i feel better after typing it out though

Stanley is freaking out for little reason, I’m fine. I just hurt my hand, but I feel better after cleaning it and I’m keeping pressure so it’s not even bleeding much. I will admit to being just as panicked when it first happened though.

As for our so called father, he is being unreasonable and harsh for no reason because he always is… Stan didn’t fall in front of me on purpose.

Title: somewhere between the surface and the sea bed

Fandom: K Project

External: AO3 / ff.net

Summary: Fushimi supposed that being marooned was bad enough, being marooned with an idiot pirate like Misaki was worse.

Notes: Sarumi Pirate AU. Because I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean a while back and it just occurred to me that this fandom needs more pirate AUs.

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How would Ten Taeyong and jaehyun react when you are play fighting and one of you gets hurt thank you

Hi there! Sorry for the long wait, hope you like the scenarios! 🌹💗


Listen: x

“Get back here!”

You giggled and ran after Ten as he headed into the bedroom and dived under the covers.

The two of you were making desserts together when he decided to start attacking you with marshmallows and strawberries.

Now the kitchen was a mess and what was supposed to be an ice cream sundae turned to mush.

He lay on the bed lazily as you walked over with your arms crossed.

“Ten! We’re supposed to make sundaes together!”

He peeked out from under the covers.

“But ____________, I’m tired…”

He whined as he lifted his arms in the air and asked you to join him.

However, the corners of your lips turned up mischievously as you pulled the covers off the bed and hit him lightly with a pillow.

“Yeah right!”

He laughed at your reaction and grabbed the pillow he was lying on.

“Okay, you asked for it!”

You jumped onto the bed as the two of you started to engage in a pillow fight.

It was all fun and games until Ten hit you a bit too hard and you lost your balance and fell off the bed.

“Oh my god, __________!”

Ten quickly scrambled off the bed, clumsily bumping his knee on the side table.

You hugged your knees and examined the bruise that was forming, blowing on it lightly.

Ten knelt beside you and worriedly eyed the bruise.

When you looked up and saw his worried expression you couldn’t help but giggle lightly.

His eyes soon locked with yours, a dumbfounded expression on his face.

“__________, are you okay? Did you bump your head too?”

He reached up to pat your head lightly as you erupted in full laughter, tears starting to reach your eyes.

He stayed silent during your outburst, scratching his head slightly out of confusion.

Once your laughter started to die down and you wiped your tears away you reached over to cup his cheeks, causing him to widen his eyes in surprise.

“You’re so silly, of course I’m okay, it’s just a bruise.”

He relaxed his eyes and sat down on the floor, heaving a sigh of relief.

“_______________! I was worried…what if you got seriously hurt.”

Ten pouted as you placed your palm on his cheek.

“Oh Ten, you cutie. Let me get us some ice.”

You stood up to head for the door but he held your wrist lightly.

“Ice? For us?”

You smiled and patted his head.

“It’s nice you care so much about me but take care of yourself too! You bumped your knee earlier, it’s bruising up worse than mine.”

Once you returned the two of you sat on the floor, facing one another, each icing one knee and exchanging giggles and glances.

Although you weren’t the type of girlfriend to express your feelings often, you felt touched that Ten frequently put himself before you.


Listen: x

Taeyong and you were lazing around on the couch like any other time on his day off. Sometimes you wished the two of you could go out like normal couples but of course it was difficult for him to do so.

Like usual the two of you took different ends of the couch, Taeyong using one arm rest and you using the other, your legs and feet sharing the middle of the couch.

Today Taeyong and you were catching up on the episodes that you missed of the drama you watched together.

It was already the third episode of the day and apart from the occasional laughter, the two of you haven’t really shared a word.

Taeyong was fully concentrated on the drama, eyes wide as he stared at the screen, hugging the pillow on the couch.

You were starting to get bored and decided to try to catch his attention.

“Taaaaaae Yoooong.”


He answered you but his eyes still stayed focused on the screen.

“Are you bored?”


You furrowed your eyebrows as he continued to laugh at the drama on TV.

You sighed and stayed quiet for about ten minutes, trying to get back into the show.

However, you soon found yourself staring at Taeyong again and you smiled as an idea popped into your head.

