. You had done it countless times before, but never at night. It gave you a sudden rush of adrenaline. You let go, and fell effortlessly.

Running across the road without looking and getting into the jeep, you pulled Stiles into a kiss before he even manged to say a word. It was soft and sweet and full of compassion, but it was also meaningful and daring and made your mind and body melt into his hands which cupped your cold face. Your hands tangled themselves into his hair, as if trying to pull him closer than he already was. But it was impossible. When you two were together, you were like a puzzle; you both fitted next to each other perfectly.

Eventually he pulled away and stared into your eyes, which looked straight back at his. You were trying to say what was going on with you just by looking, and Stiles understood. Silently, you fell back in your seat and Stiles started to drive. The radio played soft music by the 1975 and you hummed along wistfully, watching the surroundings change outside of your safe little car. Your safe little car where nothing could harm you, nothing could go wrong and nothing could change how you feel about a brown-haired boy sat right next to you.
Stiles kept on driving for another five minutes, all the while neither of you spoke a word. It was peaceful, you didn’t need to say anything and neither did he. You both knew how you felt about each other.

Eventually, the jeep stopped and you looked to see where you had been taken. Beacon Hills Viewpoint. You smiled to yourself.

You started to tell Stiles, “This is the place-“

“-we had our first kiss? Yeah, I know. I remember.” He finished, taking your hand and holding it in his own tightly.

You moved closer to him and leant your head on his shoulder, and you felt his arm go around your shoulders. Stiles brought you closer to his body, and you could feel the warmth radiating off him from under his plaid pyjamas.

Stiles took a deep breath, as if he was preparing himself for something big.

“Y/N, let me tell you something,” he began, his eyes looking out to overlook the whole of Beacon Hills. “When I was seven years old and everything in my life wasn’t making any sense. When everything looked like it was going to turn horrible and I wanted to scream so loud my lungs would burst, I thought life was another version of hell. If some guardian angel told me there and then that in ten years’ time, I would be sitting at Beacon Hills Viewpoint with the girl of my dreams right next to me and we would be taking light night drives together just because we were happy to be with one another, I would have punched them.”

You laughed softly. Stiles hand gripped yours tighter.

“But the truth is Y/N,” he carried on, “I couldn’t be happier to be sat with you right now. I know sometimes you feel like I choose other things over you, or you feel broken and I can’t mend you, and for that I’m so sorry. You deserve so much more than me, and because I’m here with you I will always be thankful. I think I’m falling really really deep in love with you Y/N.” He finished casually, as if he had rehearsed it all his life.

You were speechless. Dumbfounded. Stiles had finally admitted how he truly felt towards you, and you couldn’t be happier.

You pulled out of Stiles arms and looked at him straight into his beautiful eyes.

“I think I’m falling really really deep in love with you too Stiles,” you told him honestly.

And once again, your lips met. And in that exact moment, you knew that true love is real, and you had it.

Even if it was with a brown-eyed, brown-haired, rusty-jeep-driving, sarcastic boy named Stiles Stilinski.

werid thing thats making me feel good: im looking back in my hc tag and being like. yeah. i like that one. that one’s good. like im not embarassed i dont hate any of them. like im happy i put that out there. i think its a good batch of content. i never feel like this??????? anyways. yeah thats good!!

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There's a new article out where Melissa talks about Karamel and confirming their feelings for each other are very real and we'll definitely be getting lots of happy moments of them being a couple!! I'm so ready, bring it on! And msg to the haters, keep hating in your little corner while we squeal with joy :)