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When your crush finds out about your embarrassing niche blog 

Based on this but like, with sansby lmao idek

the video title is ‘Glitter bomb! FTA’ because Sans and Frisk have a youtube channel called “For The Aesthetic” where Sans eats garbage by request. And then Frisk gets an ambulance.



OKAY UHM FIRST OF ALL I BIT OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW, I WAS GONNA DRAW ALL OF THEM. LIKE ALL OF EVERYONES CHARACTERS, AND THEN HALF WAY THROUGH DRAWING THIS I THOUGHT TO MYSELF, HOW IN THE HELL WOULD I BE ABLE TO DO THAT? SO U  H NAH. sorry ;; these are the only characters i got done. 25 people. idk i feel kinda bad but i just dont think id be able to do such a task- so uhm ye here you go. im sorry its shit xD like its all messy,,,

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AHHH don E

What Roman poet should you fight

Who wins: ???
I don’t know who will win this but please, he is so egotistical. Beat him up. Do it.

Who wins: Nobody
No one benefits from this. Why would you fight Vergil? What kind of evil person would do that??? He’s not hurting anyone, he is too precious. Don’t fight Vergil.

Who wins: You
Dude is essentially a scrawny little white boy. if you punch him he will probably cry. Do it. Fight Catullus.

Who wins: You
BUT he will probably sass you so badly in one of his poems and you will never be able to live it down. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Martial.

Who wins: You
I know you want to punch him, hell I wanna punch him, but you’ll regret it. He’ll probably seduce everyone in your family after. Who cares though. Drop kick that son of a bitch. Fight Ovid.

Julius Caesar
Who wins: Caesar
I know his poems are shit and he deserves to get punched in the face for them but don’t fight him. Dude is a renounced general and is practically unstoppable. Don’t fight Caesar. He will kill you.

Who wins: You
Dude is so fucking old you can probably KO him in one punch. Do it. Fight Seneca.

Who wins: Horace
He was a fucking officer in the military. If he wanted to, he could kill a man. Plus if you fought him you would probably make Vergil sad. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Horace.

Who wins: You
Please look towards the entirety of De Rerum Natura. Dude is a weak ass fucking nerd. Do it. Fight Lucretius.

Who wins: Petronius
He is metal as HELL. He does basically anything he wants and chose to fucking kill himself before he could be sentenced and will probably not hesitate to punch someone in the gut. Don’t do it. Don’t fight Petronius.

Pliny the elder
Who wins: Pliny
He was a military officer and commander. He knows how to fight and stuff. He will most likely not hesitate to beat you up. Don’t do it. Don’t fight him.

Pliny the Younger

Who wins:???

Who wins this is irrelevant. Dude practiced law. He’s practically BEGGING for someone to punch him. Do it. Fight him.

Who wins: ???
I honestly don’t know who will win but he looks deeply distressed in every picture ever as well as completely punchable. Do it. Fight Quintilianus.

Who wins: You
Look he may have written about wars, but he didn’t do shit. You can punch him in the face easily. The only issue is that he’s a sweetie and you’ll feel super bad about it after.


idk what to title this, but it’s a sneak peak at something I’m working on where Ransom is in medical school and Nursey is in the NHL and they’re based out of the same city. so. yahh. i don’t have a title for it yet, but once I do i’ll probs update the title of this. but anyway. there’s gonna be more of this! i’m just not sure when ^^; hope y’all enjoy it! :)

“They already checked me out this morning, dude, I’m in the clear.”

“Hop. Up.”

Derek humors Ransom and jumps up onto the edge of the exam table, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

He stays still as the other man shines a flashlight in his eyes checking his pupil response, and answers no to each question of ‘do you have a headache? any neck pain? nausea? are you dizzy? drowsy? can you hear me just fine?’

“Ransom, I don’t have a concussion.”

“He slammed you into the boards so hard it took you three minutes to stand back up,” Ransom says, sliding his pen from the pocket of his white coat. “Follow the pen.”

“I know, I was there,” Derek says, but he does as he’s told. “I’ve been checked out though, by our PT last night and then had the follow up this morning.” He smirks. “You know. With an actual doctor.”

