i feel creepy for having these saved


“Where are we even going?”
“Omg Pidge would you just shut up for like, five seconds? We’re almost there.”
“Maybe I just like the sound of my own voice, Lance. Not everything is about you, you know. Maybe I’m just–”

“…This is what I wanted to show you.”
“Happy Birthday, Pidge.”

It’s Pidge’s birthday so obviously I had to draw SOMETHING.

It turned into Plance. Go figure.

fake dating! zimbits

It was only by a stroke of luck that Jack happened to look at his phone just as he exits the lecture hall. The group chat was blowing up – the group chat was always blowing up these days – but the lack of all-caps or exclamation marks caught his attention right away.

Eric Bittle: Guys, I wouldn’t ask this of y’all if I really didn’t need this, but I have to ask a HUGE favor of one of you.

Shitty Knight: brah are you dying

Justin Oluransi: You can have my kidney, Bits.

Adam Birkholtz: u aren’t gonna save that for me just in CASE, JUSTIN?

Larissa Duan: shit, bitty, r u ok

Eric Bittle: Um, yeah, mostly, I just…..need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend.

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Bank Robbery

“Shut up and put it in the bag! Now!”

I can hear Shaun all the way from the lobby, shouting down the poor counter girl as she tries to hold onto some semblance of composure. I feel bad, but it’s gotta be done.

I look at the terrified people in the lobby and keep my shotgun trained on them. I’ve done this at least a dozen times and every time I’m racked with guilt. The muffled sobbing always kills me. But it’s better than having Shaun’s job. I much prefer crowd control to actual robbery.

I lean back into the hallway and yell out.

“Shaun, time’s almost up!”

“Don’t rush me!” he roars. I really hope he can control himself in there. If not, the police will be the least of our problems.

As I turn back, I nearly have my head knocked off. One of the hostages decided to be brave. I jump back, dodging a wild punch and then smash the butt of my shotgun right into his nose. He crumples and the rest of the hostages start to scream. I can barely hear them though. The attack keyed me up and I try to bring myself back down. I take a few long, controlled breaths and feel myself come back to my senses. It was close. If I hadn’t laid that guy out as quickly as I did, the night would have gone sideways. I yell at the screaming crowd to shut up and wave my shotgun over their heads. They clam up.

A few more moments and I see Shaun running down the hallway, his pillowcase bulging with the loot. I waste no time in barreling out the door and into the night, Shaun right behind me.

We run for several blocks and turn into an alley where our van waits for us. I throw the back doors open as Shaun hops into the driver’s seat and starts the engine. A few minutes and we’re headed out of town.

“How’d we do?” I rasp, pulling off my ski mask.

“Not bad” Shaun says. “We should be good for about a month.”

I reach into the pillowcase and pull out the glorious dark red pouch. I rip it open and pour the contents into my mouth. I gag slightly as the coppery taste coats my tongue.

“I hate O negative,” I groan. “Please tell me there’s some B positive in here.”

“I got what I could get,” Shaun replies. “But save some of that O negative for me.”

I shudder a little and take a few more deep gulps. I can feel the tension, fury, and consuming hunger melt away as I drink. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort stealing this stuff when we could just go out and drain a few runaways in the middle of the night. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. So knocking over blood banks it is. A guy’s gotta have a little moral grounding.

“...Two Of Us.”

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You didn’t know what to do. You weren’t a parent. You were the youngest, therefore you saw yourself as a baby. You didn’t want to take care of another baby. You were awkward and scared to take care of a child. Especially since it was your baby was your sister’s child.

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tbh it makes me really uncomfortable when fans ship real life people with each other in a completely serious way, like I understand when it’s a joke because “lol they’d be so cute together they’re in love ha ha ha” can be fun, but when people are legitimately coming up with theories about how married people are totally having an affair and each little glance and touch they share completely proves that they’re in love with each other it’s like??? hmmmm???? no thanks save that for the fiction pls

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Hi! I have a question for you: how do you think Sherlock was feeling on the first night at Angelo's? Was he already in love? Was he freaked out/upset by John's blatant flirting? Was he in denial? Some other option, or a combination of them? I'm just conflicted on how he might have viewed John and his advances that night, and you seem like you understand these characters so well. You're lovely, thanks!

oh man what a QUESTION okay 

where is sherlock that first night. by the time they get to angelo’s, sherlock and john have met in the lab and sherlock did the charming wink thing (which we know from MHR he does when he wants to leave a good impression), they met at the flat where sherlock was super charming (smile + please, call me sherlock) and clearly anxious for john to want to like it (his cute sad attempt at tidying things up) and to like him (i read your blog - that SMILE with “what did you think?”), and lestrade came to get sherlock to come to a crime scene. 

so this is like, my fav part, because sherlock clearly trusts john already because his guard is down. although he waits for lestrade to leave before he is visibly excited about the case, he literally jumps into the air in excitement for john. he is also conscious of john’s suicidal thoughts and although his immediate reaction is to take off, he clearly reconsiders - doesn’t want to leave him alone, but also thinks that john might be well-suited to his work - “seen a lot of injury then, violent death? want to see some more?” he’s already deducing how to heal john, how to save john from himself. and what does sherlock know about saving someone from themselves? the work. because that’s what saved sherlock’s life. 

i think this is the crux of sherlock’s continued miscommunications with john, by the way. sherlock thinks the work saved his life, and he’s wrong. the work might have gotten sherlock through his drug addiction to the other side, but it’s clear from his later interaction with the cabbie that he values the work, the game, more than he values his own life. it’s not so much that he risks his life to prove he’s clever, it’s that he risks his life to prove he’s clever enough. he externalizes his value to his cleverness and his ability to win, his usefulness, as it were. he thinks his value to john is in his ability to save john from himself, in the beginning, by giving him the adrenalin and danger he desires, and later, from others, from outside sources that threaten him and what john wants. which is how he doesn’t understand that he’s john’s best friend in tsot.

