i failed i give up

i don’t care how low you think you’ve reached… never give up on yourself.


6x16|| The five times Harvey Specter tries to move Heaven & Earth for Mike Ross and the one time he does.


  • Qiu Tong: [appears in Sun Jing's field of vision}
  • Sun Jing [inside]: my favorite human has arrived. They are cute and smart and my favorite. I must greet them in a manner indicative of my appreciation for their existence.
  • Sun Jing: hey nerd
It’s not fair that you’re still the only person that can make me smile even when I’m so incredibly down. It’s not fair that your voice is the only thing that seems to calm me down when I’m thinking about getting out of town and never seeing this place again. It’s not fair that your eyes locked on mine makes me feel more cared for than my own family does. It’s not fair that you left and found new places to leave pieces of your heart after I let you into my head. It’s not fair that I’m still upset and you seem just fine. It may not be fair but I wouldn’t have it any other way because when I think about you with your eyes still so bright… It makes me happy again. It’s not fair but I hope you’re so unbelievably happy. That’s the only thing that makes this unfairness bearable.
—  It’s not fair that you don’t think about me anymore, but it’s still okay.

Anyway a year ago today I found out that I had passed the NY Bar Exam and today I have a job and an office and clients and probably next week I’ll be sworn in to federal court as well.

And the point isn’t wow look how cool i am – tons of people pass the bar and get jobs – but since moving to NYC and going to law school i’ve had some periods of really bad mental health and just general frustration and desperation, and after I failed the bar the first time I genuinely wanted to give up on the whole ~lawyer~ thing b/c I figured it wasn’t really for me, but I took the damn thing again and I passed, and then spent long, demoralizing months without a job. But now I’m an actual staff attorney at a non profit legal services organization, helping people, and doing it in a way that exercises my strengths – research and writing. I’m luckier than I ever could’ve expected to be, honestly. 

So I guess the point is – sometimes things work out. Partly because of luck, partly because of hard work, and partly because bad things can’t happen all of the time. And I know it sounds stupid but honestly – for the most part – the worst of everything passes, and then things can be actually, surprisingly good. 

So, y’know – don’t give up, is I guess the message. 

[ yo yo yiggidy yo sup my dudes. so around this time every year, every april/may, things start to get super rough. emotions get hella high and i start to just– shut down. but this time around, i’m trying n o t to let g u i l t get the best of me. i’m trying to power through and keep a positive attitude. so. with that being said, all i literally wanna do on this blog is spread the love in the form of faith lehane. you are all such beautiful people so never ever be afraid to come into either of my inboxes and holler at me about plots or characters or headcanons or cats or aliens or whatever. i’m just here to keep cruisin’ on these good vibes y’all are constantly puttin’ out~ ]

Just me expressing my admiration

AAA! I don’t really know where to begin (I don’t even know if I should upload this as a submission, I am fairly new to Tumblr.) I love your art style too much. All of the uniqueness you put into the characters you draw makes me love it even more! It is also the reason I pulled myself up and started to try to cure my same face syndrome (I’ve failed miserably, bUT I WON’T GIVE UP). This has cured my artists block so much that my lazy ass even made her first animatic, even though I never thought that I could pull this off. Yeah, to sum this up: You and your drawings are a blessing to this world.

The worst part of failing, is not the failing itself, it’s the giving in. The giving up. Because if I don’t give in, or give up, then I’ve not truly failed. I will try again. And I will keep trying. Giving up is not an option. So failing is temporary. Success is the final result.

We had an exam this morning and I think everyone in the class failed. I got a 63 and I haven’t really stopped crying since. I have never gotten below an 82 on an exam in nursing school (((an 80 or better is considered passing in nursing school) )) and this is going to massively affect my grade average. I had an A and now that’s gone!!! Now over half the class is failing the course and we have 25 days until graduation. Happy Monday :):):):)