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Studying with an invisible illness

Studying when you’re sick is one of worst things. Trying to study when you are always sick is even worse and having teachers or lecturers constantly debate your well-being or how sick you actually are, can be one of the most depressing situations. I have suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since I was 16, all through my A-Levels and through my first year of University. I passed everything! Perhaps I didn’t get the perfect grade, but for me that is not the most important thing anymore. Here I have listed some of the tips which help me study:

1.       Don’t overdo it! Set yourself a goal, maybe two or three pages of reading or a page of notes on reading. The worst thing you can try and do is bash on regardless. It is important you understand your body and your limits.

2.       Study in small bursts. I find that studying in small sets of 20 minutes with a 20 minute break are great for me. It allows me time to focus on what I need to do, but I don’t tire myself out studying for hours and hours on end. Naturally, these times can be managed to your own personal needs.

3.       Set up a nice space. I can’t stress how important it is that you are comfortable when you are studying, especially when you’re not feeling that great. If you know you are going to study in bed, make up you have everything you need in arms reach, including snacks and drinks. If you are going to study at a desk, the library, a café, the same rules apply! Make sure the chairs are comfy, that there is enough light and that you are comfortable leaving your stuff (in case of bathroom breaks or emergencies.) It is also worth noting that some pain medications can take up to 30 mins to work, so plan ahead and take them before!

4.       Certain classes will need prioritisation. This was super hard for me. In A-Levels, I studied what I wanted to study, despite certain teachers trying to persuade me otherwise. I chose three relatively hard subjects; English language, German and Psychology. Both my German classes were at 9am, a time which I super struggle to get up for. Therefore, I knew I had to prioritise my German studies over my English studies, classes which I attended regularly. It is important to note that keeping a healthy balance between all subjects is important too!

5.       Podcasts and audio books! Not feeling that great but still need to study? Find podcasts and audio books on relevant topics and listen to them while lying down or in bed. (I used to make my own recordings of my psychology book to listen to when I needed to take a day off.)

6.       Don’t be afraid to take a day off. When I was at the peak of my illness, I was still trying to force myself to get to all my classes or to study. Now I realise that I don’t have to feel guilty for taking a day or two to recover. I try not to let these become weeks, but sometimes it happens. And that is ok. If you are constantly punishing yourself, you will never feel good about the amount of work you do complete!

7.       Planning to go to University? This links in with my previous point. Don’t feel the need to rush into everything so quickly. You can take a year off. You can recover. You can do things you love to do in this time. I took a gap year, in which I mostly spent a lot of time with my Mum and sister before going to University. It helped me so much.

8.       Suffer from brain fog? Use memory techniques such as colour coding words, highlighting important information, mnemonics, reading aloud and quizzes. When I suffer from brain fog, I find colour-coding and visual aids the most helpful. Study groups which break down subjects into easier, more manageable bites of information are also super great!

9.       Stay away from caffeine! A lot of people I know depend on caffeine in order to get themselves started. While caffeine can help boost your energy levels for a small amount of time or focus your brain, too much caffeine can have negative effects on your sleep, which may make you feel worse the next day. Try and limit your caffeine to two or three cups a day if you absolutely need a cup of coffee!

10.   Don’t panic. You are doing the best that you can. If you fail, it is not the end of the world. I wish somebody had told me this sooner. If you fail an exam, you can do it again, at a later date. If you fail a year, you can do it again. This happens to people who aren’t sick all the time. So don’t worry. Just do your best.


Pairing: Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

Request: You’re part of the TMR cast. Thomas is constantly flirting with you and you flirt back, but, he sees you be more physical with Dylan (piggy back ride, hug) but Dylan is your cousin. - @eyeliveinabook

Thomas’ POV:

Gosh. There she is. Does she have any idea what she does to me? She’s so freaking adorable. With those sparkling (e/c) eyes. And that smile! Dang she’s perfect… AND SHE’S WALKING TOWARDS ME. Ok. Calm down. You’re cool. You got this Tom.

3rd Person:

“Hey Tom!” You greeted your friends with a smile and a wink. You were holding a small character role in The Maze Runner series. Thomas Sangster, you’re celebrity crush, just so happened to be there and you two seemed to hit it off quite well.

“H-hey (y/n)! You’re looking adorable today. Of course, when do you not?” “Thank you kind sir. You don’t look so rough, yourself. I saw you from across the room and thought, ‘Tom looks extra handsome today. He must be trying to impress someone.’

You gave your now blushing friend a flirty wink and started walking to your set.

“Don’t wear yourself out, babe. You’ll need enough energy for what we’re doing later.”

Now it was your turn to blush as you heard Thomas chuckling behind you. You didn’t care to look back just yet.


You were currently riding on Dylan O’Brien’s back pretending he was your horse.

“LET US FEAST ON DORITOS AND ARNOLD PALMER!” “Wait a minute, wait a minute.” You’re ‘horse; came to a stop.

“..what?” “We need popcorn, too!” “I thought that was implied..” “Oh.. THEN ONWARD!”

Thomas POV:

I heard incredibly loud screams and laughs coming from the other side of the set. I looked over to the noise and saw (y/n) and Dylan goofing off while she was on his back. Hold on. When did Dylan and (y/n) become so close? Another peal of laughter traveled over and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I marched over to my friends and made sure they knew I was there.


They barely caught themselves as they fumbled around, trying to regain balance. Failing to do so, they fell on a heap on top of each other, roaring with laughter.

“Oh, hey Tommy! Dylan and I were just goofing around. Hope we weren’t being a nuisance.” “Oh no you were. Its kind of hard to focus when two people are screaming when you’re trying to work.”

I heard the giggles stop as I began walking away from the Dyl and (n/n). Entering my trailer, not a moment after, I heard knocks sound from the door.


I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. I can’t stay mad at her. She must know that. I paced to the door and composed myself to try and seem mad at her.

I flung the door open, “What?” “Hey I just came to check on you. You kind of seemed upset before and I wanted to make sure you were ok?”

Her statement came out as more of a question. It was endearing that she cared enough about me to come check on me. Then I remembered her and Dylan running around laughing.

“I’m fine.” “Now you and I both know that’s not true.”

She pushed her way past me and into my trailer. Sitting herself down on a bench, it didn’t seem like she was going to move.

“Sit,” she commanded me. “What’s going on?”

Plopping myself down next to her, I let go of what’s been bugging me. “I don’t exactly like the idea of you and Dylan. I know you have the choice to go out with whoever you want to, but.. I was kind of hoping that guy would be me. I know it’s stupid, but, getting to know you has been one of the best parts about this role. You can leave. I.. I understand.”

“…wait, what? That’s what this is about? Sweetheart, Dyl is my cousin.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in. When they did I felt super embarrassed about my overreaction.

“(y/n). I’m so sorry I..” “Hey, it’s fine. We all make mistakes.. besides. I’m more into British guys anyway..”

When her words registered, I jumped up and faced her with wide eyes.

“So does that mean ‘yes’?” “Yes that I’ll go out with you? Yes. Yes that I’m in love with my cousin? That’d be a no.”

I picked her up and hugged her, squeezing her with all I had.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“It’s nothing, really. But can you please let me go? I can’t exactly breathe..”

Everything You Ask For

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 2,177ish
T/W: Smut! 
A/N: For Anon’s request: “Philip x reader imagine where they go to a ball together and Philip becomes incredibly annoyed/jealous because a bunch of different guys come up to the reader and ask her for a dance, and while the reader thinks it’s adorable how jealous/protective Philip is of her, he can’t tolerate the looks and requests the guys are giving so he takes the reader back to his house and stuff happens (if ya know what I mean😉😉😂)” 
I gotchu ;) (Set in Hamiltime!) Philip biting you in public?

You were beyond excited that you were actually going to a ball! And best of all with your boyfriend Philip, who treated you just like a princess. About three weeks before the ball Philip’s “Uncle” Hercules made you a dress, and on the day of the ball it was perfect! You had picked out a gorgeous colour, the top rested just under your collarbones, revealing your shoulders. The bottom poofed out magnificently, but not obnoxiously. You really felt like an absolute princess!

“You ready, Philip?” you called from behind a closed door.

“Ready!” he responded from outside.

You stepped out of the room, attempting to hide a smile as Philip’s jaw dropped a little and he raised his eyebrows. Walking closer to you, he took your hands and gave you a twirl. Once you were facing him again, he brought you into his arms. 

“You look beautiful,” Philip whispered, leaning his forehead down against yours.

You giggled a little as Philip kissed your cheek. For a moment you almost forgot you were at the Hamilton’s house, until you heard someone clear their throat. Both you and Philip turned to face the direction of the sound, only to see Alexander, Philip’s father, standing there. You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as you stepped away from Philip, pushing your hair behind your ear nervously.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mom,” Alexander held his hand out to you, “she’d insist the two of you get married this very moment.” 

