i feel as though they would be the best brother and sister duo

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9 and 14 with James, maybe the reader is James's younger sister. Bonus: she's been secretly dating Sirius? Love ur fics btw I'm honestly just in awe everytkme I read something u written

I actually don’t like the way this one ended, but it has to end this way, due to the prompts, and it’s 3am and i’m weak. btw this is the longest prompt i’ve ever written, it’s 8 pages long and 2650 words. lol. 

9. “You hurt her, I stab you, okay?” and 14. “Take a deep breath and please calm the fuck down.”

Falling for your brother’s best friend was, perhaps, one of the biggest cliché’s in cliché history. It’s the type of cliché that is recycled as the plot of (most) erotic romance novels for bored, middle-aged witches. And as much as you hated cliché’s, it was your reality.

It started in your fifth year, in the Astronomy tower while a rowdy, victory party raged below you. An innocent kiss, which had led to a passionate make out session, which evolved into a heated shag against the wall, rushed and sweaty and delicious.

Of course, the guilt had harassed you every time you and Sirius met up. But you couldn’t resist him, and it suddenly wasn’t just about the sex anymore. It was secret dates in Hogsmeade and nights spent inside a make-shift pillow fort, sipping fire whiskey and talking about the future. It was cuddles and forehead kisses and tickle wars and picnics beside the Black Lake. He held you like a promise of protection, and Sirius never broke his promises.

It was… beautiful.  

The fear of getting caught intesified, however, when Sirius moved in, because it wasn’t just James anymore, it was your father, too. Father and son are very much alike, much to your dismay. But, for some odd reason, the risk makes everything more exciting.

Just thinking about the nights you spent, tangled with Sirius in an ocean of white sheets and earth-shattering pleasure makes you feel light-headed, and you squeeze your thighs together, the delicious ache between your legs Sirius had left intensifying. His body hovering over you, skin against skin, his lips spilling over your neck, his hands mapping out your curves, pushing in and pulling out rough and hard and fast

“Good morning, Lulu,” James greets, his childhood nickname for you on his grin. You dispel the images of the previous night as James bends down and kisses the crown of your head. You throw an orange at your affectionate brother and it hits the back of his head. “That’s rude.”

“Well, I am a Potter,” you remark, taking a bite of your pancake.  

“That, you are.”

“Though mummy could have had a steamy, summer love affair with some hunky, young muggle called…Steven”

“Why Steven?” James asks, popping a piece of bacon into his mouth and chewing languidly.

“I don’t know,” you remark, “it was the first name that came to mind…”

“Well, you’re not naming my child,” James remarks, piling his plate with bacon and egg.

“It’s not as bad as – I don’t know – Harry,” you retort, leaning across the table and stabbing a piece of fruit with your fork.

“That’s a fucking awful name,” James cringes, “I quite like the name Elvendork. It’s unisex and very practical…”

“That’s not a name!” you exclaim, “That’s just sounds smashed together.”

Just as you say it, Sirius Black enters the kitchen, the scent of his cologne infusing the air around you. Your heart dances like leaves caught in a summer breeze.

“Morning Prongs,” Sirius nods, before taking a seat beside you, “Morning Minnie.” Your nickname on his lips makes your heart melt through your ribs and pool somewhere in your panties. 

“Mornin’ Padfoot,” James mumbles through a mouthful of food, oblivious to your blushing cheeks, “Wouldcha pass the waffles?”

Sirius grabs the plate of waffles and leans across the table, dropping them in front of James. His arm grazes against yours as he does so, and it leaves invisible scorch marks on your skin.

“So, whats the plan for today?” Sirius asks as he begins to fill his plate with food.

“Well, Moony and Wormtail are coming by today,” James remarks, taking a sip of coffee, “And I think we were going to have a game of Quidditch.”

“Excellent,” Sirius grins, delightedly.

“As long as I’m not on the same team as boof head here, then I’m in,” you quip, tossing a nod in James’ direction.

“Come on, (Y/N),” James whines, “We’re the unstoppable duo. What would Godric Gryffindor say if he knew his star seeker refuses to get along with her Captain?”

“I think he would agree with me once he learned how much of a competitive asshole you are,” you drawl. Sirius snorts, and something about his approval makes your heart swell with pride.

“I’m just passionate.”

“You’re just fanatical,” you snip, “It’s bloody embarrassing.”

“Don’t be afraid to tell us how you really feel,” James drawls, though the corners of his lips are pinched in a loose grin.

“This is somewhat awkward,” Sirius confesses, “Especially when the salt is sitting in the middle of your upcoming family lawsuit.”

“You’ll get use to our bickering,” you smile, passing him the salt “If I don’t stab him with my fork first…”

“Regs – I mean – Regulus and I used to argue all the time…”

You and James shared a furtive glance as Sirius talk a bite out of his toast, his gaze boring holes into the butter dish. Silence hung over the breakfast table, filled only with the scraping of cutlery and the crunch of toast and bacon. An urge to take Sirius’ hand under the table overwhelms you, and you place a hand over his. Sirius shoots you a grateful glance, eyes brimming with grey melancholy.

“Anyway, Pads” James says, his voice rippling through the silence. You jerk your hand away from Sirius, “What do you think of the name Elevendork?”

“Ah, good name. It’s unisex,” Sirius grins and you face palm.

Neither of you are naming my child,” you grumble, and hearty laughter bubbles in the air.

“Alright, that’s it, I’m having a break,” you announce, throwing your broomstick on your shoulder and pacing away. James zooms down and staggers to the ground, his hair windswept and eyes bright.

“Potters don’t have breaks,” James snaps, chasing after you, “Come on, team Potter is on a winning streak.”

“James, you are pathetic,” you drawl, “I’m starving and I have to pee.”

“Yeah, Prongs, it’s not as though this is the Quidditch World Cup,” Remus adds, catching up to the two of you, “It’s your backyard for Merlin’s sake.”

“It’s still Quidditch,” James snips, causing both you and Remus to roll your eyes.

This is why I’m not on the Gryffindor Quidditch team,” Remus mumbles, stabbing a thumb in James’ direction. You stifle a snigger.

“Giving up already?” Sirius calls after you, “We’re just getting started.”

“No wonder you’re playing so poorly,” you remark, spinning around to face him and walking backwards, “Honestly, my grandmother could play better than you and she’s dead.”

Remus barks a laugh and awards you with a fist pump.

“Aw, that’s cute,” Sirius grins, jogging up beside you. “Pretending to act like you weren’t distracted out there is so sweet.”

Heat tickles your cheeks and you spin around, curtaining your blushing cheeks with your hair. “What are you talking about?”

“Yeah, what are you talking about, Pads?” James inquires, brow raised suspiciously.

“I’m just saying, there were plenty of opportunities for Minnie to catch the snitch, yet she seemed…distracted.”

Sirius was right. Your focus had been lingering between Sirius and the lean muscles flexing beneath his Quidditch shirt. Sirius seemed to be giving you a knowing grin and you averted your gaze, staring at the ground.

“Hey, can you guys wait up,” a flustered Peter pants, trailing behind the four of you.

“Sorry, Wormy,” James drops his pace, walking beside Peter while you and Remus walk ahead. Sirius sends you a flirtatious wink before joining Peter and James, and your cheeks flare as you and Remus pace toward your house.

“You know I hate to say it but…Sirius is right,” Remus mumbles.

“I wasn’t distracted,” you say, brashly, “I was just waiting for the right opportunity.”

“Uh-huh,” Remus nods, “Like how you’re ‘waiting for the right opportunity’ to tell James about you and Sirius.” You gape at Remus and the sandy-haired boy chortles, shaking his head, “I may hang around idiots but that doesn’t mean that I am one…”

“How long have you known?” you ask, fiddling with the hem of your shirt.

“That doesn’t matter,” Remus smiles, batting the question away as though it had materialized in front of him, “What matters is that you’re honest about your feelings. For James’ sake.”

You sigh, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, “You’re right. Dammit, Remus, I hate it when you’re right.”

“I know,” Remus grins, proudly, “You also love it, though.”

You shake your head and jab him playfully in the ribs, “Yeah. I do.”

Remus and Peter had left after dinner, but the formers words hadn’t left you at all. He was right, after all. You have to be honest and clear. It’s the least James deserves.  

Swinging on the swing strung on the large sycamore tree behind your house, you feel the summer breeze tickle your cheeks and filter through your hair as you try to figure out what to say. A lot had happened on this swing, which was large enough to occupy two people. But this was your spot of thought and contemplation.

Before you can string together a proper sentence, however, you hear familiar footsteps approach you, and then his voice fills the night air.

“Looks like you could use some company…”  

You regard him over your shoulder, “What makes you think I’ll want yours, Sirius Black?”

Sirius sinks into spot beside you. “Don’t know, really. I just have this gut feeling that you do.”

You laugh, trying to ignore the heat radiating from Sirius onto you. Your bare thigh brushes against his, igniting sparks beneath your skin.

“Is it the same gut feeling that lands you in detention all the time?” you quip. Sirius chortles.

“Nah,” he murmurs after a beat of silence, “It’s better.”

You feel his gaze sweep over you and you suddenly feel self-conscious of every centimeter of skin on your body. You wish you had chosen a prettier sundress, or slapped on more make-up.

“What is it like?” you whisper, daring to look into Sirius’ eyes.

Sirius raises a hand and tucks a strand of hair behind your ear. His fingers trace your jaw and travel down your neck, wrapping around your pulse point. “It’s like…fireworks or Butterflies, flying in formation. And it always happens when I’m around you.”

“Sirius…” you whisper, “we have to tell James.”

Sirius nods, his thumb gently dragging across your throat. “I know.”

You see the guilt flicker across his handsome features, and something chews away in your chest. This is just as hard for him as it is for you, you can tell. But if James truly loves both of you, he will understand that this is so much more than chemical lust. It’s love. Strange and magical and beautiful. It’s you and Sirius, sitting on your swing, bathing in moonlight and basking in the glow of one million stars.  

Leaning forward, you press your lips to Sirius in a languid kiss, your lips whispering how much you love him. Sirius kisses back, his other hand moving to cup your cheek before wrapping around tendrils of your hair. It’s not the first time you’ve kissed him, but every time your lips meet, it’s like he’s igniting every dying star inside your soul, sparking every flame into a wild fire, and he burns but you love it.

When you break away, Sirius plants a tender kiss to your forehead and you rest your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapping around you protectively. Both of you fail to notice that you’re no longer alone, and it’s only when someone clears their throat that the two of you leap apart, jumping from the swing and spinning around.

“By all means, snog in front of me like I don’t exist,” James drawls, his face contorted into what looks like a cringe and a grimace. But there’s a fire in his eyes that is only lit by rage, and it swallows you up in hazel flames.

James,” You murmur, “Please, listen to me…”

“My best friend is snogging my little sister and I’m supposed to just listen to you,” James growls, moving toward Sirius. Sirius steps back but James keeps charging toward him. You step between them, pushing a gentle hand against James’ chest.

“James, take a deep breath and please calm the fuck down.

“Calm down?!” James roars, “Calm down?! Are you really going to tell me that?”

“James, please.”

James’ eyes dart between the two of you before he rakes a hand through his hair.  

“My sister and my best friend,” he mutters, repeatedly, as he begins to pace back and forth. “How long? How long have you been shagging my sister?”

“It doesn’t matter, James.” Sirius says, his voice steady but his eyes pleading.

“Yes, I think it does fucking matter!” James snarls, voice venomous and low.

“No, it doesn’t. Because I love your sister, James. I love her. I always have, and I always will.” Sirius snaps, but there is no anger in his voice, “She gives me purpose and hope and I’ve never been more happy in my life. I fucking love your sister, James, and I will sell my soul for her happiness without a hint of hesitation.”

Unshed tears glisten in your eyes as you gaze at Sirius, and his hand moves to cup your own, holding it flat against his chest.

“You mean everything to me, (Y/N). I love you more than those three words could ever mean. I love you. Just you. Always you.”

“I love you too, Sirius,” you whisper, biting down on your bottom lip, “I love you so much.”

Moving toward Sirius, you throw your arms around him and capture him in a warm embrace. He buries his face in your neck and you press a gentle kiss to his neck and it’s beautiful, it’s perfect, it’s real.

And it’s in front of James.

You break apart slowly, before turning to James, whose face in unreadable. You gaze at James, begging him for his blessing, because as much as you love Sirius, James is your brother and you love him, even when you think you hate him.

“You…You love him?” James murmurs. You nod fervently and take Sirius’ hand. James’ eyes flick toward Sirius. “You love her?”

“More than anything.”

There is another still silence, in which the tension threatens to bury you alive. James’ hands tear through his hair again before a laugh of disbelief leaves his lips.

“My sister and my best friend,” he mutters, and then a flicker of a smile crosses his lips, “My sister and my best friend!”

Unbelievably, amazingly, James is grinning, and it’s such a dramatic change in mood, you have to blink several times to believe it.

“My sister and my best friend!” James steps forward and slaps a hand on Sirius shoulder, beaming at the two of you.

“So…y–you’re not mad anymore?” Sirius stammers, hardly able to believe it himself, “We’re still…friends?”

“It’s going to be…weird…and I’m still angry that you kept this a secret from me but…my sister and my best friend.” James smiles, before adding more seriously, “You hurt her, I stab you, okay?

Sirius gulps thickly, “I – er – believe you.”

James nods, before a grin tickles his lips and he beams at the two of you. You take Sirius’ hand, interlace your fingers with his, and you smile because this is okay now, no more secrecy, no more sneaking around, this is real and this is okay.

It’s cliché, but you don’t care anymore. Fuck clichés. This is love, and it’s real.

Friends fans will understand what i did there ;) also, yeah, i’m not super proud of James’ reaction in this, but it has to be this way so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

no more prompts please

the parent trap pt4 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (4/12)

Words: 1.5k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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‬"We can’t get away with that! I can’t do a British accent.“ Amelia responded, earning a scoff from Aria.

‬"We’ve still got two weeks of camp left. I cut my hair, you learn how to do my accent, which by the way I don’t have.”

‬"Charlie would never fall for it, he knows me too well.“

Aria rolled her eyes, everything Amelia responded with seemed to dismiss Aria’s idea. Aria felt heartbroken, she desperately wanted to meet her father, however due to Amelia’s dismissal of Aria’s idea, meeting her father was just a distant dream.

“It’s never usually this cold!” (Y/N) commented, pouting as she and Archie walked hand in hand through Piccadilly Circus. “I hate this breeze! London, why are you doing this to me?”

“Have I ever told you that you are out of your mind?” Archie raised his eyebrow, a playful smirk on his face.

“It’s because you have to be to fancy you.”

Archie gasped at her comment, making (Y/N) laugh at him. Even in the crowded place, the couple still got some weary glances from people passing by. Archie gazed around, trying to take in everything that went on around him. Every so often, he would be interrupted by (Y/N) moving to take a picture for a person who asked her for her help. Archie noted that despite being closed off, she would never turn down an opportunity to help someone.

‬"Amelia, tell me truthfully, do you want to do this? It’s not a matter of ‘what if someone blah blah blah’, its whether you, yourself would be willing to swap places with me.“

‪‬"Aria, I don’t know. What if our mom isn’t everything I’ve dreamed her to be?”

“Amelia, you’re acting as if I haven’t been the exact same with our father. I understand why you’re hesitating but be honest with yourself, will we ever get this chance again?“

‪‬"Alright, fine, but we tell Charlie about it!”

‪Aria grinned at her sibling, wrapping her arms around her, almost as if it was her automatic response.

‪‬Charlie gaped at the twins. He was unsure of whether they’d get away with the trade but all he wanted was to see his best friend happy, so instead of dismissing their idea, he accused them of being crazy.

‬"So what’s the plan exactly? How are you going to trade back?“

‪‬"Okay, so we haven’t thought about that part yet, Charlie, but be happy for me! I finally get to meet my mom!”

‬Archie tapped his fingers on the table as he watched Josie perform the last song he had written for them. He glanced down at her dress, wondering if (Y/N) had designed it like she had promised when they were teens, planning their futures. “In case, you’re wondering, (Y/N) did design that dress.” Kevin spoke over the music “My God, she looks stunning as ever.”

‬"It’s good, she’s doing well with the career she dreamed of doing.“ Archie nodded.

‬"If you believed she would’ve gotten where she is now, maybe you two would still be together.” Kevin patted Archie’s back. “Remember, one day, soon you’ll have to tell Amelia about why her mother left and make sure you tell her the true story.‪

‬"No, I can’t. Are you trying to get my daughter to hate me, Kevin?“

‬"In all honestly, it seems like such a childish reason for (Y/N) to leave Riverdale but we were young, she had every right to be childish. You know, Andrews, your daughter is an amazing girl and she deserves to know the true reason why she grew up without a mother. Let me tell you this now though, if you hadn’t betrayed the Jones siblings like that, maybe you would’ve gotten to see your other daughter grow up.”

‪Aria taught Amelia everything she knew about her mother, which was basically everything. Amelia listened with great intent. She didn’t want to miss anything, just in case it would come up in a future topic.

