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best kept secrets

pairing: marcus flint x oliver wood

setting: catholic all male boarding school - quasi-inspired by @flintwoodandco and @provocative-envy ‘s discussion on these (x) (x) posts

word count: 866

a/n: sorry for the lack of flower crowns // part 2 (x)

Marcus Flint is leaning up by the metal chainlink fence - gum popping, grin flashing white, and Oliver has the urge to run away because everything in the taller boy’s stature screams trouble, trouble, trouble.

“Fancy seeing you here, Wood. Didn’t take you as one to skip class.”

“I’m not.” Is Oliver’s automatic response. And he isn’t - yellow slip clutched tightly in his fist tells any wandering administrators that one of the teachers had sent him on an errand. He’d thought it’d be fine to take a shortcut, a little time in the sun instead of holed up in the academy, but his steps have led him unwittingly to the apparent hangout of Riverbrook Sacred Heart Academy’s resident delinquent.

Flint snorts, jaw still chomping vigorously. “Sports scholarship really keeping you in line, huh? Too straight-laced to even skip a lecture. Boring.”

Grey eyes scan him over, once, twice - Oliver fights off the color spreading across his body, attributes his sweaty palms to the spring heat, and the stiff collar of his uniform.

“What about you, Flint?”

Flint narrows his gaze, chin lifted. “What about me?”

“Playing bad boy but not a contraband in sight. Who are you fooling?” Oliver drawls, and he knows that he’s playing with something unstable right now, but life has been mundane, and he’s always been one for skirting danger.

Instead of lashing out, as Oliver expects, Marcus’ grin spreads, molasses-slow, and he straightens up, broad shoulders casting shadows on the hot pavement. Each step of his shoes - regulation style, but with sleek Italian soles and leather crafted more with money than skill - echoes as he moves forward to meet Oliver, eye to eye.

“Bad boy?” Flint’s voice is soft, almost playful. “So good little Catholic school boy Oliver Wood has a thing for bad boy’s huh?”

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eh its not too bad i guess

Worth noting i drew this bc i was thinking about their fusion dance. I have a lot of trashy feelings about SU-fusions

(their dance would be sort of waltz like, with luffy leading like its a funny game and zoro following like it is the performance of his life and the final pose would be this. Their fusion would be THE WORST they are two stupid protective dorks who are way too strong for logic, together they’d make sort of Sugilite but less angry and more of a little shit)

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Things I need to talk about later when I have more time:

  • Hannibal’s use of language; he’s not even trying to be subtle anymore
  • Will and TOUCH
  • THIS. FUCKING. LINE:  “Is it really mental illness, doctor, or is it just that his mind works so differently from most that we don’t know what to call it?”

That’s about as coherent as I can get for now.  See me in a couple of hours when my brain has calmed down.

Unpopular Opinion #101

I have seen some posts on Tumblr that are highly disturbing and I’m here to post what I feel about it. This is a super long post but I refuse to cut it because I want everyone to be able to see it. For this, I sincerely apologize for clogging your dash. I’m condensing it all into one post and before I start, no I do not feel a need to tag anyone because those posts have been going around. Besides, why do I even need to bother tagging when people hide behind anon and send hate via otome confessions? Let us all have a taste of finding out that people said bad stuff about you without being tagged.

Before I start, I want to say that I call Voltage out on their crap if they have any. These include how poorly handled their recent Ikemen poll was handled and how they have poor translation in some apps. HOWEVER I also know when the fandom is the one being unreasonable.

Yes, some of the voiced stories are voiced for a limited period. But these subs only cost a fraction of what actual full stories do. Plus whenever that app has campaigns, usually the voice will return and will stay for as long as the campaign lasts. An actual full permanently voiced story is expensive. It’s more than double the amount for the short permanent voiced stories AND the temporarily voiced stories. There are more of such stories in the Japanese apps, but we have them in SCM English. Ironic that for all the whining people make about not having a permanent voiced story, when Because I Adore You came out people complained about how expensive it is and refuse to buy it because of the price. Also when Eisuke was voiced by an English Voice Actor, many were quick to spread hate about how poorly it was voiced and that they rather have it voiced in Japanese. Seiyuu is not cheap, they are expensive. If you rather have cheaper permanent voiced stories, you can purchase the shorter ones in the newer apps. Sadly, people also complain about how short it is despite the price they are retailing at.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Voltage will of course only release voice characters who are popular because why pay so much to hire seiyuu only to release an unpopular character and they cannot even break even with the amount spent making the sub? Of course, you can - again - settle for the cheaper & shorter stories where all the guys have a sub. 