john, on the other hand, doesn’t see sherlock’s value that way. obviously. sherlock’s value is in sherlock himself. if sherlock never worked a case with john again, john would’ve been happy anyway just to be around sherlock. this is how john shoots the cabbie without knowing whether the case was solved. he doesn’t care. he sees a threat to sherlock, and he eliminates the threat regardless of the consequences. sherlock didn’t see it that way, he misunderstood. that’s how this whole elaborate set-up in tld happens - john tells his fake-therapist that sherlock didn’t even try to contact him. well, no, john! not after what you said. sherlock thinks he needs to be clever (reinforced by mary who at best is just a bad person trying to be good but failing miserably and at worst is an actively bad person just attempting to appear good while being bad) - he needs to give john a case, the danger and adrenalin, and only through that does he think he can reconnect to john. he tries to give john that boost of saving him. but john doesn’t get that boost from saving him. john doesn’t get the boost he needs until he can talk to sherlock and break down and be vulnerable in front of him.

anyway so. they go to this crime scene, john calls sherlock “brilliant” which is like, plot twist! you don’t have to convince me you’re cool, i already think you are! which for sherlock is like, crazy. and when sherlock says, you’re helping me to make a point, what he means is, you’re here to show everyone that i’m not always alone. that i can work with people, that sometimes, people choose me. that i am not a freak or whatever. i don’t know if sherlock even realised he was doing this, but he was. he was showing john off, so to speak. and john was happy to be shown off. 

so then sherlock jets out of that crime scene, though. mixed signals! but from tld we know that sherlock was aware immediately of john being left behind. of john, a suicidal bloke, being suddenly left behind by the person he had chosen, left without a way to really get home. imo, mycroft picks john up because sherlock asked mycroft to - that’s why mycroft is so super interested. mycroft picks john up because sherlock asked him to, but he’s creepy of his own accord, because that’s how mycroft tries to be protective. next time just use your words, myc. you can even use them over a phone. and sherlock texts john when mycroft takes too long. come back. you have a purpose. i need you. 

i think that can’t be undersold. sherlock says to john, i need you. and john comes.

which is when we get to angelo’s. how is sherlock feeling? WOW. MIND. FUCKING. BLOWN. this guy has never been so deep so fast. you’ve gone from a) not unbearable flatmate to b) gotta save this guy’s life to c) better feed him up while i’m at it. (the uneaten apple in john’s desk = depression-related lack of appetite at least.) and if you recall from the pilot: is that what girlfriends do, feed you up? to me it is obvious that sherlock is interested, in that way. i think it was obvious to john, too. john is a repressed sort of dude. he would not have put himself out that way if he wasn’t getting some reciprocal vibes. 

so why does sherlock reject john’s advances? 

a) i think sherlock is used to rejecting people’s advances. he gives a speech that is at its foundation pretty kind, and pretty rehearsed. he rejects molly in the first few scenes of the episode. AND we see throughout this episode that sherlock is still acting out of habit. it’s habit to rush out of the flat to the scene. it’s habit to rush off the scene to find the suitcase. he is not yet thinking things through; he has not had time to look at everything and make a well-considered decision. he is used to the immediacy of his deductions and struggles, throughout the entire show, to put aside the surface of his deductions wrt john and dig deeper. 

b) so this is just speculative, but considering that we know from lestrade and sherlock’s interaction at the fake drugs bust that sherlock has perhaps a somewhat tenuous grasp on his sobriety, it’s possible that sherlock is still in the first year of his recovery. and if he’s seen any kind of addiction counselor - rehab, anything like that, even just googling really - they will almost always (in my experience) tell you not to get into a new relationship within the first year of your recovery. but sherlock’s sobriety is important to him throughout the first two series of the show - they talk about his cigarette addiction as a kind of go-around, but it’s clear that he is also fighting that other demon. so he wants to be in recovery. the stunted, rehearsed-ness of his rejection speech might have its grounds in saying something he’s not sure he really believes in (can you see sherlock listening to an addiction counselor? i think he’d think, come on, i have complete control, i can do this without all that. but away from them, i can see him thinking, well. it couldn’t hurt.) 

c) being chosen and being wanted are two totally different things. i think sherlock was ready and prepared to be chosen. he wanted john to choose him. he wanted john to like him, to like the flat, to like his work, to choose to stay and help and be with him - feelings! wild, right? but i don’t much think he was prepared for being wanted back. i don’t think he fully recognizes his own feelings and could not have expected john’s. it takes him by surprise. it is still taking him by surprise as late as tsot, when he’s not aware that he’s john’s best friend, and it’s reinforced in series four through t6t and tld, presuming that what we see on screen is in fact what happened which imo is 60/40 right now, before john breaks down and shows his own vulnerability. remember always that john thought sherlock would contact him between the end of t6t and the start of tld, and was bitterly disappointed that sherlock hadn’t. but sherlock thought he wasn’t wanted. that’s a boundary line john drew and sherlock respected. it isn’t until the end of tld that sherlock realises, through john’s vulnerability, that he is wanted, still, and always, and that the fact of john’s wanting sherlock is in fact the cause of some of john’s pain. it’s like, john wishing mary would go away so he could be with sherlock, the way they must have been while mary was off trekking the world, and then when mary died, john had this moment of like, wait! not like that! so his wanting sherlock causes him some pain. and sherlock doesn’t see the wanting part. he only sees the reaction of pain. sherlock saw the choosing part coming, but he could not see the wanting part. so he was surprised.