‪‬"Can I make notes?“ Amelia joked “It’s a lot of information to remember.”

‪‬Aria chuckled at Amelia and playfully hit her “It’s not like mum’s going to interrogate you about her. I’m just telling you this before you leave and go off to England.”

‬"God, Aria, we’re really risking this aren’t we?“

‬"We are but hopefully it’ll come with a better good! Maybe our parents could get back together when they see each other!”

‬(Y/N) scrunched up the paper with her sketches on the piece of paper in frustration. She couldn’t think straight for some odd reason. Jughead noticed his sister’s tension and picked up one of the many scrunched up pieces of paper from the floor and threw it at her head. “(Y/N), you need to stop stressing out. Aria will be home in two days. She’s fine.”

‬"But what if she’s not? She hasn’t written, what if she’s hurt?“

‬"Or what if she’s enjoying her time?” He leaned against her desk and looked her in the eye “You do take paranoid to the next level, don’t you?” He laughed as she playfully nudged him.

‬"I actually hate you Jug, this is why I’m the better Jones sibling.“

‬Aria entered her original cabin and was greeted with smiles. “I cannot believe they put you and Amelia in S.C. for the entire time at camp. We barely got to spend any time together!” Tara exclaimed “Are you back next year?”

‬Aria smiled at the blonde haired girl as she finished packing the stuff she had left in the cabin. “In all honesty, Tara, I’m not too sure.”

‬Charlie pushed his best friend playfully as she spoke with her new found accent. “And the Oscar goes to Amelia Andrews!”

‬"Why thank you kind sir.“ she spoke, curtsying as she did so.

‬"Amazing, your role in the parent trap was truly amazing.” Aria clapped as she approached the duo.

‪‬"The parent trap?“ Charlie gazed between the two, wanting answers immediately.

‬"Okay so it’s quite long to explain,” Aria spoke “But basically, we want our parents back together.”

‬"Oh my god, I’m best friends with a sociopath.“

‬The twins looked at each other and smirked before walking off, leaving Charlie confused to their actions. He watched as they stepped behind the oak tree that was wide enough to remove them from his sight.

(Y/N) and Archie walked through the streets of London, (Y/N)’s fingers linked with Archie’s. The streets were dark and cold but despite all that there were still multiple people out and about, trying to catch a glimpse of the sights. “D'ya know that I dreaded the move to Riverdale? I was already in high school here, I didn’t want to leave my friends, I didn’t want to leave all this.”

“And, was the move worth it in the end?”

“Of course it was! I met you, Betty and Kevin. I have the best friends I could ask for. You guys put up with Jug and I so much. I don’t know how you guys do it.”

“We’re only pretending to like you, just in case you’re royalty.” He stuck her tongue out at her, causing (Y/N) to roll her eyes. “I’m kidding, I think Betty prefers you to me and I grew up with her.”

“I’m so thankful you guys took us in, otherwise it would’ve just been Jughead and I. I couldn’t cope with being with my brother constantly. I love Jughead but god, he can be a right pain in the arse!”

“God, your accent makes me sick!” Archie commented “It’s so sickeningly stereotypical.”

‪‬“You make me sick! Like your face is sickeningly vile.” (Y/N) replied, rolling her eyes.

‪‬“Oh is it now? Guess I’ll have to leave you here all alone.”

‪‬(Y/N) pouted but then smirked, she knew the streets of London better than Archie ever could. “Fine, find your own way back home.” she commented, before breaking out into a sprint.

‪Aria and Amelia looked at each other and towards the door. It was the last time, in a while, they would be together. “Are you ready for this, Amelia?” Aria asked “Are you ready to be me?”

‪Amelia nodded, letting out a silent “I hope so.” before glancing down towards the bags by her feet.

‪‬"I can’t believe that in a matter of seconds I’ll be meeting dad!“ Aria grinned at her sister. "I’m sorry, you have to wait longer to meet mum but trust me, you will love uncle Jughead.”

‪‬The twins gave each other one last hug before stepping out the cabin. “You can do this, Amelia Andrews.” Amelia said to herself. “Two weeks will fly by.”

‪‬"Soon you will no longer be Amelia Andrews, you’ll be Aria Jones.“

‪‬"And you’ll be Amelia Andrews. Short hair suits you by the way.” Amelia winked at her sister, trying to calm her down. She could see and feel the nerves her sister was going through.

‪‬"Well, here goes nothing.“

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You can't leave Twinssuns of there!? What happened next!

His back is burning and its only the chains around his wrists that is keeping him up, strength long ago having left him between the whip ‘kissing’ his back and the choking Ventress has subjected him to.

But the fact that he can’t keep himself on his feet is adding so much strain to his lungs, arms and shoulders that his breath comes in wheezing waves. Yet Ben persists, has given her no answers to her questions as she lurked around him, switching between the whip that burns his back and the choke hold of the Force.

She’s going to change tactic soon, Ben knows it as he rests his head against his arm for a few moment, feeling the scratch of a growing beard against his skin.

He wants to shave it. He knows Cody likes it when he’s smooth faced and to be honest Ben does not want a beard.

Force his mind is swimming with the pain and he looks at Ventress when she stops in front of him, a smirk on her face. “Well little pretty Jedi?” She leered.

“…I’m on Rattatak, aren’t I?” He rasped in return, lips quirking when she jerked to in surprise. “Ah. Good to know.” He closed his eyes then gave a cry when she backhanded him, taken by surprise.

His face exploded with pain, healing bruises giving it all an extra edge.

“How do you even do that.” She hissed, grabbing him by the chin to jerk his face into position, glaring at him. “You don’t have the Force, its not precognition or a Force vision!”

Ben stared at her quietly for a few moments.

And then he opened his mouth again. “There’s going to come a time when you fail. But when you fail, Sidious will discard you and your master will have no choice. You get abandoned again… and you will look for revenge… and that will be your last act along with the nightsisters.”

The two stared at each other, Ventress pale eyes slowly growing wider and wider for each word before narrowing.

Ben knew the outcome before she dropped his chin, the matching bloom of pain crossing his other cheek and he could taste blood in his mouth.

“Liar.” She hissed, fear coating her words.

Swallowing iron and saliva, Ben wondered how pretty he’d be by the end of this. He hoped Cody wouldn’t mind the scars…


“Rattatak?” Anakin frowned at the brown and red planet they were approaching before looking at their informant on the holo disk. “You’re sure.”

“Yes master Jedi. Asajj Ventress was positively gleeful in her report, Yan Dooku gave your brother over to her to…encourage any secrets he knew to be voiced.” The robed creature offered though Anakin was pretty sure it was a human of some kind. The voice modulator and hood however kept any defining features from being exposed. “If my guess is correct, you will find him in castle Ventress.”

“She has a castle…great.” Anakin groaned.

“Its her main base of operation. The people of Rattatak worship her for building it ontop the rubble of war. Be careful master Jedi.” The holo cut out and Anakin gritted his teeth before looking over at Jocasta and Qui-Gon, both master’s having followed the conversation quietly. “Now what?”

“No we get down to the planet and search for Ben.” Qui-Gon rumbled.

“Can you feel him?” Jocasta questioned quietly.

Anakin’s leg gave a little jump and then he focused back on the planet. “I feel pain.” He offered darkly.

“…We’ll take a shuttle down, whatever else, we need to be discreet and not alert Ventress to our presence until we know where Ben is and can extract him.” Qui-Gon rumbled. “It means only a small team.”

He could feel more then he saw the vods tense up around them, knowing that the word small team meant that not everyone could go rescue Ben.

And the vods did so adore Ben.

“Sirs…” Captain Rex started slowly.

“I’m sorry Rex but only a small team. This will be a stealth mission, a direct assault will not save Knight Skywalker.” Qui-Gon continued. “We have a shuttle in the bay that is of a smuggler variety that will bring us down. It means we will have to go in disguise.” A reluctant smile quirked Qui-Gon’s lips. “Been a while since I pretended to be a smuggler.”

“I’ll be captain.” Jocasta said firmly and went to get ready while Qui-Gon turned to Anakin.

“A small team, make your pick wisely Anakin.. The shuttle takes an eight man crew. We need one spot for Ben, so four troopers.”

Anakin nodded sharply and turned back to Rex.

“Cody and Snow would kill me if I didn’t go. And we should bring Kix.” The captain offered.

“…We need Kix.” Anakin agreed quietly.


They really did need Kix.

Ben was pale s a ghost, every freckle on his face standing out as he hung limp in the chains that held his hands over his head. Anakin hurried to his brother, taking in the blood that coated Ben’s tunic and down his leggings. “Ben…” He whispered cupping the others bloody chin and tapping his cheek to try and wake him.

No reaction except for shallow breathing.

Kix, who had gone around the back, hissed sharply at the bloody mess that was the Jedi’s back. “I don’t think I can treat that here. We need to get him up to the Resolute.” He pulled out several bandages. “Best I can do is give him a shot of antibiotics and painkillers and steam the bleeding with bandages for now.” He set to work, hands working quickly as the rest of the group kept an eye on the hallway in case guards or Ventress came to check.

“Come on Ben…please.” Anakin whispered.

Still no reaction.

It would not be the first time Anakin had carried Ben but never this injured. He looked to Rex to have the man help him get the other Jedi lose from the chains, capturing Ben against his body. Jocasta took a moment to stroke the redheads cheek before they were off, moving quietly through the halls of Ventress domain.

Of course no plan can go exactly as planned.

“Well well well, I knew there were rats on the planet, I had no idea they were in my walls.” Ventress smirked at them from the end of the hall, flanked by magna guards. “And isn’t it Skywalker the older duo. Perhaps I can add your eye this time to my collection of your brothers teeth?” She swished her blades.

Anakin’s blood boiled at the implication.

“Anakin…stay with Ben.” Qui-Gon said quietly, pulling his own lightsaber of the belt of his smuggler disguise. “Hello sister padawan.”

“Qui-Gon Jinn…well then this is going to be fun.” She laughed only to yelp when Jocasta pounced, Ben’s master lightsaber meeting the sith’s furiously.

Jocasta Nu was not a happy Jedi.

Imagine being an angel undercover

Simon reunites with his friend after a long time who is unsettled with his new status.

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You dug your hands in your coat as you quickly moved down the street and away from the Hunters Moon when someone caught your arm. You spun around to see Simon who was followed by a vampire and a wolf.
“It is you!” Simon said.
“…Simon. You said lightly.
“Where have you been? You’ve just went totally MIA.”
“Sorry, I had matters to attend to…Simon you’re…” You trailed off looking him up and down.
“Yeah, it’s a long story, Clary decided-”
Clarissa did this to you?” You said startled.
“Yeah, very long story.” Simon shook his head.

Raphael and Maia looked at one another before back at you in suspicion.
“You know what he is?” Maia asked. You looked at her silently nodding as you tucked your hair behind your ear. You looked visibly uncomfortable. “Simon, you’re too far away.” You said before quickly turning away.
“Hey wait!” Simon caught your arm again. “What’s going on?“
You snatched your arm away and quickly walked away creating further distance by moving into a light jog, your hands dug into your pockets.

The cool air swept your hair off your shoulders as you looked onto the distance where the calm sea looked oddly sinister. What would have made it beautiful was if the moon was able to break through the clouds and reflect onto the waters but it didn’t, making the water seem unforgivably cruel and dark.

“It’s difficult to comprehend the concept of time here, is it not?” You said turning to be met with Ithuriel, his wings folding in slightly from their outspread position.
“You will learn.” Ithuriel smiled. “We have no time where we are, yet time never ends here.”
“You’d think it was easier…we are always watching. Collectively we know everything that happens in the shadow world. You never informed me to Simon and Clarissa.”
“A lack of knowledge of events is not always a failure (Y/N). You did not need to know about such things. You should be investigating that institute and the downworlds actions.” Ithuriel reminded you.
“Raziel…he suspects something may be coming.” You said, however it was clear it was a guess.
“Raziel keeps to himself, you know this. It’s simply a perfect opportunity for you to learn what it means to be an angel. He asked you to do this specifically because he knows you are the best candidate.”
“I begin to feel guilt Ithuriel.” You said with a hint of sadness revealing some insecurity. “Clarissa’s friend thinks of me as a friend, but i am not honest with him and it was a task for me to befriend him. He doesn’t know my true intention.”
Ithuriel nodded in understanding, he had seen this before. Angels often showed little emotion but they felt more than a human ever could - more than anything ever could.  “I understand, but angels are nothing but a footprint in the sand here.”
“…I do not understand.”
“All life is sand, angels make a footprint in few of them, but as the water comes along with the wind and time, the footprint is washed away. Simon Lewis’ life had you in it for a moment, but the day approaches that he’ll never see you again and it is likely in the future…he won’t remember who you are.”
“What does Raziel want me to do?” You said finally.
“The institute is holding a meeting with various members of the downworld, leaders for better phrasing. He wants you to have a look around, be our eyes.” You nodded. “Then i can come back?”
“Then you may come back.” Ithuriel promised. His wings suddenly extended as he leapt up and soared into the skies above into white light.

Your attention was caught by a little girl who hadn’t noticed you. She was gawking up at the sky, small hands pressed against her window. You focused on her. “Mommy! Mommy!” The little girl cried. “There’s a shooting star!”
“Sweetheart, it’s late! Go to sleep!” a feminine voice called back. You smiled as you no longer focused on them and their voices faded to silence.
When focusing on New York it was like a million different voices speaking at once. When desired it could be split into various catergories; the shadow world or the human world, perhaps even a specific species such as vampires or warlocks. However the shadow world, was much quieter than the human one since it was hidden. Every now and then, an angel would have to report on the latest happenings.

Raphael narrowed his gaze on you making Merliorn frown in confusion and follow his gaze.
“Why are they here?” Raphael said lowly. You were leaning on a pillar in the corner of the room, wearing the same clothes you were wearing on his previous encounter with you. The duo continued to watch you as no one interacted with you. They all just walked by seemingly oblivious to your presence. Raphael pulled Isabelle from Sebastian, Meliorn in tow. This gained Alec’s attention who moved to his sisters side. 
“Who is that?” Raphael asked sending a pointed look to you in the corner. Isabelle and Alec turned. 
“I…I don’t know.” Alec said slowly as Magnus moved to Alec’s side looking over at you. 
“Isn’t that Simon’s mundane friend?” Isabelle’s faced contorted into confusion.
“What the hell is a mundane doing in here!?” Alec demanded to no one in particular.
“Relax, brother of mine.” Isabelle placed a hand on her brothers arm. “We’ve got this.” She said looking at Raphael and Meliorn. 

Isabelle,Meliorn and Raphael moved forward to approach you, catching your eye. You pushed yourself off the wall and headed towards the exit. 
“They intend to leave.” Meliorn said sharply.
“Not that easily.” Isabelle sped up making you go into a light jog.

They got outside to find you gone. 
“They went this way.” Raphael said taking a left and Isabelle and Meliorn followed. 
Raphael lead them to a clearing where you stood looking up at the sky. You didn’t seem to notice them. You crouched down low before leaping up into the air, white wings extended from your back and you hovered for a moment. White light twisted through the clouds as though unable to actually break through them. With great speed you ascended toward the light before you were gone.
“No way…” Isabelle breathed. “We didn’t just…”
Meliorn and Raphael couldn’t find any words, they simply stared.

1500 Followers DRABBLES ❈

Masterlist for the sibling!reader drabbles I wrote for my 1500 followers celebration!

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The prompt list I used

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Fic gift for  @sleepismyspirit as part of the PJO Discord Server Valentines Day gift exchange. Sorry, this is really late. I admit I’m at fault for it being so…

“Nico, please?”

“Hazel, you know how much I hate being in a crowd” Nico reasoned to his sister as the smell of Bacon and Eggs started filling their kitchen area.

“That smells good” Hazel blatantly ignored her brother as she began setting the table for the two of them.

“Bacon always smells good” Nico placed the plate of Bacon on the table before rushing back quickly to grab the plate of scrambled eggs. Two separate plates of pancakes and toasts were also already on the table “Also, don’t ignore my words. What I just said, stands. There’s no way I’m going to hang around people. Go ask Leo or Jason or even Percy, I’m sure he’ll gladly help you even if he’s got two left feet”

“Come on, Nico, It’ll only be for a few days. Just until Frank comes back,” Hazel stared at her brother, eyes looking all pleading “I just don’t want to miss any of my classes and everyone else has got their partners so I need you to stand in for Frank’s absence. Besides its only twenty people, it’s barely a crowd”

“Three is already a crowd. I can only stand up to two people and even that’s by choice” Nico voiced out “Also the fact that you’ve been practicing those steps for quite some time now and I do not is enough reason for me not to come”

“We both know you can pick the steps up and make all of us question our dancing skills in a couple minutes” Hazel shot her brother a ‘don’t even deny’ it look when Nico tried to argue “Also, just saying, you should have serious problem issues on your social skills” Nico scoffed at his sister’s words.