You took his hand and he, just like his son, gave you a twirl.

“You look wonderful, I see Herc didn’t fail you.” As you nodded in agreement he walked over to Philip, “Now, your mother and I are going to the Washington’s for the night, since it’s a fair distance, we’ll be staying with them. Overnight. Eliza wanted me to tell you that y/n is welcome to stay at our house tonight given the winter conditions outside. We’ll be leaving shortly after you.”

Philip respectfully nodded. 

“Alright, you’d better get going or you’ll be late.” Alexander said before bidding you a goodnight and heading back downstairs. 

You and Philip headed out to the ball, it was a chilly winter night, but not too terribly cold. Once the two of you arrived at the ball, Philip immediately held you close. You looked around the room and spotted George Eacker along with his group of friends, whom Philip hated. You simply avoided eye contact as you knew very well that George was always flirting with you and was sure to come over if he saw you. To your dismay he had already spotted you.

You turned to face Philip, “Don’t get upset, but-”

“Hello Miss Y/n,” George was suddenly at your side, “Ah, hello, Philip…”

You put a hand on Philip’s chest to stop him from stepping forward.

“George…” Philip said.

“Mind if I barrow her for a moment?” George pulled you from Philip’s side before you could respond, “Don’t get upset Hamilton, it’s just a dance.”

George linked his arm with yours as he lead you to the ballroom dance floor. A slow song started and you felt his hand tightly on your waist. He pulled you a little too close for comfort, but you went with it, reminding yourself that it was just one dance. Even though Philip and him never got along, you didn’t really know why, so whenever he came around you tried to be polite, but not too friendly.

“So, are you really being pleased by Philip?” George asked, attempting to sound charming.

“Philip is everything I could ever ask for,” you responded, swaying with him in rhythm.

“But does he give you everything you ask for?” George smirked.

You looked away from him, spotting Philip across the ballroom. He looked so jealous, it was actually kind of adorable. Even when other girls came up to him he politely declined and pointed to you, causing you to smile. Philip truly was everything you could ask for, he was loyal and sweet and passionate and completely in love with you.

“Yes,” you arched an eyebrow, looking back to George, “he does.”

The rest of the dance was quiet and when it was over you headed back towards Philip, but was stopped on your way over. One of George’s younger friends asked to dance with you. Since he was younger than you, you naturally thought nothing of it, maybe he was just being sweet. So you danced with him for a song. You let out a deep breath and made your way back across the floor. You were almost to Philip when a tall, strong, young man asked for a dance. You accepted once again, unfortunately this young man was quite bold. He held you close against him, a little too close for your liking. The breaking point for Philip was when he looked over to see some guy whispering in your ear and tightening his grip on your waist. 

“Mind if I cut in?” Philip asked, holding out his hand for yours.

The young man willingly handed you over to Philip, who made sure to hold you even tighter against him as you danced. It was just perfect, Philip watched your lips as you told him just how happy you were that he had come in. His eyes trailed down your neck and to your collarbones, his eyes continued a little farther, until your voice snapped him out of his daze and he looked back up to your lips. Your gaze was just over Philip’s shoulder as you watched other people dancing around you.

“I mean thank goodness!” you sighed finally happy in Philip’s arms. “I thought that would never en-”

About half way through your sentence you let out a quiet gasp, Philip’s mouth was suddenly on your neck. The action was sudden, but you couldn’t deny that if felt wonderful. You felt him gently suck at your sensitive skin. As he pressed a soft kiss over your now forming bruise, Philip stared down George letting him and his little gang know you were his and his alone. Brining his stare back up to meet you, your heart was racing. And he could tell from the way your chest was rising and falling against him, that you had enjoyed it.. Without saying a word, Philip took your hand and lead you out of the ballroom. 

“I cannot believe you did that!” you said once you were outside; your tone was excited yet shocked.


“You know exactly what Philip Hamilton!” you smiled, stopping your strides, forcing him to look back at you.

He grabbed you by the waist, your hands resting on his chest, “That was just the start.”

He smirked before placing a kiss on your lips. The two of you headed home as fast as you could. Stumbling through the front door, Philip couldn’t seem to keep himself off you. His lips were back on your neck and he was tugging at your dress. You slipped Philip’s coat off and started working the buttons of his vest, soon adding that to the floor. Both of you ditched your shoes about halfway across the room. He kissed from the base of your neck up to your jawline.

“Ph-Philip,” you gasped, “Shouldn’t we find a room?”

“You’re absolutely right,” 

With that Philip picked you up bridal style, carrying you up the stairs and to his room. Setting you back on the ground he began untying the back of your dress. Your breathing became heavier as you felt his lips against the top of your shoulder, before his hands slipped your dress off, following the curves of your body as he slid it down. Once the dress was on the floor, his hands reached around to your chest, gently massaging you. 

“Mmm, Philip,” you breathed out, closing your eyes and enjoying the bliss. 

“Yes?” he whispered between kisses.

Turning around you wrapped your arms around his neck and kept your lips just inches from his, “I want you.”

Lifting you up once again, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he locked lips with you. The sensation of his hands against your bare back sent little tingles through your body. Lying you down on the bed, he made quick work of his shirt and returned to you. Finally, you could feel his skin against yours. You held his face in your hands as he kissed you with a fierce passion. His hand traveled to your side until he reached the waistband of your undergarments. He broke the kiss to slid them off you, Running his hand along your thigh as he peppered kisses across your face, gaining a giggle from you.

“This doesn’t seem fair,” you boldly reached a hand down to palm him.

Philip just responded with a growl, standing up to undress himself before returning to you. 

“I want you, Philip,” you whined.

With your permission, he centered himself and pushed into you. You tightened your grip on Philip’s biceps, arching your back, and gasping at the feeling of him inside you. He gave you time to adjust as you moaned his name. He placed a kiss to your sternum and up to your neck. You nodded and closed your eyes. He began rocking his hips against yours, and it felt heavenly. 

You slid your hands to his back, feeling his muscles flex along with his motion. You rubbed his shoulder blades, grazing your fingernails down to his sides. His thrusts became harder and you let out another gasp of pleasure. Philip nipped at your neck. Pressing your chest against him, his name fell from your lips once again.

“I love you.” Philip said against your skin in a husky voice. 

“Ah- Philip!” you tossed your head back, bringing your hands back to his biceps, squeezing tightly.

You felt a tightening rise in your core. You tried to ignore the feeling, but with the way Philip was slamming into you it was hard to ignore. Everything he did made you feel like pure bliss. You enjoying every moment of this sweet heated passion. Philip worshiped your body and you absolutely adored his. Feeling his hand travel down your side sending a surge of chills through your body. 

“Ph- Philip,” you rested your forehead against his shoulder as you squeezed your knees on either side of him. 

Brining your arms around his neck you held on tightly, dipping his hips down a little he hit your g-spot. Your mouth fell open and you closed your eyes. Soon a wave of bliss came over your entire body. With Philip continuing his motion, it only intensified your sensation. You nearly yelled his name when your orgasm hit its peak. As you calmed down from your high you wanted to give Philip the same feeling. You began to kiss and suck at his neck, tangling a hand in his curls, while the other rested on his chest. You whispered sweet nothing’s to him in between whimpers of his name.

“Fuck,” Philip dropped his forehead to the crook of your neck.

You felt him twitch inside you, you rocked your hips up against his to further pleasure him. His hand gripped onto your hip. A few curses along with your name fell from his lips as he came undone. You stroked his hair as his muscles tensed. After a few moments, he kissed along your jawline, across your cheek and gave you a deep kiss to your lips. He lied beside you, catching his breath, after too long you two were under the covers and he held you in his arms.

“That was wonderful, Philip,” you whispered, rubbing up and down his forearm, which was crossed in front of your chest, holding you.

You are wonderful,” Philip kissed your shoulder.

The quiet, dark room was peaceful as you drifted off to sleep in the arms of someone who loved you more than anything in this life. After tonight, you knew what was to come next and you absolutely loved the idea of spending the rest of your life with Philip.


“I’m glad we made it home before the storm hit, even though George insisted we stay…I’m glad we’re home” Alexander lead Eliza through the front door, “Light a candle would you, darling?”

Eliza was quick to light a candle and return to Alex’s side.

“Oh,” Eliza held out the light to reveal different articles of clothing scattered on the ground.

“Let us see where this leads?” Alexander linked an arm with Eliza as they followed the miniature trail of clothes you and Philip had left.