tl;dr, he was surprised into a habitual, rehearsed response borne in part of his misreading of john’s interest and in part of his protectiveness over his own sobriety, and then by the time he fully understands his own interest and is ready to reciprocate, he thinks his value to john exists primarily in his usefulness because his initial rejection and john’s subsequent interest in other people appears to have closed that door. john, taken aback and still, remember, kind of a repressed dude, says no, i wasn’t asking. the boundary is drawn; sherlock respects it. 

but that itself is the thing. neither of them were ready for each other that first night. they both have had so much fucking baggage to work through, and neither of them had gone through it by the first night. they could not have, imo, navigated a successful relationship as the men they each were at angelo’s that night. they had to grow up and grow into themselves. they spent a long ass time doing it, but i have no doubt that they needed that time to understand themselves and each other, and they’re still working through that throughout s4, however much of s4 you think was true or false. they’ve reversed some of the script from sherlock’s vulnerabilities into john’s, and have not yet resolved every issue. we still have our hanging chekhov’s guns. like, practically literally. i just beta-read a meta that explains alla that so i’m not gonna go into it because amy toxicsemicolon is about to in a hot minute here so just look for that. 

what it means, really though, is this: they have not yet achieved the modern version of the end to tab - the two of them in their chairs at baker street, utterly comfortable, utterly together. they have not yet reached the end of their journey together. there’s more to come. 

Creepypasta #1156: Bank Robbery

Length: Short

“Shut up and put it in the bag! Now!”

I can hear Shaun all the way from the lobby, shouting down the poor counter girl as she tries to hold onto some semblance of composure. I feel bad, but it’s gotta be done.

I look at the terrified people in the lobby and keep my shotgun trained on them. I’ve done this at least a dozen times and every time I’m racked with guilt. The muffled sobbing always kills me. But it’s better than having Shaun’s job. I much prefer crowd control to actual robbery.

I lean back into the hallway and yell out.

“Shaun, time’s almost up!”

“Don’t rush me!” he roars. I really hope he can control himself in there. If not, the police will be the least of our problems.

As I turn back, I nearly have my head knocked off. One of the hostages decided to be brave. I jump back, dodging a wild punch and then smash the butt of my shotgun right into his nose. He crumples and the rest of the hostages start to scream. I can barely hear them though. The attack keyed me up and I try to bring myself back down. I take a few long, controlled breaths and feel myself come back to my senses. It was close. If I hadn’t laid that guy out as quickly as I did, the night would have gone sideways. I yell at the screaming crowd to shut up and wave my shotgun over their heads. They clam up.

A few more moments and I see Shaun running down the hallway, his pillowcase bulging with the loot. I waste no time in barreling out the door and into the night, Shaun right behind me.

We run for several blocks and turn into an alley where our van waits for us. I throw the back doors open as Shaun hops into the driver’s seat and starts the engine. A few minutes and we’re headed out of town.

“How’d we do?” I rasp, pulling off my ski mask.

“Not bad” Shaun says. “We should be good for about a month.”

I reach into the pillowcase and pull out the glorious dark red pouch. I rip it open and pour the contents into my mouth. I gag slightly as the coppery taste coats my tongue.

“I hate O negative,” I groan. “Please tell me there’s some B in here.”

“I got what I could get,” Shaun replies. “But save some of that O negative for me.”

I shudder a little and take a few more deep gulps. I can feel the tension, fury, and consuming hunger melt away as I drink. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the effort stealing this stuff when we could just go out and drain a few runaways in the middle of the night. But I just can’t bring myself to do it. So knocking over blood banks it is. A guy’s gotta have a little moral grounding.

Credits to: Lloiu

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Vergil is touch starved and he takes hot showers to satisfy his need. Because he takes so many showers, he constantly smells wonderful. Princy is jealous so he stalks anx to see how he smells so wonderful all the time, he gets confused as to why he takes so may showers so he asks and it leads to fluff!!!!!!

I just went crazy on this, but I do believe to turned out pretty good! It’s Roman’s pov cause I’ve always found him a challenge to write. Anyway hope you enjoy it!


Roman didn’t understand. He always made sure to have the latest and most beautifully smelling shampoo, as any good, handsome, prince should. Yet here came Virgil smelling like fresh dew covered grass, mixed with lavender and…bubble gum? Roman was….”passionately offended” by the fact Virgil always smelled this good. He didn’t say anything to Virgil at first, his pride wouldn’t let him. Until today when Virgil came into the kitchen smelling just like the ocean and cotton candy. Roman walked up to Virgil and cleared his throat earning his attention, “How do you do it?” His question flew over Virgil’s head and Roman mentally slapped himself, “I mean, ugh…how come you always smell…nice?” Virgil just stood frozen for a second before turning away looking through the cabinets for something to eat.

Roman crossed his arms and tapped his foot on the ground. He had asked politely enough and it wasn’t completely outlandish. There should be no reason to ignore him, how rude! As if reading his mind Virgil spoke softly, “I’m not ignoring you, it’s just…I like taking showers so I have a lot of different shampoo.” Virgil bit his lip nervously, Roman had talked with Virgil enough with the others to know he was hiding something. Roman knew when Virgil hid something from him and the others, it took quite a lot of energy to get him to talk about it. Making a decision Roman sighed and relaxed his shoulders, he’ll play with Virgil’s lie for now.

