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Hide’s Ace of Spades

Anon said: I see noone else asking you this so here: it was revealed in sensei’s twitter that Hide is Ace of Spades (Misfortune; sometimes associated with death or, more often, a difficult ending). What are your thoughts on this? I’m actually feeling a little hopeless about Hide’s case after seeing that. :( Ty for answering!

Anon said: Hello!! I’ve read a lot of your thoughts abt tg esp abt hide and i really wanylt to know abt what you think about hide’s card being the ace of spade in ishida’s recent art?

Anon said: Hello!! Your theories interest me and i rly love your hide related ones(i love that boy to hell and back) so im wondering what your thoughts abt hide being the ace of spades in ishida-sensei’s recent art?

Small post about all the cards {x}; Touka’s Ace of Clubs {x}; Yorkio’s Four Of Hearts{x}

Original: {x}

Oh, Anons, you know my weak spot so well, thank you for the asks!

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