Quietly walking up the stairs, Eliza pointed to Philip’s vest draped over the stair railing. They both raised their eyebrows with a smile and continued. They reached Philip’s door and Alexander slowly opened it. Even though the light was dim they could still see Philip with his arms around you, perfectly covering your chest. You fingers were intertwined with his. Both of you looked so happy and so peaceful. Eliza let out a quiet aww.

“Well, it’s about time he fuc-” Eliza glared at Alexander, “I mean, right..about time he found a girl.”

“Oh…he’s just like you.” Eliza leaned her head against Alex’s shoulder, holding his hand as he quietly closed the door and they headed down the hall.

“Yeah, except I didn’t take that long to fuck you.” 

Eliza nudged her husband as she blew out the candle.  

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (9/?)

I’m so sorry about the long wait! It’s been such a long time you’ll probably need a little catch up…


Summary of the chapter: Y/N and Bucky are still trapped in each other’s bodies. Steve’s on a mission to impress Y/N with his physicality; meanwhile Y/N faces the harsh reality where she’s about to go on a mission but she doesn’t know a thing about sniping. Cue Bucky to the rescue!

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, sexual content

Word count: 4.1k

Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal

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Wings: Molt

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: OMG. I’m floored. I was going to wait and queue this for Friday but the response to the first one after just an hour was stunning. Tagging @beccaamm and @fabmagines

Author: Holly

Warnings: I don’t think there are any?

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel

Word Count: 2,148

Y/N = Your Name

Part Two: Molt

            Soulmate. Âme sœur. Alma gemela. Línghún bànlǚ. Sōrumeito.

            According to the legends, humans all had a soulmate, another half. They were one entity when together, with two hearts that beat as one. In a fit of jealousy, Zeus struck down all of the soulmates, forcibly separating them so that they would wander the world, eternally searching for their missing half. According to Castiel, that was a ridiculous notion; souls were rarely perfectly compatible, but it did happen, and it was always predestined because God would never make such a precise connection on accident.

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The Robin and The Snake

Anti and Angelic both like Reader. Reader goes through a tough breakup(shocker) and while the boys were bickering(arguing and such) to each other over Reader, Reader becomes sick (from not eating properly+not sleeping) so they both stop to take care of her and admit feelings (at separate times or the same time, up to you) But I would prefer Anti to kinda “Win” reader over and Angelic is of course just happy that Reader is Happy

(Y/S/O/N)- Your Significant Other’s name

Originally posted by marielgum

Angeliceye noticed it first. 
He visited you daily, small visits to make sure you were happy or if you need a little cheering up. And today you definitely needed comfort. 
Angel found you on the couch, sniffling into a pillow, shoulders shaking from tears that made your whole body tremble. 
He crouched in front of you, his hands brushing against yours. 
“Little Robin, what happened?” He asked, his voice like a soft chime of bells. 
You jumped at the contact, not at all hearing Angel’s approach. You sniffled again, hurriedly wiping the tears from your face. 
“(Y/S/O/N) and I broke up.” You got about half way through the sentence before your voice cracked and you were sobbing again. 
Angel was sitting next to you within a second of those words leaving your lips. His arms cradled you against him as his wings circled around you. 
“Oh, (Y/N) I’m so sorry.” He cooed quietly. Angel combed his fingers through your hair, hushing your sobs with warm words of comfort. 
But his voice turned bitter as the TV sparked and static played through the speakers. 
“What did you do, pigeon-shit?” Anti’s enraged voice echoed through the house. Glitching in places as he appeared in front of you. Angel held you closer as Anti’s glowing eyes settled on your shaking form. 
“She broke up with (Y/S/O/N)” Angel said smoothly, irritation biting at his words. 
Anti beamed, his eyes losing their glow as he exclaimed. “That’s great!” 
“No, it is not.” Angel sighed. He looked back at you, wiping a tear from your cheek. “Little Robin, have you eaten? You shouldn’t let this get you down so much.” 
“Yeah! That loser never deserved ya.” Anti said with a wicked gleam in his eyes. “Yer better off without them! They were a pile of shit-” 
“Anti!” Angel cut his counterpart off with a glare. “You’re not helping.” 
Anti huffed and stormed off. Somewhere in the kitchen you could hear something crash and other loud noises could be heard. 
Angel ignored Anti’s tantrum and turned his attention back to you. The back of his knuckles brush against your cheek as he tried to sooth you. 
“You’ll be ok, Little Robin. You got me and Anti, we’ll look after you.” As he said this, Anti returned with a large plate of what looked to be tiny cut up sandwiches. 
“I ain’t very good at making shit, but fer you I’d at least try.” Anti said with a smile. He winked at Angel, whose wings bristled and took the plate to sit it in front of you. 
“Please, Little Robin, eat something. You’ll get sick.” 
“I’m sure they’re already sick of you, bird-brain.” Anti said with a roll of his eyes. “Yer smothering them.” 
Angel sighed and lowered the plate on your lap. Peeling himself away from you and disappeared into the house. 
Anti took the opportunity to take up the empty spot by your side. He cuddled close to you, trying to get you to eat something between your sobs. But then looked up with a glare as Angel returned with an armful of blankets and pillows. 
“What are ya doin’ now?” Anti asked with a raised eyebrow. 
“Making a pillow fort.” Angel replied stiffly. Flashing you a smile. “I can’t have my Little Robin feeling down. So I thought making a pillow fort would be a good way to take their mind of it.” 
Anti growled and stood, moving forward to yank a blanket from the winged man’s hands. 
“I bet I could make a better fort than you, chicken-shit.” 
Angel laughed and placed the blankets and pillows on the couch beside you. 
“You’re on, Antisepticeye.”  

And they were like this for pretty much the entirety of the two weeks they stayed with you. 
You were never left alone, always with one or the other. But the missing ego was never far away, and never left for too long. 
First it was the pillow forts; which failed miserably because Anti kept taking Angel’s blankets and started to fight with his other side when Angel pointed it out. 
Then it was soups. You weren’t eating, which worried them both. And they tried to out-do one another in making the best soup. Which turned into a giant mess of food and feathers everywhere when Angel “accidentally” spilled tomato over Anti’s shoes. And Anti “tripped” which resulted in melted butter and chopped vegetables to cover Angel’s left wing. It wasn’t pretty and resulted in a three hour long clean up. 
Then of course it was the sleep routine. Anti insisted you needed a cuddle buddy, but Angel was persistent that his advances would worsen if he over-stepped a boundary. 
They fought over that too. 
On and on it went, and they were so caught up with one another, they didn’t see how this break-up was effecting you. 
Your sleep pattern was none-existent. Even though your stomach was empty, you never filled it unless you felt dizzy and almost passed out. 
Moody and a constant lit fuse, the boys walked on eggshells to try and not upset you. 

Until one day, Anti discovered you in bed, pale and sweaty. A fever had set in and you barely had the energy to lift your hand. 
“(Y/N)?” Anti pressed his hand against your forehead and his eyes furrowed with concern. “Yer burning up, Sparky. What’s wrong?” 
“They’re ill.” Angel said as he entered your room. In his hands he carried medicine and water, even a bowl of cut up fruit in case you wanted something to eat. “Can you sit them up? I need to measure their dosage.” 
Anti nodded and sat beside you on the bed. He snaked his arms under your torso and helped you sit up. 
“I’m fine.” You said, voice hoarse from the illness. 
Angel gave you a soft, but firm look. “(Y/N) you’re burning up and you have a chest infection. You are not ok.” 
Angel proceeded to pour a sickly smelling liquid onto a table spoon. Both Angel and Anti curled their noses at the smell. 
“Ew, yer gonna feed them that?” Anti said with a disgusted twitch of his lips. 
“The man at the drug-store said this would help.” Angel confirmed, sitting beside you and offering you the spoon. When you turned your head away and shook your head, Anti rolled his eyes and pinched your nose. 
“Open up, butter-cup. Or else I’m force feeding you.” Anti said with a smile. 
You tried to hold your breath for as long as possible, but you had to breath. 
And as soon as your mouth opened, Angel shoved the spoon into your mouth. 
You gagged and shivered at the taste. Shaking your head in disgust. 
“Please don’t make me take that again.” You pleaded and Angel smiled sympathetically. 
“Sorry, Little Robin, you need too so you can get better.” 
Anti laid you back down, but neither made a move to leave your side. 
“Yer gonna sit there all day?” Anti snapped at Angel, who shot the entity a sour look. But his expression softened when he looked down at you. 
“(Y/N), do you want us to stay?” He asked and you blushed a little. Your eyes flickering over to Anti. 
“Angel, I…” You touched Anti’s hand, who turned his palm over so you could slide your fingers in between his. 
Anti beamed. His smile was wide and smug as he turned to Angel; who nodded. Understanding what you were trying to say. 
“It’s alright, Little Robin. I kinda guessed it. I’ll take my leave, get well soon.” Angel stood and went to the door, turning to hold Anti’s gaze for a moment. 
“Look after them.” The words laid heavy with a warning. One Anti took with a growl, but nodded. Turning back to you as his counter-part left. 
“How ‘bout some more soup?” He asked and you couldn’t help but chuckle. 

