i feel happy for some reason

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ok funny story, ur one of my favorite blogs and ive been seeing u in my notes for a few weeks and ive been so confused bc i never saw u follow me? i was like idgi is she just searching up my blog and reblogging stuff but refusing to follow me for some reason?? but then i realized you were following me on ur personal all along and i feel like such an idiot haha! sorry if this is weird im just super happy that we're mutuals (even if i didnt realize it at first lmao)! have a nice day :')

ok but hskfjhdkh why did u send this on anon like this means im silently dying for u to notice me WHO R U

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I had a crush on my former college professor and we became close friends after I finished his class and quit school (for unrelated reasons). It turns out he felt the same way about me the whole time but was afraid to ever tell me because he thought it would hurt our friendship or I'd find it creepy. One year later, we are finally together and we couldn't be happier. Moral of the story is, you're not alone in your feelings and sharing a happy healthy relationship with a former tc/sc can happen.

Hey mate! Thank you for sharing and for spreading some hope for all of us!

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i feel like i'm alone in being happy about how some things are progressing!! not everything is to my liking, but i don't expect it to be - i'm not writing the show, but people are picking apart even the smallest things and criticising the people who actually enjoyed those things. give us a break!!

yeah tbh there are…..a lot of things i’m not happy with, but now i feel like i can’t express a positive opinion without feeling like someone’s gonna jump down my throat? so. reasons why i’ve been avoiding tumblr. 

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

fat? yep. unhealthy? check. ugly? definitely to some people.

I may be all of those things but I am still a person deserving of basic human decency and respect. I still deserve to find happiness and live my best life.

body size, health status, and perceived beauty are not reasons to treat people like crap. stop pretending that they are just because you want to make yourself feel superior to strangers.

pssst, emma canonically sailed on the jolly roger before she was even born.

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your Keith post gives me life !!! do you think you could do one for lance too ?

Sure can do! :D I could probably do one for every paladin tbh, I love them all so much. Anyway, here, have some of the reasons why I adore Lance:

  • is flirty
  • it’s a good flirty though??? he only ever compliments people, makes finger guns or talks himself up. nothing gross about it
  • used to sneak out of the garrison regularly
  • the most innocent laughter
  • does the eyebrow thing
  • is a good strategist and confident in his abilities!!
  • befriends people super fast
  • presumably can knit
  • feels insecure about what he contributes to the team despite being confident in his abilities
  • calls Blue “Beautiful” and is very happy with her
  • has the worst jokes
  • and even worser comebacks
  • loves his friends!!!!! so much!!!!!!! he brags about them to other people!!!
  • long limbs,,,,
  • always tries to diffuse tension
  • the more tense the situation, the more annoying he gets (probably in an attempt to distract people)
  • instantly becomes serious when the mission starts
  • is afraid of ghosts
  • can do A+ impressions of other people
  • moves his entire body while handling the controls for the fighting drones
  • he :3
  • knows the altean time measuring units and what they translate to
  • has absolutely no control over the volume and/or pitch of his voice
  • presumably has an exceptionally good relationship with his mom
  • s h a r p s h o o t e r
  • always gives new people the benefit of doubt
  • knows how to thread the needle
  • is bilingual
  • drapes himself across anything
  • is ambidextrous
  • has no understanding or interest in fancy words or math stuff
  • his first reaction to becoming a paladin and ‘protecting the universe’ was shock and fear
  • overlooks the most obvious things and is #shook when he finds out about them
  • is surprisingly analytical and knows how to read people
  • actively uses these skills on his friends - never against them of course, just to get to know them, calm them down or push them to overcome their fears
  • is the biggest dork
  • is afraid of dying
  • but did not hesitate even a second to save Coran from the bomb
  • he’s self-sacrificing that’s what he is
  • and homesick
  • is competitive to the point that he started a rivalry with Keith who barely even knew/remembered him
  • usually becomes useless around pretty girls until they open his eyes and screw him over
  • is so honest about his feelings in a private setting??? but only then
  • makes use of altean clothes
  • missed 10 days for a stomachache in 3rd grade that he never really had
  • is probably really good with kids and animals!!!!!
  • freaks out easily
  • randomly dances sometimes when he’s happy
  • was fully on board with collecting coins from a fountain because Pidge wanted that one video game that he couldn’t care less about
  • loves water!! and the ocean!!! is probably a really amazing swimmer!!!!
  • is the quickest to call shotgun
  • arguably has the best fashion sense
  • puns are good if he makes them,,, but only if he makes them
  • exaggerates most of his movements
  • food goo,,, face masks,,,,,
  • always wrecked the garrison simulator back on earth
  • confronts anyone - no matter how much he looks up to them or wants to impress them - if he thinks that irrational decisions are being made

