i feel bad bc i never made anything for dean's birthday :(

Another plot that wouldn’t go away, so here goes. Enjoy!

“I don’t believe this” Dean grumbled to himself for the millionth time in the last half hour, and Sam restrained his urge to strangle brother.

True, it was a bit strange to look at Dean and Cas, turn around and be face-to-face with another Dean and Cas from another universe, but they had had weirder cases in the past.

Maybe he was simply so relaxed because his doppelganger hadn’t appeared and was currently, according to Dean’s, busy with a “big case” - presumably at court, since the supernatural didn’t seem to exist in their world. They had been grilling them since they stumbled out of the closet, and one thing was certain: they had never been hunters in their lives.

Sam had also come to another conclusion. Dean and Cas were confused, and slightly scared by their counterparts, but not as freaked out as he would have expected them to be; and since most of their calm stemmed from constantly being near one another and they were wearing tasteful matching rings, it was easy to guess that there relationship was - somewhat closer than the one his Dean and Cas shared.

Not that they wouldn’t have made a good couple, or didn’t want it, even. But Dean had been steadfastly ignoring any attempt of Cas’ to say or do anything suggesting romance since their friend had fallen once and for all (and how his brother could ignore that he’d mostly done it, had chosen a mortal life, cut off from all his siblings for him, Sam would ask himself until his dying day).

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