Not Anymore — Marriage!AU Kang Daniel

Sequel — I Regret

genre: failed angst

Newlyweds goes through and stays in a honeymoon phase and lives a peaceful life like any other newlyweds after they first marry.

However, the feeling can only last for so long.

When Daniel and you first married, there were no arguments, I love you’s were being passed back and forth, and sweet surprise kisses from time to time.

Everything changed two years later, when the both of you got used to the marriage life as excitement of being married fades away and everyday is just a repetition of the day before. Daniel began focusing more on his work as he’s the CEO of Smiling Peaches Co. and you stayed at home as a housewife.

He begins to stay out late and (maybe) doesn’t come home until you’ve fallen asleep and when you wake up, he’s already left for work. You tried staying up waiting for him one time but ended up knocking out. You tried waking up earlier than him, but whenever you open your eyes, he’s already gone. It’s as if he never came home.

It was your 2nd year anniversary but Daniel didn’t bother to take a day off to celebrate. So you decided to make and bring lunch to him to surprise him, asking the receptionist, “I’m looking for Kang Daniel, can you direct me to his office? Don’t tell him I’m here though, I want it to be a surprise.”

As you reached his office door, you didn’t think to knock and just went in. You imagined Daniel, sitting in his seat in a suit and tie, working diligently. However, the scene you saw right before your very own eyes is not something you entirely expected to see on your 2nd year anniversary, thinking Daniel isn’t like those stereotypical husbands who cheat on their wife once they get tired of them after a year or two.

A surprise it is, but you’re the one on the receiving end. You catch him making out with a girl you’ve never met, she most likely being his secretary, but they were too into the moment to notice someone opened the door. You stood, shocked, in the doorway not comprehending the situation. Not believing this would be your anniversary present from Daniel. Your hands losing strength and dropping the lunch bag you brought is when they finally notice you.

Daniel looked very calm, however, and didn’t try to come up with any lame excuses. He stayed silent and just stared at you, his gaze piercing through you. Almost as if he expected you to walk in and catch him cheating on you. You scream at the girl to get out, to leave the both of you alone; you want to understand why what happened just now happened.

You wanted to scream out your frustrations and thoughts, AM I NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?! WHY DANIEL? TELL ME WHY. Did those two years full of tears, laughters, and “i love you’s” mean NOTHING to you??

Those years you’ve spent to build this relationship and the two years you were happily married together all came crashing down in a matter of seconds. You couldn’t express what you really wanted to and instead asked two questions, “Have you ever loved me? Did those two years we’ve spent together mean nothing to you?”

You could only think back to your happy relationship in the past, where he did whatever he could just to see you happy and smile your beautiful smile.

“Y/N! Look what i got you!”
“I got you flowers!”
“Here’s a teddy bear t
“I wrote a poem for you;

I’m saving you in my heart
Now it’s my turn to show you
I received a lot so I have a lot to give
Memories as many as the sweat I shed

SO? Do you like it??”

You smiled, thinking of the old, happy times where everything was perfect but frowns as you recall that you’ve just witnessed your husband sucking faces with some girl that isn’t you.

“I will always love you, Y/N! Promise!”
What a lie. What an empty promise.
Why make promises you can’t k

Your heart aches, you feel sick and tired, you just want to crawl into a corner and cry to your heart’s content.

You take your leave as you can’t stand seeing his face any longer without having those precious memories you’ve made with him surface up.

As you walk away from his office, you hear his husky, cold voice answer your questions;

“I have loved you, but not anymore. Those two years we’ve spent together did mean something…

But not anymore.”

unedited! i honestly dont know what this is, but this storyline has been stuck inside my head for a while now—

supposed to be angst?? but i think i failed;;;

im an amateur writer oops ;-;


The stark difference of their viewpoints, and the disconnection that existed between them at that point in their lives. It’s undoubtable the two depended on each other and drew strength from each other; but it makes sense for a child to fail in reading and understanding the mind of another. This is in combination with the possibility that Seto probably put up a front for Mokuba during their stay at the orphanage.

My guess is the tunnel of time stripped away the bad memories for Mokuba and stripped away the good memories for Seto, but it’s very likely Seto was miserable there and Mokuba never realized it. For Seto, I don’t think it was the orphanage itself but rather the reasons for why he was there. He’d just lost his home and his parent, and then his family—the people who were supposed to love and care for him—threw him and his brother away like trash. Hence his line (at age eight!!), “Don’t trust anyone!”

And yet on the flip side, Seto has no awareness in this scene of how he’s trampling on Mokuba’s warm memories. The disconnect between them in regards to that time of their lives is still there.

Riverdale Victorious AU

It was clear to everyone that you and Veronica never got along because of her annoying (or so you thought) attitude, you two just seemed to raise the tension when you were with the gang together.

After a while the gang started to get frustrated with the both of you always bickering over anything from which color Archie’s hair really was to how Betty will probably chose the other if she had to pick and if Jughead will chose burgers over milkshakes or vice versa.

That was when your boyfriend Archie Andrews of a year decided that it was enough and set up a plan for the both of you to get along. 


hey babe meet me at pop’s at 7- archie    6:30

You were confused as to why he wanted to meet you at last minute because the Archie you knew was always on time if he knew he wanted to talk, he would ask way before half an hour. So getting ready in (Y/F/C) top, with black high waisted jeans and your classic (Y/F/C) and black converse, You got in your car and drove to Pop’s which was a five minute drive from where you lived.

When you walked in you could immediately see the raven black hair of Veronica Lodge sitting down with a milkshake in hand, and wore for once and outfit somewhat similar to yours. You went over to her, because truth be told you actually liked her but of course you weren’t gonna admitting that to her.

As soon as you reached her Archie came up to you and without giving you time to talk he drew all the attention to himself from both you and Veronica and said,”You two need to figure out your problems together and the gang and I are getting tired of it so you both are gonna stay here until you figure out both your problems even if the places closes down after,” V replied with,”so what if we both decide to lie and say we made up?” he rolled his hickory eyes and said,”I have eyes everywhere Veronica, plus i will be here away from your eyes,” you raised your eyebrows at the first part only to see Betty and Jughead on two different sides of the room with walkie talkies trying to be discreet but failing, making a sarcastic comment like you always do you said,”Yeah ‘cause by ‘eyes everywhere’ you have a non-discreet Betty and Jughead watching us like hawks,” He slowly nodded his head and pulled you aside with pleading eyes saying, “ (Y/N) please try and do this for me?” “Fine” you said and quickly pecked him on the lips making your way over to her you heard Archie say, “Have fun!”.

So if we both want to get out of here fast lets play a game it’s called compliment each other and make up so we can leave,” V said making you snort, you ordered (Y/F/F) drink for your self and continued complimenting each other, “Well i guess I like your hair,” you said and she continued and so it went on until it was cut short of a asian looking guy annoucing that the karaoke will be ready in 2 minutes, just as he said it two guys walked in whom you did recognize by the names of Reggie Mantle and Chuck Clayton, sat on the either side of you. “Uh Oh” Reggie started, “ Babe sandwich, woahh” they both continued, “So can i buy you a soda,” Reggie asked you but you replied with ‘no’. “So a little birdie told me that you two sing, we wanna hear a little songy song action,” Chuck said smirking, V turned to you and said, “They wanna hear a little songy song action,” she smirked and after 3 seconds you finally realized what was going on and said, “Okay we’ll give you a little songy song action,’’ and smiled. 

You two got up from your seats and went to the DJ and V said, “ Hey DJ-” but was cut off by you saying, “-Your breaks over” he looked me up and down and asked, “What do you guys wanna sing?” she looked down in the book and said, “T- 305,” with a smile and the DJ nodded his head.

The music began playing and you two grabbed your mics and you started,

Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like I can always see ‘em coming, from the left or from the right

You wink at Archie who you immediately saw while coming up stage. 

