i fanfarted

i’m an angel with a shotgun
fighting til’ the wars won

i have this au idea of levi where he doesn’t really belong in heaven or hell, and this is the result because i have absolutely no restraints when it comes to levi and self-indulgent art

I’m so glad Teshima is a main character now because the animation team finally does some justice to his luscious locks!! Teshima’s curls are very important to me, ok. 


dragon au!Yagami Reina/Ulvida
celestial dragon that knows how to fight. has cosmic powers/abilities similar to Tatsuya but has better control over them. deathly loyal. pissing her off most likely means death. protective of those she calls a family. was cast aside by her original family. doesn’t like when people stare at her wings for too long

dragon au!Fubuki
a snow/ice elemental. pretty nice and chill. has nightmares occasionally. usually stays around the snowy terrain. visits a few other dragons but always returns back to a certain spot. do not touch scarf. doesn’t act himself at times. can’t handle super loud noises. hates others seeing him in a panic state.