i feel better know


hey pals! 
i cut off all (most of) my hair today! its so good! and I’m so happy about it!
and like, as of late I’ve been kind of thinking more about myself as a person, and what i want and need and such
and i think a thing that might be nice in this stage of my life is if all my pals out there would be cool with using they/them in reference to me.
now this has been kind of a long time coming, but in thinking about things and really kind of accepting that its okay to feel these things and be who i am, i think it would be good to move to those pronouns. 

otherwise, ill just be hanging like always

here’s to the now and all of us in it!


@brightki IM SCREAMING

anyway hi yes hello apparently im finishing the ginny x scabior fic this week lmao and also i guess my soul is like up for grabs to the highest bidder good fucking luck with that but MAGIC IS REAL AND ALIVE IN ALL OUR HEARTS, #BLESSED

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Appreciate the people that show the most love and care to you. If your father doesn't then you shouldn't feel bad for not giving him any affection. Keep in mind that as long as your happy and he is leading his life you shouldn't keep thinking about the past. Maybe someday you can talk again, but it's not worth your time to worry about people that don't impact your life positively. You don't need to say connected. Take care of yourself and focus on your mother.

Thank you for these kind words! <333

That’s exactly what i’m trying to do currently ^^ my mom is the source of my motivation and number 1 priority in my life!

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also… thanks so much to everybody who says they like my liveblogs… i don’t always publicly acknowledge your replies/asks but they mean a lot to me!!

talking about fai makes me soooo happy and smooths out all my muddled thoughts… this is literally a form of self care lmao. he’s definitely a comfort character. i really love talking about him and saving caps of him and just… dissecting his character & arc!! it gives me a good perspective on my mental illness and also makes me feel better!!

i know it’s a bit niche and i want to say sorry to all of you that didn’t sign up for 10yo clamp manga? but also… he’s my icon and my url!! this isn’t a surprise!! i love him!!!!!! i love posting about him!!!!!!!!!! i beg of you deal with it because That’s Part Of Who I Am!!

all who unfollow during pub crawls are weak!!!!! (joke, but also: you should have expected this, and: my fai posts are great bc they are full of Genuine Love And Self Care)

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You don't need to be happy always. It's okay you can't finish it. You're not letting anyone down. We understand, he understands. Take your time, life is hard and sometimes we go through periods of time where we aren't happy. But that's okay. Nobody is upset or mad at you. We all care about you. Jack cares about you. You are so important and I hope you feel better soon

I know you guys aren’t mad at me, I know you care <3 but the reason I was upset in the first place is because someone else is mad at me about something else… I don’t want to go into it, but that’s why I’m upset :(

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I fucking knew you would hurt me. Jen, I trusted you. I hate you(I love you). Why you gotta do me like this? (I still love you) please stop hurting me, woman!

What can I say? I do apologize, I feel a little bad for what I did. But I can’t say I don’t enjoy this from a far. THANK GOD NONE OF YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE! 

Would it make you feel better if I said I love you more?

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I just got out of a really long depressive episode and I was crying with happiness b/c I forgot I could feel like this. I just want you to know it gets better eventually. It makes you forget but it's true. Nothing is like this forever. Sending love and strength xoxo

<3 <3

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I just want you to know that you are infinitely loved and that I really hope you feel better. You know you are not alone, and I wish I could give you a hug and take that pain away

This is exactly what I needed to hear before bed, thank you ❤️❤️

I’m still pissed that half of Regina left Henry so I worked out my frustration through some excessive house cleaning (that’s when I do a lot of deep thinking) and it occurred to me that story wise Regina is no longer the evil queen so she’s no longer a fairytale character. She’s Regina Mills, an original character and she can get with Emma and it won’t fuck with the fairytale. Regina, Emma, and Henry are the only original characters on the show now. I think. And baby Neal. I don’t know. It made feel a little better.