i feel creepy for knowing this. lol

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im assuming you talked about your issues with gg and their new game? do you mind i ask for a link to it? i kno its dumb but i kinda want my feelings about them validated lol

i deleted what i’d said about it because i don’t really know or care enough about it to get in an argument with anons just looking for a fight (which i was starting to get just a few minutes after my initial post which was just like “i didnt know game grumps made the gay dad thing… cancelled”). i often delete posts after making them if they’re just inviting trouble to my door without accomplishing anything or saying anything new. anyway my feelings on gg is theyre creepy and as far as i know have made enough racist and transphobic jokes in the past and present that i’d like to avoid supporting them and people who willingly associate with them (even if those ppl are lgbt)

misdial; chanyeol

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park chanyeol. reader-insert. 5,6k words. fluff/angst. au

—it all started with one misdial, then a second and a third and…

this one is for Sasha @floofyeol

3.12 a.m: missed call from Park Chanyeol

“You called me?” 

“Oh, did I? I’m sorry, it was a misdial.”

“Oh, I see.”

3.14 a.m.: incoming call from Park Chanyeol


“Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice.”

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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> Why 100% of my ship are gay??<p/><b>Also me:</b> why am I ruining my life with them???<p/><b>Creepy voice inside her head:</b> because you're a fucking masochist and you want to die young. Then you also want to feel like a worried mum with her babies 'cause they're too precious for this world and you must protect them with your own life.<p/><b>Me:</b> ...lol you're damn right... AAAWW LOOK AT THEM, THEY'RE SO CUTEEEEE I'M CRYING<p/><b>Creepy voice inside her head:</b> I KNOW, GIRL. I KNOW.<p/></p>
BTS Reaction - Their GF not being able to sleep after watching a horror movie

~Can i have a bts reaction to their s/o love the blood things and kills in a horror movie but when they go to sleep she can’t because she will feel scared * LOL me * Love your active blog ^^~


*is just as scared as you are* “We’re never watching a movie that scary again!”

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“Are you really that scared? Just turn the lights on and let’s go back to sleep.”

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*is more scared than you* “Who needs sleep anyways? I can’t even close my eyes without seeing that creepy butchers face.”

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Rap Monster:

“Was it really that bad? You know it’s all fake, right?”

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When you asked him to cuddle you he would suddenly get shy and flustered which would make you forget about the movie and tease him instead. “Stop teasing me, you’re making me embarrassed.”

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“Aw you’re so cute when you’re scared! C’mon let’s just cuddle until you fall asleep.”

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“Nothing bad can happen to you while I’m here. I’ll protect you!” *makes a blanket fort to keep you extra safe*

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I’d like to think I know what makes a good TV show…so I have one question..why is no one talking about People of Earth?

It’s got solid reception by TV critics and the audience, and it’s even been renewed for a second season. The writing is clever, the premise is unique, the characters have quirks and none of them are perfect- they feel very human (even the alien characters, lol). It’s funny, but also suspenseful and kind of creepy, which surprised me considering it was made by the same creators of the Office and Parks & Rec. I can’t wait to see the questions brought up in the finale finally be answered. 

It’s genuinely entertaining and I hate to see a show that has such advantages basically pass under the radar. I can certainly say that I’ve not seen anything like it, and that means a lot. It also does things that a lot of TV shows don’t do and I think that they should. Here are some things it did that I liked.