As for the sub stories and how they have been split so that Voltage can earn money: Yes, it’s annoying but it is a move that has pros and cons. Voltage will have more cash rolling in BUT the old format where multiple people are condensed into one has its downfalls too. Personally I find it very troublesome to always have to go through the prologue everytime I start on a new character before I can choose who to read. I sometimes also do not enjoy reading characters that I don’t like, though I will still read it to make my money worth it. There are, however, newer apps with such sub stories (where multiple guys are inside) and they usually cost the same amount as a main story. Of course there are other factors in some subs that make the high price more justifiable: some sub stories have new backgrounds and outfits for the men. Again, it is unfortunate that many fail to see this point. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It’s not always about just the length of the story: it’s also the cost of making that story.

I have made posts talking about how poorly handled this current election was yet it somehow seems like it’s never enough. =_= I see people complaining about length of stories, why did Voltage split the men up blah blah blah it is so unfair! Say all you want, but even those arguments are NOT fair enough. You know what is fair? To have these stories released for free in Sweet Cafe. These election stories are all stories in 恋 Cafe where you can obtain them using tickets. The men are split up for obvious reasons because stories in Sweet/恋 Cafe are for individuals; they do not have a few men condensed in one story. Instead of fighting for “fair” stories, why not fight for the actual fair thing and get the stories in Sweet Cafe?

About the ridiculous theory that this election theme is Star Festival because they want Scorpio to win… Do you actually realize what you are saying? It’s Star Festival because this election happened near the Tanabata Festival. Are you trying to tell me that for generations, people in Japan have been celebrating Tanabata so that one day in the distant future, a fictional character created by a future company called Voltage will win another fictional character in a popularity poll? (ノ-_-)ノ ~┻━┻  And if anything, Voltage wants Eisuke to win, not Scorpio. Did you see how many special SOS messages he (and KBTBB) received? I’m not going to touch on the rest regarding this election because I think I have made enough posts talking about it and how I feel it is unfair. 

You want more voiced stories, more crossover stories, better images blah blah blah but I want you to ask yourself: does your action justify what you are actually asking from them? How many actually buy ALL of such stories? Everything costs money. And they follow heavily whatever is available in Japanese. If it is not, they sometimes hire other writers to come up with English Exclusives. Do NOT even let me start on how poorly handled these English Exclusives usually are as compared to what the Japanese Writers dish out. I know not many agree with me on this but this is what I feel. As for more voiced stories, please refer back to my first point. If you are willing to pay that huge amount then fine, if not please stop asking for it. On the topic of better special images, I think the International fandom needs to think long and hard about WHY we are getting such lame special images while the Japanese get better ones. The answer is rather clear if you take a step back and look at the fandom as a whole without prejudice. 

As for the the people mocking others for calling MC “mc-chan” because “why are you calling her main character-chan? ꉂ(σ▰˃̶̀ꇴ˂̶́)σ”. Well… There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. In Japanese they call her heroine-san. Should we be more accurate then and call her [USER_FIRST_NAME]-chan? Mocking others on such trivial matters does NOT make you smarter or more “well informed” whatsoever. Instead why don’t you comment about how horrible translations are for some apps, especially SLBP and BMPP? How words like  “whore”, “bitch” and “slut” are used everywhere and the game actually got so offensive people decided to either skip the routes or stop playing the app altogether. These also includes big players, which speaks volumes because big players usually overlook as much as possible while continuing to spend a lot on the app thus enabling the app to survive and makes it possible for Voltage to continue translating events. So instead of laughing at such trivial matters, please fight for how お前 (a form of “you”) got translated to become a whore. How a manipulative person also suddenly got translated to be a “son of a bitch bred whore”. How someone who talks to a few guys suddenly become a “bitch”. And how they actually degraded concubines into whores. FYI, till today there are countries that allow men to have more than 1 wife. Are you implying that from wife #2 onwards, everyone is a whore? 

This fandom sure is hard to please. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