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Just Friends

Requests: (1) Could you do a Draco imagine that consists of Cedric Diggory, Draco getting jealous, feels, conflict, and a load of jealousy?;

(2) Could you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are best friends and lowkey in love with each other but refuse to admit it, and progressively Draco starts making, erm, suggestive, comments to the reader and there’s just lots of sexual tension and eventually they get together?

⇢  A Draco x Reader work featuring a very jealous and steamy Draco.

Draco took a sip from his goblet, peering over the rim as you walked into The Great Hall with a handsome Hufflepuff by your side. Not that it bothered him, of course. In fact, Draco would say he hardly even noticed.

“You alright, mate?”

“Just fine. Why do you ask?”

Zabini shrugged. “Your nose has been inside your goblet for some time now. Trying to drown yourself, Malfoy?”

“Of course not.” Draco lowered the goblet from his face, never once taking his eyes off you. You were still talking to that boy.

Blaise followed Draco’s gaze and smirked. “Tell me, Draco, where’s that best friend of yours? She usually would have dropped by for her daily chat by now.” He watched as Draco’s jaw clenched ever so slightly. “Oh– I see her. She’s preoccupied by that Hufflepuff. Diggory, is it?”

“I don’t know. And I couldn’t care less, really.”

“Didn’t you two agree to attend the Yule Ball together?” A look of mock realization dawned on Zabini’s face. “Oh, that’s right. You two agreed to go only as friends. And now she’s chatting up the Triwizard Champion while you’re here dateless.”

“Appears so.” Draco remained impassive. “But at least I have an excuse for not bringing a date. Can you say the same?”

Zabini sobered as he took in Draco’s expressionless tone. Zabini may have been a tosser, but he knew when to stop. “You really like her, don’t you?”

Draco heaved a sigh, rubbing his temple and finally turning to face Blaise. “Is it obvious?”

“Only to someone with a brain.” Blaise paused. “Which explains why Y/N hasn’t caught on yet.”

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The Past On Your Doorstep - AU

Dean x Reader

Summary: After more than 4 years Dean knocks on your door, surprising the hell out of you. Then it’s his turn to be surprised when he sees a little girl standing next to you.

A/N: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Word Count: 1900+

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Chapter One [Beyond the Sunrise, LMMxReader]

Summary: The stranger from the diner is more familiar with your family than you realized.

Word Count: 2,377

Warnings: Slow burn, mentions of drinking?

Authors notes:  Sab - Guys. Dreams are coming true (specifically, mine). This is the first chapter and we are so excited to share with you guys! Mostly because pre-ITH Lin is my spirit animal.

Ren - You guys have no idea how excited we are for you to finally dive in with us into this story! Sab and I have a ~thing~ for pre-ITH Lin and the way this story flows when we write kinda speaks for itself. We really hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do!

askbox | masterlist prologuenext chapter

“Mom, slow down- What do you need me to do?” You thanked the universe for having a slow day at your job when your mom called. Those phone calls were never calm or short, but today she sounded especially nervous. “Ava? Is she okay?”

I got a call from school, hon, they asked to pick her up earlier, something about a stomach or a headache, I don’t remember.” You rolled your eyes at your mom’s neglect and how it never changed, even after having three daughters. “Since your job is closer to Hunter and I’m on the other side of the city I was wondering if-

“If I can pick her up? Sure, I’ll have to talk to my boss but we’re having a slow day anyway.” You took a deep breath after listening to your mother giving you instructions on how to find your way inside Hunter like you have never been there, hanging up on her after a quick goodbye.

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Reggie Mantle x Reader:  PART SIX THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: This is the last part of this imagine. I am pretty happy on how it turned out, hopefully you guys like it too. I hope it lives up to your expectations. I also didn’t want to drag this longer than it needed.

Words: 1747

Summary: Shizz goes down, but you and Reggie make up.

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: Some curse words I think

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

You woke up early on Monday morning because you didn’t want to face your parents since they gave you the weekend to think about the contract, but you knew if you turned it down once again they’ll only find a way for you to accept it. As much you as you wanted to be with Reggie this was not the way to do it. He also seemed pretty busy the couple of days, he seemed happy with Veronica and she was your friend and you couldn’t do this.

As you rushed out of your house wind in your hair, headphones placed in your ears as the music distracted you in the humid morning. You focused your eyes on the ground where the dew droplets resided in the grass. As much as you were avoiding him, you needed to speak with Reggie about this whole situation.

You walked in the coffee shop and ordered your usual and kept your slow pace in no rush to get to school.

As you were there early you decided to go straight to the art room and paint or draw something to calm your nerves.

You thought about how on Saturday afternoon Reggie ignored your comment about him only telling you how he felt to please his parents and get you to accept that stupid contract. About how Veronica was so happy with him, probably thinking you set them up; but all you wanted was for them to separate. You hated how you thought this. You couldn’t let your smile come up when you thought about Reggie being a bit jealous of Jughead, but that smile faded quickly as you were interrupted by you art teacher telling you the bell rang and it was time to get ready for your first class.

You made your way swiftly to your locker to collect your textbook, and he was there leaning on it and as much as you wanted to clear things up, you couldn’t face him. You stared right at him and your stomach went crazy, it was an attack of butterflies.

You walked up to your locker and nothing came out of your lips, it’s like you were in a trance.

Until your trance was broken by his mouth as he spoke “Hey, um can we talk?” as he moved so you could open your locker and take out your textbook.

“Not right now Reg” you claimed.

“Then when, you can’t ignore me forever (Y/N)” he reasoned with a desperate look in his brown eyes.

“I know that, but, not here” you signed soon distracted by the bell and you rushed out of there to your first class.

The day went by and lunch was finally here and you made your way to your usual table with Jughead, Betty, Archie, Kevin and Veronica.

All you wanted was your old life back where Reggie was just a friend, where your parents did as much work to ignore you and you were the neutral ground. But that you was gone after this whether you made a decision or not, you were no longer the girl who did everything to please everyone. All you wanted was to suppress your feelings for Reggie, you wanted your old Riverdale back when it was just a happy town.  You were also tired of doing everything for everyone.

You took your seat next to Jughead, hoping your friends would distract you from your thoughts.

That was until everything caught up with you and you wished it never happened, and that you didn’t have to hide it from your friends.

“Hey Reggie” the beautiful raven haired girl cheered while showing off her pearls as he appeared at your table.

“Hey Ron, umm, can we talk?” Reggie directed towards you and you stood up because you might as well get this over with.

“OH MY GOD! (Y/N)” the red haired bombshell squealed as you turned confused as to why she was so cheery and she took you and Reggie into a hug and all your friends gave her puzzled looks.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Cheryl continued.

“What are you talking about?” you questioned looking over your shoulders to Reggie and your friends.

“Oh, come on you tell them, but not me? How dare you?!” she kept on questioning and your brain was so slow it didn’t catch on to what she was referring to.

“What? What didn’t she tell you?” Kevin added.

“Seriously they’re all in on it, well whatever, I know now and I’m so happy for you” she raged.

“About what? What did I do?” you were still oblivious to what she was asking and you wished you hadn’t pushed the answer once she revealed it.

“You and Reggie of course, my parents told me all about it, well I overheard your moms telling my mom this morning. You guys make a cute couple. I’m so happy for you!” you stood there frozen, you wanted to run but your feet stood still and the next sequence of events happened to fast.

“What?!?!” Veronica screeched and the whole table gasped.

“No Ron, I- I- it’s not-” was that came out of your mouth as she stood up and planted a slap on your cheeks and Reggie pushed her away.

“Come on” Reggie spoke softly as tears started to surface on your face and he grabbed your hand to walk away.

“No!” you retorted as you let go and Jughead stood up to get you out of there.

“Let’s go” Jughead spoke as he started to take you away and put his arm around you.

“Norman Bates, mind your own business this is between us” Reggie claimed as he removed Jughead’s arm off you and pushed him.

Jughead hated the way Reggie was sometimes so he pushed him back and they started to fight as you and Archie went up to them to separate them.

“I need time” you spoke to Reggie and walked away with Jughead.

You left school early trying to get away from all of the mess, and you were so happy that your parents weren’t home.

How could they do this? Did Reggie know again and is that why he wanted to talk to you?

“This is all my fault” you proclaimed as you got a snack for Jughead since lunch was kind of eventful.

“Hey, it’s not your fault (Y/N)” Jughead reassured you.

“No, it is. I do everything for my parents to make them happy, so they could be proud of me, but no matter how I do it will never be enough. I want everyone happy that I don’t even think about my own happiness. This was so easy, no matter what I chose my parents knew if they did something about it I would accept it, I am such a pushover.” You ranted

“What do mean whatever you chose? Your parents want you with Reggie? Isn’t that a good thing you like him.” Jughead asked as he furrowed his eyebrow and you knew there was no way out of this one, so you told him the truth.