“Says the girl who’s as much into anti-socializing as I am before she met someone”

“I wasn’t anti-socializing. I’m just a bit shy and awkward around people” Hazel came to her own defense “But enough of that. If you agree, to be Frank’s proxy, I’ll stop Percy and Jason with trying to hook you up?”

“I have my own ways of avoiding their attempts. They’re named Annabeth and Piper, works almost every time. I recommend it, really”

“Come on, Nico! Please? I won’t nag for you to make your bed for an entire month?”

“Really tempting offer. I don’t get it why you two insists on getting dancing lessons anyway” Nico poured himself a cup of coffee “I don’t think being pro dancers is required for that dance party your attending”

“Don’t just call it a dance party. It’s special cause it’s for Valentines Day”

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75+ Billdip Fic Recs (Update: 2/26/16)

hi everyone, i’m somewhat new to the fandom and only recently descended into billdip hell. this list is the result of that, and a friend of mine encouraged me to post it. so, here it is! ignore my incoherent ramblings notes, it’s just me being dumb u_u feel free to message me your questions/comments/concerns/whatever, especially if you have a fic to rec! I will try to update this periodically as I continue to read the awesome fanfiction this fandom has to offer. seriously though, props to all the authors- be sure to kudo/comment/subscribe/bookmark/etc., because they definitely deserve lots of love.

happy reading!

Update (7/16/15): so I finally got around to updating! added 10 more fics on here (Limbo is a Legend - After a Normal Day - Of Journalists, Celebrities, and Fashion Designers - Solo Duo - Kings and Queens - Pit of Vipers - All I See Are Stars - I’ve Made Mistakes in My Mind - Love is a Polaroid - Problems of the Heart). also, Life is a Fairytale & Incalescence are now complete!! c: 

Update (9/1/15): changed the title because this should be around 75+ now, when you count all the fics in the series! added: (After a Strange Night - In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats - Out of the Blue - Five Times a Sinner - Hellspawn Central - In Your Dreams - Devil with a Silver Compass - Two in a Million - The Name Game - Ouja board AU). oh, and After a Normal Day, Paying Recompense, & Triangulum Entangulum Coffee House Emporium are now complete :3 

Update: (2/26/16): ok so big thanks goes to @spellhorn for sending in so many recs, they were all awesome! I added (Hating It - Always Watching - Siren’s Call - Like A Two Year Contract - There’s A Demon In My Biology Class - Let Magic Lead your Heart - Ten Years, Two Weeks - Ten Forward, Two Back - The Moral Ramifications of Dating a Ghoul - Down, But Not Out - All That Glitters). Faking It & Out of the Blue are now complete! :) 

✔ = Complete
♥ = Favorite
△ = Triangle Bill (ie. he’s an actual triangle in this, no hot human bod)

  • For the Health and Safety of Mabel Pines by charliesundies ♥ ✔
    Summary: If Dipper wants Mabel safe, then he’s going to have to make a fairly uncomfortable deal.
    For the Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines by charliesundies ♥ (sequel)
    Summary: In order to save her brother and the town, Mabel makes a sacrifice that leaves her missing a bit of herself.
    Note: emotional rollercoaster ride from start to finish :’) if, for some reason or another you haven’t already read these, this is your sign to do so! go read these fics, they’re amazing!!
  • To Save You, I’d Do Anything by Whale
    Summary: When the Mystery Twins grow up and move to Gravity Falls permanently, everything seems great.
    Until Dipper dies, and the only way to get him back, is for Mabel to make a dangerous deal with a talking dorito…
    Note: if you liked for the health and safety of mabel pines, you will def like this! similar concept- but with its own unique twist. love it so far!
  • Can’t find my way home by Shadowboxer ✔
    Summary: After an argument with his sister in Portland, Dipper gets lost on his way back to Gravity Falls and finds a blonde hitchhiker with the same destination, little did they know they were more lost than they thought.
    Note: I don’t want to spoil anything but…brace yourself :o
  • Life is a Fairy Tale by LanxBorealis ♥ 
    Summary: Okay, so maybe stealing the journal and going off into the woods wasn’t the best plan in hindsight…
    Total AU
    Limbo is a Legend by LanxBorealis ♥ (sequel)
    Summary: Okay, so maybe stealing the journal and going off into the woods wasn’t the best plan in hindsight…
    But in his defense, he didn’t know it would lead to an adventure as wild (and as dangerous) as this one.
    Note: I cannot rec these enough!! frequent updates, perf mix of fluff & dark, foreshadowing, plot, and god!bill c:
  • Imprinting by Lady_Papillon ✔
    Summary: Most people are born with a name tattooed on their inner wrist, in every written language imaginable; some people are born without. Dipper Pines is born with a small black triangle with a flesh colored dot at the center printed neatly onto his skin, standing out against its dark backdrop like an open eye.
    He doesn’t know what to make of this.
    Dipper’s Guide to Dating a Dream Demon by Lady_Papillon (series)
    Summary: A collection of one-shots set in Imprinting-continuity detailing the misadventures of Dipper Pines and his stupid demon boyfriend. No particular order; some are fluff, some are slightly less SFW fluff. : )
    In Another Life, When We Are Both Cats by Lady_Papillon ♥ ✔
    Summary: “Sometimes you walk on four legs, sometimes you walk on two. Sometimes you live for a single day, and sometimes an entire lifespan. But no matter where, or when, I’ll find you, and we’ll be together again.”
    A series of fluffy AU drabbles with Dipper and Bill as Mabel’s cats, living out one life together before the next.
    Note: too good, too pure for this world…
  • Haunted by MiyaBlack
    Summary: When things start going bump in the night, Dipper doesn’t think much of it. Having a demon in the house comes with its fair shares of screaming floating heads and random giggles in the middle of the night. However, Bill has nothing to do with it this time. A new demon is on the loose and is threatening everything Bill holds dear. Specifically, his two favourite meatbags. 
    Dorito by MiyaBlack ✔
    Summary: “He has this way of smiling when he’s happy with someone… His whole face lights up! Have you seen him trying to make you feel better? Have you seen him worried for you? Have you seen him embarrassed or so happy he is practically jumping side to side like a puppy?”
    Bill realized he hadn’t seen any of Pine Tree’s reactions outside of sneer and anger. He wondered how it felt to be smiled at by him. It was a whole new side of his Pine Tree he had never considered.
    Luckily for him, Mabel had just the plan to fix that.
    Note: both are really good!! haunted is super suspenseful & intense, while dorito is absolutely adorable anD CAT!BILL NEED I SAY MORE :3c
  • Incalescence by llyrical ♥ 
    Summary: Dipper just wanted to have a normal college life- well, as normal as one could have it while continuing to research the mysteries of Gravity Falls. He did NOT intend to have to deal with losing all of his work just as he needed it the most.
    He also did not intend to have a demon be his only chance of getting it back.
    Alone Together by llyrical ✔
    Summary: With a bad living situation and a brother who was perhaps too masochistic for his own good, Will wasn’t sure how he would make it through.
    Maybe those Pines twins weren’t so bad after all…
    Cipher Twins AU
    Hellspawn Central by llyrical (series)
    Summary: A compilation of all of the Billdip Parent AU drabbles and oneshots I throw together.
    Note: everything about incalescence is perf ok I love it so much I just can’t asdfghjkl; alone together is  kid!bill & will as twins who end up befriending mabel & dip and hellspawn central is bill and dip with kids- they’re every bit as cute as they sound c:
  • Square Root of All Evil by EatYourHeartOut
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel head to the Mystery Shack like they do every summer but things will be different this year. Soos has a baby on the way. Wendy’s got a new friend with a suspicious smile. Dipper’s got more love drama than his whole high school life combined. And Mabel is….well, Mabel. The mystery twins are back baby, and it’s time for more adventure!
    Note: semi-regular updates, long chapters, and gr8 characterization! c:
  • Defining Bill Cipher: A Tale of Hormones, Sleepless Nights, and Overdue Debts by Athina_Blaine
    Summary: When 19-year-old Dipper and Mabel Pines move back into the Mystery Shack after their Grunkle retires, the return of Bill Cipher threatens to upset the peace of the town. That is, until he makes a peculiar request.
    Five Times A Sinner by Athina_Blaine ✔
    Summary: “You have all the power here, Bill.” The first Dipper leered over him, smiling in a way that made Bill hurt with arousal. “You can stop this whenever you want. You have full control.”
    One of them pulled his hands behind his back, and he heard the click of handcuffs being locked.
    “Unless, of course, you don’t want control.”
    Bill exhaled haggardly as they pushed him back on the bed. Five pairs of familiar, warm brown eyes stared down at him, expressions contorted with overpowering lust. He smirked.
    “I see.”
    They attacked.
    Note: really loving the dynamic in defining bill cipher, the snark is too perf :’) as for five times a sinner…hehehe ;)
  • Off the Deep End by MarshOnTheMellow
    Summary: It was at the beginning of summer 1732 however, that Captain Pines overheard the Tent of Telepathy’s deck cadet rant about lost treasure in Mindscape Bay. The boy talked and talked and honestly, Pines had long since tuned him out – lost treasure, yeah right! But when he heard the word ‘siren’ being spoken, he immediately perked up. When pressed, the boy, a snot-nosed little brat in Stan’s humble opinion, started to wax a grand tale about beautiful mermaids, gold beyond imagination and close calls with death. The Captain promptly told him to shut up. He walked out of the inn that night with a new expedition in mind and a smile on his face.
    AKA the merman!AU nobody asked for, wherein Bill is a siren, everybody else is a pirate and Dipper is somehow (maybe) magical.
    Note: *aka the merman!au that this fandom needed <3
  • Consorting with Demons by BurnerAccount
    Summary: Bill has plans, Stan has secrets, Mabel has sweaters, and Dipper has way more than usual to worry about.
    He’s attracted the wrong kind of attention.
    Faking It by BurnerAccount ♥ 
    Summary: Dipper’s the worst practitioner in his entire family. He’s never been great at magic, he’s struggling to improve - he doesn’t even have a familiar.
    Maybe it’s time to fix that.
    Hating It by BurnerAccount (sequel)
    Summary: Just a quick summon, why not? Give 'em a deal, take advantage of their idiocy - Bill was going to get everything he wanted.
    If it wasn’t for this asshole.
    Companion fic to Faking It, from Bill’s POV.
    Always Watching by Burner Account
    Summary: Bill can’t stop staring.
    Based on the prompt: “Bill experiencing human emotions towards dipper, not knowing how to handle them?”
    Note: ok seriously loving the concepts of all stories. esp always watching; that’s written entirely from bill’s pov…ty @spellhorn for the rec :)
  • Alone With Me by JusticeHawk ♥ ✔
    Summary: Dipper wake ups to an empty town. Empty but for him and a certain dream demon that is.
    “Oooh Pine Tree.” Bill cooed, reaching out a hand to brush the teen’s cheek. Dipper reared back, and the demon raised an eyebrow but desisted. “Not only did you make a deal with me,” his grin blew ever wider as he purred the next words, “you begged for one.”
    Cult Catastrophe by JusticeHawk ✔
    Summary: A cult kidnaps Dipper and attempts to sacrifice him to a demon. Who turns out to be Bill. Bill of course, finds this hilarious.
    A Demons Guide to Dating by JusticeHawk ✔
    Summary: Bill realizes he’s in love with Dipper and decides to seduce him the human way. It all goes downhill from there
    He’s Mine by JusticeHawk ✔
    Summary: “Lovely child.” A voice purred from around him. It echoed through the trees like a sibilant hiss. Shuddering Dipper reached for the little packet of herbs he kept in his coat pocket. It was a varied mixture, but could do mild damage to most creatures. Enough for him to be able to get away hopefully. “So pretty, won’t you come with me young one?”
    “Yeah” Dipper started, narrowed eyes peering about the shadows, “that seems like an incredibly stupid idea.”
    Dipper gets attacked and molested by a demon who, surprisingly enough, is not Bill. Bill doesn’t take this very well.
    Note: JusticeHawk has written so many cute/fluffy/dark oneshots, it was hard not to rec everything :’) these are just a few of my favorites, check out their profile for more tho!
  • Sigil: In Gold and Blue by syrren
    Summary: True names can give one extraordinary power over demons. When Dipper finds an annotated grimoire he gains just that and more. But this is Bill Cipher we’re talking about - and trouble is imminent.
    Note: bill under dips control yet working around that & still being a manipulative frick? ye :33
  • Wielder of the Eternal Flame by overlordy
    Summary: Dipper expects a normal, boring summer spent working at his grand-uncle’s tourist trap. But when he discovers a mysterious sword in the woods the hidden legacy of the Pines family comes to light. As trouble looms over Gravity Falls, Dipper must struggle between what is right and what is wrong, lest he be swallowed by darkness.
    (AKA, the AU where Bill is a sword, and Dipper his wielder)
    Note: I just love everything about this au :’)
  • The Last Six Years by ab2fsycho ♥ ✔
    Summary: After disbanding the Society of the Blind Eye, Mabel and Dipper meet a kid who simply cannot recall who he is. He thinks his name is Bill, but there’s no record of his existing anywhere in Gravity Falls. Despite Dipper’s suspicions and fears, he ends up befriending Bill over the course of six years.
    No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin by ab2fsycho ✔
    Summary: Bill Cipher can give Dipper all the knowledge he wants on one condition: he must belong to Bill.
    Shacking Up by ab2fsycho ✔
    Summary: New employee Bill doesn’t give Dipper much choice in the matter; he’s gonna have to put up with Bill whether he likes it or not.
    Note: ok so these fics are lit the reason why I am billdip trash :’) super well written + the author has written tons more billdip fics, so def check those out as well!
  • Why Weren’t You There? by ab2fsycho & TheChronicLiar ✔
    Summary: After a fight with Bill, Dipper runs away and finds himself in more trouble than he thought possible.
    Note: this is platonic billdip btw :o prepare yourself for the feels.
  • Card Tricks by TheChronicLiar
    Summary: Dipper couldn’t take his eyes off of the man on the stage. The way he walked with the clicking of his shoes to the way his voice demanded the attention of the people in the room, it entranced him. Or at least it would if that bastard wasn’t Bill Cipher.
    Note: magician!bill is just perf I can die happy now :’)))
  • The Demon and the Dog by Sirifall
    Summary: Dipper didn’t find Journal 3. No, Dipper got it straight from Bill.
    Note: the title is very clever :33 def give it a read!
  • Experiment Subject: Will Cipher by fairandfoul ♥
    Summary: The Gleeful Twins get a new toy demon who may be hiding something.
    The psychic raised an eyebrow at the sight of said demon tied up in his lab. He was still doubtful that this nervous wreck was the all-powerful being of pure energy with no weaknesses. “Frankly my sister and I were very disappointed to see you, all sniveling and teary-eyed on the floor. We have big plans for this town and we need a real demon for the job.”
    “Please don’t-“
    “I guess we’ll have to find another demon. But for now, I’m going to conduct a few experiments.”
    Note: I love how even tho this is rev falls, a lot of…I guess fundamentals(?) from the show are still there (dip is still a dork, mabel is still quirky, and they still have that same fun, teasing relationship- tho with a lil bit more crazy sprinkled in). it just feels a lot more natural/ic that way.
  • Supernova by bloodoil ♥
    Summary: Several scenes exploring Dipper befriending a very strange kid named Bill.
    Note: I have a weakness for kid!bill, and this fic kills me with every update. it’s so cute and fluffy I cry ;u;
  • Triangulum Entangulum Coffee House Emporium by weelilghost ✔
    Summary: Dipper Pines is a tired grad student who just needs a coffee. Bill Cipher is a coffee shop employee… and an asshole.
    Note: the banter is so sassy I just can’t- it’s too perf c:
  • To Date a Cervitaur by MercuryHomophony
    Summary: It’s been about ten years, and the secrets of Gravity Falls still elude the casual seeker. The Pines family has done a stellar job of keeping the townsfolk’s biggest secret under wraps, but a wayward hunter’s curiosity might get the better of them all… (Dipper knows that hunters from outside the Falls are capital B Bad news… but this one hasn’t been all that bad. Mostly just annoying.)
    Note: monsterfalls au + well thought out + lots of detail + fast updates(!!) + bill’s dumb flirting = <3
  • Payment in Blood by SpyroForLife ✔
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines have always been able to get out of bad situations. But eventually, they get into one so bad that it takes a certain dream demon to rescue them, and his services are not free. And the payment he asks for will change their lives forever.
    Paying Recompense by SpyroForLife ✔ (sequel)
    Summary: A few months have passed since the fire that claimed the Mystery Shack and the life of Stanford Pines. The Shack has been rebuilt and Dipper Pines is continuing its legacy, with Bill Cipher by his side… but can he trust the demon like he did before? And should he be worried about the return of an old foe who claims he wants to investigate the strange murders that have been happening over the past year?
    Fun in Vegas by SpyroForLife ✔
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines have finally turned eighteen and their parents have taken them all the way to fabulous Las Vegas for a weekend of fun as their big gift to them. Mabel is right at home in the flashy city, but Dipper finds it to be a bit of a headache, and searches for some quiet. Instead, he finds the most exciting 'person’ he has ever met.
    Note: payment in blood/paying recompense are both really, really good, but also really, really dark. if you’re squeamish, be aware that there’s a lot of torture/gore/violence/character death (but dw there’s also a lot of fluffy billdip moments too)! fun in vegas is a fun (heh) read, and def a lot lighter :33
  • Sleeping Through the End of the World by OrphanCricket
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel agree to look after the Mystery Shack for their Grunkle and Grandpa when the victim of a car accident appears on their doorstep. Soon they discover the true identity and intentions of the stranger but it turns out to be more difficult to get rid of him than they had expected
    Note: I don’t know what’s happening but I really like it so far??/ just, the tone and the plot makes it a very suspenseful & exciting read :o
  • Conspiratheory by LCypherED
    Summary: Dipper returns from Gravity Falls with three journals, twenty postcards advertising the Mystery Shack, one sulking ex-dream demon and the lingering belief that life post-near-apocalypse is likely to bore him to tears.
    He’s wrong, of course.
    Note: ahhh this is really well written and i’m loving the plot and the style of this fic (and it updates semi-regularly)!! give it a read, it’s def worth c:
  • Yellow or Blue? by queersnakefairy
    Summary: Reverse au idea where Dipper is terrible to Bill but Bill is still in love with him anyway, but one day Mabel and Dipper push him too hard and it ends with Dipper breaking his heart causing him to run away and hide in the woods overnight.
    And because he knows he messed up by running away, he decides to open a little looking glass of sorts so he can check in and see how mad reverse Dipper and Mabel are going to be.
    Only he opens the portal on an alternate of Dipper who is kind and cute and everything he wants, and fancy that this Dipper happens to be smitten with an alternate of himself who appears to just be using him as well.
    So instead of going home he crawls through the portal hoping that this Dipper wouldn’t mind blue instead of yellow.
    Note: yes yes yes, rev!bill my precious cinnamon bun baby, you will bE HAPPY!! >:o
  • A Deals a Deal by Diamond
    Summary: Spoilers for Sock Opera
    But it’s an AU
    Bill asks for something different.
    Note: oh this is really clever ;)
  • Don’t Eat the Food of the Mindscape by halloweennut ✔
    Summary: based on the Myth of Persephone.
    Bill Cipher, enamored with now 17 year old Dipper Pines, decides to court him by kidnapping and taking him to the Mindscape.
    Note: hades/persephone au & billdip? awww yeah :33
  • What’s In The Box? by Jinngersnap ✔
    Summary: Dipper’s worst mistake in life was telling Bill that he ‘owed him one’. Because when Bill spouted out the idea of Dipper wearing dresses, Dipper had no idea how to say no.
    Note: *eyebrow waggles* ;)))
  • Codependance by Ciphernetics △ (series)
    Note: ok so the series didn’t have a summary but basically the premise is dip finding a bunch of random spells/incantations/etc. via the internet and deciding to use them on bill…except it backfires and has the complete opposite effect :’) augh my summary doesn’t do it justice, it’s really a lot better than how I worded it, and def worth a read!
  • The First Dance is Always Free by jenmakesjenni ✔
    Summary: A masquerade at the Northwest Mansion. A mysterious stranger. A night that Dipper will never forget.
    Note: this is absolutely adorable :)
  • Signal Flares by satan_copilots_my_tardis ♥ △ (series)
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel grow up with Gravity Falls hanging over them like a shadow, and they adapt. Sometimes their edges are too jagged, and sometimes they are as smooth as the amber signal flares the resident dream demon leaves for them. But they’re alive and happy, so they’re not sure how much anything else matters.
    Note: this is a gem, ok? def rec everything in this series, esp magnesium flint. magnesium flint wrecked me ;u;
  • Til Death Do Us Part by HeirOfSpace
    Summary: Dipper and Mabel Pines were sure their summer with their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan was going to be a boring affair.
    Of course they hadn’t expected to see a blonde boy jump off the roof their first day there.
    (In which Bill is bound to a human body and is there when the twins first arrive in Gravity Falls. )
    Note: super interesting au, really curious to see where this is gonna go c:
  • Like a Red Cloth Ceremony by foxwedding
    Summary: It’s their seventh summer in Gravity Falls, and Bill is up to something entirely new. Dipper’s confused and Bill is going to use that to it’s furthest extent- if he can persuade him correctly.
    Note: ahhh this is really well written uvu
  • Dipper Goes to McDonalds by trashy_cans ✔
    Summary: Five miles away from Gravity Falls is a McDonald’s that nobody had ever heard about, with a very eccentric drive thru employee. Dipper would know, since he had the pleasure of meeting said employee at midnight on a Saturday morning.
    “Dipper. Dipper, answer me honestly. Do you have a thing for the drive thru boy?”
    Note: oh god this is hilarious, I cracked up so many times reading this :’) def give it a read!
  • After a Normal Day by Katelena 
    Summary: What started out as a normal day in Gravity falls, Dipper finds out his true purpose for living. With deals made and tasks to be completed, he pushes forth with his full 100 percent in hopes of not being taken away by a demon he was promised to sixteen years ago.
    After a Strange Night by Katelena (sequel)
    Summary: It’s been years since that one fateful day. Almost everyone had given up on looking for Dipper, but not Mabel. Her efforts on getting him back were great, but proved to be pointless. Perhaps with a stranger’s help, she’ll be successful.
    Note: I really, really like possessive!bill ;)
  • Of Journalists, Celebrities, and Fashion Designers by Ofsweetestdreams
    Summary: Mabel asks Dipper to move back to California with her to pursue a career in Fashion Design. Dipper reluctantly agrees, if only to gain a footing in his own Journalism career. Things seem to be going fairly well, until famous actor Bill Cipher comes into his life and turns it upside down. Who knew one little date could turn into such a disaster?
    Note: I just love everything about this au omg
  • Solo Duo by beanena ♥ ✔
    Summary: To Mabel, it has become a solo story. On the other hand, Bill is mulling over the fact that he can’t have what is already gone.
    Note: this just simultaneously ripped my heart in two AND gave me the warm fuzzies ;u;
  • Ouja board AU by Malfas ♥
    Kings and Queens by Malfas
    Summary: Dipper Pines is smart. But he’s certainly not wise, and leaving a book full of curses and spells with him was probably not one of Grunkle Stan’s best decisions.
    In which the Journal proves too much of a temptation and Bill takes full advantage.
    (Older!Dipper, demonic deals and college applications, bullying, BillDip, and plans for world domination.)
    Note: ouja board au didn’t have a summary, but the title is pretty self explanatory. it’s basically bill haunting/flirting with dip ;) kings and queens is really, really good. like, in the beginning I thought it was just another high school au with dip making a deal with bill to help deal with his bullies- but it’s a LOT more than that. def rec these!!
  • Pit of Vipers by OfStrangeShadows
    Summary: The first time they met was through a collision of bodies as Dipper rushed out of the shop and the stranger waltzed in.
    Note: very well written- super smooth and flows really well :3 
  • All I See Are Stars by Momma_Ran
    Summary: After being gone for 10 years, Bill stumbles back into the lives of the Pines twins. Mabel has made him her new best friend. Dipper is pissed until he starts to realize that maybe Bill isn’t such a bad guy. There’s a lot of things about Bill that bothers Dipper but the biggest is: what deal did he make to get stuck in a human body? When Dipper finds out he’s going to be even more pissed at Bill! But don’t worry cause everything turns out fine in the end. Mostly.
    Note: oh this is an absolute gem; cute and fluffy and perf <3 tysm andre-oide for the rec!
  • I’ve Made Mistakes in My Mind by AureateParalian & BumblyBea ✔
    Summary: Dipper Pines spent most of his childhood being haunted by a cruel demon and was known as the school nut as a result. The other boys didn’t take kindly to him and half of that childhood was spent hiding bruises and cuts on his body from his worrisome sister.
    Eight years later, The year is 1951, and Dipper is escaping his old home on a train to find inspiration for his book.
    Fate works in mysterious ways, and inspiration seems to find him first.
    Love is a Polaroid by AureateParalian & BumblyBea (sequel)
    Summary: Bill gazed over the headstone that sat in the ground. ‘Dipper Pines 1926-1990 ‘Amatur et numquam dediscor,’ “He is loved and never forgotten,” sprawled out in writing across it. The headstone was made of a gorgeous smoky marble, vibrant golds etched into it, along with trees carved in and growing up the stone.
    Bill had designed it himself.
    Note: mY HEART… please give these a read, they’re very long (200k+ words total) and very good c: ty zephyreden for the rec <3
  • Devil with a Silver Compass by AureateParalian & interstellareloquence
    Summary: Some called him a rat. Others, the God of Gold. And some… Well, they were either too kind, or too thankful. God bless them all, wherever they may be. But here was Uncharted territory and all business. And business meant he’d be called Captain Cipher.
    Gazing about the old musk of the town, wooden and brick shops and worn glass. Children riddled the streets, hoodlums at few corners and finely dressed American ladies followed along their gentlemen, who smoked their fancy cigarettes and scoffed at the sight of the captain.
    Quite the sight he was, too..
    Note: I can’t even begin to properly express my thoughts on this fic, so i’ll just emote it: ;333c !!
  • Problems of the Heart by Citrus_Twist
    Summary: Grunkle Stan has a heart attack, Dipper is having strange dreams, and Mabel keeps throwing Dipper at customers. So what happens when Bill offers Dipper a deal?
    Note: I love this omg, very well-written, esp the interactions between bill & the twins <3
  • Out of the Blue by crispyChocolate ✔
    Summary: When Dipper Pines decided that hunting on his own was a good idea he quickly discovered that not every human was vulnerable to his song. He also found that pirate ships are full of lunatics and being stuck with the (way too good looking) Captain Bill Cipher would probably drive him to insanity.
    Siren’s Call by crispyChocolate ✔ (sequel)
    Summary: Dipper finds that he likes the now ex-pirate Bill Cipher way too much. He also has a hard time figuring out how to explain harmonizing to a human.
    Note: yes yes yes! good writing and sirens!! :D
  • In Your Dreams by hypercipher
    Summary: Bill has the tendency to text people in his sleep. One night, he texts a random number that just so happens to belong to a stranger by the name of Dipper.
    The format of this fic is all in the form of texts back and forth between the two boys. Bill is italicized and Dipper is underlined.
    This is sort of an AU fic(?) Bill and Dipper are both college age in this fic.
    Note: very cute read, bless the sweet anon who sent me this rec! c:
  • Two in a Million by Chromatic
    Summary: When Dipper’s soulmark is exposed, revealing the name of the psychopathic Emperor Cipher, he is brought to the palace to serve the demon tyrant. No one entertains the possibility of the truth— that his soulmate is actually the king’s newborn son, Bill Cipher, who grows up insanely possessive of Dipper and might possibly end up being madder than his father.
    Note: I am really loving this au: modern, magic, soul mates, and kings!! :D
  • The Name Game by Grotesque
    Summary: A new coffee shop opened in Gravity Falls while the twins were back home, when they get back Dipper finds himself in a sort of name war between him and the annoying barista that works there.
    Note: coffeeshop aus have so much sass I love it <3
  • Like A Two Year Contract by ZephyrEden
    Summary: Bill possesses Dipper’s cell phone. It all goes downhill from there.
    Note: interesting premise, can’t wait to see where this will go!
  • There’s a Demon In My Biology Class by Crystalmind
    Summary: When Dipper and Mabel arrive back in Gravity Falls after 4 years, they never planned on high school with an old, ah, “friend.”
    Note: high school aus are great and this is no exception ;)
  • Let Magic Lead Your Heart by Arach
    Summary: Bill messes with a witch because chaos is his thing and is given a love potion that can only be removed through True Love’s Kiss for his games. Now, all he wants to do is adorn Dipper with gifts and cuddle and take walks and be that lovey-dovey couple everyone envies.
    Dipper just wants the spell to be broken and for Bill to stop giving him animal parts.
    Note: the entire situation is just too perf. very cute and well written!
  • Ten Years, Two Weeks by Orphan ✔
    Summary: It’s been a decade since Dipper Pines spent one uneventful summer in Gravity Falls. Now he’s back, as the executor of his deceased great uncle’s estate. Gravity Falls may have more hipster bars and coffeeshops than Dipper remembers, but some things, and some people, never change. Between lunch with the Northwest-Gleefuls and beers with Robbie, it’s almost like Dipper’s picking up a life he never left.
    If only things could be that easy.
    Ten Forward, Two Back by Orphan ✔ (sequel) 
    Summary: Ten years ago, Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher first defeated the Bulk. Twenty years ago, Dipper Pines met his future self.
    Note: tysm @spellhorn & anon for the recs, it was a super action-packed and suspenseful read! :)
  • The Moral Ramifications of Dating a Ghoul by Miss_Yuki
    Summary: Dipper Pines is a young Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator under his great uncle, Stanford Pines. His first case is body clean-up for a serial-killer Ghoul who has thus far remained elusive. Due to his overprotective partner, he doesn’t believe that he’ll ever actively be tracking this murderer on an official assignment, but he quickly develops a great sense of curiosity in the case. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and all too soon he’s thrust into a dangerous game he never should have played…
    Note: it’s a tokyo ghoul au!!! w/ ghoul!bill :D this makes me so happy omg…ty @spellhorn for the rec
  • Down, But Not Out by BuyGold
    Summary: It’s 1927, and New York City is rife with music and creativity.
    Dipper Pines’ life is pretty good. He’s got reliable friends and is living pretty comfortably above the small grocery store he ran in lower Manhattan.
    Of course, all good things come to an end, and Dipper finds himself getting quickly pulled into the life of Bill Cipher, a notorious mob boss who’s got a reputation for being merciless when it comes to his… business.
    Just Dipper’s luck.
    Note: mafia aus are perf and so is this <3 thank @spellhorn for the rec :)
  • All That Glitters by IlanaNight ✔
    Summary: Cipher is the best dancer anyone’s ever seen, men and women flock from cities around to watch him perform. Bill is the most detached neighbor Dipper’s ever known. It’s difficult to believe that they’re the same person.
    Note: a really good stripper au ;)))
The Journey - Part Four