  • There are women of all different body types and ages on the show and all of them are acknowledged as being attractive, but the main focus is placed on their personality and their experiences. It’s nice to see so many body types represented well on the screen. 
  • The alien characters are surprisingly fresh and they don’t speak like typical “Aliens”, they speak like us, which feels more believable. I mean, if aliens really were trying to invade for centuries, don’t you think they would have learned how to blend in on Earth at this point? 
  • One of the characters is revealed partway through the show as being gay. I think the show creators wanted it to seem surprising, since he’s a very masculine guy and he seems very rural and more small-town in terms of his values. But that shouldn’t be surprising at all. What I like is that “being gay” isn’t treated like his whole character identity. It’s relevant to the scene where it’s revealed, but “being gay” isn’t solely what his character is based on. He is gay. He is also kind. And supportive. And hard-working. And honest, even though he might say things that make other people feel uncomfortable. He’s a complete character, who is also gay. I’m so sick of seeing a caricature of gay people on TV, where the only information we know about them is their sexuality, or where their sexuality is treated as some sort of “character quirk”. When his son asks him to pick a “story” between being gay or being abducted by aliens, he says “Neither of those things are a choice.” I wish he had gotten more screen time, since he was a really intriguing character, but what can you do. 
  • The show features a Hispanic priest who was in a funk jazz band, an African American journalist who excels at his job and writes ground-breaking journalism, and a curvy African-American post-office lady who can set up freaking booby traps like, damn, that’s impressive. I want to know how to set up booby traps.  
  • One of the aliens (who is referred to with “he/him” pronouns, so I think he’s a guy) is PROBABLY IN LOVE WITH THE OTHER MALE ALIEN AND THEY SHOULD HAVE HUGGED OR SOMETHING WHILE THEY HAD THE CHANCE
  • The show’s atmosphere is very unsettling. Not exactly creepy, not even to the level of Stranger Things, but you constantly have the feeling that something more devilish is at work behind the scenes, and there is an impending doom approaching that the characters are only just beginning to grasp. Something unexpected, surprising. 
  • There is a very attractive Nordic-looking alien whose main purpose is to nurture others and give them whatever emotional/physical support they need and just be accommodating. And they could have given a woman this role but they gave it to a man, like kudos. He’s the antithesis of toxic masculinity. He’s shy and just wants the person he likes to be happy, even if he can’t make her happy. He apologizes for things that aren’t even his fault. He’s quiet and openly emotional. He’s not assertive, he’s not concerned with dominance, and he is motivated by the desire to care for others. He learns how to stand up for himself more near the end of the series but he’s still such a sweetie.
  • I never knew for sure what was going to happen next. I could sense all of the romantic implications, but that’s because my shipping sensors are so fine-tuned. But as far as the rest of the plot goes, it was a wild ride. I like being able to guess and come up with theories, instead of saying “This is going to happen, I already know.” 
  • This is a minor thing, but the colors were really fresh and bright. They seemed to pop off the screen. 
  • There was a lot of emotional moments, but nothing felt overplayed or downplayed. It was just right. The characters felt a lot of emotion, but they would only explode under the right circumstances, where it made sense with their character and the level of stress they were placed under. It felt real. And that’s saying a lot for a show about alien abductions and conspiracies. 

People of Earth fandom, take me to your leader. 

I found and followed an amazing acc on Twt named “jk_behind_jm” and even though I am a KookMin trash, I’ve been watching and digging their moments for almost a year, I’m still shook with the amount of times Jungkook stands and tries to stand behind or near Jimin.

Well of course we - KookMin trash - already know that he is called Jeon Satellite for a reason but seriously it’s kinda make me feel a bit..creepy how Jeon always keeps his eyes on Jimin. Just kidding lol. I never have enough with their moments.

Well I’m worried now, things have been developed too fast I’m afraid I can’t save enough money to fly to Korea for their wedding.

I kind of hurt my back really badly yesterday and am so upset at myself because I want to draw and can’t. I so want to say sorry about the lack of art lately. My tablet wouldn’t behave, then I felt uninspired and now my back hurts and I can’t sit to draw on my art pad. I think everything is inspiring against me to not draw lol

I’ve also been feeling low about my realism..again I know. I know it’s not a favoured style and it takes me so damn long to draw it. You get the smallest thing wrong and you can notice it. It’s an unforgiving style to be sure. I worry so much that it appears creepy, is stiff and hits uncanny valley. I got so much grief for that in an old fandom the demons rear their ugly heads for me sometimes. Sometimes I wish I could draw differently, but this is the way I draw and I can lessen it but in the end it’s my style. It’s as much a part of me as my handwriting. Which if you’ve ever seen my handwriting it’s godawful and maybe I should’t be comparing my art to that. lol

I do have something to post later though.

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Hello!! Random question. What's your opinion on Guidestuck, if you've read it. Idk if your comfortable w these sorts of asks, what with the backlash you got on your last sort of review ;-; but I've never read it before and I trust your sort of opinion so if you have read it and are comfortable with this.. pls tell me what you think of it !!!