CONCLUSION: Lance is a good kid!! I love him!!

[lance continuation] [keith] [keith now with additional meta improvement

It’s done!!! Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, my tablet and computer were both being stupid with the batteries dying but they’re working again. Yay!

THE BLUE SHIRT WAS CHOSEN (RIP 1999, 2017. Loved by many (no one on tumblr (besides me))(RIPx2). you got no votes you poor soul (shirt))

Anyway, this is a gift for @kiekyun because your art gives me so much life. I really love everything you draw, you really are a very wonderful artist and I hope to be as good as you some day! (I’m sorry about no background, I really suck at those) I don’t know if you’ll actually see this but if you do then please let me know what you think! :D

Message from Rebs 💛

Hello everyone! I just wanted to reiterate that I am Okay. I didn’t really delete because of the pressure or hate or anything, it was just that I felt like I was making things worse by being around only to be negative when I feel like people followed me to find some positivity to start with. For that reason, I’m really sorry that me leaving has upset people, I didn’t really realize it would, I kind of felt like everyone would be relieved to not have to see that side of me anymore and could just remember the happy stuff I had done in the past.

All of that said I definitely do feel relieved to not have so many eyes on me right now. This is allowing me to feel a lot more removed from the situation, so I think my channel is safe from being deleted for now because I can kind of pretend if it’s not there. If I change my mind on that I will try to give people some notice. I already saw that @artfulkindoforder​ is working on archiving them which I really appreciate.

Thank you for the support you’ve given me over the last few years and everything you’ve done for me. Please know that I am okay and I really want you all to be happy and have a good time here, and I hope that in the future we all get to see the kind of positive, landmark representation we were looking forward to. I wish you all the best!


PS: please don’t pester Liddy about where I am or messages for me, xe very kindly agreed to post this for me but xe is not my delivery person <3

One thing that makes me happy about Brooklyn Nine-Nine (even in light of this stressful finale) is that peraltiago relationship conflict is mostly external. Like, I feel like most shows depict unhealthy romantic relationships with internal conflict, in which characters fight and lie to each other and break up and make up over and over again. For some reason, a lot of writers seem to think that internal conflict is the only way to add drama to an established relationship.

But Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

After the initial will-they-won’t-they dramatics, Jake and Amy are nothing but supportive of each other at every step in their relationship. Jake doesn’t resent Amy for being ambitious. Amy doesn’t resent Jake for being a hot mess. They communicate with each other. They affirm each other. The most relationship conflict we’ve seen is when they get separated by external circumstances (Florida and now prison, apparently).

tl;dr: I wish more writers would realize that you can write interesting romantic pairings without relying on unhealthy relationship tropes.

Paint mixing videos are not a waste of paint

Hello! Real life artist here!

i’ve seen people in the past say that paint mixing videos are a waste of art supplies so i thought that i’d just put my opinion out there :)

So, reason one why I dont thing paint mixing is a waste: Its a great way to get rid of old paint! You know that paint that’s not so good for actual painting anymore but you just cant bring yourself to throw it away? Paint mixing videos are a perfect way to put it to good use! I personally have some really old paints that im about to make some videos of!