You nudged your foot on his leg once.

Then nudged him again and brought your legs in so that he couldn’t reach yours.

Taeyong smirked and easily stretched his leg to nudge yours once.

“You think I can’t reach you just because you pull your legs in? My legs are longer than that.”

You stuck your tongue out as you tried to nudge him again but he avoided it, pulling his legs in this time.

You smirked and moved further along the couch, closer to his side, this time nudging the pillow he was holding.

Before you could go back to your side he sat up straight and leaned over, reaching for your stomach area, proceeding to tickle you.

But once he started to tickle you, you squealed and your foot shot up, kicking him in the eye.

Taeyong backed down immediately and held onto his eye as your eyes widened.


You quickly sat up and leaned over to him.

He nodded his head but you could see he was in pain and you quickly ran into the kitchen grabbing an egg from the fridge and placing it in a plastic baggy before running back out.

You jumped onto the couch next to him and held his arm gently.

“Here, let me see.”

He reluctantly let his arm fall to his side.

Luckily his eye was okay but the cheekbone where your heel hit was swelling up.

You bit your lip as you leaned closer and rolled the egg on his cheekbone in a circular motion.

He winced at first but once you got the hang of it he relaxed.

His eyes stayed focused on you as your cheeks turned pink from his gaze.

“S-Sorry Taeyong. It was a reflex…I really didn’t mean it.”

He stayed quiet but continued to stare at you.

Despite you still icing his cheekbone, it continued to bruise.

Now your hands were starting to shake and you could feel your bottom lip tremble as you began to panic.

“T-Taeyong, what should we do? It doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better and you have a show next week, I shouldn’t have been so immature to get your attention-”

Before you could continue he wrapped his arms around you gently.

You were shocked. He was never the type to initiate such gentle skinship.


“You have it though.”

“Have what?”

“My attention.”

You couldn’t help but smile as you wrapped around your arms around him.

“I have a day off after my show next week…you want to go out?”


“Yeah…like a movie or something.”

You let go of him and excitedly stared at him.

“A movie? Could you really?”

He patted the back of his neck while nodding casually.

“I guess I could try and make it work.”

You squealed and proceeded to hug him again.

However, before you could get your arms around him he put his hands up in front of him.

“But first let’s get a big ice pack for my cheek. I feel like it’s going to swell up to three times the original size.”


Listen: x

It was a hot summer day when Jaehyun decided to go over to your place to help you with the gardening. The two of you had grown up next door to each other and had been childhood friends for a long time.

You were trying your best to get a nice landscape going on in your large backyard but clearly you weren’t very good at it. Jaehyun laughed at your last attempt when the flowers you planted ended up all dying.

“Okay Mr. Perfect, let’s see how good you are at gardening then!”

Jaehyun shrugged and accepted your challenge which is what brought the two of you together this morning.

The entire morning the two of you went to different shops choosing a variety of plants, flowers and herbs.

You proceeded to grab every pretty plant and flower you saw as Jaehyun shook his head and put them back.

As you complained he told you that you had to coordinate the flowers and plants to make the final landscape pretty or it’ll look like a mess.

You sighed but listened to Jaehyun as he chose carefully.

By late afternoon he had already finished landscaping your backyard while you worked on the small herb garden at the side.

You were in awe of the final outcome, it looked like a garden out of the movies.

A sweaty Jaehyun, now only wearing a loose black tank top and shorts made his way beside you.

“Told you I could do it.”

He ran a hand through his hair as he smiled at you.

You thought you felt your heart skip a beat. You were used to seeing perfect next door boy Jaehyun at school and even during the weekends but seeing the hardworking hands-on Jaehyun was new to you.

“T-Thanks Jaehyun.”


Suddenly the tone in his voice changed as he saw you sneak glances at him shyly.

“One thing though…since I helped you with your garden…what are you going to do for me?”

You felt your eyes widen as you tried to avoid his gaze.

“W-What do you mean…”

He laughed.

“How about you treat me out for dinner tonight?”

You felt your throat run dry. Was he asking you on a date?

You felt your cheeks redden but before he could notice you excused yourself.

