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girl next door (m)

member: kim yugyeom

genre: pure smut (requested)

a/n: team #hotforyugyeom - longest smut I’ve ever written and proud

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You were neighbors with a guy from the university’s baseball team, him being the same age as you and taking a few similar courses.

You’ve always had the hots for him, but little did you know he had fantasies of his own.

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BTS Reaction- S/O is Accidentally Dirty

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BTS Reaction to their S/O accidentally doing something dirty


I try to make it all very general in order to let whatever fantasy someone has continue through this without picking a specific thing that the s/o was doing. I also try to keep everything as unisex as possible unless specified otherwise, so that anyone can enjoy. I hope you like it😊


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Jin would jokingly whine to you about it, saying how you turn him on all the time, and how he has things he needs to do, which now includes you.

He would want you to take the lead, but if you were completely oblivious to everything, he would make it clear that even though he was originally joking, he was still very turned on.


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I think this would happen a lot with Yoongi, you going about your day when all the sudden he’s turned on. It would all depend on his mood, if he was in a good mood, it would probably come up at some point.

I see Yoongi as someone who would ignore his needs for a long time, so it would be the little things that turned him on whenever he was in a place where he could satisfy his pent up sexual frustration. 


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He would be the one who wouldn’t say anything, he’d know that it wasn’t intentional, but it would still have turned him on. However, if you had been together a while, and he was comfortable around you, I don’t think he would be afraid to come up and initiate something. 


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Like Yoongi, he would get turned on regularly from just seeing you go about your day. If he wasn’t doing anything, he would watch you, and his mind would turn every little thing into something sexual. It wouldn’t matter if you intended for him to be turned on, because he would almost always be a little turned on just from being around you. 


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Jimin would tease you, saying how you were always so sexual. He would try to act like it didn’t turn him on, but eventually it would become difficult to ignore, forcing him to either crawl to you, or go and help himself out. 


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Taehyung would make some kind of comment about how sexy you are, and then continue to compliment you. He would make it clear immediately that he was turned on, though he wouldn’t make it known that whatever nonsexual thing you had done was what turned him on.


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Once he was comfortable with you, and sex between the two of you was something he had gotten used to, to the point where he felt okay initiating it, he wouldn’t hesitate to do so. Making sexual comments and coming to you.

If it were any sooner in the relationship, you might never know he had gotten turned on. He’d immediately leave and take care of himself, too nervous to initiate sex. 


Got7 talking dirty to their s/o

A/N - I’m back from my holiday! I was going to post this a little earlier but because my laptop has been playing up, I couldn’t connect to my home wifi so had issues trying to post it. Anyways, posts will be back on schedule for the next week until I go to Korea!

Not sure if you do scenarios but if you do could you make a got7 scenario of them dirty talking to their girlfriend ? X

Mark: I think Mark would be able to hide his dirty talking in public. He’d lean across to his s/o and whisper something but would look as if he had just told them his favourite colour. Mark’s dirty talking was enough to have his s/o weak at the knees no matter what.

JB: JB doesn’t talk dirty to his s/o often, letting his actions speak louder than his words. However, if he does ever decide to unleash his words on them, it’ll always end with his s/o pouncing on him, unable to resist the temptation that laced his words.

Jackson: Jackson is smooth af. He is such a flirt and has always got something dirty to say in public so that you become a blushing mess. If you fire back with something just as dirty, he won’t hold back, regardless of who can see the two of them.

Jinyoung: I think Jinyoung looks as if he wouldn’t be able to talk dirty but in actual fact he as a wicked tongue. No one would ever imagine that he had said many of the things he had whispered to his s/o which made it all the more fun for him.

Youngjae: Youngjae would try to talk dirty but I think he’d just get too awkward and would end up stuttering on his words a little. It’d be cute seeing him get a little flustered by it but I do think he’ll try and get over that so he could do it better for his s/o.

Bambam: Bambam always seems so confident and outgoing so you’d expect him to be the same when talking dirty to his s/o but in reality, he’s actually super shy about it. He’ll feel really awkward and won’t know what to say or how to say it so that it doesn’t sound weird or creepy.

Yugyeom: I think people would expect Yugyeom to be quite shy about talking dirty to his s/o but he’d actually be pretty damn smooth. He’d give Jackson a run for his money with some of the things he whispers into his s/o’s ear when they alone with no one else around.

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The askbox is open, and i'm so happy to be born in this beautiful world to read your beautiful blog 😢 Could you please do an nsfw-ish scenario with Katsuki and Todoroki (separate) is sparring with their s/o in the Sports Festival Arc, and the s/o does underhanded tactics to distract them (like removing their shirt to show her sports bra, or kissing them and sliding a dirty remark here and there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) the sexual tension is so high and the crowd feels it 😂 Thank you so much 🍕🍕 pizza 4 u

ooo bb u kno i live for that tension mmmmm

but i am a slut for canon so i hope you don’t mind but i’m going to make this off the main stage? 


Bakugou Katsuki

This wasn’t good. He hated these supplemental games. They weren’t even part of the competition to be number one. But they just had to want to go here. To the sparring ring. Right smack during the intermission. Didn’t they realize that he needed to focus? Like what the actual fuck. 

