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Just dropping by to say I loved the Insignificant fic!! ♡ are you planning on continuing it?

Wha- You- YOU!!! YOU with the amazing drawings and wonderful fics!!! WTF! EXCUSE ME WHILE I GO AND FREAK OUT BECAUSE I’M FANGIRLING TOO HARD RIGHT NOW! AAAAAAH! omg, thank you? So much? You have no idea how honored I am that you dropped by to tell me this? I love love loooove your drawings and fics! 💙

And am I planning to continue it? I haven’t thought about it… BUT I AM NOW!!! :D Aaah, thank you so much for this lovely ask! You totally made my day! 💙💙💙

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└ リーダー,雅紀を守るね〜

Cr: VS Arashi 12.10.2017

Sleepy Remus Lupin lying on the bed

- taken by Sirius Black, who was absolutely in love with his Moony, circa 1976

The Right Choice

Okay, so it has literally been a year since Snowbaz made it’s way into our world, brightening our days. I wanna write (another) Snowbaz fanfic for these two adorkable little boyfriends.

So here is Penny getting Simon and Baz to play Truth or Dare in their 7th year at Watford, knowing Baz’s secret….


Penny knew. Of course she did. She was Penelope Bunce, and the only one who rivaled her wits was Basilton Grimm-Pitch. And even Baz wasn’t smart enough to hide this from her. 

It was after a particularly nasty fight with Simon. Fists crashed against jaws and hands shoved chests against walls. Penny was trying to pull Simon away, and Agatha was pulling at Baz, but neither of them would stop. They kept coming at each other, as if magnets where pulling them together. 

Simon trips Baz to the floor, making him crash noisily. Baz quickly pulls himself to his feet and with a burst of speed, pushes Simon against a wall. Both of their breathing is labored from the intense fist-fight, and the air around them is hot like a summer day. Simon tries to wrestle himself out of Baz’s grip, but it’s no use. His hand is like an iron shackle around his neck that, no matter how much Simon tried, he could not break through. Baz pressed his knee against Simon’s chest, bracing him against the wall harder.  

Simon knows he’s lost the battle. He looks up into Baz’s silver eyes, sharp like a knife, waiting for him to give the final blow. The blow to end this all. For some reason, Simon isn’t scared, he isn’t frightened. He just feels at peace. He takes a deep breath, and is ready to let go. 

Something in Baz softens. His grip slackens on Simon and his sneer is gone. It’s replaced with worry and something that…. Penny can’t place her finger on…. almost…. affection? That can’t be right. But then…..

Penny thinks for a moment, studying Baz’s expression. Something clicks as he lets go of Simon and turns on his heel. No way, Penny thinks to herself, a small smile creeping onto her lips. Why didn’t she realize it sooner? All the staring, the sneers, the walls, it’s all been a cover up. A big, gigantic bluff. With a quick glance at Simon being helped up by Agatha, she races down the hall after Baz. 

She catches up to him, despite how fast he stormed off, and grabs his arm, turning him to face her. Baz looks at her as if she was some hideous monster that climbed out of the depths of hell. After hearing what she has to say, Baz isn’t sure if that isn’t the case. 

“What do you want, Bunce?” he says irritably. Pennelope is breathless from chasing after him and holds up her finger. When her breathing evens out, she looks at Baz with a horrendous smile, a smile that tells you she looked into the deepest and darkest parts of your soul and found useful information.

“I know your secret,” she says tauntingly. Baz somehow still manages to keep a calm composer, even though his insides are burning like a wildfire. 

“What the hell are you implying?” Baz says, looking at her as if she said the sky is purple. Penelope frowns. 

“I know what you are,” she says, her voice dropping.

“Oh god. Is this another one of Snow’s schemes to prove I’m a vampire?” She has a mischevious smile that makes her look like the devil himself. And it isn’t helping that her hair is a bright red.

“No. You’re gay aren’t you?” Those where the exact words he did not want to hear. Not out of Snow’s mouth, not out of Bunce’s mouth, not anyone’s mouth. It was his secret, and his alone. Well, at least she doesn’t know about–

“And you have a crush on Simon,” she finishes. For the first time in forever, Penelope sees Baz’s sneer vanish, replaced with a look of fear. His hands start to tremble and his eyes dart from side to side, looking for a way out. 

“N-n-no Bunce. That’s s-s-stupid.” But that stutter. That stutter was all Penny needed. An idea started to blossom in her brain, growing into a beautiful flower. Yes, Penny thinks, that will do nicely. She shrugs her shoulders, putting on a bored expression, and pushes past Baz.