Ransom shoves his shoulder.

“Don’t chirp me, fucker, I’m concerned about your health.”

“I know,” Derek says, reaching up and taking the other man’s hands in his own and bringing them down into his lap. “I know, but I really am ok and I don’t need another check-up. I just came to see you, not be your patient.”

“Yeah well, you can always use a second opinion,” Ransom says, glancing down at their joined hands.

“Learn that in class today?” Derek asks, laughing.

“Shut up.”

“I’m sorry, forget I’m being an ass. I’m touched you care so much.”

“Of course I care.”

Ransom is looking into his eyes now and Derek feels his face start to flush. Their fingers are twined and their heads are close together and Derek came here on the off-chance Ransom had some time between classes for a quickie but fuck if he doesn’t wanna spend the rest of the day looking into the other man’s kind eyes.

Ransom looks away first, clearing his throat. “Wanna, uh… there’s a burger place at the edge of campus, have you had lunch yet?”

Derek smiles, tightening his hold on the other man’s hands.

“I’m starving, let’s go.”

“Cool,” Ransom says, and he seems a little awkward and he’s starting to pull away and Derek can’t have that.

He pulls him back, guides him to the spot between his legs and places one hand on his shoulder and uses the other to cup his jaw. He rubs his thumb over the stubble there and smiles at how surprised Ransom looks.

“This ok?” He asks, because this is all still so new and he’s not sure what their boundaries are yet.

Ransom nods, licks his lips and takes a deep breath. “This is fine. You just… unsettle me.”

Derek pulls back slightly. “I do?”

Ransom nods again, but he places his hands on Derek’s thighs and leans into him.

“In a good way. In a way… other people rarely do.”

Derek can’t help the stupid little smile that breaks over his face.

“I thought I was the poet.”

Ransom laughs softly. “I’m a charmer and you know it,” he says, and he’s leaning even closer than before, rubbing his hands up and down Derek’s thighs.

“I definitely do,” he says, his eyes falling to Ransom’s lips.

He watches the small smile turn into something very soft and lets his eyes flutter closed as he dips his head.

The kiss is careful and sweet and short, but their lips are still touching even after it ends and Derek feels something settle in his chest.

He doesn’t wanna jump into this headfirst, he really wants to do this right and not get ahead of himself but he cant help to think this all feels like home.

He’s got such a bad track record with feelings like this but Ransom is his friend, not some idea in his head or acquaintance he barely knows, and he trusts him and he knows him and he can’t hurt himself with hopeless romance when it comes from the most honest and transparent person he’s ever met.

He pulls back and watches as Ransom smiles up at him. What about this could be hopeless?

“We can go for food now,” he says quietly, not wanting to ruin the moment but not wanting to force it either.

“Yeah, ok, sounds good.”

Ransom squeezes his thighs lightly before stepping back, then holds out a hand and helps Derek down from the table.

“You know,” Ransom says, guiding him out of the room with a hand on his back. “My apartment is really close to the burger place… if you wanna get it to go, we could eat there and hang out… or something.”

Derek smirks. “Or something.”

Ransom laughs, shaking his head. “Don’t get me wrong. You’re still gonna recite the months of the year backward before any physical activity.”

Derek groans, throwing an arm around Ransom’s shoulder and pulling him in close. “I hate you.”

“No you don’t,” Ransom says, looping his arms around Derek’s waist as they walk tucked into each other.

No, Derek thinks, pressing a kiss to the other man’s cheek. I don’t.

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ciara!!! can you draw hunk? you probably know who it is ahdjjfjdjfj I love you girl! do u have a paypal or smthn I could send money to? I feel bad just asking u to draw stuff, could I like too u $10 or smthn? idk what currency you use down there, hopefully the conversion isn't too bad. ily friend 💛

heres a badass hunk for you!! i realised halfway through colouring that i forgot to draw his bayard so now its just an awkward hand lol

i dont have paypal sadly (soon ill get it set up ahh) but it doesnt matter cause this is a request! thank you for sending me one and helping me avoid a depressive spell for another day 💚💚💚

(bonus transparent shieldless version cause why not)

I figured out what bugs me about the “aces want to oppressed so much lol” argument, exclusionists don’t seem to realise that not all ace people are white and cis and neurotypical, imagine saying “you want to be oppressed” to a black trans neurodivergent person just because they are a ace black trans neurodivergent person, you guys say aces all want to be opressed but you never specify.