Hello, anon! Worry not, if there’s one thing that really doesn’t do anything for me, it’s anon hate. So, even if someone decides to not like my opinion, I’ll deal, lol. As for Guidestuck, I’ve given it a go - and, much to my surprise, I have to say that I’ve seen it before; right when I had joined Homestuck fandom, guidestuck was pretty popular (only I didn’t know where it was coming from).

Now, let’s get one thing clear - Guidestuck is pretty old. It was started in 2012 and lasted to July of 2014, when it was updated one last time. This means it was done well before Cherubs were introduced and thus, it’s pretty innocent and different with approach of the subject it tackled. As the title suggests, it’s about humanized version of guides from Homestuck, who decide to play SBURB, while the human kids we know from it, have form of animals. Cute?

Definitely cute.

I have to admit, if there is one thing I really have enjoyed in Guidestuck, it was artstyle and designs of basically everyone, be it kids, humanized guides or their guardians.

Who, by the way, not only look adorable, but also make me think I’m missing something. Is Jaspers’ dad a human version of Maplehoof?

Who cares, he loves his kid.

And this, by the way, is something I’ve been missing in Homestuck all along; despite having what seemed to be caring guardians and defiant kids (which was all done cause age gap, generation gap, etc.), guardians really show they care for their kids.

Which actually gives such panel a powerful meaning - to an extent more powerful than the one John and Dad had.

This extends to most of the relationships that are developed (cause sadly, most of them aren’t). I have to admit, Quinn’s design and personality is my favourite of all, because she does look and dress and act like a goofy harlequin girl. Also, little John plush toy? 

Adorable. Sort of expected it to end up in a kernelsprite just to lulz at how in original story John was the ony kid who never ended up in one, but sadly, story never goes as far to even entertain the possibility.


Also, nice design of shoes, 10/10.

Now, what the story is trying to do mostly before the SBURB becomes the central plot point, it’s trying to hide from the reader that one of the kids is basically a humanized version of Lil Cal (which, btw, gave me mixed feelings, cause Dave’s guide was a crow and it ended up unmentioned at all). Given this is way before author or anyone ever could suspect what Lil Cal ever was (aside from being a creepy puppetdoll), I found it hilarious how actually close to Caliborn Lil Cal was character-wise. 

Anime filled room with manga posters? Check. 

Treating Dave and Bro puppets like characters from Homosuck? Check.

Imagination nation? Check.



I don’t think we need to say more.

Also, we have something that’s surely not intentional, as we didn’t know Calliope by the moment this dialogue was introduced - Lil Cal being called “Callie” (can I say lol?).

I just really like these panels, okay.

But yeah, aside from that, the dialog between Lil Cal and Quinn is providing the most uncomfortable info I’ve never thought I’ll read in a comic, original or fan-made.


Uhhhhhh, you know how weird it sounds???

And speaking of uncomfortable… let’s talk about the aliens.

You know, the lusi.

While I don’t wanna spoil too much (there’s not that much to spoil anyway, since the lusi are not that developed anyway), they have a really neat design themselves,

and pretty distinct (at least from what little we’ve seen) personalities. I find it kind of adorable that they mention taking care of trolls and it’s shown in pictures that the said trolls actually look pretty huge in comparison,

even the ones that shouldn’t - which, I suppose, is made by swapping the sizes between trolls and lusi.

They also act pretty troll-like (and by that I mean trolls you could’ve known or heard from legends). Sadly, there are downsides to this story that are not only capturing uncomfortable dialogue and unfinished story (cause it’s way unfinished in the three years ago - pretty early too, only one kid has managed to enter the medium - by which I assume it’s abandoned by the author for good), but also such things as missing pictures (probably thanks to servers getting deleted)

and dialogue that falls apart at times.

Which really is a shame, cause even if the story is not superb and the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s far from being bad and while I have suspicion that some of the story parts might sound pushing (Goatdad as a Mind player? Aurthour as a Hope player?), we didn’t really get to see where it was going to lead and what was going to eventually happen. I say it’s a nice read, but it simply loses on being unfinished, 3 stars out of 5 for effort anyway.

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Hey there :) I love your writing so much and your taste in fics recs. I guess amazing writers recognize equally talented work. While I love reading fanfic, I've been trying to get into reading books lately but am unsure of where to start. I was wondering if you have any book recs (really any genre is fine I trust your taste, but if you have anything with magical realism or an unnerving eerie horror vibe I'd love you to the moon and back)? thank you so much <3

Hey! Sorry to take so long to respond, I love this ask and I’m flattered that you want my recs!!

