i feel anxious and afraid

BTS Reaction to their s/o feeling afraid at a pool party because they can’t swim

Anon Requested:  May I request a BTS reaction to their s/o feeling afraid and anxious of swimming when they go out to a pool party or water park because they can’t swim?

Sorry for the wait but I hope you like the reaction ♥

Jungkook: He thought it was kind of cute seeing how nervous you were around the water, he forgot that you couldn’t swim but stayed by your side the whole day, when he was in the pool he’d occasionally splash you which made you laugh and cool you down a bit from the summer heat.

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Taehyung: Taehyung was super protective of you, whenever you got too close to the edge of the pool he’d automatically be by your side, he knew you couldn’t swim and just wanted you to be safe and sound.

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Jimin: Jimin smiled at you as you were in the shallow end with him, he didn’t mind staying in the shallow end the whole time as long as he was with you he was having a good time.

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Hoseok: Hoseok didn’t believe you that you couldn’t swim. He’d try to make you go deeper and deeper until you got too scared. Hoseok would just pull you into his arms in the water keeping you above surface. He realized not to do that anymore.

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Namjoon: He’d say it was okay and stayed on the edge of the pool with you. He’d make jokes about how he needed to get a nice tan anyways so he was okay with not going into the water all the way.

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Yoongi: Yoongi wanted you to go in the water but you refused a countless number of times. You were sitting on the edge of the pool until you felt a hand wrap around your wrist and you were pulled onto someones back. You immediately clung onto him staying in the water.

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Jin: He picked you up which caused you to already cling to him and scream, it didn’t make anything better that Jin decided to jump in the pool as well which made you freak out even more. He held onto you keeping you safe while you continued to freak out.

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Air Chrysalis

I feel uneasy today
In my skin
I don’t know
Uncomfortable anxious afraid,
A transitional state
A hard outer case
Air chrysalis I fear is my fate,
Don’t be afraid
I hear her voice say
Through time through space
So close yet so far away.

And everything becomes okay.


Sleep - pt 8

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You woke up on top of Jimin, and Hoseok was right next to you guys on the couch, head thrown backwards and mouth slightly open.

Jimin’s cheek was red where you had been leaning on. You pushed yourself off his chest and fixed Hoseok’s head so he wouldn’t have neck pains when he woke up.

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Basic Phobia Starters

“Don’t move, you’ve got a spider in your hair.”
“Did you hear about the snake that escaped a few blocks down from here?”
“Great, the elevator door just jammed. Tell me you’ve got your phone on you.”
“Wow, this is really high up. I don’t think I like this.”
“You didn’t say this gig would be so crowded… Would it spoil the experience to stand at the back?”
“Are you okay? It’s not that high up, really. Come and look, the view is beautiful.”
“Don’t panic, just don’t look at it. The drip’s important if you want to get better.”
“Wow, it’s really dark in here.”
“If you would’ve told me you were so scared of water, I would have taken you to a movie instead.”
“I didn’t know this movie was going to be so bloody. I think I’m going to faint.”
“Are you alright? You seem very nervous. First time flying?”
“What was that?! Was it thunder? Oh no, oh… I really don’t like this.”
“What are you so afraid of? It’s just a bit of water.”
“Look, even if you do fail it’s not the end of the world, okay?”
“What’s going on? Why are you in such a panic?!”
“Don’t worry! It was just a small mouse and I can’t see any droppings. It was probably just lost, okay?”
“He doesn’t bite, he’s just happy to see you. Why don’t you say hello to him and he’ll leave you alone. Really, that dog is harmless!”
“I think I’m going to die. What if I die? I don’t want to die.”
“Shh, calm down. You’re in a panic. You need to try to breathe normally.”
“Did you check the gas? I think I smell something.”
“I don’t know what it is, but it’s big and it’s got many legs.”
“I can’t go to the doctor, okay? I just can’t and you can’t make me!”
“So, on the one hand you’re afraid you’ve got a deadly illness and on the other hand you’re afraid of doctors.”
“We all grow old. Why are you making such a big deal about it? It’s just a birthday, it doesn’t mean anything.”
“Calm down, it’s okay. The fireworks are over now. The banging has stopped. You can take your hands off your ears now.”
“Why do you hoard all this stuff? It wouldn’t hurt to get rid of some of it.”
“The sharks are behind glass, they can’t get to you and you should really see this. Come on, you’ll be fine.”
“You could’ve told me you were afraid! I wouldn’t have thought any less of you.”
“So, why does this scare you so much? Did something happen to you or something?”
“I think I heard something downstairs.”
“So, you’re saying you don’t want to be with me because you’re scared of committing, not because you don’t like me?”
“Is this too much? If you’re too afraid to do it, you can tell me.”
“I’m just so afraid of ending up alone. And it’s weird because I think about it all the time. That’s not normal, right?”
“It’s just a presentation, okay? Everyone gets nervous about those. You’ll be fine.”
“I’m afraid of being afraid. I sit there being anxious about something making me feel afraid, so I’m living my life in fear of fear… and I think I need help.”