I don’t want to be a priss, I’m just try'na be polite
But it always seems to bite me in the…

Ask me for my number, yeah, you put me on the spot
You think that we should hook up, but I think that we should not
You had me at “Hello”, then you opened up your mouth
And that is when it started going south

Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I’ll punch you in the lips
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
No you can’t buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
Take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…
T-take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…

I guess you still don’t get it, so let’s take it from the top
You asked me what my sign is, and I told you it was “Stop”
And if I had a dime for every name that you just dropped
You’d be here and I’d be on a yacht

Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I’ll punch you in the lips
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
No you can’t buy me a drink, let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
Take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…
T-take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…

What about “No” don’t you get?
So go and tell your friends
I’m not really interested
It’s about time that you’re leavin’
I’m gonna count to three and
Open my eyes and
You’ll be gone

Get your hands off my…
Or I’ll punch you in the…
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint

I am not your missing link
Let me tell you what I think
I think you could use a mint
Take a hint, take a hint
Take a hint, take a hint

Get your hands off my hips, 'fore I’ll punch you in the lips
Stop your staring at my… Hey!
Take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…
T-take a hint, take a hint
La, la, la…

The two of you hugged and you thought ‘maybe being friends with her wasn’t bad’ as you quickly ran to Archie and gave him a bruised kiss as an appreciation for his help but little did you know that she was thinking the same thing.

Oh fuck me

Soulmate Week prompt #1 Jefferson x Reader

Pfft ‘oh, fuuuuuck me’ would so amazing. Thomas expects it to be a pleasant kind of surprise he hears, but no: it’s very much not a pleasant tone and Thomas is very confused until he sees a pissed off Alex storming across the room because he recognizes the words and there is no way a friend of his is Thomas’s soulmate *** reader is a friend of the hamilsquad.

“I hate that man,” Alex groaned as he sat down at the table that you were sharing with your little group of friends.

“Thomas again?” you asked without even looking up from your work in biology.

“Yep,” John chimed in as he also sat down at the table. The group was sitting in their favorite cafe on their college campus.

Alexander was ranting about something that Thomas had done while in political science. You had ignored him, just like you had every other time that this topic had come up. It had become old a long time ago.

You had your own work to worry about.

Lafayette and Hercules were listening to Alex, chiming in once in awhile with notes of agreement. They all seemed to hate the man called Thomas Jefferson. You had never met him, however you had seen him from a distance a couple times

The group was getting rowdy and you were getting annoyed. You looked at your cup of tea and noticed that it was empty. Time for a refill.

You left your group of friends and made your way up to the front so that you could order your drink. As you got into the line the man in front of you turned around quickly and spilled his drink.

All over your shirt.

You groaned.

“Holy shit, I’m so fucking sorry,” the man claimed.

You froze.

You knew those words. They were the ones that had been inscribed on your wrist ever since the day you were born.

Glancing up at the face in front of you, you groaned.

“Oh fuck me.”

Thomas Jefferson stood in front of you a smirk on his face from hearing your words but then a confused look dawning as he heard the groan that accompanied it.

“What?” he asked to no one in particular. That wasn’t exactly the way that he expected his soulmate to say the words that were inscribed on his skin.

He thought they would say it with lust and longing, but he heard it with disdain instead.

His soulmate had an anxious gleam in their eye, and when he looked up he knew why. Alexander Hamilton was storming up to them, fire in his eyes.

“Stay away from them!” Alex bellowed at the taller man.

“Why the hell would I stay away from my soulmate?” Thomas questioned, showing his wrist to the little group.

Alex froze in disbelief. You closed your eyes, not believing what was happening. It was all going to shit.


Alex looked between the two of you.

“Oh fuck me.

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Reckless-- Phillip Hamilton

Request!: “ Requesting a Philip Imagine where the reader is in love with Philip and ends up taking Eacker’s bullet? “ AND  “ Can you do a Phillip one where the reader is Burr’s daughter and they meet when They are both taken to their fathers’ work and they fall for each other. “

Paring: Phillip Hamilton X Reader

TW: drinking, dueling, eacker being a DICK, language?, death

WC: 2838

A/n- THis is now our biggest fic at almost 3K words. It’s also the first fic where we combined two request! We did not expect it to be this long but…


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Small considerations between partners - 8 ‘Playing with fire’

PLAYING WITH FIRE - Season seven. A few weeks post ‘All Things’ Mulder POV

It’s funny  how we can see a person every day and not truly know what’s going on with them. We can walk side by side for month upon endless month sharing space and time as we laugh together, cry together, and eat lunch together.  We can go for the occasional beer together to help wipe away the rigours of another day and sometimes, if we are extraordinarily lucky, we are able look into the face of that same person both last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

But despite all this, we don’t always see the bigger picture. 

Especially when the person is so damn adept at hiding things and especially when that person is Scully.

She’s always hidden things from me of course,  I accepted that as being a part of her complex personality a very long time ago – especially since I suspect that she learned much of the evasion technique from me.

Oh yes.  Team Spooky are very adept at hiding our true feelings as we barricade ourselves behind walls of our own making.

It’s just how things are.

But occasionally, the walls crumble just a little, widening a miniscule crack in the bricks and mortar which enables me to catch a glimpse of Scully’s innermost thoughts; her hopes; her fears.  

Just like I did earlier today.

Right now I’m lying on my back, staring at the patterns that the trees outside throw on the ceiling above, carefully not moving too much lest I disturb the woman who is sleeping beside me, clinging to me with hands that haven’t relaxed their hold on me even when she finally closed her eyes.  She hasn’t been asleep for very long and I know that sleep was a hard fought battle for her tonight, but I knew enough not to question her right then.  Instead I emotionally backed right off and swallowed down my concerns, feigning sleep so she was able to finally press her body against me and really, it was the only thing I could think to do.  Because, as the shadows lengthened on the ceiling, I kept turning my head to check she was ok.  And each time,  despite her best efforts, I caught a glimpse of those china blue eyes staring back at me before she slammed them shut.

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ginger-weaslys  asked:

Hi, me again, I have a desicion now, and i know which one it is, lol. 23+18 please, either Drarry or Hinny? U pick which one you would rather do. Thank you xxxx

23. “Delete that immediately.”

18. “Come over here and make me.”

On the fifth of june 2030 The Burrow 2.0, a grand mansion in the scottish mountains, was filled with excited buzz. While most parents and grandparents were still snoring soundly in their beds, the next generation had something far from sleep on their mind.

Draco Malfoy’s surprise birthday party.

“Albus did you bring the cake?” Hugo gave him a sharp look, remembering birthdays had always been a problem for Harry’s youngest son.

“I thought you were bringing the- Ouch! Lily stop hitting me! I own a bakery of course I brought cake!” Albus shoved his sister away, but when she shoved right back he gave in and went to fetch the cake.

“You kinda deserved that one babe.” Scorpius gave him a light kiss when Albus came back. “You know how stressed Hugo gets about these things.”

“Nice boyfriend you have there Al. Doesn’t even pick your side in fights. Though I suppose neither did his dad so… “ Dominique had spent nearly a decade researching hippogriffs in Greece and wasn’t entirely comfortable with the new relationships in her family yet. Not that this gave her any leverage to make remarks like that.

“Dominique Weasley you either take that back right now or I will wake up your mother.” Hissed Rose.

“Sorry. And Sorry Albus- Stop kicking me Rose! Okay okay fine, and sorry Scorpius.” The latter had sounded somewhat reluctant, but Rose did cease the assault on her ankles. She would have made a bigger deal out of it, but too much stress was “bad for the baby”, as her wife kept putting it.

“Why are we doing this again? We’re probably going to walk in on them doing something too inappropriate for old people.” James gave Hugo a half annoyed look.

“They’re not that old. Fifty isn’t even half of a decent wizard life.” Hugo the healer shot back.

“So an even bigger chance we’ll walk in on a nice gay fellatio show, I can’t wait.” Fred the second rubbed his hands together in fake enthusiasm.

“Ieuw Fred! I did not need a reminder of his fortieth birthday!” Victorie gagged at the memory. Intimacy with men, women, or anything in between really, was absolutely not her thing.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. We scared the crap out of you guys didn’t we?” A messy black haired man emerged from the kitchen with a steaming mug of tea in his hands.

“Uncle Harry! What are you doing here?” Hugo cursed himself for not putting up any decent silencing charms before all the others woke up. “You’re supposed to be in bed with the birthday boy!”

“He kicked me out to fetch some tea. Don’t look at me like that Albus, my Malfoy is very different from yours. You would buckle too if you saw his death glare when you refuse his requests in the morning.”

“Pussy.” James laughed.

“That’s usually not what he asks for, though maybe after half a century-” Albus grabbed a nearby pillow and started hitting his father over the head with it until Scorpius took it away. James only laughed harder.

“Molly, do you have the video recorder ready?” Hugo looked up from his clipboard, ticking off the last items. He really was his mother’s child.

“I’ve been filming since I woke up dumdum. That’s where the red recording light is for.”

“Delete that immediately!” Louis cried out, shocked.

