i feel creepy for knowing this. lol

I’d like to think I know what makes a good TV show…so I have one question..why is no one talking about People of Earth?

It’s got solid reception by TV critics and the audience, and it’s even been renewed for a second season. The writing is clever, the premise is unique, the characters have quirks and none of them are perfect- they feel very human (even the alien characters, lol). It’s funny, but also suspenseful and kind of creepy, which surprised me considering it was made by the same creators of the Office and Parks & Rec. I can’t wait to see the questions brought up in the finale finally be answered. 

It’s genuinely entertaining and I hate to see a show that has such advantages basically pass under the radar. I can certainly say that I’ve not seen anything like it, and that means a lot. It also does things that a lot of TV shows don’t do and I think that they should. Here are some things it did that I liked.

  • There are women of all different body types and ages on the show and all of them are acknowledged as being attractive, but the main focus is placed on their personality and their experiences. It’s nice to see so many body types represented well on the screen. 
  • The alien characters are surprisingly fresh and they don’t speak like typical “Aliens”, they speak like us, which feels more believable. I mean, if aliens really were trying to invade for centuries, don’t you think they would have learned how to blend in on Earth at this point? 
  • One of the characters is revealed partway through the show as being gay. I think the show creators wanted it to seem surprising, since he’s a very masculine guy and he seems very rural and more small-town in terms of his values. But that shouldn’t be surprising at all. What I like is that “being gay” isn’t treated like his whole character identity. It’s relevant to the scene where it’s revealed, but “being gay” isn’t solely what his character is based on. He is gay. He is also kind. And supportive. And hard-working. And honest, even though he might say things that make other people feel uncomfortable. He’s a complete character, who is also gay. I’m so sick of seeing a caricature of gay people on TV, where the only information we know about them is their sexuality, or where their sexuality is treated as some sort of “character quirk”. When his son asks him to pick a “story” between being gay or being abducted by aliens, he says “Neither of those things are a choice.” I wish he had gotten more screen time, since he was a really intriguing character, but what can you do. 
  • The show features a Hispanic priest who was in a funk jazz band, an African American journalist who excels at his job and writes ground-breaking journalism, and a curvy African-American post-office lady who can set up freaking booby traps like, damn, that’s impressive. I want to know how to set up booby traps.  
  • One of the aliens (who is referred to with “he/him” pronouns, so I think he’s a guy) is PROBABLY IN LOVE WITH THE OTHER MALE ALIEN AND THEY SHOULD HAVE HUGGED OR SOMETHING WHILE THEY HAD THE CHANCE
  • The show’s atmosphere is very unsettling. Not exactly creepy, not even to the level of Stranger Things, but you constantly have the feeling that something more devilish is at work behind the scenes, and there is an impending doom approaching that the characters are only just beginning to grasp. Something unexpected, surprising. 
  • There is a very attractive Nordic-looking alien whose main purpose is to nurture others and give them whatever emotional/physical support they need and just be accommodating. And they could have given a woman this role but they gave it to a man, like kudos. He’s the antithesis of toxic masculinity. He’s shy and just wants the person he likes to be happy, even if he can’t make her happy. He apologizes for things that aren’t even his fault. He’s quiet and openly emotional. He’s not assertive, he’s not concerned with dominance, and he is motivated by the desire to care for others. He learns how to stand up for himself more near the end of the series but he’s still such a sweetie.
  • I never knew for sure what was going to happen next. I could sense all of the romantic implications, but that’s because my shipping sensors are so fine-tuned. But as far as the rest of the plot goes, it was a wild ride. I like being able to guess and come up with theories, instead of saying “This is going to happen, I already know.” 
  • This is a minor thing, but the colors were really fresh and bright. They seemed to pop off the screen. 
  • There was a lot of emotional moments, but nothing felt overplayed or downplayed. It was just right. The characters felt a lot of emotion, but they would only explode under the right circumstances, where it made sense with their character and the level of stress they were placed under. It felt real. And that’s saying a lot for a show about alien abductions and conspiracies. 

People of Earth fandom, take me to your leader. 


