i feel a bit better i guess

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me and offered your support and condolences.

I’m still not okay, but I’m starting to heal and feel a bit better. I also feel a bit guilty, but that comes with the decision I guess

Gonna try and study for this final, paint my nails, and do other stuff to keep me distracted

Maybe I’ll watch Origins: Spirits of the Past (which is an amazing anime movie you need to watch if you haven’t already, trust me)


LOL I really need to stop drawing so fast and just take my time, but my brain moves faster than my hand.

(LOL I am cracking up over baby Harry. He is absolutely darling to me.)


Welp.  I have a lot of friends who have been feeling down and out about their art lately.

So, I dug into my archives to give you a reminder that, when you’re doubting your skills, you should try looking back a decade or more and picturing what your baby-self would think about the work that you make today.  If that doesn’t make you feel at least a little bit better, I guess I’ll just have to dig deeper into my weeb-folder and show you some really heinous shit.



The good news: I averaged 6:06/mi for my tempo run this morning, which is right on the pace I need for a 1:20 at my upcoming half marathon. The bad news: this should have been 8 tempo miles instead of 6, and I ran 30 total seconds slower than last week.

I started too fast and then it was a struggle every time I had to run the uphill portion of my route. Instead of heading out for one last loop, I went back towards home. I feel like I wimped out a bit, but it was already 60+ degrees and humid at 5am and I underestimated how fatigued I would still be from Tuesday’s 6x800 workout.

I know with good sleep, a taper, and some adrenaline from competition, I’ll do better. 7.1 miles better at that pace though? I guess I just have to bank on these tempos working similar to how they work for the Hansons marathon plan. Slightly disconcerting that I didn’t get to even half the race distance, but I’m just going to be optimistic and go for it a week from Sunday. Have to remember to start slower.

Easy running from now to the race. Feels like I barely got in any targeted training between Boston and now, but I wasn’t expecting much anyway. The few workouts I did get in were at a good pace, so I’m not going to fret about it.

Besides having so much sweat in my eyes by the end I could barely see, I also managed to strain my right shoulder from driving my arms? It seems better now at lunch, but it was sore for a few hours. If you don’t think a strong upper body is needed for racing, you are wrong. Is this what training in my 40s is going to be like??

I don’t ship Pietro and Wanda, but they are cute together in this page.

In the Ultimates 1 and 2 (and to a lesser degree, the Ultimate X-Men comics) ,it seemed to me that Pietro loved his sister more than his sister loved him. In fact, it felt like Wanda was using him in a couple of occasions. In this volume, Wanda reciprocates her brother’s feelings a bit better…but I guess that’s because she’s not being written by Millar and therefore is less of a bitch.

I’m just thinking abt a thing where Nick and Harry have liked each other for AGES and one time when Harry was 18 he’d drunkenly confessed it to Nick but Nick’s always thought they were better off as friends and has spent a good number of years stamping down his feelings and trying to will them away… but I guess more recently he finally decided that they weren’t going to disappear at all, not even a little bit. He’s always going to be half in love with Harry bloody Styles and some days it’s fully in love and some days he wishes he could buy a fucking plane ticket to wherever in the world Harry is and snog him senseless… Except he actually does end up doing that. He makes a trip down to LA during his break and has himself all psyched up to make some massive declaration but it doesn’t go that way at all. It goes well of course but it also happens really quietly? Un-grand. Like he doesn’t have to say or do much, but Harry gets it. And Nick’s a little huffy that he hadn’t gotten to use the speech he’d spent all 12 hours from Heathrow to LAX planning out, but what on earth had he been expecting?

They’d somehow always slotted together effortlessly. Right from the moment they met, everything just sort of fell into place. No fanfare, no big revelation. When Nick’d found Harry, he hadn’t even known he’d been looking. Both his life and his heart had somehow just made a little extra Harry-shaped room, allowing him to slink in there and fit in nicely.

So why would /this/ have been any different?