“Just talk to him, I know I’m not his biggest fan, but I’ll deal for you. Also you are going to need to talk to Veronica, I’m sure she’ll understand” Jughead pointed out as he left you.

You texted and called Veronica so you could talk to her and explain the situation, but she didn’t answer.

You were soon distracted by the knock on your window which revealed the tall handsome Reggie as you opened your window.

“That used to be easier” he chuckled trying to break the tension entering your bedroom.

“I like what you’ve done with the pla-” he stated as you interrupted him. Your body took over as you placed one of your hands behind his neck and pressed your lips on his and he moved his hands to your waist.

The kiss was passionate and slow and you didn’t want it to end.

“I’m sorry about this whole mess, I didn’t think it would get this bad” he confessed as you both moved to your bed and sat there.

“Do you actually like me? Or did you just tell me all that stuff because of the contract?” you mentioned.

“If I didn’t like you, I wouldn’t have kissed you like that. I promise my feelings for you are 100% real” he added as he put his arm around your waist and you laid your head on his shoulder

“What about Veronica?” you questioned him.

“Nothing happened, I promise you. Not one kiss. I like you, yes I was stupid to call her after the dinner I just wanted to forget about being rejected from the only girl I ever cared about” he chimed in as he kissed your forehead.

“I didn’t reject you, I was just confused. You’re the one that left me, your chose your popularity after you promised you would be there for me and I promised you the same. I kept my promise, whenever you called I was there.” You confirmed as he grabbed your hand.

“No words will ever be enough to show you how sorry I am. You started hanging out with Archie and them, especially Wednesday Addams I- I just assumed you preferred him, and I don’t make the best decisions” Reggie sighed.

“It’s Jughead, and he is just my best friend, if you want anything to do with me you’re going to have to deal with Jughead” You countered as he smiled.

“So you’re saying we can like be a thing? For real, like you’re going to be my girlfriend? I’m going to be your boyfriend?” he said with a smile on his face and you smiled back.

“Yours, no contract, and we have to talk to Veronica and our parents” you explained as you pecked his lips once more.

“For you, anything babe” he concluded as he kissed your hand.

So you talked to Veronica, not expecting her to be so understanding, but once you told her the truth she embraced you in a tight hug and apologized for slapping you.

Later you talked to your parents at yet another dinner, and they were quite happy of course. Although to get under their skin you and Reggie somehow always forgot when their events and banquets took place and sometimes you would take drives to the old cabin and revisit the tree where your initials were carved inside a heart and just be together.

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Don’t Listen to Mark

Originally posted by markarism

Request: I love reading your Ethan x reader imagines!!! Can I request one where you’re friends and Ethan likes you and so he starts using really bad pick up lines on you but you think it’s a joke? Thank you!!!!!!!😘

Summary: Fem!Reader has a crush on Ethan and doesn’t quite know what to do when he starts bombarding her with bad pickup lines. Quality memeage ensues.

A/N: Ah I’m not too happy with how this came out, but it’s decent? I don’t know man I might just be tired but his is what I got for ya! Hope you all enjoy my trash™. Perfect gif is perfect. There is a text conversation in this so ‘-’ is Ethan and ‘=‘ is reader. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 896, good length yes(?)

Warnings: so many meme

Request some things! I really enjoy writing for you guys!

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anonymous asked:

#5 was for the 137 winter writing prompts! It's just /begging/ to be nsfw

OK! I combined your prompt with a prompt I got from the beautiful @katherinebodine: “I’m too sober for this.”  I’m warning you now, it’s a little angsty and smutty and definitely NSFW. Not putting a cut, since they don’t work on asks on mobile. Huge major crazy thanks to the gorgeous @piecesofscully for being a much needed beta and giving me some wonderful advice for this little smut biscuit. Enjoy.


“Shit,” Mulder muttered, sitting shell-shocked on the couch next to Scully. “What does this mean?”

“It means exactly what I said, Mulder,” she explained. “None of it is working. They’re going to have to increase the intensity of the treatments.” She pushed a heavy, somber sigh past her lips as she let her head drop to the back of her striped sofa.

“Shit,” Mulder said once again.

A heavy silence settled over them in her living room, her latest medical records littering her coffee table. “I’m too sober for this,” she whispered to the ceiling before abruptly hoisting herself up and crossing to the kitchen. She opened the freezer door and began pulling out bags of frozen vegetables and a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked.

“Scully?” Mulder called out from his spot on the couch.

Ignoring him, she continued to dig through the various items until finally her fingers closed around the ice-cold neck of a bottle hidden deep in the back of the freezer. She shut the door without bothering to put the food back; instead she opened a cabinet and grabbed two shot glasses before making her way back to the couch where Mulder sat staring at her, confusion and curiosity obvious on the planes of his face.

She set the shot glasses side by side and unscrewed the bottle of Stolichnaya, slapped the cap on the table and poured two perfect shots, not spilling a drop. She silently handed one to Mulder and immediately put the other to her lips, the vodka burning a smooth path past her tongue, down her throat and settling hotly in her stomach. Beside her, she heard Mulder mumble a quiet “vashe zdorovie” before he followed suit. Before she can stop it, a laugh bubbles up from within and escapes, loudly piercing the silence that hung thick and oppressively.

Mulder stifled a cough as he swallowed the clear liquor. “What?”

“Do you realize what you just said, Mulder? Vashe zdorovie. To your health. How apropos.”

Mulder had no response, instead his gaze stayed glued to hers and she refused to look away.

“They’re going to have to increase the dose of Temozolomide. That coupled with more radiation…I’m going to get sicker, Mulder.”

He held her stare for a moment longer before reaching for the bottle and sloppily pouring two more shots, overflowing the liquor onto the coffee table.

“Dammit, Mulder, don’t waste it.” She chided and used her fingers to wipe up the spilt alcohol before sliding those fingers between her lips. “I don’t have much left.”

They took their shots and Mulder placed his glass back on the table while Scully played with hers in her hand, rolling it absent mindedly between her palms. Mulder wouldn’t take his eyes off her and she could only guess as to the reason why.

Fear, she realized with a start.  She could read fear deep within those hazel orbs, but there was something else that lingered around the edges.  Was that arousal as he watched her throw back shots like a pro?  Was he cementing her image into his memory for when the time comes that she won’t be around anymore?  

“When do your treatments start back up again?”

“I have a week.” Her vision clouded as the tears began to well in her eyes. Taking a shuddering breath, she put her glass down and reached for the bottle, once more pouring two perfect shots. She handed Mulder his shot and stared into hers. “One vomit and misery free week before it all starts over again.” She spoke into her glass.

She felt a sob building in her chest, threatening to break free, and stopped it’s escape by quickly slamming the vodka down her throat.  She turned back to Mulder in time to see him drain his shot as well. He leaned forward, his elbows resting on his knees, while his shot glass dangled lifelessly from his fingers. The sadness that was emanating from him was palpable leading her to feel as if she were dancing with her own misery, and another mirthless laugh bubbled up as she mentally admonished herself for allowing her mind to wax so poetic.

Slowly, she slid her fingers down the length of his arm, feeling the sinew of his muscular forearms, tracing and cataloging the bones as she made her way to his fingers, whispering their names as she moved, “Radial Styloid Process. Trapezium. Metacarpal.” She reached the smooth, wet surface of the glass and wrapped her fingers around it, and removed it from his grasp. The heat of his eyes singed her with every move she made, his fiery gaze setting her own skin ablaze. She liked it.

She took another perfectly poured shot and placed the shot glass back in his grasp before throwing her head back and swallowing her own. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, observing the quickened breaths and tipsy droop of his eyelids as he continued to watch her. The alcohol coursing through his system made itself known when he attempted to blindly knock back his shot, his aim sloppy as only half of the drink made it into his mouth, the rest streaming off his chin and down his neck.

Giving her second guesses and hesitations a well deserved night off, she leaned over him without warning and mopped up the dripping liquid from his neck with her tongue, tracing his jugular up to his ear where she whispered softly, “Don’t waste it, Mulder.”

Mulder gasped, sucking in a giant mouthful of air before grabbing her by the chin and facing her so he could look her in the eye. “What are you doing, Scully?” He whispered back.

She held his eyes for a beat before responding, “I’m tired of feeling bad, Mulder. Just for once, I don’t want to think. I don’t want to over analyze my actions, I don’t want to think about tomorrow, I don’t want to prepare for sickness. I just want to be here, right now. I want to feel good tonight, Mulder. With you.”

She watched as his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed, his eyes as wide as the possibilities before him. He took the shot glass from her hands and placed it with his on the coffee table and reached for the bottle of Stoli, intending to pour them each one last drink, but there was only enough left for one full shot.

“Do you want to share it?” he asked, his voice thick.