Now here he was. Angry, sweating, and losing to his s/o. He couldn’t even get close enough to pin them without their hand grazing his inner thigh, or moaning quietly into his ear. They were fucking with him and they knew it. He watched them side step back and forth, watching him like a cat. Were they getting faster?

Shit. No he was just getting dizzy from rapid blood movement. God they better make it up to him. Where were they? He closed his eyes for five fucking seconds and-


They just roundhouse kicked him in the ribs, effectively knocking the wind out of him, and severely bruising at least two of his ribs. The pinned him and waited for the ref to count it out. He still couldn’t catch his breath. Their knee was between his shoulder blades, forcing him down while his arms were pinned in theirs, so he couldn’t even move them to make an effective explosion. 

“He’s out!”

They hopped of of his back and Bakugou sat up. They were so pleased with themselves. He was going to make them pay. 

“Hurry up babe, you’re next match is in three minutes!’ they cooed. 

And shit they were right.

‘You’ll pay for this later” He said before he kissed them and ran off to the main event. 

God they hoped he would make it worth it, their foot still hurt from kicking him. 

Todoroki Shouto

The intermission was boring him. His dad had tried talking to him twice now. They were still cleaning up from his fight with Iida. Cemetoss had also gone to get lunch. So he was waiting. He went down to the side stage, where other students were sparring. 

He saw his s/o in the center, tossing people left and right. They really were strong when they wanted to be. They looked over to him, winking. He had about fifteen minutes to pin them under him. 

The rules of this stage were pretty simple, no quirk use, with the exception to those with quirks that cannot be turned off, like physical features. And a last student standing game. His s/o was cleaning house. Only a few other students were left. They tried him, coming from behind and the left, trying to catch him off guard. He saw his s/o pin another student. Straddling them. He threw one of his assailants out of the ring. 

They stood and walked to him, and he to them. 

They were sweaty and breathing heavily. He had gotten another shirt, since his original was burned to shreds. They sped up and side swiped him. Uncalled for. He grabbed their wrist, pulling them to him. His leg wrapped around theirs, ready to pin them. Their weight shifted and they spun around, licking his neck and whispering for him to take them seriously. 

And he was. He went at them with all he had. And they, him. It was a slug fest until they mentioned the time. He had to go. They stepped back and told him to win for them. 

He was going to have to now. 


Thanks for the request!

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Ryuji NSFW

There’s no better way to celebrate my B-Day like some Ryuji NSFW. Enjoy the first NSFW Friday post!

•this boy can be both too or bottom depending on what mood he’s in
•if he’s had a bad day and needs to let off some steam he’s topping tonight
•on the other hand he has no issue being bottom either, just expect him to be pretty vocal
•Ryuji tends to get horny at complete random times
•he blames it on the fact that he’s a teenage boy but… he just find everything S/O does super hot
•Ryuji has no problems getting down and dirty anywhere
•outside after they had just gone for a run? Sure! He’ll push s/o up against a tree or down on the ground with no problems
•during lunch break at school? He sees no problem with it, if anything it makes the whole thing more exciting
•long story short this boy likes to fuck in public
•but he does enjoy the slow, loving times in either his or S/O’s bedroom
•Ryuji has a handful of kinks
•biting, both giving and getting
•there’s just something about leaving a mark on each others skin to let people know that their both taking that just gets him going
•if S/O has longer hair he likes to pull it. Not to hard to hurt them but just enough to move their heads
•he’s not big on BDSM but he does like blindfolds and handcuffs
•cosplay. This boy LOVES his cosplay
•seeing his S/O all dressed for his almost makes him cums right there and then
•especially if it’s a maid or nurse outfit
•oh boy does he love those, he loves the whole role play situations that goes along side it as well
•he loves dirty talks
•he can’t help but tell S/O exactly what he wants to do, how he feels and so on
•"do you like this S/O? Me touching you like this? Your shaking… do you need to cum that much?“
•"a-ah fuck S/O your mouth feels so good! Please don’t stop, I’m-I’m about to… look at me while I cum… don’t take your eyes off me I, I want to see your face”
•this boy likes eye contact, he wants to show S/O how they make him feel and vice versa
•he can go for two or three rounds if he’s really passionate
•especially if he’s jealous
•don’t get Ryuji jealous if you want to sleep that night
•he’s also very loud
•as in neighbours complaining due to the noise loud
•he’s been known to cover his mouth of bite his knuckles if him and S/O are in a public place to control the noise
•and since it’s not uncommon for the two of them to get down and dirty in public this is quite often
•he loves oral
•he can’t think of anything better than his S/O’s mouth around his cock
•especially in somewhere public like behind the gym at school or in the photo booth
•sexting is also huge for him
•usually in the middle of class
•after all he’d rather tell S/O how much he want them than focus on algebra
•at night after he’s had a rather… vivid dream he’ll text S/O about it and a photo of his erection
•Ryuji is a huge cuddled after sex
•he may not admit it and when S/O asks he’ll always blush and mutter a quiet “fine, but only because it’s you”
•he likes to be the big spoon
•he doesn’t really know why he just enjoys having S/O wrapped tightly in his arms
•especially when S/O his resting their head on his chest so he can play with their hair

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I was wondering if you could write some more headcanons (or possibly a scenario) about top Hunk, please? I am starved of Hunk smut and the hc you wrote about him topping were 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥!!! Thank you so much!


