i feel bad for the animals though

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People like stuff packed with action. That is highly wanted in games and animations rather than heartfelt and amazing stories. You, though, make action packed animations WITH an amazing story. You are excellent at animation and writing. I highly admire your work. Have a great day

Aww thank you!

I was even feeling kinda bad today cus I saw a comment saying they liked season 1 more because it had more action and a more simple story.

When season 2 has a story that’s way too complicated for their brains to follow apparently.

Season 2: One Cour Drama

DISCLAIMER: This long-ass post was made off of other peoples’ insight to hopefully give a factual explanation for season two… and did I mention this was a long-ass post? It’s a long-ass post.

Sigh. I’m pretty sure we’re all done with this by now, lol. We’ve pretty much accepted the fate of SNK only being twelve episodes. But for those who are interested, I’m going to try and explain the situation with WIT Studio’s rationally, without a bias standpoint as a fan, as I struggle miserably to do.

Let’s take a look at Thomas Romain’s twitter, one of the animators giving insight on WIT Studios. This man is understandably upset about the fandom’s backlash. Everything in this post was inspired from his Twitter. So without further ado, Here’s what he has to say about SNK season two having one cour:

So basically, after reading his Twitter, I’ve realized the reasoning behind SNK having no Uprising arc in season two is because the anime industry is facing a crisis. There’s not enough workers, or rather, qualified workers to keep up with the amount of production. Animation schools in Japan are closing down and workers are being underpaid. According to Thomas, a junior animator gets paid around $4/hr. Where I live, employees with minimum wage get paid $10/hr just to work at McDonalds. So imagine having to draw around 350 drawings per month just for a shit $4 pay when you could work in the fast food industry for potentially twice as much ($6-8 in Japan)!

Also, Wit Studios is located in Tokyo, the most expensive city in Japan. When you’re living in a place like that, then you probably don’t want to work overtime for $4/hr. And this isn’t a problem with the current animation team working for Wit Studios; they’re fully devoted. This is an issue for potential future animators who probably don’t want to pursue in the field if that’s the life they’ll be living - meaning the industry is cock-blocking itself from having more staff.

I had a brief conversation with @lenok993 and we agreed that a good contribution to SNK having only a single cour is how many people decide to pirate the series, or watch it online for free. Considering purchasing the actual CDs doesn’t necessarily help that much, this is mostly speculation, but it’s really all we’ve got. I’m actually guilty of this so I don’t have any right to lecture anyone about that. But it’s always good to bring attention to that fact!

Also, it’s a misconception that I didn’t learn ‘till recently that the animation department does not get any portions of the merchandise being sold. They do get money from Blu-Ray purchases, but it’s definitely not enough to help out the animators’ paycheck. There’s just too many series’ and not enough people on the animation team.

Why not drop projects? SNK is what the majority of us want, so why not dedicate more resources to the most popular franchise?:

Despite SNK’s popularity, WIT Studios is a very small production company. For them, quantity is everything because it’s the only way their company can continue to make money. Even if they dropped everything and directed their attention to SNK, they wouldn’t get enough funds to keep functioning just from one anime alone.

There’s not enough money going around, and as said before, not enough qualified workers. It takes years to train these workers, sadly. And with the schools closing down, finding people who are willing to work for the horribly low salary is nearly impossible. There’s more and more demand for production and the small company can’t keep up. So even with their short amount of animators, having a large number of projects is absolutely necessary. 

What’s the best thing we can do to support WIT Studios and its production of the story about the giant, naked, man-eating men apocalypse (SNK)?:

Perhaps start here - with buying Blu-Rays. As @lenok993 said, this may be why they chose to release the Blu-Rays so early. And like Thomas said, it really doesn’t do that much. But really anything helps! Even if the portions don’t go directly to the animators, anything is absolutely better than nothing. 

Mm… I’m really interested in the anime crisis. Hopefully it’ll get resolved eventually. But you know, there’s also this nifty little page you can check out: Animator Support!

I know that us foreigners really don’t have many options to help. On the most part, all we can do is sit and watch the drama in the studios unfold. But it’s always good to be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes, even if we can’t do anything about it. I’m pissed that we aren’t getting an Uprising arc since it’s my favorite one - and I’m still going to rant about it. But no matter how much we rant, it won’t change the fact that they don’t have the resources to produce a two cour season.

