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misdial | pcy

park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,6k words. fluff/angst. au

—it all started with one misdial, then a second and a third and…

this one is for Sasha @floofyeol

3.12 a.m: missed call from Park Chanyeol

“You called me?” 

“Oh, did I? I’m sorry, it was a misdial.”

“Oh, I see.”

3.14 a.m.: incoming call from Park Chanyeol


“Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Why 100% of my ship are gay??<p/><b>Also me:</b> why am I ruining my life with them???<p/><b>Creepy voice inside her head:</b> because you're a fucking masochist and you want to die young. Then you also want to feel like a worried mum with her babies 'cause they're too precious for this world and you must protect them with your own life.<p/><b>Me:</b> ...lol you're damn right... AAAWW LOOK AT THEM, THEY'RE SO CUTEEEEE I'M CRYING<p/><b>Creepy voice inside her head:</b> I KNOW, GIRL. I KNOW.<p/></p>


can stalkers leave my kid alone lol all harry is trying to do is make music, and make people happy, and go home and live as normal of a life as possible why do y'all have to corner him and make him feel weird omg leave him alone he’s too nice to say it but i will – u guys are disturbing, creepy and need to know your place (which for some of u should be a jail cell with the lengths you go lbr). leave him alone he doesn’t want you

I’d like to think I know what makes a good TV show…so I have one question..why is no one talking about People of Earth?

It’s got solid reception by TV critics and the audience, and it’s even been renewed for a second season. The writing is clever, the premise is unique, the characters have quirks and none of them are perfect- they feel very human (even the alien characters, lol). It’s funny, but also suspenseful and kind of creepy, which surprised me considering it was made by the same creators of the Office and Parks & Rec. I can’t wait to see the questions brought up in the finale finally be answered. 

It’s genuinely entertaining and I hate to see a show that has such advantages basically pass under the radar. I can certainly say that I’ve not seen anything like it, and that means a lot. It also does things that a lot of TV shows don’t do and I think that they should. Here are some things it did that I liked.

  • There are women of all different body types and ages on the show and all of them are acknowledged as being attractive, but the main focus is placed on their personality and their experiences. It’s nice to see so many body types represented well on the screen. 
  • The alien characters are surprisingly fresh and they don’t speak like typical “Aliens”, they speak like us, which feels more believable. I mean, if aliens really were trying to invade for centuries, don’t you think they would have learned how to blend in on Earth at this point? 
  • One of the characters is revealed partway through the show as being gay. I think the show creators wanted it to seem surprising, since he’s a very masculine guy and he seems very rural and more small-town in terms of his values. But that shouldn’t be surprising at all. What I like is that “being gay” isn’t treated like his whole character identity. It’s relevant to the scene where it’s revealed, but “being gay” isn’t solely what his character is based on. He is gay. He is also kind. And supportive. And hard-working. And honest, even though he might say things that make other people feel uncomfortable. He’s a complete character, who is also gay. I’m so sick of seeing a caricature of gay people on TV, where the only information we know about them is their sexuality, or where their sexuality is treated as some sort of “character quirk”. When his son asks him to pick a “story” between being gay or being abducted by aliens, he says “Neither of those things are a choice.” I wish he had gotten more screen time, since he was a really intriguing character, but what can you do. 
  • The show features a Hispanic priest who was in a funk jazz band, an African American journalist who excels at his job and writes ground-breaking journalism, and a curvy African-American post-office lady who can set up freaking booby traps like, damn, that’s impressive. I want to know how to set up booby traps.  
  • One of the aliens (who is referred to with “he/him” pronouns, so I think he’s a guy) is PROBABLY IN LOVE WITH THE OTHER MALE ALIEN AND THEY SHOULD HAVE HUGGED OR SOMETHING WHILE THEY HAD THE CHANCE
  • The show’s atmosphere is very unsettling. Not exactly creepy, not even to the level of Stranger Things, but you constantly have the feeling that something more devilish is at work behind the scenes, and there is an impending doom approaching that the characters are only just beginning to grasp. Something unexpected, surprising. 
  • There is a very attractive Nordic-looking alien whose main purpose is to nurture others and give them whatever emotional/physical support they need and just be accommodating. And they could have given a woman this role but they gave it to a man, like kudos. He’s the antithesis of toxic masculinity. He’s shy and just wants the person he likes to be happy, even if he can’t make her happy. He apologizes for things that aren’t even his fault. He’s quiet and openly emotional. He’s not assertive, he’s not concerned with dominance, and he is motivated by the desire to care for others. He learns how to stand up for himself more near the end of the series but he’s still such a sweetie.
  • I never knew for sure what was going to happen next. I could sense all of the romantic implications, but that’s because my shipping sensors are so fine-tuned. But as far as the rest of the plot goes, it was a wild ride. I like being able to guess and come up with theories, instead of saying “This is going to happen, I already know.” 
  • This is a minor thing, but the colors were really fresh and bright. They seemed to pop off the screen. 
  • There was a lot of emotional moments, but nothing felt overplayed or downplayed. It was just right. The characters felt a lot of emotion, but they would only explode under the right circumstances, where it made sense with their character and the level of stress they were placed under. It felt real. And that’s saying a lot for a show about alien abductions and conspiracies. 