“No,” she answered before quickly grabbing the shot and tilting it up to her lips. Acting quickly, he lunged forward before she could swallow and pressed his mouth to hers, his hand at the back of her neck, vodka dripping from between their lips.

Lust and drunkenness grew in tandem as her tongue slid wetly against his, their hands grabbing, caressing, squeezing. She pulled away from his lips to drag messy kisses across his jaw and down to the crook of his neck while simultaneously dragging her fingernails against the rough ridge of denim below his belt. Mulder hissed a sharp breath through his teeth, roughly grabbing her hands and holding them off of him. He locked drunken eyes with hers before pushing one solid kiss against her forehead where the tumor pressed insistently from the other side. He put his mouth against her ear and whispered, “I want to make you feel good, Scully. So good.”

She arched into him in response and he answered with a quick bite to her earlobe, her earring clinking against his teeth, her skin tingling and burning as he pushed his hands underneath her sweater, pressing against the warmth of her flat abdomen. He took hold of her waist and yanked until she lay flat on the couch, her legs splaying as he positioned himself between them. She grasped the hem of her sweater and impatiently pulled it over her head, tossing the garment behind her before reaching behind her back to unclasp her bra. Mulder stopped her, however, by roughly grabbing the cups of her bra and shoving them down underneath her breasts. She closed her eyes and braced herself for the feeling of his tongue making contact with her fevered skin, but after a moment of waiting with no resolution she opened her eyes. She found him mere inches away from the stiffness of her nipple, eyes closed, breathing. She could feel his expelled air caressing her thirsty skin.

She whimpered in impatience, desperate for him to kiss her, lick her, suck her tit into his mouth, but he stayed there breathing her in, inhaling and exhaling against her. As she dug shaky fingers into his chestnut hair, desperate  to pull him closer,  the tip of his tongue quickly flicked at her nipple. A primal moan slipped from her lips as he took it into his mouth, sending jolts of pleasure to rush from her breasts to her clit. Her pitch and her back raised as he blew cold air onto her nipples before roughly unbuttoning her slacks and ripping them and her soaked painties from her legs.

He eased himself between her legs, draping her knees over his shoulders,  before taking  a long, slow lick up through her lips to her clit. Her hips bucked, pressing her pussy into his face at the contact.

“Oh my God,” she breathed as she threw an arm over her face.

He groaned in agreement, his tongue busy slowly circling her clitoris. He pushed her hips down into the couch so he could move lower, roughly shoving the thickness of his tongue as far into her as he could. She opened her eyes when she felt him remove a hand from her hip and nearly cried out when she saw that he had taken himself out of his jeans, hard and straining, and was roughly stroking the fevered flesh in time with his tongue fucking her, his nose bumping her swollen clit with each thrust.

“Jesus, Mulder!”  

Every inch of her was involuntarily moving and she had no hope of staying still. Her head thrashed back and forth. Her hands had dropped to her breasts and they began rubbing and pinching her nipples, seemingly with a mind of their own. Her hips were brazenly grinding into Mulder’s face, her arousal coating his chin. Her thighs were clenching around his head, her toes curling against the t-shirt draping his back.

She couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to. She could feel it starting deep in her abdomen, the pleasure coiling in the pit of her gut, the tingling shooting up her legs, the euphoria building and building as he pressed the flat of his tongue against her clit before sucking the bundle between his lips. She reached down and wound her fingers through his sweaty strands of hair and yanked his face into her and somewhere amidst the rushing in her head she heard him moan, the sound traveling into her body.

And she was gone. Every muscle in her body seemed to contract at once. She shook and screamed as the pure holy bliss of her orgasm washed over her, baptizing her in pleasure. She smiled and laughed as the contractions refused to stop and looked down to find him smiling at her from between her quaking legs, pressing sloppy kisses against the inside of her thigh.

“God, Mulder, I can’t feel my legs.”

He slid both hands down the expanse of her legs to her ankles and back to the insides of her thighs. “That’s funny. I can feel them just fine.” The smile that graced his face when she laughed was more beautiful to her than anything she could think of in recent history. “What else would make you feel good, Scully?”

She let her gaze slide down his body to his erect cock, standing straight against his abdomen, dripping with need. She sat up and pushed him slightly away from her so she could swing her leg from behind him. She turned away and got on her knees, dropping her head to lay on her arms, thrusting her ass into the air.

“Fuck me, Mulder. You fucking me would make me feel very good.”

He pressed himself against her and it was his turn to wind his fingers through her hair. Giving her a head a slight yank he leaned down and pressed his mouth against her ear as he pushed his cock inside her.

“Then get ready, Scully. We have a whole week ahead of us.”

Got7 Reaction to -You Stealing Their Hoodies


Requests are open!

Mark/Jackson- they would love it. Like 99% of the reason they buy so many hoodies is so you can steal them and walk around in them cause it makes them so proud that you are wearing their clothes. They would love it when you wear just their way too big hoodie and nothing else and they would come up behind you and run their hand up the back or you legs and whisper something dirty in your ear okay this is a fact they are dirty boys.

Jaebum- This would be his favorite look on you but also he would hate it cause you would look so cute in his hoodie all snuggled up on the couch with your legs bare and just being cosy and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from coming over and pulling you onto his lap and running his hands over your legs and then up under the hem of the hoodie and letting his hand rest on your hips and pull you closer so he could rest his head on your shoulder on kiss your neck oh my gosh i want to so bad now guys.

Jinyoung- I feel like he would like it but not nearly as much as the others. Like he would let you take ONE hoodie and keep it as yours for yourself and try to be like ‘it doesn’t affect me at all’ but secretly he gets smug cause yeah that’s his girl wearing his hoodie and he is kind of possessive about it? Yeah.


BamBam- Oh man this kid let me tell you. He would be like ‘jagi you can’t steal my clothes’ but then you would whip around and smack him with the sleeves cause they are too long on you and he would be so surprised and you’d be sassy and say “yeah but it looks better on me bam right?” and pout and that would be it he would dead cause he wouldn’t be able to resist you pouting and then he would whisper something under his breath like “yeah but it looks even better off” and you’d have to smack him okay.

Yugyeom- He would be somewhere in between BamBam and JB with his love hate for him. Like he would love seeing you in anything of his cause that’s his baby and he lives for it but also he doesn’t like when people take him things cause he is kind of a child okay but you would get to be the exception to this because you look so good in his huge hoodie that goes down to your knees cause that kid is a GIANT.

Reading is one of the main things I do. Reading is everything. Reading makes me feel I’ve accomplished something, learned something, become a better person. Reading makes me smarter. Reading gives me something to talk about later on. Reading is the unbelievably healthy way my attention deficit disorder medicates itself. Reading is escape, and the opposite of escape; it’s a way to make contact with reality after a day of making things up, and it’s a way of making contact with someone else’s imagination after a day that’s all too real. Reading is grist. Reading is bliss.
—  I Feel Bad About My Neck.
Molded for each other.

Pairing: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, violence, more violence, smut (NSFW).

P.S: Thoughts are in italic.

Gifs by @grungedaddykinks and @mypapawinchester

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

It’s been about 2 hours that you’re on top of Sanctuary looking around, people working, walkers on the gates… normal life on theses days. Suddenly you can hear the door open and closing and when you look behind you see Negan, he put Lucille aside the door and came close and hug you.

“Why I always get a feeling that you come here to run out of me?” He says while kisses your neck. “Or just want to commit suicide and abandon me?”

“Yes, cause the less painful way to die is cracking all my bones” you say sarcastically as always looking him on the corner of yours eyes.

He laughs, that maniacal/sexy laugh that’s a essence of him. 3 minutes passed while the two of you look around. Just breathing a little and enjoying the sun getting ready do dusk.

“Would you call me crazy if I tell you that I prefer the world in that way?” You say cracking the silence.

“Yeah, I fucking would” He looks at you with frowned brows.

“Is just… I mean of course have a lot of issues and in the start was a completely hell. But "normal life” was cliche, going to school, working, finding someone, marrying, having kids and blah blah. And I always thought that 95% of the people was never happy, like they just existed, not lived. And now we fight but at least people don’t act like they want to win a trophy for ‘The Best Friend’, is just more natural now. The planet isn’t dying like before, without wars or discrimination. And less buildings, less pollution. The planet is breathing again, after a long time. Actually I think all the walkers will serve as a good fertilizer one day.“ You say so deep in your thoughts.

"Wow, I forget how freaky-deaky that pretty lilttle head of yours can be” He says moving his hand to put a bit of hair behind your ear.

“Come on, think about it, before was boring, now we feel the adrenaline all the time” you say looking around, sort relieved.

“Y/N Y/L/N you’re something else” He says while incline his back.

“Says the man who maniacally kill people with a bat”  you tease him, giving a wink, Damn is nice play with danger.