“Alright, I’ll take your word on it.” Virgil looked relieved until Roman stopped him by holding up a finger. “Bbbut, you have to show me what kind you have. A prince must always be presentable and handsome when saving damsels and fighting dragon-witches.” A wide smile spread across his face as Virgil sighed. And so later that day Virgil allowed him to enter his room to see his stash of scented wonders. Roman was a little nervous to say the least, he really did want to know what Virgil used, but now he just wanted to dig out the real reason. With the times Virgil hid things away from them, they had all caused some harm to Virgil. Let it be physically or mental, Virgil would hid it so the others wouldn’t be ‘bothered’ as he would put it. So his mission was to carefully get Virgil to open up, a prince saving a damsel in distress! With that thought Roman with extra determination entered Virgil’s room. It was the same dark creepy room as always, but it did feel different. Less guarded, having some calming factor underneath. Roman turned his head to the floor where Virgil was sitting surrounded by hundreds of bottles. “Wow, and you made fun of me for owning 101 posters.” Roman sat next to Virgil which made him flinch slightly, Roman made note of it in case it could help him later. “Although, I have to say I’m impressed. Seeing as there are no doubles, their all different scents.” Roman looked over the bottles finding, mint, maple, blueberry and Japanese cherry blossom? It was a large collection to say the least and most hadn’t even been touched yet.

Roman had grabbed a bottle only to find his hand landing on another hand. Virgil had quickly pulled away, making Roman feel as if he made a mistake until he heard Virgil speak quietly. “S-sorry” It wasn’t too often Virgil apologized and maybe it was the room but Roman’s worry skyrocketed. Roman carefully placed a hand on Virgil’s shoulder giving him a chance to move away. When he didn’t and only shivered, Roman gave a reassuring squeeze before speaking,” Virgil? Something’s wrong, don’t say that it isn’t because we both already know it won’t work.” Virgil’s eyes were glued to the floor as he mumbled something inaudible. “Hun, you’re going to have to speak louder than that.”

Suddenly, Virgil gave a glare before blurting out, “ I’m just not use to it!” Roman released the boy’s shoulder giving a look of surprise. “I’m not…use to being…touched.” Virgil looked again at Roman before sighing and hiding behind his bangs before continuing to explain. “That’s why I always smell “good”as you put it, hot showers help with….it” Virgil’s arms had wrapped themselves around his waist as if to protect himself.

“…You’ve been touch-starved this whole time? You haven’t even bothered to ask for help?” Roman was starting to see red. He always did this thinking he’s a bother, it frustrated Roman. But what frustrated him more was how he never noticed. Never questioned why Virgil seemed uncomfortable when Patton gave hugs to the others and not him or even when brushing past someone. “You always do this! Why?!” Virgil was shaking slightly and Roman dropped all anger knowing this would just hurt Virgil even more, “I want to help you. It hurts me, you know?” Roman had moved in front of Virgil and laid his hands out for him to hold, which he did slowly. “It hurts to see you in pain. I vowed to help you but,” Tears had found their way under Roman’s eyes as he looked up at Virgil whose face was covered in tears. “How am I supposed to protect you when…..when you won’t let me in?” At that Virgil broke sobbing and squeezing Roman’s hands. Roman squeezed back and slowly lead Virgil onto his chest to cry on. Virgil was shaking and small words of apologies and whimpers leaked out with every breath. Roman was shushing him while combing his hair and rubbing circles on his back. Roman’s own tears and sobbing were drowned out by him singing softly to Virgil. As they relaxed and Virgil was able to breath again, Roman lifted Virgil’s head towards him. He smiled down at him as he whispered so softly Virgil could barely hear him, “I promise, I’ll always be your knight in your time of need.” As Virgil was still reeling from the confession Roman carefully grabbed his face and kissed his forehead.

A couple weeks later and his promise still stood strong. Helping Virgil was extremely slow in reality. Their first hug going easy only because of the overflowing emotions at the time. They started small, simple hand touches and hand holding. Getting use to high fives and arm resting on shoulders, and finally hugs. They had become Virgil’s favorite thing in the world, especially if Roman gave them. Virgil would always feel safe, like while the world burns he was safe because Roman was holding him. Roman was overjoyed to say the least, he would spend every chance he had fawning over his boyfriend, giving small kisses and warm hugs while watching some Disney marathon or just waking up to see his face. Sure they still bickered and fought, but at the end of the day they could never stay mad. It was a roller-coaster, but Roman wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Hey blue! I got a question. Which transformers yandere do you consider to be the most dangerous and which least dangerous? And why?

This is so funny, because I legit was thinking about this exact same thing just the other day and was planning to make a post about it!  XD  Here you are, lovelies!  For all your yandere headcanon needs!

Tier 1 Yanderes:  The “baby” or “accidental” yanderes.  They really don’t know what to do with themselves or how to talk to you, so they just end up coming off as kind of weird and needy.  They might even be a little bit intimidated by your charm and your friendliness.  They tend to follow you around secretly and/or spy on you, and you might find a couple of your things go missing, but overall, they’re pretty harmless.  

Threat level: Nonexistent, but still kind of creepy.

  • Swerve
  • Skids
  • Fort Max
  • Red Alert
  • Smokescreen
  • Chromedome
  • Rodimus
  • Ultra Magnus
  • Blades
  • The Vehicons 

Tier 2 Yanderes:  There’s usually an equal balance of power on both sides.  Maybe you two or already friends, or even dating.  They seem normal most of the time, but there are times when they can come off as slightly controlling or a little possessive.  If they see someone as a threat, they will retaliate in subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) ways.  They tend to be overly cuddly and handsy, but won’t push your boundaries too much. 

 Threat level: Safe, but everyone else had better watch their back.

  • Deathasaurus 
  • Prowl
  • Swindle
  • Tailgate
  • Cyclonus
  • Rewind
  • Brainstorm
  • Nautica 
  • Predaking
  • Chop Shop 
  • Chase
  • Heatwave
  • Blurr

Tier 3 Yanderes:  They’re bolder and far more cunning than the previous ones.  They feel no shame in spying on you or taking your things.  They spend hours cultivating plans to get their hands on you and get the others out of the picture.  They’ll use whatever tricks necessary to win you over, be it lying, manipulation, sabotage, or even in certain cases memory loss.  Anyone who gets in their way is quietly removed from the equation be it in a peaceful way or not.  Possible chance of getting kidnapped.  