– Ryan

• He’s very thorough as top
• He’s gonna make sure every inch of you feels him; his touch, his tongue, his teeth
• He does it out of care and respect
• But he’d be lying if he said he didn’t do it just to see you a writhing, moaning mess beneath him
• Large gentle hands doing really dirty things to you like groping, and maybe a li’l smacking
• Bc I’m nasty like that;;
• Very controlled thrusts, powerful and dominating
• O v e r s t i m u l a t i o n
• God he would go so hard, and so far even after you’ve orgasmed
• Not until you’re sobbing and begging for him to stop
• There will be angry streaks of red from you scratching down his back so much
• His aftercare is so extra too like
• Practically sponge bathing you with a warm towel and repeatedly telling you how good you were
• Cuddles galORE
• Get swallowed in his embrace and cuDDLE HIM GO GO G O
• Bites and marks all over your body
• Handprints and fingertip-sized bruises all over your thighs
• Give him a lap dance, that shit drIVES HIM NUTS

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I feel like Hugo is the type of guy to get a bit rough during love making, and then apologise for it. I also have a hc that he likes dirty talk, but would feel embarrassed if his s/o brings it up. He's also the type that would surprise his s/o with chocolate or flowers every once in a while just as a "thank you for being you" I also think he'd be the first one to say "I love you", accidentally, and the hide his face on his hands

Yes too all of these. (and to hide his dirty talk he does it in Spanish, bonus points if Dadsona secretly knows Spanish and doesn’t say anything so that Hugo will keep doing it!) 

~Mod Sella

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What about a headcanon that Hidan, Itachi and (YOU CHOOSE THIS CHARACTER TOO) have a shy s/o, or they think they are shy. She is very pervert and like to say naughty things, or just like to lick the popsicle/ lollipop in a very sexual way. She knows a lot about these things and likes to say, but at the same time she starts beeing shy and laugh very ashemed. I hope my English is understandable, bc I'm brazillian and still learning~♥~

Thank you for the request. And no worries about the English! Its very courageous for anyone to try to speak a language that they are learning with others that are fluent in it. I hope interpreted this question correctly. I hope you have a wonderful day! ^.^ 

Headcannons of a shy s/o with a naughty side for Hidan, Itachi, and Kisame


  • Hidan is easily amused and excited to learn his s/o has a naughty side, especially if his s/o is rather quiet and shy. His first impression of them was probably that they were boring. He saw them as innocent and sweet, but the moment he hears a dirty comment escape their lips when they’re alone, he does a double take. He’ll look back and forth, confused. Then he will stare down at them and he’s going to be like “what the f*ck you say?”
  • From that moment on, they would have captured his attention, because he would know there was more to them than meets the eye. After that, he’ll try to entice them to say dirty things or have them admit to their darkest fantasy. If they in the midst of company, the s/o will act shyly and won’t say anything. When they’re alone, his s/o will become bolder and discretely admit to such thoughts.
  • While in a relationship, it will drive Hidan wild any time he sees his s/o with a lollipop or Popsicle in their mouth. Especially, if they eye him and then draw attention to their mouth with mewed noises and sucking. He’ll mostly make the comment of “I have something else you can suck”, very bluntly. If the s/o gets embarrassed easily, they should not do it in public, because Hidan won’t keep his mouth shut about it.


  • The first time Itachi’s shy s/o makes a lewd comment or talks dirty, it awfully surprises him. He’s immediately stricken, with no words to say. This might in turn make his s/o embarrassed.  Itachi might see it as a fluke, like an odd occurrence and think they are not feeling well. When his s/o tells him that they are fine and not sick, the words settle in Itachi’s mind. That’s when curious questions will start brewing in his brain.
  • After time, Itachi will become use to his s/o’s words or remarks. He would be amused whenever his s/o blurts out something sexual unintentionally that he can slyly tease them about later. Itachi would then learn how his s/o may get bashful about certain topics out in public. He won’t acknowledge the topics or purposely embarrass them, but he will make them flustered by whispering in their ear coyly.
  • When Itachi sees his s/o with a lollipop in their mouth or Popsicle, he doesn’t see anything sexual from it. The only time Itachi will catch on to the meaning is if his s/o puts on a show for him and pops it seductively out of their mouth and asks him if he wants a taste. Otherwise, his mind doesn’t go to perverted thoughts right away.


  • Kisame busts up laughing the first time he hears his s/o make a naughty remark. He finds it absolutely amusing and will jump on the opportunity to tease them about it. They will hear nothing else for the whole week except random playful remarks about what they said.  Kisame doesn’t care if they’re in public or not, he’ll find some way to make them embarrassed.
  • Kisame likes that his shy s/o has a naughty side. He’ll won’t try to embarrass them often if it makes them feel ashamed, but he will want to make them squirm a bit. He likes to hear his s/o’s naughty side and share in crude humor with them. Whatever his s/o decides to share with him about their fantasies, he won’t tell a soul about. He likes to keep that side of them to himself.
  • The first time his s/o tries to lure him in with a lollipop and Popsicle, he knew exactly what they were doing. However, he plays it off like he doesn’t know what they are doing and will say stuff like “You really do like that lollipop. I might have to go to the store and buy you more.” He is smirking the whole time at his s/o’s attempts to seduce him. If they’re in public, he won’t draw as much attention to it, but would find it hilarious if someone else thought his s/o was being weird with a lollipop.