People of Earth fandom, take me to your leader. 

glory & gore

TW/CW: graphic animal death, blood, mild gore, ritual sacrifice, unsanitary/unsafe sex, religious (Christian) themes, under-negotiated kinks, rough sex, painplay (ish), NSFW text, #deaddove #donoteat
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jack/Bitty

For @omgcpumpkins, from the prompt: “Based on this post: Naked, Covered in Ram’s Blood, Drinking a Coke, and Feeling Pretty Good (SMH as a sacrificial cult)”

Thanks to @boldly-go-home for the Latin help and for not questioning me when I didn’t make it clear this was for a fic LOL. 

“Ugh, those hockey guys are so weird,” Bitty once heard an upperclassman say. “They’re such a fucking cult, you know? Always together in a pack like a bunch of dogs. It’s creepy as fuck.”

At the time, Bitty had just clenched his jaw and kept walking toward his orientation meeting, pie in hand. What was one stranger’s opinion, really? Maybe that was a good sign, that his new teammates were close friends.

It wasn’t until the season began that Bitty realized just how close that stranger had come to the truth.

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Fluff Month Day 24 - "Wrong Number"

Pairing/Characters: Marinette & Adrien
Set before Adrien’s first day of school. (Aka umbrella scene)

Beep beep!

Marinette groaned, rolling over in her loft to blindly pat around for her phone. She must have fallen asleep with it in her hand last night because the beeping had come from right next to her ear.

“Ugh,” Marinette mumbled as her hand finally grasped her phone. She raised it up in front of her face, and squinted at the bright screen.


Marinette raised an eyebrow. Someone must have the wrong number.

She unlocked her phone with the password, and pressed on her messaging app. It opened to the first screen with all her messages, and she quickly tapped on the newest one from ‘unknown’.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Hey! Are we still having that photoshoot in the park today?

Marinette tilted her head, squinting at the message. Photoshoot? Whoever this was DEFINITELY had the wrong number. Marinette was no model, and was generally awful in front of cameras. Not to mention that she was kind of a klutz.

Marinette bit her lip, hesitating, before typing back.

MARINETTE: I’m sorry but I think you’ve got the wrong number. I know nothing about photoshoots besides the fact that I’ve never had one.

Shoot, that was definitely too much of a response. Marinette groaned and dropped her phone down onto her mattress. It was too early for this. Hopefully whoever this person was wouldn’t respond.

Marinette’s hope was crushed a second later when her phone went off again.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Oh I’m so sorry. That was meant for my boss. I hope I didn’t wake you; it’s kinda early.