“Do you want it to get personal hun? It might not end pretty way for you” Negan say while getting close to your soft lips, Feeling his breathing on your lips, and the heartbeat increasing, he might be able to hear it.

When things were getting closer to a kiss, Dwight open the door of the old fabric penthouse.

“Boss, sorry but we have a little problem” Dwight say with a worried expression.

“Is better be more than little for you cut my moment with that pretty ass freaky minded one” Negan say looking over Dwight with a annoyed face and next look at you showing that wonderful grin of him.

“A group that we get stuffs collected. Marcel called me on the radio saying that they’re coming with guns, three trucks and even a tank” Dwight say desperately looking at both of you, he was pretty scared, actually you though you never saw Dwight like that. It might be a big group coming.

Negan expression change in the moment, What was happening? Which group is that one?

“Get all the Saviors and heavy guns we have, and let’s put some charge in that shit” Negan says looking at you and going after Dwight, you didn’t know what to do, actually you got worried. A tank? They can blow it here, which group can it be? Not Alexandria, or Hilltop even less The Kingdom. But I know Negan has plenty places to get people to work for him you thought.

While you were lost in thoughts you heard Negan calling “Y/N, don’t worry I will fix that shit up. Isn’t the first group of fucker whose think it can change the new world” you give him a nod.

“Come with me, let’s get ready for put these idiots in place” Negan say with a annoyed place. More a day trying to put some control he thought.

You go to his room and get ready, got the small knife putting on the right boot, and the big one on the belt and your colt python putting the bullets inside, and a couple extra on the belt side. Whatever is going to happen, you need to get ready.

Negan get his radio asking for some of the Saviors how was everything. How close they were.

“Boss, I can see they coming in the front side. 3 trucks and a tank” Michael said in the radio, and in his voice he was scared.

“Chill your ass Tiny-Mike, I will put these fuckers on place. Call all the Saviors and tell them to find me on the front” Negan say and after turning off the radio he got out of the room and you followed him. When he see you following he stopped and says “What you think you doing Y/N?”

“Hmm, going with you?!”

“Na-ah you’re not going, is to dangerous out there, those fuckers don’t have love to they fucked up life’s anymore. You stay here and when I got back we can do whatever you want”

“Don’t act like I can’t protect myself, you’re the one that call me 'Feisty Badass’ for a reason. I’m going and have no way you’re not allowing me” you say determinedly looking into his hazel eyes, he put his hand on his salt and pepper beard looking frustrated. Probably knowing that’s no chance you are not going.

“Okay doll, you go too, but do not show mercy with them. They screw with and my men, and I smash they brain” When he say that, you can feel chills running up your spine, you know what Negan is capable. Everybody knows.

All the Saviors are ready and waiting for the “rebels ones”. Simon with a group on the front, Thomaz with a group on the left side, Richard with the right one and Sean on the back side. Meaning, the Sanctuary is ready for anything.

On outside, the sky was a mixture of orange with pink, The Saviors with all the Sanctuary ammo and ready. Negan look around with Lucille lazily on his broad shoulders. His bite his bottom lip a moment and look at the Saviors and turn around to give you a wink.

“They are here boss” Michael told Negan, and Negan wave at Arat and Dwight for the typical “put back the order”.

You all can hear the trucks coming and the load and powerful sound of the tank. When suddenly you hear a exploding sound coming of the tank hitting the left side of the Sanctuary, the explosion wasn’t big because it didn’t blow everything just a tiny part, and you actually are glad for that, for the result is a old one.

Negan make the signal to let the Saviors know that is to start the fire. Everyone start shooting and Negan walks closely, and see that the rebels was getting easily “removed”, Sean and his group get into the woods and attacked them from behind, killing most of the men and women there. Of 3 trucks and 1 tank with 25 people now have only 7. You run in direction to the tank but carefully to not let them know you’re going there when you got closely enough you get a grenade and display the safety and tosses it down the barrel of a tank. When you throw it inside, you hear screaming coming of inside of it, and you see a man trying to open above it to get out but the grenade explode in the exact hour. Even in that world and after everything you had to do to survive, It always get you sad when you kill someone.

Suddenly you feel someone holding your waist, and with a hand on your mouth. You freak out , didn’t know who is it, when you hear “Stop with that, it will only got worse” and then you feel his face on your neck where he lick it and say “Hmmm, I know you, you’re Y/N. Negan favorite little toy right? Well he screw my life, now he will feel the same feeling” you get so desperate that start jumping and trying to kick him. “We will get out of here right now, and you better stop” in middle of the desperation you realise if he is with both hands on your body, he is not holding any gun, you bite his hand and kick his right knee, turn around and put the gun on his face, he start to laugh and you see that his face is burned in the right side, like Dwight. Was him from here?

The guy start to laugh, and you can’t hold yourself but punch him. You tell him to walk on front, and you both walk back where Negan are, the gun never leaving his head.

When you get back you hear Negan asking Arat where are you, then you yell to let he see you.

“Holy smoke, look at this, my ex favorite ass Savior. Robbie the robber, I didn’t knew you was with that group. That’s a surprise since you help killing they friends once” Negan say looking him up and down. “Go to the lineup you fucker” when Simon get his left arm to put him on his knees, you clean your neck with a bandana that is always in the pocket of your pants. Negan eyes on seeing what you’re doing  "You’re okay? What happened over there? Why you wasn’t fucking here? Y/N you need to stay in a place that I can fucking see you.“

"I saw a opportunity and since we don’t need more broken pieces here, I went to blow the tank”

“Blow the tank?” He ask while looking for the tank.

“Yes, I put a grenade inside it and I kill the men inside, I think it had at least 2.” You say putting the bandana back on your pocket.

“Damn doll, I think I might just have a boner after hearing that. But I have some things to do now. You can get inside, all under my control now” he says pointing to the old fabric.

“No, I want to see you kill that fucker.” You say and nod your head towards 'Robbie the Robber’.

“What, what did that bad-made-fuck did?” Negan say getting pissed.

“He hold me and tried to sequester me, and in mean while he licked my neck.” You can feel Negan face burning when he got to the lineup. You following him to see what was about to happen.

Five guys on the lineup, Robbie there never leaving his eyes of you. The others look like they’re pissing they pants. Some of the Saviors around, other making sure to shoot the head of the “fresh dead” and getting a few ones to put on the gates before they wake up (in a dead way).

“Hot diggity dog, look at these ungrateful asses. Me and my men keep you fuckers safe and you piece of shit just threaten me and my people? Not cool.” Negan says walking through them. Now that is darker, Dwight and Thomaz turn on the cars headlights. You start having flashbacks, when you first met Negan, in the lineup. You instantly shake your head to forget these memories. You love Negan, but it wasn’t like that always.

“You know what Robbie? Universe gives you a sign, and you just shove your finger right up its ass. You’re a little coward” Negan get down to hold Robbie face on his hands. “You were one of my trust’s ones, and when I caught you hooking up with one of my wives, that was a grave no no. But I didn’t killed you, of course I made a badass mark that screw your sexual life forever, but .. either way I was pretty merciful. And you, you prick just run away. Was that all about hun Robbie? Running and find some group to try attack my Sanctuary? My house? My men? My wife?!” Negan eyes went dark when he mention you, one the things you more love about him, is the way he hates when man get advance with woman. And in that case, of his woman.

Negan get up and look at all of their faces “Now I think I might just smash your stupid heads with Lucille. She is fucking thirst. I mean, I think you prick’s remember how dirty she is. She is a vampire bat. Let’s start it” when he beat the first one, he beat it hard. The guys aside crying and praying, but Robbie was still looking at you like you was dinner.

“Well, that one was good. Had a long time I didn’t do it. My baby Lucille is very fucking happy right now.” He says with that maniacal smile. “But do I kill you two?” And then the guys start to cry and ask him for mercy, telling that they’ll do whatever Negan wants. “Hell yeah, you will. So hear me now you fuckers. You will go back to your little happy group, and tell them to not try play the hero’s.” They shake their heads desperately nodding, and even when you look away to make sure all is safe, You can feel Robbie eyes burning on your body. Negan go to Robbie and put Lucille on his face, Robbie look at him slowly with a grin on his face.

“Robbie Robbie, let me ask you something. You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick name Robbie the Robber who thought he knew shit but didn’t know shit? And is a ungrateful ass? Well you piece of shit, it’s you and guess what, coming here thinking you have any power, and I don’t like it. And I do not appreciate you killing my men. And I DO NOT APPRECIATE YOU HOLDING MY WIFE TRYING DO SOMETHING WITH HER” Negan punch him in the same side you did earlier. Robbie start to bleed and spit on the floor some blood. And look at you again. Negan get his face on his hands and make him look at him. “Don’t be rude asshole. Say sorry to her now!”