Don’t you just love how Fareeha Amari never gets to be her own person in her OWN TAG? It’s either she’s part of a group or she’s with Mercy. I bet you if Pharah were to get a new look like Mercy does, all of you will draw or write about how Mercy feels about it or you’d insert Mercy in there somewhere. I doubt The Ethnic™ Ms. Amari (let’s not talk about how y’all never highlight her North African heritage in any way lol) would get 100+ drawings of her new look the next day like Anglo-Saxon Ziegler does. To conclude, Pharah is in good hands in this fandom 🙄

gimme a plot where … basically, muse a is this corrupted soul, always drinking too much, getting too high, they can barely function and muse b is basically their saving grace, always coming through in the middle of the night after a drunken phone call asking for a ride home. and muse b only does this because they’re a good person at heart, but they can’t deny that muse a’s actions actually disgusts them. but they’ve known each other for too long and muse b always promised they’d never let muse a down, because they know they’re the only thing that’s STABLE in their life. and this has become their routine, muse a texting/calling muse b when something goes wrong and muse b coming around to rescue them. there’s not much to their friendship beside that, these days, because muse a doesn’t really acknowledge them otherwise. and muse b just settles with the fact that they’re being used, but they can’t bear to leave muse a alone, knowing that they probably wouldn’t survive without them … but then ONE NIGHT, when muse b is carrying muse a into bed, tucking them in like they usually do and they’re about ready to say goodnight until muse a, who is completely out of their mind intoxicated, mumbles something barely audible that sounds a lot like ‘i love you.’ muse b thinks to brush it off, until muse a continues professing all these FEELINGS like ‘i really fucking love you, please, don’t leave me tonight’ and muse b is just STUCK. because muse a is so bad for them but muse b is the only good thing in their life … so they stay. 

Yall remember *NSYNC?

Remember how they (along with the backstreet boys) were the most popular boybands worldwide during the late 90s and into the millennium?

Remember the member Lance Bass?

Remember how he dated Danielle Fishel and they were “so in love”?

Remember how after they broke up, he exclusively dated women?

Remember all the rumors he had about him not being straight?

Remember when TMZ and Perez Hilton started following him around?

Remember when shortly after all this he came out as gay 4 years after *NSYNC disbanded?

Remember the reasons he gave as to why he didn’t come out a lot sooner than he did?

Do you think people told his speculators back then that they were delusional just like they tell Kaisoo shippers that now?

I bet they did, but in the end:

I rest my case.

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Hi sorry if you've answered this already, but what's going on with Jimin and white people??? I'm seeing people defend him or bash him but no one is explaining what happened :/

~~i don’t know how to answer this without writing everything i feel about it, so i’m sorry if this post is long. pls remember in me answering this that i’m white, and that will directly impact my experience w this + that there are poc in this fandom who have made posts about it and those should be centered + are most likely more informative as they come from individuals directly affected by racism. if you’re another white stan who is upset by what i have to say, please direct comments to my instant messaging rather than ask box as i’d rather have legitimate discussions over messaging rather than flooding my followers with more discourse over a nonissue that’s been going on for days at this point i think a lot of people are bored + tired of it, please read the whole thing thank you!~~

oh dont worry anon nothing happened to jimin!! he’s totally fine and safe, it’s just a fandom joke within poc circles that white people are getting upset over.

this is the context in which i know the “jimin hates white people” joke and how it’s become relevant again recently, why it isnt racist, and why white people need to just leave it alone and not fight about it because it isnt hurting anybody: 