TL;DR: Despite SNK being the huge franchise that it is, and the misconception that it’s the money-maker we believe it to be, there’s not enough experienced workers to keep up with the production. Animators aren’t satisfied with their paychecks and animation schools are shutting down. This is already bad enough for bigger production companies, but even worse for smaller companies, such as WIT Studios.

Small, dumb rambles:

I will admit though… I’m really annoyed that SNK, such a huge anime, is getting handled by such a small production company. I feel like there’s a lot of trust being put on a thin line between the production company and the fandom. But even so, the situation is the way it is and it’s not going to change. So we’ll just have to accept it for what it is.

Anyway, being the small company that they are, they’re really trying. They may have had four years but they needed to work on other projects so they could even be around for the production of season 2. Plus, they were still lowkey working on SNK despite having other projects. And even if we’re only getting twelve episodes… I know I’m going to be murdered for saying this… but at least we’re getting any episodes at all. Quality over quantity. That’s the basic rule.

I’m glad they aren’t interested in ruining the magic of SNK for the sake of quicker production. I’m really in love with their dedication and decisions towards each episode Like that rewind in the first episode, oh my god, I don’t know why but that was so orgasmic to my vision. I’ll take the twelve episodes over getting shitty half-assed episodes any day.

MysMe’s Jumin Han is one of the best things on this planet. Here are a few reasons why:

- He has a cat. Her name is Elizabeth 3rd. And he would do everything for her.
- He’s coded to be super autistic (not at the beginning though, in my opinion, but later on). For example, he has a weird sense of humor and people mistake his intentions a lot and aren’t able to recognize his way of being kind.
- His voice.
- He thinks every living being, mainly animals and people, should be given almost equal rights and that even plants deserve more rights. (tbh I almost cried when he said that.)
- He’s been hurt a lot and feels like only his cat understands him.
- He tries to bury his problems with either work, money or bad decisions (he stole an expensive car after drinking vodka and went for a ride even though he can’t drive)
- He loves his friends. Too much. (for example parts of Zen’s route and Jumin’s entire route)
- He’s doing his best.

Just… Jumin Han is such a good character and I’m so glad that he exists.

Everyones like “people who have been through a lot and are still kind etc. are so beautiful and brave such an inspiration”
And like i have been through like a moderate amount of stuff but the moment i show one (1) symptom its endgame.

Like in animes and shows etc these people that have been through like huge shit but theyre still smiling friendly easy going etc but theyre secretly sad or whatever. Is that real or is it just a myth bc. Though im not that self aware, most of the time i feel like im not doing so bad but i routinely get attacked for symptoms so what is the truth

My point is i feel like NTs love to romanticize trauma as long as there isnt any ugly or inconveniencing symptom to it

dipper and fiddleford

this is a post about dipper and fiddleford


dipper and fiddleford share a lot of qualities such as

  • interest in puzzles
  • problem-solvers
  • anxiety prone
  • issues with self image
  • think ford is TheBomb.com.co.uk
  • overly dramatic
  • theyre both trans

also id like to share these images


over the course of the series these two interact a lot and their relationship evolves from attempted murder to attempting murder together on a third party and i love it

the legend of the gobblewonker - at first dipper is frustrated and disappointed with fiddleford because he wanted a real monster and instead got a robot. fiddleford’s instinct is to chase the kids and soos with said robot, perhaps to keep up the charade, or perhaps because he was worried they’d report him to the police or something. we may never know the deepest workings of his mind. 

summerween - in summerween, dipper begs fiddleford not to blow out the candle and fiddleford doesn’t listen, showing a lack of respect on his part

bottomless pit! - the next time they meet, fiddleford is eager to help dipper for seemingly no reason, although some factors probably/might include:

  • he’s lonely and will help anyone who spends time with him
  • he feels bad for trying to kill dipper and his sister
  • he’s generally a helpful person and he had nothing better to do
  • the last time he ignored dipper he got headbutted
  • he likes kids

dipper is angry with fiddleford but strangely trusting at the same time, drinking his strange potion without worrying of the consequences. similarly fiddleford gives dipper a potion that he claims could be fatal, showing that he perhaps isn’t 100% invested in dipper’s success, further supported by his total lack of remorse when he learns his invention backfired

carpet diem - dipper once again is frustrated with fiddleford and refers to him as a “weird old man” but doesn’t really object to him until he starts to threaten cannibalism