Threat level:  Worrying, you won’t suffer any damage, but you better be looking for a way out.   

  • Rung
  • Nightbeat
  • Getaway
  • Perceptor
  • Drift
  • Ratchet
  • Optimus Prime
  • Blackarachnia 
  • Whirl

Tier 4 Yanderes:  These guys mean business.  They have no qualms about kidnapping you and keeping you as a hostage, or in some cases, a pet.  It varies from individual to individual, but you probably won’t suffer any physical damage, depending on how much they care for you (provided you don’t try to run away, that is).  There’s a lot of intimidation and power play involved and depending on the yandere in question, they might not take no for an answer when it comes to physical intimacy.

Threat level:  High!  You need to find a way to contact someone STAT!

  • Tarn
  • Pharma
  • Kaon
  • Megatron
  • Starscream
  • Soundwave
  • Shockwave
  • Knock Out
  • Lugnut
  • Blitzwing
  • Thunderhoof
  • Steeljaw
  • Fracture
  • Lockdown
  • Tyrest

Tier 5 Yanderes:  You’re fragged.  There’s no other way to put it.  These scary ass mofos don’t know the difference between love and obsession and actually get a kick out of watching you suffer.  If you’re lucky, they’ll kill you quickly after they’ve had their fun, if not…  Well, I hope you have a high tolerance for pain. 

Threat level:  Ultimate!!!  Only a miracle from Primus can save you now!

  • Overlord
  • Tarantulas 
  • Airachnid
  • Galvatron 
Epic Movie (Re)Watch #117 - Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

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Spoilers Below

Have I Seen It Before: Yes.

Did I Like It Then: Yes.

Do I Remember It: Yes.

Did I See It In Theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. No.

Format: DVD

1) I don’t rewatch this film as often as some other Dreamworks movies (The Road to El Dorado, The Prince of Egypt), and only vaguely remember it. I was incredibly surprised however to realize I TOTALLY remembered the main theme (composed by Harry Gregson Williams) as it started playing in the film.

2) Michelle Pfeiffer as Eris.

Originally posted by dazzledfabulous

The first character in the film we’re introduced to, Pfeiffer brings a wonderful fun to this villainess. According to Wikipedia (which quotes it from Entertainment Weekly):

Michelle Pfeiffer, who voices Eris, the goddess of chaos, had struggles with finding the character’s villainies. Initially the character was “too sexual,” then she lacked fun. After the third rewrite, Pfeiffer called Jeffrey Katzenberg and told him “You know, you really can fire me.”, but he assured her that this was just part of the process.

Pfeiffer is a delight in the role, and Eris is animated wonderfully. She’s a total treat to watch every time she’s on screen and a delight in the role.

3) Brad Pitt as Sinbad.

Originally posted by annebonnny

Brad Pitt as Sinbad is pretty good. I think one of the film’s biggest failings is that Sinbad’s character development doesn’t seem to flow too well, it just sort of happens (although that just may be a me thing), but Pitt brings the roguish charm and just pure fun that is needed for this character.

4) This film does have some good swashbuckling fun in it, and it’s what makes the movie as good as it is.

5) The bromance between Sinbad & Kale is nice. We know that Sinbad and Proteus had a past relationship as friends but it’s Sinbad and Kale who have the relationship NOW. Kale knows Sinbad well and he’s loyal to him until the end, and Dennis Haysbert is a joy in the role.

6) That’s not to discount the interesting conflict the relationship Sinbad & Proteus brings to the film though. It’s a unique idea I’m glad was included.

7) Honestly the CGI monsters are the things I remember most from this movie. They’re each fairly memorable in their designs. Plus I think McDonald’s or Burger King had toys of them.

8) The first fight with Cetus (the monster above) is a good way of showing off Sinbad’s ingenuity and smarts in a fight. He doesn’t go head first into danger thoughtlessly, he thinks things through.

9) Chekov’s Quote.

Eris: “When a goddess gives her word, she’s bound for all eternity.”

10) Catherine Zeta Jones as Marina.

Jones (or is it Zeta Jones?) does well in the role of Marina. She is able to balance the character’s sense of nobility and responsibility with the heart and brashness of an adventurer, both things which are needed to understand her character and that character’s internal conflict.

11) I always like it when you have third-wheel characters in movies - like Proteus in this film - who aren’t dicks. Like it would be so easy to make the boyfriend an asshole but the conflict is deepened when Marina has feelings for someone other than her future-husband and that future-husband is a great guy.

12) I’m pretty sure when Sinbad discovers Marina snooping around his ship she glances at her boobs for the briefest of moments. Just thought I’d share.

13) The siren scene is another excellent example of great fun and good monsters.

Originally posted by visuky

Harry Gregson Williams music is very good and blending pretty with creepy. You KNOW something is wrong, that we’re in danger, but the vocals are really beautiful. The scene also shows off Marina’s skills on the ship, which are great.

14) I cringed so hard at this. But I loved it.

Originally posted by somehow-you-will

15) I personally think Sinbad & Marina have better chemistry when they’re having fun bickery banter (like when Sinbad, “thanks,” Marina after saving their life) then when they’re acting all sweet. But there are a lot of movies out there which I feel that way about.

16) Other than the issue I mentioned above, I think the film is a little overstuffed with monsters for too short a runtime. You go from sirens to this sort of weird fish island to the snow bird all pretty quickly. And it may just be me who feels this way, but I’d rather have the fish island cut if that meant we got more time with the snow bird. That doesn’t mean the fish island isn’t visually stunning though.

PS: I’m sure there are some Sinbad fans out there who probably cringe when I use terms like, “snowbird,” and, “fish island,” since there are probably official names for these monsters out there. I apologize for that.