As for an unnerving eerie/horror vibe, I think Universal Harvester by John Darnielle would be something you might love, especially as a kind of starter book because it’s a very quick and absorbing read– one caveat is that if you like a mystery where everything is neatly explained at the end it will frustrate you, but even as someone who felt kinda ‘huh’ at the end, I enjoyed reading it a lot and would recommend. There are two skin-crawling moments in this book I will never forget, it’s so effective. I need to read more horror but I’m very squeamish about both gore and psychological horror so it’s hard for me to find stuff like this that’s effective and scary without disturbing me too much.

I wish I had more magic realism recs (I wanted to like Kelly Link, jfc I really tried ;___;) but the only thing that’s coming to mind is One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is one of my favorite books and one I should reread since it’s been a while.

OH OKAY this is a somewhat corny book but if you have tolerance for romance (and if you like my stuff you probably do lol), I love More Than You Know by Beth Gutcheon– the ghost story is so fucking creepy! It has major character death but even though you can see it coming a mile away it didn’t feel cheap to me; it’s more about the MC’s memories than the romance itself. And I love this so much, from the opening: “Somebody said ‘true love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.’ I’ve seen both and I don’t know how to tell you which is worse.”

I have a lot of feelings about George Saunders these days but I lovedddd Pastoralia when I was first getting into contemporary short fiction and I still reread his older stuff sometimes. There’s some good surreal & creepy stuff in that collection.

My favorite book of all time ever is The Green Knight by Iris Murdoch and it’s surreal and creepy as fuck in places, but really in a more comic way than anything else, ultimately. If you read it and like it, I recommend everything by Murdoch, she’s my favorite writer.

I recommend Like You’d Understand, Anyway by Jim Shepard to everyone because it’s my favorite short story collection. If you’re just starting to get into reading short fiction I might start with my second favorite though, Birds of America by Lorrie Moore.

I read A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin last year and now it’s on my favorite books of all time list, it’s emotionally brutal though (but in such a satisfying way, if you’re up for that!)

Earlier this year I read Signs and Wonders by Alix Ohlin and it really impressed me. (I’m reading her older collection now and one of her stories has inspired a new Kylux idea in me lol…)

Now I’ll wander past my bookshelves to see if there’s anything else I need to mention….

OH: Observatory Mansions!! by Edward Carey. omg now I want to reread this. It’s super surreal and creepy in what I think is a unique way, at least in my relatively limited experience of contemporary fiction, and I still think of it often and feel attached to the main character. This is one of those books that probably had a lot of subconscious influence on my own stuff now that I think about it, I really need to reread it….

Gob’s Grief by Chris Adrian is frustrating as fuck but it’s another surreal and creepy novel that I sometimes consider rereading because a lot of it stayed with me and because the short story that got me interested in it (which became a chapter in this novel), Every Night for a Thousand Years, is one of my favorites.

Also The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint by Brady Udall is one of my favorite books and Letting Loose the Hounds is a good short story collection by the same author (the story about the moose. I’ll never forget it).

I also always recommend Passion by Alice Munro to anyone who likes romance. It’s one of if not my absolute favorite short stories, I reread it a lot.

I’ll stop there– thanks again for asking, and I hope you’ll enjoy some of these! <3

Ok last salty post of the day:

These minors supposedly feel uncomfortable and instead of going to their parents they come to us. How would a parent react if their kid told them about the discourse and showed them their “anti blog” where they’re posting aggressive messages towards strangers and talking to adults about pornography? Even if it’s about how they don’t like a certain pornography it’s still a minor talking to an adult about porn, being linked to “problematic” nsfw artist, which is needless to say weird and inappropriate and not really a discussion they should be having at all.

I’m pretty sure 9 out of 10 of these kids would get barred from using tumblr, as they should be, if they were so uncomfortable and unsafe feeling that they went to the adult in their life to ask for guidance instead of creepy “fandom mom” adults online.

And they probably don’t go to their parents because they know this lol, they know that their parents reaction to the situation would be to remove them entirely as they have made it clear that they’re not mature enough to handle it.

