i fangirled so much omg

Sleepy Remus Lupin lying on the bed

- taken by Sirius Black, who was absolutely in love with his Moony, circa 1976

- Inlateautumn's 30 days of Katekyo Hitman Reborn challenge: 
Day eleven - Favorite box weapon

ferocious and intimidating ball full of pins that no one dares touch. While inside, hides a very sweet and vulnerable creature, searching for the right form of love. Hibari’s box weapon, Roll

This is what I first thought of when I saw @xnahiishirota​ ‘s post /////

Here’s the drawing I was talking about, wifeeyyy [ @lawlicht4eva​ ] ~



Mahiru: Thank you for everything, Kuro! Kuro: Can’t deal… *transforms into a cat*

*In Kuro’s mind bubble*
Kuro: Damn Mahiru…
Inner Kuro: He’s happy…

okay don't kill me but I kind of forgot to say that this is a new writing blog dedicated to NCT

so hey!! This is a new fanfic blog dedicated to SM’s boy group NCT

I mostly write for NCT 127 and U because i’m a dark and angsty piece o’ shit and don’t wanna subject any of the dreamteam (PROTECT MY SONS) to my apalling writing

requests are always open unless stated otherwise, and you’re always welcome to rant/fangirl with me about your day or kpop because I sure as hell will :))

thank you for reading my already posted fics~

Your daily source of suffering, Cee :’)

Sakamaki Ayato Dark Prologue

*Translation of: Dark Fate - Sakamaki Ayato - Dark Prologue
* You can click on the (x), if not then it’s not translated yet.
*Putting it on a read more, because it’s long.

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Hi~ Idk if you are still taking request but if you are I would love one! How would the main three act with a latina girlfriend? Who was born and grew up in a latin american country. Fangirl section: OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH I LIVE FOR THIS BLOG I BREATHE FOR THIS BLOG I LOVE IIIIIIT. Ok thanks keep up the good work BYE ^_^

first of all I’ll always take requests, secind of all thank you so much!!!


  • okay babe that cool
  • we have um
  • well there’s this uh
  • snow?
  • snowman? nah thats for kids 
  • but we can totally make one if you want
  • why do you want to go to St. Petersburg???
  • oKAY OKAY 
  • lets go
  • yes I wont talk shit anymore
  • hey uh itsokayifyoudontwanna would you like me to teach you Russian?


  • this boy
  • this boy is immediantly asking if you want to go sight seeing in Russia
  • Is it too cold???? Do you need my jacket???
  • oh yeah the snow is always here it doesnt really go away 
  • babe lemme show you e v e r y t h i  n g
  • whenever you tell him about your home country he feels so blessed
  • youre sharing your life with me???
  • babe thats so sweet
  • he honestly just wants to know everything about you
  • do you need me to turn the heat on?
  • teach me your language please *insert heart eyes*


  • he finds countries that aren’t his home fasinating 
  • he reads up on Latin America in general and then more on your home
  • god bless this boy is trying to learn to speak more languages to try and show that he will try anything for you
  • please let him go to your home with you
  • he wants to meet your family and friends
  • he asks so much about your life
  • he finds everything fasinating 
  • he blushes like mad when you even hint at wanting to know about his culture 
  • you want to learn to speak japanese??
  • what
  • why
  • nonononononono I’ll teach you!!


“I don’t know if I can save myself.. maybe that’s just fine.”

A mix for finally giving in and surrendering oneself to the devil. For embracing the darkness inside and becoming more. 

Songs are put in order describing Will’s state of mind towards his demon (which seems to keep getting darker and darker…)


Pokemon variation mewtwo, class variation.  I’ll probably regret this in the morning tbh haha. God dang.

So today I was in the car with my mum. We passed near a river called ‘Tartarus’ and I shouted : “Mum stop the car I must go to save Percy and Annabeth!”

Sasuke’s evolution

After reading the 700+6 AND OMG WHAT A CHAPTER, I AM FANGIRLING SO MUCH, there is something special that REALLY melted my heart other than the awesome great beautiful and badass queen’s entrance omg. It’s the evolution of Sasuke.

we all have noticed his change since the chapter 699 when he admitted his defeat, but look : We had a character


Lost in hatred

Seeking for revenge


And look at our Sasuke now… The same Sasuke, look at him serisouly.

Look at how he is talking about cooperation and a bright future

Look at how he is worried about Naruto that he calls the Seventh OMG FEELS INTENSIFIES

Look at how he reacts when he sees daughter in danger

Look at how without even thinking, his parental instinct pushes him to PROTECT his daughter

Look at his reaction when his wife saves him and their daughter

I really don’t have the right words to express how much this MOVES me. Sasuke suffered so much, saw his clan all dead, hated his beloved brother and killed him, got to know the terrible truth and regretted so much… He couldn’t understand why the shinobi world was so dark and unfair, why there couldn’t be peace, why his brother and clan were sacrificed… He got lost in his deep pain, all alone. Sasuke is a very VERY kind and warm hearted man, he has always been like this but his life was so difficult… I am so happy to see that this man who suffered so so so many years alone found a shelter, warm arms to hold him and a beautiful smile to welcome him. Sakura didn’t give up on him. Yet her love was innocent and childish, but her feelings somehow changed as she was growing up: She wanted to save him from his hatred, she wanted him to live happily without the chains of the past. Because this is love, real love

And look at him now… look at how “human” are his expressions. From the man who almost killed Sakura, he became the one who would die to save her and their daughter. He would live in the shadows to protect them, because that is him: A great husband, a loving father and an honorable shinobi.

Seeing the evolution of my lovely Sasuke really warms up my heart, makes me smile and I admit, makes me cry… I am so glad he married Sakura, I am so glad they have their precious daughter… I just love them so much, they deserve to be SOOO happy


This Crystal art was sent to me on Skype by @interuptingvolcano and OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I fangirled like crazyyyyyyy XD Thank you a  BUNCH for drawing this, my dear!! <3 It made my night and I love her eyelashes and lipstick AAAAAAAAAHH!!! Also her outfit is hella haaawwttt. I adore her eyes the most tho!!! (you do seriously amazing eyes tbh) Thanks again!!!!! <3