17) According to IMDb:

In the scene in which the entire crew, including Spike, is losing their lunch after traveling at top speeds you can hear a man say, “Hey, where did he get the carrot?” According to the filmmakers, that line was a joke someone said during story production that made everyone groan so much that they decided to put it in the movie.

18) I did not understand this joke as a kid. I laughed so hard when I watched it now.

Originally posted by jaimeedarling

19) I do REALLY enjoy the ice bird scenes and the design on the creature (and Sinbad/Marina’s chase from it), I just wish we’d gotten more time in this environment.

Again, an example of a very neat CG monster in this film.

20) I love this.

Rat: “It’s the edge of the world!”

Gin [to his brother Li]: “Pay up, it’s flat.”

Originally posted by animations-daily

21) Aaaand the ship is flying.

22) The bromance between Sinbad & Kale is only strengthened when - before entering Tartarus - Sinbad tells Kale that the ship is his if he doesn’t return.

23) Tartarus is truly visually fascinating, keeping with the themes of the CG monsters of the movie and Eris’ animation.

24) It’s probably just me, but I feel like Marina’s, “I love you,” to Sinbad isn’t really earned. I love her and I love him and I think they have fun chemistry and a good relationship, I just wish we’d gotten a bit more nice honest moments with them before she said she loved him. We did get a few nice honest moments, but I feel like one or two more would’ve helped.

25) I like that Sinbad comes back to sacrifice himself to save Proteus, because he returns knowing he’ll be a dead man. And he thought he was lying when he told Eris he’d do this! He thought he was a coward but it just proved that he’s not. And then comes the twist: since Eris promised Sinbad the Book of Peace if he answered one question honestly (will he go back and die if he doesn’t get the book) and he does go back even though both he & Eris thought he was lying when he said, “Yes,” (holy run on sentence Batman) then he’s not lying!

Seven year old me did NOT see that twist coming.

26) Three people who I were surprised to see in the credits of this film:

  • John Logan wrote the screenplay. John Logan is the creator of “Penny Dreadful” and writer on the last two 007 films.
  • Jennifer Yuh Nelson was head of story. Jennifer Yuh Nelson directed the last two Kung Fu Panda movies and holds the record for highest-grossing film by a solo female director. (Technically Jennifer Lee has the record for highest-grossing film directed by a woman with Frozen but she co-directed with a guy.)
  • Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott (writers of the first four Pirates of the Caribbean films, The Road to El Dorado, and Treasure Planet among others) served as creative consultants.

I like Sinbad, I really do. It’s a fun adventure even if (in my opinion) it doesn’t hold up to The Road to El Dorado or The Prince of Egypt. But a film should not be judged based on the quality of other films. The animation here is great, the voice acting is fun, and it’s just an enjoyable time all around. Go put it in if you have the chance!

At this point (not meaning those insane sjbs, these are beyond saving), I feel like people who call Snape’s love for Lily creepy, are only the sort of people who’d relate to Lily more than they would to Snape. They would have a problem with his feelings because they put themselves in Lily’s position, and having someone being so into them, while it comes from such a dark place when they don’t feel the same in turn, would come off as creepy and unwanted, and so that’s why they dislike it.

I’m doing a sort of kind of live-blogging of the new Adventure Time miniseries, “Elements” (of the leaks anyway, because CN is incompetent and I’m immoral well iTunes same difference). I’m going to write a proper, collective review (along with “Orb”), but I have to get my thoughts out before that. So, starting with “Skyhooks”:

  • the “Elements” title cards are simply just gorgeous
  • Jake just ran out of fucks to give and it’s wonderful
  • Finn has grown so much, like his first reaction to everything being candy is to think it was PB messing it all up again, and honestly? fair enough, at leats he’s not idolizing her anymore but seeing her for the problematic fave she is
  • Lemonpink is just as disturbing as Lemongrab, bless Justin Roiland
  • “Sour’s get the tower” well that’s not ominous at all
  • “maybe they don’t need you to fix them” wow Jake, offering some deep advice right off
  • just at the moment I was thinking Marcy wouldn’t be in this miniseries at all, she’s A FUCKINg MARSHMELLOW… THING! PB the fuck have you done
  • Marshmeline… yeah right
  • “anyone that’s overwhelmed with work or responsibility” so you wrote that song for your girlfriend, basically, bless you Marcy- Marshie, I guess
  • NO, guys, I wanted to hear that song, dammit
  • Olivia Olson humming Greensleeves… something I never knew I needed yet my life before seems devoid of perfection
  • “she’s everywhere” okay Marcy I appreciate the heart eyes but that’s creepy
  • “fixed them” oh PB you sick tyrant, love Finn fighting back tho
  • I have a lot of feels about Marshie hanging around PB even still, despite the whole concept being fucked up… #shippingituntiltheend
  • BMO is just so chill, sometimes I envy that
  • Ice King saves the day, because of course he does
  • Skyhooks, hmm, curious that the title should gain significance at the very end, especially considering that the last ep is called “Skyhooks II”, so we’re getting a nice frame again
Pirates of the Caribbean 5

I just got back from seeing Dead Men Tell No Tales.  I have thoughts.  Quite a few of them, actually.

I should preface this review by giving a bit of background on my involvement with this franchise.  I saw the first PotC movie in the theater seven times.  I saw Dead Man’s Chest three or four times and loved it.  I saw At World’s End exactly once, hated it with the passion of a thousand burning suns, and never saw it again.