Lonesome (Feysand Fanfiction)

So one day I’m thinking, what if Feyre couldn’t stand to sleep alone when she first came to Velaris because she’s suffering from PTSD, and has to share a bed with Rhys?

Then I wrote a fanfction about it.

Here it is. Leave comments and feedback below. :))

- Tris

The first night I spend in Velaris is torturous.

Rhys had flown us back to the townhouse from the House of Wind. I bid him goodnight in the foyer and went upstairs to the room that had been prepared for me. I quickly changed into a more comfortable pair of pajamas and slipped into the bed so as to tumble  into another episode of nightmarish dreams.

Except that I couldn’t.

I waited and waited for sleep to come but it evaded me. I had never felt more awake. There was the lingering ache Tamlin had carved in me by locking me up and shutting me out, but that wasn’t the reason I couldn’t sleep.

It was that dreadful feeling of paranoia creeping along my skin. Anxiety twisted my insides, tightly winding them up so that every small sound, every shift in the shadows, made my eyes dart around the room, expecting to see my nightmares come to life before me.

The room was dark, since I’d blown out the candles but a bit of light from the moon managed to shine through the windows so that everything was basked in an eerie, soupy sort of gray.

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What is anxiety?

Anxiety is sitting in a dark car and being scared of things appearing at your windows. Anxiety is being overwhelmed and not being able to catch your breath. Anxiety is looking around nervously, awaiting something to happen. Anxiety is fearing the worst to come. Anxiety is your heart beating against the cage of your chest as you await that bad moment to reveal itself. Anxiety is screaming all you can possibly scream when someone taps you from behind. Anxiety is a ball of lead chained to your leg that you are forced to drag around like a prisoner. Anxiety is never completely gone, it is only lessened.

I’m afraid

Tomorrow I have to go to the Psychiatrist (it’s not my first but my 5th psychiatrist) but I’m afraid because the last time, she talked to me very harshly, like for example she said “I don’t fucking care you scarify yourself! Just don’t let blood on the ground!”

Her way of talking to me hurts me a lot, the scarification is not dangerous, I totally agree with her but there is other way to say it!! I’m really afraid for tomorrow ;;-;;

Borderline Personality Disorder Symptom # 4

There are many different symptoms associated with BPD including fear of being alone and frantic attempts to avoid real or imagined abandonment.

There are many links that abandonment issues originate in childhood. Most BPD sufferers have had a traumatic experience as a child. I’m not saying that we’ve all be abused, with terrible absent parents, or relentless bullying. Whilst this might be true for some sufferers, its not part of the diagnostic criteria. Whats important to note is that what is traumatic to a child, might seem minor to an adult.  In psychology there is a concept of an “inner child”, who lives in the unconscious part of ourselves. We were once all children, and we all still have that child living within us. As adults, most of us are aware that our inner child exists, and the theory is that lack of awareness of your inner child is where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship problems come from.