Special thanks to @jia911 for proofreading this!

Previous chapters:  1 - 2 - 3

Timeline for Part 4:

11x01 and 11x02. Amelia is settling in as head of department and during an AA meeting finds out Maggie Pierce is related to Webber and Meredith. Owen is adjusting to life without Cristina.

The Journey - Part Four


Amelia double clicked on the radiology computer while taking a sip of her steamy hot coffee. She was dealing with the case of a twenty year old girl who had stroked out during sex. The case itself was interesting enough but the neurosurgeon was sure there was probably some medical mystery related to it. And Amelia couldn’t help herself. She needed to find out.

It was nice taking some time alone. That was one of the few things she missed about her work in Los Angeles. Even though Amelia loved the rush and the full time busy schedule of big hospitals, sometimes she enjoyed sitting by herself, studying scans accompanied only by a cup of coffee. The silence made it easier for her to concentrate and at that moment, it was entirely welcoming.

As her eyes thoroughly examined every detail on the screen, Amelia couldn’t help reminiscing about how well she was doing. She deeply missed Addison and the other friends she’d made at Seaside, but for the first time in a long time, Amelia felt like she was in full control of her life. It was unusual for her to feel like that. And the surgeon knew that even though she was in a good place, it was important to make sure she didn’t neglect her life long recovery battling addiction, for Amelia was determined to never again have another slip.

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anonymous asked:

do you watch friends? there was a scene where phoebe complains that she's 30 but still hasn't had the perfect kiss. joey runs out of the coffee shop, kisses her & then says "now you can say you've had your perfect kiss." it was quite sweet. can you write a mini klaroline prompt based off that?

Thanks for the prompt nonnie and I’m sorry this took so long to do, I actually had it half written then managed to delete it and have had trouble getting the motivation again. And yes I adore Friends and this scene : )

I also want to tag @thenerdyunhealthybrit who gave me a Friends drabble prompt AGES ago and I never got around to it. Hope this will suffice, luv : )

I’ll Be There For You

“Well, that’s three months of my life I’ll never get back,” Caroline sighed, flopping onto the café’s couch next to Bonnie defeatedly.

“And another one bites the dust,” Enzo murmured, not even bothering to look up from his newspaper as Kol began to hum the melody of the aforementioned Queen song.

“It’s a little too early for your poor excuse of a comedy duo sketch, isn’t it?” She scowled in their direction. “Urgh. What’s wrong with me?”

“Well…” Kol began.

“You’re not being helpful,” Bonnie chided, giving her boyfriend a knowing look.

“She makes it too easy,” he argued, poking out his tongue.

“I meant,” she replied tersely, choosing to ignore his usually childish behaviour. “Why do I always pick the wrong guys?”

“I thought James was perfect relationship material,” Elijah offered, mimicking her premature and totally unfounded predictions and calmly taking a sip of his tea. “If I recall correctly he’s a lawyer, Harvard Rhode Scholar, has an impressive stock portfolio and likes the opera.”

“You really should have known from that opera nonsense,” Klaus interjected.  