I was–and am–a hardcore Sparrabeth shipper.  The canon status of Willabeth only explains part of my disillusionment with the franchise, however.  My biggest problem was how Elizabeth had an amazing character arc over three films, going from a prim-and-proper governor’s daughter to the ass-kicking Pirate King, pursuing her dreams in defiance of society’s expectations, outwitting both the EITC and legendary pirates, leading an armada in battle…and then had it all stripped away at the end of the third movie, where she is left literally barefoot and pregnant to wait for her man to come back.  I was–and am–livid.  I felt betrayed, both as a fan and a feminist, to see one of my favorite characters do a 180 like that.

So I have very strong feelings about these movies.  I’ve tried to get over it in the years since AWE, with limited success.  Against my better judgment I did see On Stranger Tides in the theater, and thought it was mediocre.  Since Elizabeth wasn’t involved I could just ignore its existence, for the most part.

Then the fifth movie was announced, and Will was going to be in it.  I had hoped that maybe, just maybe they could try to rectify some of the mistakes (read: character assassination) of the past.

They didn’t.  But they still came up with a pretty good movie.  Honestly, I’d even give Dead Men Tell No Tales four stars out of five.  I was riveted to the screen for most of it, and it was thrilling to hear the theme music and see the familiar faces.  It was exciting and entertaining, the special effects were impressive, and there were some good laughs.  Plus, zombie sharks!

Do I have issues with parts of it?  Yeah.  And I’m going to ramble at length.


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Sparks Chapter 21

Originally posted by nadiacth

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.5K

Summary: Post sad shit happening. Finally confiding in Bucky about your deepest darkest emotional feelings bout life and shit. idk… life is tiring guys.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 67,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know

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The First Time He... | Optional Bias Scenario [Series] | Part 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Summary: After disappearing for a week, you’re surprised when he shows up to the store, not only asking why you were gone but sticking around long enough to leave you a flustered mess.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1445

The First Time He…Stayed

The sun slowly begins to descend behind the tall buildings as you hike the straps of your backpack further up on your shoulders. A cool breeze replaces the stifling heat of the afternoon. You shiver, regretting the choice to forego your jacket on the walk to work.

Spring is a season of extremes here, with hot days and cold nights. The whiplash of the temperature, added to the stress of your impending exams, had made you sick enough to miss an entire week of shifts at the store. You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t a little relieved to finally be back again.

The last chocolate bar from the pile of snacks you’d been given during your last shift sits at the bottom of your backpack. You can’t bring yourself to touch it — the only evidence you have left of that bizarre encounter.

Even when you’d been buried under piles of used tissues and cue cards, you’d found yourself reaching for your phone to check up on the guy you couldn’t seem to get off of your mind. Their comeback schedule seems to have gotten a little less hectic, so you hope that means you’ll see that familiar face sooner rather than later.

You smile to yourself, feeling a little silly, but he’d been so nice to you that night even though he didn’t have to be, given that he was under the impression that you’re an anti-fan, and that kindness had stuck with you.

Your coworker notices your good mood the moment you enter and she eyes you curiously.

“I’ve never seen you this happy about work, especially the late shift,” she says as she removes the button up uniform shirt she wears over her own tee. You shrug, slipping beneath the counter to stand beside her.

“Guess the time off put me in a good mood,” you say over your shoulder, entering the break room to grab your own uniform. She follows you, retrieving her belongings from her locker.

“I don’t know how you handle the late shift,” she comments with a small shiver. Her eyes are fixed on the small mirror stuck to the locker door as she reapplies her mauve lipstick. “The store is so creepy when it’s empty — and it’s so boring. I almost lost my mind.”

You grin, thinking of the chocolate bar, as you slip on your uniform shirt. “It’s not so bad, sometimes.”

She quirks a brow at you and slams her locker shut. “Well I’m just glad I don’t have to cover your shift anymore.” Throwing a hand in the air as she leaves through the back door, she calls a quick, “Good night.”

You shake your head before you return to the front of the store. Now that your exams are over, and you have a few weeks of freedom before your summer classes start, you no longer have to study during your shifts, so you pull out the novel you’ve been meaning to read out of your backpack and settle in for your shift.

Every time the digital bells chime, you immediately glance toward the door in anticipation, but after hours of disappointment you focus all your attention on the novel to avoid the feeling again. It’s well past the time he’d normally come in — so late that you’d soon be relieved by your manager who worked the morning shift.

You call out the standard customer greeting in a less than enthused tone when the door opens, flipping to a new page in your novel without looking up. Only when you see the customer in your peripheral vision do you look away, straightening fully when you realize it’s the one person you’ve been waiting your whole shift for. A small smile plays on his lips as his eyes drift toward the novel in your hand.

“Good book?” he asks, jerking his chin toward it. Your grip tightens on the book as you nod slowly.

“It’s a little silly, but entertaining, I guess.” You push it aside to serve him. Instead of the usual cans of coffee, he’s picked up some bottles of juice. You quirk your brows, but ring up the items silently. He takes his time counting out the exact change, almost like he’s stalling for time, and your confusion grows.

“You haven’t been working,” he says after handing you the money. You glance up from the register, surprised.

“Yeah, I had exams,” you say, shutting the drawer. “I got a little sick, too, so I took some time off. Bag?”

He clears his throat, nodding toward the drinks. “I was actually planning to ask you if you wanted to have a drink with me.” Gesturing toward the empty table beside the store entrance, his eyebrows knit together. “Is that allowed? You’re technically working, but no one’s ever in here when I come in so I figured—”

“Yeah — yeah, I can sit with you.” There’s no real rules against it, once you’re not ignoring customers. You two stare at each other quietly for a moment before you jerkily climb under the counter. He moves to make room for you and you’re overwhelmed by the closeness when you’re finally standing beside him.

You cough to hide your nervous smile and glance toward him, “Should we—?”

“Right.” He grabs the drinks and follows you down the aisle toward the table. The awkward tension only seems to grow when you’re both seated, facing one another. You fiddle with the cap of your bottle, the silence stretching as you both drink your juice and avoid one other’s gaze. Finally, you decide to try and break the silence.