Age is not the same of maturity. Anyone can have a birthday, anyone can get older. Anyone can take on more responsibility, a better job, a bigger house, pets, children etc. We are told to “grow up”, toys are for children, we are encouraged to not be naive and innocent, to stop being playful. The adult world is serious business. Sure we can laugh and have fun, and enjoy our adult pursuits, but we don’t have that carefree abandon that all children naturally have. But our inner child does. The inner child still has all those positive qualities, its just that as adults we have become disconnected from them.

Do you know any five year old children? Have you noticed how easily they are amused, but just as easily can cry like there is no tomorrow? Can’t have more ice-cream? Tears. Accidentally had a minor fall. Tears. Saw a big ant. Tears. Our inner child is the same, it harbors all the negative childhood hurts as well. Fears, anger, and trauma. All that childhood baggage is still within us. Adults believe that they’ve outgrown their pain at ice-cream limitations and scraped knees, but that isn’t true. I may look like a 34 year old woman, but really on the inside I’m a 5 year old girl running around and screaming, I’m crying, hurt, angry and scared.

The 5 year old you know, would you expect them to be able to handle a romantic relationship, run a household, have a successful career, and be financially independent? Of course not. But this is exactly what is happening, its just that my body has aged and a five year old is still making the decisions. I feel anxious. Afraid. Lost. Inferior. Small. Lonely. Just like a child would if they were magically transported into the body of an adult. All children have a primal urge for love, acceptance, protection, to be nurtured, and understood. As an adult I still have those same urges, and they are a strong guiding force in every aspect of my life.

People with BPD are said to have a “wounded inner child”. This is a child that is really in crisis mode. The tears are flowing. Nothing cheers them up, not hugs or gentle words. The world is ending. The problem is that BPD sufferers don’t understand that their inner child is in the drivers seat. Without awareness of this phenomenon, we have no hope in healing. Without awareness, the wounded inner child will continue to take over and cause us to act in unexpected and erratic ways. We need to  learn to parent ourselves. To tell our crying child that we take them seriously, to listen to them, to talk to them, to understand how they feel and what they want us to focus on. Therapy helps BPD sufferers get to this point, but in the interim, our instinct is to seek this from others. We constantly need reassurance, to be accepted, to be acknowledged. A mature adult has to accept the realization that others will not continue to provide what we need, we need to learn to give it to ourselves, and only then, will be able to call ourselves an adult.

The content of this post could have been all about how fear of being alone is the greatest fear of people with BPD. I could describe numerous examples of “imagined” abandonment, our reaction to it, how it turns into real abandonment and thus reinforces the fear. I could go on about the “frantic attempts” and explain in detail how self preservation ruins not only ourselves, but important relationships. I could explain how solitude is not the same as being alone, and how the BPD brain interprets facial expressions in a negative way.  However, what I feel is much more important is the “why”. Why do we have this fear? Why are we scared everyone is going to leave us? Why are we desperate to stop it? The answer is that we have a wounded inner child, and understanding this is not only the key in our own recovery, but the key to reducing stigma that we are manipulative, increasing awareness, and therefore improving the quality of relationships and ultimately improving the quality of our lives.

How can I stop spending so much time on pc and gaming and just spend more time doing other things like spending time with my parents? Also,should I stop gaming to relief depression?

Gaming and using the computer makse me feel safe,not afraid,calm and comfortable. As soon as i go outside i dont feel safe,i am afraid,nervous,anxious,uncomfortable,sweatng.

What should I do?

Nostalgia kills me,remembering the good times. I want to change and be that guy i was in the past. I want to change and be the best person i can be. Should i quit gaming and spending so much time on pc? How?

Help with gaming addiction!
I want to be happy.”
- “Then why aren’t you?”
“Because no matter how hard I try or how much I want it… I can’t.

Imagine #119 Trip with the team

It was time for Champions league, the most important games as Neymar always said to you. He was so motivated to become champions one more time, that he could not stop talking about it and train more, even at home.