“Quit playing around, I’m going to go grab drinks for us.”

You heard him chuckle as you hurried into the house.

Soon you carried out a pitcher of iced tea and two tall glasses with ice in it. He had his arms crossed as he admired his work when you walked over with the two glasses, offering him one.

The two of you drank in silence before he spoke out.

“So, do you like it?”

You smiled brightly as you looked at the garden.

“I love it.”

There was a pause before he spoke again.

“So, do you like me?”

You choked on your drink as he stared at you intently.

“Yah Jung Jaehyun! Stop teasing me!”

He broke into a grin and flicked your forehead lightly.

“Silly girl.”

You stuck your tongue out but got a better idea.

You finished your tea rapidly and walked behind Jaehyun.

“It’s so hot today isn’t it Jae?”

Before he could answer you lifted his collar from the back and poured down your cup of ice.

“YAH ___________!”

You laughed at his expression and ran away as he froze there for a moment, still shocked from the sudden cold.

“I. Will. Get. You.”

He grabbed the hose that was next to him as he sprayed it in your direction.


He smirked.

“I know.”

You squealed as the two of you ran around in your backyard as he aimed the sprinkles in your direction.

However, it wasn’t long before his long legs caught up with yours and the water from the hose got in your eye.

The water started to make your eyes watery and you bent down wiping them from your eyes.

Soon the water stopped spraying from the hose and you heard footsteps by your side.

“Hey, you okay?”

You knew from how close his voice was that he was crouching next to you now.

“The water is in my eyes, good job Jaehyun.”

You muttered sarcastically.

He didn’t respond but soon you felt his hand grab yours as you felt him place a wet cloth in your hands.

You muttered a ‘thanks’ and wiped your eyes with the cloth.

When you opened your eyes you saw him gazing at you worriedly…without a shirt on.

“Gosh Jaehyun what the heck? Where’s your shirt!”

He glanced down at your hands where you were holding a black cloth…which was his shirt rolled up.

“What the hell! Jae! I was wiping my eyes with your soaked sweaty shirt?!?”

He laughed.

“Well if it helps, part of it was water and part of it was sweat.”

You threw it at him as he laughed.

“You okay?”

“I was okay, but not anymore after finding out I just wiped my eyes with your sweat.”

“Well let me make it up to you then.”


“Let’s go out for dinner tonight…my treat?”

He looked up expectantly at your expression.

You bit your lip shyly before hitting his arm lightly. 

“Okay, but I get to choose!”

gif cr: chenderalla

one time i had a dream where i for some reason was picked out by my country’s leader to become the best volleyball player in the world

the only problem was that i didn’t know how to play volleyball (it was a very realistic dream) so they had to spend a lot of money on trainers and stuff to try to make me better, but because i was so bad i turned out the only way my country could afford this was  to stop funding all other types of sports 

i vaguely remember feeling kinda guilty about this, but i mostly just though it was cool because it finally put an end to football 

after a while i gradually became less useless, but when it finally started to look like my career was taking off this girl, who was a bitter previous football player, came and told me i could never become a good volleyball player because i had no muscles in my left arm???? so to prove her wrong i challenged her to an arm wrestling match, but as soon as we started my arm literally fell off and i woke up crying

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Personality-wise, Touka & Kaneki are horrible matches. Touka likes to confront problems until they are resolved. Kaneki likes to run away from all his problems & responsibilities. Touka is a lonely woman who doesn't want to be alone. Kaneki would rather keep away from the people he cares about even if it means being lonely. Touka has learned from a young age to make difficult choices while living homeless on the streets. Kaneki does whatever he can to avoid making hard choices.

You’re welcome to dislike ships, I’m not 100% glued to Touken myself. But it does seem like they will be the canonical pairing. And by what you said I actually kind of see why.

(X) From what you said Kaneki likes to run away from problems and Touka likes to confront them. Maybe Kaneki needs someone like Touka to develop as a person and get him to too face his issues, like he had too at the end of TG when he made plans to return to Anteiku, after he fought with him.

Touka while I believe has grown up to be able to dealo with her own feelings a lot better than she could as a teen and is the type of person who will always plan to be there when Kaneki decides he needs to reach out for help. While I feel some time he might need the old Touka to push him to realize he’s not alright alone. It is good for him to have someone like that. 