“Why would I? She is just some other pussy for you fuck when you’re feeling into the mood. She is not special, actually she is, if she was here when I still worked for you, Fuck… I would had shoved my dick into her cunt untill she bleeds. You got luck with that hot one, I mean Sherry is hot” Robbie says looking over Dwight giving a wink; “But that one?! She is hotter. What her name? Number 7? Number 8?” Negan punch him again and again.

“STOP” You scream making Negan stop and looking behind him, he face confused. “Let me smash his head” Negan realized you is referring to Lucille, he look at her and then at Robbie who was with a swollen face and blood coming out through his nose and mouth.

“Damn it, of course you can my doll. Hot diggity dog. Look at her everybody, she is just insane as me”. You give a small smile, but your eyes fixed on Robbie. You got closer to him, got Lucille and Negan step back. “Any last words you fucker?” You say playing Lucille carefully knowing that if you broke her Negan would be beyond angry.

“Just to tell you’re damn stupid if you think he loves you, trust me you would be better with me.” You laugh and look to the sky, “Seriously, that is the last line of your miserable life? Well, that’s just… It makes me sad… I mean, you should say something with more impact. Not a phrase that makes you seems more pathetic that you already seems. Come on, a second chance, you can do better than that”

“Fuck you, you cunt” You laugh while shakes your head “Fuck, you’re shit at dying, you know that?” And then you bring Lucille over his head, is such a powerful feeling. You get why Negan do it, she is heavy but, you feel like a heroine. When all you can see is blood and smashed pieces of what was a brain, you stop look at your side seeing the others guys looking at you with so much fear, the fear that they have of Negan.

You feel more flashbacks, flashbacks when you saw Negan killing your friends, and now you’re killing somebody friend in the same way. You get out of the though’s when you feel Lucille getting away of your right hand, you look around to see Negan with a happy and surprised face. “Damn, that’s is a big turn on. Hot damnit”. You let a shy smile.

“Okay fuckers, take a picture of that. And throw the body to the walkers.” Thomaz and Sean got the body. “Simon, Arat, make sure those fuckers go home safely, and well… make sure both of them let the others know exactly what happens with who messes with me, with us” he winks at you. Damn, you was kinda in shock but Negan is a sexy man. The sexier man alive in your view actually.

“Well, I will take a shower.” You say realising that’s blood everywhere on your shirt and a bit on your pants.

“I fucking want to join you doll. But I need see how it’s where those fuckers with a tank shoot. I don’t think it did some big damage, but I need to check it.” You nod and he got closer to kiss your forehead. Was that real? Negan showing a cute affection demonstration in public, you feel butterflies. When you turn around, you can feel his gaze on your hips and ass.

After some time, after a hot relaxing shower. Negan come to your room, he probably had a shower too, cause he is clean and without Lucille. “Why you aren’t on my room?” His says when he saw you picking some comfy clothes to sleep.

“I didn’t know if you want spend some time with one of the girls. And I definitely didn’t want to open the door and have a surprise.” You say without looking at him, disarming the gun and putting it on the small closet.

“What? Y/N after the hardening cock show you did out there, I think I couldn’t fuck any one else but you” he says getting closely to hug you, you move to get out of his grasp.

“Wow, you’re a real life gentleman” Negan realize your sarcastically mood.

“What? What you’re bitching about?”

“Nothing Negan, forget it” You say looking around the room to avoid his eyes. Those sexy eyes.

“No, tell me what’s wrong? Is because of that bastard? Cause come one darlin’ he deserved it”

“Is just… he sort had a point” You say while play with you hair.

“In exactly fuckin’ what ?”

“That I’m ‘just another pussy for you to fuck’” You say looking in his eyes.

“Seriously? That’s why you’re acting like that?” He says with a annoyed look; “Listen doll, you know you’re special to me” when he say that getting close to hold your cheeks on his hands, you got away of his grasp.

“Yes, cause this isn’t definitely something someone told to get laid before” You say rolling your eyes.

“Listen, I know the liars assholes you had deal with, but I’m a man of my fucking word darlin’. And if I say that you’re special is because you fucking are. Do you understand?” Negan say coming close to your body. The heat coming from him make you feel relaxed yet tense.

You nod, but wasn’t 100% sure about that; ‘Come on I don’t care if the world is shit and have corpses walking around eating people; Is hard see someone you love with someone else, fuck especially with a group of “someone else’s” ’ you thought.

“I don’t think you do” Negan say holding your hips and looking into your eyes “Let me show you how much especial you’re to me baby” he says quite on your ear, that sexy deep voice of his, anyone could get in the mood just hearing it.

“Show me” Was all it takes to he grab your hand and lead you two to his room. When got there he waste no time closing the door and coming back to you, to your lips, his kisses, damm it. So deep and sweet, and the way he suck your lower lip make your knees weak; and you know how weak he gets when you bite lightly his lips, so you start playing that tease game too. After some minutes of kisses you two sit on the couch, your legs kneeling in the side of his hips and your mouths working together like the were molded for it.

“Baby, is about you, get off your clothes and get to bed” Negan says with a voice of predator while kisses your neck.

“Take them off to me” You say putting your face in front of his to watch his pupils dilated with lust.

His eyes wild with desire, he take the end of your shirt putting out, while Negan see your bra he cup his hands around the fabric, while look up at you and start kissing the part above your beautiful breasts. You instantly start to grind your hips on his lap, needing some friction of that Greek god on this apocalyptic world.

“I love those, are one of my fucking favorites doll. But I prefer you without it” and then he unclasped it taking them slowly of your shoulders, watching how your hard nipples look already just for him. Negan let it fell and instantly get your right nipple on his mouth, sucking so lightly and sexy, is like he isn’t rushing anything. He wants you to feel it all. Want to prove a point to you.

“Oh Negan, oh baby” You says while putting your hand on the back of his head massaging it knowing that he loves it. He finish the right one to go for the left doing the same thing, but that time he is biting lightly while move your hips on his lap.

He stop his track on your breasts to start on your neck, while kissing it he see that have a part that It’s sort red and swollen. “What is that?” He says worried.

You put your hand on your neck, the part where “Robbie the robber” had licked, you forgot how hard it was trying to cleaning it at the hardest you could.

“Hmm, is because I wash it harshly, is where that guy licked”

“Son of bitch, I’m glad that bastard is dead. By the way well fucking done baby” he says kissing it, “I’m the one that can kiss here, and every-fucking-where on that hot ass body” he says kissing it while gripping your breasts on both hands, then you feel his hands going off your breasts to go to your hair, pulling it aside to have more space.

“Let’s go to bed, it need to be romantic tonight, other day we can do some foreplay over here” he smirk, knowing the effect it has on you when you remember one day the two of you were over here doing some “hot stuffs” when Simon came in and saw and you got really shy about it. And couldn’t face Simon for 2 weeks.

When you was starting to get up from his lap he shake his head “No no no, let me” then he lift you by my your thighs and walk through his bed. Is always pleasant lay on his bed, that bed is like a cloud. Is a luxurious that is rare on these days.

Negan start to taking of his jacket when you got up, get on your knees on the bed “Let me” and with his eyes locked on yours, you take it off letting hit the floor, then drag your fingers up and down on his biceps, analyzing the tattoos, passing your hands on his chest feeling it clench under the white shirt. Damn. That man was made by God on hands.

You take off his shirt and start to kiss his neck and his chest, you got the belt and start taking it off. You let it fell and start kissing his hip bone. And start kissing until get in the boxer line. He lift your chin carefully up like you was made by glass and with that sexy voice says “No darlin’, is for you remember?” And then you got to met his lips, he kiss you, more lustful that time, you two get in the bed and start making out, his colossal hands going through your hips, abdomen, breasts and going down again going to lift your ass making you grind in his fresh erection.

He stop, get your face on his hands and kiss you softly, when he get out to breath he look in your eyes “I fucking love you doll, don’t let any motherfucker or motherfucking thing change your mind about that.” You nod getting his face on your hands, his salt and pepper beard tickling lightly your hands, and since you whole body is relaxed it makes goosebumps. Negan start to kiss your nose, your forehead, your cheeks looking in your eyes again. Then he start kissing your temple, your jawline, and then neck and collarbone.

“Oh daddy” you let it out while feeling his hot wet kisses on your sweet spot.

“Yes darling?!” He say and you can feel his smiling on you neck between kisses when you called him that pet name.

“Please, do something” you say while grinding into his boxer looking for friction. And you felt it, his already hard as rock.

“I’m already doing it doll” he kisses between your breast.

“Quit teasing me Daddy” you say letting your head fell back on the pillow.

Negan kiss your body moving lower, he stop and kiss your hips biting it softly both of them. He take out your short shorts and drag it out of your fresh shaved legs, he kiss you from your toes to the legs until he reach your thighs biting and making hickies on it. When he get to your panties he look up and say “Goddamn darlin’, that’s a heavenly fucking view. If I get to chose how I’ll die, I would definitely pick that fucking view.” His words make shivers run up your spine. 'How can he be that hot?!’ You thought and somehow you think he can hear it since he smirks.