The next match was against FC Roma and the team had to travel to Italy. As always the traveled 2 days before the game and because I promised to Neymar that I would come to see him, I had to go with them. Well, Neymar insisted that I would travel in the same plane and not buy my own thicket and go alone.

“Amour did you take everything you need?” Neymar shout from downstairs. We don’t live together yet, since we are together for about 7 months and I’m still not ready for this important step, even if he loves me more than I could have ever imagined, he always takes care of me and not once he disappointed me in any way. But anyways I spent most of the time at his place.

“Yes, I have, it’s not like we are leaving for a vacation… well, you aren’t” I joked, because it was the truth, for me this was a short vacation off from university.

“Let’s go, Dani is driving us to the meeting place with the team.”

“Why aren’t you coming Joana?” I asked Dani’s girlfriend, with whom I was getting along so well, she was always there for me.

“I can’t, I have an important meeting tomorrow, I feel so bad about it.” She said, but Dani placed a hand on her tight, “Don’t, I understand you have your job.” I was always admiring how cute this two were, I always asked myself if me and Neymar are like them, but Neymar was not showing his feelings in public, when we were out he was acting more like a big brother, but I was okay with that, he was showing me all of his love when we were alone.

Onece we finally arrived I felt so out of space, I knew Neymar’s teammates, but still I was the only girl there.

“Hey, (y/n)” Joana suddenly called me when I took my luggage out of her car.

“Mh?” I looked at her, and noticed our boys were already talking with their team.

“You will have to help me, I will be coming to see the game, but I will come tomorrow after the meeting.”

“That is amazing! He will be so happy!” I said enthusiast, mostly because I would have someone else with me.

“Yes, but since I don’t know at what time I will land, you will have to keep in touch to tell me where you guys are and so on, okay?”

“Of course! Come as soon as you can” I hugged her and then together we walked to Neymar and Dani.

“Ohhh look who this two are bringing with them” Adriano laughed, making me already feel embarrassed.

“Unfortunately, my girl is not coming this time” Dani said as he placed his arm around her waist.

“C’mon guys is time to get on the plane!” a member of the stuff shout so I looked at Ney, who smiled at me, winked and then I followed him inside. Dani and Joana kissed goodbye, I looked back at her, and she showed me a thumbs up for our plan, well her plan.

As we walked in the plane, my stomach was not feeling good, I was feeling anxious about flying, since I was afraid of highs. Neymar was not aware of that, I never told him, because he always wanted me to fly with him on different games.

When he sit down and I followed, he noticed I was not feeling great, “(y/n) everything okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just not used to this, I mean it’s my first time on the plane.”

“Whoaaah! Neymar is planning to sex with (y/n) on the plane for the first time!” Marc shout and everyone started shouting.

“Shut up you di*k!” Neymar said and looked back at me.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“What difference does it make? I want to come support you, so I have to do it and today is the day.”

Neymar smiled and and caressed my head, “I promise you it’s going to be fine, you won’t even feel a thing. Oh, also please don’t bother about these idiots, they will always find something to comment.”

“I know, but they make me laugh so it’s fine.”

Since I was scared as we flew and Neymar was talking with their team, Dani and Messi in front of us and Marc and Suarez in the back, I put my headphones on and fell asleep so the time would pass as soon as possible. You didn’t know but our head fell on Neymar’s shoulder.

“How can you be so distant from her, she is so hot and you don’t even hug her” Marc said, knowing he would make Neymar mad.

“You fucker need to stop, I’m not distant from her, plus you have your own girlfriend, look at her!” Neymar said angry, but the others laughed, since they knew how easily they can get on his nerves so they mess around with him.

“Well I know, but we have to admit she is really sexy.” Marc insisted laughing, but Neymar tried to move and punch him, as he did so he woke you up.

“Ney?” You looked at him and moved back up.

“Sorry, I was trying to punch this idiot, didn’t want to wake you up.”

“(y/n) is Neymar a jealous boyfriend?” Marc asked.