land before swine - in this episode, fiddleford refers to the pineses as his friends, possibly meaning that he assumes they are friends since dipper referred to him as “pal”. he considers them close enough to trust and for their death to be undesirable. when dipper and his family start fighting, fiddleford tries to intervene by showing that he fixed their lantern. unlike in carpet diem, dipper doesn’t kick fiddleford out when he threatens their livelihood (attracting the attention of the dinosaur) and asks fiddleford to use an invention to help them and fiddleford tries but is ultimately unable to. in addition, dipper is visibly upset when mcgucket gets eaten by the dinosaur. this shows a progression in their relationship in which each of them is willing to help the other even though dipper can’t really do much to help

society of the blind eye - now i know i yell about this all the time but listen. here’s the episode where dipper finally expresses interest in helping fiddleford and yes i know it’s only because he thinks he’s the author at first but as the episode goes on he becomes genuinely invested in helping get fiddleford’s memories back and shows that he cares about his situation (he lives in a hut and talks to animals thanks to you! dont you feel bad about that?). he like actually believes that the society of the blind eye really messed with him and is like “thats not cool. we gotta stop that” and fiddleford. fiddleford rescues dipper and his family from captivity and literally takes a memory bullet for dipper even though he has no idea what will happen and dipper’s like oh my gosh are you okay?? and then he helps him with his memories and fiddleford’s like super grateful and thanks both of the kids for their help and dipper sits next to him in the car ride back home while fiddleford tries to help with the journal and then we ignore the fact that he’s living alone in a junkyard for two episodes because we have FILLER to get to!! okay so they arent really filler but like…. cmon you couldve released them BEFORE society and had northwest mansion mystery directly proceed it and you couldve addressed his living situation BRIEFLY JEEZ

northwest mansion mystery - this episode is so fucking important because fiddleford figures out somethings wrong and the FIRST PERSON he has to tell is dipper and he’s still pretending to be the kook so as not to cause suspicion but he can trust dipper and dippers actually happy to see him and then he’s like hey buddy you gotta relax!! love yourself for like once in your life

take back the falls - dipper compliments fiddleford on his super cool blueprints and they build a house weapon together fucking look at them listne i ufkcing


i dont know i didnt think id get this far

DannyMay Day Eleven: Gray/Colors

…She was always by herself. After being kicked out of the A-list she just isolated herself. She never tried to make any new friends. I tried to be nice and invite her over to hang but I guess she’s still distrustful of other’s intentions.

Besides she likes my best friend.

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Since it’s coming up to the time of year when us coldwater enthusiasts are gonna get inundated with fry, I feel like it’s a good time to broach the subject. It can be quite a sensitive topic, but with so many people getting into breeding their fish and other aquatics, it’s an important discussion to have.

Anyone who breeds anything is going to have to cull their animals at some point. That’s just how it is. One day, you’re going to have fry or larvae that are born with problems - this is especially true of heavily inbred species such as guppies, goldfish, axolotl etc. Kinked spines, crooked fins, deformed mouths and missing gill plates all crop up on the regular, and it’s your job to deal with it.

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I have some major problems about WADTT I want to rant about rn:

-imo they seem kinda biased towards siding with zoos/etc and being against animal welfare activists, particularly anti caps who are obviously all crazy, right guys? Except that it was antis that have consistently been there to protect these animals, including rallying to end the capture of wild orca in the PNW and stop the intention of capturing orca in Alaska. Many of us are well researched and know what the hell were talking about; many of us were antis before blackfish, so you can’t call us brainwashed.

-they don’t seem keen on answering any responses in their captivity posts by any antis. Whether it’s intentional or bc they’re busy idk, but thy seem to respond to people on other posts