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How would the 2p!F.A.C.E react to their (usually polite) S/O, calling from a police station asking for them to come and get them from the station? (I feel like this makes no sense but.. 😂)

Is slightly proud, still shocked, but is just a little proud to know their S/O can get down and dirty: 2p!France// François  Bonnefoy & 2p!America//Allen Jones

Has had an emotional breakdown and cannot believe ________ could get into trouble like this: 2p!England//Oliver Kirkland

How could you even manage to do that? Would probably scold you like a disapproving parent, hoping you learned from this since you scared them: 2p!Canada//Matthieu Williams 

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Full alphabet for gaara please!


A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

After sex, especially the first few times, there’s somewhat an awkward silence between the two of you. He doesn’t really know what he’s supposed to do or say, and you’re usually the one to break the silence. But, as time goes by and your relationship progresses, he becomes more comfortable and kisses your forehead and holds you close to him, showering you with small displays of affection to show you he cares.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

  • His : I see him being proud of his red hair.
  • His s/o’s : Everything.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

Gaara packs quite a load, actually. When he cums, his s/o can definitely feel it. It’s a bit thinner than average, though.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

It’s actually a secret between his s/o and himself; his s/o once blew him off under the table at an important meeting with the four other Kage. He still can’t believe no one suspected a thing.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

He’s not very experienced. His job as Kazekage kept him occupied during the time period where sex his supposed to be a prevalent thing in a boy’s life, so he never really thought about it. But he’s a fast learner.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

He likes having his s/o ride him while he’s sat in a chair (or sat up in the bed, though he does prefer the chair).

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

He’s mostly serious. He is too concentrated on trying to make it enjoyable to you. And he’s not the type to crack jokes in his every day life, so he definitely wouldn’t during sex.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

The carpet does match the drapes. It’s all I’m going to say.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

It’s very intimate usually. Gaara isn’t very good with words, so sex is one of the few ways he can show you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you. He is the kind to make an elaborate set up to get you both in the mood, though he doesn’t do it often (again, he is a busy man, he doesn’t always have the time to).

J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)

He used to do it when he was younger and single, but it was more for stress relief than anything else. Now that he has someone in his life, he doesn’t really see the point, unless his s/o is away for a long time.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)

He’d like to use his sand to tie his s/o up, but he’s scared his s/o will think it’s too weird.

L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)

He prefers to do it on a bed, but the Kazekage office works as well.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

He would get flustered and turned on if he saw his s/o with nothing on but his Kazekage hat for some reason. I feel like he is easy to get into the mood. Just a few suggestive words whispered in his ear and he’s yours.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

I feel like he is keen to experiment, but he wouldn’t do anything involving bodily fluids, except maybe cum.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)

He’s a sucker for blowjobs. It’s the best way to get him off. He doesn’t mind returning the favour, but he’s not very experienced in this domain either, so he will have to learn a few things. But he hands down prefers to be on the receiving end.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

He’s more of a slow and sensual kind of guy, but if it’s been a while since he’s seen his s/o, he’ll be faster and rougher than usual.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He’d rather have proper sex with his s/o, but he doesn’t mind quickies from time to time to relieve some stress.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Like I said earlier, he doesn’t mind experimenting, but he will get insecure if you step out of his comfort zone and constantly ask you if what he’s doing is okay. He’s not much of a risk taker when he knows it can cause injuries to his s/o.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

He can last pretty long. The rounds are of average time, maybe 10 minutes or so, but he can go for a few (he can last about two hours with short breaks in between) before he needs to rest.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

The toys he has belong to his s/o, since they’re the one who bought them. They alternate between who is going to use them on the other. His s/o also bought him a cockring.

U = Unfair (How much they like to tease)

He’s not much of a tease per say, but foreplay can take a long time. He wants to make sure his s/o is enjoying themselves and is prepped enough before he enters them.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)

He does moan right before he cums, but it’s very low. The rest of the time, he pants and grunts, and sometimes will ask if you like what he’s doing.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)

He once had a threesome with his s/o and Naruto. It took him months before he could look Naruto in the eyes after that.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

He’s about average size, with a prominent mushroom head and it’s fairly straight.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

At the beginning of the relationship, his sex drive is actually pretty low, but as time goes by, he’s more and more surprised by how much he wants it sometimes.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He doesn’t fall asleep until his s/o does. He spends some time watching their peaceful expression as they fall into slumber and often wonders what he did to be so lucky to have you in his life. Sometimes, you will pretend to stay awake just to hear him tell you how much you mean to him – something he can only do when he thinks you can’t hear him.

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Can I have headcanons on what would be Mirio and Kirishima's type??