Caroline turned to give the middle Mikaelson a weary glance. When they’d first met the Mikaelson siblings after Kol and Bonnie began to date all those years ago, his crimson lips and dimples had disarmed her briefly but then she found out just what an arrogant smartass and womaniser he was and the spell was well and truly broken. 

“It’s times like these I wish you’d not listen to anything I say just like your brothers,” Caroline said to Elijah, while choosing to ignore Klaus. She figured that unusual perceptiveness he possessed was due to Katherine’s influence over the eldest brother since they’d recently begun dating.

“Well, he must have done something wrong,” Katherine observed, snatching the last salted caramel macaron before Enzo could get his greedy hands on it. 

“Oh yeah, he did.”

“Oh, let me guess,” Rebekah offered. “He couldn’t dance like that Max fellow with the two left feet? 

“Yeah, you had bruises for weeks from memory,” Klaus shared.  

“No, it has to be Sam and his questionable fashion choices,” Enzo observed. “But between you and me, I don’t mind a good turtleneck. It can get a little nippy in New York City in the winter, after all.”

“Turtlenecks haven’t been in fashion for a long time and anyone who’d pay so little for a suit needs to have his head examined,” Klaus interjected again. 

“No, it had to of been the laugh,” Kol chuckled. “Do we all remember Nathan and that weird noise he emitted that sounded like a dinosaur dying?” 

“How in the world do you know what a dying dinosaur sounds like?” Katherine baulked. 

“I concur with Kol’s comments, just this once.” Klaus mumbled. For someone who showed zero interest in her love life certainly had a lot of unexpected opinions.

“You have to admit, it was pretty bad,” Bonnie whispered, not quietly enough though to avoid a dirty look from her best friend. 

“Is my love life really that entertaining to everyone?”


“Kol, zip it,” Rebekah warned, slapping him across the head for extra effect and some sisterly revenge. “It can be very difficult to find a good man, believe me.”

“Well, when the woman in question is your bossy, big sister then it’s not that surprising,” Kol shrugged. 

“Enzo? Are you going to defend me here?” She baulked, looking to her boyfriend who was still immersed in his newspaper. 

“You let him get to you every time, darling. You know just saying,” he murmured, his hand finding hers comfortingly. 

“Don’t take any notice,” Katherine said. “He’s hopped up on caffeine. As soon as he’s coming down from his high we can all pester him incessantly and pepper him with retaliatory insults.”

Caroline wasn’t unfamiliar with their usual banter and while she mostly found it entertaining, today she wasn’t in the mood. When would she find the guy who was going to change her perception on things, challenge her daily and give her the perfect kiss she’d craved? Call her a pathetic romantic but she’d been waiting for that kiss for almost thirty years and right now wasn’t sure it would ever happen. 

Her birthday was coming up in a month and it had taken all her strength to stay with James to that point. Yes, he was perfect on the outside and she was pretty sure would kill any job interview or parental interrogation but she wanted more. She wanted her perfect kiss and couldn’t wait any longer. She was running against the clock, after all. 

“Care?” Bonnie interrupted waving her hand in front of her face. “We lost you there, which isn’t entirely unexpected in this crowd. What was wrong with him?”

“It doesn’t really matter. I suppose he just wasn’t right for me,” she mumbled, feeling the hot water welling in her eyes and dreading having to explain her sudden reaction. “I actually need to get to work.” Before anyone could object she left, pulling her coat across her chest to ward off the winter chill.  

“Caroline,” he shouted, she’d know that familiar accent anywhere given its ability to cause a few niggling sensations down below. Why did her name have to sound so good rolling off his tongue? “Wait up.”

“What do you want Klaus?” She growled, turning around on her heel quickly and somehow finding herself rubbing against his chest teasingly, those necklaces in full view peaking out teasingly beneath his familiar henley. 

“What was wrong with him?”


“You didn’t say, no doubt due to my brother’s lack of tact as usual.”

“Oh come on, it’s growing on me,” she shot back sarcastically. 

“That’s when I know you’re delirious,” Klaus joked. Caroline was trying to ignore just how handsome he looked in that charcoal, fitted jacket and dark jeans. 

“And you must be too wanting to know about my latest relationship, I mean you’ve barely batted an eyelid.”

“Not sure where you’ve been all this time, love,” he smiled. Moving closer and fastening a stray lock of hair behind her ear, surprisingly her slightly. “Now, what did that ass do exactly and should I kick his ass?”

She was momentarily winded, struggling to breath because he felt so warm against her body and his spicy aftershave so enticing as it filled her nostrils. 

“All I wanted was the perfect kiss before I turned thirty, let’s just say he couldn’t oblige.” She noticed a slight tugging at the corners of his mouth, afraid she’d summonsed the arrogant monster from within.

“I can’t promise perfect but I’d be willing to try and help you out?” She was frozen now, wondering exactly what this would mean for their friendship but his close proximity only made her want him more. She figured you were only thirty once and as his mouth covered hers she realised just how good it felt. 

His lips massaged hers, slowly at first, almost like Klaus was relishing in the initial contact as Caroline melted into his embrace. She felt his tongue slip into into her warm and waiting mouth. She groaned against his lips unable to stifle the unfamiliar feelings he’d caused from just one kiss. 

The sound of a car horn broke them from their reverie and moving apart, albeit reluctantly. They continued to stare, their blue eyes unwavering their breathing slightly ragged. 

“I suppose I should, uh, get going,” Caroline said, finally managing to find her voice. 

“I suppose you should then, love,” Klaus smiled, those dimples making a sudden appearance.  She managed to tear away her gaze and make her way down the sidewalk even if her legs felt like jelly and her heart was racing that much faster. 

Fast forward three years and her friends relished in telling that particular story at their wedding reception but both the bride and groom liked to argue who really was the one to make the first move and if in fact it was the perfect kiss. 

Caroline liked to play her cards close to her chest to avoid inflating that already impressive ego but Klaus figured he had the winning hand given she’d agreed to marry him at all. 

anonymous asked:


Sequel to the previous crossover ask! 
Hnnng anon… my precious… children… meeting… *faints* I love this

Part 1 - Part 2

“Mother wants us to meet foreign royals?!” Siegbert gulped, anxious. He could not embarrass himself in front of his mother’s friends!

Walking quickly in front of the siblings, Jakob nodded, escorting them to the portal. “That is correct, Your Majesty. I shall give you the details of their first meeting as we head to the portal.”

“Portal?!” Kana beamed beside his brother, almost running to catch up to both of their long legs. “Are we going into someone’s deeprealm?” Before anyone could reply, he gasped, taking both hands to his mouth and stopping. “Oh no! I forgot my dragonstone! Can I go back to get it? Please?” He tugged at his brother’s sleeve.

Siegbert glanced at the butler, who flashed them a glare. They were not to keep Kamui waiting. He turned back to his brother patted the young prince’s head, trying to smile. “We do not have much time, Kana. Besides, they might take offense in a dragon suddenly transforming in their garden.”

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anonymous asked:

Does Talia have any nicknames for Mephisto?

Be sure to check out the original on ff.net!


Auriana was not the type to start a fight. She loathed having to do so unless it was absolutely necessary. And yet, somehow, she had unintentionally caused an argument between her friends.

Iris had warned her about getting involved in other people’s relationships. Nathaniel had advise her to consider the differences between the couple. Lev had smirked and shook his head claiming she loved to cause problems where there weren’t any. Praxina had simply demanded, and by that meaning yelling, that the romanticizing Voltan “shut the hell up” and control her meddling. Even Zack had gotten stern with her, telling her to let them be.

But she just couldn’t help it.

It had been forever since she had seen Talia a have genuine interest in a boy, let alone consider him worthy of being her boyfriend.

Talia with a boyfriend. Imagine that.

Auriana giggled to herself despite the predicament at hand. Talia was always the most shy of the three. Always standing in the back, avoiding people like the plague and resisting group outings that were larger than the team, Doug, and Nathaniel. She stuck to her books and rules, and turned her nose up at any male suitor that came her way. However, the boy she had fallen for was hard to look down on, especially since he had always spent his time hovering above them, laughing maniacally as he made black crystals of death rain down from the sky.

How Talia had fallen for Mephisto was beyond her comprehension. She’d been fighting that boy for years now and while she did think he was attractive and fun to hang out with, he had a streak about him that was too obnoxious and chaotic for her taste. The girls quickly noted how dangerous her and Mephisto’s little adventures could be; while fun, they left Iris and Talia wary and Praxina in a storming fury that left the redheaded duo shaking in their sneakers.

But she supposed they worked in a way. While the origins of the relationship were kept on the down low by both parties, she could absolutely tell that they had become significantly closer. Sometimes Mephisto would go out of his way to ensure he’d go on missions with Talia, or would defend her more than he probably should have. A light smile played on the Voltan’s lips as she thought of her best friend’s flustered denials about having feelings for the boy, especially after being caught ogling him from a distance.

He was the exact opposite of the calm and reliable Kyle, and less obvious and starstruck than their artsy sculptor David she had dated earlier in the year. Maybe that’s the reason she’s into him. To be honest, Auriana was still figuring out their relationship, especially now that they were fighting on the way to the smoothie bar.

“I don’t see how that can be beneficial in anyway.” Talia frowned, walking slightly ahead of the currently scarlet haired teen.

“It’ll be great! That’s what couples who care about each other do here on Earth! Right, guys?” Mephisto grinned, catching up to her by quickening his pace.

“Well, I mean, I guess.” Iris blushed, recalling her time with Nathaniel, “It just kind of depends on the people involved.”

“Well, we’re involved.” Mephisto brightened, earning a gag from his sister.

“And I’m so glad I’m not.” Praxina scoffed, cringing at the idea as she carried Amaru in her arms.

“You and Zack don’t have nicknames for each other, Praxina?” Iris questioned, looking to her ex-rival.

“Bite me.” Praxina muttered, but Iris smirked at the slight coloring of her cheeks.

“Either way, I refuse.” Talia scowled, crossing her arms.

“You always say that!” Mephisto glared, mimicking her stance.

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Its romantic. Don’t glare at me, I don’t make the rules.”

“It’s not a rule. Is it?” Talia looked at Iris warily and Iris offered a sympathetic smile to the two.

“Well, it’s not exactly…”

“-but it wouldn’t kill you.” Mephisto finished, causing Iris to giggle.

“It might.” Talia sassed back, smirking at him.

“Yeah, but I’d bring you back out of spite for leaving me.” Mephisto smirked, earning a light chuckle from the stubborn brunette.

“C’mon, Talia, it won’t be that bad!” Auriana added, throwing her arms over their shoulders, “There are loads of cute nicknames to choose from. I personally like being called ‘cutie pie’, but you strike me as more of a ‘honey bunny’ or a ‘sugar pea’”

“I thought I was ‘sugarpea’?” Iris pouted playfully, earning an eye roll from the dark sorceress beside her.

“And you still totally are!” Auriana grinned, moving to hug her friend. Iris laughed as Auriana nuzzled her cheek.

“I just don’t see why I have to do it.” Talia scoffed, earning an exasperated sigh from Mephisto.

“Well, you’re my girlfriend aren’t you?”

“That does not mean that I have to embarrass myself for your sake.” Talia argued, side eying him as he started to pout.

“Oh, so I’m an embarrassment now?” Mephisto glared, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“That’s not what I said.” Talia softened, looking to him with concern.

“But you are an embarrassment.” Praxina smirked, walking ahead of them, “I guess she doesn’t like you as much as you thought.”

“Praxina!” Iris scolded her, with Auriana not far behind.

Talia’s eyes narrowed at the twin, “Regardless of whether I call him by his name or something different does not concern you, nor does it express whether or not I like him or not.”

The group was quiet.

“What?” Talia blinked, looking between the group that was avoiding eye contact.

“N-nothing. Its nothing.” Iris smiled awkwardly, waving her off.

“Why did you all look at me that way?” Talia glared, straightening her stance.

“I’m not saying it.” Mephisto muttered, crossing his arms and looking away from her.

“Saying what?”

“Can we just drop this already?” Praxina sighed, stepping in front of her brother.

“Don’t you care about him, though?!” Auriana blurted out before letting out a squeak and covering her mouth.

“Auriana!” The group reprimanded, looking at her with astonishment.

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, don’t you care if he knows you care? Using nicknames is a way to show someone you really love them!” Auriana pursued, “Don’t be so cold to him! He really likes you and maybe he thinks you don’t like him anymore!”

“You’re kidding…” Talia laughed, but immediately stopped when she saw Auriana’s stern stare. She wasn’t like that often, but she knew she had to push Talia to open up more often. Talia’s eyes widened before she turned to Mephisto.

“You think that I don’t like you because I don’t want to use nicknames? Mephisto, that’s ridiculous!” Talia’s brows furrowed with confusion, still trying to figure out the issue.

“Look, let’s just drop it. Obviously I’m asking too much from Her Royal Highness. Don’t bother. I don’t want to embarrass you.” Mephisto snapped, walking away with Praxina following with a sigh.

“Talia, don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?” Iris frowned, looking to her friend with a raised eyebrow.

“I didn’t mean…I’m just…uncomfortable with it…I don’t really have experience with it. What if I say something stupid?”

“Well, it’s a little late for that-oof!” Auriana winced as Iris elbowed her.

Talia rubbed at her arm, looking at her feet, “I know he wants so much, and I wish to please him, I just don’t know if I am adequate enough to fulfil the part to his expectations. I’m…not very adventurous like the two of you…”

“Oh, Talia, you don’t have to be like us, silly. Just do your best and do what you’re comfortable with; I’m sure once he sees that you’re trying your best, he’ll understand. Even if it is Mephisto.”

Iris smirked, earning a thankful smile from Talia.

“Besides, if he really likes you he won’t mind. I think he does!” Auriana grinned, leaning into whisper behind her hand, “Sometimes, I catch him monologuing to Zack about you. He’s a total dork!”

The girls shared a laugh at the idea, with Talia facepalming and turning a shade of red that could rival Auriana’s signature locks.

“Let’s just go!” Talia sighed, moving forward.

The smoothie bar was packed as usual, with teens and young adults crowding the sofas and chairs to gorge on sweet drinks and music videos. Nathaniel waved them over, a smile on his face.

“Hey guys, what’s up? Those two came in here looking pretty scary.” Nathaniel motioned over to the twins who had sat on a couch with Zack, who’d set aside his guitar to have a drink with his girlfriend. Talia frowned as she noted Mephisto slumped back in his seat with a furious expression.

“Sorry about that…”

“Talia, why don’t you give it a try?” Iris smiled, laying a hand on her shoulder.


“Yeah! Just try addressing him by a nickname when you talk to him.” Auriana grinned, leaning on the counter.

“I don’t know, what if I say something ridiculous.” Talia sighed, turning to lean over the counter.

“Just make it simple.” Nathaniel interrupted, “Knowing him, he doesn’t expect it from you so the littlest things might faze him easily.”

“Nathaniel’s right. Start out with basics like ‘darling’ or ‘honey’ or ‘boo bear’s.” Iris encouraged, clasping her hands together for emphasis.

Nathaniel snickered, “Boo bear?”

“You know you like it.” Iris smirked, earning a mischievous smile from the bartender.

“Just give it a shot!” Auriana grinned, giving her a thumbs up.

“But what if I say too much or…”

“Hmm… oh! I got it! What if every time I take a sip of my smoothie, you use a nickname. And if Iris clears her throat, you know whether or not to step up your affection. You’ll be back on his good side in no time!” Auriana smirked, grabbing her drink from Nat.

“I don’t feel very good about this…” Talia murmured, scratching at the side of her head.

“Oh! Quit being such a debbie downer! You always say practice makes perfect so let’s practice!” Auriana shoved the poor princess towards the couches. Her stumble caught the trio by surprise, and Talia glared at the Voltan with annoyance.

“This is gonna go bad really fast.” Zack whispered, with Praxina sighing.


Talia grimaced as Auriana slurped at her drink obnoxiously, earning a chuckle from Iris behind her.

“Ahem, may I take the seat next to you…darling.”

Mephisto’s head snapped up so fast, she thought he’d break it. Praxina choked on her drink as Zack gaped at her with confusion.

“Y-yeah? Um…I sort of saved it for you. Not that I’ve gotten over what you’ve said or anything!” Mephisto crossed his arms, his nose in the air.

“Right. Of course.” The soft sound of Iris clearing her throat prompted the brunette to continue, “I don’t expect you to; however, I do wish that you take into consideration my reasoning for hesitation. I don’t intend to hurt your feelings, Mephisto.”

His eyes widened as Talia laid her hand on his shoulder, a deep ruby rushing up his neck.

“W-w-well…I’m sure you didn’t mean to be such a jerk about it. I know sometimes you just can’t help but be a bit cold.” Mephisto’s eyes darted away from hers as he shrugged. Talia’s eye twitched at the comment, her mouth forming a thin line. Auriana sipped at her drink once more, taking a seat next to Iris who gave her an encouraging look. Talia rolled her eyes at their reactions.

“Right. It was a misunderstanding. Swept right under the rug, right sweetie?”