Suddenly he put his hand on your left leg, lifting up putting it on his back, and then you feel he licking your wet folds outside the thin red pantie. He licked it over and over, slowly his beautiful lips press on your clit, your back arch with that sensation. He take your leg off his shoulder and then he gets the sides of the pantie and put it out of you, you look at him with desire wanting to have him inside you already.

Negan look at your beautiful pussy and let a moan with some line like “Holy fuck”, you aren’t sure since you’re desperate for him. He kiss above your clit, kiss your folds, kiss close to your entrance, kiss everywhere but your clit. Then he bring his long finger and put one inside you and start kissing your clit, then he insert a second finger and start moving it faster and you instantly grab your breast trying to make it even better, you start grinding on the bed and Negan left arm grab your hips making you unable to move. When you thought it wasn’t getting any better he put a third finger there you moan loudly at the sensation, he keep moving inside you, then he curled it, and you can feel a burning sensation on your lower belly, a fire. “Fuck doll, I can feel you about to come, just the way you’re squeezing my fuckin’ fingers” he saying practically moaning, kissing your clit harshly. And all that sensations and that deep voice was enough to send you over the edge. Yours hips bucking up still being holding by his arm as you feel the wave go through your body, you put your hands on his beautiful hair, squeezing it lightly. When you calmed down a little you look down looking at Negan while he suck his fingers.

He got up kissing your body again until he reach your upper lip kissing it softly. You moan and put your hands on his neck putting his face towards you, you two make out and then you move and now you’re on top of him. He look at you, massage your sides with his hands up and down your hips and go to you breasts, he get up and kiss your lips again, you got lost in the kiss that you didn’t even realised he move you again and he is above you. He start kiss your neck, your face, your temple and over and over, you can feel you become wetter and needy for him. He drag his hand to your ass cheek and turn your body, now you’re laying on your stomach. Negan start kissing behind your neck, going down, he get on your ass cheeks and start kissing it and biting lightly, while he kiss one he put his hand on the other massaging it and giving some slaps on it and then massaging again. “Ahh” you let as a moan when you feel the slap. He keep working there, and then he get higher, kissing your lower back licking, kissing, biting, sucking. The sensations burning in you. Then he get higher and get on your ear “Damn it darlin’, your body is a fucking masterpiece. Fuck I could worship you all day long”, then he get your hair and pull it making you getting up putting your head on his solid body, you moan and he moan back. You can feel his cock grinding on your butt cheeks. Damn it.

Negan moved you, now you’re on your left side and Negan on his right, you kiss him and go kiss his neck, you see a opportunity and start pumping his cock up and down slowly making him moan on your mouth. He is so hard that is almost painful for him. You let a little giggle on his neck licking and biting it.

“Enough, I can’t cum without making you cum again.” He says grabbing your hand of off his marvelous cock.

“What a gentleman” You say the second time in that day.

“For the right one I can fucking be baby girl” he say giving a sexy grin.

Then he kiss you and put you closely to his body, you can feel his erection on your thigh and you moan immediately. You can’t get any longer without feeling him inside you.

Then he put your right leg upper his hips and positioned himself inside you, you two look at each other eyes, Negan kiss you lustful and put his hands in your back pulling you even closer to him, like he never want you to let go. You put your arms around him, one under him and holding his left shoulder, and the other on his ribs massaging it. He guide himself inside you slowly, strengthening every inch, he moan on your mouth and stop kissing to close his eyes, probably lost in the pleasure of your bodies becoming one.

When he get all in, he start slamming into you. You can feel his thick, long cock hitting places you didn’t know it has, maybe on that position it make it deeper.

After kisses, trusts, you can feel the pleasure building again, that time harder and even better, your walls start to get tight around him and it makes him getting almost there too.

When you come around his cock moaning on his mouth he open he eyes to watch your face, your face that is overflowing with pleasure because of him. He put you on your back and trust a feel more times riding your orgasm. Then you put your legs around his lower back, putting him even closer. Then with all the pression and pleasure he feel his orgasm going to hit and you feel another wave hitting you, a smaller that time, but still good.

He get his cock out of your pussy and cum on your stomach, getting a bit on your breasts. He lie in your side, both of you tired mess after that great feeling.

“Holy fuck, that was hot as fuck. I mean I never made that position before, I thought that shit was cheesy. But fuck, I think I cum so hard on that way, like that fucking grenade you throw on the fucking tank earlier.” You giggle after hearing his language. You found sexy but funny sometimes.

He get up and you see him going to his bathroom to get a wet towel. 'Look at that ass’ you thought. When he come back he see you with your legs in a knee position moving it lightly, happy after what just had happened; 'She is so motherfucking cute. Hot damm it’ he thought. He gets into you and clean you up, then he went to his bathroom and throw the tower somewhere.

He get back and lay on the massive bed. “Goddamn baby, I know we just have a great ass time, but seeing you with all my cum on that beautiful body, fuck. I can feel my dick rising like the fucking sun” He says with a stupid smile on his face. “But I thought it had more on your titties” you look at him with a grin, and in the most sexual way you could find you say “It has” then he make a surprise face “Damn darlin’, you can fucking show me it later”.

You get up, to get his shirt and your pantie putting on your body “Am i going to sleep here?” You ask hoping he say yes.

“Hell fucking yes you will. Get you beautiful ass over here” you get into the bed, laying on his chest, he caress your hair and you fell asleep.

Holy shit, we were made for each other Negan thought drifting to sleep. Was a hard day with some rebels, but now laying in his bed in security and with his favorite fucking person in the world in his chest. Robbie the shitty robber wasn’t right no fuckin’ at all, she is not another pussy. She is my love. Negan thought giving a lightly kiss on your head and drifting to sleep.


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Justin Is Stressed Out- (Requested) Blurb

Aw so when justin is stressed the only person who can help is you, like he could be on tour and scooter would ask what’s up with him and he’d reply something like “I just need (Y/N) here right now” or “I need to hear her voice”. Or if he just got home from an interview that went wrong or something or there’s something bad in the media about him or the paps had caused a scene and made him lose control, he’d come home and you’d ask him was he ok without saying a word he would like literally just pull you in for a hug and he’d have his head in your neck and you’d instantly feel his body relax . He’d open up to you about anything and in interviews he’d be like “when I’m at my lowest (Y/N)’s there for me she gets me through everything and I don’t know where I’d be without her” You would always try and do things to distract him when you knew he was stressed, you guys would spend the day cuddling, hiking, or spending the day with jazzy and jaxon and your siblings, soon after he’d have that famous smile back and he’d lean in and kiss you “Sweetheart you’re my angel you get me through everything” he’d say taking your hand in his.

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• liam and hayden break up (i’d say because they have 0 chemistry but ?? )

• liams kind of devastated because his first love didn’t last and he’s kind of mopey and dramatic about it.

• mason is doing an internship and he’s focusing on school and liam really doesn’t want to bother him with it so liams like.,..u know who i can go to!!

- not yet at least

• he goes to theo whose working construction or something and they just click because it’s not awkward at all.

• they go out to cheap diners, see cheesy werewolf movies and sometimes theo helps liam with homework or werewolf stuff but liams chalking up to being bro’s you know, broooo’s

• theo is like “dude wtf how don’t u notice this” because what kind of bro’s share fries and dip it in milkshakes? and go see movies all the time?? and how does liam not notice the fact that theo is ALWAYS TOUCHING HIM??

• liams on theos bed in theo’s flat and theos reading his english essay about an experience in his life and liams kind of unsure about letting him read it but he trusts theo a lot and they’ve come along way.

• “you’ve wrote sad about thirteen times. there are other words to use, you know?”
• “hey, shutup! repetition is a well known english technique.”
• “you wrote ‘it made me sad, the whole thing was sad.’ i think they get the point.”

• liam gets embarrassed and takes it away whilst theo laughs and stands up. he drops down on the bed next to liam who sits up and faces him.

• “that memory is weak and you know it. pick a moment that changed you, something you still think about.”

• liams quiet for a minute or two in which theo stares at his neck, imagining things he shouldn’t.

• “when you sacrificed yourself for me,” liam whispers “it changed a lot of things. my opinion on bad and good. redemption. my feelings towards you.”

• theo states at liam for a whole five seconds before he pushes forward and presses his lips to liams.

• liams shocked and pulls back but quickly pulls theo in for another kiss and puts both hands on the side of his face. it’s harsh and awkward and fast and he can’t even imagine how he’d not done this before.

• they brofist when they pull apart.

• they decide they’re going to start dating but keep it a secret so liam leaves lacrose practice early so theo can drive him to wherever without anyone noticing. they do all the same stuff but they make out a lot more and one day liam decides he’s going to give theo a blowjob in a cinema bathroom because he can do that now.