-their new shtick is that by banning cetacean captivity we are banning cetacean rehabilitation. And the way they talk about it is as if antis haven’t fucking thought about it before. We’re all too dumb and radical to think about all sides of the issue, I guess. Other people have discussed this before much more eloquently that I can, but I’ll go over some things: -not all cetaceans that are rescued are unreleasable. Most aren’t, many are rehabbed and released. In fact, as many antis have criticized, SW has many issues with their program: they release animals without checking up on them, in the case of JJ they essentially had to be forced to rescue her, etc. Euthanasia is a regular part of rehabilitation anyways. And, if cetacean captivity is outright banned in zoos, why can’t there be wildlife rehab centres for cetaceans where their sole purpose is rescue and rehab like there are for other animals? It would be expensive, sure, but so is running SW. And which is more important in the long run? SW could easily fund such a program, let’s be real, but no according to WADTT keeping cetacean captivity “for the sake of rehabbing wild whales” is more logical, even though zoos wth cetaceans should literally set off all the alarm bells of “this is a bad zoo, these animals don’t belong here”. I think people get so blinded by the fact that the current marine parks with cetaceans are the only ones like them, and since there’s nothing better out there then they feel as though places like SW are the best there is. But they’re clearly not, and we can and should strive for something better and leave the shit behind. (This kinda got away from me but hopefully you get the gist) -!!!!ding ding ding!!! Antis have been suggesting natural sea pen sanctuaries for rehabbing cetaceans for years!!! What a concept!!! But no concrete tanks are obvi better and we need to keep them around for The Good™ of wildlife

-anyways, WADTT is not an expert on everything and it kinda bothers me when people treat them as such. It happens with A Lot of people on here; they say something smart, and then people flock to them for answers. And sometimes they don’t have those answers. But they try to give answers anyway, and they end up wrong (a blog that talks about animal color genetics comes to mind for this that-they are so wrong sometimes). Or worse, they answer with their opinions and people treat those opinions as the best ones. This is what I feel is happening with WADTT; they clearly aren’t neutral, which is a very harmful thing in the position they’re in (which imo isn’t their fault; tumblr idolizes ppl way too much). Which is why I have a lot of issues with them and how they tackle the captivity debate. (Not to mention their disastrous interpretation of that video of Kalia slamming herself on the slide out; ah yes that’s perfectly normal and not a symptom of captivity at allll)

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Do you think a low content (below 30%) wolfdog would be suitable for police work? I've always wanted a wolfdog as I love a challenge and don't want children, but since being a cop will take a lot out of my available time, I'd much rather have him or her be put to work with me. (I'm not currently an officer- I'm going to school to be one.) thank you for your time, if you decide to answer!!! :)

I won’t say that it’s impossible for a low-content wolfdog to be a police K9, but I will say that it’s unrealistic. Consider the traits that make up a good police dog: Obedient, loyal, eager-to-please, with very high drive and impeccable courage. Most K9s are purpose-bred for this line of work, and even then, only a handful complete their training. Fewer still excel at it. That’s one of the reasons that police K9s are so valuable, with some precincts spending a reported $10,000.00 - $20,000.00 on the initial purchase and basic training of each individual animal in a K9 unit. 

Cabal came from a kennel which has produced dogs utilized by Oregon police departments in the past. They bred two litters a year, and only picked a handful from each litter to join working homes; the rest - like Cabal, were deemed “pet quality” for lacking certain characteristics that make an excellent working animal. 

Wolfdogs, even low-content ones, are not well-known for being obedient, as they are very self-motivated and lack work ethic. Some have high prey drive, but that is much different than working drive. They are also typically averse to conflict, and would rather leave the scene than put up with a perpetrator who’s kicking and hitting them in an attempt to evade police capture. 

What police K9s go through is no joke. And an animal with weak nerves can get an officer killed in the field. Check out this segment of video footage as an example. *Warning - Graphic content of a dog being kicked and struck*.

The first dog was not bred or trained to be a police K9. It shuts down when kicked by the stand-in “perpetrator”, and even sits on command when the man demands it. He is clearly showing signs of appeasement, and, as pointed out in the footage, is the kind of animal that won’t make a suitable K9 officer, despite being a breed often associated with that line of work. The second dog is bred and trained to be confident despite being literally lifted off the ground and pinned to the wall. That is an example of what a good police K9 should be able to do. 

Wolfdogs are not, and never have been bred to do police work in the USA. Even if you started training with it at a young age, the animal wouldn’t be set up for success in that line of work. We can even look at real-life examples to further the point. 

Take a look at the Perm Wolfdog Experiment. These F1 50% animals are the only wolfdogs to have been purpose-bred for police-type work. The institute responsible for breeding them went through more than 200 puppies before finally finding a dozen or so capable of doing the tasks they were trained for with any manner of reliability.

Despite the initial success reported, the institute later cancelled their wolfdog program due to numerous factors: The animals developed issues with same-sex aggression (making it difficult for them to work together), and became strictly bonded to their handlers. If a handler was unable to continue working with the specific wolfdog they had trained (either because of injury, loss of employment, etc.), the animal became practically useless. 