When their shoulders brush, she whispers, “I want to help. Meet us in the Ancient Languages classroom.” And with that, she’s gone, leaving Baz to puzzle over what just happened.

Baz feels like his heart is going to burst as he edges towards the classroom. He hears laughter from the classroom. Two females, and one distinctly male. His pulse races faster like it’s going to be eaten by a cheetah as he presses his palm against the wooden door. It falls open at his touch and the laughter ceases as the door opens to reveal Baz. 

Simon is on his feet in a moment, the Sword of Mages in his hand. His bronze curls shine in the fading sunlight and his nose twitches in concern. His blue eyes momentarily flash anger, disrupting the calming sense of a blue sky on a summer’s day. 

“What are you doing here, Baz,” he snarls, making Baz flinch a little. 

“I invited him to play Truth or Dare with us,” Penelope says. Both Baz and Simon’s faces twist in annoyance, Simon not wanting Baz to intrude on this private game, and Baz realizing just what Penny is planning.

“Alright! Let’s get to it!” Agatha says with an unbelievable amount of excitement. They sit on the floor in a circle and pick who’s going to ask first.

“I feel like I’m at a sleepover,” Agatha says as she Simon her first question. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?” Agatha says. Simon, with a nervous glance at Baz, chooses “Truth.”

“Have you ever murdered a person,” Agatha says, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Jesus Agatha! What’s wrong with you! Of course I haven’t!”

“Okay, just checking.” Simon rolls his eyes and, surprisingly, turns to Baz.

“Baz, Truth or Dare?”

“T-t-truth?” Baz says. Simon smirks.

“Scared?” Baz doesn’t say anything.

“Okay, are you, or are you not a vampire?” Simon says. Baz should’ve known that’s what he’d ask. The answer slips out of Baz’s mouth before he can stop it.

“I am,” he  says, and then his eyes widen as he realizes what he said. Simon looks annoyingly pleased with himself.

“Bunce,” Baz says, rolling his eyes. 

“Truth or Dare?”

“Truth.” Agatha lets out a groan.

“This game isn’t going to be interesting if none of you ever pick ‘Dare’,” she says. Penny sticks her tongue out. 

“Okay. Why am I here, Bunce?” Baz asks, hoping to get an answer. But Penny is smarter than she looks.

“I have a plan,” she answers simply, and then turns to Simon. 

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Sorry Agatha, but Truth,” he says, waiting patiently. Penny looks at Baz with that grin on her face. A storm is coming.

“Simon, have you ever, you know, thought of kissing someone from the same sex?” Oh. No. She did not just….

Simon’s face changes from relaxed to tense in a matter of seconds. Everything starts to twitch, and his fingers pat the floor nervously. He looks at Baz for a second, but then quickly looks at Penny. Baz isn’t sure if he imagined it. 

“N-yes,” Simon says, not only surprising everyone else, but surprising himself as well. This is going to get interesting.

They continue playing, doing some truths, and some dares. Baz tunes out to most of it, still processing what Simon said.

“Alright, one last one,” Penny says, turning to Simon.

“Simon, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” he says with a shrug, stretching his arms back and yawning. His shirt lifts up a little, showing the barest hints of his stomach. If Baz had any blood, he would’ve blushed. An impish smile spreads across her lips as she looks between Baz and Simon. 

“Simon Snow, I dare you to kiss Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch for at least ten seconds,” she says, that damn smile never leaving her lips. Baz looks at her angrily, knowing that he should’ve never came. Simon looks agast.

“Are you crazy? We just found out he’s a vampire. He could kill me!” Baz rolls his eyes, trying to stay cool.

“I’m not going to kill you. It’s just one kiss, what could possibly happen?” Baz says. A lot, he thinks to himself. His fingers start to tap on his knee, doing the fingerings for “The Two Grenadiers” on the violin. He likes to play it when he’s stressed, and god knows he needs it now. 

“Alright fine Basilton.” Simon moves closer to Baz and his breath catches. He has never seen Simon’s face this close before full of something other than hate. His expression shows something Baz can’t quite put a finger on, but he just hopes he doesn’t make a fool of himself.

Simon is now so close that he’s practically in Baz’s lap. Simon swears Baz is blushing and it only makes him blush. 

“Should I–” Baz starts, but never finishes because Simon’s lips are on his. His eyes are open for a moment, looking at Simon’s long gold eyelashes, then he closes them.