And I guess in the end Harry’s all “hm, so you’ve finally come around huh?” with a lil smirk on his face

And Nick’s just like “well, never could deny that slow blink”

Finding Caleb

(Credit to  solotopvladimir, via Reddit)

Series Post #1

Series Post #2

Series Post #3

PSA: Don’t ever try to chase down a face changing demon. Turns out they’re EXTREMELY venomous.

I didn’t wake up until a couple of days ago. I can’t say I woke refreshed. But I’m out of the woods now, Caleb says. I just need to take it easy for a few days. I told him that wasn’t likely. He laughed. It was a kind of grim sound but I know we both feel a little bit better about things now that I’m not screaming and cursing and vomiting everywhere anymore. A seven day fever is nobody’s idea of fun, let me tell you.

I guess I should back up. Last you heard, I was waking up with the elusive figure of Caleb himself standing over me.

I was completely disoriented and at first couldn’t focus on anything. I closed my burning eyes and tried to breathe steadily while I flexed my other senses. I was lying on something flat and wooden with a lumpy bundle of cloth pushed under my head to elevate it. There was a damp cloth lying across my forehead, although damp with water, sweat or blood I couldn’t say.

I blinked a few more times. I wasn’t wearing my glasses so everything was blurry anyways. But my vision was going crazy. I was looking up at a dense tangle of tree roots overhead, and they seemed to be alive and moving, groping blindly for one another like worms in the earth. I shuddered. My belly was so empty it felt like it was knotted in on itself but I still felt nauseous watching the slow sinuous writhe of the ceiling. Slowly the figure standing beside me swam into focus – as much as my poor eyesight allowed, at least. My weak eyes couldn’t pick out the features of the blurry brown oval that comprised the figure’s face with any clarity, but the eyes were dark and kind. As I looked into them I was flooded with relief. I knew who he was, and that I was safe.

“Caleb,” I croaked.

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NWM Week 2 Day 7

May 16th: Look back over your week. How many times did you work out? Did you accomplish what you planned (challenge 2)? Do you want to do less/more? Why?

I know I’m late, but check out how cute I am. 

I DID IT! I MADE IT THROUGH THE WHOLE QUARTERMARATHON! It was supposed to be 10.5km long, but my running app says I covered 11.8km. I guess it’s because I was zigzagging a lot and didn’t take the shortest route possible. I was the last person to start (which added some distance as well), but not the last person to finish, which yay! 

I didn’t really work out as much as I had planned and I have no idea why. I just didn’t feel like doing it and I let myself slack a bit because I had a race today. In the end it’s probably better that I didn’t force myself to do more than I did (volleyball, a run on Thursday and the run today). Now that that’s done, I’d like to focus on building stamina and muscle. I was fine for the first 9km, but once I hit that, my legs were fatigued. No surprise - I’ve never run this far or this long.

It took me about 90 minutes, but I’m totally fine with that. Other runners might be ashamed, but I did it. I signed up for a longer race and made it to the finish line.

maybe, if every person deserves to be happy, i do too? maybe i’m not that horrible? but then again why does everyone hate me if not for my gross personality? or maybe people don’t actually hate me? my mind is fighting with itself rn lol

Decided today that I’m not going to finish Sapphire for Kultcon, and also I’m not going to finish Madoka for Närcon. I have so much to do in the coming weeks, and was way too stressed about both those cosplays for it to be healthy. Instead, I’m going to focus on getting a new job so that Fia and I can get a new apartment. I should still be able to finish Sapphire for Närcon, and I might as well be her in the cosplay competition seeing as I’ve bought a ticket for it and all. And I’ll be Madoka some other time, maybe Närcon Vinter? (I was planning on remaking Oswald for that con, though maybe I’ll be able to do that to? Idk I guess we’ll see)

I guess I’m a bit bummed that I won’t have any new cosplays for Kultcon, but man, I feel so much better now that I don’t have to stress about it.

jewishpokemontrainer asked:

Hello i am i guess what you would call a witch baby, I have had well i guess an extreme interest in magic for my entire life and have just recently been able to do anything that with it due to restrictions. Somthing negative woke me up at six in the morning and had spoke to me a bit. I drank a tea which i made to cleanse and a weird feel passed through me but now i feel better if not a little nausus i read your witch 101 posts and i am an anxious person so i was having second thoughts on witchcr

Do not be anxious. My posts are oft-criticized as being fear-mongering. Do not let me unduly worry you.