“Well…I d-don’t know. B-but now I’m starting to feel a little better about it!” Mephisto reassured her, smiling a bit.

Talia raised an amused eyebrow. She couldn’t remember seeing him in such a state. He couldn’t even look her in the eye. It was…kind of cute. She wasn’t use to being the pursuer, so it was a bit refreshing to see him fall into her more timid nature.

“Well, this is quite the change of heart, Talia.” Praxina smirked darkly from across the table, “I thought you saw yourself as too good for using nicknames. What was it you said? You found them embarrassing?”

“Hm? Really?” Zack’s eyes widened with surprise.

“Y-yeah, we fought about it on the way here but, looks like everything’s working out okay.” Mephisto grinned, eying Talia with a soft smile.

Talia’s ears burned at the sound of more throat clearing.

“I guess I just needed to try it. It worries me when you’re upset with me.”

More sips could be heard.

“I want to make sure that my…sweetheart, is happy with me.” Talia grinned awkwardly, taking Mephisto’s hand in her own. His face lit up like a Christmas tree, with emerald orbs shining and red bleeding across his cheeks in a flustered storm.

Praxina paused in her sipping, looking between the two. Had what she just witnessed really happened? She had choked on her drink the moment the rest of her friends had appeared and cleared her throat to ease her breathing. She hadn’t expected Princess Talia to flinch before sweet talking her brother. She brushed it off as a fluke, but when she sipped at contents of her cup the Xerin warrior repeated the action, making sure to use a nickname that she seemed unsure of.

Stormy eyes flashed over to watch the group, slowly figuring out the princesses’ little game. A sip led to a new name and a cough here and a clearing of the throat there left Talia with the instructions to pursue her idiot sibling who seemed none the wiser. Praxina scowled deeply as Talia slowly maneuvered her way back onto her brother’s good side.

“I don’t like this.” She muttered under her breath, glaring at the group.

“Everything okay, Prax?” Zack smiled casually, careful to not draw attention to their conversation.

“She’s faking it and I’m going to stop it.” Praxina smiled wickedly.

She took to her renewed role as Talia’s tormentor. Sometimes she’d throw in a cough here a slurp there. Zack didn’t believe her until he tried it for himself. He seemed taken aback by the situation, giving his girlfriend a crossed expression. Iris had a frantic look on her face as she realized how Praxina and Zack had joined in. Auriana glared at Praxina who smiled widely. With a flick of her wrist from behind Zack, the Zaterran used her magic to stunt the flow of juice in Auriana’s drink. The redhead let out a squeak before trying to get it to come up.

Talia’s eyes widened as Iris gasped, waving her hands to signal her to stop.


“Talia?” Mephisto looked at her quizzically.

“Yes, as I was saying my…my…”

Praxina grinned as she released her spell, cackling as Auriana gulped down the whole of her drink before choking in the fruits, flying into a coughing fit.

“Auriana?!” Iris rushed over to her as Praxina laughed outright.

“Praxina!” Zack scolded, but Praxina rolled her eyes at his rebuttal.

“What on earth are you thinking?!” Auriana screeched, still coughing.

“I was thinking your little game could use more excitement.” Praxina smiled, “Besides, I don’t like you guys playing him for a fool.”

“What are you talking about?” Iris frowned, her hands flying to her hips.

“Don’t you think it’s cruel to pretend you enjoy doing what he wants, Talia?” Praxina’s gaze shifted to Talia, whose eyes widened nervously.

“Praxina, maybe this isn’t the best place to…” Zack laid a hand on her shoulder but Praxina continued.

“They think it is. Don’t play with his heart like that. If you genuinely want to be on his good side this isn’t how to do it. Honestly, Mephisto, how long are you going to let this Xeris toy with you? Didn’t you notice the other princesses directing her?” Praxina frowned, looking to Mephisto who had opted to stay silent. He scowled, standing slowly to leave. Talia immediately stood.

“Mephisto, I–”

“You didn’t have to say anything, Praxina.” Mephisto sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“You knew?” Praxina’s eyes widened.

“Of course I knew. Talia doesn’t change her mind so quickly without someone else leading the charge.” He smirked at Auriana and Iris, the latter chuckling nervously as she rubbed at the back of her head. Okay, so it wasn’t her best plan, but, she wanted Talia and Mephisto to have a normal relationship like everyone else. Maybe she should have listened to everyone and stood out of it because the sorrowful smile on Mephisto’s face made her stomach drop.

“I…I guess I just wanted to pretend a little bit longer. It’s not that big of a deal.” Mephisto stretched dramatically before sighing and walking off, waving to Nat as he headed out the door.

Zack sighed, “You guys, that wasn’t really cool.”

“We just thought that it’d bring them closer.” Auriana smiled sheepishly.

“Auriana! What did I tell you about your stupid meddling?!” Praxina growled, crossing her arms and standing over the girl.

“Uhhh…not to meddle?” Auriana grinned, earning a sigh from the blue eyed beauty.

“Ugh. You’re lucky he’s not me. I would’ve roasted your ass.” Praxina smirked, tossing her hair back from her shoulders.

“Figuratively or literally?”


Iris and Zack chuckled at the two, but both felt that nagging sensation over their friends’ predicament.

“Hey, guys?” Zack paused, his finger resting against his lips, “Where’s Talia?”

The group looked around the smoothie bar, brows furrowed as they took in the absence of their leader. Iris looked towards the front counter with confusion, smiling when Nat gestured towards the door.


“Mephisto, I’m sorry!”

“You can stop apologizing! It’s getting annoying now!”

“I don’t know what else to say!” Talia frowned, following after him through the oncoming people.

“I think you’ve said plenty.” Mephisto growled back, turning to her, “Look, I understand this isn’t the norm for you. I get that in Xeris things are different and that our personalities are on a totally different spectrum. I get it. But…hearing you say those things, even if you didn’t mean them, felt really good. I liked thinking that I could make you feel like I was special enough to say those things.”


“Forget it. I guess…I’ll try to be more patient next time. Sorry.” His eyes wavered from her face to his feet as he scratched at the back of his head.

Talia flinched at his words. He was apologizing? What was he apologizing for?! Biting her lip, her fist clenched as her stomach twisted in knots. It wasn’t like him to give up so easily, let alone miss out on a chance to get under her skin. He constantly tried to make her flustered because he thought it was amusing and was always eager to receive affection. The princess couldn’t help but hear Praxina’s voice playing in the back of her head. Sure, the idea she and the girls formed seemed like a good idea at the time, but looking back at it, the new Lolirocker was right. She wasn’t being honest with him, or herself. What kind of girlfriend would she be if he was the only one acknowledging his feelings?

“M-Mephisto…” Talia’s expression softened, her mind made up to sacrifice a little of her comfort for him, “Praxina was right.”

Mephisto’s eyes widened, “Uh…are you feeling okay, or did you just say-”

“Praxina was right. I’m so use to fighting you that I wasn’t able to move forward. I treated the situation like I was trying to defeat you or end the situation. That was a mistake. I acted to stop you not to make you happy and that was wrong. I should do better by you. This isn’t going to go anywhere if I go back to shutting you out.”


“Back in Xeris, I asked you to trust me. I asked you to have my back and promised to do the same. You’ve kept your end of the deal and then some.”

“Talia, that’s not fair. You went beyond your means to bring Praxina back to me. You all did.”

“But…I’m not giving it my all. Not like I could. Not to you. I don’t know what will happen with Banes and Zenavion on the loose, so I should take the time we have to open up to you. You let me in so I could save you. I need to do the same.” Talia smiled as she took his hand. She thumbed at the knuckles, her eyes raking over the smooth creamy skin that was conjured up by his magic to hide the many scars that danced across his skin. She could remember every single one; along his arms and across his back, caressing his legs and creeping up the back of his neck. She had been careful with each and everyone one of them. She remembered his pain and anger, his frustration and his weakness. He’d let her see it all. She wanted to do the same for him. For all that they’d been through, perhaps it would ease them both for a moment.

She hadn’t thought much of her actions as she pressed her lips to knuckles, gentle and sweet againsts the roughness of his skin. He stiffened as he watched her, his eyes going wide, unsure of how to react to her sudden romantics. For a moment, it was as if the rest of the world had disappeared. His heart throbbed in his chest as a small smile graced his lips. He swallowed hard, completely taken in by her serenity.

“My prince…” she hummed blissfully, causing his face to flare up immediately. It was then that her eyes snapped open, fully aware of what she had just said. A light gasp escaped her lips as they looked to each other, taken aback by her words. Mephisto jerked back, crouching in the sidewalk muttering in a frenzy about what had just occurred. Talia, herself, was fumbling, covering her cheeks as her face burned with embarrassment. It had just slipped out! She wasn’t even thinking-! She just wanted to convey her feelings properly but…what had just happened?! She could practically feel heart pounding, her blood boiling and ringing in her ears. She looked to him expectanrly, but he was still in the same position muttering something between “oh my god” and “what the hell”.

“Awwwww, you guys are so cute!”

The couple flinched as Auriana’s voice broke through the air.


Their friends laughed awkwardly as they huddled behind the wall of the building in the alley way. Auriana jumped up and rushed Talia into a tight hug.

“You did it, Talia!” Talia frowned as she giggled.

“How long were you guys eavesdropping?!”

“We weren’t eavesdropping! We were just walking a lot looking for you and just happened to hear you guys talking so we waited until you were done.” Iris smiled sweetly, crossing her hands behind her back.

“You were totally eavesdropping!” Mephisto rose to his feet, pointing accusingly at the Ephedian heiress as he planted a firm hand on his hip.

“Okay, maybe just a little.” Iris grinned, giggling as Mephisto claimed he knew it from the start.

“So, I’m right, am I?” Praxina smirked smugly as Talia jerked in her spot.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Talia lips curled into a knowing smile, looking away from her.

“I’m just glad everyone stopped slurping at their drinks.” Zack grinned, earning a snicker from Auriana and an eye roll from Praxina, “Let’s get back, I’m sure Nat’s just as worried as we were about you two.”


Talia smiled as she followed behind them, relief washing over her. As she moved she noticed Mephisto falling into step with her, a frustrated look on his face. His hand closed immediately as she looked down at it, and he eyed her out the corner of his eye before blushing and looking into the shops they passed.

She stifled a laugh at his antics, reaching for his hand and taking it in her own. He tensed at her touch, but just as quickly relaxed, kneading their fingers together and tightening his grip, as if afraid that she’d let go.

“Hey, Talia?”


“Y-you might want to think of a different nickname.”


“Otherwise everyone will know how badly you wanna marry me!” Mephisto grinned, causing her to scowl.


“Prince Mephisto.”

“Never again! I can’t believe I let you hear that!”

“I’ll remember it forever! We all will!” Mephisto snickered, “Right, guys?”

“Of course, Your Majesty.” Zack grinned, earning a smirk from Praxina.

“Zack! Mephisto, stop laughing! You were just embarrassed as I was!” Talia reddened, attempting to cross her arms, “Let go of my hand you no good snake!”

“Nuh uh! It’s mine now!”

The group sighed at their friends’ returning bickering, but shared a smile that they were back on track with each other. While she was certain she’d let the two figure things out in their own from now on, Auriana was certain she had helped in some way or another. Talia just needed a teeny tiny push and sometimes Mephisto needed a little backup. She was sure that none of the team one hundred percent understood their relationship, but they were slowly seeing how they worked together. As long as they understood each other, it was enough.


Some of her nicknames later on include: darling, viper, honey, hero, meph, and for special moments, my prince ;) but years later that one still makes him a bit of a flustered mess 😩

Keyboards and Androids

It’s Day 5 and I come bearing badass Danvers Sisters, though i took some liberties and included the wives in the badassery.

She really hates it, the anticipation, the worry, the fear. lt’s every time her family goes into battle, every one of them doing their part for the cause. It’s James’ broken ribs and Winn’s bloody nose, and Diana’s broken wrist. It’s fighting dominators, and Khund, and metahumans, and Luthors. Every day there’s a new threat, a new reason that her wives, her sisters-in-law, her family, have to be faster, be stronger, be smarter than the enemy.

It’s days when the ring on her finger isn’t enough to remind her she’s a Danvers now, a part of the family. As she sits in her office, eyes glued to the tv, Jess telling anyone who calls that she is unavailable, she cries, because what if they don’t come home this time, what if one of them doesn’t make it.

Lena knows, of course she does, she knows that Kara and Alex are badasses, that they can handle anything together. This knowledge doesn’t help the fear, the crippling worry. No matter how many times she sees those Danvers girls make it, to pull each other out of the jaws of death, giving fate the middle finger on a daily basis, but still she worries.

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Thief!Seungcheol ||

Notes: part two! Hope you enjoy. Requests are open! Also Mina and mark were my fav in this, they were was fun to write. Happy birthday Seungcheol!

tw: past child abuse, past non descriptive rape

•you were officially on the run with a the Choi siblings
•after you had taken them from the house, you decided that the best place to hide out was on the street
•"cheol? Why can’t I go to school?“
•Seungcheol’s little sister Mina kept asking
•"you will, we just have to hide for a while. Okay?”
•with a nod from her, you continued to tell seungcheol how to pickpocket
•after all, you needed money for your plan to work
•"what’s your plan y/n? I can’t steal things.“
•for as much as he babbled, he had quick fingers and was able to take as much as he needed
•which was quite a lot, after all you needed to go to a different state
•which meant airplane rides, and money for a fake passport for them
•Mina was also a natural, you and her would stay on the corners and beg for money, hiding parts of her face just in case
•after all everyone thought that she and seungcheol were missing kids
•but tomorrow you’d be able to get in the plane, your plan would be in action
•just had to stay out of trouble until then, it shouldn’t be that hard

•apparently trouble is your middle name!
•because oh boy, how are you gonna get yourself out of this
•Mina wanted to pickpocket someone, and seungcheol told her no
•but she did it anyway
•the woman saw her, and called the police
•the police caught her, and now she’s at the station, and your plane leaves in two hours!
•what a mess
•"how are we going to get her? This is my fault, we’re going to have to go to mother, oh god we’re going to die”
•seungcheol rambled, pacing in front of the station, where yo had dragged him
•"dude, shut up.“
•you said, watching the officers and Mina through the window
•"what if they hurt her?”
•"they’re cops cheol, she didn’t get hurt on the street, she’s good.“
•you said, not even looking at him, continuing to watch Mina
•she was sitting on a chair, near and officer who was sitting at his desk
•he got up, and went to the bathroom, leaving Mina alone
•"let’s go! Come in seungcheol”
•running to the front of the station, you opened the door, and whistled
•getting Mina’s attention, she stood up and ran
•for the second time this week, you were on the run
•but this time you had a plan
•getting a taxi, you told the driver to take you to bring you to the airport
•inside of the taxi, you heard the drivers phone ring, an amber alert maybe?
•taking a face mask out of your pocket, you gave it to Mina
•your face and cheol’s was already covered
•when you got to the airport you paid the driver and grabbed the siblings hands
•taking them inside, you found the man you’d pay to give you passports and sneak you guys on the plane
•taking quick steps, the three of you followed the man in the security uniform
•within five minutes, you guys were buckled in a plane with a bunch of other kids
•blending in perfectly, you guys were in your way to Hawaii
•not for relaxation though, that could come later
•"I think I’m afraid of heights cheollie.“
•Mina whined holding her brothers sleeve, tears in her eyes
•"it’s okay, I’ll protect you and y/n.”
•he said looking at Mina, glancing at you quickly and grabbing your hand as he comforted mina
•and you guys were in the air
•seungcheol had to managed to calm down Mina, and she was now sleeping
•leaning your head on seungcheol’s shoulder, you felt your eyes flutter close
•"I promise I’ll protect you.“

•once you landed in Hawaii, a stewardess woke the three of you up
•you guys got ushered off the plane, the next step was to get to a phone so you could call someone
•yep, that’s what your plan was, to get to Hawaii, call a kid that you knew in foster care who had been place with a duo of lawyers for parents
•"hey mark, I’m in Hawaii, would your dad be able to pick us up?”
•an agreement came from the boy and you guys were going to be okay
•"cheol, you still have the recordings right?“
•you asked the black haired teen who was now carrying his sister
•he nodded, and motioned to his pocket
•a car drove up, mark inside so it let you know that this wasn’t a kidnapping
•getting inside the car first, Mina going in the middle, seungcheol behind mark
•"you’re on the news, did you know that y/n?”
•Nodding, you shrugged
•"not the first time I’ve been wanted by the police.“
•marks dad was talking to seungcheol as he drove, letting you cuddle into Mina as you enjoyed the drive