But the ultimate end of the program stemmed simply from the impracticability of of it. Out of literally hundred of animals produced, only a few were capable of completing their training, and those animals later proved to have many personality quirks that essentially negated their usefulness as working animals. They sunk so much time and money into the process, and produced so many incapable ‘byproduct’ animals that they eventually returned to using good ol’ doggy-dogs, though they were certainly stubborn in their refusal to admit it was a bad idea to utilize wolfdogs for the task in the first place. This is one of the few instances where I feel kind of good about saying “I told you so”

In short, if you attempted to utilize a wolfdog as a police dog, you’d likely be doing two times the work for only half the desired outcome. I would strongly urge against it for both your sake, and for the wolfdog’s. 

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Do 7,14,29,35,43,50 for BonRin~!

7. Who sweats the small stuff?

lol definitely Bon

he seems like the kind of guy that just has to have things a certain way

14. Who kills the spiders?

i mean, considering Rin waded through a waist-deep river of bugs, i think he’d be totally fine with being the spider killer (especially if he can use lil poofs of flame to shoot at them)

i think Bon would be fine with killing them too but he’d probably be that guy that can not let it get away. He will tear the place up looking for that damn bug! (which feels like something he probably used to have to do for Shima when they lived together at the temple :’D)

29. Who is the better cook?

Rin! I don’t see Bon being a bad cook per se, I just feel like he’s not all that interested in learning how to cook. I’m sure he can make decent food though since he’d follow the recipe exactly lol

35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?

haha, Rin seems like he’d love going all out! Decorating, cooking, throwing parties, and just whatever it is that the holiday calls for! Bon’s much more laid back, but he goes along with Rin’s enthusiasm uwub

43. Who wins the stuffed animals at the carnival for the other one?

Rin because Bon refuses to waste his money on rigged carnival games :’D but, on the other hand, i feel like this is something that would turn into a competition lol Bon refuses to play, Rin wins him a stuffed animal, Bon then feels the need to win Rin a stuffed animal, then Rin wants to win him another one, then Bon wants to win him another one, and then they’re both racing to see who can give the other the most. Who wins the most depends on the kind of games that the carnival has (the less strength-based ones there are, the less Rin is likely to win lol), but, in the end, they both end up with an uneccessary amount of stuffed animals. Bon doesn’t even want them, he’s a 16 year old boy, why tf would he want a bunch of stuffed animals????? but Rin gave them to him so…….. he keeps them…. as embarrassing as it is…. Rin, however, happily dedicates a corner to his plushies

Kuro loves to sleep there

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Bon!! idk why but i feel like, as a single person, he wouldn’t really care about romance in any way, but then when he’s dating he loves doing corny, romantic shit even if he knows it’s too corny. Like, flowers and chocolates and cute little teddy bears with big bows and holding hearts that say “I love you”? He will never admit it, but he loves giving Rin all that lovey-dovey shit!

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i miss old su so much. i associate it with meeting loved ones for the first time and falling in love with the characters for the first time back in 2014.... now that same person i met bc of su?? i complain about su with them. it makes me so sad that i can't enjoy the show like that again. it sounds weird but it was kind of like a summer love?? the whole aesthetic like the scenery style and town by the sea seems like a fond memory even though i can go watch those early episodes whenever :^ (

i feel like a lot of us feel the same way. there’s a reason why there’s an entire su criticism community. because we DID love the show. it started off with so much promise. it really did bring a lot of people together and was downright INSPIRING! if su was just another bad animated show from the start, it wouldn’t be getting nearly this much backlash. but now it has disappointed so many people. and when people try to voice their legitimate issues with the show, both writers and die hard fans can react in very hostile ways. which reflects horribly on the show more than anything else. that’s why there’s an entire group of people finally voicing their frustrations.

we all miss old su, anon. :c

- mod b

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Thoughts on the ex vegan trend

Ex vegan trend? 😂 Is it cool now to have been a vegan in the past? I didn’t know that was a thing (if it is).
I guess I have a few thoughts…

1. If you’re an “ex vegan” then in my opinion you weren’t a vegan. You obviously did not feel deeply enough about the wellbeing and rights of animals to have kept to this lifestyle. I am not trying to sound like I’m better than anyone because I’m not, but if you have the heart to go back to eating foods that inflict so much pain and suffering then you were not a vegan.