“You don’t have to go back to practice?”

This snaps him out of whatever thoughts have been plaguing him. He looks at you with furrowed brows. “How did you know…?”

You feel your cheeks heat up. You probably seem really creepy, so you try to backtrack. “Well, I figured since it was late and you always get coffee to stay awake…”

“Oh.” You swear his own cheeks seem a little redder than usual, but it’s probably just your eyes playing tricks on you. “That makes sense — but no. We’ve finished up for the night, that’s why I’m here so late.”

You nod, taking a sip of your juice to save yourself from having to fill the quiet again. He begins to laugh to himself suddenly and your eyes drift back toward him with wariness. He stifles his laughter with a shaky smile and raises his hand in apology.

“Sorry,” he says with wavering lips. “It’s just — I don’t remember ever being so awkward around somebody before.” It’s not hard to believe given his occupation, but these kinds of interactions are routine for you because of your self-conscious nature. You almost apologize, ready to explain that this awkwardness definitely rests on your shoulders, when he continues, “I think I’m just worried about what you’ll think. I feel like I have to prove myself to you.”

“To me?” you ask, incredulity thick in your voice. “Why?”

He smiles softer now and shrugs a shoulder. “I guess it’s because I know you don’t like me.”

You frown. “Why would you think that I don’t—oh.”

You feel the weight of his gaze on you as your own eyes drop to the tabletop. You clear your throat.

“I don’t not like you,” you mumble. “You’re so nice, how could I not like you?”

“That’s a relief to hear,” he says in an amused tone, leaning back in his seat.  He shakes his head, infinitely more comfortable than he’d been a few seconds ago. “I didn’t like the idea of you not liking me, so I sort of made it my mission to change that.” When you dare to look at him, you find him already sheepishly grinning at you.  “You must think that’s conceited of me — huh? Not being able to handle criticism.”

“No, I — ” You bite your lip, unsure if you should continue. “It’s endearing, a little bit.”

His smile becomes less shy. He gets to his feet and collects your empty bottles to throw in the trash.

“Well I’d better leave before you find a reason to hate me again.” He zips up his coat and shoves his hands into the pockets of it. “Drinks on you, next time?”

He shoots you a cheeky smile that you’ve only seen on the screen of your phone, the one that oozes the confidence he displays onstage with his members, before exiting the store. You’re left flustered, stuck in your seat until your manager walks in a few minutes later, asking you what on earth you’re doing.

A/N: Hey you guys, sorry it’s been so long! I made this part a little longer to make up for the time it took to write it so I hope you enjoy :) xx Fee

Best birthday gifts that the PPGs got:

1) Themselves


3) Mazinger Z robot obscured by tank?

4) Creepy beautiful baby with deformed belly button

5) Very gentle horse

The rest are alright. But I can’t tell what the bottom right one is supposed to be though and I feel like an idiot for not knowing!

While playing Dream Daddies on my second date with Craig, along the date we run into that creepy pair of twins. Eventually I have to save to play later, and when I pick it back up,my game glitches in which the twins follow me and Craig on our date to get brunch.

These heathens feel like they have the right to ruin MY lunch date?!

And THEN the little shits continue us on our journey to and ruin my immersion– like for real? WhAT Is THEiR PRObLEm

Then the demon children continue their journey into my home and ruin the sanctity of my brand new abode

Amanda, meet your new siblings. They won’t go home, so I guess we’re adopting them now.

I’m not saying to ship Narumitsu at all but lmao if you ship literal 17 year old Maya with adult mid-20s Phoenix then fuck you I’m 17 and I can assure you that is creepy as fuck

SoJ Maya??? Yeah, okay, I’m okay with that. I can deal with that. But the thing that creeps me out is that Narumayo was so damn popular BEFORE SoJ and that’s just…. not a good feeling for me. Like please stop fucking shipping minors with adults, and don’t do the whole “They’re 18 so it’s legal now lol” thing because that is ALSO creepy as all fuck. Like, the idea of an adult male legit waiting for a female to be 18 in order to have a sexual relationship is so fucking creepy.

Maya is literally my age in real time and I can assure you, I don’t give a rats ass if this 24 year old saved me from life in prison. I don’t care if he’s handsome. I wouldn’t fucking date him, because if an adult 24 year old male came up to me, who he KNOWS is a minor that he had just saved, and asked for some sort of relationship directly afterwards, I would get a million warning signals almost immediately. Because that’s CREEPY. And it’s debatably even CREEPIER if that same man waits until I’m a legal adult so that no one can call him out on just how creepy he is.

Y’all can have post-SoJ Narumayo all you want, but I’m firmly against the trilogy era version because it gives me so many damn warning bells. It terrifies me. 

I found and followed an amazing acc on Twt named “jk_behind_jm” and even though I am a KookMin trash, I’ve been watching and digging their moments for almost a year, I’m still shook with the amount of times Jungkook stands and tries to stand behind or near Jimin.

Well of course we - KookMin trash - already know that he is called Jeon Satellite for a reason but seriously it’s kinda make me feel a bit..creepy how Jeon always keeps his eyes on Jimin. Just kidding lol. I never have enough with their moments.

Well I’m worried now, things have been developed too fast I’m afraid I can’t save enough money to fly to Korea for their wedding.

Everyone is complaining how Bran was weird and creepy but I personally think the acting is amazing! Think of it like this, you have witnessed every horrible act in the world, you had to kill a trusted friend just to survive, suddenly all the weight is on your shoulders to save the world, YOU SAW YOUR PARENTS AND SIBLINGS DIE AND YOUR SISTER RAPED, and to add to it all that you are only 16. Some people cope differently to situations and I feel like Isaac showed that beautifully.