•when you pulled into their driveway, mark sent you a look
•"I won’t take anything.”
•you said, rolling your eyes at the blonde male
•opening your door, you slid out, picking Mina up, continuing your cuddle session
•she nuzzled her head into your neck, her dirty face rubbing on your already filthy black hoodie
•when you stepped inside of the house, you were painfully aware of how pristine everything was
•"you kids look like you’ve been to hell and back.“
•Mark’s mom said, wiping her hands on her blue apron
•"I’d say they have, I on the other hand took a walk in the park.”
•she smiled, but it was a sad smile, knowing that you had lived on the streets for most of your childhood
•"can seungcheol and Mina go shower?“
•you asked, wanting her pitying look to go away
•"of course!”
•she led them to the bathroom, leaving you in the living room with mark and his dad
•slipping off your shoes, you were left in grayish socks that were no longer the white they were intended to be
•"mark, go to the closet and get some extra clothes please.“
•that was the signal that Mark’s dad wanted to talk to you
•mark nodded and sent you a look, different than the one he sent it the car
•he was telling you good luck
•flashing him a small smile, you faced his dad
•"y/n, do you know how serious this is? You’re lucky that seungcheol had evidence otherwise you could’ve been in prison.”
•he said, shaking his head as he sighed
•"yeah, I know but what was I supposed to do? Leave them? Besides it wouldn’t have been the first time.“
•sending him a glare at the end of your sentence, after all it had been him who sentenced you to juvie all those years ago
•"that was in the past, it was for your own good.”
•rolling your eyes, you crossed your arms
•yeah, you needed him for your plan to work but you didn’t need to be buddies with him
•"yeah, yeah. Excuses, are you gonna help or not?“
•running a hand through his receding hair, he sighed
•"we’ll help, only if you get help too y/n.”
•Mark’s mom said, holding Mina’s hand, who was now dressed in a blue dress
•"y/n, I look like Cinderella!“
•she said galloping over to you, plopping herself on the couch
•she asked you to come sit next to her, so you could braid her hair, because seungcheol’s braids were always loose
•"of course silly! Wouldn’t want Cinderella to have crazy hair, would we?”
•sitting stiffly on the couch, you moved her so she was on your lap, you began to braid
•"I agree, help them and you guys can try to fix what you did to me.“
•you said, not looking at Mark’s parents as you braided Mina’s silky black hair
•you could tell that they wanted to argue, but seungcheol walked into the room
•"look cheol! I’m Cinderella!”
•the smile on his face let you know, no matter what the adults said, you did the right thing
•"where did Mina go? Cinderella do you know?“
•seungcheol joked around, sitting next to you on the couch
•his hand gravitated towards yours, almost instantly intertwining your hands
•"y/n, mark brought clothes for you.”
•smiling at seungcheol, you pressed your lips to Mina’s head and walked to the bathroom
•mark was sitting on the sink, a towel and some clothes on his lap
•"I thought you would want long sleeved. So I brought my clothes.“
•nodding, you closed the door behind you
•"thanks dude, but what do you really want?”
•you asked, already taking off your clothes
•"do you still get nightmares? I have them but I feel like I shouldn’t, it’s been so long.“
•he said, passing you the towel and moving to the sink so you could wet the towel
•scrubbing the dirt of as best as you could, you took a second to think
•"we lived on the street for years, we had to do things we aren’t proud of. They won’t ever go away, maybe they won’t happen as much, but they’ll lurk.”
•once you were pleased with your red rubbed skin, you put the towel to dry
•"but…will I be capable of loving someone? I’m terrified that I’ll open my eyes only for a two hundred pound man to be on me.“
•he spoke quickly, snapping a band on his wrist
•getting dressed in the clothes that he had passed, you bent down like you had when you comforted Mina
•"you don’t have to do anything, we’re our own people now. We’re safe, you’re safe.”
•looking into his brown eyes, you let him look trough yours, to see if you were lying
•satisfied with what he saw, he stood up from the toilet
•grabbing your hand he smiled, this one reaching his eyes
•"let’s go back to lover boy and Cinderella.“
•squeezing his hand, you opened the door and walked back to the living room where Mina had fallen asleep on seungcheol
•but Mark’s parents were staring at the black haired teen, their jaws on the floor
•"y/n? Seungcheol is saying that you didn’t kidnap them. That you heard their mom yelling and hitting them, is this true?”
•looking at Seungcheol, his brown eyes were warm, yet they were defiant
•"yeah, I was walking home, it’s a short cut.“
•sitting down next to him, you laid your head on his shoulder, letting marks parents continue to question Seungcheol
•they told him what they would be going through, what would happen to their mom, they would be placed with a willing family member
•this was all things that you could repeat off the top of your head
•but this time you’d go through it with Mina and seungcheol
•your face the wicked woman that was their mother, when she would accuse you seungcheol would bring up that her position wasn’t the place to be making accusations
•that you were a Good Samaritan who just didn’t go through the steps the right way
•that Mina felt a better bond with you than the woman who gave birth to her
•with Mina and seungcheol, you could face anything together

Desire vs. Responsibility: Innes and Tana

As the game’s second royal sibling duo, Innes and Tana are naturally foils to both Eirika and Ephraim and to each other.

Compared to the brash and outgoing Ephraim, Innes is cautious and reserved. He is no less successful than Ephraim is, mind you: After all, he is the one who halts Grado’s invasion of Frelia, and heads a very thorough spy network that is capable of gathering information from almost any place in the country. However, just like how he needs to remain in the back lines as a Sniper, this also means that much of his accomplishments are behind closed doors, as compared to Ephraim’s loud and garish endeavors.

As a result, he becomes fiercely competitive, particularly with Ephraim, even if Ephraim has no interest in a rivalry himself. In some ways, he is comparable to Lyon, as princes and heirs to the throne who have talent in areas that keep them away from the spotlight, have romantic interests in Eirika, and are jealous of Ephraim. Both feel a heavy responsibility of being good enough to step into their fathers’ shoes, and both feel a sense of insecurity as a result of it. Tana says about Innes, “he wants to be the best at everything. The best king, the best general, the best fighter, the best man…” Lyon disparages himself as a “pitiful crown prince” and tells Eirika that “The people need a strong ruler. They don’t want a weakling like me. They want the strength you and Ephraim share.”

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Still My Hero

Here’s that angsty one shot I was talking about! It’s out later than expected because I just couldn’t figure out how to end it. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy!

You and Dean had been close as long as you could remember. You had grown up with him and Sam, being Bobby’s daughter (not by blood, but still his daughter) and only a year younger than Sam. Although you were closer to Sam in age, you always had a connection with Dean. Ever since you could remember, you two had been attached by the hip. Whenever your dad and John worked on a case together, you were thrilled just for the fact that it meant another week with your best friend. During those times, you would rarely be seen without one another, usually found running around the motel hand in hand. (Y/N/N) and De; the inseparable duo.  

As you grew into your teenage years, that fact didn’t change. He was your best friend your partner in crime. He’d beat up any douche that dared to hurt you, and you’d be his ‘little sister’ when he needed help getting a girl. Your times together were few and far between, but you still relished every moment together. But, things were changing. Bobby and John just weren’t getting along like they used to, and Dean started to skip on school to go hunting with his dad. So, during that time, you and Sam began to get closer. He was there for you when you had trouble with someone at school and you did the same for him. But, no matter how close you and Sam became, Dean was still your best friend. Your partner in crime. And soon to be your crush.

Yes, as the years went on, you began to have more than sisterly love for the oldest Winchester. But to him, you were becoming more of a bother. Even during the few times that your father and his worked together on a hunt, Dean ended up ditching you to hook up with some girl, or to follow on a hunt. Eventually, he dropped out of school and pursued hunting full time, and could often found banging any girl he could lay his hand on. You two had a fight over his decisions, ending with him screaming at you about how it was none of your business and calling you a nuisance. Then, your dad and John had a falling out. You and Sam kept in touch, calling each other every once and awhile to check in. But, as for you and Dean, it was quite the opposite. You lost touch even before your fathers fought, let alone after. It left you heartbroken. You threw yourself into hunting to the point where Bobby became worried. He didn’t stop you though. You became a great hunter, one that everyone knew the name of. You were saving hundreds every year.

This hunt started like any other. It was a simple vampire nest up in Montana, it shouldn’t have taken you more than a week. You were walking out of one of the vics houses when an all too familiar vehicle pulled up outside. You held back a groan. Two men climbed out of the vehicle, and you made eye contact with the taller of the two. He gave you a huge grin, which you returned.

“Sammy! It’s so good to see you!” You cried, as you walked toward him. He engulfed you in a hug which you gladly returned. It was awkward and lanky, but you didn’t mind. You missed the big goof. Dean cleared his throat as Sam released you and raised his eyebrows.

“Hey Sam, mind introducing me to this lovely young lady you apparently know?” you glared at him.

“Really? Man, you really are as much of an asshole as I remember,” you snapped. Dean raised his hand in defense. “I’m (Y/N). (Y/N) Singer,”

“(Y/N/N)? Man it’s been forever!” he walked forward like he was going to hug you but you stepped back. Sam scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I’m going to go talk to the vic. I guess I’ll leave you two to it,” he said, walking toward the vics house. Dean looked at you, seemingly hurt.

“What’s with the hard feelings? Last I remember you were following me around all the time,” he started, before you cut him off.

Me following you around? I remember that being pretty mutual for a while there!” You fumed, running your hand through your hair. “But oops, I forgot. You got annoyed at me for wanting to hang out with my ‘best friend’. You got annoyed at me because you couldn’t keep it in your pants! But sorry for being a nuisance,”

“I was a kid then, and that was years ago. You really can’t still be mad at me for-”

“Can’t be mad at you you? Dean, I looked up to you so much. You were my hero, my big brother. You protected me and Sammy, but more than that you were my best friend. You hung out with me and joked around with me all the time even though I was younger. And on top of that, I started to fall for you! I fell for that stupid bad boy persona, thinking I was something special to you. I thought you cared but clearly, you didn’t,”

“(Y/N) that was years ago. I cared and I still do. Sure I got upset with you, but I didn’t know you felt like that. C’mon (Y/N/N) there’s no reason to still be mad,”

“You know what? Screw you, Winchester. Now I suggest you go find another case and get the hell out of my way before I decapitate you just like one of those vamps,” You growled. You stalked your way toward your car, opening the door and slamming it shut. You drove off, determined more than ever to get this case done quickly so you could get the hell away from those Winchesters.

“Yeah, we saw her Bobby. The first day we were here… Yeah I’ll keep an eye out,” Sam ended the call. Looking at Dean, he sighed. “Bobby’s really worried about her,”

“I know, Sam. What do you want me to do? She hates me. She probably just left because she didn’t want to have to deal with me anymore,”

“She wouldn’t just leave a case,”

“I know,”

They found you two days later at the vacated nest. You were tied up and almost completely drained. Dean panicked. This was his fault. If you hadn’t gone in upset because of him, this wouldn’t of happened. He quickly checked for a pulse, which was there. Weak, but there. He quickly untied you while Sam looked around the place for other victims.

“(Y/N/N)? Can you hear me? I need you to open those pretty eyes for me sweetheart. I need to know you’re okay,” He lifted you up and began to carry you back to the impala.

“After all this… time… you’re still… my hero…” He looked down at you, only to see a small grin on your face, your (y/e/c) staring back at him. He gave you a small smile, relieved that you were coming to.

It took you about a week to recover from the amount of blood loss you had. The whole time Dean never left your side. You were packing up your car to leave when he stopped you.

“ You know, I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this,” He pressed his lips firmly to yours. You melted into his lips, your eyes fluttering closed. His arms snaked around your waist while yours wrapped around his neck. It took Sam clearing his throat to pull the two of you apart.

“Took you long enough, Winchester”

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The Life I Got (No.1)

;shameless fic/gallavich

sum: an AU where Ian and Mickey began to see each other more than kids who grew up together. Middle school AU

notes: it’s safer to be gay in this, but Mickey is still deeply closeted because of Terry. All the Milkovich children are accepting though. Mama Milkovich is apart of this. Also Lip and Mickey are best friends, because I like to please myself.

Ian wanted to avoid detention until he reached high school, but he was sadly the younger brother of a dumbass.

“Fi’s gonna have my ass, you dick!” he yelled at his stoned brother. “Chill, man, it’s nothing,” Lip assured casually. The ginger gave his brother a look of hate. “I want to kill you.” The older Gallagher laughed at the threat.

They continued to walk through the empty halls of middle school, the brown haired boy knowing the way to their destination like rhe back of his hand. The school never suspended him, only sent him to classroom 202.

He smiled as he opened the door to the other troublemakers, being greeted silently. The young brother seemed to hide in his shadow, knowing all of these kids.

Some kids at this school lived in a nice part of the Southside, but everyone in this room lived in his own neighborhood. Southside was shitty, but he happened to live in the shittiest part.

He kept his head down, and followed his brother closely. He didn’t not want to be pulled into a group of people worse than his sibling. He didn’t think he was better than them, but if he wanted out of this hell hole he had to seem better. He was as normal as a Southside seventh grade kid could get. He planned to keep it that way.

“Hey, Mick,” Lip greeted his long time friend. He knew Mickey since diapers. His mother helped Fiona when Frank first left them.

She stilled help the high schooler. Mama, as she was known wanted the Gallagher girl to finish high school. She was like her own daughter, and she loved the Gallagher children as much as her own. She was an amazing woman.

“Hey, Lip,” Mickey replied to the older brother. Ian turned his head up to stare at the boy he’s known since practically birth. He was in the same grade as Lip, and their families were combined into one. He was sat on the desk rather the chair, since his fit were rested there instead.

“Wow Gallagher, weird to see you here,” he teased, staring at the freckled boy. He blushed, aware of the fact he was a goodie goodie compared to his brother. “What’re you in for?” he continued.

“Lip and I got caught smoking weed under the bleachers, ” he explained quickly, not wanting to talk much during the hour he had to be here. “How ‘bout you?”

“Kicked some kid’s ass,” he replied simply. He nodded as a reply. He hopped on the desk beside Mickey’s, Lip sitting himself in the chair attached.

He zoned out as he idly listened to the two boy’s conversation. He didn’t want to be here. He counted the freckles on his hand, even though he had counted them many times before. It was a habit for boredom, anxiety, or stress.

“Why isn’t there a teacher in here?” he thought aloud, as he pulled his attention away from his hand. “There’s never a teacher in here,” his brother replied. “Ever count all those freckles?”. He smiled at his brother’s question, both knowing why he did it. “Not yet, maybe soon,” he joked, laughing lightly.

The hour passed quickly, and soon a teacher came in a told the class they could go home. The three had to walk home; the bus was horrible, and they didn’t know anyone who had a car. They didn’t mind, even if the fall was turning to winter. It would probably snow soon, so they’d have to pull out their bigger coats.

Ian walked behind Mickey and Lip, caught up in his world. His own world being the back of the Milkovich’s head. He grew up with the kid, he was bound to have some opinion on him. Unfortunately, his feelings towards the thug were past platonic. It made him angry, but he couldn’t help it. He knew everyone he gave a shit about would be accepting, but if he tried anything with the brunette, he might die.

He noticed the big things about him: his eyes, his lips, his body, and his ‘fuck you’ personality. In moments like this though, he noticed smaller things. The way his eyes were a harsher blue when he smiled, his freckled face, his tiny laugh, his sarcastic comments. He noticed it all, and he knew he was obsessed. He was good at hiding it, though. The crush hadn’t fully developed till sixth grade, but in a year he’d learned to master his butterflies.

“Ma says I gotta sleep over since Dad’s out of the joint,” Mickey mentioned, making the ginger’s heart beat faster. He didn’t master his butterflies after all. He spelt over often, but every time he did, the younger was short of breath. It was so dumb.

They reached the Gallagher home, and made their way inside the warm house. Mama, Fiona, and the youngest Milkovich, Mandy were on the couch with the youngest Gallaghers, Debbie and Carl.

Monica, their mother, lived with them permanently for about two years, becoming pregnant with Debbie, having the little girl, becoming pregnant with Carl, having the younger brother, and abandoning them once again. She felt that “her job was done” since Mama had it all under control. It was bullshit, and made the older siblings hate their mother more. It ended as quick as it happened.

It had now been seven years, and their mother was nowhere in sight. That was a good thing, actually.

Fiona pulled her little sister off her lap, and walked around the couch to reach for three boys. She smacked Lip upside the head, earning a noise of pain. “What the fuck?” he groaned, running the back of his head. “That’s for bringing your brother into this,” she explained. She turned to the ginger, and flicked the side of his head. He didn’t complain, but he did rub his wound. “That’s for joining your brother’s dumb shit.”

He nodded obediently, and made his way upstairs. He threw his backpack down, and flopped on his bed. He pulled of his coat, and threw it atop his dresser.

He was tired; Frank came in the middle of the night and started shit, keeping everyone up. He rested his arm over his eyes to block out the sun. He was slowly drifting off.

His mattress sunk as a smaller figure laid beside him. They wrapped an arm around his waist, and rested their head on his chest. “You tired, too?” he asked, already knowing who it was.

“I kinda hate Frank, right now,” Mandy replied, half-joking. It was wrong for deprive a person of sleep in this household. He pulled his arm off his eyes, and looked at the dark haired girl. He laughed at her reply, “Only right now?”. She rolled her eyes, joining his laughter.