MARINETTE: it’s okay! Don’t worry about it.

Marinette hit send before exhaling in relief. At least that text was short, and she doubted that the unknown number would continue to text her now.

She locked her phone, sitting up in her bed and rubbing her eyes. It was only five a.m., but she was supposed to be up in thirty minutes anyway to help her parents set up the bakery for the morning customers. It wasn’t really worth going back to sleep now, so Marinette groggily crawled to her loft bed’s ladder and swung her feet down, carrying her phone with her.

It wasn’t like she completely detested talking to people, it was just people she didn’t know and couldn’t even see face to face that made Marinette nervous.


“Seriously?” Marinette muttered to herself, climbing down the ladder and walking over to her desk to flip on a lamp.

She looked down at her phone as her lamp lit up, covering her room in a soft pink glow.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Okay, sorry again.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but are you by any chance good at algebra? I’m desperate.

Marinette hesitated a second before shrugging and typing her response.

MARINETTE: Kind of. I just started this year.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Me too. Maybe we go to the same school?

Warning bells started going off in Marinette’s head, and she carefully typed her response this time.


UNKNOWN NUMBER: Sorry, I guess that was kind of a creepy question from someone you don’t know… Seriously I won’t text you if you don’t want me too. Sorry.

Marinette found herself smiling softly as she read the message. Whoever this was didn’t seem like a bad person. She typed and sent her next response before she could second guess herself.

MARINETTE: No it’s okay! But um, I’d feel better if I didn’t tell you my school.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: I totally understand. Sorry again…AGAIN. xD


Feeling a surge of courage take over her, Marinette typed again.

MARINETTE: So…do you have a name or would you rather not tell me that? Cool either way.


MARINETTE: Marinette

UNKNOWN NUMBER: Well, it was nice meeting you Marinette.

MARINETTE: It was nice to meet you too, Adrien. You gave me a story to tell my best friend later.


MARINETTE: Don’t you have algebra to do? xD

Marinette chuckled as she quickly sent off a text to Alya, telling her about the unknown number, Adrien, was texting her.

MARINETTE (to Alya): So some unknown number texted me. Said his name is Adrien.

ALYA: Girl it’s too early.

ALYA: Is he cute?

Marinette giggled, walking over to her desk chair and plopping down into it. She knew Alya would get curious; she was a reporter, after all.

MARINETTE (to Alya): Idk but does it really matter?

ALYA: It always matters.

Marinette sighed and began to spin around in her desk chair.

MARINETTE: He accidentally texted me instead of his boss this morning. But then he asked me about Algebra. Do you think that means he’s older or my age or…??

ALYA: Probably our age. Fifteen year olds can have jobs, you know. YOU have one.

MARINETTE: But that’s only because mine is a family business.

ALYA: potaeto potahto


Her phone dinged again, and Marinette switched to her chat with Adrien.

ADRIEN: I do have algebra, but if I transfer to school soon I might not have to do this lesson. I’m homeschooled currently, but I’m trying to get my dad to let me transfer to public school.

MARINETTE: Oh that’s cool! Is being homeschooled fun?

Marinette set down her phone and began changing, slipping on her ballet flats and quickly running a brush through her hair before slipping through her trap door down the stairs to the kitchen. She slid her phone in her pocket as she threw on an apron and continued down another floor to the bakery. Her parents were already awake, as she expected them to be.

“Marinette? You’re up early,” her father exclaimed as she entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, uh, something woke me up so I figured I’d just start my day a little early today,” Marinette answered, grinning nervously.

Her father didn’t seem to notice, though. Instead he turned back to the bread he was currently kneading, and tossed Marinette some plastic gloves.

“Go set up the display cases. There should be a few trays of different pastries out there for you already,” he explained.

Marinette dutifully obeyed, turning and marching out of the kitchen and into the main bakery. The trays of pastries were easy to spot, piled high and sitting on top of the counter. Marinette quickly began organizing them, getting halfway through before her phone went off in her pocket.