Honestly though Kaneki is not alright, so probably finding someone who is a good match to his personality would only drag him down further.

Complexes- Chapter 21

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You know the feeling you have as a child on Christmas morning when you first wake up? Your body is so full of excitement that your heart pounds rapidly in eagerness as you think about running out of your room and getting your presents. That’s exactly how I felt when I woke up on Saturday morning and remembered that Vic was in the bed directly across from mine.

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EXO Reaction to taking care of you

I hope you feel better soon, try and get some rest. Thanks for requesting though :)


External image


He’d drop everything to help you when he found out you were ill. He’d tell the boy’s he couldn’t go to dance practise and instead would spend the whole day with you, bringing you hot meals and then sitting at the end of your bed - doing aegyo to make you laugh.



Lay would be the type who wouldn’t miss out on dance practise, but he’d be over to your house as soon as it had finished after picking up some needed supplies from the supermarket for you. He’d spend the night refilling your hot water bottle every time it started to cool down.



Sehun would pretend he wasn’t worried about you when you told him you were ill, just brushing it off ‘cooly.’ However, he still managed to turn up at your house with some freshly bought hot chocolate. 'Now that I’m here I might as well stay,’ he would say, siting next to you. This would be his chosen excuse to keep an eye on you.



Kai would bring his dogs over to your house. He knew how much you loved his pets, and he wanted to do what he could to make you feel that little bit happier.  And it definitely would, as you felt so cosy cuddling with him on the sofa, watching some cheesy film as his dog’s fell asleep beside you.


External image


Chanyeol would come over as soon as you said you were too ill to meet him later. He’d just randomly turn up, without warning with some of your favourite comedy films wearing a huge hat with ears. You’d smile and let him in, spending the day you were ment be going shopping in your room watching mindless films and talking about everything and anything.



Tao would be reluctant to come, as he’d be a bit worried about getting ill himself, but he’d get over that pretty quickly, thinking about how lonely you’ll be. He’d turn up with a cheeky smile on his face and try and make you some soup. Tao would probably have to call his mother to ask how to make the soup he had when he was younger.



Kyungsoo would be the type to drop EVERYTHING to come and see you. He’d come over with the hoodie you sometimes borrowed off him when you were cold at his dorm, as he knew you liked it so much. He’d make sure you were warm, giving you wayyy to many blankets and constantly refilling your mug with hot drinks.



The only day he has off in 2 weeks and your ill. Baekhyun was gutted when he found out, annoyed you couldn’t spend the day with you. But, this is Baekhyun  and he'd remain positive and instead come and visit you. I could imagine him picking up your old guitar and sitting at the end of your bed, singing softly.  



Luhan would come to your house with the whole set of every Marvel film ever. You’d laugh when he showed you them, immediately putting them into the DVD player. The rest of the day would be spent with you two cuddling in front of the TV eating takeaway, even though eating unhealthy food wouldn’t really make you feel better.



This guy would take care of you as if you were a child- which would either be annoying or really helpful. He was used to taking care of the boy’s back at the dorm and for you it would be no different. He’d make your dinner, and make sure you fell asleep well that night, staying up just in case you woke up feeing ill again.


External image


Kris would be like Sehun, he’d want to come and take care of you and make sure you weren’t dying or something. YET, he wouldn’t want it to look like he cared that much. Kris would make an excuse to the boy’s of why he couldn’t rehearse that day and he’d go straight over to yours instead. He’d say something like, 'The guys are being too loud,’ when he arrived as an excuse.


External image


He’d be over in an instant, telling his manager he couldn’t make the radio interview that day. Jongdae would make you stay in bed, even when you said sitting on the sofa wouldn’t do you any harm. He’d just lay beside you, cuddling you without caring if he got ill from it. 

I hope you get better soon, and I’m sorry because it wasn’t suppose to take me this long but I kept getting side tracked because I was watching all the versions of Adore U by Seventeen in the background… WHY ARE THERE SO MANY VERSIONS

As per, the GIFS are not mine, however all ideas (except the request) are mine (and Jongdae, he’s mine too)