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In a way I can't return - kakasaku

For the The way you say “I love you” prompt meme.

These are all going to be ridiculous by the way. Because these children are all ridiculous.

“Kakashi,” Sakura demands, “how drunk were you?”

Kakashi runs a hand through his hair. “Really drunk.”

“Obviously.” She stabs him in the chest with two fingers.


Sakura rolls her eyes but stops trying to poke at it. “Infant. I know for a fact that you’ve had worse injuries than me poking a brand new tattoo. Hells, I’ve inflicted worse injuries on you.”

“Sakura-chan,” Kakashi moans, “you’re so cruel to this old man.”

She rolls her eyes again.

“Here I am, making a romantic gesture, and you mock my pain.”

“This is supposed to be romantic?” Sakura asks, gesturing at his chest.

And, yeah, to be fair, it’s very pretty. Almost too pretty for the sharp planes of him: all achingly lovely lines and a blush of pink bleeding across the petals.

And, yeah, okay. He got a cluster of sakura blossoms tattooed over his heart. It’s romantic.

He still deserves to be mocked.

“Isn’t it?” Kakashi asks.

She thought that the flowers were a pretty pink, but the blush blooming on his cheeks and down his neck, down lower still, is even prettier.

Sakura wants to put her mouth on it.

“Depends,” she says, “on whether you think it’s still a good idea.”

Kakashi shrugs, deliberately artless, but he can’t look her in the eye. “You’re”–he coughs–”you’re inscribed on my soul regardless.”



Sakura pulls him down and kisses him breathless, takes his terrible, lovely, vulnerable words into her mouth and holds them there, safe, where they can’t be snatched away by a stray breeze.


Kakashi tugs her in closer with his hands on her hips.

She wants to fall into him and never leave.

“I love you,” he gasps when they finally wrench away to breathe.

She’ll never let him take it back.

(He’ll never want to.)


“Yeah,” she whispers to him later, wrapped up together in their bed. “It’s romantic.”

She bares her teeth in a wild grin.

“I love you,” she tells him.

His smile is soft and sweet and shy. And it is hers.

He’s hers, forever.

i looooove them doing fancy gay stuff like brunch and theatre dates but i especially love it because i know theyre also gross gays who live in a messy science lab apartment and yell at trash tv and dig in the fucking trash for CLUES

unpopular opinion: sometimes when i see posts about johnny weir i’m like ..squinting my eyes, being like.. I don’t know how I feel about you.

when johnny weir during the sochi olymics was asked by russian LGBT-acitivists to help their cause he was like nah fam, sorry but i’m gay and i don’t really have a problem. also russia and the russian aesthetic??? love it??

and i just can’t forget that since i watched the documentary? am i the only one?

honestly I’m into literally every gay subtype I can think of but I’m just not public when I fancy twinks or muscle gays bc they fully do not need any more encouragement