i feel cute everyday

you know how you always look at an idol in videos and are like ”you are such a smol bean omg” and then you remember they are actually taller than you and you’re left shook af

Happy Tenth Anniversary Hetalia!

Still not used to animation, sooo. Have a Japan!
Hetalia is truly a wonderful Anime/Manga/comic that made numerous people like History and want to travel around the world.
I am just like them.
Ze Best if you ask me.

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My crush is my boyfriend who is kinda a CG but not super comfortable with all of the culture but he takes good care of me and makes me feel amazing and important and safe. He takes real good care of me and always makes sure I eat and things and I love him dearly and want to marry him someday and I just can't believe he is mine. We have almost been together two years and I just cannot believe it! He makes my heart flutter everyday and always calls me cute names. I feel so lucky! I love your blog!

Oh my gosh that’s so cute!!! Maybe one day he’ll be more comfortable with the caregiver aspect!! And thank uuuu!!

101 reasons why I love you.

1. because on my worst days you’re still there.
2. because you make me okay.
3. because we never really fight and when we do it only lasts at most like fifteen minutes.
4. because we’re so far apart, but so close together.
5. because of the way you love me.
6. because you make me laugh when I don’t feel like it.
7. because you support me.
8. because you try and save up money to come and see me.
9. because you’re my soul mate.
10. because you have a great heart.
11. because you know I love you.
12. because I can trust you.
13. because you fit me.
14. because you believe in me, even when I don’t.
15. because you really think I’m pretty.
16. because you made my life better.
17. because we’re two bits of a whole.
18. because I genuinely believe you really would do anything for me.
19. because you’re my gravity.
20. because you’re everything I need.
21. because if I lost everything I’d be content as long as I still had you.
22. because you understand.
23. because without you I’m lost.
24. because you fill me with feelings I’ve never felt.
25. because no matter what happens there’s always gonna be an “us.”
26. because you make me safe.
27. because I know I’d do anything for you.
28. because you know me.
29. because of the way you look at me.
30. because I don’t have to pretend.
31. because you satisfy me.
32. because we’re compatible.
33. because you let me in.
34. because of the way you hold me.
35. because no matter how you feel you stay up with me at night.
36. because you’re you.
37. because you’re there even when you’re not there.
38. because you’re perfect.
39. because your love overwhelms me.
40. because you don’t let me cry.
41. because you give me what I want.
42. because you make time for me.
43. because you’re gorgeous.
44. because I can tell you anything.
45. because of the cute goodnight texts you send me.
46. because of the cute morning texts you send me.
47. because you make me feel important.
48. because you put up with my crap.
49. because you feel like home.
50. because you listen.
51. because you want to talk about my day, every night.
52. because it’s so hard to leave when I visit.
53. because my heart feels too small for all my feelings.
54. because you’re all mine.
55. because we argue about who loves who more.
56. because share the dislike I have for my sister.
57. because of your laugh.
58. because you take my breath away.
59. because you’ll never give up.
60. because I can’t imagine my life without you.
61. because you’re thoughtful.
62. because I can hear you smile.
63. because I respect you.
64. because you would do anything to make me happy.
65. because of how your voice sounds.
66. because you feel the need to protect me.
67. because of your cute English accent.
68. because you give me hope.
69. because you understand.
70. because of bubble baths.
71. because I’ll die happy.
72. because of the way you look when you sleep.
73. because we haven’t missed a day without being on FaceTime.
74. because you play guitar
75. because you could get any girl you wanted but you chose me.
76. because of your sexy winking face that gets all the bitches.
78. because you’re affectionate in public.
79. because you engraved my name in your guitar.
80. because you call me even if your with your mates.
81. because you’ll be a great mother eventually, maybe.
82. because just the thought of you makes me happy.
83. because I appreciate you.
84. because I can never stop thinking about you, even when I’m serving customers in the merry kettle.
85. because you put pics of us on Instagram with cute hash tags.
86. because we can spend all day on FaceTime and it will feel like we haven’t been on it for long.
87. because you’re my best friend.
88. because you make me feel like I matter.
89. because you care.
90. because you send me like a billion cute texts everyday.
91. because of how I feel when you kiss me.
92. because you have good taste in music.
93. because you get grumpy when I make fun of your accent.
94. because I’m in love with you.
95. because you’re so cheesy.
96. because you want the best for us.
97. because elephant juice.
98. because Quinn loves you and my mum thinks you’re mint.
99. because you always know how I feel, even if I pretend to feel otherwise.
100. because you call me cute things like beautiful and princess.
101. because, just because

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i feel really cute today and everyday and wanted to let u know. there u have it

I am here for this self love and appreciation and I hope you never lose it

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I've been going through your blog for about a day now just liking things from last year and older and I feel inspired to be more optimistic about my everyday life. Your cute pictures make me want to appreciate and look out for more cute things in the world!

Thank you for the sweet message, it means a lot! 

Be on the lookout for value in things you see every day. There’s goodness in the toaster, there’s wholesomeness in the bread! The plate you put the toast on has its own story to tell… will you listen?