i feel cute so hey


Here’s Babe all aged up !!! He’s so cute guys… im….. He inherited Rizky’s chub too!!! and i just… i wanna squeeze him like…. my life

[muffled ‘dream weaver’ playing in the background]


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Peridot crying :0c

why is she crying…someone give her a hug and a spoon to play with…

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i just need a college scoups au please

omg yall i had a dream with the svtn boys and seungcheol looked so damn cute in this red windbreaker jacket with lil back buttons i was dying he was hiding his mouth behind it yk that thing they do where only their nose peeks out over the top omg i was cryin when i woke up,, soonyoung hated me but i hate him too so all is fair in love and war ,, ANYWAYS my seungcheol feels are through the roof so here it is !! hope u enjoy~

“You always say there’s hot boys on our campus but I never actually see any,” you groan as your friend tolls out another scope she had caught sight of on her way to her graphic design class.

“Okay, okay, okay. Either you have really high standards or I have really low ones but seriously, this one is hot,she assures before pausing to think. “If it was summer, he’d be the sun. If we went camping, he’d be the campfire – mostly because I am a lit at how hot he is – “

“Alright, I think I get it,” you laugh, sighing at your friend.

“Now that I think about it, I think I’ve seen him before. Any hot guys in your Greek philosophy class?”

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