Rock and Sun
thank you for requesting and I hope you enjoy it!

Eijirou Kirishima
- He would really love someone he can joke around with, someone that doesn’t mind being teased and would actually tease him back too.

- Someone who he can take on cute little ice cream dates whenever they both have time.

- He’d love someone whose not afraid to get dirty and who he can have tons of fun with.

- His s/o would be sweet and gentle, with a badass, painful bite when pushed too far.

- They’d have to enjoy watching old cartoons with him, snuggled up on the couch with blankets wrapped around both of you.

- I feel like he’s the type to want to go on late night walks to talk about life while staring at the moon and stars, so the s/o would have to be prepared to do this.

- if anything, be the complete opposite (like Bakugou) and you still might be his type :P

Mirio Togata
- Mirio would want someone to shine with him to be equals

- He would love a s/o that can cheer him up with a smile like how he can cheer them up

- He wouldn’t mind someone with a low self esteem because his best friend is that

- His quirk is a little strange so a s/o that can understand the struggles and doesn’t mind seeing him naked is okay! He’s still going to be modest for them

- Wonderboy wants to be his s/o’s hero a s/o that can depend on him to feel safe and trusted

- He’d want to cheer them up and make them as strong as he is just like an independent person he is

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Hi~~ I was wondering if you could do D F O S U Y for Levi and Eren


  • D = Dirty Secret- He wants his partner to be dominate in bed at times and him be the sub like denial and everything because he feels like he wants to know what it’s like to be the weaker on the that situation 
  • F = Favorite Position- Probably doggy style and/or reverse cowgirl..what can I say he’s an ass man  
  • O = Oral- Both he wants pleasure for both of you guys but mostly likes giving 
  • S = Stamina- The most rounds he does is 3 but his max is probably 5…for the sake of his partner
  • U = Unfair- This man right here is the biggest tease ever he would have you tied up begging and crying for him to do anything to you
  •   Y = Yearning- I mean it’s pretty average.. he doesn’t need sex 24/7 but maybe 4 times out of the week 


  • D = Dirty Secret- Eren lowkey wants to have public sex like in a bathroom especially after he teased them all day also alot of bondage 
  • F = Favorite Position- Doggy style hands down
  • O = Oral-  THIS BOY RIGHT HERE LOVES GIVING IT. He loves tasting his partner. He loves seeing them come undone with just his tongue and fingers. And let me tell you his tongue is like a gift from the heavens.
  • S = Stamina- Eren has no limit. He doesn’t get tired. I don’t know what this boy does but he can go for days but his max is like 9 rounds..yup..uh huh, have fun with that 
  • U = Unfair- Um just be glad if he even goes down on you that night
  • Y = Yearning- This horny fucker right here is horny 24/7 so yea you have a sex crazed partner 

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Hello. Do you think Kirishima and Bakugou could ever cheat on their s/o? ; - l

Honestly, no! 
Bakugou is a very prideful character and I think that that pride would seep into his love for his s/o! He loves feeling proud of his s/o and, if he can find someone to build him up as he would to them, he would never want to let them go! 
Bakugou may be brash and hot-headed but he’s not someone who would do something as reckless as that. 

Kirishima is described as an “honest and kind-hearted” character who calls out people on their dishonesty and dirty play. From these traits alone we can tell that Kirishima is someone who wouldn’t cheat on his s/o! He is most likely the type of person to believe in love at first sight, I think!

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chocobros and their kinks??

Hmmm, everyone knows the basics by now, like Iggy likes mild pet play, and Gladdy’s into the daddy kink. But I feel like we should step away from the usual suspects.

Warning, this is pretty long.

・゚°✧ I G N I S   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

1. No Kissing

  • When Iggy’s really horny, he just sort of goes straight to his s/o’s neck, licking and sucking every where he can.
  • He wants to leave their mouth free to moan his name. 
  • But that’s only when he’s being teased by his s/o. Not kissing his s/o is his way of getting back at them as he fucks them raw.

2. Shower

  • I don’t know if you’ve caught on by now, but guy’s kind of a huge tease.
  • So shower sex with Iggy is coy. He’ll join his s/o, making like he’s really just there to help, and sometimes he is. 
  • He kneads their breasts or their dick, all in the name of cleanliness, all while ignoring his dick growing harder. 
  • It’s not until his s/o is actively grinding against his hard cock that he cooly asks them if they want it in them.
  • They’re so out of it by now, all they can do is nod as he continues to clean, and then fuck them.

3. Fully Clothed

  • This sort of goes hand in hand with number one.
  • After a long day, or if he’s been holding himself back for a while, he loves undressing his s/o, and then slapping away their hands as they try to undress him.
  • He can’t resist how fucking horny it makes him to see his s/o completely naked under him, while he’s still dressed, not even a button on his shirt undone.
  • The only part of him unclothed is his cock. 
  • His pants won’t fall down, after all, that’s what the suspenders are for.

4. Finger Licking

  • Shit he loves to lick up his s/o juices right in front of them.
  • Using his sexy fucking bedroom eyes as he licks up their wetness like a delicious fucking desert.
  • He just gets off on being able to make them squirm without even touching them.