ADRIEN: I guess. I just wish I had more friends.

Marinette stared at the message a second before replying.

MARINETTE: Oh. Well, you’ve got me? If some random girl over the phone counts.

ADRIEN: Haha, yeah I guess so. Thanks Marinette, you’re really nice.

He sent this one with a photo, and Marinette gaped for a second as a face with blonde hair and absolutely stunning green eyes smiled back at her. It looked like he was in a car. His hair was styled, but also somehow looked natural. And oh my gosh he had freckles, just barely visible on his cheeks.

Marinette smiled and locked her phone, leaving it out on the counter as she began sorting again. Her insides felt warm, though she wasn’t sure if it was from the bakery warmth or from the texts she had just received.

MARINETTE (to Alya): He’s cute.

BTS Reaction - Their GF not being able to sleep after watching a horror movie

~@xiueof : Can i have a bts reaction to their s/o love the blood things and kills in a horror movie but when they go to sleep she can’t because she will feel scared * LOL me * Love your active blog ^^~


*is just as scared as you are* “We’re never watching a movie that scary again!”

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“Are you really that scared? Just turn the lights on and let’s go back to sleep.”

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*is more scared than you* “Who needs sleep anyways? I can’t even close my eyes without seeing that creepy butchers face.”

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Rap Monster:

“Was it really that bad? You know it’s all fake, right?”

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When you asked him to cuddle you he would suddenly get shy and flustered which would make you forget about the movie and tease him instead. “Stop teasing me, you’re making me embarrassed.”

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“Aw you’re so cute when you’re scared! C’mon let’s just cuddle until you fall asleep.”

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“Nothing bad can happen to you while I’m here. I’ll protect you!” *makes a blanket fort to keep you extra safe*

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 just at a party and friends were all sharing funny tinder stories and one of them was like “my friend’s girlfriend is on tinder” and i was like “are they polyamorous?” and he was like “nah she’s bisexual so he said she’s into threesomes” and the girl next to me was like “yeah bisexuals always cheat on people” and i was like Wow I Am Feeling The Biphobia In This Chilles Tonight so I said “Bisexuals aren’t any more or less unfaithful than anyone else” to which this girl responded “but how would you know if they were just friends with someone or cheating on you with them? Bisexuals are like….Creepy kinky liars lol i couldn’t be with someone whose bisexual cos I could never trust them” so i just smiled and said, “dont worry, we don’t want to be with biphobes so you’re safe” and proceeded to calmly explain why those stereotypes are toxic AAAAAAAND THE WHOLE TABLE WAS SHOOKETH I WAS JUST

anonymous asked:

Bless you for sharing. I think what a lot of us would like to know but are too shy to ask, was, what did you mean by he knew what he was doing? Lol. Was it a passionate kiss? Can you paint a clearer visual for us? Some of us just really find them so sweet and adorable and love knowing they are affectionate. There are definitely some nuts in the group, too, sadly. Thanks again!

Well actually a lot of you have asked for very specific details. Including locations and simple stuff like clothing. Which to me is creepy. I just have chose to not get in to specifics. Here’s how I feel about it, yes I shared that I saw them “kissing up” on each other. That was maybe a little disrespectful of me to do anyways but I didn’t go into a lot of detail for a reason. They are in a relationship clearly. I would hate for someone to constantly know every detail of an outing with my significant other. I hope this makes sense. Here’s what I can tell you and everyone else that has filled my ask box, they were sitting very close and shared kisses often. They looked very sweet.

Diabolik lovers Lost Eden: Ayato Sakamaki [Ecstasy 8] ~translation|traducción~

Thanks to @infernal-iris for having helped me with the translation~!


Place: Vibora Castle - Yui-sama’s room.