“Why? So the image of your amazing bedhead is lost forever? May I remind you that as a Slytherin potions professor I would never do that?” To agitate him further she zoomed in on his face. James, an expert in the field of messy hair, quickly rose to the occasion and tied Louis’ hair back in a bun.

“Stop bragging about your job Molly, you’re worse than Hugo when he got accepted to The Scamander Institute.” Louis rolled his eyes at his cousin. He gave James a quick hug as a thank you for fixing his hair.

“Let her be proud, according to the person whose birthday we are supposed to be celebrating right now she’s better than Slughorn and Snape combined.” Eris put a protective arm around Molly and placed a possessive kiss on her lips. Molly still loved how jealous her spouse sometimes got.

“Stop flirting with your wife Parkinson. It’s gross.” Louis threw a hairbrush at her head. Eris, being the seeker for Puddlemere United, caught it effortlessly and set it on fire.

“You’re gross, and it’s Weasley-Parkinson for you.” She handed him the half-burned brush back.

“Very mature of you Eris.”

“Guys guys guys!” Lily pushed the two rivals further away from each other before they had a chance to start throwing punches. It wouldn’t be the first time.

“I’m a girl thank you very much.” Defiantly Eris stuck her chin in the air.

“Stop shoving your politics in my face. Trust me, I know you’re a feminist.” Louis tried to mimic her confidence but failed when Eris raised her voice and he flinched.

“This wasn’t even aimed at you! Can you for one second stop being a whiney single white guy and-”

“GUYS!” Lily interrupted with more force this time. Staying quiet was not on the agenda anymore apparently.

“What?!” The two fighting Weasley’s shot back. Lily pointed at the bedroom door, where a relaxed looking Draco Malfoy was leaning against the wall with a bedhead worse than Louis and a goofy smile on his face.

“Not that I haven’t enjoyed the conversation so far, but I would prefer following it with a cup of tea and a slice of cake if I’m being honest. Turning fifty makes you hungry.”

“See what you’ve done Eris? Now he’s awake!” Louis put on his best I-am-not-the-villain-here face, after shooting Molly’s wife another foul look.

“Happy birthday honey.” Harry walked over to his lover and, oblivious to their audience, muzzled his nose in his long, slightly greying hair, before handing him his tea and a deep happy-fiftieth-birthday kiss. “You’ll have to keep on living until the next memorable age I’m afraid. Surprise parties are not their strong suit.”

“Well, if I can spend that time with you?” Draco threw an arm around Harry, pulling him close. “I don’t think I really mind.”

“Cheesy fuck.” Harry laughed.

“Hmm, I’ve never really been into food play, but even at fifty I suppose we can always try new things.”

“Ieuw ieuw ieuw ieuw ieuw. That is disgusting I did not need to hear that.” Victorie gagged at the thought.

“Maybe we should turn it down a notch.” Harry sighed, and he started walking away to cut the cake.

“Come over here and make me.” James groaned as Harry responded to his lover with a smirk and a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows.

“I told you guys! They’re being totally inappropriate!” James mock-tried to cover Lily’s eyes when their parents started making out again.

“It’s not a happy birthday until we’ve embarrassed our kids to death now is it?” Whispered Harry against Draco’s warm chest. His scar had not pained him for thirty two years. All was well.

Not the right order of requests but it’s Draco’s birthday so….

Also not my best work but I have other stuff to do in life and I didn’t want to miss this moment

Waking Up in Vegas

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Pairing: Daveed x Reader

Word count: 2.2k

A/N: There’s no cliffhanger in this installment, but there will be another part.

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*Warning: small panic attack*

Originally posted by msjosephinemarch

Day 2 Friday

Since yesterday, the only people I could bring myself to talk to were Gina and Ava. Daveed and I went our separate ways after arguing on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse. To everyone else we looked like a young, troubled couple coming to terms with the end of a relationship. It was like that.


Instead it was a couple being forced to remain married because of one stupid judge. We were to strangers stuck in an unfortunate situation, but whenever I brought that up Daveed took offense to it. I didn’t understand his issue with it when it was the truth. Whether we slept together or not, we didn’t really know each other.

According to him, staying married for month wouldn’t be so bad. For him it wouldn’t be. He decided he wanted nothing to do with me and just when I start moving on he just shows up. We could go to the counselor as much as he wants and it still won’t change a thing. This was a mistake and he should know that.

I slumped into the chair in my new office and sighed. This was not how I pictured my week going. Most of my day will consist of learning the ropes, nothing too difficult which I was thankful for. My mind was not in the right place.

Gina and I met with our bosses to go over what we would need to have completed in the next few weeks which wasn’t much, but we were still excited. Ava and Gina asked me periodically how I was holding up if there was a moment of silence on my part. Taking part in office gossip was our thing, but today I couldn’t. Even as I tried to assure them I was alright, they knew I was lying.

I pulled my phone from my purse as it started to vibrate. An unsaved number flashed across my screen, then it stopped. It called me three times and now it was ringing again.

“Hello?”, I uttered after finally deciding to answer

“Hello, (Y/N)?”, Daveed’s voice rang through my phone, “You’re a hard person to get a hold of”

I could almost picture him standing in his hotel room nervously, running his fingers through his hair, pacing back and forth. It was probably that same nervous look on his face from when we first met. I tried my best to ignore the warm feeling that overcame me when I thought about his nervous grin.

“(Y/N)? You still there?”

“Yeah, I’m still here. How did you get my number in the first place?”

“Mr. Morgan gave it to me”

“Why are you calling me?”, I groaned, trying to regain my composure

“We haven’t had a real conversation about what happened yesterday and I wanted to talk about it because I don’t know how you feel. I never know how you feel actually…unless you’re yelling at me”

“I had a good reason to and you know it!”

“Yeah, sure. We can meet at your place or mine, whichever works for you”

“None. Let’s meet in neutral territory so we can figure this out. I’ll text you the address of my office and we can figure out where to go from there”, I said as I heard my door squeak as it pushed open

My heart sunk, realizing who was standing right in front of me. I never got the chance to tell Jeremy about my trip to Vegas and how it followed me home. I was too focused on the fact that I’m being forced to stay married to a stranger.

“I have to go”, I quickly stated

“Uhh, ok–”

I hung up and took a breath.

“How have you been (Y/N)?”, he asked, giving me a small smile

“I’ve been so much better. I wanted to talk to you about what happened after you left, but things got a little…complicated”, I said as I looked for something to fiddle with before I gave him the explanation I had been dreading


“I have a feeling this is bad news. Was that guy your ex?”, he asks as he took the seat in front of my desk

“I wish he was just an ex”, I mumbled, “I met him in Vegas”

His blank expression didn’t budge, yet I knew he was waiting for me to continue.

“Ava, Gina, and I ran into Daveed and his friends when we were there and we decided to hang out with them for the rest of the night. The next day I woke up in bed with him and none of us could remember much from the night before. That same day we went our separate ways. It seemed like we were going to stay in contact, but that never happened”

I took another breath and looked at Jeremy again.

“So he was a fling you had a Vegas that decided to come find you?”, he scoffed, “Why were you so calm when you saw him in the front of your apartment? You should have been more worried. You–”

“He’s my husband”, I stated so quietly only he could hear me, “A few weeks after getting back, I got our official marriage certificate in the mail. Apparently we went out and got married too”

“What are you going to do now? You’re staying married to a stranger?”

There was no malice in his voice, but I could tell he was getting upset and what I had to tell him next would most likely push him over the edge.

“We went to get an annulment yesterday, but the judge denied it. He’s making an example out of us since it happens so often. We have to stay married for thirty days and go to marriage counseling”

He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down, “Figures the girl I’ve always wanted finally gives me a chance and she comes with baggage. I never saw this coming”

“Well neither did I!”

“But it’s happening anyway! You had a husband and that wasn’t the first thing you wanted to tell me!? As far as I’m concerned you can stay with him. I’m done with you”, he sneered as he left my office

My heart sunk so low, I didn’t have the energy to stop him from leaving. My eyes burned with tears as I looked down at my phone. Surely Daveed couldn’t be dealing with the same thing. I honestly hope he wasn’t. The last I wanted for was anyone to get hurt because of our mistake.

For most the most part, the rest of the day was a blur. I grabbed my things to leave the office when, Sharon, one of my new coworkers, squealed as she ran up to me with open arms.

“(Y/N) why didn’t you tell me!? This must be so exciting for you!”, she said as she pulled me into a hug

“Sharon you knew about my promotion on Wednesday”, I laughed, “You already forgot?”