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                   Heeellooo! For the flower asks…of course for…                

   Vixen steals my heart every time I know more about her <3 love her! I know, I’m weird hahahahahha xD Celestine and Vixen would get along here lol… I think? Hahahah xD as she also gets a “happy” feeling seeing the fear in her target’s eyes and knowing that their life is in her hands and after killing them she gets a euphoric rush about it but she doesn’t show it as Bryant will get very upset to hear such things.   

You are creepy XD

At least Celestine is caring for someone :D Vixen wouldn’t care if someone gets upset because of her way of acting. Or gets hurt. Or dies. She is such a ray of sunshine…

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                   Heeellooo! For the flower asks…of course for…                

   Oh, I completely have forgotten those questions, cool! :D           Would be interesting to arrange a meeting between her and Morinth and look how it proceeds :D    

Yes, I am really delayed with my asks, I still have so many to answer ^^”

Huh, Morinth and Vixen eh? More like “who kills who in the end” :D

I know it’s possible that there’s an explanation for that weird noise I posted about earlier but it just sounds soooo creepy.. and ominous lol I feel like I’m in a horror movie


OUAT 6x02 One of the best damn episodes in a long time!

Since I am home sick I decided to watch all of OUAT from 6x02 on.  I figured that as bad as I feel (fevers, vomiting), CS can’t make me feel any worse.  LOL!

I’m about half way in to this episode and all I can say is this show is NOTHING without Regina Mills.

Lana Parrilla has got to be one of the BEST actresses that I have seen in a long time.  Okay, yeah we all know I am a “Lana-fan”, but for real though, how she protrays Mayor Regina (the hero) and The Evil Queen (the villain) at the same time is nothing short of AMAZING!  Electrifying!

I’m a little weirded out by the  creepy “thing” going on between the Evil Queen and Rumple though.  That’s just a bit disgusting.  I’m sure Lana and Bobby had fun with it but really all we have seen between Regina and Gold is animosity.  Is it because the EQ is separate from Regina that she has no qualms about flirting with the man who “made her a monster”?

I mean, he’s tried to kidnap her son, kill everyone in town (including her) and hello, does anyone remember the wraith at the end of Season One?  You think Rumple would be one of the people on the Evil Queen’s Shit List.  LOL!  Let’s also not forget that he’s made out with her mother and her sister.

“Mommy’s back.”  Best scene in a long time.  Regina & Regina!

Lana Parrilla MADE this episode everything great that it is.  Perhaps if they showed more Regina (and Regina and Emma) scenes, OUAT can finally get their ratings up again.

Riverdale: Chapter 7

Creepy aspects aside, Cheryl loves Jason and as a result, she will fight against anyone including her parents to protect his baby. But seriously, I know twins are closer than normal siblings but Cheryl just makes it creepy sometimes and yet somehow, that just adds into it lol 😊

Archie has absolutely no reason other than being a douchebag to be jealous of Betty/Jughead; he has stated that he doesn’t like nor think of Betty in that way and yet, when he was giving Jughead his “blessing”, it sounded so freaking forced. If they are saying Archie somehow now has feelings for Betty, I call bullshit; it’s more like he didn’t want Betty like that but he doesn’t want her and Jughead to be a couple either…

Honestly? I don’t hate Bughead; they were cute and adorable in this episode…But that’s it; they were cute and adorable. It reminded me of kittens or puppies or grade school. There was no passion, and yeah yeah people say passion is overrated, but compare Bughead’s first kiss to Betty/Veronica’s and you see a clear difference

How exactly did Polly break out through her windows when her room looked to be on the second floor and we saw a decent amount of blood and there was no serious injuries?

Despite their extramarital affair (on Hermione’s end) Hermione and Fred won best parents this episode…

Recently bought re7 (I know took me a while) had to wait till my job got it in used lol. I actually really enjoyed the game played through it all. It keeps the classic resident evil vibe, creepy, ammo and health conserving, dark, ect. and to be honest i did jump at some parts ha.
My only thing is the first person which I had to get used to and I do feel as if the makers should have given the option in the menu. All in all i would definitely replay! …… And btw who wouldn’t save Zoe instead of mia….Zoe, she’s precious.


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