It feels like they’re both on a roller coaster. Adrenaline rushes through them, but this time it isn’t because they’re fighting. Their hearts beat at the same rate, going faster than you could ever imagine. Simon’s large hands cup Baz’s cheeks and Baz melts into his touch, adjusting his angle a little bit, pushing Simon back a little. Simon pushes back, until they’re both on the floor, Baz’s hands in Simon’s curls, and Simon’s hands slipping down Baz’s back. Spidery cracks of fire appear on their skin, showing everything that they’ve put behind walls. There walls may have crashed, but they feel put at ease. Penny clears her throat.

“That was ten seconds,” she says. Simon pulls back, his lips pulling apart from Baz’s. Baz reaches up, going in for another kiss, but Simon stops him, and then closes his eyes and pulls Baz close again, letting his hands travel up Baz’s shirt. Penny and Agatha quietly slip out of the room, letting the boys find out that they where wrong about everything.

“You knew this whole time,” Agatha says with a smirk.

“Yes. Yes I did,” Penny says, taking one last look at the boy with a mess of bronze curls and the boy with silky black hair tumbling together on the ground. She smiles, knowing she made the right choice.

inspired by @j-ungah‘s do it like me


The scene I’ve been waiting for since season 1/book 1, since these to became my favorites and my fangirl self couldn’t not ship it. I adore this scene so fucking much omg.

The way Jon looks the first time he sees Daenerys Stormborn, lord save me.

The way Daenerys is introduced, showing her strength and her accomplishments. That she is more than just a woman that happens to be the daughter of a king.

The way Jon is introduced, revealing how humble and down to earth he is. I love how it really is only needed to say that “This is Jon Snow”, like that in itself is enough.

The way this is the joining of Ice and Fire and the beginning of the end.

- Inlateautumn's 30 days of Katekyo Hitman Reborn challenge: 
Day eleven - Favorite box weapon

ferocious and intimidating ball full of pins that no one dares touch. While inside, hides a very sweet and vulnerable creature, searching for the right form of love. Hibari’s box weapon, Roll

This is what I first thought of when I saw @xnahiishirota​ ‘s post /////

Here’s the drawing I was talking about, wifeeyyy [ @lawlicht4eva​ ] ~



Mahiru: Thank you for everything, Kuro! Kuro: Can’t deal… *transforms into a cat*

*In Kuro’s mind bubble*
Kuro: Damn Mahiru…
Inner Kuro: He’s happy…

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Sakamaki Ayato Dark Prologue

*Translation of: Dark Fate - Sakamaki Ayato - Dark Prologue
* You can click on the (x), if not then it’s not translated yet.
*Putting it on a read more, because it’s long.

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“I don’t know if I can save myself.. maybe that’s just fine.”

A mix for finally giving in and surrendering oneself to the devil. For embracing the darkness inside and becoming more. 

Songs are put in order describing Will’s state of mind towards his demon (which seems to keep getting darker and darker…)


Pokemon variation mewtwo, class variation.  I’ll probably regret this in the morning tbh haha. God dang.



Hi~ Idk if you are still taking request but if you are I would love one! How would the main three act with a latina girlfriend? Who was born and grew up in a latin american country. Fangirl section: OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH I LIVE FOR THIS BLOG I BREATHE FOR THIS BLOG I LOVE IIIIIIT. Ok thanks keep up the good work BYE ^_^

first of all I’ll always take requests, secind of all thank you so much!!!


  • okay babe that cool
  • we have um
  • well there’s this uh
  • snow?
  • snowman? nah thats for kids 
  • but we can totally make one if you want
  • why do you want to go to St. Petersburg???
  • oKAY OKAY 
  • lets go
  • yes I wont talk shit anymore
  • hey uh itsokayifyoudontwanna would you like me to teach you Russian?


  • this boy
  • this boy is immediantly asking if you want to go sight seeing in Russia
  • Is it too cold???? Do you need my jacket???
  • oh yeah the snow is always here it doesnt really go away 
  • babe lemme show you e v e r y t h i  n g
  • whenever you tell him about your home country he feels so blessed
  • youre sharing your life with me???
  • babe thats so sweet
  • he honestly just wants to know everything about you
  • do you need me to turn the heat on?
  • teach me your language please *insert heart eyes*


  • he finds countries that aren’t his home fasinating 
  • he reads up on Latin America in general and then more on your home
  • god bless this boy is trying to learn to speak more languages to try and show that he will try anything for you
  • please let him go to your home with you
  • he wants to meet your family and friends
  • he asks so much about your life
  • he finds everything fasinating 
  • he blushes like mad when you even hint at wanting to know about his culture 
  • you want to learn to speak japanese??
  • what
  • why
  • nonononononono I’ll teach you!!