2. Veganism is not a diet trend or fad. If you treat it as such, well then shame on you. Again, you’re not a vegan. Unlike every other diet out there, veganism is an ethical lifestyle choice. And to be honest I’m sick of people treating it like it’s not.

3. There is literally nothing you can get from animal products that isn’t in plants. Plants and some microorganisms are the ONLY things that can actually create nutrients. Every nutrient you obtain from the flesh of another animal, that animal got from a plant (including B12, which is produced by bacteria, before anyone says otherwise). Anatomically we are designed to digest and process large quantities of plant matter. So to go back to eating non-vegan foods is really going to be of zero benefit to you, health-wise. But what about those people who say they feel better when they eat meat again? Well, all I can say is that there is probably a large mental aspect to that. Humans are incredible at healing themselves through the mind… this is why placebo drugs can work. So if you begin to BELIEVE that meat will make you better, then you’re probably going to “feel” that physically when you do begin to eat it. But it won’t last forever. There is an overwhelming amount of science on the health detriments of animal products on human health! No amount of it is going to be of benefit to you.

4. I really find it difficult to feel sympathy for anyone who feels as though a plant based diet failed them. There is always something more that can be done to fix an issue you might’ve had… try a different type of plant based diet (e.g. switch from fruit based to starch based,), try supplements, herbs, meditation, exercise, counselling, whatever! And if you didn’t have health issues but just found it an inconvenience or something well then I really have nothing to say. Because if you ate a vegan diet once, then you KNOW how bad animal products are for your health, for the animals and for the earth. You’re no longer ignorant to these things… and yet you still choose to consume animal flesh and byproducts. That’s just a real disappointment.

A Seiten-Taisei Rant about the new Saiyuki Blast anime:
AKA: Why I’m not as excited about the new anime as I could be

For awhile now I’ve been holding back on posting on tumblr my thoughts on the new anime. I didn’t want to tie my comments to another post, so I have decided to do it’s own post.

Let me be clear, this is why /I’m/ not excited. This post isn’t meant to make anyone else less excited. I’m not here to stomp on someone else’s happiness. You may disagree with me, or you may agree. I welcome comments on the matter.

Because there may be some spoilers, I will put it behind a cut.

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So how about that new episode, "Fluttershy Leans In"? Did you suffer greatly? Did you throw your arms up in exasperation and anguish? Did you put your head in your hands and weep softly? Please tear this episode apart to give me the strength I need to go on.

Allow me to provide a synopsis!
Fluttershy visits the local vet and discovers her widespread social influence of “almost complete isolation” has caused all animals from koalas to giraffes to travel to Ponyville in order to live at the vet’s office. This is especially astounding because most real animals live in abject fear of the vet and would do anything to be anywhere else. So of course, Fluttershy decides she wants to help by doing the same thing we always assumed she already did: run an animal sanctuary.
Rarity suggests contacting the rich ponies she met by being effortlessly successful so that Fluttershy can also catch “boring character disease” and end the closest thing she has to a non-emotional struggle. “I’ve learned to be confident,” Fluttershy lies to other ponies as she proposes this idea. “We’ve learned to unconditionally invest in the main characters of our cartoon show,” reply the Canterlot elite, who have figured out by now that they’re in a cartoon where the heroes always win.
The elites proceed to ignore Fluttershy’s every request and build a completely different project. “No, listen,” Fluttershy tries to explain, “My vision was to build a forest in the forest so that the animals would be living in the woods where they belong. If we build cages, the bear will get herpes”. And sure enough, as if on cue, the bear shows up and instantly gets herpes. The bear knows he’s in a cartoon and that the mane 6 are always right. He had no other choice. Not even the raccoons and ferrets are able to live comfortably in the structure that was being built, mainly because they don’t like the color of the drapes.
So Fluttershy fires all the trained experts and hires her friends to help her build a forest in the forest, and at the end of the day we can take away a few messages:
1. Deer are not sentient like buffalo or cows. They are dumb animals and you were all wrong for assuming that wouldn’t be the case.
2. Giraffes are also dumb animals
3. If you are an expert and your client has a vision for something, like if they want a show where the main character becomes a princess and lives in the crystal castle play set, then don’t argue. Just do it. Just cooperate and sell their princess toys like they wanted or they’ll fire you and replace you with their friends. At least that is one way you can interpret the moral here. The other way is to view this as yet another desperate plea for help from the writers of “My Little Pony”. I feel like they’ve had a few episodes now where the inspiration is “we don’t have any creative freedom but we wish we did”. They’ve also done one or two “stop criticizing us, we didn’t even want to entertain you anyway” episodes.
It really does crack me up whenever I feel like the writers are trying to send a message to their own bosses. It also cracks me up seeing exactly how often the “don’t interfere with [analogue for the writers]” gets greenlit as a story idea, because that means it must really resonate with someone involved in the process who gets to call those shots. I do feel sorry for MLP, and I hope that some day we have another revival of the 90′s golden age of cartoons, where there was a lot of creator-driven ideas full of passion and vision.
As for the final rating for the episode? Neutral out of ten. I assumed Fluttershy already took care of animals and I don’t feel like there was much rising tension. The episode before it wasn’t bad, though. We got some characterization from Glimglam - a rare gem for anything in MLP these days - and Ponko was the antagonist. I think even a good writer would have a hard time working on MLP show these days with how mangled the setting has gotten and how badly the interplay between characters has been diverted, but for what remains, “Rock Solid Friendship” did alright.


