i fangirled so much omg

Sleepy Remus Lupin lying on the bed

- taken by Sirius Black, who was absolutely in love with his Moony, circa 1976

Am i the only one that calms down about the kiss and the date and what might happen in episode 7 but then starts to remember and think about it and get really emotional amd then calm down again? But then it keeps happening and i keep getting excited


During Jump Festa 2016, Kaiba’s VA(Tsuda Kenjiro) appeared for a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links special stage!! The audience were all wearing cute Kaiba head mask thingies, so cute omg! XD (This video also looks like it will be available for a limited time only, so go watch it while you can!)

Won’t translate the whole thing but just bits and gists of it ^^

He appeared starting from the 1:52 mark, they talked about Kaiba’s first appearance in the anime(and also showed it), they all commented that Kaiba was still “cute” during that time and also discussed several scenes of Kaiba in the manga! There was a scene in the manga where after getting a game penalty Kaiba got turned into a card, and he said he wanted the card and also asked the audience whether they wanted it or not(of course they did) XD

The best part was that he voice one of his famous lines live!! Around the 9:20 mark「粉砕!!玉砕!! 大喝采!!」 (funsai!! kassai!! daikassai!) and at the 9:53 mark,「モンスターではない!!神だ!」(monsuta de wa nai!! kami da!!) To translate it, “It’s not a monster!! It’s a god!!” (SPOILERS AHEAD: probably referring to the scene where he summoned Obelisk off the ground during the duel against Aigami at the final duel area lol)

He also said that people around him who has nothing to do with Duel Links that were playing it, and commented that he talked a lot in the game XD

This Crystal art was sent to me on Skype by @interuptingvolcano and OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I fangirled like crazyyyyyyy XD Thank you a  BUNCH for drawing this, my dear!! <3 It made my night and I love her eyelashes and lipstick AAAAAAAAAHH!!! Also her outfit is hella haaawwttt. I adore her eyes the most tho!!! (you do seriously amazing eyes tbh) Thanks again!!!!! <3

Sakamaki Ayato Dark Prologue

*Translation of: Dark Fate - Sakamaki Ayato - Dark Prologue
* You can click on the (x), if not then it’s not translated yet.
*Putting it on a read more, because it’s long.

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“I don’t know if I can save myself.. maybe that’s just fine.”

A mix for finally giving in and surrendering oneself to the devil. For embracing the darkness inside and becoming more. 

Songs are put in order describing Will’s state of mind towards his demon (which seems to keep getting darker and darker…)


Pokemon variation mewtwo, class variation.  I’ll probably regret this in the morning tbh haha. God dang.

manfariel  asked:

I just have to say I LOVE YOU!!! damn girl, so many things in common, great minds think alike for sure lol and where are you to fangirl hard over #SuperCorp hug, ah?

omg I been receiving so much love today!! I don’t deserve it! (maybe a little ;) )

Great minds like us will be watching over and over that hug, until next monday because THEY FUCKING HUGGED MEN! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! 


get to know me meme[1/5] musical artists → katy perry

“i’m kind of a good girl - and i’m not. i’m a good girl because i really believe in love, integrity, and respect. i’m a bad girl because i like to tease. i know that i have sex appeal in my deck of cards. but i like to get people thinking. that’s what the stories in my music do.”