i feel a deep connection to this quote so why not


The other night, I was reading through my Tumblr and I really appreciate the many spiritual insights and quotes shared by many of those whom I follow. 

However, one type of quote kept popping up and got me thinking deeply. The key word was “detachment” and it gave me pause. I thought about why these sages and gurus keep teaching about how to detach ourselves from this reality, from the mind in order to achieve enlightenment. The more I thought about my own relationship with the Universe the more those types of teachings seem so out of touch with the experience that I have come to know. 

It’s troublesome because we give these teachings a great deal of legitimacy and view them with deep respect. But it still doesn’t jive with Knowingness. Take a look at the photo above, a night scene during the winter here in Oregon. You have certain feelings about that picture, it evokes certain types of memories that you possibly cherish in relation to that scene. And you make a connection to that scene mentally. You want to attach yourself to more experiences like that and to Know those experiences. To top that off, your Soul makes a memory of this event as it gives meaningfulness to you. There’s no way to detach that memory from the Soul. Hence, the teaching of detachment errs here. 

In my meditation practice, I always have a conversation with the Universe. There is never any sense of detachment whatsoever. I am always engaged in the connection with the Universe. Always! So, what is this teaching about detachment really aiming at? We are meant to be engaged in understanding, in Knowing about how we relate to the Universe and to everything that is contained therein. We are meant to connect ourselves spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally in every aspect of our relationship with the Universe. One cannot stop nor detach the river of Consciousness that pervades the Universe! You are connected to that Consciousness! And that Consciousness is connected to every fabric of the Universe that has its essence. Thus, the concept of detachment makes no sense whatsoever. Even the battle of our Egos, the path to becoming Egoless requires that we engage ourselves fully in this process. Many teach that we need to detach from the Ego, but that only gives the Ego a greater battle for its own life within You. Not what one wants. It has to be guided into the greater Knowingness that enables you to live Egolessly. There can be no detachment here. So, the next time you read about detachment, take a moment to rethink about the kind of relationship you want with yourself and the Universe. And when you do, think about that night winter scene, enjoying the beauty of it with all your Being.