Reposting this b/c I have a bit of a bio now! Still working on it, though. Here is my Star Fox OC! Drew her as a human mostly, cause I’m still learning how to draw animals ;o; Added a few chibis though!

Her name is Lumi Vekara, a mischievous Red Panda! Lumi is a villain and an ally to Star Wolf. She was born on a military base while her parents served as medical personnel there. Instead of pursuing a career similar to theirs, she drifted to some rough territories as she grew older.  In the breeding ground of bad guys, she ‘worked’ as a con artist to get her money– often selling fake weapons, stealing them from others, or just scamming people at the bar.

I honestly drew human!Leon in there because I felt like it, but I imagine she tries to con him and it doesn’t end very well, haha. I based her outfit on the N64 desgns, or what I could make of the Star Wolf uniforms. Most of the time she either wears that dress, the maroon outfit, or another one i’m currently designing! I drew the these a couple weeks ago.

Her role is fairly similar to Katt, since she’d probably drop by on occasion to pick a fight. I have much more to add and revamp, but thank you for reading!

Sam headcanons !

I may do some more if I’m inspired :0 Also English is not my first langage so please bear with me.


- Sam is really self-conscious about his age. For the reason that he spent 13 years in prison without seeing himself age. If you sneak in the bathroom when he’s in, you’ll probably find him in front of a mirror, touching his wrinkles and muttering ’ Oh, god… it can’t be that bad..’ or ‘How did this happen..?’.

- He puts anti-aging cream in secret, but one day you find out and see the most embarrassed Sam you’ve ever seen. You reassure him by telling him that’s it’s ok if it makes him feel better but that you don’t really care about his wrinkles and actually like them. And also, because of that, he always smells good.

- He also have a lot of shampoo (his favorite being a cherry one). He actually really enjoys to take care of himself.

- He needs a lot of attention. If you have your own room for your work, you’ll have to put a couch in a corner just for him to stay with you. He’ll often sleep on it.

- He calls you baby. Nothing else. Sometimes sweetheart if he feels kind of flirty.

 - He likes to take his time and have lazy days. Back in Panama everything was rushed and scheduled. But if something forces him to stay put and not do anything he’ll hate it. He likes to have control over what he’s doing.

 - He’s very dramatic. If he’s going to bed and you want to stay awake a little longer, he’ll make a tragic pose and whine something like : ‘Well.. I guess I’ll just go. Alone. In the dark. Cold. Well. Goodbye’. If you don’t react he’ll continue until you do.

    *takes a step away* “I’m going now”  *another step* “I’m leaving…”

    And you won’t be able to resist long. (i know i wouldn’t)

- Kisses and hugs for days.

- He belittles himself sometimes. He doesn’t say it directly but occasionnally he’ll make little remarks. And you do the same. You two have very low self-esteem. Everytime one of you lowers themselves, you’ll just hug together a begin a ‘who’s the best’ discussion.

   “You’re so much better than me”

   “What. No. You’re the best.”

   “ You know you are. And even if you don’t, I do.”

- He sings and hums a lot.