・゚°✧ G L A D I O L U S   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

1. Sex Games

  • He’s a sucker for strip poker, or long term role play.
  • The kind where you’re left acting something out the entire day. The scenario building and building until you finally get to fuck each other.
  • I feel like he’s play into the incest roel plays, siblings or something.
  • But this also means he can’t help walking around the house shirtless just to piss of his grumpy s/o.
  • It’s so in his nature to initiate, and so unlike his s/o to do it instead, he likes to push them until them. Pushing them into it, being hiss favourite game.
  • His other tricks involve, trying to get himself at half chub, and walking around in sweatpants only.
  • Of course his poor s/o will be so frustrated, starting at his delicious dick, bulging in his pants.
  • He’ll only acknowledge he’s been doing something when they finally snap, or he finds them relieving themselves in private.
  • Because you can’t tell me his s/o sin’t stubborn. So they’d flat out refuse to give in when he’s playing with them.

2. Mirror

  • Gladdy loves to do it in front of a mirror because his fav position is doggy, and when he’s doing it doggy style, he can’t exactly see his s/o.
  • He’s only interested if the mirror’s on his s/o, not him. 
  • So he’ll grab them, and put them in front of the wall length they have in their bedroom, while he fucks them up against the wall.
  • Or does them against the bed.

3. Begging

  • Gladdy doesn’t like begging before any foreplay’s happened.
  • It’s only fun for him if he’s been teasing them, or they’re screaming for him to pound them harder.

・゚°✧ P R O M P T O   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

1. Loud Sex

  • When prompt gets a chance, he loves to have loud sex.
  • He can’t help but get off on not having to hold himself back, and really enjoy his s/o.

2. Love Letters

  • Prompt isn’t too good at seduction in person, he justs asks if his s/o’s in the mood.
  • But he loves to build his confidence by writing by hand what he’s gonna do to his s/o. 
  • Writing sexually explicit letter, he’ll pass directly to them so they can keep them under their bed, or save them for a rainy day.
  • He can get surprisingly dirty in text, something about it just makes him feel a little more free.

3. Clothes On

  • He really likes keeping his clothes on from time to time.
  • Pulling his s/o away when he’s horny.
  • Dragging up his s/o’s skirt, or pulling down his s/o’s pants.
  • How hurried and naughty it is, turns him on beyond belief.

・゚°✧ N O C T I S   H E A D C A N O N S ・゚°✧

1. Dry humping

  • Noct loves to feel his s/o rubbing against his cock as it grows harder pushing against his zipper.
  • Hearing their ragged breaths, as they try to push as much of him against their sex as they can.
  • He also loves it when his s/o grinds against his thigh.
  • He might even go all the way with dry humping if they’d doing a quickie.

2. Writing Explicit Letters

  • Noct also likes to write erotic letters to his s/o.
  • His are a little more romantic than Prompts, though never lacking in words like pussy, cock, and cum.
  • He only writes them when he’s been away on work, or for diplomatic reasons.
  • He always gets his letters back from his s/o, telling him exactly how they’d suck him off.
  • Or tell him what they’re wearing.
  • When Noct is far away from his s/o, he’ll pick up the letter they’ve sent, or finish writing his own, and then get promptly to jacking off.
IMAYOSHI Headcanons (Relationship + NSFW + Fluff)

Admin Gabi’s baby boy’s birthday is today so she HAD to make something in his honor~

Happy birthday Ima! 6.3


  • Imayoshi is the best with remembering dates (”Whaaa? No I’m not… (¬‿¬)”). He’ll hide it extremely well and always manage to surprise his s/o with his memory.
    (”What are the flowers for?” “It’s your mom’s birthday isn’t it?” “…How do you even remember that”)
  • He loves playing with his partner’s hair, just so he could tickle the hell out of their ears and neck.
  • With the help of his scary-good memory, Imayoshi will remember all the little tiny pet peeves of yours and use it against you just to see you blow up over it. Do you hate slow drivers? He’ll purposely drive sUPEr slow with the cockiest little grin just to piss you off.
  • Imayoshi is totally the PDA type of guy. Sometimes it’s sort of involuntarily, but most of the time, he just loves to show off his partner.
  • Neck kisses, neck bites, neck licks- neck anything ok Imayoshi is totally obsessed with messing with his s/o’s neck.
  • He’s an extremely observant person in general, so he’ll always be able to read his lover like a book. This makes it so that there’s almost no miscommunication in the relationship.
  • Adding on from the last one, Imayoshi is really careful, watchful, and protective over his partner. He will notice the slightest of discomfort in them and immediately put them in their place of comfort.
  • It’s hard to tell when he’s being serious or not, so when he first said “I love you”, his s/o probably laughed while Imayoshi was standing there pretty confused.
  • He is one helluva kisser idk man I feel it


  • He can turn absolutely anything into some sexual innuendo. Honestly wtf
  • “Onii-chan” 
  • Imayoshi loves to tease his partner with the smallest of touches, then pretend not to know why his s/o is getting all riled up.
  • Ohhhh maaaan he’s a talker. The dirty talk can go two ways: Either he explains what he wants to do to you in full, explicit detail, or he’ll make you do it.
  • He’d probably lose it if you offered to top.
  •  He loves to watch every little movement his partner makes.
  • Imayoshi always leaves marks all over his s/o. From hickeys, to scratches, to bites- everything. Whenever he finds out that his partner left some on him, he won’t let it go and tease them by saying something along the lines of “Ooh, __chan, so lewd~” 