“No, not that! Well not entirely. You got promoted and you’re a newlywed! Congratulations! We’re all so happy for you”


“Yeah, the whole office knows. A little birdie was talking about in the break room a few hours ago. They said you guys met in Vegas and eloped. Who’s the lucky person? We’d love to meet them”

My heartbeat was pounding in my ears and my hands were beginning to shake. Jeremy told the entire office out of spite. I tried to take a deep breath, but it felt like no air was reaching my lungs. I felt my eyes begin to burn with tears for the second time today. I just got this promotion and I didn’t need him airing my business out for all to hear. I had a reputation to uphold and the last thing I need is everyone knowing how irresponsible I was.

Before Sharon could say another word, Ava appeared out of nowhere and was by my side to escort me out the building. Once I was outside, it became easier to breathe.

“(Y/N)”, a familiar deep voice called

I was soon pulled into someone’s arms that weren’t Ava’s. I inhaled the all too familiar scent and relaxed. Daveed squeezed me tighter as I rested my head on his chest.

“(Y/N/N) what happened?”, Ava asked softly

“Jeremy”, I mumbled

As soon as his name left my mouth, Daveed tensed.

“What did he do?”

He tried to remain calm, yet his own voice betrayed him. When did he get so protective over me?

“He told everyone in our office that I got married in Vegas. Everyone knows and according to Sharon, everyone’s talking about it. I just got this job. This isn’t something everyone needs to know”

Daveed tensed again. This time I looked up at him and he began to wipe away the stray tears from my cheeks. I could see the pain in his eyes as he watched my failed attempt at holding myself together.

“Why would he do that? I thought you two liked each other?”, he asked

“I told him about what happened in Vegas and that we have to stay married for a month. He said that I brought on too much baggage and he was done with me. I should have told him sooner. That way–”

“No”, he said firmly, “Please don’t act like this is all your fault. Regardless of when you decided to tell him, he decided to act like a child. He hurt you and now I’m tempted to kick his ass”

He pulled away from me and made his way to the front door.

“Daveed no!”, I nearly yelled as I grabbed his hand

He turned around and smiled softly as he looked down at our hands, “Are you sure because he’s had this coming since Wednesday”

“I’m positive. If you go in and fight him, we both get in trouble. He knows who you are remember? Also he doesn’t like you”

“And I don’t like him. Have I not made that obvious?”, he sighed and squeezed my hand, “I just can’t stand that he’s hurting you like this. You deserve so much better”

His brown eyes met mine as a shy smile made its way across his face. My cheeks began to burn as I tried to hide my own smile. Daveed pulled me in for a hug as Ava said her goodbyes and went back to the office. There was an edge to her voice meaning Jeremy was about to get a piece of her mind. For that i was grateful, but Jeremy needed to hear from me too.

We walked to a small restaurant down the street with our fingers still intertwined. We didn’t separate until we were seated.

“Are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’ll be fine”

“You can always come talk to me…if you want”

That nervous grin crept across his features again and I found myself smiling back without any hesitation. Even after everything, I almost always feel at ease when he’s around.

“How do you think we should deal with this?”, I asked as I toyed with the napkin in front of me

“We still have counseling to go to and I’m sure we both know that staying married after thirty days is a terrible idea…”

“Very true. I’m sorry for the way I reacted when we left the courthouse. It took me by surprise and I took it out on you. There was never a moment that I thought you were the mistake, just us getting drunk and then married”

“Thank you. I’m sorry for the way I reacted too. I wasn’t taking in the fact that I made things worse. We should just focus on being friends. We never had a chance for that since this all started and I really want to get to know you”, he stated with such certainty that I knew he’s thought about this before

“That sounds like a good idea. I want to get to know you too, not from what I’ve seen online, but actually get to know you”

His eyebrows rose after my statement in shock, “What did you see online?”

“Nothing”, I said as I tried to hide my grin

“(Y/N) what did you see?”, he asked again

“Just a little video Gina showed me the other day”

He was on the edge of seat, waiting for me to finish. I finally decided to put him out of his misery, but just as I opened my mouth the waitress showed up to take our order.

As Daveed gave her his order, I began to softly sing the chorus to Yoga Boner. He stopped his order, nearly dropping his menu. His eyes widened in horror as I burst out laughing. Tears started to stream down my cheeks as she told us she would give us more time.

When I calmed down, I wiped the tears off my face and finally looked at him again. He said back in his chair, trying to stay angry, but failing miserably. He broke out into a smile. In that moment, I felt nothing but content.

I could see us making this friendship work as we got to know each other. We were going to be great friends and I think he knows it too.

How Did You?

“Okay first, damn. And second, you left your window open so I decided to slide threw and see you,” Calum speaks to me and I begin to blush at his words.

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Words: 1000+

Request: No

Rating: 14 OR OLDER

Everytime someone looks at us they always give Calum and I a strange look or they just stare and whisper something to the person next to them. And I know that it looks weird because, Calum is a bad boy, and well, I’m a goodie-two-shoes. I have always got straight A’s and always kept my parents happy and telling them about Calum wouldn’t make them happy anymore.

  Ever since Calum came to my high school, my parents always told me to stay away from him and that he was nothing but trouble. Little did they know that Calum didn’t do any of those things that many people told me and my parents about. Calum never failed any classes, he never slept with numerous girls, and he never once got into a fight with anybody. But just by the way he looks people always make assumptions. And yeah he did do drugs but you can rarely find a kid nowadays that didn’t try a drug yet.

  Many people often ask me if I was pregnant and if that was the reason way Calum stays with me, and it breaks my heart when I get asked this in the change room or even asked this at the lunch table, and sometimes even during a class presentation when I ask the class if they have any questions to ask me. And no, Calum didn’t get me pregnant and that isn’t the reason way Calum stays with me. The only reason while Calum stays with me is because we get eachother, we know eachother better then anyone else. We have seen eachother at our happiest moments and also at our saddest which made us stronger threw out the months.

  “What are doing tonight?” Calum ask me when I am at my locker retrieving my two binders and stuffing them into my backpack before turning towards Calum and answering him.

  “I’m probably gonna study since I know that Madame Keeping is gonna pop a test on us soon,” I say to Calum and Calum stares at me with puppy dog eyes and a pout on his cherry coloured lips.

“But baby, I wanted you to come over and watch a movie with me,” Calum says in a sad tone, and I let out a small smile before rising my hand and squeezing his cheeks gently.

“I’m sorry baby but I really want to pass this test,” I speak and close my locker.

“Y/N you pass every test, don’t front,” Calum states, and I shake my head while grabbing Calum’s hand in mine and leading him down the hallway and to the parking lot.

  “Are you sure that you don’t want to watch a movie,” Calum says to me at the end of my street. Calum has always dropped me off at the end of street since we have started dating, and the reason is, well it's pretty obvious on why he does.

“I’m sorry baby. Maybe tommorrow?” I say while reaching over and pressing a kiss to his lips. Calum lets out a huff before telling me that he will miss me and I say it back before getting out of the car and walking down to my house.

  As I get into my house I quickly walk into the kitchen and grab a water bottle and a bag of Lay’s chips and make my way up stairs with them. I really hope that I can pass this test.

I finally close my binder filled with the million French papers that I just shoved into my brain. I let out sigh and rub my hands over my temples before standing up and off my bed and opening my bedroom door and yelling to my parents in the living room.

“Mom, Dad, I’m going to bed.” I yell down to them and I get a goodnight back. Then I close my door and make my way into the conjoined bathroom. I quickly turn on my shower and strip off my clothes and step into the hot steamy shower and begin to scrub my body, wash my face, and hair.

Once I am done, I step out of the shower and quickly dry off my face and make my way to the sink. From there I brush my teeth and floss and then finally I make my way into my bedroom.

“How did you?” I state while staring and seeing Calum laying across my bed and staring up at the ceiling. His head perking up when he heard my voice.

  “Okay first, damn. And second, you left your window open so I decided to slide threw and see you,” Calum speaks to me and I begin to blush at his words.

“Oh my god Calum. What if my parents walk in?” I state as I begin to walk over to him and I stand in front of him as he begins to sit up and stare at me. His hands connecting with my wet thighs.

“They are obviously not going to walk in?” Calum states in a matter of fact voice.

“And how would you know that?” I say to him in the same tone that he spoke to me with.

  “Because while I was climbing up here I heard you say to your parents that you were going to bed, so, yeah, that’s how I know that they won’t come up here.” Calum states and I shake my head and rest my hands on Calum’s shoulders.

  “You look so beautiful right now,” Calum whispers and I shake my head while snorting.

  “I look so ugly, I need my makeup,” I state and begin to turn around and make my way to my dresser but Calum grabs my hand and pulls me back into his legs.