• eventually mason finds them making out in the changing rooms, after school is over and mason just grins and nods in respect. he talks with liam about sexuality and boys later on and he’s willing to give theo a shot if liam is.

• mason tells corey accidentally and he tells hayden whose pissed. she doesn’t get why liam would like theo and liam shouts at her. it’s really bad, they end up not talking for months.

• scott finds out and doesn’t say much. he seems mad but he tells theo not to fuck this good thing he’s got because scott believes in second chances but not thirds.

• stiles is so fucking snarky and try’s to act like an angry dad. liams not bothered until lydia joins in and tells theo off like an angry mother. liams okay with lydia being protective and thanks her but stiles gets a stiff middle finger in return.

• theo deals with it all like a champ but he will not see malia. he WILL NOT, I repeat, see malia.

• malia punches theo. liam knows he deserves it but can’t help but fuss over him later.

• they kiss for the first time in front of everyone accidentally when they’re supposed to meet up at deatons for information on a witch in beacon hills.

• everyone sees them laughing and scrapping and kissing and acting like in love idiots and they all realise that these two are for real. stiles is the first to go “aw that’s kind of sickenly cute.”

• eventually theo is welcomed enough to cheer on for liam at games. when liam assists in a winning pass theo goes down and bro fists him.

• mason grins.

• “intense.”


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requested?: yes!

summary: okay, maybe falling in love with a fuck buddy isn’t a good idea, but michael does it anyway.

word count: 2,001

warnings: smut. really BAD smut. this is my first time doing it so it just feels awkward to me i dont know uhhhh

There’s something about the way his skin encompasses yours as you both lose yourself in your rendezvous. When he’s kissing down your neck and his hands are gripping at your waist and you’re certain you’re going to get bruises, you’re still so lost in him and it’s clear that he’s driving you crazy.

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Sorry patching a wound with warren

it’s all good! it’s just that i don’t want to forget the prompt if i don’t get to a drabble request way after i reblog the prompts

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He hates that you are so fucking good at what you do, it just gives him another reason to get huffy because he got into the bar fight because of you in the first place. Warren does not want your lecture on getting into fights or your narrative on what you’re stitching up this time around.

“You know, Warren, there’s this thing called picking your battles. You don’t need to fight every single guy in the bar. It’s kind of a buzz kill.”

Warren snorts and then winces when you dab the antiseptic soap with a cloth onto the large cut on his side. He’s pretty sure that was from a broken bottle but it could have also been a pocket knife. 

“It’s a buzz kill when they think they can flirt with you right in front of me.”

“Warren, babe. You can’t just beat them to a pulp- you’re lucky the cut isn’t deep. No stitches tonight.”

He looks down at you, watching you cover up the cut with gauze, your fingers lingering just a little longer on his torso, gliding over the countless other scars from his time in Germany, counting each one that you touched just barely. Warren might not actually mind another lecture if you keep touching him like that.

“I don’t know about lucky. I like it when you’re my nurse.”

“First of all, mister Worthington, nurses can’t give stitches. Secondly, you’re lucky I don’t kick your ass for scaring me. No more fights.”

Warren grins at you, cupping your cheeks and pressing his forehead against yours, his nose bumping against your in the process. He can feel the shaky breath you let out and how you step closer toward him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Can’t promise you that.”

“You’re a jackass, Warren.”

New One - part 3 - Enoch O'Connor imagine

a/n: so hi i like continuing this lil bean called enoch imagine ahsjdhfjshfj uhhhh anyways so here is part 3 ayyyyye i love enoch so much you can’t even imagine, and i LOVE finlay god that babe

characters: mphfpc movie!enoch o'connor x reader, and all the other peculiar children plus jacob portman

warnings: ehh… none :) but as always, the characters’ ages are accurate except enoch who is as old as he was portrayed in the mphfpc movie

y/n and enoch. those two. 

they had been spending too much time together for anyone to comprehend. mis peregrine was, of course, delighted that enoch had found someone he had opened up to. and she was relieved that y/n finally had peace here. she had noticed the young telekinetic girl wasn’t nervous or bad-like giddy-ish like she was when she first came, continuing until her and enoch…. made themselves official. 

miss peregrine had never seen enoch smile. from the day he had came to cairnholm, enoch had never smiled or shown any type of joy to her or anybody else. sarcastic comments and hateful glares or long silences were always his way to show he was among the peculiar children. somehow they got along with enoch, but he didn’t care. 

y/n had been encouraging him to talk more and not be so unsocial with others and it somehow worked. everyone wondered how it could be - they thought nobody could break enoch’s sour look on life. y/n was proud of herself for being the one to change enoch. well, not exactly him, but his attitude. 

they fit together so perfectly - heads always close, whispering to each other and giggling. they were constantly spending time together, and they spent more time outside, y/n actually brought enoch along to the daily walk. rarely were the lovebirds alone. they looked very lovely at every given moment, everyone was happy for them. 

y/n and enoch were now sitting under a tree fiona grew out especially for them. y/n was laying between enoch’s legs with her back against his chest and a book in her hands. she held it out for the both of them to read. it was john green’s paper towns.

“why have you underlined that sentence there?” enoch asked, disturbing the - perhaps - silence.

y/n eyes wondered down to where the boy’s slender finger was pointing. “well, i like that quote.”

“why?” he questioned. “can you read it out for me?”

“okay.” y/n cleared her throat. “…leaving feels good and pure only when you leave something important, something that mattered to you. pulling life out by the roots. but you can’t do that until your life has grown roots.

encoh hummed. “it does sound nice.” he went silent, he was thinking. y/n waited. “does it mean anything to you?”

“uhm…” y/n paused. “it could, but does it?”

“you mean…?”

“well, i left my parents in my old life when i came, remember?” y/n said, looking at enoch with her head tilted backwards. he nodded. “well, that kind of feels like a grown root now. so, i left them there. or they brought me here, i don’t know.”

“so, you find that quote very much alike your situation? now or before?” enoch questioned. now y/n nodded. “does it make you sad? thinking about your parents and your old life?”

“mm.” y/n hummed. “sometimes.” she turned around, putting down the book. she rested her arms on enoch’s chest, her hands on the back of his neck. y/n looked into the boy’s eyes. “i miss them sometimes, you know.” she said and traced along his sweater neck line with her index finger. 

enoch started to feel bad for he brought up the subject about her parents and her old life. he immediately regretted his words and wanted to say something to mend the situation, but y/n was faster than him in that way and spoke up first.

“but then i realise…” she traced her finger up enoch’s neck and face, stopping at his cheek, “i have you.” y/n smiled. “so i stop missing my old life. and focus on what’s happening here.” she shimmied her body up enoch’s chest a little to reach his face and connected their lips. 

the boy smiled. he was the person that made y/n forget about missing her previous life. and that made enoch happy. 

he pulled himself and y/n down on the soft grass and kissed her deeper. enoch thought he could change things up a bit and reached his hands down to y/n’s waist, beneath her shirt. she looked at him with slightly worried but wild eyes and leaned down and kissed his lips. 

enoch’s fingers started dancing quickly against y/n’s soft skin which created ticklish movements. y/n cut her lips off enoch’s and started giggling. the boy smiled at her and only quickened and hardened his hand movements.

“e-enoch, i can’t-” she tried to say, but couldn’t as the touches were way too ticklish. her giggles turned into hysterical, lovely laughs and then tears of joy. “p-please, sto-”

“i see we’re interrupting something.” the two teens heard a voice coming from a meter or two in distance of them. y/n rolled off enoch’s lap and they both looked at who it was.

emma was standing between bushes, but she wasn’t alone. besides her was a boy in 21st century clothes with a confused look on his face. y/n jumped up on her feet, evening out her white skater skirt. she took enoch’s arm and nudged him up. soon, two teenagers were facing two teenagers. 

“n-no, you weren’t.” y/n said, a giggle escaping her lips after. enoch stood behind her, hardly keeping a serious face with having the urge to laugh. she took enoch’s hand in hers behind her body to calm him down. “so, is there someone you need to introduce us with?”

“uh… yeah.” emma paused. “this is…”

“jacob portman.” the boy spoke up. he looked around enoch’s and y/n’s age but he had the look on his face that he didn’t understand where he was or what was happening. but… he looked like he was from y/n’s past life’s time. there were features in his style that told y/n he was from the 21st century, and she had never seen him in her life. y/n’s eyes sparkled. someone from then, the future.

“he’s abraham portman’s grandson.” emma said. “jacob, this is enoch and y/n.”

“hi.” y/n waved at the boy and smiled while enoch did nothing but pat his foot against the grass, waiting for the introduction to end. 