  • He has a tendency of rubbing or tickling his partner’s waist just to get them flustered. He finds it incredibly adorable.
  • One of the very very very little ways to get him to blush is if you jab at his mistakes, sort of like how he does to others. He won’t get upset, but he’ll get a little embarrassed. 
  • If his s/o is shorter than him, he’ll call them “chibi-chan”.
  • Imayoshi is a hugeee after sex cuddler. He’ll hold them close while whispering sweet and dirty things into their ear as he runs his fingers slowly down their sides or back.

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Oso and his s/o are fucking and his s/o actually enjoys his porno lines dirty talking.

“You like that, don'tcha?” Osomatsu moans into his s/o’s ear.

He definitely feels his lover tighten around him. It’s so tight and hot.

“You think you can handle this wood?” He asks. “Do you think you can handle all of this?” Each word has a deep thrust attached to it.

“Oh, I can ha-AH-andle it, and I’ll break it t-too!” his s/o moans back.

“Ooooh! Kinky!” He responds as he speeds up.

“Just f-for you,” they respond. They snap their hips back, adding to the friction.

Osomatsu nearly loses it all right there, but before he can, he moans out one last, terrible line, “Ooohhh… I’m fixin’ to come!”

In that instant, both he and his s/o finish to completion.

Both relax and wrap themselves up in each other’s arms.

“I never thought I’d be attracted to your shitty porn lines,” his s/o says lovingly.

Osomatsu smiles before realizing their words.

“Wait, they’re shitty?!”

-Mod Kat

Twice when their current S/O doesn't treat them right and the realize they have feelings for their bestfriend

(For Anon)

(Sorry for the long title lol)


*Initially shed feel guilty but once she realize she deserves much better she would try and see how you fell with experimental flirting*

“I finally realize what I’ve been missing out on and its definitely you!”

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*At first she wouldn’t want to do her partner dirty but when she realize just how much she likes you she drops her ungrateful s/o in a heartbeat*

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*Shed would try to let her partner down easy, she wants to be with you but she also wants to avoid being unnecessarily rude.*

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*Although her s/o is bad to her she would still fell very bad for them and guilty but she realizes she has to end the relationship for her own happiness*

“Hey Y/N I think in going to end it with my s/o today….”

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*She would tell you about how she feels once shes sure she has legit feelings, she wants to see how you react before breaking it off with her current partner*

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*Mina would worry a lot about what she should do and if she is willing to risk your friendship to pursue a relationship*

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*When she realizes she has feelings for you she would become very shy around you and very awkward around her current s/o*

“Ah I wish this situation wasn’t so complicated!”

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*At first she would want to try and ignore her feelings for you but when she realizes she cant shed come clean to you and her partner*

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*She wouldn’t hesitate to tell you how she feels*

“I realized that I want to be with you, have you thought the same way about me?”

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Mobile Masterlist!

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Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ I got an amazing request from @harleycativy with the sentences:

31. “I haven’t slept in ages.”

46. “It was a joke, baby. I swear.”

62. “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

So here it is! ♥

Words - 1,446 I was really into writing this one

Warnings - NSFW! not directly Smut, but close enough xD, a lot of swearing like “fucking”, fighting and all around…getting just wet reading this dirty stuff xD

A/N: Not my gifs! ♥


You are annoyed. Like really annoyed. The last week you just couldn’t sleep and even repeating your nightly routine of walking around in your room, drinking a glass of water and listening to your favourite music didn’t help at all.

And you know what the reason is.

Or who the reason is.


This asshole went too far. Okay, maybe it was an accident, but his beahviour afterwards was just awful.

A week ago, you were casually walking down to hallway, when suddenly Sam followed by Steve ran from the living room outside, laughing foolishly, looking like they ran away from someone. Confused what was going on, you’re eyes sticked to them as you walked further, noticing too late the man that just ran around the corner.

Bucky crashed into you, you falling down on the floor, him on top of you.

It ended up with his knee right between your legs, pushing against you, and his hands cupping your breast, just to prop himself up. As soon as he realized, he got off you as fast as possible and apologized, but something changed since then.

You caught him more often staring at you this perticular way, that made your legs weak. And he used nicknames like ‘doll’ more often. And for some odd reason it happened a lot more that he was suddenly standing right behind you, so you just had to bump into him.

You felt like he was all over you and it made it even harder for you to hide your crush on him.

And you hadn’t had sex in a long ass time.

It didn’t bother you in the beginning, but after this incident and Bucky’s changed behaviour around you, you couldn’t help but always think about his hands on your body. How his lips would feel like on your lips and neck…and collarbones…and breast. How he would feel inside of you.

And for fuck sake, even masturbating didn’t help you falling asleep anymore.

You aren’t just annoyed. You are sexually frustrated and you just give up trying to fall asleep tonight. You just take your blanket, wrap it around you as you walk down to the living room…finding the reason for your sleeping problems in front of the TV.