Spirit interaction can be very unsettling if it is unexpected or uninvited. If you are keen to try magic, perhaps a nice protection of your home is a good project for you. Cleanse your home of existing negativity and keep any new malicious spirits from coming in.

I believe it is possible that a normal house-wight came to visit you, but since the event was upsetting you took it as being a negative entity. There is no need to jump to the conclusion that a negative thing bothered you unless you feel there is a very good reason to label it as a ‘bad’ entity.

My path in witchcraft is a lot different than many other people on this site. I believe a successful witch must face fear and overcome it. If this happened to me, I would take it as an opportunity to better myself. But this doesn’t need to be the same for you. Sometimes things bother us, and it isn’t a lesson. I do believe however that anyone who practices witchcraft will have to deal with things like this from time to time, not because witchcraft is bad or evil. It’s just the nature of the game.

I don’t know if this was helpful but I hope it was,

- Tho

I am determined to get in good shape after this baby is born. I want to be fit and healthy for my sake and the baby’s. I want to have the energy to get done everything that needs to get done and the strength to do more things. I want to work hard to give myself a body that I’ll be really proud of, one I feel extremely confident in. And yes there’s a small bit of me that wants to get in shape quickly so I can look at my ex and be like “Yeah you abandoned the cutest baby in human history and this super fit gorgeous woman. And guess what, they are both fine without you.”
But I want to do it. I want to be better for me and for the baby. I want to be healthier and smarter and I just want to be more. So I’m determined. I’ve got a jogging stroller on my registry, I’m changing my diet to get more protein, and I’ve started doing some exercise now. Let’s do this!

Hey-o, survival rate of like 99%.
- spent all morning sobbing in bed while thinking things like “this is just hormones. Nothing bad is happening.”
- heartburn keeps keeping me up. Nothing to do about it, entirely a function of having bits jammed into my intestines. There’s not enough calcium or marshmallow root in the world to fix forcible hiatal hernia.
-DC buddy did a shitty adjustment job this week. He was trying to teach other people some tricks and wasn’t as focused. Now I have a headache. He apologized, but damn I was hoping to feel better.
-someone I haven’t seen for a while came out of a conference room while I was in the hall, gasped quite loudly and said “ oh god, you’ve gotten so big.” so I guess we’ve hit critical mass or something. Fucker. You’re going to be a doctor in 6 weeks. Work on your damn poker face.
- have officially done enough shifts to just not go to the last week of school.
- finished my case papers.
- doing 3 more extra shifts so I can bail on week 11 too. The way it works out childcare wise to do that should give us a date night! We’re probably going to see the new avengers movie.
- then I’ll be just transitioning all my patients to new primaries, and it’ll be cake, and everything will be perfect, and I’ll graduate on time and maybe even waddle across the stage.


“I know Ledian’s just playing. But I’m worried he might think I’m still playing with him and won’t come back. And if he loses it, I’ll just die. Because that locket contains that last memory of my PARENTS.” He explained to him.

“I know Ledian knows it means well…I hope.” Yes Drake is worried. But he needed that locket back or it’s the end of the world for him. Because he can’t go on without it!

“I see….” Well he did feel a bit sympathetic about the last part. He may not care too much for his parents – most particular not his father – but he could understand where he was coming from. Letting out a sigh, pulled a pokeball from his pocket. “Guess we better get looking then, huh?”

Pressing the button on the ball, he opened the capsule releasing Furret. The Pokemon looked at her trainer and the new stranger in confusion. “I want you to scout out the area for a Ledian with a locket. See if you can find anything, got it?”

Furret~” the pokemon chimed before dashing into the nearest patch of grass.