While Lip and Mickey were best friends, Mandy and Ian were as well. They were the same age, and went perfect together. If he wasn’t so infatuated with her brother, they would make a great couple. She already knew of his feelings, and accepted them. She enjoyed the ‘girl talk’.

“Can we just sleep til dinner?” she mumbled, burying her face in his chest. “Yes please.”

They tangled their legs together, almost too tired to pull a blanket over them. She found darkness in his chest, and he placed his arm back over his eyes. The body heat, and blanket soon lulled them to sleep.


Mickey watched his sister and Ian cuddle. It was creepy, but it was calming. He was sat on Lip’s top bunk, looking down at the sleeping figures. Mandy slept calmly with the ginger. She would usually look tough in her sleep, but she looked angelic with the boy. Her face was peaceful, which was unusual. The younger Milkovich children had been staying at the Gallagher home, so she spent her night in the redhead’s twin bed.

His eyes drifted to the middle child of his second home. His lips were barely parted, and his chest moved up and down calmly. His hair laid messy on his pillow, sleep moving the bright locks. He watched the boy sleep occasionally, his chest tightening.

He was a dumbass, but smart enough to not act upon how he felt. He wasn’t over exaggerating when he said his father would kill him if he did what he liked. Maybe if Terry was locked up for a long enough, he could. He knew he was a smart man, though. If he did something that bad, he’d lay low. His father was a drunk, but he was smart. One day, he could be happy, but that wasn’t going to happen with Terry at home.

Lip entered the room, looking from Mickey to Ian. He knew about his best friend, and knew he’s troubles. He sighed sadly. “You know you’d be safe here, nobody outside this house would find out,” he tried. “It’s too risky, man,” he replied. The brown haired boy nodded in understanding, walking up to his friend and placing a comforting hand on his knee.

“Well, dinner’s ready, you wanna wake ‘em up, or should I?” he questioned. “I’ll do it, go eat,” the sad boy replied. “You sure?” “Yes, go before I punch you,” he reassured. The old Gallagher nodded, turning around and leaving.

The brunette jumped from the bunk, and hovered over the twin bed. He didn’t want to wake Ian, or Mandy. He’d rather they eat, though. He stared a little while longer. He already watched the boy sleep at night, this shouldn’t be hard.

He took a deep breath, and gently shook the ginger. “Gallagher, dinner’s downstairs,” he said softly, earning a noise of acknowledgement from the waking boy. He watched the freckled face scrunch up as be slowly rose, trying to sit up but stopped by the girl curled up on his lower half. “I’ll get Mandy awake, you can go,” he assured, waving the Milkovich away. He nodded, and made his way out.

Shortly after, the duo walked down stairs, still waking up.

Everyone achieved their food, and sat around the small table. It’s a wonder they were all able to fit.

While everyone chatted away, Mickey stared at the ginger boy. It was quick glances; he doesn’t know what he’d do if he got caught. His food to Ian, all throughout dinner. It was normal for him. It was also stalkerish, but if he didn’t get caught it was okay.

He felt a sharp pang in his chest when his sister laid he head on his shoulder. They acted more like a married couple than two seventh graders. They both said they were only friends, but it seemed to be more. He scowled silently at their closeness.

“Are you okay, honey?” Mama asked, pulling Mickey out of his jealous state. “Oh, yeah, fine,” he muttered. He stared at his food the rest of dinner, afraid to be almost caught again.

Fiona announced that it was time to get ready for bed soon after. “Who’s on dishes tonight?” Lip asked, hoping it wasn’t him. His older sister’s face scrunched in confusion. “Mickey and I will do them, Fi,” the Milkovich mother offered, resting a hand on her son’s shoulder. “That solves it,” she decided, clasping her hands together in victory.

“Okay, everyone else up to bed!”. She ushered everyone up the stairs, turning her head back to mouth thanks to the Milkovichs.

Mickey piled the plates, and silverware together obediently. He knew it was easier to do without being told. He brought them to the sink where Mama was already waiting.

They handwashed the dishes in silence, the son feeling his mother’s stares every now and then. “Is there a reason you keep starin’ at me?” he asked anxiously, careful not to bark. “Mikahlo, you know I love you, right?” she asked randomly. He turned to look at her. “Of course, Ma.” His eyes showed confusion at her mood.

“Is there something wrong?” he pushed. “No, of course not, sweetie,” she assured. “Just, you know you can tell me anything?” He nodded, still wondering. “And I’ll love you no matter what?” she continued. “Mama, what’s this about?” he finally asked.

She sighed deeply, and turned off the faucet. He continued to stare at her as she wiped the soap off her hands, mimicking mindlessly. She looped her arm with his, and led him to the couch. He sat beside her, worrying. “Ma, what is wrong?” he pushed again. She placed a hand on his face, staring at him with her light eyes. “Is there something you’re not telling me?” she asked, running her thumb across his cheek to relax him. “Whatdaya mean?“.

“I’ve seen the way you look at Ian, honey,” she admitted. His heart dropped, and his throat tightened. He looked away from his mother’s face. He tried so hard to be careful.

Mickey Milkovich didn’t cry, but when it came to the possibility one of the few people he loved hating him, he did. His vision became blurry, and he looked down at his lap in shame. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, letting his tears drip. He would only cry in front of his mom. He knew she wouldn’t hit him, or make fun of him. He could relax around her, but now that she knew his secret, be was afraid things wouldn’t be the same.

Mama lifted his head up, tears of her own streaming down her face. “I’m so sorry,” he sobbed. “Oh, baby,” she cooed, wiping the tears from his face. “It’s okay, I don’t see you any differently,” she assured. He shook his head. “It’s not okay, cause even if-if you accept me, who says everyone else will,” he choked out, motioning to the living room. Everyone else didn’t mean the world, it meant his siblings, it meant the rest of the Gallaghers.

“They will, because they love you,” she reassured. “They have more problems to worry about than you liking boys.” He nodded, believing her words for himself. He needed to believe them, or he would break. He wrapped his arms around his mother’s middle. “Thank you,” he whispered barely audible. She ran a comforting hand through his hair, squeezing him tightly.

She pulled back, sniffling slightly. “Now you need to get to bed, you still have school tomorrow,” she reminded. He nodded, and smiled. He pulled himself off the couch, and headed upstairs. “I love you, Mikahlo!” she called out. “Love you, too, Mama,” he called back.

He entered Lip the Gallagher boy’s room, and found Ian, Mandy, and Carl asleep. Lip let his feet hang off the edge of his bunk while he smoked. “Hey, man,” he greeted quietly, his words followed by smoke. “Hey,” Mickey replied, eyes wandering towards the sleeping redhead. “Does Mama know?” he questioned, getting the elephant out of the room. He nodded, scratching his lower lip nervously.

“Who else would want to know?” he continued. “I-I don’t know man, how would Fiona feel?” he blurted. He hopped on the bunk beside his best friend, grabbing the cigarette. “She wouldn’t care,” he assured. “Family is family, and as long as you don’t date a complete asshole, none of us will care.” He took a deep breath of the nicotine, feeling his nerves leave as he blew out the smoke.

“Do I just bring some dude home, and hope for the best? Leave a fucking note? I mean, how do you tell someone here something like this?” he questioned, his mind flooded. “One person at a time, I guess.” He looked at the brown haired boy with annoyance. He shouldn’t be asking someone straight how to come out.

He rolled his eyes, and jumped down from the bed. He pulled out the mattress under Ian’s bed, already made. He laid down, and pulled the blanket up to neck. He turned to lay on his side, and stare at the sleeping boy before him. When Mandy slept with him, she slept against the wall. They weren’t cuddled up tonight, so the boy slept facing the door.

Mickey began to reach out to touch the boy, but stopped. If Ian woke up, he’d be in deep shit. He settled for staring; it had to be enough.

His eyes closed, but the image of the ginger stained his eyelids.

BTS as brothers

hii ;3 I hope that my request won’t be hard since it’s one of your first on this blog :) what kind of big brothers would bts be? (if you have members limit then please just Jungkookie and J-hope) thank you and fighting! :D

J-Hope: I get the feeling J-Hope would be really cute but annoying as a brother. He would always be in your business, asking who you are talking to, how well you are doing in school, and any news on your love life. He would probably tease you a little too, but always with the intent of making you laugh. He would do cute, silly things just to see you smile, because seeing you upset physically pains him.

Jungkook: I think you’d be really close to him, he might be a little clueless in boy matters as opposed to the other guys, because he is still very young himself, but he would always be there for support, just like you’d be there for him whenever he had a tough day. You’d probably both be very competitive, and would bicker over silly things, and only then he would take advantage of being the eldest, telling you he must be right because he is older than you, which would probably frustrate you to no end, but you’d quickly make up, and go back to enjoying your spare time together.

V: Oh God, I think V would be the most interesting to have as an older brother. He would probably be a lot crazier than J-Hope as a brother, teasing you all the time over silly things, and poking fun at you, but you’d both be so attached! You’d be the dynamic duo, always up to mischief; pulling pranks and taking selcas together, cuddling, and talking about everything. He would do anything for you, he would take the blame for something you had done, to get you out of trouble, and get into fights and arguments if someone had hurt you, both physically and emotionally. You’d have this love-hate relationship, where you’d want to pull his hair one moment, then hug him tightly and never let go the next. He would be your best friend.

Jin: Jin would probably be the over-protective kind of brother, always making sure you are okay, you are eating well, and you are dressed appropriately for the weather. He’d be the type to want to know your friends, and to text you whenever you are out to ensure your safe return home (tbh he’d probably suggest driving you ‘cause he wouldn’t trust your friends completely). He’d be so sweet and so perfect though! He’d protect you from everything he can, and in return, you’d tell him absolutely everything about you, and trust him with all your secrets. He’d be extremely supportive and proud of you no matter what you chose to do in life, but he would scold you if he thought you were taking a wrong or dangerous path.

Jimin: I think Jimin would be kind of an annoying brother, always teasing you, poking you, sneaking into your room to try to get a glimpse of your diary, but would definitely be cuddly too. He would purposefully annoy you, just to get a reaction from you, but would make sure to comfort you immediately if he thought he had taken it too far. He would be a great brother though, always there for you, always making you laugh, and comforting when you had problems. He would always want to do fun stuff with you whenever he has free time, you’ll probably never have a dull moment in your life if this guy is your sibling.

RapMon: I get the impression he would be a protective brother too. He would probably embarrass you in front of the guys you like, just a little, and just for fun, because in all honesty, he would never approve of anyone you ever brought back home. He’d be very caring, and understanding though, always there when you need him, even though he is incredibly busy all the time. You’d definitely look up to him, and this would probably be what keeps pushing him forwards whenever he is feeling blue, he needs to be strong for his little sister, because there is nothing that feels better than seeing the admiration in your eyes whenever you see him perform.

Suga: I think Suga would be the most chill out of the guys. He would be an amazing brother, very calm, very relaxed, he wouldn’t necessarily get involved in your business, but he would still tease you a little from time to time, because that’s what brothers do. You’d definitely admire him, not just for his talents, but as a person, and although he might not tell you, he is incredibly proud of you, and he secretly brags about how amazing you are to the rest of the guys. He’d show them pictures he has taken of you, telling them how beautiful you are, and show off the food you make for him, but then refuse to share it with the rest. He would make you feel safe, and you’d be perfectly comfortable sitting together in complete silence, just quietly enjoying each other’s company. But I warn you, if anyone ever breaks your heart, let God have mercy on their soul.

GAAAH this was my first piece of writing for this blog. I hope it wasn’t too long :/

Discarded Doubts

Alternate Title: Double “D”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3 or 4-some with [Edward/Arno/Reader] requested by @thosechocolatebrowneyes

Pair: Arno Dorian x Edward Kenway x Reader
Word Count: Manageable (4,376)
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: None

“You can still back out, you know.”

“I have no intention to. Why would I?” You ask.

“Because it was just a silly game. We don’t expect you to actually—”

“What? Go through with it? You sure you aren’t the one who wants out of this arrangement?”

A silly game is an understatement.

Most of the time within the Assassin headquarters, especially with the tentative peace that now reigns in the region, initiates and masters alike can spend their free time as they please. Training is encouraged, patrols are still mandatory, and — well, outside the eyes of others, there’s playtime to be had.

The masters preferred more refined practices — taking in the city sights, cultural refinement, and anything else that proved beneficial while also relaxing. The initiates, however? Gambling. Lots of it.

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Cards Against Humanity


Based on a request by @flandusgirl: I would love you forever if you write a fic if Dean finding the reader playing SPN cards against humanity and freaking out, but then he secretly plays behind the readers back

Warnings: some language

Author’s Note: This is my second request. I had a lot of fun writing this. It was very silly and fun! I hope you enjoy it my friends. Please like, reblog, and shoot me a friend request. I always follow back. Also, requests are open, so feel free to send me your ideas! xo kait

Originally posted by destihellhound

It was a rainy boring Sunday afternoon in the bunker. You had been staying here for over five months now, and you had become almost a little sister to the Winchester duo. Dean was taking a nap in his room, and Sam was off in the library doing some research. You were all alone, the raindrops echoing off the roof of the bunker, clouding your thoughts. You rest your cheek on your fist in boredom. Nothing a little Internet browsing couldn’t fix!

You take your laptop out from its hiding place under the sofa, and boot it up. Dean liked to get his hands on it whenever he could. You hid it here because you knew he’d never think to look under the couch. Busty Asian Beauties really did a number on your laptop last time.

As it’s humming to life, you realize exactly what you’re going to do to pass the time. Cards Against Humanity. It’s one of your favorite games! You log onto Tumblr and check out your Dashboard. You can only do this when Dean isn’t around. He’s constantly asking you questions about social media, as if it were a foreign language he couldn’t quite comprehend.

As you’re scrolling, you notice a link for a Cards Against Humanity Game. The category? Supernatural. You knew that Carver Edlund had written a book series about the boys, but they had never let you get anywhere close to reading it. Sam had Charlie block all of the books from your server. You had to click it. This was your chance at payback, for all the torture and teasing you go through on a daily basis at the hands of the Winchester brothers.

You click on the link for the game, and already seven other people are playing. The chat is filled with people gushing their love for Dean and Sam. You giggle to yourself, knowing that these two gorgeous mean are literally feet away from you.

Then you notice your cards, and you can’t help but laugh out loud.

And that’s just an example! You also notice something about Casa Erotica, Destiel, and Adam being stuck in the cage. Adam? Who the fuck is Adam? If Dean or Sam saw you playing this, they’d have your head on a spike. Your laughing has reached hyena levels now.

“What are you doing, Y/N?” A husky voice makes you jump, and you snap your computer shut. Dean stands in front of you in a button up plaid shirt and jeans, his hair sticking up in spots from sleep. Your heart is pounding in your chest.
“Nothing…” you say, not sounding very convincing. Dean looks at you with his side-eye stare. He knows something is up.

“I highly doubt that. Give me that,” His strength is no match against yours and, even though you struggle to keep the laptop in your grasp, he rips it out of your hands with ease. He opens up your laptop and his eyes grow wide. Dean stares at the computer screen for a minute, his eyes growing wider as his brain processes what he’s seeing. He looks over to you, with his mean face. The face he makes when you know you’re in trouble. When he speaks to you, his voice is low, almost too calm.

“Y/N, what in the hell is this crap?” He scrolls over your cards, making a different disgusted face over every one.  You fiddle with your fingers, still internally laughing, but scared for your life.

“A game, obviously, Dean.” You roll your eyes at him.

Dean makes a low growl in his throat and snaps the laptop shut.

“Yeah, a game about me and SAM, Y/N. A sick, twisted, game. Go get Sam, and right now, before I lose my freakin’ patience!” He runs a hand through his hair, points towards the library, and you get up off the sofa.

“Fine,” you say, huffing towards the library, “But apparently you and Cas are a ‘thing’ in the fandom world. Something called… Destiel?” Dean furrows his brow and emphasizes his finger towards the library. You raise your hands in the air in defeat, and go to find Sam in the library.

Meanwhile, Dean is sitting on the sofa still, your laptop in his lap. He lets the curiosity get the best of him, and opens up your laptop to the game.

“Let’s see what all the fuss is about,” He says, scrolling through your white cards. His eyes land on a set another player has just played.

“Oh isn’t that just fan-friggen-tastic?” Dean says, throwing his hands in the air in frustration, and putting his head in his hands.

You walk back into the living room and see Dean with your laptop open.

“Dean?” You say, knocking on the wall to get his attention.  Dean jumps about a foot in the air, and snaps the laptop shut. You hold your sides from laughing so hard.

“Nothing is funny here, Y/N. Be on your way.” He walks past you with the laptop to the library, so Sam can wipe this from his memory, and yours forever.

“SAM!” He calls, walking swiftly towards the library. “GET THIS FILTH OUT OF MY SIGHT! MY EYEBALLS ARE BURNING IN MY SKULL!”

You wipe your eyes of tears from laughing so hard, and follow him to the library.

“Squirrel, wait up!” You yell after him.

“SHUT YOUR CAKEHOLE, Y/N!” Dean yells in the distance, somewhere in the bunker.

Payback will be sweet for quite some time.

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