“Still up, doll?”, he smirks, his eyes running down your figure.

You roll your eyes ignoring his freaking beautiful blue eyes.

I haven’t slept in ages”, you mumble annoyed, letting yourself fall onto the other side of the couch, Bucky sat on. You didn’t look at him at all, but still you felt his eyes resting on you, making your body shiver. You just think to yourself that this was a bad idea. You should just go back to your room and maybe get some work done. There are still some files you have to read and some reports to write.

His eyes go back to the TV and you dare to watch him in the corner of your eye. He licks his bottom lip, drawing you in. The desperate thought settles in your mind, how his lips might taste like.

If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?

You shake your head in confusion and look at Bucky, who still watches the show on TV. First you’re not sure if he actually said that, but after you are, you try to figure out what his intention is. You try to find an answer, but your mind is blank and your heart pounds against your chest by the thought of it.

“What the fuck, Bucky?”, is all you manage to respond, your face full of disgust and disbelief, to cover your blushing cheeks and your shaky voice. You stand up on your way to leave. You just need to escape.

“Y/N, sorry. It was a joke, baby. I swear. It was just a joke.”

He got up as well and followed you, grabbing your wrist to stop you leaving. And you feel the anger boiling up inside of you, as you hear him say that. You turn around, your cheeks in bright red now, your hands into fist and your jaw clenching. You really want to punch him into the face.

“That’s the problem, asshole.”

Now it’s his turn to look confused.


You pull your hand out of his grip and push him away, so he’s a bit further away from you.

“You’re a big ass idiot and you’re cruel. You just play around with me. You stare at me…this perticular way and always show up behind me, when I don’t notice it. You’re always so near to me…too near. I guess you found out that I was getting hot, when you fell on top of me and wanted to have some fun. For fuck sake. I hope you have fun, making me all hot and wet and then leaving me behind, making it impossible for me to fucking sleep. And stop fucking calling me baby or doll, if you don’t mean it. Otherwise I gonna rip off your fucking balls, you skunk.”

You breath heavily, after you vented your frustration on him. His eyes went wide while you were talking. Bucky probably didn’t expect you to find out his damn game he was playing.

All of the sudden he walks forward, pushing you against the wall, you letting the blanket fall you had in one of your hands. He holds both of your wrists over your head with his metal hand, his other hand grabbing your jaw, crashing his lips against yours feverishly, leaving you breathlessly. He pushes his knee right between your legs, making you moan against his lips. He takes the chance to deepen the kiss and slipping his tongue into your mouth. You feel how you get wet under his touch, craving for more and start rubbing yourself against his knee, feeling the smirk on his lips. He lets go of your arms, that you immediately wrap around his neck. Bucky’s lips find a path down to your jaw line and to your neck on which he sucks and bites on, his scruff beard tickling you a bit. He grabs your hips, controlling your rubbing, pushing his body closer against him. You whimper helplessly, overwhelmed by his sudden move. His touch is electrifying, sending shiver down your spine, goose bump all over your body.

“God, doll, you make me crazy.”

His voice is low and husky, his warm breath tickling your skin. His eyes are darkened and full of lust. He pulls his knee away, what makes you almost cry out, missing the feeling, until he presses his body against you. You feel how hard he already is.

“Do you feel how crazy you make me, doll?”

He starts rubbing his erection against you, making your legs tremble, if it weren’t for him, you would’ve fallen to the ground by now.

“Y-yes”, you pant, his moves rough like he’s some sort of animal.

His lips travel to your ear, nibbling on it.

“What do you want, baby doll?”, he whispers, sending shivers down your spine.

You try to answer, but his touch feels too good, making you gasp for air, your toes curl and your back arch. Suddenly he pushes his body harshly against you, your back hitting the wall hard.

“Tell me what you want, doll”, he demands.

“Y-you”, you whimper. Your hand runs down his body to his pants, stroking his hard-on, making him groan into the crook of your neck. Once again he crashes his lips against you, showing so much dominance, you let him take the control. He takes your hand and puts it back around his neck and then wrapping your legs around his waist. He carries you upstairs into your room, throwing you onto the bed.

He is like an animal and you are his prey.

Your room filled with moans, screams, the sound of skin slapping against skin and ended with your sweaty bodies sticking to each other in a breathless hug.

You never ever had a night like this. This was by far the best sex you ever had in your entire life. Bucky knew how to make you feel good. He knew wish buttons to push to make you come. And he pushed them more than once.

Unfortunately everyone heard you. At least you didn’t had to tell them yourself. And that just gave Bucky the permission to make up for all your sleepless nights you had to work yourself off, actually having the intention to let everyone hear you scream his name, to make sure everyone knows who you belong to.

But you didn’t care.

You just wanted to belong to him.

And finally you did.

A/N: God, I feel so dirty after writing this…but damn…what would I give for such a night with Bucky *q* Also I know I said the next fanfiction uploaded will be Part 2 to Past, present and eternity, but I still don’t get further…I might have to shorten the story, what I didn’t intend on doing :o Writing in english is still a big challenge :o Sorry ♥


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