“wh-what are your peculiarities?” jacob asked. y/n was surprised he would want to know and know that they were peculiar, but she thought she could show him. 

y/n looked at the book on the ground and waved it up in the air, making it float around her and enoch’s heads and stop in front of them.

“wow.” jacob breathed out. “you’re… telekinetic.”

“yes, just like you thought you were at the pub.” emma said with a chuckle. y/n ignored the inside joke and took the book in her hands. she looked over at enoch - he had a bored expression on his face and he was avoiding anyone’s gaze.

“and what can… he do?” jacob asked, referring to enoch.

“make things alive again.” y/n said for she felt enoch didn’t want to say anything himself. “it’s better with smaller beings, tho.”

“oh.” jacob sighed. “okay.”

“well, this has been good.” emma said. “but me and jacob have to go now, he has to meet miss peregrine.”

y/n nodded. “off you go, then.” 

emma and jacob walked past them to get to the house. jacob had a curious look flying everywhere, including y/n and enoch together. who was he? what was he doing here? why was he here? who was abraham portman? why did jacob portman look like he was from the 21st century? why was he here now?

when they left, y/n turned around to enoch. “what is it?” she placed her hand over his cheek, making enoch look in her eyes for a short moment, then he looked back down. “hm?”

enoch groaned quietly.

“enoch.” y/n dragged out his name to get him to talk. “why’d you get so quiet suddenly?”

enoch sighed. “i don’t like that jacob guy.”

“why? do you know him?”

“i just-” enoch sighed again. “he’s like his grandfather, he will leave and break everyone’s heart - except mine and probably yours - eventually, so, i already know what’s gonna happen. i save myself a heartbreak.” 

“how do you know that?”

“miss peregrine knew he would come.” enoch replied. “she knew he was born and she knew he was like us, too.” 

“she knows everything.”

“that’s right.” enoch agreed. “and i hope she knows what he’ll do.”

“could you tell me about his grandpa sometime later?”


claire came running to the couple and tugged at y/n’s hand. “miss peregrine says there’s lunch in five minutes, you have to come. we have a visitor!” claire was smiling.

“wonderful.” y/n said, caressing claire’s cheek. “we’ll be there on time, i promise.” claire nodded with a smile and ran off. 

enoch turned around to check if they had anything to leave here and y/n took his arm.

“be nice, love.” she said to enoch. he groaned. “please. you don’t want to leave a bad impression on the guest.”

“i don’t care what kind of impression i leave on him.” enoch stated. y/n rolled her eyes.

“please, enoch.” she said. “could you at least try?” she begged. “i’ll give you a treat later if you will be polite.” y/n smirked.

“what kind of treat?” enoch looked at her. y/n chuckled.

“you’ll see.” she pointed her finger at him. “if you behave.” y/n, standing afar from enoch, stretched out her hand for him to take. enoch sighed, but gave in. he grinned.

“alright, i’ll try.” enoch said and took y/n’s hand, being pulled towards his girl and the children’s home.

Don’t fall in love with people like me. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. I will kiss you, make you feel like you’re the best person I’ve ever met. Sometimes I will sleep beside you so you can never forget the smell of my skin on you. I will do new things with you and everytime you do this things again you will think of me. At nights I will scrape my teeth against your neck, whisper sweet nothings in your ear and we will lay in bed and talk about how bad it is to be us. You will say “you look like art” and I will respond “but babe, I act like a hurricane” and you won’t believe me. But 3 months later you will lay in bed with the smell of my skin on your t-shirt which I always wore and the thought of dead in your head. So please, don’t fall in love with me cause I always set people on fire and leave them to burn and I definitely don’t deserve such a person like you cause I’m a nightmare and you’re a daydream and we don’t match together.

Wait For Me: Young!Remus Lupin x Reader // Part Two

Request:  Could you please write a fanfic about remus being a mess bc of the full moon (totally nervous/moody before and injured/tired after) and the reader being worried and comforting him? lots of fluff but kinda in sad way.

A/N: Okay, so, I might have gone just a bit over board with this one…

This is part two, and the final part of Wait For Me. I apologize for taking so long to get this up. It was supposed to go up, like, five-ish days ago but it was written so half-assed that I didn’t want to put it up. I still don’t think it’s my greatest work, it could totally be written better but I feel like this was the best I could do right now. (I’ve been writing this part for over a week, help me.)

Enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 2700 (Yeah…I know.)

Warnings: Fluff, Angst

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It’s Complicated - Theo Raeken

Summary: Based of one of my favorite songs Bad Things by MGK ft. Camila Cabello. Takes place during season 6.

Theo Raeken x Reader

Word Count: 2,976

Author’s Note: Second imagine! Wooo! I was never really a Theo girl. I couldn’t understand the appeal since he was evil. But I love this song and I thought it’d be great for Theo. I know the song is called Bad Things, but it could have easily been called it’s complicated. Also, I’m still not 100% sure what Cody’s eye color is. It looks blueish but sorta greenish. Idk. If you know, tell me please. 

It’s late but it’s still Teen Wolf Tuesday

P.S. Some of the words are lyrics to the song. I wish I could take credit, then I could pay off some of this college debt. In other words, I don’t own them.

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Mrs. Douglas was going on about some science experiment she was going to have the class do. But you were too busy staring out the window to pay attention. There was going to be a full moon tonight. Which meant another night you were going to wolf-out. It’s been 3 months since Theo got dragged to wherever the hell he was, which meant it was going to be the 3rd time you’d get chained up at Lydia’s lake house. Theo was your anchor, and with him gone you had no one to think of to calm you.

Some would say you were out of your mind to be in love with Theo Raeken. Some being Stiles. You couldn’t really explained why you fell for the original chimera.

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The Sun and The Stars {4}

Previous parts:  Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Word count: 2971

Warnings: mild violence, angsty at the end. Sorry for the wait!! It’s been a crazy couple of days but I finally finished another part. More to come soon!

Originally posted by its-buckyy

Your room went empty most nights. You tended to crawl into Bucky’s bed where his welcoming arms would come around you and the two of you would fall into nightmare-less sleep wrapped up in each other and as the days passed, you could see Bucky opening up to you more, joking and poking fun at you as you became more comfortable at the compound. You spent your time mostly with him but occasionally you would hang out with Sam and Steve while Bucky went elsewhere, no doubt to do his own training session.

You’d also been hanging out with Wanda, studying each other’s powers. Her red tendrils of smoky power were different from yours; you had a much more fluid motion to the way your power moved and it turned out that Bucky was right about you being more powerful than her, although she was close. You had a lot of fun sparring with her, pushing each other to the limit but the fights always ended the same way: with you as the winner. 

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Loving all of you (Jungkook) (Semi-M)

♢ Pairing:
Jungkook x Reader

♢ Word count: 2.1k

♢ Genre: Fluff, semi-smut but not completely

   ⌲ Description: Jungkook decided one morning to tell you how much he appreciates and love you. 


Brown eyes sprung open both in surprise and fright, at the bright and wincing sound of the alarm on her phone ringing. Groaning, Y/N stretched over towards the desk and tried to focus her blurry vision on the time.  

6 a.m. 

Trying not to groan again she still managed to throw off the warm comforter around her body, and quickly glanced to the right side of her bed, only to frown. It was empty. That was weird. Jungkook hadn’t told her about any early schedules today, so she expected to wake up in his strong embrace like normal. Shrugging off her confusion, Y/N picked up her thick morning robe from the floor, and wrapped it around her freezing body. Which was only clad in a short, silky night gown she usually slept in. The weather was still relatively hot around midday, but early in the morning it was way too cold. Shielding another yawn escaping from her mouth, she blinked tiredly and slipped on her fluffy slippers and made her way out of the bedroom and down the hallway. She heard some clinging from the kitchen and thought nothing of it. It was probably just one of her parents getting a glass of water or something, before going back to sleep. She was always the one first awake on weekdays. The courtesy of a high school senior.  Continuing into the bathroom and looking into the mirror, she grimaced.  

“Ew, I look like death,” she muttered in disgust and even wrinkled her nose at the morning breath coming out of her own mouth. 

Splashing some cold water over her face and drying off, Y/N brushed her teeth thoroughly, and rinsed before picking up the hairbrush and smoothing out the annoying knots that somehow magically appeared during the night. Satisfied with her look, she ran her fingers through her shoulder length hair one last time and walked back out and into the room. Shedding off her robe and nightgown, she didn’t waste to put on some underwear and a sports bra. Because Mondays sucked and she didn’t have the patience to wear a normal one. Standing in front of her vanity table, Y/N tilted her head to the side and contemplated between make-up or not. Quickly making up her mind, she shrugged casually and decided she was too lazy today. Not even thinking twice, had she picked out a pair of fitting sweatpants that were both comfortable and looked acceptable enough to use in public. As she pulled them up her legs, she felt eyes gazing to her form, and glanced to the doorway with the side of her mouth tilting up.  

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