i farted gif

So I heard it was a special somebody’s birthday today! (ok, I may be a tad late but I tried haha) I hope you had a fantastic day, Jack! I’m so proud of you for all of your hard work and dedication. You’re inspiring! Best wishes to you!!

I actually wanted to do something completely different, but ended up doing a very small re-animation (or something like that) with this gif:

why? well, I don’t know.

But left out the background stuff moving, because that would have took too many frames to move it as slowly and steady as the original (and I’m lazy), also did the ATK points different, obviously. And I now know again, why I never was the animator type - it tooks way to long even for small things, and the result isn’t that great - it just isn’t my time, efford and result ration, if you could call it that way. I mean, the whole quick painting was done more quickly than the steps afterwards (partly because I had to find out how things work best, and due to my lack of experience, but yeah… no)

Some angsfest!BROTP, I think. They lost a lot of good men the other day, and sometimes Anakin has these breakdowns and i know it should have been more violent and angsty BC it’s Ani and he’s an emotional mess and Obi-Wan will try to comfort him without giving in to his emotions because he’s an A+++ Jedi :U 

This is the last of the birthday-batch, this time for amarielah *cough*you’llgetaphysicalcopyifyoufinallymeetupwithme*cough*

I hope you like it, babe :)