“Well… actually I think sometimes he gets a little bit.” You laughed as you noticed Neymar roll his eyes.

“I’m sure he is, he was trying to punch me, because I said you look hot” Marc laughed and moved away, knowing he might want to do it again.

“Marc when we land, you are dead.”

You were happy to hear that, because Neymar was not acting like a boyfriend around friends, so to hear that he actually gets irritated when someone of his friends comments you in this way was cute.

“(y/n) tell us, is Neymar good in bed or is it done in 5 seconds?” Suarez played along with Marc.

“Oh, wow.” You became red as a tomato at this question.

“She is not answering that.” Neymar said and looked at you with a serious face.

“Yeah, because you don’t satisfy her.” Marc said and they all laughed, except you and your boyfriend.

When you finally landed, Neymar attacked Marc and everyone was laughing at them, while you were embarrassed about what was going on.

“Come as soon as you can! I can’t be alone with all of this guys!” You texted Joana.

When you arrived to the hotel, fans were already standing outside and paparazzi all around, you walked out of the bus and Neymar took your hand so you would not get scared or lose your way.

You got your room together and walked in the elevator with the others. When you found your room you noticed that next to you were Suarez and Messi, and on the other side Sergi Roberto and Munir.

“Marc, look who is next to us!”

As Neymar was trying to open the door, you looked at Suarez and then Marc.

“Oh I feel bad for you man, I’m sure you guys won’t be able to sleep. (y/n) don’t be too loud” Marc joked and before you could say anything Neymar grabbed your hand and pulled you inside closing the door.

“Ney” you looked at him as he locked the door.

Then he turned around and walked closer to you, “do you think I’m distant from you?”


“You know, that I’m not being a good boyfriend?”

“Why would I think this? You show me love all the time.”

“They said…”

“Since when do you listen to what they say?” I stopped him, before he could finish. You placed your hands around his neck, “I’m happy with you, I like how you act with me, I love you Neymar”

“I know I’m not as other guys, when they keep hugging their girl, like Dani does with Joana, but I promise you that I love you.”

“Dani is Dani, you are you, and I’m in love with you, not him.”

As you said that Neymar kissed you passionately and took you on the bed, “One more thing, no wearing leggings or skirts during this time in Rome.”

“Why not?”

“Because I said so. You are the only girl here and I know them too well.”

“How jealous can you get” you laughed and then pulled him back in the kiss.

“I’m the only one who can admire you”

To all my followers from America

I honestly don’t know what to say at the moment, I can’t imagine how some of you must feel, when even I am anxious.

I’d like to keep up hope, that everything will be fine, even if it’s difficult.

Please know, that I’m here for you.

If you need to talk to someone right now, I’m here. Anon is on for you!
I’d like to listen to your worries and try to help you in every way possible for me.
Please try to talk to me. I don’t want you to be alone, when you’re feeling nervous, anxious or you’re afraid, worried or in panic.

I am here for you.

i think i was a little more involved with genderism than most people on tumblr - i never transitioned or disidentified, but my social circle during the school year is mostly trans-identified people who really toe the party line.  “female” exclusively describes a sort of transcendent category of personality and behaviour, & “dfab” is used very sparingly - it’s taboo to describe commonalities between ‘cis’ women, nb dfab people, and The Oppressor: trans men.

menstruation, socialisation, religious misogyny, contraception fears, etc. were no longer under the umbrella of ‘female experience’, but rather disparate, discrete incidents.  i lost the vocabulary to classify them - to name a larger pattern.  my mental health really suffered.  i was distressed, anxious, afraid of hurting trans women’s feelings - driving them to suicide!!  after interacting with my trans dmab friends, i would come away feeling like a monster for not believing what they believed, not seeing the emperor’s clothes.

i can’t express how calming it’s been to be able to see myself not as uterus-bearing, vagina-having, designated-(but-not-authentic)-female, but just as a female person.  a girl.  a woman.  not a ragbag of disjunct organs & experiences.