Yui: Father… …?
Seiji: I’m really sorry… …
Seiji: I didn’t know that the others who were members of the church planned to give you up as a sacrifice… …
Seiji: And because of that… … you had to go through so many problems… …!
Seiji: Forgive me… …
Yui: Father… …
Yui: (“To forgive him”…Forgive what?)
Yui: (Anyway, I’m glad he’s okay… …)
Yui: (I never thought I would ever see him again… …!)
Seiji: Are you okay? It’s been a long time, and in all that time I left you alone… …

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movie idea:

a movie that starts like any other horror movie abt the ghosts of traumatized children haunting a place, creepy slowed down nursery rhymes and all

but instead of getting scared the protag feels sorry for the children bc no matter how creepy and supernatural and powerful they are theyre still just sad kids and ends up giving them the childhood in death that they never had in life, raising the kids as their own

and at the end of the movie the kids grow up and think theyre moving onto idk college or moving out to be adults or something else that symbolizes adulthood, but the protag knows theyre moving on into the afterlife and is happy to let them go

so um hi y’all. ikram here!! i’ve never made a post like this bc i never felt the need to but i’m feeling very emotional right now and everyone on my dash is feeling emotional right now. also my cat is very emosh right now. and this all resulted in me writing a long ass speech with little notes for everyone who has ever made me smile on here. i just wanted to make this post to let you all now that im very grateful for you. some of you i have never talked to because i’m shy and you intimidate me bUT i need you to know ur the bomb.com

💐 💐  these are for you, thank you for being such a beautiful soul. 

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starkstruckteen  asked:

🍭 - Candy gore any character im just curious how this would turn out , you dont have to if you dont want to , i love your blog and chiffany is still as cute as always , hope you're doing well :)

Lol I didn’t know what candygore was so I looked it up…is it supposed to be so fetishy looking? I wanted to go with a more creepy vibe than that so here it is! I think I did an okay job.

Oh and thank you:) Going back to college next week. Honestly, don’t feel like it but that computer science degree isn’t going to earn itself.


a soft headcanon from a soft stan like me ;) (lol jk soft from me is rare) 

also someone pls tell me if i am using the term headcanon right bc i just don’t kNOWW

genre : [ hogwarts!au ] ; [ f ] 

  • so like, obvi wonwoo is a slytherin
  • slytherins have a bad rep and all but rly he’s there bc he is very watchful and quiet and always listening; therefore v knowledgable but he doesn’t like to flaunt his intelligence; he’d rather keep things to himself
  • so you’re not rly sure why wonwoo has such a bad rep
  • he is v handsome like w o w but everyone is afraid of him?? even the other slytherins

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Lol at all the people going “This Howard is so nice??? And I like him? But he’s such a dick in canon???????” (I do check out the tags on my posts lmao does that make me creepy.)

Listen, okay, hear me out about this, because I have Thoughts and Feelings. Howard and Tony have so much in common and it kills me that in canon Howard is a drunkard who hits his kid. Like seeing him in Captain America was weird, knowing what he does to Tony. He seemed like an okay dude for a minute. And then there’s Howard in Agent Carter being kind of a sympathetic character and I’m just so mad sitting here screaming YOU COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLLL!!!!!!! YOU AND TONY COULD HAVE CHANGED THE WORLD!!!!! I am a bag of salt and vinegar chips over this.

This is super self-indulgent. I saw Howard in Agent Carter and I just wanted to fix everything. Howard could have been a great dad if he’d moved on from Steve (and stopped drinking probably). It probably helps that Tony and Maria are werewolves. Howard’s a thrill seeker. What could be more thrilling than your wife and child being able to kill you? Admittedly Howard’s a bit of an odd duck in this but how is that any different from canon Tony lol.

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I've always hated this art style since I was kid; like jons eyes have always terrified me and made me feel very sick to my stomach. I never told anyone this btw, it's kind of embarrassing to admit. I don't know what it is that makes me feel the way I do but yeah lol I whole heartedly agree with this blog

that’s nothing to be embarrassed about! his eyes are sooooo creepy! eyes aren’t supposed to look like eggs!