i feel fat in everything

No fingas entenderme porque realmente tú no sabes lo que es sentirse fea cada segudo de tu vida, no sabes lo que es odiar cada centrímetro de tu cuerpo, no sabes lo que es mirarse en un espejo y sentir asco, no sabes lo que es sonreír cuando realmente no sientes felicidad, no sabes lo que es levantarte cada mañana y sentir que quieres morir, no sabes lo que es sentir odio hacia tí cada vez que comes un poco de comida, tú jamás lograrás entenderme, tu eres perfecta…

Mother Nature’s a Bitch (Bucky x Reader)

Request: You could do a buckyxreader one were reader has really really bad cramps and Bucky is a sweetheart those are always super fucking cute

Words: 913

Warnings: Mention of period cramps and blood, cursing too. 

A/n: Short but hopefully fluffy. I did something slightly different from the request but same concept. 

Once upon a time, mother nature decided to torture women once a month for not having babies. It was the worst time of the month, the month where you were either happy or sad, angry or silly, cuddly or ‘get your mother fucking hands off of me’. It was not a joyful time of the month considering your mood swings, painful aching in your stomach and cravings.  Whoever said Karma’s a bitch never met mother nature, apparently.

This week was your turn to be tortured. 

You dragged your feet from your bedroom to the kitchen, your sweatpants dragging along the floor and your fist balled up in the sleeves of your shirt. You didn’t care what you looked like, with your hair pulled up and your glasses on, you were about ready to snap at anybody who commented on your fashion choice of the day. 

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iknowisuck-dontremindme  asked:

I'm currently 147.5 pounds. I look at my thighs and feel fat, and I hate everything about my body. I wish I was (at MOST) 100 pounds. I wanna lose 50+, but I just don't know how to. Help??? :'(

Drink a lot of water, exercise and eat healthy! dont give up food all together. It might take a little longer to get there but its worth it.

noahsanro  asked:

I just found this community of gainers and I would love to ask why people do this?

Well there’s a whole myriad of reasons people do this and all I can do is speak for myself. For me, gaining is like any other fetish. Some people like dressing up and acting like children, some people like being tied up and submissive and some people like stuffing and gaining weight. I love how soft my fat belly feels and how everything jiggles and I love stuffing myself and wondering which part of me all those extra calories will fatten up even more. Naturally I want to be as big as possible (while I can still maintain my good health) and I also like the domination side of things too with my feeder teasing and encouraging me to get fatter and eat more, but not all feedees/gainers like that. Nobody really chooses their fetish, no more than you can choose to be attracted to men or small breasts or red hair, etc. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. But I thoroughly enjoy it 🙂

anonymous asked:

In Demi as a person you could write about her confidence. I believe she got better since 2010 but it still seems very fragile. She seems to have to have people praising her on instagram. I follow some women who are body activists and they act very different. They actually take pics of they "imperfections" u know what I mean? I do believe she loves her body but I feel like if she got fat she would lose everything and confidence is love yourself ( more than just your body)

Yeah we’re gonna discuss everything!

26489) Sometimes I get so anxious about going out because I know I’ll have to find something to wear that I won’t feel fat in, but I feel fat in everything. So instead, I get crippling anxiety and I end up not even leaving my house… I can feel myself falling into a relapse again and I’m terrified.

24249) I’m crying at night because all I feel is fat, fat, fat. I have to wear clothes that cover everything. I have to put something between my legs and stomach so I won’t feel my fat. I have to avoid mirrors and things like that.

32786) I hate when people make jokes about eating disorders or act like they know what it’s like to have one when they don’t. It’s hell. I’m always cold, I swear I can feel my teeth rotting, my bf doesn’t trust me and is terrified that I might die. I’m weak and miserable and still feel fat despite everything. It’s not fucking worth it.