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I feel like I'm a rare who doesn't want kelleo I love a good pure friendship with them and I know Vic is a creepy fucker...but...I still hold on for kellic

That’s some Kellic dedication lol

To my 13 year old female followers,

Remember, you deserve to love yourself.

That boy that you like? Don’t change for him. I PROMISE that you will find someone much better (I know it doesn’t feel that way now)

If you’re questioning your sexuality, the people that don’t support you are not your friends. There ARE people that will support you and accept you.

No one will remember or care about your GPA at your funeral

Grown men complimenting you on your appearances may make you feel good because you’ve been conditioned to feel like it’s a nice thing, it’s not. It’s creepy. Stay away from those men.

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if this is creepy just gimme a slap in the face but sometimes i just sit and think wow????? tumblr user @sparky-pines is absolutely stunning??? gorgeous smile? u look like god made a blue wren gijinka and i love that, a smart and friendly looking person. we dont even talk i just saw a picture of you once and thought you looked like the most lovable and amazing person alive and i feel like you should know that

oh my god?? oh my ghgfihdghasdhahsJDFHADSKJFHKASJ this is LITERALLY the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me?? i’m CRYING… 

whoever you are.. thank you so much ;~; i appreciate this words so dang much, you are a blessed human and i love you ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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If you unsubscribe from Onision on patreon. You will be questioned. It was like walking on egg shells to get out of the conversation. I don't have the guts to start a war with this guy. The conversation starts off okay and then it turns into a interrogation of why you left and there is no emotion to it. Did you experience this?

I was never a patron of gurgs. I realized what an abusive fuckwad he was many years ago lol

Though, I have read about him interrogating people who have pulled their pledges. That’s super.. creepy. I’m sorry he made you feel uncomfortable and honestly you didn’t have to respond if you didn’t want to. You don’t owe him a single thing. He KNOWS why a bunch of people pulled their pledges (calling paying fans mentally retarded will do that) he just wanted conformation. He knows he fucked himself and that’s why he started scrambling. Just sit back and save your money, maybe get yourself something nice with the cash you were giving him and watch and laugh with the rest of us ❤️

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Akashi seeing his ex who he still has feelings for with a child and assumes that the father was another guy, but the child is actually his

Whoop whoop, bae Akashi and his bae+bby <3 Enjoy, love! I actually really like this request! How would he not know it’s his child lol, the child probs has red eyes, like no, Akashi bae is stupid lolol

- Vi

Akashi’s meeting ended up finishing later than he had expected, which left him very irritated when he stepped out of the room – even the other board members could feel his anger and avoided confronting him about anything. The red-head kept his eyes on his phone, staring at the picture he used as his wallpaper. Though it may be creepy to other people, the picture was motivation for him.

“Why do you keep choosing your work over me? Why can’t you at least spend one day with me,” she screamed at him, pointing at the direction of the dining room. “You promised you’d spend our anniversary in this room together! So when some dumb business partner asks you to eat dinner with his family, who by the way asked in such a short notice, you bail on your fiance to go over there!?”

“Jeez, I am sick and tired of hearing this from you! You know how much this business means to me, so why the hell do you keep bringing it up in every conversation!?” Akashi yelled back, his voice echoing from across the halls. Even the maids were startled from hearing his voice, and they were on the other side of the mansion.

“Because it seems like your disappearing from me, Sei! Do you even love me? Love me enough to abandon your work?” He kept silent, probably one of the rare occasions that Akashi had nothing to say. “I-I can’t do this. I can’t keep waiting for you to finally notice me. I’m so tired of feeling so lonely all the time,” she whispered, sliding the ring from her fingers and resting it on the counter.

Just recalling that night made him clench his fist and tremble in anger, not at his fiance, but at himself. Had he been so absorbed in work that he neglected what was supposedly his treasure? Now, he missed his chance. He missed his chance to apologize. He missed his chance to have her by his side. Most of all, he missed his chance on having a future with her.

As he stepped out of the building, a little boy crashed into him and fell on the ground. The boy made incoherent noises, half babbling and half crying as he wiped his eyes with those chubby hands. Akashi just stared down at the boy, unsure what to do in this situation. He was close to walking away until he heard that voice. “Seijun!” Akashi’s eyes widened at the woman in front of him who was picking up the boy and gently patting his hair. “Baby, are you okay? I told you not to run away from momma,” she scolded, and the boy only hugged her neck and continued to suck on his thumb.