- Bad jokes and puns. And you make them too. You two have the worst sense of humor. But you both believe you are very funny. However when you reunite with Nate, Elena and Sully  you understand that it’s actually not the case.

- He doesn’t like cats. You could even say he’s scared of them. He’s really uncomfortable around animals. He likes dogs though, but only when he knows them or when they are very far away.

eggplantmaster  asked:

13, 14, 44! :D

13.) are you a good cook?

Not very. I wish I was, I love food! I’m good at following recipes though

14.) what is your favorite tv show?

Live action, I’d say Hannibal. Animated, I’d say Animaniacs. 

44.) what is an unusual fear you have?

Constant, unreasonable paranoia. Ie, if I don’t place things in the exact place I think they should, I get incredibly scared and worried something horrible will happen. 

Strange Happenings - Ch. 5

Originally posted by reylo-musings

Summary: After leaving Kylo home alone for the first time, you come home to learn some new and surprising things about him. Particularly, a lot about where he’s from.

A/N: This was interesting to write, lol, 

As he settled himself on the couch Kylo continued eating his breakfast, staring at the screen. Despite his large frame, if you had seen him, he would look like a child about to get deep into movie night. As he pressed play he put his legs on the couch, crossing them under his weight. The screen went black for a moment until the infamous blue text appeared, 

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… 

Kylo quirked a brow at that, figuring you must have chosen this for him because it was about space. He wasn’t going to complain though, the fact that you were even considering him and what he wanted at all was a welcomed change. 

Another crunchy bite went into his mouth as the grand intro music filled the room. As it kept going, Kylo subtly perked up. Though he didn’t enjoy many things, he certainly enjoyed the orchestration this film had. He appreciated the dramatic sounds of the instruments. Getting distracted by the sound, he stopped paying attention to the text going up the screen. As the music grew softer and he saw the text disappeared he finally brought his full focus to the screen. Finally finishing his breakfast he watched as the first shot came onto the screen. 

Observing the spacecraft approaching a sort of light grey planet, he squinted. That kind of craft looked like old ones his family would have likely traveled on. Obviously by its design it was not advanced. 

Interesting, he thought, this film galaxy has similar transportation to mine

Suddenly an alien creature with a sort of formal headdress appeared in the screen of this ship, as it communicated with the pilots. His appearance making Kylo even more fascinated as he looked exactly like a Neimoidian. It had the same facial features, skin texture, even the eyes.

“We would be happy to receive the ambassadors." 

As the familiar craft flew into the round bases landing dock Kylo was completely drawn in. The design of the giant base was quite interesting. Shaped like a crescent moon with one large orb in the center. Was this a design he had seen before? If he had, it was probably different, or so long ago he couldn’t remember the exact details.

Now there were droids, ones Kylo was sure he had learned about in his younger years. Their tan colored metal and thin build seemed all too familiar. Their narrow heads that slanted forward in smooth lines. Their robotic claw like hands holding standard black blasters. Kylo’s mouth went still entirely, ceasing to chew anything remaining in his mouth.

The more images passed on the screen the weirder it got for Kylo to watch. There was a blast door opening, similar to the ones he was all too familiar with back home. As it slid open, revealing a silver droid extremely similar to C-3PO, guiding figures in cloaks similar to Jedis into another room Kylo felt himself focus all of his attention to the images. How could your universe possibly have an exact replica of a droid such as C-3P0? Even if it was only in a film, it was far too similar. The cloaks as well, you hadn’t taught him about anything that would wear such attire yet.

His eyes were intently locked to the screen, had someone broken into your apartment he wouldn’t have noticed. This was getting too odd for him. It felt as though his mind was playing tricks on him. How could this fake galaxy possibly have so much in common with his? Your planet was solely filled with humans and different animals, there was no way to possibly know what these droids or aliens would look like to a tee.

As the men removed their hoods Kylo’s entire body froze stiff in shock. He had seen these faces before, though not in the flesh he had most certainly seen these individuals back home. Their facial features were far too familiar. He was positive there had been a lesson in the Jedi academy or a story retold to him that involved them.

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so I was feeling lousy and decided to take some of the best advice I can give to anyone feeling lousy- which is to draw your fav character being sad get out there and freakin make something! man, I am suuuuper out of practice with animating though golly (how do you even use photoshop for this?!?!??)

anyway I have a horrible feeling season 2 is going to feature Sylvia getting hurt bad and Wander thinking/realizing it was all his fault