Also, you dont necessarily have to use top of the line paint. Some craft stores sell small bottles of acryllic paint for only a couple dollars, perfect! And since paint mixing vids typically dont use a ton of paint, a little bottle should last a while!

Finally and probably most importantly: paint mixing videos really help calm people down. I have severe anxiety and paint videos are part of what introduced me to stim blogs and stimming in general! Watching the pretty colors being mixed together can really calm me down sometimes and i know that a lot of other people experience the same thing!

Now these are just my personal opinions, I completely understand if anyone doesnt agree with me on some things, thats perfectly fine.

But if you have any more reasons then feel free to reblog and add them! Happy stimming!

@kayvsworld answered your question “I’m feeling extra lazy about my next drawing ideas for some reason. So…”

tony and a really fluffy kitten? or the tony flower piece holy moly….

Silver fox Tony and a face full of fur!

I’ll note your interest in the Tony flower art I have planned! It should have a nice melancholy feel to it, though it’ll probably be done quite a ways from now at the rate I’m going haha

Also, happy birthday, Kay!!

They didn’t speak often, but Carver was always loyal. The recruits knew better than to insult his brother. / No one dared speak ill of his sister. - Cullen (from deleted DA Inquisition dialogue from here)

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Happy Easter! I hope you have a lovely weekend <3 

Holidays are a lovely opportunity to spend time with our loved ones for some of us but for others they’re painful, for example because

- you’re forced to spend time with ignorant or hateful relatives 

- you’re surrounded by people who misgender/deadname you 

- you can’t spend time with your partner because you’re not out of the closet yet  

- you have to pretend you and your partner are only friends for safety reasons 

- you have to wear “festive” clothes that make you feel dysphoric 

- people around you abuse religion as a excuse for hate 

I send you a big hug! I know it’s a cliche but it’ll get better - and if only because, after all, the Easter weekend is just another weekend and it’ll pass, even if it feels painfully endless. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

- ̗̀  plots inspired by divide // ed sheeran  ̖́-

under the cut you’ll find possible plots for every single song ( 16  )  +1 extra for supermarket flowers from the album ‘divide’ by ed sheeran. everything can, of course, be altered to your likings as these were just some of my ideas. i linked the songs so that you can be inspired a little more as you’re reading the plot!

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Ah gosh, I’m so so happy this show is back! And it’s a very sweet episode to start on.

It’s cute how Steven is theorycrafting in the beginning of the episode, trying to puzzle out some secret message in Rose’s video. Which, of course, doesn’t exist but out of the secret messages he guessed at, “I stay a bit” seems like the most plausible one to be foreshadowing…

When Lion yawns in this episode he sounds like the cats in World of Warcraft. Which doesn’t mean anything, it’s just neat to me.

Just, poor Steven. He feels like he has to have a reason to be, a purpose, but the reason Rose had him was for him to not have a destiny. Gems are all made for a purpose, they’re all predestined for something. They can either fulfill that or rebel against it, but there’s always something they were ultimately meant for. Rose’s fascination with humans is because they have no ‘purpose’, in that sense, they only have possibilities. Steven’s destiny is to not have a destiny, but he feels (felt) at a loss without one. Thank goodness for Greg, Steven’s gotta talk to his dad more often about these things.

Y’know, the more I learn about Rose, the more I like her. She’s a complex and interesting character and I enjoy how, as the show goes on, they deconstruct this sorta perfect goddess image of her we were initially presented, but they do it in a way that isn’t just “this character you thought was good is actually bad.” Just, “This character you thought was perfect is flawed and complex”, just like everyone. I feel like it’s very important, the way they’re exploring her character, because she’s the voice of this very core and important ideal, the wonderment of the “magic” of being human, so to speak. Its an important message of the show, imo. And as they explore her, she gets more complex and less perfect-seeming, but that core idea is never tainted. It’s still the most earnest and purest part of her and that allows the audience to genuinely believe it, which is important to the show’s central themes, imo.

Anyways, I got more thoughts but these are just my first initial ones. Great first episode!