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What happens in D&D when your character dies

There’s a post circling around where someone asks what happens if your character in D&D dies. The most popular responses on that post are “you die in real life” and “the DM shoots you like a horse.” Many comments on that post are variations on this idea of dying in real life or violent stuff happening. 

While I know you’re all joking, there’s a significant part of the population that DOES NOT KNOW YOU ARE ALL JOKING. At the very least, a lot of people are confused and think that if your character dies you have to leave the game and can’t rejoin. Some are nervous that weird or violent things might happen in real life if that happens. There’s a significant portion of people who don’t know D&D, or only heard the nasty rumors growing up (thanks to the Satanic Panic, Mazes and Monsters, etc.), and genuinely wanna know what happens if your character dies in D&D. There is a long and nasty history of “you gotta leave the game now and never speak to us again” or “you can come back if you do [insert morally dubious thing here]” associated with D&D.

Long story short: D&D is not a competitive game where if your character dies, you are “out” of the game. If your character dies, you simply create a new character and keep participating in the story. It’s that simple. Some games allow resurrection spells to be used in game to revive dead characters, some don’t. A player might feel a little sad, especially if they’ve been using that character for a while, but they get over it and make a new character.

For fuck’s sake Jack Chick died last year can these “you die in real life” rumors finally be put to rest alongside his corpse.

For more explanation of why so many people have these weird ideas about D&D, go under the read-more cut: 

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TBH when you have an irrational fear of aquatic life/ open large bodies of water and yet you love the prince shark boy.

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Unguarded Moments

We were sat in a carpark,
The sky going dark,
And you were giving me so much advice.
On life, on family,
On the person I want to be,
On the fears that I held in my head
When I wanted to dream.
You looked ahead
At the train track,
Never looking round,
Never looking back,
And I did the same.
Staring out of the frame,
Never acknowledging
The lie in our names,
You said, if life was a game,
It didn’t come with instructions,
And I thought,
I knew that already,
It was for that reason
You found me,
But I said nothing.
You told me about your brother,
How it was when you were younger,
About efforts to reconcile
And the cruel sibling hunger
To be more than the other,
You talked about parenthood,
So much if you would,
And what you could,
And a touch of what you should.
We were watching the sun lie
On the edge of the rooftops,
Kissing the sky goodbye
And I drank it all in.
You said living
Is more about what you do
Than what people think of you,
And I nodded,
Then the train pulled in.
We hugged goodbye and I walked away
Into the faded summer day,
And I saw your hand extend
From the window of your Mercedes,
These unguarded moments
Are what really mean the most to me,
When nobody is watching,
When even the sun takes pains
To hide its face,
When my shoulders still carry
Your warm embrace,
When we can trace our souls in the air,
With nobody else around to hear,
When you hold me tight,
When you fight my fear,
When you smile,
When I know you’re here.

Full Confession:

Due to a lot of emotional trauma in my past (such as divorce, the suicide of my father, etc.), I have become extremely scared of romantic relationships. Mainly because of abandonment issues and the fact that I’ve adopted a cynical mindset about relationships, of how every single one has some sort of horrible end to them, whether it be divorce or just constant fighting. However, I don’t have this fear when it comes to the games. I feel giddy with the bachelors, I want to be with them, and my cynicism flies out the window whenever I think about my favorites (Owen from ToT/AP and Gray from MFoMT.) I know it’s not real and it’s all coding, but coding has a lot more heart and emotion than the boys I’ve come across in my life. If this series is the only way I can be in a relationship, then so be it. I embrace it with open arms.