  “You look so beautiful right now and you don’t even know it. You look so beauitful without makeup, baby you don’t even need it,” Calum states and I begin to blush and I turn my head to the side not wanting to look at Calum and his sweet words that weren’t made for people like me.

“Baby,” Calum says while using his forefinger to make me look at him, and I do.

  “You’re beauitful, stop saying that you are not,” Calum states to me and I quickly kiss him to shut up and Calum doesn’t complain. He places his hands on my face and begins to crease my face in his hands. I finally pull away and stare at Calum.

His brown eyes shining in the moonlight, and they look so perfect. And Calum, he looks so perfect, and so well put together that I don’t even understand on why he is with me.

“I’m tired,” I state and Calum nods his head before pealing off his shirt and handing it to me.

“What are you doing?” I ask him as he quickly stands and begins to unbuckle his belt.

  “I’m getting into bed with you so we can cuddle,” Calum states and I just shake my head and walk over to my dresser and quickly pull out a pair of burgundy lace panties and slide them up my legs before dropping the towel and throwing Calum’s t-shirt on. I then walk to my vanity. From there I just apply lotion on my legs and arms and then I proceed to make my way to the bed that Calum is comfortably laying in.

“You’re warm,” I hum to Calum as I cuddle into his chest. I feel Calum chuckle before he wraps his arms around my body and presses his lips to my forehead.

“Goodnight,” Calum says to me in a soft gentle voice and my heart almost bursts just because of how gentle it sounds.

“Goodnight.” I say and I press a kiss to heart, just to let him know that I love him, without me saying it.

Ladynoir July Day 26 - Falling

Chat and Ladybug have a competition to see who can save the other from falling the most times. Soon after, Chat Noir performs his best save yet.

(Ao3 Link)

At this point if almost felt like they were making a game of it. Chat couldn’t count the amount of times he or his lady had fallen off a building or the Eiffel Tower (or even a flying cop car). So when it turned a bit competitive he wasn’t even surprised. Ladybug had a competitive streak longer than his baton after all. Not that they even knew what the prize was, or how it would end.

“That’s six to five in my favor, Kitten.” Ladybug grinned smugly as she pulled him back onto the roof. He grumbled as he untangled himself from her yoyo. He somehow managed to get himself more and more tangled as he struggled. He didn’t notice her grin turn fond as she watched him fail to untangle himself.

“As cute as watching you flail around like a kitten trapped in yarn is, we really do need to defeat the akuma. So,” She yanked her yoyo and Chat flipped a couple times and then blinked. He was free. “We should go.” She suggested.

He nodded and they both leapt, easily clearing the next roof, and moved towards the Eiffel Tower. They had seen it moving in that direction and akuma always seem to want the most dramatic places as possible to fight at. When they arrived they saw that the akuma was at the top of the tower.

Together they quickly ascended the tower. The akuma turned to see them flipping and landing near him. “Not one more step.” He threatened. He wore a plain black suit and jacket, not the usual akuma wear, and he was holding Alya hostage.

“Hey Ladybug! Chat Noir.” Alya greeted cheerfully. With his hand on her shoulder the akuma held her in place.

Ladybug searched for a way to save Alya while Chat cocked a smirk. “Hey Alya, random akuma.” He nodded at him. “What’s your deal?” He asked boredly.

The akuma looked at him with a severely. “My name is-”

“No one cares.” Chat said and Alya snickered.

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#19 with Trevor Collins?

“Hi, Trevor,” you laughed as you were helping decorate the set for the next RT short.

His smile quickly fell, “Why are you laughing?”

“Ah, I see your boyfriend has returned,” Max commented as he sauntered past the two of you.

Trevor blushed and you added, “That’s why. I keep telling him we’re not dating but you’re not making it easy.”

“I can’t stay away from you. That’s all,” Trevor shrugged, trying to play innocent.

“Oh?” you raised an eyebrow “And why now?”

Trevor open and closed his mouth, failing at finding an excuse for his behavior when you both turned to Max who gave a dramatic sigh, “Just ask her out already!”

Trevor looked to you, panicked and you gave him a soft smile and gave his arm a light squeeze, “I’d love too.”

“Tonight?” he questioned as the blush began to fade.

“Sounds perfect,” you agreed before exchanging numbers and he went running off.

Not before Max could quickly add, “Bye Y/N’s boyfriend!”

Chocolate Pancakes.

“He said he never loved me,” Tooru says. “It’s over.” His eyes are red. 

“Come in,” Hajime says and wraps an arm around him, just before Tooru begins to cry. “You can stay here. I’m so sorry.” He lets Tooru into his apartment. 

He’s not good with words, has never been able to weave them so brilliantly like Tooru does. They’re playing on their university’s team, Tooru shines brighter than ever before, and Hajime loves him like never before. It doesn’t matter that Tooru’s had a boyfriend until now, a guy who’s always kissed him a bit too roughly (for Hajime’s taste) and who treated him like arm candy (Hajime thinks that Tooru deserves to be treated like a King, not some pretty thing). 

But that doesn’t matter now. Tooru looks tiny on his couch, wrapped into Hajime’s former baby blanket that’s ragged and paled out, the brilliant red faded to soft pink. Hajime returns after five minutes in the kitchen and he brings a stack of pancakes, drenched in chocolate syrup, and a cup of tea. 

“You… ‘s that for me?” Tooru’s eyes are wet. They’re big and silver-shining in the dim light. Hajime sits and pushes the plate into his hand, a fork into the other, the tea staying in his hand. “’course. Your favourite comfort food.” He tries a smile, but fails. “God, I’m sorry. I can beat him up. You can stay as long as - “

Tooru hugs him. Hajime can barely put the tea away before tears sink into his neck, trembling fingers curled into his shirt, shivers wrecking Tooru’s body. “Thank you. Just - thank you. I - I’m nothin’ without you.” 

Hajime lets him cry all night. Tooru eats all the pancakes, licks the chocolate syrup from the plate and falls asleep on Hajime’s lap. It’s been fifteen years since they met. Hajime closes his eyes and counts the beat of Tooru’s heart. One. Two. Three. 

Fourteen years of loving Tooru. 

Dating Jeno would Include:

  • plenty of selcas together
  • bringing you stuffed animals from different places
  • not even trying to hide your relationship from the public
  • mostly because neither of you can stay away for any length of time
  • cooking for each other
  • probs going to the same school
  • teasing each other about how you had gotten better grades (vice versa)
  • studying together
  • not really studying
  • one of the other boys walking in on you two “studying”
  • his older members teasing him for dating you
  • in a nice & cute way of course
  • him blushing whenever someone says your name
  • watching him dance and perform as much as you can
  • having him teach you some of the choreograph
  • trying not to laugh when you fail miserably
  • “don’t worry I felt the same way”
  • “hey! I wasn’t making of fun of you!”
  • “You were laughing at me!”
  • “what?” *gasps and puts hand over heart*“I would NEVER!”
  • having cooking competitions
  • being at the dorm ALL the time
  • wearing his sweatshirts
  • the boys treating you like a sister
  • eskimo kisses!
  • grabbing your hand at random times
  • hugging at random times too
  • having a hard time when you’re apart
  • texting when you’re not with each other

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Dating Donghyuck would Inculde:

  • texting all the time when you aren’t with each other
  • daydreaming about each other all the time
  • of course stealing his sweatshirts and his hats
  • goofing around a lot
  • sometimes with Mark
  • going to different shops and restaurants all the time
  • mostly to just hang out
  • and because you like trying new things with each other
  • though you do have a favorite place together
  • you almost always meet there
  • knowing each other like the back of your hands
  • probably being good friends before you started dating
  • late nights texts
  • mysterious rendezvous
  • cute good morning and good night texts
  • literally the best days off with each other
  • both of your parents hoping that the relationship would last a long time
  • maybe even the two of you getting married
  • all of his hyungs thinking that you’ll get married one day
  • the way he asked you out would be SO cute
  • he’d probably get you roses, or what ever your favorite flower is
  • Really romantic
  • rubbing your hand when you hold hands
  • tickle fights
  • being the only one who knows his passcode for his phone
  • cute nicknames in your phone
  • accidently calling each other them in public
  • being really cheesy with each other
  • laughing ALL THE TIME
  • kissing you one the nose or forehead most of the time

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The Traitor And The Winchester

Gadreel x Reader

Author: @justcallmeyourgoddess

Reader: Female

Warnings: Swearing, Uber-Mild Violence

Word Count: 2789

Note: Theory in the beginning, I credit to @kiterious for the idea of what Gadreel did as his crime with the garden. Thought it was so cool, I couldn’t write it any other way. & i made this too long ommg. BE TEE DUBS : if it is unclear, reader is middle child. born after dean, but before Sam. for @sammat97

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