  • there were always a few jimin hates white people jokes that would surface here and there over the years ever since that one white 14 year old boy was bossy to jimin on ahl like theyd just pop up sometimes lol
  • so during bbma voting when bts started getting attention, some big name accounts and internet people started giving bts attention which in some cases was a good thing! but in other cases not so much. 
  • For example i dont remember his name but one of the guys from epicmealtime declared himself the jimin fanclub president and was obviously coming into the fandom just to start discourse for no reason + make fun of bts and also armys and use us for attention. he was both causing fights within the fandom and trying to make armys look bad claiming armys were being “””racist””” against him, which obviously cannot happen as he is white and theres no such thing as racism against white people. I was also pretty heated when he started derailing conversations about race by posting pictures of starving jews during the holocaust implying that jews being exterminated was an example of how you can in fact be racist against white people. I dont know what happened with him after that as i blocked him for using pictures of my people being tortured, from an event that wiped out nearly my entire family, as nothing but empty conversation ammunition for a fake and offensive cause
  • ANYWAY thats where i personally started seeing the old jimin hates white people jokes come back, people shutting this guy + other obnoxious whites down 
  • like for example some other youtube guy i didnt know who has a track record of using blackface for jokes/being transphobic. Also on his snapchat he took a picture of some random east asian guy on the street and just wrote “jimin” above him, like obviously that type of person is racist and awful
  • also pewdiepie who has a history of being racist and just a plain awful person
  • so really most of the “jimin hates white people” jokes as i saw them (being active on twitter) were poc shutting down racist whites + making jokes at the expense of white people which is completely fine to do, as those type of jokes serve as an outlet for some and are extremely harmless as they do not really effect white people in the real world
  • i also saw them in regards to jimin looking upset at the bbmas which once again is just a harmless joke at the expense of white people, and does not effect jimin, bts, or white people.
  • really if poc make white people jokes and you don’t like it, scroll past and ignore it. as white ppl we’re able to do that. when white people make jokes regarding people who arent white, those jokes do not exist in a vacuum and contribute to greater forms oppression that legitimately exist and effect the lives of poc on a regular basis, but since those same systems are not im place to oppress white people, white people are not effected by jokes about our race in such ways as poc are (if you do not understand what i mean by jokes contributing to systems of oppression message me because I’m not going into it, that could be it’s own post)
  • that is why you cannot compare jokes about white people to jokes about poc and consider them the same. theres an entire historical and societal context that plays into one circumstance and DOES NOT with the other. you need to take that into account in understanding why one side effects larger things happening in the world and systemically keeps people of certain races down, while the other is just a couple words that might make a few people on the internet feel a bit sensitive
  • I really like the following graphic so i’m gonna use it to help explain what i mean:

  • basically, as this shows, jokes about white people really don’t mater in the grand scheme of things and are not racist because racism is more than creating hurt feelings. part of racism is words contributing to larger systems of oppression. jimin hates white people jokes do not do this, and therefore are not racist and hurt nobody. 
  • i see people saying it makes jimin look bad? does it really? is this legitimately having people think jimin hates white people? not really… if someone doesnt know the context of people saying it, they can just ask another bts stan and they’ll tell you “oh its just a joke thats been going around”. jimin obviously doesnt hate white people and i don’t think anyones starting to believe that because of this. 
  • also, there are jokes that legitimately do damage jimin much more than these jokes do, that these same white people claiming “this damages jimin” are not upset about! why? if you really cared about people making jokes that damage jimin, worry more about jokes that are racist and fetishizing towards jimin that happen regularly rather than these jokes. 
  • jokes about jimin hating white people can be easily brushed off as jimin does not actually hate white people, while jokes about his accent/english or fetishizing him for being asian DO contribute to gross larger concepts that actually harm jimin. if you care about jimin please focus more on these jokes rather than the jimin hates white people jokes, as jimin hates white people jokes are easy to dispel and are not rooted in anything related to real life
  • (although if jimin did hate white people that would be fine + understandable lol but thats a different story for a different day)
  • so basically: whether people are using these jokes to shut racist whites down, or are just using them for fun, both situations are extremely harmless and can easily be ignored by white people, and do no harm other than making some white people feel a bit uncomfortable. Honestly if the worst a joke at the expense of your race does is make you feel a bit uncomfortable and does not contribute to larger ways in which you are oppressed, you definitely dont have as much to worry about as poc who do have to worry about such things so just ignore the jokes and go on with your day.