“_-___?” [f/n] stopped what she was doing before her eyes met Akashi’s, her lips parted slightly do to the surprise of seeing him here. “W-what are you doing in Tokyo?”

“I moved here, Sei. I-I mean, Akashi-san,” she quickly said, lowering her head and staring down at her feet.

Staring at the boy, Akashi put all the pieces together. His s/o had moved on, a lot faster than he had expected. She moved on and now has a family she always dreamed about, but this time, he wasn’t in the picture. How could this have happened? If he had just rejected that irritating, board member’s request, maybe he would be coming home to his wife and child… “That’s a cute boy you have right there,” he said quietly, almost inaudible but the woman could tell what he was saying. 

“Yeah, he’s precious, isn’t he? I wouldn’t know what I’d do without him,” she let out a laugh, which instantly melted his hear at the sound of it. Man, he had missed it too much.

“That’s one lucky father, huh…”

“Wait, Akashi, what are you talking about?”


“Look at him,” she said as she made Seijun look at Akashi. “What do you see?”

“Well, I see [f/h/c]-colored hair, fat cheeks, quite a chubby figure, and piercing red-eyes…” His voice trailed off at the latter description before blushing. “Wait, he has red eyes.”

“Yeah,” she shyly looked away before putting her attention back at him. “Can’t you tell who the father is, already?”

“M-me… Right?”

She nodded. The woman was about to open her mouth before Seijun wailed, kicking around and causing the woman to almost lose her grip on him. “I-I have to go, Sei! He’s freaking out!” She scurried off before Akashi could even say thing to her. That was his baby. He’s a father. A smile crept on his lips as he stared back down at the picture on his phone. I may still have another chance. Plus, didn’t she call me Sei just now?

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it's fine if it's upsetting for you to talk about and I understand if you don't want to tell me, but otherwise.... please tell me about your goofy nightmares. Also, the cheese guy weirds me out too but idk why.

No, don’t worry. They don’t upset me to think about as an adult. Now when I think about it I just laugh. :)

I honestly don’t know why I found him so creepy? It’s just his proportions and his mannerisms and that way he talks. Like everything about him feels unsettling and unnatural lol.

I can’t remember all of the dreams, but most of them involved Goofy chasing me with an axe like in The Shining. Just imagine that scene but instead of “heeere’s Johnny!!” It’s here’s “heeEre’s GoOfy!!!” In that sickening lilt of his lmao.

Some other dreams involved me waking up and finding that everyone had been replaced with Goofy clones.

I just hate Goofy. I hate him so much. 😂

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Again me sorry to send you support on anon but I get a bit panicky around people I think are cool just remember you have a person who would care about you , your safety, and your mental Health , when I say I love you it's in admire type way not creepy stalky type way , your cool and awesome as I don't want to make you uncomfortable (# also you don't know I exist lol ) but I'll be here for you when people become shitty and try to make you feel bad ~an angry Mom

I’m not cool but thank you!!!
Thank you for being here!!

(I am so, so bad with words)

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Since I've been forbidden to mention the one that's a word & a symbol 😘, it's a tough call for favorite between the stunning The Rim of the Sky, the unexpected continuation of Break, and the depth and beauty in Pure. You're gifted in all that you do, so I don't feel like there's a wrong way to go! Thank you for all that you do!

Who forbid you from mentioning Ampersand? Did I do that? I didn’t actually mean it if I did, lol. I’m just frustrated that I can’t seem to get back on track with it. But I know that’s your real favorite. You have some sort of sixth sense to know whenever someone else is asking about it, I swear, it’s downright creepy. ;-)

The Rim of the Sky…ah that one holds a special place in my heart since it was the first piece I wrote that got any kind of attention. I fully expected to be chased right out of the fandom with it, but instead so many people surprisingly embraced it, including you! I still remember the message you sent me; how you’d read it as a bedtime story to one of your kids – glossing over a few parts of it of course – because the cadence I tried to put into words made it almost soothing when read aloud.

Can’t say that I’m too surprised by the inclusion of Break and Pure since you gave up a manicure for one, and your tags on the other when you reblogged it were always worth a laugh and a smile. Thanks so much, Jackie!


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