i failed with the colouring


I just wanted to get some folks together to pay a tribute to somebody who’s, not only been by my side for the duration of this amazing journey, but somebody who has devoted his entire professional life to service this country. The best Vice President America has ever had, Mr. Joe Biden.


“You’re amazing, Deku. I keep seeing more and more amazing sides to you. I thought it would have been easier to team up with friends, but now that I think about it, I might have been trying to relying on you. Everyone’s facing the future and trying their hardest. That means we’re all rivals, right? That’s why, let’s meet in the finals!”


Magnus handing the reins to Jace after he’s exhausted everything in his arsenal, and then having to watch Alec actually die and gosh the devastation and heartbreak on his face..and also most likely feeling powerless and guilty because Alec is dead and all that power in his body couldn’t save Alec in the end. And then the utter relief that fills his body and the small smile that he lets out and the way his eyes brighten and smile too as Alec finally wakes up killed me.


Colin Firth on Live! with Kelly 

Neil: How do you deal with jetlag? What’s your secret to the lag of the jet? Is it not drinking on the plane, is it sleeping throughout the plane, is it–
Colin: I don’t deal with it. I…
Kelly: That is so British of you. I don’t deal with it. I simply say no.
Colin: That’s about right!


Mima: Do you have a LINE account?
Miyuki: Huh? Ah, you mean that you want to exchange our LINE, right?
Mima: Yes.
Miyuki: Actually, i don’t have a LINE account. So do you want my number instead?
Mima: Yes, please.
Miyuki: Alright then, give me your phone~
Miyuki: Here you go.
Miyuki: Next time you want to ask someone’s LINE account, don’t give them the death glare, okay?
Mima: …What do you mean?
Miyuki: Nothing.

I think I am slowly fading away but no one is there to breathe me back to life. I’ve become invisible to the world and I keep searching for my colors, but they’re nowhere to be found. The world may be full of colours, but I fail to see anything but grey.
—  Colourless // S.T